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A Declaration of His HIGHNESS, for a Collection towards the relief of divers Proteſtant Churches driven out of Poland; And of Twenty Proteſtant Families driven out of the Confines of Bohemia.

HIs Highneſs the Lord Pro­tector, having received a Pe­tition from ſeveral Churches of Chriſt, profeſſing the Re­formed Religion, lately ſea­ted at Leſna, and other pla­ces in Poland, repreſenting their ſad and deplorable condition, through the perſecution and cruelty of their Antichriſtian Enemies in thoſe parts, in the time of the War in Poland, by whom they have not one­ly been driven from their habitation, and ſpoi­led of their goods upon the account of Reli­gion onely, but forced to flie into Sileſia for pre­ſervation of their lives, and for the Liberty of their Conſciences, where a conſiderable2 number of them continue in great want and miſery. The truth whereof hath been wit­neſſed, aſwel by Deputies ſent unto His High­neſs from the ſaid Churches, authorized by an Inſtrument under the hands of the Pa­ſtors of five of thoſe Churches, as alſo by the Teſtimony of ſeveral Proteſtant Princes, who out of a deep ſence of the Calamity of thoſe diſtreſſed Exiles, have afforded them ſhelter until it ſhall pleaſe the Lord otherwiſe to pro­vide for them. And His Highneſs having in like manner received a Petition from Twen­ty Proteſtant Families heretofore ſeated in the Confines of Bohemia, where Miſnia belongs unto it, repreſenting their diſtreſſed and la­mentable condition, through the perſecution of the Ieſuites and Inquiſitors of the Houſe of Auſtria, by whom they have been driven out of their habitations, and ſpoiled of their goods, upon the ſole accompt of Religion, who now for the ſafety of their lives, and for the liberties of their Conſciences, are re­tired into the Marquiſate of Culembach, where they finde a preſent ſhelter in this their very ſad and calamitous condition, which hath been witneſſed both by their Deputies ſent unto His Highneſs, authorized by an Inſtru­ment under the hands of the chief of thoſe Families, as alſo by a publique Certificate from thence. And it being the earneſt deſire of the ſaid afflicted Churches and Families, aſ­wel by their ſeveral Petitions, as by their Deputies, that His Highneſs out of compaſ­ſion to their ſufferings, would be pleaſed to recommend their lamentable condition to their Brethren in theſe Nations, in whom they hope to finde Bowels of Mercy, yearn­ing3 towards thoſe, who profeſſing the ſame Faith with them, are now under ſo great ex­tremities and miſery for the Cauſe of the Go­ſpel, and teſtimony of the Lord Jeſus.

His Highneſs being greatly afflicted with the miſerable and calamitous condition of the ſaid Churches, and Families, and not doubting but the people of theſe Nations, whom the Lord hath graciouſly and wonder­fully preſerved from that Antichriſtian Bon­dage and Tyranny, will have a fellow-feel­ing of the afflictions of their Brethren, hath with the Advice of His Privy-Council, thought fit to recommend their caſe to the Charity of thoſe whoſe hearts the Lord ſhall ſtir up in theſe Nations, to afford them ſome ſeaſonable relief, whoſe liberality in this kind hath been teſtified in their large Contributi­ons to the relief of the poor Proteſtants in the Valleys of Piedmont, to the refreſhing of their Bowels (touching the faithful diſtribution whereof an account is ordered by His High­neſs to be printed for general ſatisfaction.) And to the end the ſaid Collections may be carefully made, and the moneys thereupon collected be diſpoſed of, to the relief of the ſaid poor Churches, and their Members, and the Families aforeſaid, and to no other uſes, His Highneſs doth hereby require and com­mand the Miniſters and Churchwardens of the reſpective Pariſhes within England and Wales and Town of Berwick upon Tweed, the next Lords Day after this Declaration ſhall come unto their hands, to publiſh the ſame, and on the Lords day following to make a Collection of the charitable Contribution of the People in their Pariſhes, and that within4 three dayes after, they pay over the ſum or ſums ſo Collected unto the high Sherif of the reſpective Counties, to be by him paid into the hands of Sir Thomas Viner, and Sir Chriſtopher Pack Knights, Aldermen of the City of London, who are appointed Trea­ſurers for this ſervice, and who ſhall tranſ­mit the moneys ſo to be by them received for the relief of the ſaid poor diſtreſſed Churches, and their Members, and the aforeſaid Twen­ty families, in ſuch manner and proportions as the Committee formerly appointed for the diſpoſing of the moneys for the relief of the ſaid poor Proteſtants in Piedmont, ſhall, with reſpect to their ſeveral numbers and ſuffer­ings, think fit, and direct, and to the end none of the moneys collected for ſo pious and cha­ritable an end may miſcarry, The Miniſter and Churchwardens aforeſaid, are enjoyned upon payment of the ſaid money to the reſpe­ctive Sheriffs as aforeſaid, to ſend up unto the ſaid Sir Thomas Viner a note in writing under their hands, of the ſum ſo Collected, the Pariſh and County where ſuch Collection was made, and the perſon to whom the ſame was paid, to the end care may be taken, and the ſame may be duly returned and imployed to the uſe intended.

London, Printed by Henry Hills, and John Field, Printers to His Highneſs. 1658.

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TextA declaration of His Highness, for a collection towards the relief of divers Protestant churches driven out of Poland; and of twenty Protestant families driven out of the confines of Bohemia.
AuthorEngland and Wales. Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell).
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Bibliographic informationA declaration of His Highness, for a collection towards the relief of divers Protestant churches driven out of Poland; and of twenty Protestant families driven out of the confines of Bohemia. England and Wales. Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell). 4 p. Printed by Henry Hills, and John Field, Printers to His Highness,[London :1658]. (Caption title.) (Imprint from colophon.) (Woodcut above caption; initial letter.) (Annotation on Thomason copy: "May 2. 1658".) (Reproductions of the original in the British Library.)
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