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A DECLARATION of Great LƲCIFER, Prince of the Ayre, and of Divells, and of all the damned crew in Hell. In Anſwer to a Petition preſented to them by a Parliament Man, Dated in Auguſt 1648.

Printed in Hell neere Weſtminſter. 1648.


A Declaration of great Lucifer, &c.

TRue, truſty, and well-beloved ſervants of great Lucifer throughout the whole world, eſpecially you of the Kingdome of England, our ſpeciall benediction; where­as wee have received a petition which was lately preſented to us by the hands of ſome of our obedient ſervants, contain­ning ſundry Acts, Paſſages, Orders and Ordinances, by you commanded, and by the people in generall performed to the great advance of our Kingdome, in which you deſire our approbation by way of petition, which wee have looked upon as acts of great concernment; for whereas you ſay you have ſhooke off all Loyalty and honeſty, and have rai­ſed an Army and fought againſt your King, and tooke him priſoner, where he at this day remaines under your cuſtody to your great applauſe, and have managed a war for the ſpace of ſeaven yeares or well nigh; and hunted your Queen out of the Land, and driven your Prince away, tooke your Kings revenew from him, and left him nothing but what you judge meet for ſuch a one, and maintained your ſelves like Princes with congratulatory gifts, and alſo as you ſay, you have ſold many or all the Biſhops Lands, where­with you have encreaſed your owne eſtates and Lands, and murdered the good people of the Land, and voted thoſe to be Traytours that have riſen in armes againſt you, and ſet up an Exiciſe Office, where you receive and gather in the fat of the Land, and the fruits of the Kingdome: And alſo have (to keep the people in ſubjection) ſettled a Committee at Goldſmiths Hall, at Darby houſe, and ſuch like places, that whoſoever misbehaveth himſelfe, breakes your Orders, or will not pay thoſe aſſeſſements that you in your wiſdome4 thinke meet to be paid for your uſe, and have iſſued many warrants to bring refractory perſons, and have procured Knights of the Poſt to ſweare point blancke againſt ſuch, and have commanded to plunder, to kill and ſlay your oppo­ſers, and have maintained Sectaries, Diviſions, Hereſies, A­nabaptiſts, Independency, Presbyters, Sects, Schiſmes, ſa­criledge, blaſphemy, and what not, to the advance of our Kingdome, and have countenanced treaſon, and rebellion, applauded Rebels, rewarded murthers, fomented untruths, falcified Oathes broken Covenants, robbed the people, and uſed that moſt excellent art of equivocating; for theſe Acts, and deeds, and ſuch like, which we have not time at preſent to recapitulate; we accept, affect, applaud, and approve; and put the caſe you faile in any thing that you cannot procure, nor compaſſe by wit or art to obtaine, be it on the Seas, or on the Land, or under the earth; yea be it in the ayre, wee with our politick, wiſe, crafty complices, will accompliſh your deſire, though the whole world were engaged againſt you; for what have we not power to command the whole earth? yea we have, and it will obey, for in the twinckling of an eye we have our deſire, and our ſervants ſhall be yours to command, be the act never ſo unjuſt, for with their helpe you ſhall ſubdue, only thus much you muſt acknowledge this to be of our great power, and impute nothing of it to your ſelves; in this throne we are greateſt, and as you have done moſt worthily hitherto, and as it becomes our obedient ſer­vants; ſo we exhort you, and command you in our name to perſiſt in theſe wayes, for we are the great paymaſter in the world, and if wee ſet you on worke be ſure we will pay you your wages.

Wherefore we ſay againe, that we do approve of all and every act by you done, or ſhall doe in this kind, for its done to the advancement of our Kingdome, and we are joyfull to heare that we have ſuch faithfull and diligent ſervants, that are ſo willing to performe our will, and as you have beene thus carefull and forward to execute our Lawes, and main­taine ſuch acts; we doe here adde and ordaine other Laws5 to be executed and put in practice by you, as you will anſwer the contrary at you perill.

A Declaration with Orders of Lucifer, Prince of Divels, and of all the infernall Princes, and damned crew in Hell.

For as much as our Kingdome extends it ſelfe to the ut­termoſt parts of the earth; and we are the greateſt Conque­rors that ever the world bred; for no Emperour, King, or Potentate, be he or they never ſo mighty, is able to with­ſtand our ſtrength, or any of our ſervants or agents whom we imploy in our cauſe.

Wherefore we great Lucifer, Prince of Devils, with the approbation of our infernall privy Counſell, doe order and declare (for theres no cauſe but we may declare as well as others, having the moſt pollitick and ſubteleſt under the earth to be our Counſellours) and by whom other Counſels are ingaged for advice, as followeth:

That I great Lucifer, Prince of the aire, am the Father of all lyes, murthers, adulteries, blaſphemies, inceſt, ſacri­ledge, rapines, coveteouſneſſe, drunkeneſſe, ſwearing, whoredomes, contempts, backbiting, ſlanders, diſſembling, and all manner of wickedneſſe whatſoever can be named: and I with the reſt of my diveliſh Counſellours, will main­taine, defend, preſerve, and put in practice, ſet forward, and helpe theſe and the like deſignes upon any perſon or per­ſons, he or ſhe, of what degree or calling ſo ever they be, whether Kings, Princes, Lords, Earles, or Potentates, rich or poore, yong or old, I, I ſay will tempt, intice, provoke, and perſwade withall manner of ſlights, baits and ſuggeſti­ons; that men and women commit theſe, and ſuch like, by all the meanes and wayes that can be uſed, whether in ſecret or publick, openly or privately, by night or by day, ſleeping or waking, without giving reſt to any, no not for a minute; yea their beſt actions ſhall be worſt performed, and to make this more evident to the whole world, I with advice of6 my helliſh infernall Counſell of the upper Region, and the lower Hell, doe order.

Imprimis, Tis ordered and judged meet by us Imps of Hell, that all creatures ſhall and may have as many Idols as they pleaſe, whether Parliament Idols, Goldſmiths Hall Idols, or Exciſe Idols, and ſhall and may make as many kinde of I­dols, of gold or ſilver, wood or ſtone, Parliament man or Committee man, to hug them, and ſhall and may ſet them up in any place whereſoever in earth or hell, ſea or land, Tem­ple or market place, Weſtminſter or London, or in their owne hearts, and ſhall bow, and cringe to them as oft as they pleaſe.

Item, its agreed by the infernall Councell of Hell that all daies ſhall be alike to do any kinde of ſervice, except Fa­ſting daies; and tis ordered that they keep one day in a Moone-ſhine, and to offer up their little Idol mony as a ſa­crifice to us: And before ſuch Moone-ſhine day, the foure Windes ſhall blow foure ſeverall wayes to give notice, and to put them in minde to prepare themſelves for that day of Moone-ſhine, to meet at the unholy Court called the ſacri­ficing Mount: in Engliſh, the Committees of Gold-ſmiths Hall.

Item, wee act if any man come into the world without Father or Mother, or our help to beget them, or if any Ma­lignant beget another, they ſhall curſe their begetters, and their genitors (Parliament and godleſſe men excepted) and tolleration ſhall be given to all Rebels to curſe, Autho­rities to raile at government, and Governours, to diſpiſe dignities, to live without order, to make one another o­dious, to practiſe treaſons and rebellions, and to make eve­ry thing mine and thine, and the longeſt liver take all, what the Divell leaves.

Item, wee hold it Lawfull, and it is a commendable deed of darkneſſe, to imbrew one anothers hands in the bloud of others, and to hang up all Royaliſts, eſpecially thoſe that will not ſubmit to our Lawes, and whether this act bee done inwardly by potions, or outwardly by weapons,7 we value it not, provided it be done to the life, yea of Kings.

Item, it is acted that it ſhall be Lawfull for any one to co­ver, or any to proſtitute themſelves to any one, whether his or hers be ſleeping or waking: provided it be done that none ſees it; and further by the ſaid power it is held Law­full, that if any attempt this act, to any kinde of cattle, beaſt, ſwine, or Dogs, it ſhall be tollerable, yea and to foule Martin.

Item, we judge it Lawfull to rob, carry away, or to take any thing that is anothers in ſpite of their noſes, whether we want it or not, and who ſo ſhall withſtand us ſhall be torne in pieces with Divels: the Divell take them.

Item, it is Lawfull to back-bite, ſlander, revile, and betray any one, be they friend or foe. Noble or ignoble, alwaies provided that before ſuch an act they have recourſe to our high Court, or to ſome of our Committees, and from them procure a commiſſion for the ſame.

Item, it is ordered, and held Lawfull to deſire anothers eſtate, Land, money, riches, wealth, wives, or children, or whatſoever is anothers, be it never ſo good, or never ſo faire, or never ſo much, ſo it be to ſatisfie our luſts, and to take any thing from any mans dwelling, bed, or board: provided it be done in a coveteous way, and he eſteemed a malignant or popiſh delinquent.

Laſtly, it is agreed and concluded upon that we will that all men be as we are, Lyars, murtherers, blaſphemers, ſwea­rers, diſſemblers, hypocrites, drunkards, idolaters, revellers, covenant breakers, haters of honeſt men, becauſe we ſhall never come or have to do where honeſt men are, but ſhall alwaies remaine bathing our ſelves in the lake of hell where we would that all falſe aſſemblers ſhould be pertakers with us, to the advancement of our Kingdome without any diſ­ſolution or rejouring.

Unto which Articles, and orders we Lucifer with our Princes, Lords, Earles, and Preſidents of our Kingdome whoſe names are heere under written, have ſealed, ſigned,8 and aſſented unto, and ſet their helliſh clawes.
  • Lucifer.
  • Belzebub a King.
  • Aſtoroth a Duke.
  • Berith a Duke.
  • Bilith a Preſident.
  • Demas a Marqueſſe.
  • Baal Peor a Lord.
  • Satan a Captaine.
  • Belimoth a Duke.
  • Diabolus a Lord.
  • Demonon a King.

If any be pleaſed to liſt themſelves under any of our Offi­cers whom we ſhall appoint, and ſet over to fight our Bat­tles, let them repaire to our Court of Limbo, or Purgato­ry, neere Weſtminſter, where they may liſt ſoule or body, go as faſt on foot or horſeback as any of the Members.


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TextA declaration of great Lucifer, prince of the ayre, and of divells, and of all the damned crew in hell. In answer to a petition presented to them by a Parliament man. Dated in August 1648.
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Bibliographic informationA declaration of great Lucifer, prince of the ayre, and of divells, and of all the damned crew in hell. In answer to a petition presented to them by a Parliament man. Dated in August 1648. 8 p. Printed in Hell neere Westminster,[London] :1648.. (Annotation on Thomason copy: "Aug ye:26:".) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.) (Place of publication from Wing.)
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