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THE MEMORY OF That Faithful Servant of the Lord Thomas Carleton, Reviv'd.


  • Of ſeveral of his VVritings in the en­ſuing Volume as a Teſtimony of his Zeal for promoting the bleſſed Truth and Eſtabliſhing of Friends therein.
  • Alſo ſome TESTIMONIES Concerning his Faithfulneſs and Perſe­verance in the Way of the Lord, unto the Finiſhing of his Courſe here with joy, which was the 18th day of the Ninth Month, 1684.

The Memory of the juſt is bleſſed,Prov. 10.7.

The Righteous ſhall be had in Everlaſting Remembrance,Pſal. 112.9.

Printed in the Year, 1694.

The Teſtimony of Thomas Traf­ford, concerning his Friend and Brother, in the Truth, Thomas Carleton.

THere is a Teſtimony in my Heart at this time, to bear for dear Thomas Carleton, Notwithſtanding it is long ſince he was Removed from us, as to the out­ward, yet his Memorial lives with me, and in the Revivings of it; can do no leſs then ſay ſomething of the Experience & Knowledg I had of him.

My firſt acquaintance with him was by the Spirit of Truth in a Meeting, for as ſoon as I ſaw his Face, as he was coming into the Meeting, I felt my heart united, or knit to him, as Jonathan's was to David; and it was ſealed to me, That he had a Teſtimony to bear for the Lord's Truth, in the Aſſem­blies of his People, which was Con­firmed to me that Meeting: For after ſome time ſitting in the Meet­ing, there came an Exerciſe upon his Spirit, and he ſtood up in great Fear and Dread, which was his uſual man­ner when he was ſo Exerciſed under the powerfull Word of Life; not being a Man forward in entring up­on that ſervice, but rather backward, until neceſſitated thereunto by the conſtraining Power of God.

And while he was delivering his Teſtimony, I had dear unity with him, and my Soul was refreſhed by his Miniſtry, although he was but ſhort, and my love reached ſo to him, that I could not be ſatisfied untill I went to ſee him at his Lodging; after which time we grew into a more near acquaintance one with another, both inwardly and outwardly, ſo that we became near and dear one unto another, and thereby came to have a true ſenſe and knowledge of one a­nothers Mindand Spirits; and truly my heart and ſpirit is broken at this time, in the remembrance of that ſweet and brotherly love, that conti­nued between us to the laſt; for he was a true Yoke-fellow in the Labour of the Goſpel, for the good and wel-fare of the Church; and I muſt needs ſay, I have found the want of him (with ſome others who were true ſenſible Members in the Body or Church of Chriſt,) whom the Lord hath been pleaſed to remove from us, and take to himſelf, which I muſt be content with, reſting in the Faith that he can and will raiſe up others in his time to ſupply their places.

And although this my Friend and Brother, was a Man attended with many Infirmities of Body, which diſ­abled him from Travelling much a­broad, yet I can ſay he was ſeldom, if ever, without a Concern, Care, or Exerciſe upon his Spirit, that all things might be well in the Church, and that thoſe who were Convinced of the Truth, might live anſwerable to what they did profeſs, and was many a time Conſtrained to bear Teſtimony in a holy Zeal againſt ſuch as were dry Formiliſt Pro­feſſors of it, and did not come up into a Living Experimental Exerciſe of the power of Truth, and ſuch who walked looſe in their Converſa­tions; as will appear by the fol­lowing Epiſtles that he Writ; and God who tempers the Body as he Sees meet, had indued him with a large and clear underſtanding, both in Divine Spiritual things, and alſo Natural Parts, beyond many; which did very much adorn him, and ſo much the more, in that he did not think ſo of himſelf, but would appear as ſimple as any, which be­ſpoke him to be one of Chriſts Fol­lowers, who had Learned to be Meek and Lowly in heart.

I Write what I know, and it is not to attribute any thing to Man, but to acknowledge the great Work of God, in and for Man, who as Veſſels in his Hand he hath honour­ed; therefore we who have been made partakers of their Work and Service, can do no leſs. And indeed all his Parts and Gifts were Sancti­fied unto him, for he was a Man of of a ſweet temper, mild in Contro­verting things, and could govern his Spirit with gravity, either with ſuch as did oppoſe Truth and contend a­gainſt it, or at other times in Church Diſcipline, or with unru­ly Spirits, that he might have to do with.

Oh the Remembrance of him, makes the loſs of him more to be Lamented! But having this anſwer returned & ſealed unto me, that our loſs is his gain therefore am Content­ed in the will of the Lord; and not­withſtanding his Parts did exceed ma­ny, yet he was ready to prefer others before himſelf, which was an Orna­ment to him, and did very much become his Holy Profeſſion, he was a Man that Loved the Truth, and all ſuch that lived in it, and he was of a tender Spirit, deſiring nothing more then the Unity of the Brethren, and to hear of the Pro­ſperity of Truth, and Peace in the Church.

So that I have cauſe to believe he is one of that Number to whom it is ſaid, Bleſſed are the Dead which Die in the Lord, from henceforth, y••ſaid the Spirit that they may reſt from••e••Labours, and their Works do follow them.

Thomas Trafford

THE TESTIMONY OF GEORGE ROOKE Concerning Thomas Carleton.

THis I have to ſay concern­ing this our dear Friend, and Brother in the Truth, that is removed from us by Death, (ac­cording to God's appointment for all Men once to Die) he was a Man that was tender of Gods glory in his Day, and laboured for the pro­motion of his Truth; into the ſer­vice of which the Lord was pleaſed to Call him when he was but young in years, and made known unto him the riches of the Miſtery which had been hid from Ages paſt, even Chriſt Revealed within the ſure Hope of Eternal Glory; by which he was preſerved both ſure and ſtedfaſt in his Teſtimony-bearing for God, where­ever the Lord was pleaſed to Order him; whether it was in a Priſon-houſe, or at Liberty, he was not un­willing to ſubmit to his Will, even to do and ſuffer, whereby he might honour and glorifie his Maker in his day and generation.

And he had not long been Con­vinced of the bleſſed Truth, till Lewis Weſt the Prieſt of the Pariſh where he lived, began to perſecute him, be­cauſe for Conſcience-ſake he could not pay Tythes, and caſt him into Priſon at Carliſle in Cumberland, for at Little-Salkeld in that County, was the place of his abode then, though ſome years after his Enlarge­ment, he removed himſelf and family into this Nation of Ire­land.

But mark, he being put in Priſon was kept Priſoner ſeveral years, by reaſon of the hard-hearted cruelty, of the Prieſt that ſought for his Goods more then for the good of his Soul as plainly appears by thoſe his unchriſtian-like Actions; even like thoſe of old that would cry Peace, Peace while People put into their Mouths, but when for Conſcience-ſake they could not do it, then thoſe falſe Teachers prepar'd War againſt them; and thus he that is born af­ter the fleſh, perſecutes him that is born after the ſpirit from one Gene­ration to another: But after this his ſo long Impriſonment, it pleaſed God to make way for his delive­rance out of thoſe Bonds, by the Death of the ſaid Prieſt his perſecu­ter, who on a journey, broke his Legg, whereof he Died, without ever Returning home, but his Wiſe fulfilling her Husband's Cruelty, would not condeſcend to his En­largement which was in her power to do, but conſtrained him to go to London being above Two hundred Miles, which he Travelled on Foot, and ſo obtained his full Liberty by a Habias Corpus, the Lord having en­dued him with Chriſtian patience all this time, to undergo what he permit­ted his perſecutor to Inflict upon him.

And after this it was ſome time my lot to travel with him in the ſer­vice of Truth, in whoſe Company I had great ſatisfaction, for he did not only Preach in Word & Doctrine, but in Life and Converſation alſo, and ſo was A rightly qualifi'd Miniſter of the Goſpel; and was a ſerviceable Mem­ber in the Church of Chriſt, both for the Propagating of Truth, and a Support to Friends where he Lived and Travelled; the Lord having endued him with a good Underſtand­ing, which did ſo ſanctifie his Natu­ral acquirements, that he was there­by qualified to anſwer his Call into the Miniſtry, which he delivered in Meekneſs, according to his De­portment in his Converſation, which which was Mild & Courteous, little in his own Eye, or in outward ſhew or appearance; Yet would not turn his back off an Enemy to Truth, in Truth's defence; and he was qualfi'd for Truth's ſervice in his open and plain Teſtimony, which was both ſweet and lively to the Comforting the Faithful, ſtirring up the Careleſs, and reaching the Witneſs in thoſe who were unac­quainted with the Way of Righteouſ­neſs.

For indeed his Labour in the Work of the Goſpel was refreſhing to the honeſt-hearted, who as a faithful Steward over the manifold Grace's of God (a meaſure of which was committed to his Charge) didruly Labour in the Service thereof, not by conſtraint but willingly, not for filthy Lucre, but with a ready Mind; neither as being Lord over God's Heretage, but being an En­ſample unto the Flock; for which I doubt not, he hath his Reward at the Hand of the great Shepheard, even a Crown of Glory that fadeth not away.

And now I ſhall ſpeak a little of his manner of Life towards his lat­ter End, for as he had been an Inno­cent carriag'd Man, and a lover of Truth and Righteouſneſs from a Child, ſo it pleaſed God to preſerve him all along even to his Lifes end; although attended many times with great Weakneſs of Body, by reaſon of ſome Diſtempers occaſioned part­ly by the aforeſaid Impriſonment, which he underwent for his Teſti­mony's ſake, which God had given him to bear againſt the Anti-chriſtian Miniſtry of the Age; Yet that ſaying was fulfilled in him, as in the Apoſtles time, although the Out­ward Man periſhed, and grew weaker and weaker, the Inward Man was re­newed day by day; for theſe light af­flictions which laſt but for a moment, work in us a far more Exceeding and Eternal weight of Glory; while we look not at thoſe things that are ſeen, but at the things that are not ſeen, for the things that are ſeen are Tem­poral, but the things that are not ſeen are Eternal: So we need not fear any of theſe things that we may ſuffer for a good Cauſe; if the De­vil be permitted to caſt ſome into Priſon, and we may have Tribulati­on for a time, yet the promiſe is to thoſe that are Faithful unto Death, they ſhall receive a Crown of Life; So although many be the Tryals and Exerciſes of the Righteous, yet the Lord in his own appointed time, can and will deliver out of them all; and although for a time the Back be given to the ſmiter, yet the Rod of the Wicked ſhall not always be upon the Backs of the Righteous, but God will Reſcue them out of their hands, that they ſhall not be a prey to them any longer.

But too few Conſider when Righ­teous and Good Men are taken away, that it's God's Pleaſure and Good­neſs to them, to take them from the Evil to come, as he hath done our dear Friend of whom I am writing And though he be removed from us, yet the remembrance of his inno­cent Life, doth remain with us, and although it be our loſs, yet it is his gain.

In that Eternal Joy & Reſt
Where his Soul's for ever bleſt.

And when he was upon his Death-bead, he was ſweetly preſer­ved in a ſenſe of that Life that flowed from the Fountain of pure Refreſh­ment, which made him to utter ma­ny ſavoury Expreſſions, even to the Edifying of thoſe that ſtood by him: ſome of which that could be remem­bred are here inſerted: For when I with ſome other Friends went to ſee him, we had a Meeting at his Houſe at Ballany Carrick in the County of Wicklow, on the firſt day of the Week, before he departed this Life, being the 16th day of the Ninth Month 1684. where he ſat up in the Meeting all the time, and we had a Heavenly ſeaſon, and the Lord's refreſhing Preſence was with us, which he having a ſenſe of, did often expreſs his great Joy and Satisfaction therein, and in the enjoyment of Friends company; and ſaid he could wiſh (if it were the Will of God) that he might be taken away when we were there; So I with ſome other Friends ſtay'd all Night, and lodged in the Chamber where he lay, and he was very quiet, and patiently bore his Affliction.

The next Morning one of his ſer­vants coming to him, ask'd him how he did, his anſwer was to her, naming her by her Name; thou haſt had much trouble in attending of me, but now the time is ſhort that I have to ſtay; for he was not unſenſible that the time of his Diſſo­lution drew near; his ſervant being reached with his words, began to weep, he ſaid I know there will be Mourning for me, but (bleſſed be God) it is not as thoſe that have no hope; for he knew that hope which was grounded upon the Foundation of the Prophets and Apoſtles Jeſus Chriſt being the Chief Corner-ſtone, the ſame that all the Faithful did bear Witneſs too in former Ages:

And ſo that day was chiefly ſpent in preparing for the time of his Change, in ſetting his Houſe in Or­der, and ſetling his outward Con­cerns; and when he came to Sign his Will, his Hand ſhoke by reaſon of weakneſs of Body; He looking up with a chearful Countenance, ſaid, O, is it ſo! that I who have written ſo much, can ſcarce now write my Name, well, it muſt be ſo, and the Will of the Lord be done, I am con­tent; and thus was his precious time ſpent, in giving and reſigning himſelf up unto the Will of the Lord, ſaying, come Lord Jeſus receive my Spirit: And ſo about the ſixth hour at Night, as he was in a ſlumber fell into a Fit or Trance, Jonathan Nichol­ſon, his Brother in Law being with him in Bed, heard him ſay as he fell into a fit, Farewell, Farewel, Farewell, three times, as if he had been wait­ing for the time of his change, but in about half an hour he again re­vived, and came to his perfect ſenſes as before: Three of his Children being brought to him, he called to them by their Names, ſaying, dear Babes, I am glad to ſee you, ex­preſſing it with much joy and glad­neſs, adviſing them to live in the fear of God, and to be good Chil­dren, and to keep amongſt Friends; and ſaid I have not much Gold and Silver to leave you, but I hope the bleſſing of the Lord will attend you; and ſo Kiſſing and Embracing them he took leave of them; his dear Wife coming to him weeping, he ſaid to her, Weep not, thy care and tenderneſs hath been much over me; and often ſeemed to lament and pitty his dear Wife, that had been a true Help-meet unto him from the time of their firſt coming together unto that day, in his Exerciſes and Weakneſs, which were not a few.

And ſo after he had taken his leave of thoſe about him, he fell into another fit, and in leſs then half an hour was taken away with little or no pain, be­ing the 18th Day of the aforeſaid ninth Month 1684.

This is to be noted, that he often in his Life time, when in great pain and affliction by reaſon of the Di­ſtemper of his Body, did deſire the Lord to mitigate his pain upon his Death-bed, and not take him away in thoſe Tortering fits; which the Lord in great Mercy did Anſwer; for he did ſay that he was not Sick, and felt little pain, but a great weak­neſs and decay of outward ſtrength; yet ſtill was well Preſerved in a ſweet Frame of Spirit, to the great Satisfaction and Comfort of thoſe that were with him at his laſt End.

Thus they are bleſſed that Die in the Lord, from henceforth they reſt from their Labours, and their Works follow them; where the voice of the oppreſſor is no more heard, the Wicked ceaſe from Troubling, and the weary are at Reſt.

George Rooke.


DEar Thomas Carleton, was a True, and Sound, Meek, and Faithful Friend, that Loved the Bleſſed Truth, and Faith­ful Brethren, and was ſo much in the ſelf denial, and a Lover of the Bre­thren, that he Preferr'd them before himſelf.

And having the marks of a True Deſciple, was a good Example, and left a good Savour behind him; and I am ſatisfied he is at Reſt.

Anthony Sharp.

The Captives COMPLAINT, OR THE Priſoners PLEA;

  • Againſt the Burthenſom and Contentious Title of TYTHES.
  • With a True Relation of the Priſoners Spiritual Progreſs, and Travel towards the New and Heavenly Jeruſalem.
  • Together, with the ſad and grievous Sufferings he ſuſtained by a Perſecuting and Covetous High Prieſt, in Cumberland, for his Goſpel Teſtimony againſt Tythes,
  • Here is alſo laid down ſeveral Grounds, and Rea­ſons againſt the Propriety & Payment of Tythes in this Evangelical Day, and Diſpenſation.
  • As alſo ſeveral Papers and Queries ſent to the Prieſt, which to this Day remains Unanſwered.
All which is now referred to the view, judgment and underſtanding of every Conſcientious impartial Reader, of what Profeſſion ſoever; wherein the Priſoner doth recommend himſelf, his Sufferings, and the empty, groundleſs Cauſe thereof, to every Mans Conſcience in the ſight of God, as was the Practice of the Apoſtles and Saints of old in the primitive Times. 2 Cor. 4.2.

Re-printed in the Year, 1604


The Captives Complaint, or the Priſoners Plea, &c.

FOraſmuch as it hath pleaſed the in­comprehenſible wiſe God (who made Heaven and Earth, and all that is therein) to create Man, and ſet him apart for his own Service, Worſhip and Glory, as the moſt competent Creature, whereby to advance his glorious, dreadful Name over all his Creatures upon the Earth, over whom He gave Man dominion; and for the better Ruling and Governing His Creatures, and Worſhipping and Glo­rifying Himſelf, (the Author and Creator of all) He hath indued Man with Reaſon and Underſtanding, and infuſed into him a Principle of his own Life, and ſtamped, or ſet His own Image in him, thereby to beau­tifie His creature Man, giving him domini­on, power, and liberty, over all that He had made, both the Fruits of the Earth, and every Creature moving thereon; the4 Fiſhes of the Sea, and the Fowls of the Air, and every Creature moving therein; ſave only of the Tree of Knowledg of Good and Evil, he was not to Eat: Now the Serpent being more ſubtil, then all the Beaſts of the field did inſinuate it ſelf into the affections of the Woman, and having got room in the weaker Veſſel, did induce both the Man and the Woman through feigned ſmooth words, (and not by direct oppoſition, mark that) into diſobedience to the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, whoſe Image they then loſt, by the Ser­pents Transformation; who raiſed the diſ­contented, aſpiring, ſelf-ſeeking Principle, that deſired to be equal with God, which they ſoon received, and obeyed; thereby loſing the happy, bleſſed, and good eſtate in which he was placed, and thereby fell into the knowledg of Evil, and naked mi­ſerable eſtate with God, being Transfor­med into the image of the Serpent, was captivated in the Curſe, and ſo came to be driven out of the Garden of Eden, (in which he was placed) and to be fenced out from the Tree of Life, and from the Preſence of the Lord in that State for ever.


And becauſe the Serpent had done this, the Lord curſed it above all Cattel, and e­very Beaſt of the Field, and put enmity between its ſeed and the Seed of the Wo­man, ſaying, The Womans Seed ſhall break its Head, and it ſhould Bruiſe his Heel; ſo the Enmity being placed between the Seeds, the warfare was begun, which ever ſince hath continued through the Genera­tions of Mankind; and hence the ſtri­ving between the Twins in the Womb comes to be known; and the Elected and Reprobated Seed is known; and the Seed of the Bond woman, and the Seed of the Free-woman is known; and the Fleſh­ly Birth perſecuting that which is born of the Spirit is known; and the Promiſe of the Lord to the Seed of the Woman is known and fulfilled in thoſe that witneſs the Second Adam, the Lord from Heaven to be come; and the Seed of the Covenant is known to ſuch, in which all the Nations of the Earth is bleſſed; and bleſſed and happy are they that are apprehended, and over­comes in this Seed, for they ſhall again come to eat of the Tree of Life, that is in the midſt of the Paradiſe of God, and6 their names ſhall be written in the Book of the Life of the Lamb, from henceforth and for ever.

It being my aim and intent at this time to preſent unto publick view, and to the mani­feſted Light, and Judgment of all pious and ſober Men, not only my diſcent, ſtate and condition from my Childhood, but rather my eſtate and condition in Spirit, in all the gentle leadings, drawing, and carryings on of my Soul, by the Lord, from the day of the diſ­penſation of the tender Mercy and Love of God, (by his light diſpenſed and made known in me) unto this preſent day of my Sufferings for his Name and Goſpel; and alſo to give a Relation of the ground and cauſe of my Sfferings, the Perſon by whom and the manner how, with a breviate of my Teſtimony, and Judgment in the matters of this Treatiſe, in as much brevity as poſſible, whereby to clear my Conſcience (and an­ſwer the witneſs in others) in the ſight of God.

AS for my diſcent (to ſpeak after the manner of Men) I ſprang of mean (though honeſt) Parents according to the7 Fleſh, my Father being a Husbandman in the County of Cumberland, I (according to his pleaſure) was educated ſometimes at School, ſometime with Herding, and tending of Sheep, or Cattel, ſometime with the Plow, Cart or Threſhing Inſtrument, or o­ther lawfull Labours, according to the man­ner of that part of the County in which I lived; yet ſuch was the love and tender mer­cy of the Lord, (who always had reſpect unto the meek and lowly in heart, and dwells with the the contrite and humble in Spirit, and ſhews kindneſs and mercy to them of low degree) that he was pleaſed to viſit me with his everlaſting Love, which often preſented unto me my ſtate and manner of Life, and by the ſame Love and Light he made known unto me, that his Way and Worſhip was a purer, holier Way, and cleaner Life, then yet I had attained unto, and withall gave me to ſee the evils, and miſerable effects of that ſtate and condition in which I lived according to the Faſhions, Cuſtoms, Ways and Worſhips of the formal World, which ſecret drawings I felt time after time as a ſmall ſtill Voice inwardly calling for Righteouſneſs, and Ho­lineſs of Life, and as it were, ſaying, This is8 the Way, walk in it, Read your own States, for thus I was induced to ſeek after the Lord, and to make further enqiry into the Way of God; (out of which I perceived my ſelf) and then not knowing where the Lord was to be found, nor that it was he that ſtirred, and drew by his Love in me; I gave my ſelf to Reading and ſearching of the Scrip­tures, which was then Preached (by the Man made Miniſters, and alſo generally believed by the People they taught) to be the Word of God, and the alonway to the Kingdom, and to the knowledge of God, his Way, and Worſhip; and believing their Do­ctrines, I did with much diligence and zeal preſs after the knowledge of the Scriptures, giving up my ſelf to Hear Sermons, learn Catechiſms, and the like, after the manner and general Practiſe Taught by the then Preachers, ſometime more Strickt then the reſt, whoſe comlineſs ſeemed to Tran­ſcend the precedent Generation of Prieſts, and their way of Worſhip; yet it pleaſed the Lord not only inwardly to break my reſt in ſpirit, but alſo outwardly to afflict me with Bodily afflictions, for I was afflict­ed from my youth up, and from my Child­hood9 the rod of Correction was upon me inwardly and outwardly; inwardly known to my ſelf alone, and outwardly apparent to moſt, or all that knew me after the fleſh; ſome concluding I was in a Conſumption, ſome in one Diſeaſe, ſome in another; and then by the advice and will of my Father (ac­cording to the fleſh) I ſought to (and proved) many Doctors and Phyſitians, for the reſto­ration of the health of my Body; but they (like the Prieſts) were all Phyſitians of no value, for none did remove the cauſe, nor take away the effect, which ſtill remained with me and upon me, as a motive ſpur, or whip, to drive me forward to get an intereſt in the Lord, who through the riches of his Love did ſpiritually apply my Bodily af­flictions for the Health and Salvation of my Soul, inwardly drawing my affections and deſires after Him, ſtill preſenting to my view, and raiſing in my unerſtanding a way more Holy, and Pure, and more agreeable to his Will, then the way I was in, drawing me from one degree of Grace to another, and from one Diſpenſation to another, according to his good Pleaſure and Wll; then I began to affect thoſe (that10 ſeparated from the formal Worſhips, and pubick People) who ſemed to be a Peo­ple of more reformed lives, and judgments, and of more circumſpect Converſations, and chuſed rather to ſettle and joyn with thoſe called Independants, who at that day were beautiful and glorious to that glimmering Twilight eſtate that I was in, they being then pretty tender and low; I often ad­judged my ſelf inferiour, unworthy, and un­deſerving the Fellowſhip and Society of ſuch a People; yet ſtill I preſſed forward deſiring to attain unto that ſtate which was before me, (which by the eye of Faith I ſaw) and to apprehend that for which I was appre­hended in the Love of God; yet was I often toſſed in my ſelf, like reſtleſs waves in a troubled Sea; not feeling peace nor ſta­bility with the Lord, I often beſought the Lord in ſecret, in the brokenneſs, and contri­tion of ſpirit, to clear my underſtanding and judgment, and make me to know his own Living Way, Truth and People; Sects and Opinions then abounding, one ſaying, this is the way, anter ſaying that is the way; one ſaying, lo, Chriſt is in this, or here; another ſaying He is in that, or there; thus11 every Denomination and Judgment conſtru­ing, wreſting, and interpreting the Scrip­tures to their ſundry Tenents, and forcing meanings from them to anſwer their Prin­ciples, and to maintain every of their in­terpretations as authentick Truths; in all which I was as one without Foundation, toſ­ſed with every of their windy Doctrines; iſtll reſted with me, Man was created for Gods glory; I being ever and anon judged and condemned in my ſelf for Sin and Diſ­obedience, for the Law was come, by which is the knowledge of Sin; and the Commandment being come, Sin revived, and I died, and having as it were wrought Death in me by that which was good, then Sn by the Commandment became exceed­ing Sinful, and then was I driven to ſeek for Peace night and day, early and late, in publick and private Faſtings, or Feaſtings, or Family Devotions, whatſoever running from one Houſe to another, and from one Town to another, from one Aſſembly and Worſhip to another, even as it were from Sea to Sea, ſeeking the Word of the Lord, as Amos ſaid, Amos 8.12. in all their Sabboths, Lectures, Humiliations or Thank givings,12 diligently obſerving every Ordinance (ſo called) in which the Miniſter ſaid God was to be found, and all to obtain Peace with my Maker, but it, as it were, fled from me, and was not to be found amongſt them; and and then this cry was great in me, O, that I knew the Truth! Oh, that I knew the True and Living Way to the Kingdom of God! O, that I could feel that Teſtimony of Spirit which they ſo much ſpoke of, bearing witneſs with my Spirit, that I was in the Sonſhip! though I felt and knew, I was in the way ac­cording to their Judgment, and had the ſig­nal tokens of a Chriſtian, as they produced from that ſpiritual progreſs and operation the Saints and Servants of God went through in Ages paſt, which was as Way-marks, ſet up by Patriarchs, the Prophets and Chil­dren of Iſrael in their Travel to Canaan, and by the Apoſtles, and Servants of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt in their Spiritual Travel to the Heavenly Canaan, through the Regeneration and New Birth.

But being as I ſaid before, often deeply humbled before the Lord, and tendred and broken in my Spirit, diſtreſſed in my Soul, afflicted in my Body, day and night13 panting and breathing after the Lord, as the Hart panteth after the water Brooks, be­ing many times deprived of my natural reſt and ſuſtenance, mine eyes preventing the night Watches, as David ſaid, watering my Bed with my Tears, being almoſt overwhel­med in the Floods, multitudes of Afflictions compaſſing me about, Wars and Commoti­ons on every ſide, Famine and Peſtilence, and Earthquakes, fearful Sights, and great Signs appearing from Heaven, theſe were the be­ginning of Sorrows, and Days of great Tribu­lation; then did the ſign of the coming of the Son of Man appear in the Clouds of Heaven, with Power and great Glory, whoſe appear­ance was as the Lightning, that appeared from the Eaſt, and ſhined unto the Weſt; by which it pleaſed the Father to manifeſt the way of Life, and to reveal his Son in me, and by his Light that gives the Knowledge of the glory of God in the Face of Jeſus Chriſt, 2 Cor. 4.6. He was pleaſed to give me a glimpſe of that heavenly Land, and of the Way to the Kingdom of God, which I ſaw to be in and through the Light of Chriſt Jeſus, which Lighteth every Man that com­eth into the World, as it was then Preached14 and teſtified by the Servants of the Lord, a meaſure of which I felt in my ſelf, which told me all that ever I did, ſecretly con­demning every work in me, with every word and action that was againſt, or contrary to the mind and will of the Father, and alſo juſtifying every good word and work that was according to his Will; Thus the Lord having opened my underſtanding, and given me in meaſure a feeling of himſelf, I was for­ced to conclude (as the woman of Samaria did) that this was the Chriſt, this was the Way, this was the Truth, as by daily expe­rience I found by the operation of the Light in my own heart, compared with the Teſti­mony that the Saints and Servants of God had given in Ages paſt, and thus in the mouths of two or three Witneſſes this Teſti­mony was eſtabliſhed and confirmed in me, but how to receive and give obedience I knew not, the Enemy often raiſing Doubts and Fears in me, often diſſwading me from em­bracing the Light, with much queſtioning whether it were the Truth yea or nay: Then as ſoon as the Seed, the Man-child appeared, the Dragon appeared alſo ready to Devour the Man-child; then the Read-Sea was as15 it were, before, and Pharoh and his Hoſt be­hind, and fear fell on every ſide; then ap­peared Father againſt Son, and Son againſt Father, one Nation againſt another, and ſtill the greateſt Enemies were in mine own Houſe; and then was I in great diſtreſs; then was the Dayes of great Tribulation, perceiving the Way ſtrait and narrow, being to forſake Father or Mother, Houſe or Lands, Friends and Relations, and all old ac­quaintances, and caſt down all Crowns, Dig­nities, Wiſdom, Riches, or what other Enjoy­ments whatſoever, and deny my ſelf; and become a Fool, and a Reproach, a Scorn, a By-word, and a Hiſſing to the Men of the World, and take up the Croſs daily, and follow the Lord through great Tribulation, through the Red-Sea, through the Wilder­neſs, yea, even through Death it ſelf; then was I ready to faint, and to ſay with them, This was a hard ſaying, who can bear it; then the Dragon caſt out Floods after the Manchild, but God prepared a place in the Wilderneſs, and the Child was preſerved; then was the warfare great between the Fleſh and the Spirit, the Law in my Mem­bers waring againſt the Law in my Mind;16 doing that which I allowed not, and leaving undone that which I allowed; with my mind I ſerved the Law of God, but with my Fleſh the Law of Sin; the Spirit in­deed was willing to Drink that bitter Cup, but the Fleſh was weak; then when I would have done good, Evil being preſent, prevented me; then I became as one de­ſtitude of all ſuccour, comfort and ſupport, not knowing whither to fly, or how to eſcape from the dreadfull wrath of God that was then impending over me if I diſobeyed; then was I forced in the fulneſs of time, not on­ly to ſtand ſtill and ſee the Salvation of God, but alſo to reſign my ſelf into his Bleſſed Will and ſweetly to Drink that bitter Cup that was given me to Dik, allowing that the Will of the Lord, and not my will ſhould be done, being willing to undergo any thing, ſo the Lord be glorified, and my Soul might reſt in Peace, being that for which I had long travelled in ſpirit, having been often as it were at the Pts brink, and as it were at the mouth of the Furnace, having Drunk deep of the Cup of Judgment, and of Indignation, and of the Wrath of the Lord for Sin, and for Iniquity, often travel­ling17 as with my Hands upon my loyns pai­ned, and crying outin my Soul, as a Woman in Travel, that longeth for the appointed hour of her Deliverance, often in that ſtate bleſſing the Lord for the Miniſtration of con­demnation, which at that Day was glorious to me, often doubting, and fearing in my ſelf leaſt the Lord ſhould ceaſe ſtriving with me, and have left me, and given me up to a re­probate Mind, and to heardneſs of Heart, be­ing often ready to Diſpair of obtaining the promiſed Land, that was before me, conſi­dering the many lets, impediments, obſtru­ctions, hazards, dangers, which like Moun­tains of oppoſition appeared as high as the top of Carmel. And thus being aſſaulted by the Enemy, reaſoning in my ſelf, I was at a point what to do; to turn back to Egypt, the Land of Darkneſs, or Houſe of Bondage again, I durſt not, knowing the Light in me, the Pil­ler of fire that appeared for my Guide, and Leadr; led me Canaan ward, and knowing the Terrors and Judgments of the Lord, that had not only paſſed upon me, but was ſtill im­pending over me for ſin & diſobedience, be­cauſe I offered not up freely, nor ſacrificed freely, nor did not for ſake all freely, but like18 Ananias and Saphira, (though I had parted with much yet) would have kept a part back; and if the Lord had cut me off, as they were, I muſt have juſtified the juſtice of the Lord in my Soul and Conſcience which daily wit­neſſed againſt me, as it were ſealing and con­firming this Teſtimony to me, and in me, that I ſhould never find Peace nor Reconſilia­tion with the Lord, untill I gave obedience to the Light, and came into ſociety with the Children of Light, (viz. the People by the World called Quakers) and came to the Worſhip that ſtood in Spirit, contrary to all the Wayes, Worſhips and Services of the World, ſet up in the wills and limitations of Men, which I ſaw to be only Formal and Traditional, and no leſs then Idolatry, as they then ſtood in the Will-Worſhip, being preſcribed, and ſet forth at the Wills and Plea­ſures of Men, and eſtabliſhed by the then preſent Powers, Government and Authority; as by the Independant Church Faith, the Preſ­byterian Directory, the Epiſcopals Common-Prayer Book, and ſuch like, may more fully Teſtifie, none being to queſtion, or object a­gainſt any thing that was, or is believed by their ſeveral Churches and Aſſemblies, or19 preſcribed in their Rules or Canons, Directo­ries, or Service-Books (though never ſo much diſſatisfied in Conſcience) without un­dergoing the Cenſures, or Abjudications of their particular Societies, and Churches, ſo called: But they that are come to the Light and Liberty of the Sons of God, and to live and walk in the Spirit, and by the Spirit they know the Anointing which abideth in them, which is truth, and no lye, which Teacheth them in all things to follow the Lamb only, whitherſoever he goes, and the leadings of his Spirit, and not the formal traſh and tradi­tional precepts of Men; and ſo they are cea­ſed from Man, and his teachings, knowing the Lord is come to Teach his People himſelf; whereof I being perſwaded in my own heart, and this Teſtimony aforeſaid ſtanding in me, (viz.) that I ſhould never know Peace with God in my Soul, untill I obeyed and followed the Light (which I daily felt ſtriving in me, and with me in my Meditations and Commu­nications with my own Heart, ſecretly con­demning me for my diſobedience and works of darkneſs) I was (in the fulneſs of time) con­ſtrained to yeild, and reſign my ſelf into the Will and Lap of the Lord, as Eſther did,20 either to Live or Periſh; reſolving as I ſaid before, freely to drink that Cup, which had ſo long appeared bitter, but was then made ſweet and wholſom, as the Waters of Jericho, being ſeaſoned with that power that makes every bitter thing ſweet, and hard things eaſie; then was the Arm of the Lord made bare, and ſtretched forth for my deliverance, and his ſtrength was perfected in weakneſs, being brought into ſubjection, and made willing to bear his Croſs, then his Yoke was made eaſie, and his Burden be­came Light; then he that ſat in Darkneſs ſaw great Light, and he that dwelt in the Land of the ſhaddow of Death, upon him did the Light ſhine; in that Day did he cauſe the Deaf to hear, the Blind to ſee out of obſcurity, the Lame to walk, the Dumb to ſpeak, and the Tongue of the ſtammerer to ſpeak plain­ly; even then when mine Ears hearkned to the Word that was near, in the mouth and heart, the righteouſneſs of Faith which the Apoſtle Preached, Rom. 108. Even then when I caſt away my Jewels, Ornaments, Images, &c. Menſtruous cloaths, Iſa. 30.21, 22. and my own Righteouſneſs, Faith, and beſt Performances, which was but as fil­thy21 rags, in compariſon of the excellency of that Glory revealed in and through the Son of righteouſneſs which aroſe with healing in his Wings, then did he give rain unto his Seed, even the former and the latter in his Seaſon, and upon every Mountain and Hill made he Rivers and Streams to run; then was the light of the Moon as the light of the Sun, and the light of the Sun was ſevenfold, even in that Day when he bound up the breach of his Servant, and healed the ſtroke of his wounded; he opened the Priſon doors alſo, and ſet the Captive at liberty, and let the Oppreſſed go free; then he made the Lame to leap as an Heart, and the tongue of the Dumb to ſing for joy; the crooked paths did he make ſtraight, and the rough ways plain and ſmooth; he brought down the mighty from their Seats, and exalted them of low degree; then he filled the Hungry with good things, and the Rich he ſent empty a­way; then did joy ſpring forth as the Morn­ning, and gladneſs did ariſe as the Sun, even then when Peace did run down like a River, and Salvation as a mighty Stream; then was the time of refreſhing from the preſence of the Lord, even then when the Bridegroom22 came out of his Chamber, and the Bride out of her Cloſet; then was the Marriage Sup­per of the Lamb at hand; then was the Day of joy and gladneſs, when ſorrow and ſigh­ing fled away; then was the Day of mine e­ſpouſing, when my Maker became my Hus­band, Hoſea 2.19, 20, 23. and the Bride­groom and Biſhop of my Soul; when I was betrothed unto the Lord, then was the Mar­riage in Cana of Galilee known, John 2. which was the only Marriage Chriſt and his Diſciples were called to, where all the Water in the Veſſels was turned into Wine, which maketh glad the heart of Man, and com­forteth the Living, Pſal. 104.15. Eccleſ. 10.19. ſuch did Iſrael of old Drink in the Land of Promiſe, Deut. 32.14. here was the firſt, and beginning of Miracles that Jeſus wrought, ſhewing forth his Glory; it was here alſo he Healed the Rulers Son which was ready to Die, his ſecond Miracle wrought in Galilee, John 4.50, 54. here alſo was his firſt ap­pearance to his Diſciples after he was riſen from the Grave, Matt., 17. here alſo was his firſt appearance, and working of Wonders in me, and to me, which when I ſaw I believed, as his Diſciples and the23 Galileans did, John 2.11. and 4.45. then he whipped out the Buyers and Sellers out of the Temple, and overthrew the Tables of the Money-changers; then I knew the Ta­bernacle of the Lord, was with Men, and that he was come to Teach his People Himſelf, and great was the Peace of His Children, as Iſaiah ſaid, chap. 54.13. then did I witneſs the Covenant changed, the Law changed, the Prieſthood changed, the Offerings, Oblations, Sacrifices and Ordinances changed, the Ser­vice and the Worſhip changed, and all the Shadows, Types, and Figures aboliſhed, which was but a Shadow of good Things to come, Hebr. 10.1. and the Tabernacle and Sanctu­ary changed, Heb. 10.20. and the Vail removed, and the New and Living Way to be Revealed (which he hath prepared for us) through the Vail, that is to ſay his Fleſh; for even to this Day, while Moſes, and the Old-Teſtament and the Law is read, the ſame Vail remains over, and untaken away, 2 Cor. 3.14, 15. as is evident, and clearly ſeen to he the very State and Condition of the Mi­niſters and People of England, to whom the Way of Life (of Regeneration of Light, of Righteouſneſs, of Peace, of having24 their Hearts ſprinkled from an evil Con­ſcience, and of witneſſing Redemption and Remiſſion of ſins) is hid, and to them the covering is not yet taken away; for the Vail is over their Hearts, and what they ſee and know of God is but by the ſeeing or hearing of the outward Eye or Ear, as Job ſaid, chap. 42.5. knowing nothing but what they know Naturally, in a literal hiſtorical, notional, ex­ternal Senſe, and in theſe Things they foyl and corrupt themſelves, never owning or obeying the Light that leads out of Dark­neſs, and Diſcovers all the works thereof, which makes all things manifeſt, and gives the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jeſus Chriſt (which till then is Vailed) through which we draw nigh unto God, and makes bold to enter into the in­ner Sanctuary, even the holy Place, being pu­rified through his Blood, having our Conſci­ences purged from dead works, Hebr. 9.14. which is not yet made manifeſt, where the Tabernacle is ſtanding, Hebr. 9.8. neither do they know the Power which through his death hath rent the Vail; but we that are come to believe in the Light, and to witneſs the New Covenant which God pro­miſed25 to his People, Jer. 31.31.23, &c. Rom. 11.27. Hebr. 8.8.10, &c. Hebr. 10.16, 17. they whoſe Hearts are turned to the Lord know the Vail taken away, accord­to his promiſe, 2 Cor, 3.16, 17, 18. and we all with open face behold the glory of the Lord, and are changed into the ſame Image from glory to glory, as by the Spirit of the Lord; now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty. Now being born of the ſame Seed, and not another, and regenerated by the ſame Life and Power, and becauſe we have the ſame Spirit of Faith which the Apoſtles and Servants of the Lord had, as it is written, 2 Cor. 4.13. Pſalm 116.10. I believed, therefore have I ſpoken, we alſo have Believed, and therefore ſpeak; now we have this Treaſure in earthen Veſſels, that the Excellency of the Power may be of God, and not of us, 2 Cor. 4.7. and having this hope and truſt we uſe great boldneſs and plainneſs of ſpeech, and are not aſhamed of that worthy Name, by which we have been called, nor of the glorious Goſpel of Chriſt, for it is the Power of God unto all thoſe that Believe; and this Myſtery (viz. Chriſt in us the hope of Glory, Col. 1.26, 27) hid26 from Ages and Generations) hath he open­ed and revealed in us, bleſſed, honored and glorified by the ſweet and precious Name and Love of our God for ever, that hath opened the myſteries of his Kingdom, and hath re­vealed them unto Babes, Sucklings, and to the little and lowly in Spirit, and yet hath hid them from the Wiſe and Prudent of the Earth, this is the Lords doing, and is mar­vellous in our Eyes, bleſſed, yea everlaſtingly bleſſed be his holy Living, eternal Name, Love, Life and Power, who alone is wor­thy of all Glory, Rule, and Dominion for evermore.

And having this Teſtimony, and for this Teſtimonies ſake, and for our love and faith­fulneſs thereunto, we ſuffer, and are brought into bonds by the chief Prieſts and Rulers of this Generation; for as it was in the Apoſtles dayes, ſo it is now, They that will live Godly in Chriſt Jeſus muſt ſuffer perſecution; and as Chriſt ſaid, In the World you ſhall have tribula­tion, but in me you ſhall have Peace; and if you love Me the world will hate you; and even ſo perſecuted they the Prophets that went be­fore us: this perſecuting ſpirit (getting a place and room in the Woman, as I ſaid before)27 broke forth in Cain, the third Perſon in the Earth, and he ſlew Abel his only Brother, and here the Enmity between the Seeds appear­ed (which I mentioned in the beginning) and this envious Perſecuting ſpirit hath had a place and deſcent through all the Generations of Man-kind to this very Day, as the Scriptures are full, how they that ſerved and feared the Lord did ſuffer Perſecutions, Afflicti­ons, Tribulations, Reproaches, ſpoiling of Goods, Buffettings, Impriſonments, yea, even to the Death, and all for following the Lord in the Regeneration, and for ſerving and obeying Him in heart and ſpirit, and for departing and ſeparating themſelves from the Ways, Worſhips, Cuſtoms, Traditions, and beggerly rudiments of the World; and as they perſecuted the Prophets and A­poſtles of Chriſt that went before us, even ſo do they perſecute us, and yet they will pro­feſs they know God, but their Works deny Him; for I was no ſooner turned from Dark­neſs to Light; nor from Satans Power to God; nor from ſin to righteouſneſs; nor from the luſts and pleaſures of the Fleſh to ſerve the Living God; nor no ſooner come to deny my ſelf, and take up the Croſs of28 Chriſt, and follow him, through Tribulati­ons, Reproachings, Revilings, Mockings, Faſtings, Temptings, or what other Suffer­ings ſoever, or through Death it ſelf unto Life; yea, no ſooner I ſay was I given up to follow him, but perſecution aroſe for the Goſ­pel ſake, notwithſtanding my long Travel and Pilgrimage in the Wilderneſs, (neither conſidering the Faintings, the Hungrings, the Thirſtings, the Jeopardies, Perils, the many deſperate Dangers, the dark Diſconſolate days, the long and weariſom Nights my poor Soul ſuſtained, with many a ſigh and heavy groan; with many a dolefull lamentation, with much brokenneſs of Heart, and contriti­on of Spirit when Rivers as it were run down from mine Eyes, when my Heart failed me for fear in the day of my ſpiritual pro­greſs, from Egyt to Canaan) I ſay never conſidering the afflictions I bad gone through the enmity in Gods enemies without aroſe againſt me, to repoach, revile, and perſecute me, and (as I ſaid before, having withdrawn and ſeparated my ſelf from them, with their Way and Worſhip) I was hated, envied and threatned by them, but eſpecially by one of Englands chief Prieſts, named Lewis Weſt,29 a Man whoſe Life and Gonverſation doth more fully declare him to all that knows him; part whereof I may ſet down in this following Treatiſe, and ſhall leave it to the view, judgment and conſideration of all ſober juditious Men, that knows any thing of the Way and Worſhip of God; but eſpecially to thoſe my Neighbours and Country-men that hath known both him and me according to the fleſh; (though he be a Man in eſteem, honour and repute amongſt Men, and the Children of this World, and hath at­tained to his ſeveral Titles and degrees of Honour and Preferment, being reckoned one of their chief and learnedſt orthodox Divines; being (as his Wife once ſaid to me) contemning me asudatious, and for my puerility and illiteratneſs, far inferior to argue, or diſpute matters of Conſcience with him) brought up at his Book and School from his Child-hood; and I being but a Child, as ſhe ſaid, and indeed ſprung of mean Parentage and low Degree, according to the fleſh; and in my minority Educated a little at School but the moſt part about Husbandry, Tilling, or Hearding, or the like, bring an inferiour weak Child in compariſon of Thouſands;30 but what I now am is by the Grace and ſweet Love of God, for which I have cauſe to bleſs and magnifie his Name for ever) and let ſuch I ſay as hath known both him and me, and not only ſuch, but all that have any feeling or ſenſe of the Way and Work of God judge of us, and between us, in every thing, either before or hereafter inſerted or recited; being for my own part, (according to the principle of Light and Truth I pro­feſs) willing to recommend my ſelf to every Mans Conſcience in the ſight of God, and alſo to give a reaſon to any Man that ſhall in Truth and Soberneſs, demand a reaſon of me of the Faith and Hope that is in me (ac­cording to the manifeſtation of the Grace of God received.)

Now I ſay, the ſaid L. W. was no ſooner ſetled in his place, and I ſet to follow the Lord, but he began to menace and threaten me, together with other Profeſſors, to bring us under Conformity; and by and by ſhewed his auſterity, by which he made many Profeſſors (and others inclining to Re­formation) bow and conform, who came in by degrees, and yielded Conformity at one time or other, in one thing or other,31 which ſtrengthened his Lordly ſpirit in ſe­verity, (who ſhould have been Miniſter and Servant to all) thereupon perſwading him­ſelf, that a little more rigor, a little more ſe­verity, one twiſt more i'th rod, one cord more i'th whip would ſubject all his Pariſhio­ners, and make them Conform; ſometimes he would have drawn me with ſoft words, pretending great kindneſs to me, or any of my Mothers Children, &c. for our Parents ſake, the ſmalneſs wherof may appear by and by; for he having no occaſion at all a­gainſt me, ſave touching the Law of my God, (being that which was matter of Conſcience and weight to me) yet it ſeems occaſion muſt be had, and ſmall ones muſt be taken where great ones are not; and therefore he took it againſt me, becauſe for Conſcience ſake, I could not pay him Tythes.

A thing never challenged nor paid (for ought I know) by any Goſpel Miniſter, nor any other under a Goſpel Diſpenſation, what ever any Man may pretend; ſo he that flattereth, and ſmootheth deceitfully, crying Peace, Peace to the Wicked, becauſe I cannot now run with them to their exceſs, nor cannot return to their vomiagain, but32 eſpecially becauſe I could not put into his mouth, as Micah ſaid, Mic. 3.5. he now forthwith prepares open War againſt me; and thus he begins for my firſt years denyal of Tythes to him, he preſents me to the Jury, at a Temporal Court, held at his own Houſe in the manner of little Salkeld by the Dean and Chapter (ſo called) of Carlile, he himſelf being one of the Lords of the Court; ſo being called by the Jury, I told them that for Conſcience ſake I could pay him none, often ſaying to them that that Court had nothing to do to determine matters of that nature, the Eccleſiaſtical Courts being provided for that purpoſe, unto whom ſuch things more properly belonged, yet the Ju­rors ſlighted me and ſaid I was a fool, it was better for me to have them determined there, &c. So being willing to do the Prieſt a pleaſure, they proceeded to caſt it for him, and gave a Precept againſt me of One pound one ſhilling, or there abouts, for which the Prebends Bailiffs took a Cow from me wo••h Three pound three ſhillings, or upwards, I having but one other; the Prieſt called me to him, required me to pay him, I ſaid no, I could pay him none; then he beckned33 to one of his Fellows another Prebend, be­ing then preſent, to reaſon and expoſtulate with me, endeavouring to perſwade me to pay him, and in our diſpute he pleaded the Civil Law; a third Prieſt ſtanding by, by way of Interlocution, Promptingly ſaid to the Ear of the other, Jure Divino, Sir, Jure Divino, to whom I anſwered, either of you prove Tythes Jure Divino, here before all this People, and I will pay them, which thing they ſtayed not to do; for immediately the aforeſaid L. W. taking one of them by the arm, drew them away, and they all three went to an Alehouse, leaving me to the Court, with whom I reaſoned a while, clearing my Conſcience, (which I valued more worth then a Cow) and then left them: The Jury meeting at other times, I ſtill warned them not to meddle with it, being it apper­tained to another Court; nevertheleſs they proceeded as above; but mark what befel about the very time the Jury delivered in their Verdict, the Fore-man had a Barn burned by a ſudden hand from the Lord, as was believed, amounting to a conſiderable dammage; which thing I often pondered in my ſpirit, though few looked on it o­therwiſe34 then a common accident. This being done, from that time forward he pro­ceeded to take my Tythes in kind, as they fell due, &c. his Collectors taking Hay and Corn at their pleaſure, ſometime going in at the wrong end of the Dale, contrary to the order of Tything, ſo taking the beſt of the Grain; other ſometimes taking three or four Stooks, or a Cart load together off at one end; and if I carried away any un­tythed, they were ſure to pleaſe themſelves in the next Dale of mine where they came: Thus they continued, not ſhaming to bear and drg away by force what they could ap­prehend; [mark] even as the Prieſts (viz. Eli's Sons) and their Servants did in Iſrael of old, who were Sons of Belial, and with their fleſh-hooks dragged out of the Pan, Pot, or Caldron either boyled or raw; and if any denied to give them, they took it a­way by force, read 1 Sam. 2. from verſe 12 to 17. but mark their end, for the Lord was grieved with them, and ſaid, he would cut them off that there ſhould not be an old Man left in El's houſe, and verſe the 35, 36. I will raiſe up a Prieſt ſaith the Lord, that ſhall do according to all that is in mine heart; and35 it ſhall come to paſs that every one that is left in thine houſe (ſpeaking to Eli) ſhall come crouching to him for pieces of Silver, and mor­ſels of Bread: Mark the end of theſe Prieſts (Sons of Belial) who ſerved themſelves with the fat, and kept Servants as vile as them­ſelves, who violently pulled and reaved a­way by force from the People, even as the tything polluted Prieſts and their Servants doth now in our days; are they not pulling, rending and reaving throughout this Nation of England, ſo barbarouſly and inhumanely, that they have made their name to ſtik, and they are become contemptible and baſe be­fore all People, read Mal. 2. to verſe 9 and will not their end be like thoſe Sons of Belial: and alſo what becomes of the Poſterity of many of the Prieſts that are gone? are they not already in many pces crouching for pieces of ſilver, and morſels of bread, yea, even to ſuch as their Fathers perſecuted? ſearch and ſee if it be not ſo. But to pro­ceed; this not anſwering his deſire and end, more miſchief reſting in his heart againſt me, he cited me to the Biſhops Court but for what I know little, ſave that he himſelf ſaid, for all manner of Tythes ſince he be­came36 Incumbent in that place, (notwith­ſtanding what was done as aforeſaid) his Libel I never got, they commonly being Scrools of Lyes; ſo the Court proceeded to Excomunication, whereupon he procu­red a Writ, called Excommunicate Capiendo, and thereby caſt me into Priſon about the latter end of the ſeventh Month 1663. where I have continued theſe four years, during all which time he never did ſo much as give me a viſit in my Priſon-houſe, nor never laboured to convince me, or regain me either by ex­hortation, information or inſtruction, &c. as is provided and enjoyed in the Articles to be enquired of in their Viſitation; read Arti­cle the 10th, concerning Miniſters duty to Popiſh Recuſants, and other Sectaries; nay, he would never ſo much as allow me a fair ſober Diſcourſe to reaſon the caſe or matter in difference; but when I have met with him, (having ſometime gone to his houſe) is ſoon as ever my judgment differed from his, or that I either oppoſed, or queſtioned any thing he ſaid, or held out, forth-with he broke in­to paſſion and fury, ſometime buffetting me with his fiſt, (as he hath often done both to his own hearers and others) other37 times calling me rogue and raſcal, with ſuch like vilifying tearms, in great fury Threatening he would humble me, &c.

But ſtill all this not anſwering his ambiti­ous ſpirit, and covetous ends, he yet devi­ſeth more miſchief, and preſently he caſts a­bout to compaſs my little parcel of Land, (as Ahab did Naboth's) yea, worſe then Ahab, for he never profered me the rate in money, 1 Kings 21.1, 2. &c. I read Ahab being ſad and dejected becauſe of Naboth's anſwer, Jezebel his Wife could ſoon cure that malady ſaying to Ahab, what, art not thou King? Ariſe and be merry, and Ile give thee the Vine­yard; ſo he ſoon deviſed a way to kill and take poſſeſſion, &c.

And indeed whether L. W's Wife hath not been a deviſer and abetter againſt me, it is queſtioned by ſome, but I leave it to the Lord and themſelves: and he goes on in Law untill the Sheriff returned I could not be found; (although I was in his Cuſtody, and that the Prieſt L. W. knew well enough) upon which falſe return a Writ of Outlawry came forth againſt me, and then they knew where to find me; for thereupon38 the Sheriff's Clark gave another Mittimus to the Goaler for me. And untill that time I never had the leaſt notice neither from him, or any one of the Kings Officers (ſave only that his Wife did once ſay I laid for contempt, and that her Husband would take another courſe for his Tythes, &c.) and the Jayler keeping me more ſtrict then my Fel­lows, I required a reaſon of him, he ſaid he had received another Mittimus for me; I asked him for what cauſe, he ſaid he knew not but it was at L W's. Suit; I deſired a ſight of it if he pleaſed, he ſaid yes, if I would give him thirty pence; I ſaid, it were but reaſonable that I knew upon what account I was ſo dealt with; but no account could I have untill I bought a Coppy thereof of the Sheriffs Clark, yet being (as a Child) very ignorant in matters of Law, (having never been concerned in matters of Law, nor never had occaſion at any Court with any perſon whatſoever, ſave this with him) I let it go on in ſingleneſs of heart, reſolving to leave the iſſue to the Lord, knowing he was all-ſufficient, and chuſing rather patient­ly to ſuffer, then to involve my ſelf into ſuch dubious unſeen troubles, and vaſt ex­pences,39 as of the Law doth produce, eſpe­cially being ſo uncapable of things of that nature; and thus it continued in ſuſpence (I ſtill waiting to ſee the effect) untill about a year after he ſtirred again, and ſought through ſmooth words ſubtilly to have enticed ſome of my Relations, to have given him a Com­poſition for me, telling them one while Ten pounds, another while Twelve or Sixteen pounds would do it, pretending to ſhew them all the favour imaginable, if they would do any thing; and when his blandilocutions could not prevail, then he ſought to terrifie them with threats, ſaying, he had a Writ ready, and the Sheriff would come and take poſſeſſion, and all I had would be Confiſ­cated to the King, &c. alſo the People and Neighbours adjacent, with great exclamati­on preſſing them to compound; ſaying it was pitty it ſhould be forfeit, which put them to a point, not knowing what to do, ſome of them gave me an account once and again with tears, and great grief and vexati­on, I (as often before) deſired, and alſo diſcharged them not to meddle in it; it was my own, and I knew not that it could go for a better Teſtimony; I had nothing but40 what I had received of the Lord, the loſs was like to be ſolely mine; ſo let him and me alone, for what he could inflict I was to bear, and that he could go no further then the Lord permitted, and what he intended for evil the Lord turned to good, and I hoped to be preſerved and provided for; upon which they were diſſwaded, and would not be induced by him: So by the aforeſaid Writ he called a Jury, and by compulſions ſum­moned my Brother, and others that farmed my Land, to give an eſtimate of the Annual value of it, and alſo what Goods and Chat­tels I was poſſeſſed of about two years before (viz. the time when he began that Suit) in­tending to make all Confiſcate from that day forward; ſo the Jurors gave in their Survey at Six pound per annum, &c. in the year 1666 Then after he had done all this, what through the Exclamation of my Relations and Neigh­bors, for the ſatisfying of them, and what through the advice of others my Friends) I procured a Reverſal, reſolving to joyn Suit, and try with him; (and never more I did, neither to this day, nor before, in matters of Law proceedings in my own defence) and how the Lord prevented or confounded41 him in his proceeding I know not, but to this day his expectation hath periſhed, and it is between three or four years ſince he begun; and indeed I can truly ſay, it was freely offered, and not it only, but Liberty and Life alſo (if it had been required) into the Will of the Lord, feeling and enjoying his Peace and Preſence I am ſatisfied, and can ſay, it is enough, and in the uprightneſs of my Heart, I deſire I may honour him with life, liberty and ſubſtance while this Taber­nacle of clay is undemoliſhed, for he alone is worthy of all Glory and Thanksgiving from me for evermore; For he brings to nought the underſtanding of the Prudent, and turns the wiſ­dom of the Wiſe men backward, and confounds, the Wiſeſt Ahithophels, ſo that their vain hope periſheth, and their Expectation is cut off.

Now all this he hath wickedly done a­gainſt me, and that for no juſt cauſe as in the ſight of the Lord, nor no cauſe pretended, ſave ſome ſmall Tythes, as Hens, Eaſter-Reckonings, &c. which was no doubt very inconſiderate in compariſon of what he hath done; for I have been much perſwaded that when he begun with me, he could no42 way reckon Five ſhillings, for his Collectors took in kind that which was moſt material, as Corn and Hay, as I have before related; and for Wooll, and Lamb, I had none, and for other Goods I had but a few; it may be a Cow or two, but ſeldom, if ever three, which things could amount to no great value, ſuppoſe it were for two or three years; an account whereof I have often required of him, I have alſo written to him for an account; alſo my Relations have deſired an account of him, but to this day none could I have from him; alſo I have written to him, that we might fairly and ſoberly Diſcourſe of the Title of Tythes profering if I were convin­ced that they were Lawfull, to pay them without all that to do, and withall warned himo ceaſe from his wicked proceedings, being perſwded they ſhould not go un­puniſhed by the Lord; a true Tranſcription whereof hereafter follows, as they were ſent him in ſeveral Papers, at ſeveral times, which I have inſerted for the Readers better ſatis­faction.

LEwis. I am informed there is a deſign in thy Heart to deprive me of mine43 inheritance left me by my Father, Is this the fruit of thy Miniſtry? and in this doſt thou do as thou wouldſt be don unto? Hath Satan filled thine heart, and rooted Covetouſneſs ſo deep in thee? Take heed to thy ways, ſearch and ſee what ſpirit thou art of, and what ſpirit it is that ſuggeſteth this in thee: enter into conſideration with thy ſelf, and commune with thy own heart, whether thou wouldſt be done unto ſo, yea, or nay; or whether it be thy place to covet thy Neighbours Goods, or Inheritance? me­thinks thou ſhouldſt not be ignorant what be­came of that Woman Jeſabel, for coveting Naboth's Vinyard, and what the reward of Covetuouſneſs is, the Scriptures are full; ob­ſerve the words of the Wiſe Man, that ſaid, lay not in wait. O wicked Man, againſt the dwelling of the Righteous, ſpoil not his reſting place; enter not into the Fields of the Fatherleſs &c. and whatſoever is written, is written for our Learning; thou haſt often repeated that Command that ſaith Covet not thy Neighbours Goods, nor any thing that is thy Neighbours; and is thy heart now going af­ter thy Covetouſneſs? Weigh theſe things with thy practiſe; Why ſhouldſt thou de­ſtroy44 thy own Soul? thou that holdeſt Scripture for thy Rule, will it juſtifie thee in this thing? Or where haſt thou any ſuch Rule in it amongſt all the Converſations of the Saints? And do not think but thou muſt be brought before the Tribunal of God, there to give an account of all thy deeds done in thy Body, and there thy perſon will have no more reſpect then mine, (though now it may) all thy Pomp, thy Dignity and Riches will ſtand thee in no ſtead, neither juſtifie thee in his ſight, who hath ſaid, The wicked ſhall not go unpuniſhed; thou haſt deprived me of my juſt Liberty already, and if that cannot content or ſatisfie thee, ſurely no more will mine Eſtate; for the more thou obeyeſt that envious and covetous ſpi­rit, the more it will draw thee on, untill thy Soul be ſhut up in the Grave, out of which there is no redemption. So I deſire thee, have reſpect to thy Souls everlaſting health, for theſe, and ſuch like as thou art often found in, are not the fruits of a Goſpel Miniſter, for Chriſt and his Apoſtles never taught any ſuch Doctrine; and truly, whilſt thou art of this ſpirit and converſation, thy Miniſtry will not profit to wards God, nor thou canſt never45 turn many unto Righteouſneſs (its true, thou mayſt make ſome Proſelytes, but I think few Converts) it appears thou came not to ſeek nor gather us but ours, ſo that thy end is thy own, and therefore accurſed; ſo un­leſs thou repent thou ſhalt certainly bear the indignation of the Almighty, for little or nothing haſt thou Miniſtred unto me either in Doctrine or Practice but that which ſa­vours of Death, and ſuch Miniſtration de­ſerves no maintenance: So I deſire thee, as one that reſpects thy Souls everlaſting welfare, and in love thereunto I ſend this un­to thee, and not in any reſpect to my own intereſt, as the Lord whom I ſerve knoweth, in whoſe preſence I am, but that thou mayſt ceaſe to bring ſo deep guilt and weight upon thy Soul, but rather repent of thy wicked purpoſes, and ſeek unto the Lord,, if perad­venture the thoughts of thine heart may be forgiven thee; for according to outward appearance one would think thine Eſtate were ſufficient to ſatisfie thee, that thou ſhouldeſt not reap where thou ſowedſt not and covet my penny that haſt ſo many pounds; remember the Parable of Nathan to David.


But thou may object and ſay, there is a rea­ſon, thou haſt a proper right and due unto it; To this I anſwer, (as I have formerly done) if thou or any of thy Function will appoint the time and place where I, or ſome other of my Companions in bonds may meet with you, and according to Scripture, ſound Do­ctrine, and the Spirit of Truth, convince me or us that ſuch things is juſt and due, and properly belong to your Miniſtration, or that Chriſt and his Apoſtles did ordain conſtitute or allow any ſuch Miniſtry or Maintenance after he had offered himſelf a perfect Sacri­fice, having thereby aboliſhed all Types, and the Law that made nothing perfect: I ſay, if thou, or any of you can, or will convince me or us of the lawfulneſs of paying Tythes, we ſhould neither ſuffer Impriſonment, loſs of Eſtate or Goods, nor the Execution of a­ny Law to paſs upon us for denyal of Tythes, but rather pay them as conſcientiouſly as any one whatſoever: And this were but the place and duty of your Function, and indeed if it were not matter of conſcience to me, I could not have ſuffered ſuch detriment, loſs and impriſonment in the patience and con­tent as I have done by thee, and I am yet47 reſolved to ſuffer more before I offend Gods Witneſs in my Conſcience.

And further I demand of thee what the ſum or value is that thou claimeſt of me, be­ing reckoned up together, for I have been deprived of my juſt Liberty a full year and upwards, which is a penalty beyond my of­fence, or any pretence of offence that thou haſt ſhewed me; So that I think thou need­ed not a proceeded to have damnified me any further: So ſeeing thou yet intendeſt to add weight and oppreſſion to the afflicted and op­preſſed, little enough, if thou give me a true account of my ſuppoſed tranſgreſſion, which I expect thou wilt forthwith do by this Bear­er, either in word or writing, without any further deferring; for ſure thou haſt not gone about to impoſe all this upon me that thou haſt done, and yet intends to do by adding affliction to my bonds, but thou canſt and will give a reaſon in every particular where­fore; which I expect of thee without any further evaſion, or otherwiſe I may conclude thou canſt not: So that I ſay again in tender love to thy Souls eternal Peace, do I deſire thee to ponder well theſe things,48 and receive the Advice of thy Friend here­in, for I know there is a Witneſs in thy Conſcience that will receive me, from which thou canſt not flee, nor hide thy ſelf Day nor Night, to it I appeal; and know thou, that its not that I am weary of Sufferings, or am ſo married to the World that I cannot part with it; for though the Devil may have power to Diſpoſſeſs me of an Exter­nal Inheritance, as he hath had power to caſt into Priſon; yet will I wait upon the Lord, knowing he is able to ſubdue Satan under his Feet, and thou could have had no power againſt me if it had not been given thee; ſo if thou willt not be adviſed for thy good, do what thou haſt power to do, as for me I have ſo much Faith as to Truſt in the God of Jacob, and Patience to endure all theſe things, knowing the Captain of my Salva­tion was made perfect through Sufferings, who will be Glorified in the Sufferings of his Saints, whom my Soul honours and glo­rifies above all: So be Exhorted and War­ned in time, leſt this ſtand as a Witneſs a­gainſt thee in the Day of the Lord's In­dignation, for this was in my heart from the Lord to warn thee of, ſo I ſhall be clear of thy Blood.

By one that deſires from my heart the welfare of thee and thine, and to be found in the ex­erciſe of love to Ene­mies. Tho. Carleton.

This ſecond I ſent to him after I was Outlawed.

L. Weſt,

HEar and underſtand, let thy patience ſhew forth it ſelf a little to hear, read and receive home this herein inſerted directed to thee; how long will it be ere thou ceaſe to add oppreſſion to the oppreſſed? Where­fore haſt thou Outlawed me, when in Pri­ſon? Hadſt thou no way to accompliſh thy deſign, and obtain thy covetous deſire and end, but by Treachery and Deceit, and by ſtealing Law againſt the Innocent? Oh, how eager hath thy deſire been after the dwel­lings of the Righteous, and that without50 any juſt cauſe; for which thou haſt often refuſed to give a reaſon or ſhew the cauſe! Thou knoweſt on the day of my Commit­ment I asked thee what thou couldſt de­mand, before many Witneſſes; alſo I writ to thee for an account, and my Re­lations deſired an account of thee, but none yet wouldſt, (or rather couldſt) thou truly and juſtly give: Oh! be aſhamed, be aſhamed, and bluſh that ever thou ſhould profeſs a Prieſts Function, and deal ſo Trea­cherouſly as thou haſt done: was thy cauſe ſo evil, and thy plea ſo bad, that thou muſt ſteal Law to obtain thy greedy deſire? Is thy love (ſo much profeſſed) to my Fa­thers Children at an end? and is envy, wrath, and malice crept in inſtead thereof? Oh! the Heathen ſhall condemn thee for this; yea, the Earth ſhall open her mouth, and the very Beaſts of the Field, and Fouls of the Air ſhall abhor and be aſtoniſhed to hear and ſee thy proceedings herein: The Tribe of the Prieſthood will be aſhamed of thee, and all ſuch Sons of Levi; well did Jacob ſay, Inſtruments of Cruelty was in their hands; yea, I may ſay Cruelty in the higheſt degree, pride, tyranny and oppreſſion51 is their way and path; well ſpeak the Pro­phets, that which is now come to paſs, yea, ſeen and felt, Micha 3.5, 11. Ezek. 13.18, 19, 22. and chap. 22.25, 26, &c. Iſa. 56.11. Oh, the oppreſſion of the Prieſt­hood of England, the Earth can ſcarce bear them; and among them all canſt thou pro­duce a preſident for Covetouſneſs, Cruelty and Oppreſſion? ſurely thou knoweſt not what ſpirit thou art of; but thy fruits will diſcover thee by and by; if a Man ſhould tell of thy dealings to thy Function (how thou haſt beat me with the fiſt of Wickedneſs; perſecuted with all thy might; ſworn, or cauſed to ſwear, deceitfully; and how illegal­ly thou haſt done, and that for filthy lucre ſake, to obtain the gain of oppreſſion) would they tollerate thee, and not be aſhamed? Oh, bluſh to hear of thy corrupt Converſa­tion! thy own hand ſhall witneſs againſt thee, and thine own heart ſhall condemn thee for theſe things; thou haſt not only dealt Treacherouſly with me, but with the Kings Officers alſo, by cauſing them to re­turn, I could not be found, when thou hadſt me in Priſon, and they had me in Cuſtody; ſurely thy Maſter will deceive thee, and thy52 nakedneſs, treachery and deceit is, and will be laid open, and made more publick then thy Proclamation was, that I might either render my Body or be Outlawed, which thing was done in obſcurity and deceit; but I muſt be more publick and plain with thee, it may be to rip up thy skirts, that thy nakedneſs may appear, thy filth and putri­faction, though as a chief Prieſt, yet one of the Whores Children; for the light mani­feſts thee ſo to be, and all thy crooked deceit­ful ſerpentine paths; and by the Children of Light thou art ſeen, and ſhalt be made apparent to them that is yet under the yoke of oppreſſion; thy Name ſhall rot, and the memorial of thy Seed ſhall ſtink in thy Ge­nerations to come; a Teſtimony I have to bear againſt the workers of Iniquity, and for that end the Lord hath called me forth, and brought me not only to believe, but alſo to ſuffer for his Name, which Name I have as a Rock, a Shield, and Helmet of Salvati­on in this day of great Tryal; and in the Strength of the Lord am I reſolved to hold forth my Teſtimony, valuing all with it as droſs and dung, and doth believe, that through it I ſhall undergo all, and be able53 to make War in Righteouſneſs and by his Power ſhall tread upon the neck of the Scorpion and Adder, and on the crown of the head of thee, and all the Oppreſſors of the Lords Seed, who at this day is made ob­jects of your Cruelty; yea by the Power of the Living God we both do, and ſhall tread you as chaff in the Streets: So take heed how thou proceedeſt leaſt Gods witneſs in thy own heart break thy reſt; for the firſt Prieſt that impriſoned for Tythes in Cumberland, was made a ſpectacie of his wrath, and he is the ſame God to day, and can ſave; ſo take heed betime leaſt the judg­ments of God fall heavy upon thee, and labour not to incur the wrath and diſplea­ſure of the Almighty upon thy Soul; for thy deceit, violence, ſpoyling, and perſe­cuting is and will be a token of perdition, when my innocent ſuffering is and will be a token of Salvation, and that in Chriſt Jeſus. So be warned I adviſe thee once more, and repent and amend ſpeedily, leſt the plagues and arrows of the Almighty fall heavy upon thee; for this I am bold to tell thee in the Name of the Lord, that the Lords wrath is kindled againſt ſuch, which will not ceaſe54 nor quench till the workers of Iniquity be cut off, that have added affliction to the afflicted, and uſurpingly exerciſed lordſhip over the Heritage of God; for your treachery, deceit and folly hath and is appearing to all Men, and Gods controverſie againſt you is begun; for your end is deſtruction, whoſe God is your gain, and your belly, whoſe mind is on earthly things; yea, the Stone of your Wall, and the Beam of your Timber, the very materials of Babel's Building ſhall cry out againſt the Buil­ders, and the Stone you have rejected is be­come Head; (viz. Chriſt Jeſus the Light) and if thy patience can read it, and apply it, ſo do, if not, how willt thou bear and anſwer the Lord when theſe things fall upon thee.

From a Sufferer for Truth and Righteouſ­neſs.
Tho. Carleton.

Theſe Queries following I propounded to him, occaſioned by ſome Diſcourſe be­tween us, about their Sacrament and Con­formity, which he ſeemed to charge upon me as the ſole cauſe of my impriſonment;55 having the like confounded Architectors of Babel, either loſt the original cauſe, elſe find­ing the weakneſs and inconſideratneſs of it, was aſhamed, and ſo let it fall: For I ſaid to him that I never thought Nonconformity to their Church and Sacrament had been the cauſe, but rather Tythes, as my Mittimus ſig­nified; he anſwered, no, no, it was it, and nothing but it, (meaning Nonconformi­ty.)

L. Weſt,

PErceiving thou blameſt me for want of Conformity to the Church Ordinances and Sacraments, as if that were the ſole cauſe of my impriſonment, and thou pretending to be a Miniſter in the Church, and to the Church, give me a full and poſitive anſwer to theſe following Queries, according to Scripture, ſound Doctrine, and the ſpirit of Truth, that ſo my judgment may be rightly informed, and if I have been erroneous and ſchiſmatical, I am willing to reform when I am thereof convinced.

1. What is the qualification of a Miniſter of Chriſt; what is his Gifts and Endow­ments; and how, and from whom are they obtained?


2. How is a Miniſter of Chriſt to be cal­led & ſent, what is their Ordination; or whe­ther thy Call, Ordination or Miniſtry be from him; to whom waſt thou ſent, and to what end; or whether there be not ſome that run unſent, and never profit the People? accord­ing to Jer. 23.32.

3. What doſt thou Miniſter from in thy ſelf, or what doſt thou Miniſter to in the People, or wherein doth thy gift and miniſtration con•••t?

4. What is the Gifts and Parts of a Mini­ſter of Chriſt, what is the gifts and parts of a Miniſter of Antichriſt, or how do they differ one from another?

5. Whether is a Miniſter to be Servant to, and in the Church, or to exerciſe lordſhip over the Church and Heritage, &c. as the manner of the Gentiles is?

6. Whether is covetouſneſs, pride, wrath, malice, envy, ſwearing, lying, drunkenneſs, fornication, oppreſſion, robbery, theft, idle and corrupt communication, and ſuch like, of the Spirit of Chriſt or Antichriſt?

7. Whether they that do ſuch things do believe in God, and have Faith in Jeſus Chriſt, or can be either a Miniſter or Member in his57 Church and Body, having not obtained Re­miſſion, Redemption, and Salvation from thoſe things?

8. What is the Church of Chriſt, or how many Churches is there, whereof doth it conſit, whereon doth it ſtand, where, and by whom is the Foundation thereof laid, and how is it preſerved Holy and without Spot, or whether is it ſubject to corruption and change yea or nay?

9. What are the Ordinances of the Church, what are the Precepts, Rules and Canons therein to be obſerved; and to whom doth the Rule and Government there­of belong?

10. Whether doth theſe Ordinances of the Church belong unto all Men, or whether is all Men under the Rule and Government thereof, or what is the qualification of thoſe that have a right therein, and the priviledge of thoſe that are Governed thereby?

11. How many Ordinances are in the Church, when and by whom are they inſtitu­ted, to what end, and for what time?

12. What is Baptiſm, who is the Baptiſer, with what, and to what are Men Babtized?


13. How many Baptiſms are there, and how do they differ one from another?

14. How are they Baptized that are Bap­tized into the death of Chriſt, and are Buried with him in Baptiſm; or how is the Baptizing with Fire and the Holy Ghoſt?

15. Whether doth dipping and ſprinkling in water (England's preſent Church Form in Baptiſm) make one a Member of Chriſt, or whether is any unclean thing a Member of Chriſt, yea, or nay?

16. Whether they that were Baptized, (and ingrafted as a Member in the Church) if they perform what was therein promiſed, (viz) forſake the Devil and all his works, the pomps and vanities of this wicked World, and all the ſinful Luſts of the fleſh, and be­lieve all the Articles of the Chriſtian Faith and keep Gods holy Will and Command­ments, and walk in the ſame, whether they muſt not be excomunicated, and caſt out of your Church, and into Priſon, and ſuffer loſs both in body and eſtate, yea, or nay, accord­ing to John 16.2.

17. What was thoſe Ordinances and Traditions that Paul forbad the Colloſſians to touch, taſte, or handle, which (though59 commanded by Men) was to periſh with uſing, which Ordinances Chriſt blotted out, and nailed to his Croſs, as being againſt ſuch as he had quickned and raiſed by his Spirit.

18. What was thoſe Meats and Drinks, thoſe Holy-dayes, New-moons, and Sabboth­dayes, which was but ſhadows of good things to come: or is not the Churches yet under thoſe Ordinances, Traditions and Shadows, and knows not the Light of the glorious Goſ­pel revealed which Chriſt commanded to be­lieve in?

19. What was the Philoſophy, Traditions and Rudiments of the World which had like to have ſpoiled ſome, and which thoſe that were dead with Chriſt were not to be ſubject to; but if Pope and Turk ſhould have power to ſet up their Traditions & Rudiments, would you not be ſubject, and Preach them up for Doctrine?

20. What is the Sacrament of the Lords Supper which thou would have me receive; how is it diſtributed and received, or what is the qualifications of the worthy Receivers, and if I Eat and Drink the thing ſignified (viz.) the Body and Blood Spiritually, and ſo difiſt from the Sign, muſt I not be caſt60 out of your Church, and into Pri­ſon?

21. What is his Body of Chriſt, and what is the Blood, whether is his Body Spiri­tual or Carnal, or how is the Lords Body to be diſcerned?

22. Whether is the Body one, or how many Bodies hath He, or how do they Eat and Drink his Blood that Eternal Life abi­deth in?

23. How did they eat the ſame Spiritual Meat and Drink, the ſame Spiritual Drink, which were Baptized under Moſes; for they drank of that Rock which followed them, and that Rock was Chriſt?

24. What is the difference between the Cup of the Lord, and the Cup of Devils, and the Table of the Lord, and the Table of Devils?

25. Whether are they worthy Receivers purified from their Sins, and ſanctified through His Blood, ſeeing His Body was broken, and His Blood ſhed for the remiſſion of ſins?

26. Whether they that are yet in their Sins do not eat and drink their own condem­demnation, not diſcerning the Lords Body?


27. Who is the Head of your Church and Body, (or who is King, Prieſt and Pro­phet) whether Chriſt, King, Pope, or Bi­ſhop; or how many Heads is there?

Send thy Anſwer to me at my Priſon-houſe in Carlile.

T. C.

Another ſent after, about the 4th Month, 1667.

L. W.

I Having all along a deſire to be edified in the True Way and Worſhip of the Living God, and an inclination from my childhood, to follow after that which is good, righteous, and unreprovable in the ſight of the Lord, and to keep my Conſci­ence undefiled, and my judgment clear and uncorrupted, as the Lord God of Heaven knows, from whom nothing can be hid: and ſeeing the ground of the Controverſie be­tween thee and me is matters of Faith or Worſhip, and ſo matters of Conſcience to me, and ſuch as I cannot eaſily renounce, nor dare not turn from, unleſs my judgment were o­therwiſe62 perſwaded; I therefore ſent ſome Propoſitions to thee, to that effect, an anſwer whereof I expected from thee before this time which thing I thought but requiſite, and ve­ry conſiſtant with thy Office and Profeſſion, being that which the Miniſters of Chriſt was always ready to do, being willing to render a reaſon of their Faith and Hope to any that ſhould demand it; and alſo to exhort, inform, and inſtruct in the Doctrine and Principles of Truth, with all meekneſs, gentleneſs and long-ſuffering; which thing if thou refuſe to do, let me know upon what grounds, for I have not ſtraitned thee for time, but thou mighteſt have done it with deliberation; ſo I deſire a ſober anſwer of thee of all and every particular propounded, or elſe a reaſon why thou wilt not, and it may ſuffice for the preſent.

T. C.

Now having as briefly as poſſible given a True and Impartial Relation of all the dif­ferences, ſtates and proceedings on both ſides that is of moſt importance and concernment, and the ground and cauſe of all, as things hath paſſed and been carried on between us,63 plainly and honeſtly, ſo far as I know, and do remember; I ſhall leave all, both his and mine, cauſes and proceedings, with all that hath been done, to the witneſs of God in all Hearts and Conſciences, that gives a true ſenſe and underſtanding of the nature and property of every word and work; and ac­cordingly let the ſober, moderate and un­byaſſed Reader or Hearer judge of us, and between us, and eſpecially ſuch as have known us both after the fleſh, and the Lives and Converſations of us both among them (ziz. ) the Pariſhioners of Addingam, and others in the Towns and Pariſhes adjacent, amongſt whom we have lived, and with whom we have had to do, many of them be­ing privy to the moſt part of thoſe things, and ſo may the better bear witneſs to the Truth or Falſhood of them, being (as I have ſaid elſewhere) willing to recommend my ſelf to every Mans Conſcience in the ſight of God; and as I own and acknowledge the Light for my Leader, Guide and Salvation, ſo I am willing that all my deeds ſhould be brought to the Light, and that which I do or have done that is not juſtifiable in the Light let it be condemned by Light, and I aſhamed,64 and this is to do as I would be done unto; alſo theſe my Papers that I have ſent to him, they are now made publick, and ſo are no longer his and mine only, but other Mens to judge and conſider of.

In my firſt I deſire (as I would often have willingly embraced) that he, or any other of his Function and Profeſſion would give me or us a ſober moderate viſit or meeting, at their own time and place, allowing us per­ſon for perſon, that there we might diſpute the differences in Religion between them and us, in a ſober moderate ſpirit, which to us is of great price; and if in the Spirit of meek­neſs he or they could convince us, that we are ſchiſmatical and erroneous, &c. (as they have frequently affirmed, and preached be­hind our backs) whether in denying of Tythes, or in any other thing whatſoever; I can ſay it for my ſelf, and believe it for many others, that if in our Conſciences we were convinced thereof, we would reform our Judgments, and pay Tythes, and ſubmit in any other thing whatſoever, as really and conſcientiouſly as any People in the Nation, without either ſuing at Courts, ſpoyling of65 goods, excommunications, cominations, impriſonments, or the execution of any Law whatſoever; and if this be not very equal and reaſonable, let all ſober People judge, and whether it be not the part and place of Men profeſſing that Function, and to be Miniſters of Chriſt, and Overſeers in the Church, that Spiritual Men might War and overcome with Spiritual Weapons, and by the Armor of Light, and the Power and Demonſtration of the Spirit of Chriſt Je­ſus? that as the ſaid L. W. hath oft Preached, it may be known, to whom the Lord hath given the Urim and the Thum­mim; but theſe they uſe but in words on­ly, but inſtead of dealing ſo with us, they'l turn us over to a Conſiſtory, Spiritul or Eccleſiaſtical Court, (ſo called) which, as I may truly ſay is as Carnal and Earthly a corrupt Court at this day, as any in the World I know of, and to the Secular Powers, and Civil Magiſtrate, &c. and when we are brought before them, and anſwers to what is Charged againſt us, pleading mat­ters of Conſcience, the Doctrine of Chriſt or His Apoſtles, or the priviledge of the Church in a Goſpel Diſpenſation; then66 they cry hold your peace, we have no thing to do with that, Diſpute it with your Miniſters, you ſhall not Preach here, &c. And all we can get of their Miniſters is, Rogue and Raſcal, Erroneous and Schiſmatical Fellow, or Audacious Saucy youth, I'll hum­ble you, we'll take a Courſe with ſuch Re­fractary Fanatick as you are ere long, &c. So having the Sword by their thigh, and the Law by their ſide, thus are we preyed upon by every one of them; and if any one do plead himſelf free by their Law, then (as ſome of them hath ſaid) they know what to do, they have another bat to catch us with, which they know will hold, and that is, tender us an Oath, and be­cauſe we will not ſwear like themſelves, then either fine or impriſon, or baniſh, &c. and having got us into Priſons for Tythes, or ſuch things, there they let us lie as dead Men out of mind, never owning nor re­garding us in any thing from year to year, unleſs to envy and ſtraiten our Liberty, &c. by ſtirring up and provoking the Goalers againſt us, who being willing to do the Prieſts and Magiſtrates a favour, hath often ſhown their ſeverity to the hazard of the67 lives of the Innocent in their Cuſtody, (whom they have called ſometime their ſheep) and yet preyed upon us, not allow­ing us the Liberty they allowed to Fellons and Murderers, &c. yet ſtill the Lord was with us, and wonderfully preſerved us to his praiſe, when Men roſe up againſt us to have ſwallowed us up with open mouth, bleſſed be His Name for evermore.

And alſo whether it were not requiſite that he gave me a true and particular ac­count of every of his demands and claims whatſoever, or of any other difference (if any had been) betwixt us, before he had thus far proceeded to have damnified me, having done what in him lay, to deprive me of all, ſave only my life, which I have yet for a prey? And alſo whether it had not been his place and duty, pretending to be a Teacher and Inſtructer of othersa Mni­ſter and Paſtor, or Elder in the Church, be­ing reputed a Learned Orthodoxical Divine? (and ſometime profeſſing himſelf my ſpiritu­al Father) but ſuch meaſure aI have had from him are no ſpiritual inſtructions to me I ſay, if ſo, whether he ought not to have anſwered my Queries, and alſo my other Pa­pers68 ſent to him; (which he never would do to this day) thereby to have informed and cleared my judgment and underſtanding, being things appertaining to Faith and Reli­gion, and the Profeſſion and Worſhip of Chriſtianity, and ſo matters of Conſcience to me, let all ſober wiſe Men judge?

Alſo I ſhall appeal unto all ſober and con­ſcientious Men and Women, and refer my ſelf to the witneſs of God, and the illuminated underſtanding in all, whether ever any of the Holy Men of God did ſo with any perſon in the Church, or out of the Church, Believer or Infidel, as he hath done with me, yea, or nay; or whether ever you read of any of the Apoſtles or Miniſters of Chriſt in Ages paſt, that denied to give a Reaſon of their Faith and Hope in Chriſt Jeſus; and to Inſtruct, Exhort, Inform, Teach, Reprove, Rebuke, &c. as he hath done? or whether you read of any Miniſters of Chriſt that ſued at Law for the maintenance of their Bellies, ſpoyled and Perſecuted, Excomuni­cated out of their Church into Priſon, ſought Mens Liberty, Heritage & Eſtate, and yet can ſhew no fair nor juſt cauſe, as he hath done, yea, or nay? Whether ever any Mi­niſters69 of Chriſt did ſwear, lye, and beat with the fiſt of wickedneſs, as he hath done, yea, or nay? or whether ever any Miniſters of Chriſt, was ſo inclined to drunkenneſs, and to frequent Ale-houſes, that they needed to be reſtrained by a Fine, as his wife hath done with him, yea or nay? All which, (with ſeveral ſuch like deeds, which I ſhall now omit) I need not go far to prove, be­ing his own practice doth notoriouſly evi­dence, and teſtifie the ſame, ſufficiently known to many that knows both him and me and by what is before related.

Now conſidering the many Diſputes, Contentions, Strifes, ſuing at Law, ſpoiling of goods, caſting into Priſons, and the great unparalell'd ſufferings that have been occa­ſioned in this Nation in theſe late years about Tythes, and the great objections and excla­mations made againſt us for denying them, (about which I have a ſhare, being deeply concerned and involved therein) together, for the quietneſs and peace of my ſpirit, upon which this thing hath long reſted,xcites me to caſt in my mite, and lay down my reaſons and grounds whereupon I have denied them, and ſuffered for the non-payment thereof?70 tho weakeſt and unfiteſt of many thouſands for ſuch a work? yet, according to what I have received, and am perſwaded of, I ſhall lay down in truth and ſimplicity; and that chiefly for the ſatisfaction of ſuch as deſire to be ſatisfied, and for the ſtopping the many objections and maledictions of others made in ſecret behind my back by ſome of my Neighbours, eſpecially the people called In­dependants in that part, who moſt of any hath condemned me for ſuffering ſo much for ſuch ſmall trivial matters, as they ſay, being as it ſeems a ſmall ſcruple in their Con­ſciences, and ſuch a more as they can eaſily ſwallow now; though in the beginning riſe and growth of their Religion, their Judg­ment was wholly againſt Tythes in a Goſ­pel day; yea, ſome of them preaching in great zeal againſt them, Condemning the Inſti­tution of them, ſaying, They were clear contrary to the maintenance of a Goſpel Mini­ſtry? and yet when they ſaw that Tythes were like to be the only wages, mainte­nance and reward of their preaching; (be­ing generally eſtabliſhed by the Laws and Cannons of England for that end) rather then they would want that ſweet morſel,71 and goodly Garment, and the Fleſhly eaſe that came thereby, and ſuffer any thing for the denying of the ſame, they could ſoon (through their Chriſtian Prudence or Po­licy) cure that Malady; and for the bet­ter digeſtion of that Diet, make to them­ſelves a ſtomach Pill, or two, to Cure that Crudity; and ſo rather Suppreſs, Extirpat, Hide or let fall one of their Principles, then either want that delightſome livelyhood, or beloved Benefice, or yet either ſuffer any thing either in Liberty or Eſtate for the holding that Principle throughout.

So for the Conſiderations aforeſaid, I ſhall endeavour to anſwer the general Objections Principly made againſt me and my Brethren in this caſe, and what I hold and believe con­cerning them.

1ſt Objection, is, Abraham's Returning from Chedarlaomer from Reſcuing his Ne­phew Lot, Melchiſedeck met him, and bleſ­ſed him, and bleſſed the Lord in his behalf, and brought forth Bread and Wine and ſet before him, &c. and to him Abraham gave a Tenth of the ſpoyls, Gen. 14.18 Heb. 7.4.

Anſwer, To this I ſay, I never find it a preſident or rule for me; ſuppoſe he gave a72 Tenth, it was a voluntary gift, he was nei­ther commanded by God, nor compelled by Man, and if he had not given, I think he had not ſinned, and that which he did give was but a Tenth of the Spoils, taken at the Vi­ctory, and ſo no rule for me, being no Sol­dier at any ſuch Slaughter, and ſo not par­taker of any ſuch Spoils; ſo if it be bind­ing to any, (as I think to none) it is to Sol­diers, and not to Plowmen: and what if he in gratification of his Love) in meeting him, and ſetting Bread and Wine before him) had given him one half of the Spoils, this had been no binding Rule to Poſterity.

2d. Objection, is, Jacob's Vow when he went to Padan-aram: If God ſaid he, will be with me, and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me Bread to eat, and Rai­ment to put on, ſo that I come again to my Fa­thers Houſe in Peace; then ſhall the Lord be my God and this ſtone my Pillow, which I have ſet for a Pillar ſhall be Gods Houſe; and of all that thou giveſt me, I will ſurely give a Tenth unto thee, Gen. 28.20.

Anſwer, Here Jacob being gone from his Fathers Houſe; for, its ſaid, he lighted on a certain place (it ſeems between Beerſheba73 and Haran, I ſuppoſe it was either in the Fields, or Deſart) on the South ſide of Luz, Joſhua 18.13. however I ſuppoſe Jacob was in a deſolate diſconſolate condition, Gen. 35.3. for, it is ſaid, he took of the ſtones of the place, and laid them for his Pillow, and lay down to ſleep, Gen. 28.11. Now the Lord appeared to him, (in a Viſion) as He hath oft done to his Servants in ſuch diſconſolate con­ditions which makes His appearance more Glorious ſaying, I am the Lord God of Abraham, and of Iſaac thy Father, the Land whereon thou lieſt, to thee will I give it, and to thy ſeed after thee; and thy ſeed ſhall be as the duſt of the Earth, and ſhall ſpread to the Eaſt, Weſt, North and South; and in thy ſeed ſhall all the Families of the Earth he bleſſed: And behold, I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places, and will bring thee again into this Land, I will not leave thee untill I have done as I have ſpoken. And he awaked, and ſaid, ſurely the Lord is in this place, and I knew it not; and he was afraid, ſaying, how dreadfull is this place, it is none other but the Houſe of God, this is the Gate of Heaven, &c. [mark] the Lords appearance in an hour of great diſtreſs is very comfortable, and alſo fearfull; this74 is true fear indeed, here is fear mixed with love; here Jacob lays hold forth with upon the Love and Promiſe of the Lord, and ſaid, If the Lord will do ſo, &c. then ſhall He be my God, and this ſtone my pillow, which I have ſet up for a pillar, ſhall be Gods Houſe, and of all that he giveth me, I will ſurely give a Tenth unto him. [mark] I ſay, Jacob being poſ­ſeſſed with fear, and overcome with love, he vows and promiſes unto the Lord again; this was a voluntary act in Jacob, he obliged himſelf to the Lord after the Lord had pro­miſed to bleſs him, and he performed his promiſe; for after twenty years he purged his Houſe of Idols, and built an Altar unto the Lord at Bethel, Gen. 35.6. which he called Elbeth-el, (viz.) The God of Bethel: But who did he give his Tenth unto, or when did he give it, that is yet diſputable? but ſuppoſe it had been to the Prieſthood, (which ſome hold was annexed to the firſt-born of Families) what, will that argue for me to do ſo? Jacob vowed but for himſelf, not for his poſterity after him, and it was voluntary, (being filled with the Lords appearance in a day of diſtreſs) Gen. 35.3. and not com­manded by God, neither compelled by Man,75 and ſo not binding to any ſave Jacob alone; only this may be obſerved, if any one have vowed as Jacob did, let ſuch perform alſo: alſo, it was but once in Abraham, and once in Jacob, and that in caſes extraordinary; and who, or what is he that can plead for annual payment of Tythes of every of a Mans encreaſe from theſe two places; what, ſuppoſe I being in diſtreſs (as I have often been, and few of Gods Servants are exemp­ted) ſhould vow a vow unto the Lord, that if he will preſerve me this one time, or deli­ver me from this great danger, &c. then will I give him one half of all that I enjoy, or have received of him; would this my vow (being performed) be binding to my Chil­dren, and their Children after them from Ge­neration to Generation for ever.

Object, 3. Now in Exodus 23.19. it is ſaid, The firſt of the Firſt-fruits of the Land thou ſhalt bring into the Houſe of the Lord thy God. This is the firſt expreſs command, but here is no certain dividual part expreſſed, only the firſt of the Firſt-fruits, Exod. 34.26.

Again, Levit. 23.10. Moſes inſtituting the Feaſt of Firſt fruits; When ye come76 (ſaith he) into the Land which I will give you, ye ſhall bring a ſheaf of the Firſt-fruits of your Harveſt unto the Prieſt, and he ſhall ſhake it before the Lord, verſe 14. This ſhall be a Law for ever in your Generations.

Again, that which is more expreſs is Levit. 27.30.32, 33. All the Tythe of the Land, both of the ſeed of the Ground, and of the Trees is the Lords; and every tythe of Bul­lock and Sheep, and all that goeth under the rod, the Tenth ſhall be holy unto the Lord; this is a more poſitive command then any before.

Again, Numb. 15.20. it is ſaid, Ye ſhall offer a Cake of the firſt of your Dough for an Heave-offering; as the Heave-offering of the Barn ye ſhall lift it up, and give it to the Lord in your Generations.

Again, Moſes being the Son of a Levite, Exod. 2.1, 2. Aaron was his Brother, Chap. 4.14. the Lord bid Moſes ſeparate Aaron and his Sons for the Prieſts Office, Exod. 28.1. and appoints him to make them holy Garments, The Ephod and the curious Girdle, &c. and Aaron was to wear the Breaſt-plate of Judgment upon his Heart, and upon it the names of the Children of Iſrael; and in77 the Breſt-plate of Judgment, Moſes was to put the Urim and the Thummim, which he was to bear upon his Heart when he went in before the Lord, &c. Exod. 28. through­out.

So the Prieſthood being ſetled to Aaron and his