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THE BRAZEN SERPENT lifted up on high, OR Truth cleared and above the deceit exalted, and as Moſes lifted up the ſerpent in the wilderneſſe: even ſo muſt the ſon of man be lifted up, that whoſoever believeth in him, ſhould not periſh but have eternall life. Joh. 3.14.15. Here is alſo Laid down in this treatiſe ſomething, concerning election and and predestination, which is ſo much ſpoken of, and how they may know their election, ſomething concerning Chriſt being the way to the Father; and how, and concerning Chriſt, the Mediatour of the new Covenants, and the end of the old, and how tythes are ended. Alſo, Concerning Juſtification, Sanctification, and Redemption, and the condition of unregeneration and regeneration, the myſtery of the Croſſe, and how God will plead with all fleſh, the reſurrection of the juſt and unjuſt; with many pretious things for the good of the thirſting ſoul, as the underſtanding is open in the reading, for to read and not to underſtand is as if they did not read at all. Laſtly, Here is part of a diſpute, held between two chief Prieſts, and two men that came and met with them, and the people at Chadwitch in Worceſterſhire; the ground and man­ner of their meeting and moſt part of the diſpute, with ſome demonſtrations to clear the truth from accuſations, held forth by thoſe men that the world ſcornfully calleth Quakers.

Written in Worceſterſhire, the beginning of the firſt moneth called March. 1655.

LONDON. Printed for Giles Calvert at the Black ſpread-Eagle at the Weſt end of Pauls. 1655.



In this little enſuing treatiſe, there is ſome pretious truths laid down, and as thy underſtanding is kept open, in the reading thou〈◊〉ee the ſom, having thy eye ſingle, here is ſomthing concerning Electi­on, Redemption, Juſtification, and Sanctification, the change alſo and end of the firſt Covenant and Prieſthood, ſo an end of tythes and how, as thou mayſt ſee in the reading of this over, and the truth cleared from among ſlanderers, and exalted above over the deceits, ſomthing of Chriſt being the way to the Father and how, alſo the reſurrection of the juſt and unjuſt, beſides many other things which I ſhall not now name in particular, but I have written them for the clearing of the truth to the honeſt hearted, as in the reading thou mayſt further ſee, & alſo a meeting of the men called Quakers ſcorn­fully by the word, two of them, and ſome Prieſts at Chadwitch in Worceſterſhire, and the manner of their meeting, and part of a diſpute, & alſo how they ended, with ſome clear demonſtrations to clear the truth from accuſations that may falſly be occaſioned againſt it by ſome, either in Bromſgrove or elſewhere, that are oppoſite againſt the truth, as ſuch were, but I ſhall let that ceaſe, ſeeing I writ to William Cook, & William Filt, and Humphrey Potter, and the oppoſers, as the writings to them will ſuch things further clear, and the Queries that was ſent to me I anſwered, but the Queries ſent to William Cook, William Filt, oppoſers of the are yet by them unanſwered, ſeverall Queries alſo to Prieſt Truſterom, and ſome that was ſent to the Prieſt Oaſland, and ſeverall other Prieſts and op­poſers, which upon them doth remain, and the blazing ſtar, if Rob•••Gardler have a hand in it, in this treatiſe thou••yſt alſo take notice of what he is, even an accuſer of the brethren, and ſo re­mains, but I leave thee to the reading of this, and let truth clear it ſelf, who am a ſervant of Ieſus that ſuffers for the teſtimony of a good conſci­ence, and rejoyceth with my fellow ſufferers, for the teſtimony of Ieſus, whom the world ſcornful­ly calleth Quakers.

R. F.

The Brazen ſerpent lifted up on high.

THe truth cleared and (above the deceit) ex­alted, that as Moſes lifted up the brazen ſer­pent in the wilderneſſe, for ſuch as were bit and ſtung with the fiery ſerpents, to look upon it and live. Numb. 21.6, 7, 8, 9 ver­ſo ſhall the ſon of man be exalted, that whoſoever believeth in him, ſhould not periſh but have everlaſting life: as it is written and witneſſed in Joh. 3.14, 15. and here (to be ſhort) the truth of the goſpel is, cleared to the ſingle eye, and lifted up above, or exalted o­ver the deceits that ſome is ready to caſt upon it, which is the wicked ſerpents work to lye, accuſe falſely, ſlander, (reproach the truth alſo) and bite behind, ſeeking thereby to, ſtumble ſome that are poſſeſt with ſlaviſh fears, and doubts, and to wound the conſciences of ſome that are weak, and ſo ſting them with the ſting in their tailes, by venting their venome and envy againſt the truth, ſhouting forth their ſting, and biting at the heel behind, with lies, falſe reports, ſlanders, reproaches, and falſe accuſations, but for a remedy to ſuch as are ſo bitten and ſtung with ſuch wicked ſpirits or fiery ſerpents in their bewildered condition, and to ſtay the minds of poor weak creatures out of ſuch ſalſe accuſations (as proceeds from the ſerpents generation) and alſo to ſtay the minds of the honeſt hearted, the truth is here in brief clea­red, concerning the great battle, fought (with the ſword of the mouth only) at Underwood hill, belonging to Chad­witch in Worceſterſhire, the 21 day of the 12 month 1654. Between two chief Prieſts (and their party) to wit; Prieſt Oaſland, Paſtor ſo called, to an independent company at a place called Bewdley, and one Andrew Truſterom Prieſt at Clent, the battle with the ſword or the mouth or diſpute the day aforeſaid, was between them and the two men, that the world ſcornfully calleth Quakers. (R. F, and F. G.)2 this battle was hot and ſharp againſt the deceipt, and the man of ſin; from midday, till towards night (or till towards the going down of the evening ſun) yet the ſon of righteouſ­neſſe were above and went not down but were exalted in (ſome) the hearts of ſaints, that day; praiſed be the Lord, and truth prevailed, againſt the deceipt at that battle, fought with the ſword of the ſpirit which is the word of God, Eph. 6. 12. to the 18. that is ſharp for the cutting down of errour and deceipt praiſed be the Lord, Heb. 4.12. and thoſe that are offended at reports concercing that great publick meeting that were the fourth day of the week being the 21. day of the 12. month in Worceſterſhre; at underwood hill belonging to Chadwitch as aforeſaid, let them return to view this little trea­tiſe, and weigh the truths of things in the ballance of equity, ſo will they be ſatisfied, concerning the ſame, that are honeſt minded, ſeeing the truth of things clearly demonſtrated, to take away lies ſlanders evill reports and falſe accuſations that ſome are ready to caſt out againſt the truth; for the clearing thereof I ſhall firſt lay down a few particulars of the truths given forth from one of the men ſcornfully called Quakers.

And ſecondly, I ſhall lay down the ground and manner of that meeting, the prieſts and people there aſſembled that day and the too men called Quakers as aforeſaid; And third­ly, the diſpute held between the prieſts and the men they called Quakers, in the latter part of the day; and fourthly, I ſhall clear the accuſations, to the honeſted hearted, that truth may ſtand pure in its place, as it is, and that it may ſtand a witneſſe alſo, againſt lying ſpirits, and againſt errour, delu­ſion and deceipt.

For the ſpirit of truth being come, teacheth (us) all things, and guideth (all ſuch as obey it) into all truth, according to goſpell diſcipline and promiſe, and bringeth all the things of Chriſt to our remembrance, according to the working of his divine power, and the good pleaſure of his will, praiſed be the Lord for the riches of his love John 14.26. John 16.13.

Firſt: Some particulars laid down, or declared, hear by one of the men, which the world ſcornfully calleth Quakers; which are as followeth hear ſet down for the honeſt mind,3 to conſider of, & weigh in the ballance of equity, & ſo to enter into the allowance, through the good conſent into the ſince­rity, that it may be ſtayed in the integrity out of the evill ſur­miſings grudgings and falſe reports and look at the truth above them, to walk in it, and be freed from them, &c.

Concerning Election; and Predeſtination.

Touching election; God ſees not, as man ungenerated ſees, for men in that ſtate and condition ſees naturally, and ſo diſcerns nor the things of the ſpirit of God, becauſe they are ſpiritually diſcerned, 1. Cor. 2.14. but God ſees ſpiritually; & with that ſpiritual eye, ſees althings, as they are, whence they are & how they are, and thoſe that he did & doth predeſti­nate, he fore-knew and ſaw into the miſtery, which was, and is in ſuch revealed, and revealing in which miſtery (in the creature) he did, (and doth) in that miſtery with his all ſeeing eye, ſee ſomething good, which afterwards in his due time were through Chriſt in them, and is in ſuch revealed, (and re­vealing) according to the working of his divine power, and had not God foreſeen that, how would it, as it was, (and is in ſuch) have been manifeſted, and revealed, according to the working of his power, that through their love and obedience to the truth, according to choice in the royall acception, through their obedience to the truth upon manifeſtation through the ſpirit, & continuance therein, after that they were ſealed, their ſouls was alſo purified, and that which ſo ſealed and purified their ſouls, was revealed and known working within, in the miſtery, and the pure love enjoyed through the unſealing or opening of the ſame within them, who were born again, and the ſeed of God was within them, and in that ſeed, were their ſouls, through the obedience to the light and truth, purified, and elected ſtabliſhed and confirmed and they therein and by the working of the divine power joyned to the Lord, and ſo both Jew & Greek, Barbarian, Scythian bond and free, male and female, come into the unity, of all ſots that obeyed the truth and walked in the way Chriſt Je­ſus, the light of the world, they came thereby, to the father and ſo knew the ground where election ſtood, according to predeſtination and foreſight of God, which were manifeſted4 according to the working of his divine power, and after the good pleaſure of his will, and that in the diſpenſation of the fulneſſe of times he might gather them into Chriſt, through their obedience to the light in the eternall truth, in whom al­ſo we have obtained an inheritances being predeſtinated ac­cording to the purpoſe of him, who worketh into unity and the election, joining the ſoul to the ſeed, after the counſell of his own will, that we (as they was) ſhould be to the praiſe of his glory, who firſt truſted in Chriſt, the foundation of choice and election, in the ordination, in whom we alſo truſted after that we heard the word of truth. Rom. 10.6, 7, 8. Eph. 1.9, 10, 11, 12. the goſpel of our ſalvation. Rom. 1.16, 17. in whom after that we believed, we were ſealed with that holy ſpirit of promiſe, Eph. 1.13. which God foreſaw within in the myſtery, and to be good which were in them revealed, and is in ſuch revealed, who obey the light and walk in it. Col. 1.27, 28. 2 Cor. 4.5, 6, 7. and through the obedience to the ſame light and truth, what ſuch enjoyed in and through the ſame way, light and obedi­ence to the truth, others may, and to have their ſouls purifi­ed, as ſuch had and have, who are begotten and born again, as they was. 1 Pet. 1.22, 23. and ſaith Chriſt, other ſheep I have which are not of this fould, them alſo I muſt bring in. Joh. 10.14, 15, 16. Rev. 22.17. 2 Heb. 9.10. Chriſt in dying for us is our example in ſufferings and way to the Father.

For Chriſt in dying for ſinners and ungodly died for all; for was not all ſinners and ungodly guilty of Chriſts death, but it is by his Bloud that we are juſtified and by his Life that we are ſaved, in following his councell, the light manifeſted within; and obeying him the true light that lighteth every man that comes into the world, Joh. 1.9. and ſuch as obey and follow him are led out of darkneſſe by him through their obedience and ſo into the light of life, Joh. 6.12. it is by Chriſts life that we are ſaved, in following his councell and obeying him, through the croſſe with ſlayes the enmity, as he became obedient to the death of the croſſe who is our leader, and example, & is the Author of eternall Salvation to all that obey him, but none elſe, and he that will follow Chriſt, muſt denie himſelf and take up his croſſe dayly as he is required5 and through his obedience to the croſſe which ſlayes the en­mitie, he comes to know life and peace to his ſoul in the e­ternall unity; Rom. 5.8.9. Luke 9.23. &c. Mat. 10.38. &c. 1 Pet. 4. 1 Cor. 1.17.18. Epheſ. Heb. 5.8.9.

Juſtification by Chriſt alone, who died for our ſins and roſe again for our juſtification we are juſtified by faith in his bloud, or life through the obedience to the croſſe, whereby the enmity is ſlain and the election witneſſed in the reconci­liation through the croſſe; which miniſtry in the croſſe is the power of God to ſuch as are ſaved, and witneſſeth juſtifica­tion by faith in the bloud or life of Jeſus, as ſuch did Rom. 5.1. 1 Cor. 1.18. Rom. 5.8, 9. 1 Joh. 5.4. &c. and we bear about in our body the dying of the Lord Jeſus, as ſuch did, that the life of Jeſus may more and more be manifeſted in our mortall fleſh, who by his ſpirit quickeneth the mortall body, dwel­ling within us, ſo ſaving us by grace and maketh us to ſit to­gether with him in heavenly places 2 Cor. 4.6.7. to the 12. Rom. 8.10.11. to the 20. Eph. therefore being juſtified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jeſus Chriſt, by whom alſo we have acceſſe by faith into this grace wherein we ſtand, and rejoyce in hope of the glory of God, and not onely ſo but we glory in tribulation alſo, knowing that tribulation maketh patience, and patience ex­perience, and experience hope, & hope maketh not aſhamed, becauſe the love of God is ſhead abroad in all our hearts, and in ſome the glory ſhineth as Chriſt hath ſaid, all mine are thine, and thine are mine, and I am glorified in them. Rom. 5.1.2. to the 6. Ioh. 17.10. and being dead with Chriſt we are dead to the world, and worldly honour, and to the fleſhly worſhips and fleſhly ordinances alſo, Col. 2.10, 11, 12. to the end, and ſuch as are riſen with Chriſt and hath a fellowſhip with him there, they ſeek not the things that are below, but hath their affections on things above. Col. 3.1, 2. Whoſe converſation is in heaven. Phil. 3.20. Luk. 17.21. Praiſed be the Lord, for the riches of his eter­nall love, which no man can take away. Rom. 8.32, 33. to the end. 1 Ioh. 4.16, 17.

Chriſt is the way to happineſſe and the authour of eter­nall ſalvation, to all that obey and follow him, and is the6 light of the world, and doth lighten ever man that cometh into the world,Joh. 1.9. Joh. 8.12. Heb. 5.8, 9. happy for ever are all that obey and follow him, but wo from God is the reward of all that continue in their ſins, and take pleaſures in unrighteouſneſſe, and will not obey nor follow him, to be led out of darkneſſe, errour, and deceit, into the light of eternall life. Rom. 2.4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9. Ioh. 14.

Seeing that Chriſt is the way to happineſſe, and the au­thour of eternall ſalvation to all that obey him, and the light of the world that doth lighten every man that cometh into the world, and they that follow him they ſhall not walk in darkneſſe, but have the light of eternall life, here Chriſt is the way to the Father, and to Election, Redemption, Juſtifica­tion, and Sanctification, and alſo to eternall ſalvation, to ſuch as obey and follow him, then they that do not obey but refuſe to follow him, ſuch ſleights mercy tendered in Chriſt, and their deſtruction is of themſelves, therefore God is juſt in all his wayes, who hath given gifts unto the rebel­lious, Rom. 5.6, 7, 8. Iſa. 42.6. and all that obey him finds mercy of him. Iſa, 55.1, 2, 3. to the 9. Rom. 2.6, 7. and Chriſt he ſaith, he that comes unto him he will in no wiſe caſt off, and he is perfectly able to ſave all that come unto God by him. Heb. 7.25. Come to Chriſt poor ſouls, come out of your pride and vain glory poor creatures, for Chriſt is not there, come out of your ſelf-love and ſelf-righteouſ­neſſe, and out of your will-worſhips he is not there, ſeek not the living amongſt the dead, come out of your Idols, temples, and Idolatrous worſhips, and come out of confuſion, cut of Babylon, leaſt ye partake of her plunges, wherefore be ſepa­rate and come out from amongſt them, that the Lord may own you, and be your God. Rev. 18.4. 2 Cor. 6.15, 16.17, 18. Come out of ſelf and ſelf actings, life is not in the na­ture for your poor ſouls, come to Chriſt, poor ſouls and obey the light which ſhews you ſin and evil checks and calls for purity, obey that call and come out of your wills all, come in at the door, the true light, Chriſt he is the door, and he is the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world. Joh. 1.9. and they that come out of ſelf, and follow him, the true light and way to ſaluation, they ſhall not looſe their reward, nor walk in darkneſſe, but have the light of7 life. Rom. 2.6, 7. Joh. 8.12. therefore come all you that are weary with your will-worſhips, come out of it, to Chriſt the true light, and in him learn to worſhip within in the ſpirit, God who is a ſpirit and ſeeketh ſuch to worſhip him. Ioh. 4.23, 24. Phlip. 3.3. 2 Cor. 3.17, 18. you that are weary of your Prieſts, and beggerly rudiments, come off from them, and touch not their unclean things, their unclean doctrine that ſtands in their wills, come and learn of Chriſt, you are called now to come, the light in your conſciences ſhall anſwer, come learn doctrine, all ye children of the Lord ſhall be taught of the Lord, and they ſhall be ſtab­liſhed in righteouſneſſe. Iſa. 54.13, 14. therefore obey the light within you, that ſhews you unrighteouſneſſe, and come out of it, and wait in the light to receive the pure righteouſ­neſſe, which is the gift of God, Rom. 5.17. take heed you do not reject the counſell of God, obey that of God in your conſciences which anſwers the call, and come off from your hireling and tything Prieſts, they have long deceived you for their own ends, and that in their conſciences tells them ſo, and that they never was ſent of God, but of old wicked Biſhops which had their firſt riſe from the Pope, your worſhip is the worſhip of the beaſt that ſtands in that nature turned from the light, and is out of the truth of Gods, like that ſpo­ken of in the Rev. 13. it will never redeem your ſouls, come out of it to Chriſts miniſtry in the ſpirit, and wait for the o­pening of the myſtery within you. Col. 1.27. come and learn of God,Object. but you are ready to ſay, we cannot come of our ſelves, doth not Chriſt ſay, no man can come unto me except my Father which hath ſent me draw him.

Anſw. True, he ſaid ſo to ſelf-conceited Jews, take heed that you be not found in the ſelfiſh nature, and will worſhip, wor­ſhipping you know not what. Joh. 4.21, 22. let that in your conſciences anſwer, and refuſe not to obey it, now it is drawing and calling you to come out of ſin, and out of your will worſhips, and wait upon God for teaching, as Chriſt hath ſaid it is written in the Prophets, and ye ſhall all be taught of God, every man therefore that hath heard and learned of the Father cometh unto me. Joh. 6.44, 45. there­fore incline your ears and heart within, your teacher is with­in you, if you obey, but if you refuſe and diſobey, then judge­ment8 followeth for your diſobedience. Iſa. 1.19, 20. and the light within you, that ſhews you ſin, and evil deeds will teach you to forſake the evil and ſhew you the way to the Father and to ſalvation, if you love and follow it, but it will condemn you if you diſobey and hate it, Col. 1.27. Joh. 3.19, 20. Now you are warn'd and all left without excuſe, and that in your conſciences is my anſwer, come out of your rebellion, the light in you lets you ſee it, follow the light and follow not your wicked thoughts, deviſes, nor rebellion, and wickedneſſes, you have ſerved ſin long, and ſo the De­vill, plead not for it, but forſake it and come out of it, his ſer­vants ye are to whom ye obey, he that commits ſin is the ſer­vant of ſin, and ſon of the Devill, read Rom. 6.16. Joh. 8.34. 1. Joh. 3.8. hearken to the light within you, that checks and reproves you for ſin, and obey that that will not deceive you, but if you obey and follow it, it will teach you when ſuch as doth draw you from the teachings or Chriſt within, ſuch doth ſeduce you. 1 Joh. 2.26, 27. come to the light to be led into the holy life and into the pure worſhip of God in the ſpirit, obey the light, take up the croſſe to your wills, and come to Chriſt, come out of your falſe churches, and of from your proud Prieſts, and off from your falſe Paſtors, to Chriſt the true ſhepheard and biſhop of the ſoul, and the true Paſtor and feeder of his flock, and come to the church in God. 1 Theſ. 1.1. Heb. 12.22, 23. and their overſeers made by the holy Ghoſt. Act. 20.28. is known, and elders in Chriſt. 1 Pet. 5. and there is no conſtraint, nor for filthy lucre, and ſuch as dwell in the power knowes the voice of the Father and the Son, to ſpeak in the Church, and amongſt ſuch. Ioh. 10.4. Gal. 4.6. Luk. 12.12. Act. 2.4. Mat. 10.20.

Take heed to that which is pure of God in your conſcien­ces, and obey it, that which calls for a pure converſation. 1 Pet. 1.13, 14, 15, 16. and let your light ſo ſhine before men, that they may ſee your good converſation, and come out of your ſprinkling of infants, it is no ordinance of Chriſt, come follow the light and come out of your falſe baptiſme all, that you may be buried with Chriſt, in the true baptiſme. Rom. 6.1. in the ſuffering, and witneſſe that through the croſſe, and ſo a fellowſhip with him in the new life. ver. 3, 4. and be baptized into Chriſt, ſo put him on. Gal. 3.27.9 and by one ſpirit, witneſſe that baptiſme into one body 1 Cor. 12.11, 12, 13. where there is one Lord, one faith one baptiſme, and ſo of ſuch one God and one Father of them all, who are of the houſhold of God, in that church which is the piller and ground of the truth. Eph. 4 4, 5, 6, 7. 2 Tim. 2.19. 1 Tim. 3.15.

Come all you that are weary and heavy laden,Mat. 11.28. ſaith Chriſt, and I will give you reſt, obey the light, and come out of your ſins, take up the croſſe and deny your wills, and forſake your iniquities, 2 Tim, 2.19. and Chriſt will receive you and elect you, he is the foundation of election, obey him that you may be laid on him, and builded up into the electi­on. 1 Pet. 2.4, 5. and give all diligence to have the aſſu­rance of calling and election. 2 Pet. 1.9, 10. Chriſt Jeſus he is the light and the way to the Father, and the authour both of election and ſalvation; to all that obey him; Epheſ. 1.10. Epheſ. 2.7, 8, 18, 19. Epheſ. 3.9, 10, 11. Heb. 5.8, 9.

Now Chriſt Jeſus he is the true light, that lighteth every man that comes into the world, and with his light you ſee darkneſſe in you, and rebellion and wickedneſſe, and he the true light cals you by his light, to forſake darkneſſe, wick­edneſſe, rebellion, ſin, and evil, and he calls you with his light, to come out of darkneſſe,1 Joh. 1.5. and follow him that gives you light, that with it you may be led on to him Chriſt Jeſus to the Father of lights, and into the marvellous light. 1 Pet. 2.9.10. And now that you are called and perſwaded by the light to obey and follow it, if you will not obey and fol­low the ſame, but continue in their wilfulneſſe, ſinfulneſſe, and rebellion, taking pleaſure in wickedneſſe, and ſo love darkneſſe rather then the light, and diſobey the truth to take pleaſure in unrighteouſneſſe, then great will your condemna­tion and damnation be, Ioh. 1.5, 9. Ioh. 8.12. Ioh. 14.6. Ioh. 3.19, 20. 2 Theſ. 2.7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. and 2 Theſſal. 1.8, 9. Romans 1.18. Revel. 20.10. Rev. 21.8, 27.

Election and Predeſtination ſtands in the counſell of God.

Thoſe things concerning Election and Predeſtination10 ſtands in the counſell of God, and are hid from all the wiſe and prudent of the world,Iſa. 29.10, 11, &c. 1 Cor. 1.20, 21. 1 Cor. 3.19, 20. Col. 1.26, 27. Iſa. 29.16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24. Rev. 5.1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1 Cor. 1.18. Eph, 2. 1 Cor. 6.17. Heb. 2.10, 11. yet the ſecrets of God are with them that fear him, and he is pleaſed to reveal his counſell, and ſuch things to babes, and thoſe babes are born again contrary to the will of man. Ioh. 3.6, 7. Ioh. 3.10, 11, 12. Ioh. 1, 22, 23. and ſuch as witneſſed election and predeſtination, were ſuch as were born again of water and the ſpirit (that the Scriptures ſpeaketh of) and knew the myſteries opened in them, and to them, and ſaw what God fore knew to predeſtinate, and what to reprobate, learn to deny your ſelves, and obey the light, that you may be taught of God to know the ſame, and to know the two ſeeds (with­in) and learn to ſee and know, that except you be born a­gain you cannot enter into the kingdom of God, nor wit­neſſe aſſurance of the eternall inheritance nor of election, therefore buſie not your minds about thoſe things, in your wills and fleſhly natures, for from ſuch and the ſerpents ſeed are they hid, praiſed be the Lord, Mat. 11, 15, 26, 27. But ye have a light to the which ye do well to take heed unto, to obey and follow the light of Chriſt within in your conſciences, which checks and reproves you in ſecret, for ſin and evill, and if you love and obey that light, it will teach you and guide you to the ſword, to know the power to cut and bruiſe the ſerpents head (within you) and ſo through the croſſe to witneſſe a ſuffering with Chriſt, in the myſtery through the miniſtery in the croſſe, and ſo know a bearing about in your bodies the dying of the Lord dayly, that the light of Chriſt may through the croſſe, by ſlaying the enmity, be manifeſted to your ſouls and in your mortall fleſh. 2 Cor. 4.6, 7. to the 12. that through the obedience to the light within, and the eternall truth through the ſpirit, your ſouls may be purified. 1 Pet. 1.22.23. and the ſeed rai­ſed up by the power of God, which Chriſt taketh upon him, and not the nature of Angells, and ſo to witneſſe the birth and bearing up over the world, and through the quickenings and working of the divine power, to know your ſouls join­ed to the ſeed, and ſo to God, by being changed from glory to glory, into the pure holy image, by the ſpirit of the eternall God, to know election in the ground, and truths as they are in life and power thereof enjoyed, through the obedi­ence11 to him and his light guide,Mat. 25.28, 29, 30. Mat. 25.41, to the end. 2 Theſ. 1.8, 9. and ſpirit, to witneſſe the ſalt ſeal ſavoury diſcerning, and holy unction which teach­eth all things. 2 Cor. 3.17, 18. 1 Ioh. 2.20. and 27. O­therwiſe if you rebell and reject the counſell and teachings of the light, and gift which ſhould teach and guide you to God the good giver and father of lights, for your rebellion and ſloathfulneſſe, God can take his gift and light from you for your negligence and diſobedience, rebellion and wick­edneſſe, as the talent was taken from the unprofitable ſervant, and after caſt ſoul and body into hell, to be tormented for ever, and then woe and miſery: therefore all now while you have time, prize it. Matth. 25. The fear of the Lord is to depart from iniquity, pride, arrogancy, and every froward way, and the manifeſtation of the ſpirit is given to profit withall. Pro. 8. 1 Cor. 12. Rom. 1.19. then ſuch as wil­lingly and knowingly after conviction, do continue in pride and envy, ſelf-love, covetouſneſſe, oppreſſion, vain glory, and wrath, malitiouſneſſe, ſelf-love, arrogancy, frowardneſſe, and wickedneſſe, and do not deny themſelves of thoſe things, and depart out of the iniquity, but continues in their unrigh­teouſneſſe, making covers and excuſes for ſins, ſuch as are re­bellious children who do reject the counſell of the light of God in their conſciences, which doth convince them of ſin, and checks and reproves them for the ſame, and though they make many prayers, and offer ſacrifice in that nature which departeth out of the true fear, and ſo continue in their pride, arrogancy, frowardneſſe, and wickedneſſe, God doth not accept of them nor their ſervice, no more then he did of ſuch in their nature, which he ſent to cry againſt, and ſaid his ſoul loathed their ſacrifices and ſervices that ſtood in that nature, and they were abomination to him as the prophet then ſaid, and ſo ſay I from the Lord the ſame to all ſuch, and Chriſt Jeſus doth ſay ſuch as be workers of iniquity, though great in profeſſion and ſhew, yet he will diſown them, and ſay he knoweth them not, as may be read. Pro. 6.16, 17. Iſa. 1.10. to the l6. Iſa. 3.11, 12, and ſo on, Matth. 7.20, 21, 22, 23.

Nevertheleſſe the foundation of God ſtandeth ſure, and hath this ſeal, the Lord-knoweth them that are his, and let every one that nameth the name of Chriſt depart from ini­quity. 122 Tim. 2.19. they muſt either depart from iniquity, or elſe depart from Chriſt, that continue in the work of ini­quity, then it is the duty of every one that doth profeſſe the Goſpel of truth, and the name of the Lord Jeſus in the Go­ſpel miniſtration, to depart from iniquity, and obey the light and truth of the Goſpel, that they may be accepted of God, and builded upon the foundation of the prophets and Apo­ſtles, Chriſt Jeſus being the chief corner ſtone, in whom the building fitly framed, groweth into an holy temple in the Lord, and that ſuch may alſo be ſealed with that holy ſpirit of promiſe, Iſa. 1.16, 17, 18, 19. Matth. 7.21. and 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. Epheſ. 2.18, 19, 20, 11. Epheſ. 1.11, 12, 13.

And ſeeing it is ſo, then thoſe that continue in pride, co­vetouſneſſe, envie, maliciouſneſſe, lying, ſwearing, drun­keneſſe, vain talking, fooliſh jeſting, pleaſures, and wan­tonneſſe, conſening, cheating, deceiving, and diſsembling, wantonneſs, uſurpation, vain glory, oppreſſion, earthly-mind­edneſs, ſcorn and dsſdain, theſe and the like of that nature, under what cover and pretence ſoever, being practiſed, de­lighted, and walked in, and not denyed, loathed, caſt off, and forſaken, and declared againſt, elſe ſuch hath not yet learned their duty towards God, and doth not forſake ini­quity, but continue in it, and pride, luſt, and exceſs, diſsimu­lation, and hypocriſie, and ſuch are not builded upon the foundation, as aforeſaid, nor ſealed, but are under the woes, the curſe, and the wrath, profeſs what they will, and except they repent and amend by forſaking their ſins, they are all like to periſh. Iſa. 5. Luk. 6. Iſa. 30.1. Iſa. 28.1, 2, 3. Rom. 2.5, 6. Tit. 1.16. Rom. 1.18, 19, 22. and 28, 29. ver. Rev. 21.8, 27. 2 Theſ. 1.8, 9. Rev. 9.12.

What repentance is, and how to be known. &c.

Repentance is a forſaking the evil, and turning from dark­neſs to the light, to obey and follow it, out of ſin and un­godlineſs, into grace, purity, and holyneſs, for the grace of God which bringeth ſalvation, being obeyed through the goodneſs and walked in, it teacheth to deny ungodlineſs, and woldly luſts, and to live righteouſly, ſoberly, and god­lily13 in this preſent evill world, and ſuch are the fruits of re­pentance, by turning from darkneſſe unto light to obey grace, and walk in the light of the Lord, and in a holy and pure converſation which he calleth unto. Rom. 2.4, 6, 7, and 10. Act. 26.16, 17, 18. Tit. 2, 11, 12. Eph. 5. 1 Pet. 1.13, 14, 15, 16, 17. But ſuch as are convinced o, ſin and evill by the light, and doth not obey the light that comes from the Lord Jeſus to forſake the evill, and come out of darkneſſe, ſin and iniquity, errour and deceit, ſuch are unprofitable, and in the works of darkneſſe, loving the evill, and haters of the light, and this is their condemnation that light is come, and they love darkneſſe rather then the light, becauſe their deeds are evill. Joh. 3.19, 20.

Some grounds of truth laid down as followeth, and duties.

1. duty That Chriſt Jeſus is the true light, which doth enlight­en every man that cometh into the world, & they that follow him the true light, are by it led out of darkneſſe, errour and deceit, into the light of eternall life. Joh. 1.5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Joh. 8.12.

2. Then it is the duty of all that profeſſe the goſpel of truth, and deſireth the knowledge in the injoyment of eternall life, and to be redeemed out of darkneſſe, errour and deceit, to take heed of ſinning againſt the light, or diſobeying the ſame after conviction and manifeſtation, leaſt they be leſt in dark­neſſe, errour and deceit, and through their ſloathfulneſſe, neg­ligence and diſobedience to the light, and truth manifeſted, they be caſt with the unprofitable ſervant into utter dark­neſſe, where is weeping, and wailing, and gnaſhing of teeth Mat. 25.28, 29.30.

3. That Chriſt Jeſus is the way to the Father, and to ſalva­tion, and able to ſave to the uttermoſt all thoſe that deny themſelves, follow the light, take up the daily croſſe, and ſo come unto God by him, and thee is no other name to be ſa­ved by under heaven, nor no other way to the Father but by the Lord Jeſus, according to the declaration or the Scrip­tures, & the working of the ſpirit of truth, which ſpirit accor­ding to goſpel diſcipline, doctrine and promiſe, is the perfect guide into all truth. Ioh. 16.13. Act 10.42, 43. Act. 4.11.12.

14That the Lord is the teacher of his people in the new co­venant, according to his promiſe, made by his ſervants the prophets, who propheſied before of the coming and ſuffe­rings of Chriſt, as it is written and witneſſed. Ier. 31. to the 35. Iſa. 54.13, 14. and Chriſt when he came, confirmed what the prophets had ſaid concerning the ſame, ſaving, no man can come to me except the Father which hath ſent me draw him, and I will raiſe him up at the laſt day, it is writ­ten in the prophets, and they ſhall all be taught of God, eve­ry man therefore that hath heard and learned of the Father, cometh unto me. Ioh. 6.44, 45. Heb. 8.10, 11. Heb. 10.14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. 1 Pet. 1.10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Exek. 11. to the 17.

4. That Chriſt Jeſus the anointed of God, is the ſaints high Prieſt and teacher in the new covenant and royall prieſt­hood, and he is the end of the firſt covenant, and that prieſt­hood which took tythes and offered ſacrifices both for their own ſins and the ſins of the people, but could never make the people perfect thereby, but Chriſt Jeſus is the end of that prieſthood and law, by which they were made prieſts, and by which tythes were commanded for their ſervice to them to be paid. Heb. 3.1. Heb. 2.17. Heb. 8.6.7, 8, 9, 10, 11. and he who through the eternall ſpirit offered himſelf to God the Father, hath by his own bloud put an end to the Leviticall prieſthood, and the law (by which they were or­dained or made Prieſts) and by which tythes were comman­ded for their ſervice to them to be paid, and he who through the eternall ſpirit, offered himſelf to God, the Father hath changed the Prieſthood and law, and ended both law and prieſthood, by which Prieſts were then ordained, and by which to them for their ſevice therein. Numb. 18. Tythes under that prieſthood were paid. Numb. 18.20, 21. ſo the prieſthood and ſervice therein being ended, tythes are there ended alſo, for the prieſthood being changed, and that cove­nant taken away, there was made of neceſſity a change of the law alſo, ſo an end of tythes, with the Sacrifices burnt offerings, and the things there ſpoken of, and Chriſt Jeſus is the everlaſting offering and ſaints high Prieſt, and the medi­atour of the new covenant, the end of the old, and ſum of all the things and ſubſtance of all types, ſhaddows & figures of15 him, and tythes being a thing in the covenant and prieſt­hood which Chriſt hath ended; therefore tythes by him are ended, and for proof to confirm the ſame, read at large the 7, 8, 9, 10 chapters to the Hebrewes.

Thoſe that take tythes, &c. are not in the new covenant.

Then ſuch as profeſs faith in Chriſt, and acknowledge the new covenant and goſpel miniſtration therein, which is up­on better promiſes. Heb. 8, and 10 chap. and in him dwells the fulneſs of the Godhead bodily. Col. 2.9. Such as this do profeſs, and either take tythes or pay tythes, are out of the ſubſtance and out of the new covenant, that do not deny up­holding what Chriſt Jeſus hath ſhed his bloud for to put an end unto, that he might bring in a better hope, and to be made perfect, pure, and compleat in him the ſubſtance and fulneſs. Heb. 7.11, to the 20. Heb. 7.22, 23, to the end. Col 1.26, 27, 28. 1 Ioh. 3.3. Col. 2.9, 10. Eph. 4, 11, 12, 13. But ſuch as profeſs themſelves to be Chriſts mini­ſters in the new covenant or goſpel miniſtration, and takes tythes, or compells people to pay them tythes, ſuch are ene­mies to the goſpel of Chriſt, and diſhonours the Lord Jeſus by ſo doing, for ſuch are upholders, and cauſeth others to uphold that which Chriſt Jeſus hath ſhed his bloud to put an end unto, with that prieſthood and ſervice. Numb. 18, 1, 2, to the 8. In which prieſthood, and for which ſervice the tythes were paid. Numb. 18.20, 21. and the prieſthood and ſervice for which the prieſts had tythes, is ended and done away (to chriſtians) by Chriſt; and Chriſts prieſthood is not of Aarons tribe that took tythes, but of the tribe of Judah, that took no tythes, nor had no command for the ſame, ſo not Chriſts miniſters, for it is evident that the firſt prieſt­hood and covenant is changed and ended, and that our Lord ſprung out of Iudah. Heb. 7.11, 12, to the 18. which had no command to take tythes, but in him they with that firſt prieſthood ended. Heb. 7.22, 23, to the end. Heb. 8.1, 2, 3, to the 11. Heb. 9.11, 12, to the 18, and Heb. 10.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. to the 21. then ſuch as take tythes, upholds the firſt prieſthood, which Chriſt hath ended, and ſuch as do ſo deny Chriſt come in the fleſh. 1 Ioh. 4.1, 2. to put an end to thoſe things in the Scriptures concerning the firſt prieſt­hood16 before-mentioned, ſpoken of, and in their works are againſt him. Tit. 1.16. and ſo Antichriſtians, but the Prieſts of the world that takes tythes are ſuch, ſo enemies to the croſs of Chriſt. Philip. 3.18, 19. and enemies to the goſpel of Chriſt, therefore Antichriſtian miniſters, and not the miniſters of Chriſt nor the goſpel,

5. That Chriſt Jeſus is the mediatour of the new covenant, and the end of the old, for he hath taken away the firſt, that he might eſtabliſh the ſecond upon better promiſes, without ſacrifices and burnt offerings, ſo without tythes, and this Je­ſus who is the mediatour of the new covenant and end of the old, he is perfecty able to ſave to the uttermoſt (without tythes and burnt offerings, or mans inventions) all thoſe that come unto God by him, and he is the authour of eternall ſal­vation to all that obey him. Heb. 12.24. Heb. 7.22. Heb. 9.15. Heb. 10.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, to the 19. Heb. 5.8, 9.

6. That the true worſhip of God in the new covenant, of which Jeſus is the mediatour, and the ſaints high prieſt in the royall prieſthood. Heb. 3.1. 1 Pet. 2, 5, and 9. Is in the ſpirit and the truth, as he hath ſaid. Ioh. 4.23, 24. and God is that ſpirit which we worſhip, and beholding with open face as in a glaſs the glory of the Lord are changed, according to the working of his divine power after the good pleaſure of his will, from glory to glory into the ſame pure image as by the ſpirit of the Lord. Philip. 3. to the 3 verſe. 2 Corinth. 3.17, 18.

7. That the miniſters of Chriſt and the new covenant, are made able miniſters thereof, not by man. Gal. 1.1. but by the Lord. Gal. 1.11, 12, and 15, 16. and ſuch were able miniſters of the new covenant, not of the later, but of the ſpi­rit. 2 Cor. 3.6. And the miniſtry of Chriſt in the new co­venant, (or goſpel miniſtration) is for the perfecting of the ſaints, to build them up into the unity of the faith, and to lead chem from faith to faith into the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the meaſure of the ſtature of the fulneſs of Chriſt, and to a perfect man in Chriſt Jeſus, as is witneſsed in the Scriptures, both by Chriſts own do­ctrine declared of, and the declaration of the doctrine of Chriſts Apoſtles and miniſters. Mat. 5.4, 8. Phil. 3. 17Eph. 4.11, 12, 13. Rom. 1.16, 17. Heb. 6.1. Heb. 12.22, 23. Rev. 14.3, 4, 5. 1 Ioh. 5.11, 12, 13. 1 Cor. 2, 6, 7. 1 Ioh. 4.16, 17.

The falſe miniſtry and miniſters.

Then thoſe miniſters that are made by the will of man, and ſuch as are miniſters of the letter, and not of the ſpirit, ſuch are not taught of God, neither are they the miniſters of Chriſt, nor his goſpel, and ſuch as have a form of godlineſs, and wants the power, are to be denied and turned away from, and that miniſtry which doth not lead up to perfecti­on, but keepeth people ever learning, and never able to come to that perfect meaſure of the knowledge of the Son of God, and the eternall truth, & to a perfect man in Chriſt Je­ſus, is none of Chriſts miniſtry, but the miniſtry of the world, and of Antichriſt, therefore not the miniſtry of Chriſt, nor the goſpel, but ſuch a miniſtry as that which is ſpoken of, that keeps people laden with ſins, and led away with divers luſts, and ſaying (under it) they cannot be freed from their ſins whilſt they live, that is ſuch a miniſtry as Chriſt hath not ordained in the new covenant, but is ſhut out, therefore that miniſtry is a contrary miniſtry to Chriſt and his Apoſtles in the new covenant, and to be holden accurſed, alſo the mi­niſters thereof as it is required. 2 Tim. 3.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Gal. 1.8, 9.

Who the falſe prophets are, and how to be known, even by their fruits as Chriſt hath ſaid. Mat. 5.15, and 20.

The falſe prophets, idoll ſhepheards, and blind watch­men were, (and are ſuch) as bears and bore rule by their means, and ſuch as ſought, and doth ſeek for their gain from their quarter, greedy dumb dogs, that never had (nor never) have enough, but were and are ſuch as ſought and ſeeketh for the fleece, and then made, and now maketh a prey upon the people, and preached, and doth preach for hire, and then went, and doth now go in the way of Cain, who received and doth receive the wages of unrighteouſneſs, Balaam like, and ſuch the Lord was, and ſuch the Lord is againſt, and ſent and doth ſend to cry out againſt them, but the prieſts of the world are ſuch, and hath ſuch fruites whereby they may be18 known to be the falſe prophets, idol-ſhepheards, blinde watchmen, and greedy dumb dogs that are never ſatisfied, but either petitioning, or crying to the people, and crying out to the magiſtrates, to help them with one thing or ano­ther, and if they might but have their wills, they would ſhew forth their cruelty, doggedneſſe, perſecution and tyranny, as many of them have already done, ſo they are out of the example of all the true prophets and true Apoſtles of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt, therefore to be cryed out of and declared againſt, and the wo is unto them for their reward, as it was to ſuch. Jer. 23. Iſa. 3.11. Ezek. 34. Jer. 5.30 31. Iſa. 56.10, 11. Mic. 3.5, and 11. 2 Pet. 2. Iud. 11.

The Reſurrection of the juſt and unjuſt.

That there is a reſurrection of the juſt and unjuſt, and the ſaints ſhall be raiſed up to be glorified, and enter into the e­ternall joy of their Lord, but the wicked to be terrified, and the juſt hath boldneſſe in the day of judgement, 1 Ioh. 4.17. and are accepted, but the wicked, and all the nations that forget God, are to be turned into hell. Pſal. 9.17. and thi­ther goes the diſobedient and curſed to be tormented eter­nally, from the preſence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power. 1 Cor. 15.12, 13, 14, 15, to the 30. Matth. 27.52, 53. Rev. 20.6. Matth. 25.41. to the end. Rev. 20.10, 11, 12. to the end. Rev. 21.8, 27. 2 Theſ. 1.8, 9.

The Lord will plead with all fleſh.

That the Lord will plead with all fleſh, by his ſword, and by fire. Iſa. 66.15, 16. and the terrours of the Lord is to be known to all fleſh, and upon all the wicked and un­godly. Mala. 4.1. Zeph. 1.14, 15. therefore happy are they that obey the light which comes from the Lord Jeſus, which light doth convince them of, and reprove for ſin and evill, that through their obedience to the light, they may be led out of darkneſſe, and know judgement, and vengeance to conſume the wickedneſſe and ſeed of the ſerpent in them,19 and know the power of life to work in them, that through their obedience to the light and truth, they may have their ſouls purified, as ſuch had who obeyed the truth through the ſpirit, and have. 1 Pet. 1.22, 23. and bodies waſhed with the water of the word, through the ſanctification of the ſpi­rit. 1 Cor. 6.11. and ſo know their ſouls joined to the di­vine life through the eternall ſpirit. 1 Cor. 6.17. and through their obedience to the light, and miniſtry in the croſſe. 1 Cor. 1 18. that they may give all diligence (here) to make their calling and election ſure, that ſo an entrance may be miniſtred abundantly into the everlaſting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jeſus Chriſt. 1 Joh. 1.9. Ioh. 8.12. Heb. 5.9. 2 Pet. 1.10, 11.

There is no place to be purged in betwixt heaven and here, therefore plead not for ſin, &c.

No unclean thing ſhall enter, nor the unrighteous ſhall not inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Cor. 6.9, 10. Gal. 5.19.20. and there ſhall not in any wiſe enter into it any thing that defileth, nor that which worketh abomination, or maketh a lye. Rev. 21.27. then ſuch as continue in ſin unſeparated, and are not purified from it here, their caſe is dangerous, for the unclean ſhall not enter into Gods king­dom, and there is no place betwixt heaven and here to be purged in, and the unrighteous ſhall not inherit the kingdom of God, therefore be not deceived, for ſuch as dies in their ſins and unrighteouſneſſe, coming ſo to the judgement, then wo and miſery is their portion eternally, take warning be­times, and read. Rev. 14.9, 10, 11. Rev. 20.10, 11, to the end. Rev. 22.11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Rev. 21, 8, 27.

The difference between the naturall and ſpirituall eſtate, and condition: and how the ſoul comes to enjoy fel­lowſhip with God, and partake the ſweet goſpel, grace, and virtue.

Men naturally knows not the things of the ſpirit of God, becauſe they are ſpiritually diſcerned. 1 Cor. 2.14. And20 in a ſtate of unregeneration, they are dead in treſpaſſes and ſins. Eph. 2.1. but alive in the evill pride and vain glory, ſerving divers luſts and pleaſures. Eph. 2.2, 3. ſo in deaths reign, and all their actings, in their wills in that nature turn'd from the light, is out of a ſelfiſh principle and in that ſelf-ſeeking nature, thinking thereby to merit ſomething by their own ſelf-actings in that nature turned from the light, ſo ſet­ting up their ſelf-actings and performances that ſtands in their wills, thinking to get life and peace (or ſalvation) thereby, but all that is ſeen with the light, to be out of the true ground, and not in the life of truth, which ſtands out of the light in the mans will, and with the light which calls the mind within, and croſſeth the will in the ground, is all that with the light diſcovered, reproved, and with the light judg­ed and condemned, and peace comes into the ſoul, as the light is ſubmitted to and obeyed, and ſo through the obedi­ence to the light, the will and will-worſhip is denied, and with the light is the heart ſearched, and the reigns tryed, and ſo the light bing ſubmitted unto it, judgeth the ſelfiſh principle, and cuts down the fleſhly wiſdom, which light reproveth and judgeth the ground of the deceits with its fruits and effects, which light being obeyed, openeth the under­ſtanding, and alſo ſhutteth out the pride and vain glory, and the light croſſeth the ground of ſelf and ſelf-actings, and judgeth all that is acted in the mans will and fleſhly wiſ­dom, which light being ſubmitted unto and contained in, it worketh into a reformation, and changeth the heart, beget­teth a love to the truth, and a hatred againſt the deceit, which light guideth out of ſelf unto the power of light, which through the workings of the eternall ſpirit, putteth out of ſelf, and begets a pure will, and an earneſt deſire after the goodneſſe, and ſo working into the ſincerity, the deſire is re­all towards the Lord, to ſeek after him in his own way, con­trary to the will of man, and according to the pure mind and will of God, which light being obeyed, loved, and yielded wholly unto, it leads out of corruptions into purity, out of nature into grace, to witneſſe the regeneration, and be made partaker of the divine nature, being led by the light out of the corruptions and corrupt nature, as before, and ſo out of dark­neſſe into the marvellous light, and worketh into the pati­ence21 and pure zeal, the light being loved and followed, it leadeth to the power which through the eternall ſpirit work­eth through the underſtanding into the endleſſe love, and ſo joynes the ſoul to the divine power, through the obedience in the ſpirit; whereby it receives eternall joy and comfort in the Lord: who teacheth ſuch, to deny ſelf, ſelf-love, ſelf-joy, ſelf-praiſe, vain glory, and ſelf acting; and to act in the love and joy of the Lord, from the light and grace received (againſt and contrary to the corrupt will and fleſhly wiſ­dome of naturall man) in the power of life and love, from and according to the grace received, ſo to act from life in the quickenings and ſtrength of the Lord, according to the working of his divine power, and the aſſurance of the fa­thers love, in the meaſure, according to the working of his divine power, and the enjoyment in that meaſure and mani­feſtation; ſo growing in the life of the eternall truth, and ſo perfecting holineſſe in the fear of the Lord, and ſalvation by degrees, in obedience to the truth through the ſpirit; and there is the true underſtanding of it according to meaſure and manifeſtation: and the true knowledge of the degrees and paſſages in the inward man; working up alſo to the ſence of the outward, or the creature man; through the Croſſe by which the enmity is ſlain, and the enjoyment of the divine love known, and ſo the naturall members of the mans body is waſhed with the water of ſanctification, and bodies clean­ſed from corruptions, whereby the members are made inſtru­ments of righteouſneſſe unto holineſſe, and bodies and ſouls offered up to the Lord as a reaſonable ſacrifice, to do him ſervice, being bought with a price and redeemed to puri­ty again, through the working of the divine power into the enjoyment of the riches of the love of God, whereby there is a growing from grace to grace, from faith to faith, from glory to glory, into the eternall unity, and ſo into the fellowſhip with the father and the ſon; and to, be parta­kers of that ſweet grace and vertue. Joh. 14.20. Joh. 17.9. Rom. 1.16.17. 1 Cor. 6.11. Rom. 6.11, 12, 13. Rom. 6.18.19, 20, 21, 22. Rom. 12. 1 Joh. 1.2.3. 1 Joh. 5.20. 2 Cor. 3.17.18. 2 Pet. 1.3. 1 Joh. 4.16.17.


Thoſe that fellow Chriſt muſt take up a daily Croſſe, and follow him through the ſufferings.

All who follow Chriſt muſt follow him through the ſuf­ferings, for ſuch as will live godly in Chriſt Jeſus muſt ſuffer perſecution 2 Timothy then they that are per­ſecutors are none of Chriſts followers, take notice of that, but ſuch are the Prieſts of the world, and many of their members or hearers, therefore they are none of Chriſts fol­lowers: they that are ſuch may read themſelves in Iſaiah the 59. and 2 Timo. 3.1.2, 3. to the 10. and likewiſe in the 13. verſe. and Iſa. 1. but thus faith the Lord to ſuch; when ye ſpread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you, yea when ye make many prayers I will not hear: your hands are full of bloud; Iſa. 1.15. and wo to you that are perſecutors, and to the wicked, it ſhall go ill with you, Iſa. 3.11. but bleſſed are they that are perſecuted, and ſuffers for righteouſneſſe ſake, their reward is great in heaven, read Math. 5.10, 11, 12. and Luk. 6.22.23. And as Chriſt hath ſuffered in the fleſh, arm your ſelves likewiſe with the ſame mind, for he that hath ſuffered in the fleſh hath ceaſed from ſin, that he no longer ſhould live the reſt of his time in the fleſh the luſts of men but to the will of God, 1 Pet. 4.1.2, &c. And if ye be reproached for the name of Chriſt happy are ye, the ſpirit of grace and glory reſts upon you: 1 Pet. 4.13.14. And all who followeth Chriſt muſt take up the daily croſſe; and ſuch as loves any thing more then Chriſt, he is not worthy of him: and ſaith Chriſt he that will be my diſciple muſt deny himſelf, and take up his croſſe dai­ly, and follow me, Luke 9.23.24. to the 28. Math. 10.37, 38, 39. No crown without the croſſe.

The Croſſe in the Miſtery, and what it cuts down and raiſeth up, as it is taken up daily &c.

The Croſſe in the miſtery, Coloſ. is known to ſuch as obey the light which comes from the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, which light doth convince of ſin, and unbelief, ſelf-love, ſelf-righteouſneſſe, pride and vain glory, and all ini­quity,23 and reproves in the conſcience for ſuch, which light ſheweth the luſts and evil of the heart, and the light is with­in that doth ſo; which light manifeſteth corruptions, and the naturall eſtate: which light checks and reproves for ſin and evil, and being obeyed, teacheth to forſake ſin and the pride of the fleſh, and all evil deſires, luſts and devices of miſchief, the light where it is obeyed croſſeth them and judgeth them within, in the ground from whence they do a­riſe; Which light that ſo convinceth of evil, and where it is ſubmitted unto, croſſeth the ground of enmity, and judgeth deceit in its appearance within; the ſame light moveth upon the conſcience, and worketh men into the knowledge of ſin: And ſuch as encline to the light may know it calling them daily to come to repentance; which light being attended up­on perſwadeth mans heart to turn from the evil to the good, & in perſwading his heart, perſwades him (to wit the creature man) againſt ſin; and to turn from the iniquitie, and he joyning to the light: his luſts, naturall corruptions, and incli­nations to the evil, is thereby (to wit by the light) not onely diſcovered, but alſo croſſed, judged and condemned. So the creature man obeying the light, and ſerving the good, he forſakes the evil and becomes a ſervant of righteouſneſſe, yielding up his members to the light, as inſtruments of righ­teouſneſſe unto that which is holy, that he may ſerve in the new life, and ſo witneſſe the change and the new creature, as it is written Rom. 6.11.12. and the 17.18. to the 23 verſe. 2 Cor. 5.17.

Which light as aforeſaid, within in the conſcience that re­proves for ſin being obeyed, and upon the diſcovery and ma­nifeſtation to the view of the underſtanding, ſubmitted whol­ly unto, it croſſeth and crucifieth luſts and all evil of what ſort ſoever, as it doth ariſe: ſo condemning ſin in the fleſh, and alſo quickens the ſoul, ſo eaſing it and redeeming it ac­cording to the working of the divine power, and thereby freeing the ſoul from the bondage of corruptions wherein it was held; which corruptions are purged out of the ſoul by the miniſtry in the croſſe: 1 Cor. 1.18. throng the obedi­ence to the light and truth in the ſpirit, 1 Pet. 1.22.23. 1 Pet. 2.9.10. and ſo the ſoul is through the obedience to the light, and by the operation of the divine power raiſed up24 from under the bondage wherein it had been held, into a ſpi­rituall enjoyment of the fathers eternall love; and wrought through the obedience to the light and truth in the ſpirit, into the new life and ſpirituall worſhip, Rom. Ioh. 4.23.24. Rev. 22.17. Philip. 3.3. whereby the heart through the obedience to the light and the eternall ſpirit, is circumciſed, the body of ſin put off, and the ſoul baptized in­to the endleſſe love: ſo into Chriſt the fulneſſe: whereby it putteth him on, and ſo ſtands compleat in him the fulneſſe; and being baptized by one ſpirit into unity in that one ſpi­rituall body, ſo into the new covenant entered, ſealed, and confirmed, and there the ſoul ſits under the vine receiving of the vertue from the fulneſſe; and drinketh in that one ſpirit, where there is one covenant, one body, one bread of life, one ſpirituall reck for ſouls to be refreſhed at, and in, one faith, one Lord, one baptiſme (which is not carnall but ſpi­rituall) and ſo there is no confidence in the fleſh, nor fleſh­ly worſhips, but a rejoycing in Chriſt Jeſus, and being of the ſpirituall ſeed, in the ſpirituall worſhip and covenant. There is a glorying in the Lord the juſtifier, and in the ſpi­rituall circumciſion, baptiſme, breaking of bread and prayer; and the glory communion and fellowſhip into the covenant and doctrine, is known by the preaching of the croſſe, and the miniſtry of the ſpirit; through the croſſe, which crucifieth the worlds nature, and the creature to the world, and there my glorying is where the old things are paſſed away, and the new things enjoyed, for if any man be in Chriſt he is a new creature. Old things are paſſed away, and behold, all things are become new; as it is written and know with ſuch as en­joy the ſame. 2 Cor. 5.16.17. Rev. 21. and Coloſ. 2.9.10. Galat. 3.27.28. 1 Cor. Eph. Ioh. 1 Ioh. 5.20. 1. Cor.

Shaking, Quaking and trembling is no new thing, which is deſpiſed in this generation, but witneſſed in the Scriptures amongſt the people of God, then as the Scriptures declareth, &c.

And though the ſerpents ſeed do revile the people of God by names of reproch, yet thus ſaith the Lord, Hearken unto25 me ye that know righteouſneſſe, the people in whoſe heart is my law; fear ye not the reproaches of men, neither be ye afraid of their revilings, for the moth ſhall eat them up like a garment, and the worm ſhall eat them like wool; but my righteouſneſſe ſhall be for ever, and my ſalvation from gene­ration to generation; read Iſa. 51.7.8. And though we be reproached and called by the name of Quakers reproach­fully, yet the power we witneſſe and the ſalvation: which power in other generations was witneſſed amongſt the people of God, that witneſſed both ſhaking, trembling and quaking, according to the declaration left for a witneſſe upon record in the ſcriptures. For Moſes the ſervant of the Lord did exceedingly fear and quake, as for proof you may read Hebr. 12.21. and Act. 7.22. and it Moſes had been here now and witneſſed ſuch a condition of quaking, the Prieſts and people of England many of them would have been ready to have reproached Moſes and have called him a Quake, as they do reproach the people of God under the name of Quakers.

Secondly, Davids fleſh trembled, Pſalm 119.120. and he roared by reaſon of the diſquietneſſe of his heart, Pſal. 38.8. Pſal. 22.1.

Thirdly, Job ſaith that trembling took hold on his fleſh, Job 21.5.6. And at this ſaith he, my heart trembleth, and is removed out of its place, Job 37.1.

Fourthly, The Lord ſent Iſaiah to the people to ſpeak his word, ſaying, Hear the word of the Lord all ye that tremble at his word, Iſaiah 66.5. and Iſaiah and thoſe trembling people, and ſuch as the Lord had given him, were for ſignes and wonders in Iſrael; Iſa. 8.16.17, 18.

And if any witneſſe a trembling condition now, as ſuch did then, they are reproached and hated, and are for ſignes and wonders in England, and (by them reproachfully and ſcornfully called Quakers.

And if Iob, David, and the people with Iſaiah,Math. Luke 6.22.23. 1 Pet. 4.13.14. had been here now, and witneſſed ſuch conditions of ſhaking and trembling, the people in this generation and the Prieſts, might have had as good ground to have called ſuch Quakers, as they have to call the people of God Quakers now, who witneſſe the law of God written in their hearts, and the pow­er26 that worketh ſalvation, but ſuch as ſo reproach and revile the people of God by the name of Quakers, are ignorant of the life of the Scripture, and the power which worketh out ſalvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2.11, 12, 13.

5. Habakkuck the Prophet of the Lord, his belly ſhook, and his lips quivered. Hab. 3.16.

6. Ieremiah his heart within him was broken, and his bones did ſhake. Ier. 23.9. and ſee what he ſaith. Ier. 5.22. and Ier. 30.56.

7. The word of the Lord came to Ezek'ell the prophet, ſay­ing, ſon of man eat thy bread with quaking. Ezek'ell, 12.18.

Daniel he trembled, and the men that was with him, a great quaking fell upon them, ſo that they fled to hide them­ſelves. Dan 10.8, 11.

If Habakkuck, the Prophet of the Lord had been here now, and his belly had ſhook, and his lips quivered, as he ſaith they did, and had Ieremiah the Prophet of the Lord been here now, and his bones had ſhook, and he have been like a drunken man, and had Ezekiell, Daniel, and the men that were with him been here now, and done ſo, trembled and quaked, (as the Scripture witneſſeth of them. Ier. 23.9. Ier. 5.22. Ier. 30.5, 6. Hab. 3.16. Ezek. 12, 18. Dan. 10.8, 9, 10, 11.) the Prieſts of England and their people would have been ready to have ſaid theſe men had been deluded or mad, and have been ready to have reviled them, and to have called them Quakers.

Yet they can take ſuch mens words to profeſſe, and trade withall for mony, but deſpiſe their conditions, and magnify themſelves againſt the people of God, that witneſſeth their conditions, and that power which they did, and ſuch are now by the Prieſts of England and their people reproachfully cal­led Quakers, but you that reproach the people of God, and magnify your ſelves againſt them, read what the Lord will do to you,Mat. 5.10, 11, 12. Luk. 6.22, 23. 1 Pet. 4 13.14. and ſuch like as is ſpoken of in the propheſie of Zeph. 2.9, 10, 11.

And though we be reviled and reproached by the name of Quakers, yet we can gladly rejoyce that we are counted wor­thy to ſuffer reproach for the name of Chriſt, & to us reproaches27 are great riches for Chriſts ſake, as they was to the holy men of God, and to Moſes who did exceedingly fear and quake. Heb. 11.25, 26. Heb. 12.21.

The ground and manner of the meeting.

The meeting at Chadwitch in Worceſterſhire, on the 21 day of the 12 month, between the 2 men by the world ſcorn­fully called Quakers, and the 2 Prieſts, to wit one Prieſt Oſland Paſtor to an independent company as they ſay at Bewdley, and one Andrew Truſterom Prieſt at Clent.

To the 2 Prieſts that were at the meeting and others of their party the day aforeſaid, ſome paſſages laid before them to look on and take into conſideration, and the manner and ground of our meeting in brief as followeth.

The meeting at Chadwitch in Worceſterſhire the day a­foreſaid, we) whom the world ſcornfully called Quakers) had appointed that day ſet apart to meet with the people there abouts, that uſed there to meet with others that might come into us that day, not knowing any thing of your being there, till we came at the place, where the meeting was ap­pointed, and when we came at the meeting houſe, we found you 2 Prieſts got peaking up Phariſee like, and had been la­bouring to incenſe the people againſt us, crying our againſt falſe prophets and ſeducers, and p oved to be thoſe ſame your ſelves, whom ſome of the people had oppoſed before we came, & ſo finding you peark'c above them and jangling with them, (out of the envy and pride of your hearts) be­fore we came, ſo ſeeing that I preſſed in amongſt the people to get in to ſtand before your faces, as I was conſtrained, and moved, and with much preſſing (the throng was ſo great) I preſſed through the throng, until I came and ſtood before you the 2 Prieſts, whereupon you made a ſpeech, that all the people would be ſilent, but I, that you and I might ſpeak together, &c.

But I was not free in my ſpirit to have the ſpirits of others tyed up by my promiſe, therefore I opened my mouth to ſpeak as I were guided by the ſpirit of my Father, Mat. 10, 20. and ſaid unto you alſo, that the room was very throng ſo for the truthes ſake, and for the good of the people there28 gathered together, and for conveniences ſake alſo, it would be better to go forth of the doors upon the green hill, that all people might hear, and be kept cool, but that you refuſed, and then would not but ſaid, if that I would ask you a queſtion you would anſwer me, or if I would you would ask me a queſtion and I would anſwer you, or if you not be interrup­ted you would ſpeak, or to the effects, or if I would ſpeak, you would hear me, &c.

Whereupon, to that I told you again, I had appointed that meeting with the people, and had ſomething from the Lord to declare to that people there gathe­red together, ſo be ſilent till I have done, or declared what from the Lord I have here this day to declare to this peo­ple, and then if you would have me to ask you a queſtion, that I ſhall do afterwards, if God permits, whereupon to that yon (2 Prieſts) granted and ſat down, ſo by your pro­miſe you were bound to hear me, and be ſilent till I had done, as aforeſaid, if you had regarded your word, and alſo after that you were bound accordingly, from your own pro­poſition and by your promiſe to anſwer my queſtion, which was to propound unto you.

So after that ſilent, I ſtood a while, and a woman bad me to ſpeak and ſpeak up aloud, but I to her anſwered and ſaid, woman, I am not to be commanded by thee, but by the Lord, and as he pleaſeth, ſo I ſhall ſpeak, whoſe power I am ſub­ject unto, and to be ordered by & alſo diſpoſed of according to the good pleaſure of his divine will, in whoſe counſell I now do ſtand.

Then after that, according to the good pleaſure of the Lord, who had ordered and did order to his praiſe, and ac­cording to the aſſiſtance of his holy ſpirit, and the working of his divine power, I did declare the truth of God, as it were witneſſed, to the witneſſe of God in all conſciences, that were preſent and heard, and ſhall be witneſſed before the judgement ſeat of Chriſt, for my ſpeech and my preaching was not with enticing words of mans wiſdom, but in demon­ſtration of the ſpirit, and of power, &c. 1 Cor. 2.3, 4. Rom. 2.16.

And bleſſed are they who continue with patience in the well doing. 2 Cor. 6.Rom. 2.7. that obey and follow the light, and29 counſell of the word of truth, anſwered within by the light of Chriſt in their conſciences, through the myſtery of godlineſſe. Col. 1.27, 28. But ſuch as are contentious and diſobey the truth to obey unrighteouſneſſe, their portion will be grie­vous woe and miſery: 2 Theſ. 1.6.7, 8, 9.2 Theſ. then indigna­tion and wrath, tribulation and anguiſh, Rom. 2.8.9. whether Prieſt or people. But though the truth was that day declared in much power, and many (of your party) at the firſt, and others were pricked at the heart, and were much tendered and convinced, and many did ſecretly (and ſome openly confeſſe to the truth) and your ſelves confeſſed to that which you ſaid I held forth concerning mortification of ſin, and the reſurrection, and other truths: till your practiſes were touched, and the worlds churches, tythes, preaching for hire bearing rule by their means, ſeeking for their gain from their quarter, and ſuch like things were declared againſt: at which you (the Prieſts) ſtartled, who before were convinced of the truth declared, and had ſighed, ſobbed, and groned in your ſpirits very often; as many can witneſſe: and as that in your conſciences which is my witneſſe for Gods truth de­clared, and anſwer (againſt your deceits) doth know.

Yet when you ſaw that the truth did prevail upon the ſpi­rits of many, and that you muſt either yield up to it and take your ſhame, or elſe to ſtand up contrary to that in your con­ſciences to oppoſe it, and reſiſt it, as Jannes and Jambres withſtood Moſes,2 Tim. 3.8.9. and ſought to harden the peoples hearts a­gainſt him, leſt they ſhould have believed and obeyed the truth: ſo after I had ſpoken about an hour and a half or two houres, you ſought to reſiſt the truth, though clear truths ac­cording to ſcripture, as that in your conſciences (and others of the ſervants of God) can witneſſe, and you laboured much to have got me and the truth ſilent; and broke your own engagement by promiſe. But what are the words of Prieſts, but words of falſe-hearted ſelf ſeeking and deceitfull men, as you and others do know: yet truth prevailed, and would not be ſilent: for fleſh and deceit truce-breakers like your ſelves and ſuch ſpoken of, in 2 Tim. 3 chap. That did not regard your own word and promiſe that time: you broke your own order (and word bond) or the preſent engage­ment, whereupon I told you the ſumme and commanded30 your ſilence for your words ſake, and ſtill ſpoke to the people (this is not ſelf juſtication; but a witneſſing to the truth againſt the deceits and deceivers,) and to clear it from lies and danders; and though you (the Prieſts) did ſo ſeek to reſiſt the truth, contrary to that in your conſciences, and ſo ſtirred up envy in the harts (of ſome of the ignorant people) againſt the truth of God, and the meſſenger of God, &c. yet the cauſe I commit to the Lord, who will car­ry it on againſt gainſayers and oppoſers, like you and ſuch in your nature; and will alſo caſe himſelf of his enemies, and be avenged of his adverſaries. Iſa. 1.24. And the Lord will avenge himſelf of you? except ye repent, and acknowledge your fault, and to the people declare againſt your errour, own your condemnation thereupon, and take ſhame to your ſelves. And to this the light in your conſciences is my wit­neſſe, and anſwer the judgements upon you it wils to be juſt; and if you do not repent and give over deceiving the people, and ceaſe your oppoſition againſt the truth, or elſe eternall vengeance you cannot eſcape: be ſilent all fleſh, the light is my anſwer and witneſſe, beyond and againſt your wills: Happy are you if you obey it in all things, but wo to you if you diſobey it and act contrary to it. Now you have time prize it, remember Dves end; and alſo take warning and re­member that in your life time you have been warned; as to you I ſaid by the ſpirit of the Lord.

And when you (Prieſts) could not have your wills as you would, who had before in part, bound up your ſelves by your word and promiſe, but broke your bonds; whereupon I told you the ſame, and I was bound to clear my conſcience be­fore you and the people, to lay open your deceits; and for the truths ſake, becauſe that yon (and others alſo of the Prieſts your brethren) had ſo much cried out againſt falſe prophets, and the like. I ſaid towards the latter end of my ſpeech, declared by the ſpirit of the Lord to the people that day at Chadwitch in Worceſterſhire as aforeſaid: That you (the two prieſts) was bound by your word to hear me what I had to ſay, and after that to anſwer my queſtion alſo: whereupon keeping you chained or tied up by your own word, then I proceeded, and went on to lay open before you and the people who the falſe prophets were, and how they31 might be known even by their fruits as Chriſt hath ſaid, Matth. 7.15.16. and 20.

So by your fruits are you known, and all ſuch, as the true Prophets of the Lord was ſent to cry out againſt, as than I laid open by deſcription and fruits: alſo proving the ſame by ſcripture, which now I ſhall not much mention becauſe I laid you and ſuch ſo open before your faces; and ſuch like as ſpeaks a divination of their own brain, ſtealing the true prophets and true Apoſtles words to trade with all for money and ſelfends; (which they ſpake forth freely as they were moved of the holy Ghoſt, and as the ſpirit gave them utter­ance, 2 Pet. Act. 24.) therefore ſuch as ſteals their words to trade withall for money, are the thieves and falſe prophets ſpoken of in Jer. 23. but the Prieſts of the world are ſuch, therefore thieves and falſe prophets as by their fruits they are known, and ſuch as bear rule by their meanes, & ſeeks the fleece and makes a prey upon the people, and ſeeks fort heir gain from their quarter,Jer. 23. 23. Mic. 3.5.11. Iſa. 56.10.11. 2 Pet. 2. ſuch prieſts as preach for hire, like thoſe that the true prophets were ſent to crie againſt, ſuch are the prieſts of the world, therefore falſe prophets, and to be cried againſt as ſuch was; Jer. 5.30.31. Ezek. 34. And ſuch proud, covetous, ſelt-ſeeking men, as agrees with a people beforehand, to pay them 20.30 or 300 pound per annum; faying they are miniſters of Chriſt, ſudh doth ſpeak falſely and are lying falſe prophets never ſent of the Lord, they cannot find their example in ſcripture, neither amongſt the true Prophets nor true Apoſtles of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt,Micah 3.5.11. but ſuch are a­mongſt the hirelings, and ſuch as are greedy dumb dogs ne­ver ſatisfied, Iſaiaeh. 56.10.11. but ſeeking for their gain from their quarter, and making a prey upon the people. Ezek. and amongſt ſuch (or under Tythmon­gers) tytheing Prieſts as thou Andrew Truſterom art, (and ſaidſt thou wouldſt prove it to be lawful, but did not, and the other would not meddle about tythes, ſo I bad him then cry them down.)

For thou, and ſuch as takes tythes, profeſſing your ſelves goſpel miniſters, (are lyers and deceivers as I told thee) and have not one example for ſo doing, amongſt all the goſpel miniſters (nor Judahs tribe, which you can prove by plain32 ſcripture) to take tythes by command. Oh, ſhame, Andrew Truſterom, and all tything prieſts like thee, you diſhonour the goſpel, and are out of the goſpel way and order: be a­ſhamed, and bluſh, and all hirelings, and alſo tything prieſts like thee, you that take tythes do not the work nor ſervice that ſuch did as bad the tythes, a peculiar gift for their ſervice onely, during the legall miniſtration. You tything prieſts what are you Aaronitall and Leviticall, or Phariſaicall and hypocriticall; where are you, and where is your holy gar­ments, water of purification, your altars, fire and incence and burnt-offerings, and ſacrifices: where is your circumciſion, and where is all the ſervice required under the Aaronitall and Leviticall prieſthood, done and performed by you? Tithing Prieſts, that was done by Aaron and Levi, who had the tythes, a peculiar gift onely for their ſervice under that prieſt­hood, Numb. 18.1.2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7. and Numb. 18.20.21. And you tything prieſts by the ſame Law are to do all the ſervice required, as well as take tythes: elſe you are diſſemblers with God and man, taking tythes and leaving the work undone, and there never was any goſpel allow­ance, ſtop your mouthes. But ſeeing you do take tythes, where is vour ſtore houſe, to put the tythes in, Malac. 3. Let that be known, and where it is: that the gates may be ſet open in every place of the nation, that the poor, the wi­dows, fatherleſſe and ſtrangers, may come thither to be fil­led and ſatisfied; (that is, to have out of them food and rai­ment) (that there may not be a beggar in England, but be relieved and ſatisfied, and have food and raiment out of the tythes:) as there was not to be a beggar in Iſrael but to be relieved, filled, and ſatisfied out of the tythes: as may be read, Deuir.

But do you not you tything prieſts in England, take tythe of the poor, the widows, fatherleſſe, and a ſo ſtrangers: if ſervants come and be ſhangers in a place, or ſojourners do­ing ſervice from one year to another, ſome of you take tythe out of their earnings or wages; here you manifeſt your cru­elty that ſo do, and are even binding, and have bound heavy burdens upon the poor: but woe is your portion that do ſo. Math. 23. Never ſuch goſpel miniſters was known, that e­ver the ſcripture maketh mention of; but you are thoſe33 thieves and robbers that Chriſt ſpeaks of, which never came in by the door, as it is written Ioh. 10. chap. And you are robbers of the poor, and do not what the law requires of you, that commanded tythes to be paid to the Leviticall Prieſt­hood: but you are ſo farre from the goſpel order, that you are tranſgreſſours of the law; & inſtead of keeping it, you break it, and take tythes contrary to the law of God in the firſt cove­nant, & prieſthood; & take tythes contrary to the law in that covenant: for the poor the widows, the fatherleſſe & ſtrangers inſtead of paving tythes under the law, was to be filled & ſa­tsfied out of the tythes according to the law. Deut. but you that are tything prieſts in England, take tythes of the poor, and many widows, and fatherleſſe, and ſtranges, for in many places the prieſts tythe ſervants wages, taking a farthing at ſhilling, and as their errour is. Oh, wicked ſedu­cers, deluders and deceivers! but woe to the wicked and to Gods adverſaries for it ſhall go ill with them. Iſaiah 3.11, Iſaiah 1.24.

And you hold up that which Chriſt came to put an end to, who hath fulfilled that law and covenant, by which that, the firſt prieſthood was ordained, and by which tythes were commanded to them to be paid; and the prieſthood be­ing changed, ſo he changed the law by which the prieſts were made, and tythes paid: ſo an end of the prieſthood that received tythes by a law, therefore an end of tythes the reward for your ſervice; and Chriſt is the ſumme and ſub­ſtance of all the things there ſpoken of, who is of the tribe of Iudah, that took no tithes; neither did he take any, nor his maſters of the new covenant under the goſpel; therefore ſtop your mouthes a bout your tythes, and alſo take ſhame to your ſelves, reſtore to whom you have wronged, by taking tythes, profeſſing your ſelves miniſters of the goſpel; and reſtore four fold as Zaccheus who had been an oppreſſour, upon his converſion did; and alſo read Hebrews 7.8.9. and 10. chapters.

So in brief, I leave that, and come on to let you know by bringing things back to your remembrance, &c. That when your deceits (and the deceits of the prieſts of Eng­land) were declared againſt that day, and laid open to your underſtandings, and in your preſence that it even cut34 you to the heart, who had ſo often that day ſighed and groa­ned to the hearing of others, and then thou Andrew Tru­ſterom Prieſt of Clent, went out of the room, being accuſed in thy conſcience, and pricked with it, but that which did accuſe thee doth accuſe thee, and will be a ſwift witneſſe a­gainſt thee, thou cannot flee it, to the grave and the pit it will follow to witneſſe a gainſt thee, and upon thee; anſwer it will the judgements of God to be juſt, if it thou hate and ſtill diſobey, therefore be adviſed I warn thee, and give over deceiving the people for their own ends.

But to come on, having left thee without excuſe as well as the reſt, this is to bring to remembrance, and let thee and the reſt know, that when thou was fled and going out of the room when the meeting was, I then ceaſed, declaring to take away ſlanders and prejudices, and otherwiſe might have been raiſed, and I turned me about towards the other Prieſt Oſland Paſtor to the independent company at Bewdley ſo called) that be might have ſome time to anſwer my queſti­on, and object what he or others had to object, that truth might be cleared, and according to my promiſe, I propoun­ded to him a queſtion after I had ended my ſpeech to the people, and therein had laid open your deceits, and the de­ceits of the prieſts of the world to the people, which queſti­on was this.

The beginning of the diſpute.

What death it was that had reigned over thoſe that had not ſinned after the ſimilitude of Adams tranſgreſſion, and what it was in mankind that ſuch a death had reigned over, how he could witneſſe in the inward miniſtrations, through deaths reign, through Moſes or the judgements, and through the prophecyings to John in the wilderneſſe, and how in his burnings and ſhineings to the leaſt in the kingdom, what the ſoul and ſpirit of man was, and how to be known aſun­der, becauſe the word of the Lord divideth aſunder betwixt the ſoul and ſpirit, as it is written. Heb. 4.12.

But to this queſtion, I received but only a ſhuffle in ſtead of an anſwer, and be ſaid call in my brother, which was prieſt Truſterom, and thou coming in, ſeemed as though thou would anſwer it, but yet it is from you without its an­ſwer,

35Then it followes, that you either could not anſwer the queſtion propounded, and ſo acknowledged the ſame by your fleeing from it, and leaving it without its full anſwer, or elſe that you would not anſwer it, and ſo to further ma­nifeſted your lies & lying ſpirit, ſaying you would anſwer it, and did not, but left it, and yet it remains without its true and full anſwer, to manifeſt your lying falſe ſpirits, and hereby know we the ſpirit of truth, and your ſpirit of errour aſunder, and that it is the laſt time, as John faith; Little children, it is the laſt time, and as ye have heard that Antichriſt ſhall come, even now are there many Antichriſts, whereby we know that it is the laſt time, Ioh. 4.1, to the 7. 1 Ioh. 2.18. and that you are of the Antichriſtian miniſtry and the Antichriſtian miniſters.

Then you had a ſpeech ſeeingly to juſtify, guard, or defend your pulpits of wood, but fled from the guard and left them for another to defend, your great plea or defence for your pulpit of wood was that Ezra had one, but you was to prove that any of the miniſters of the goſpel had one, and ſaid you wou'd but did not, ſo further manifeſted your lies and Antichriſtian doctine, for lyars are Antichriſtian, and of old Antichriſt their father. Ioh. 8.44. when you was put to read that place of Ezra's pulpit, ſpoken of in Nehem. Nehem. 8.1, 2, 3, 4, 5.8. it was proved that his pulpit was not in a ſteeple-houſe, but in the ſtreet, before the ſtreet called the water gate, and yours is in ſteep; e-houſes, and not in ſtreets, therefore not as Ezra's was. And ſecondly, Ezra's pulpit of wood was but only for the reading of the Law book from morne till mid-day, but yours is conſtant and in idols temples? not for the reading of the Law only, but for the preaching of the goſpel, as you ſay, therefore Ezra's pulpit guards not yours, he was a prieſt under the Law in the firſt covenant and prieſthood, and the Law is changed by which Ezra was or­dained prieſt, and legall preacher in his wooden pulpit, in the ſtreet that was before the water gate, and the Law and prieſthood being changed and ended, ſo Ezra's pulpit, and you could not prove yours, by or from the example of any goſpel miniſters, but left it and would not plead for it ſo loſt its guard, proved your ſelves lyars and unskilfull ſouldi­ers, or pulpit leaders and commanders, and let your pulpit be36 routed and diſguarded, therefore to be guardleſſe and now diſregarded, not to be pleaded for, but to be proclaimed a­gainſt, then we bad you own your condemnation, alſo upon that your errour, ſo you left that, and went on to another thing, even to prove your maſterſhip.

Which ching you could not prove by goſpel rule, and ex­ample of goſpel miniſters, but Scribes, Phariſees, and hypo­crites which Chriſt cryed wo againſt, and by command, ſaid to his goſpel miniſters, be not ye called of men maſters, for one is your maſter, even Chriſt, and all ye are brethren he that will be greateſt let him be your ſervant, and they o­beyed his doctine given forth to them by command. Mat. 23.8, 10, 11.

And there was neither Maſter Peter, nor Maſter Stephen, nor Maſter Philip, nor Maſter Andrew, nor Maſter Barnabas, nor Maſter Paul, but he ſaid he became ſervant to all, as may be read. 1 Cor. 9.18, 19.

Then ſuch as diſobeys Chriſts command, profeſſing to be his miniſters,Mark. and are called maſters, abideth not in his do­ctrine, and ſo hath not God. 2 Ioh. 9. but are Antichriſti­an, and the prieſts of the world are ſuch, therefore Antichri­ſtian miniſters, ſo one of you to wit prieſt Oſland, would not plead for it, but ſaid if men would call him ſo, he could not help it, or to that effect: he preſently anſwered the thing and ſaid, it was God that wrought both the will and the deed of his own good pleaſure, ſo the firſt act of grace is of God, and then from him, ſo from grace received, and we bad him diſclaim it, and declare againſt it, therefore you left that, and loſt it, ſo your maſterſhip is routed with your pulpit, and now Antichriſts kingdom begins to fall and tumble down, praiſed be the Lord.

And when we bad you to acknowledge your errour, own your condemnation thereupon, and take ſhame to your ſelves, who like the Gentiles had exerciſed Lordſhip, and authority in your proud nature, (and ſuch like) over others contrary to Chriſts counſell, commands, and goſpel diſci­pline and doctrine, Mat. 23 8.10. Mar. 10.42, 43, 44. But wo is to ſuch. Mat. 23. ch. Mar. 12.38, 39, 40. as the Scripture and as Chriſt hath ſaid, and the wo is to you that walk in ſuch ſteps as thoſe that Chriſt cryed wo againſt, at37 to you I ſaid, then you fret, and were vexed, and ſaid, I had had taught falſe doctrine, which then you ſaid you would charge me withall, but could not prove it, which falſe do­ctrine you ſaid was this, that I ſaid men might not act for life, but from life or grace received, and ſought to cover your ſelves with this, (ſaying you will not come unto me, that you might have life) and ſo ſaid there might be acting for life, and then Andrew Truſterom Prieſt of Clent, to confute his ſaying, and anſwer himſelf to the accuſation laid againſt me, therefore according to Andrew Truſteroms ſaying, that God wrought, both the will and the deed according to his own good pleaſure, if he had ſeen that it was inſtead of confuting or contradicting my doctrine, a more confirmati­on of the ſame, and confuting himſelf to his ſhame, for God working both the will and the deed according to his own good pleaſure, then he is the firſt mover and actor of grace and life in the ſoul, therefore the firſt motion to goodneſſe, and the firſt act of grace is of God, working the ſoul into the obedience, and the creature to the performance of the ſame, ſo that he acts not for life and grace, but he is acted by the divine power according to the good pleaſure of the Lord, and ſo acts of love, and performance of the ſame, is from life, through the quickenings to motion, and from grace and ſtrength received, to proceed into action, and ſo grace and peace is multiplyed unto us, through the knowledge of God, and of Jeſus our Lord, according as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godlineſſe, through the knowledge of him who hath called us to glory and virtue. 2 Pet. 1.2, 3. Ioh. 6.44, 45. 2 Corinth. 3.5, 6.

2. You (the Prieſts) ſaid the light was not ſufficient of it ſelf without ſome other helps, to lead into all truth, &c.

I anſwered and ſaid, that the light being obeyed with and through the ſpirit, was, and is ſufficient to lead into all truth and to ſalvation, for Chriſt is the true light, that lighteth e­very man that cometh into the world, as Iohn and his record doth witneſſe of him, who was ſent ſo to do, and teſtifieth the ſame in the record that God gave of his Son which is true, and no ly. Ioh. 1.5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

And every man being lighted with this light, Chriſt Jeſus38 he hath ſaid, that ſuch as obey the light, and follow the ſame, they ſhall not walk in darkneſſe, but ſhall have the light of life. Ioh. 8.12. and he ſpake true, and could not ly that ſo ſaid, who is the light, and the authour of eternall ſalvation to all that obey him. Heb. 5.8, 9.

And his ſpirit is the guide to ſuch as follow the light and obey it, from whence it comes, to lead them into all truth, as the Scriptures witneſſeth, that bears record of Chriſt, and as he himſelf hath ſaid, who is to be truſted and believed in, read Ioh. 14.26. Ioh. 16.13. which ſpirit ſpeaketh with­in, and ſheweth things to come, ſo teaching ſaints, and glo­rifieth the Son, and bringeth ſouls into the perfect know­ledge or enjoyment of the Father and the Son, Ioh. 14.20. in the holy unction. Iob. 2.29, and 27. which teacheth all things, to ſuch as the light and ſpirit obey, and walks in, as it is written, and witneſſed by ſuch as knoweth and knew the holy unction in them, and the word abiding within them. 1 Ioh. 2.13, 14. and the heavenly treaſure within 2. Cor. 4.6, 7. and we know that ſuch as are guided by the ſpirit of God, are the ſons of God. Rom. 8.14. 1 Ioh. 3.1. and God hath ſent the ſpirit of his Son into our hearts, whereby we cry Abba Father. Gal. 4.6. and we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an underſtanding that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jeſus Chriſt, this is true God and life eternall. 1 Ioh. 5.20.

And we preach not our ſelves but Chriſt Jeſus the true light, and our Lord, for God who commanded the light to ſhine out of darkneſſe. hath ſhined (within) in our hearts, to give us the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jeſus, and this treaſure have we (within us as they had) in earthen veſſels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us, and the meſſage that we have to declare is this, that God is light, and in him is no darkneſſe at all, and Chriſt is the true light that lighteth every one that co­meth into the world, they that follow him, ſhall not walk in darkneſſe, but ſhall have the light of life, and he is the au­thour of eternall ſalvation to all that obey him, which is witneſſed through the opening of the myſtery within. Col. 1.27. and by obedience to the light in the eternall power of39 truth through the ſpirit, as it is written and witneſſed, and according to the outward declaration of the Scripture, but enjoyed according to the inward manifeſtation of the ſpirit (the gift of God) which is given to profit withall in the ſpirits miniſtration and myſtery,2 Cor 12. to know the fellowship with Chriſt in the glory. 2 Cor. 4.6, 7. Ioh. 1.9. Ioh. 8.12. Heb. 5.9. 1 Ioh. 1.5. 2 Cor. 3.17, 18. Rom. 8.14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. Gal. 4.6. 2 Theſ. 1.10. Ioh. 17.10.

Then remember that you (the 2 Prieſts) would go out of the room towards the latter end of the day, it was ſo hot and throng (though you would not go before) ſo we went into plain upon a green hill, and moſt of the people ſtood below in the valley, and thou Andrew Truſterom Prieſt of Clent, and I ſtood together on the hill, where I begun to lay open the things as aforeſaid concerning the light and Spirit, be­ing ſufficient according to the working of the divine power of the Lord, and the good pleaſure of his will, through theo­bedience to the light, & teachings of the ſpirit of grace, to lead to ſalvation and unto all truth, whereupon thou ſaid that was granted, before we came out of the room: ſo for the better ſatiſfaction of the people I would have laid it open to the people there, but thou yielded up to that truth, only I was to return to the people on proof concerning that the Scriptures fore ſaw that God would juſtify the heathen through faith, preach the goſpel unto Abraham, ſaying, in thee ſhall all nations be bleſſed which Scripture is this. Gal. 3.8. which is witneſſed in Chriſt. Gal. 3.18, 29. and according to the Scriptures, the declaration (of him and the word) Luk 1.1. Act. 1.1 Ioh. 1.3. the word is God, and eternall life. Ioh. 1.1. 1 Pet. 1.23. 1 Ioh. 5.6, 7, 11, 20. Heb. 4.12. Rom. 16.6, 7, 8. Rev. 19.13.

Then after that thou Andrew Truſterom Prieſt of Clent who was the mouth moſt for the Prieſts, that day thou would have maintained thy (call) being put upon it there on the hill, but could not prove it to be according to any goſpel mi­niſter, though thou had thy proof and witneſſe without thee, written in a paper in the end of thy book as thou knowes, and could not remember thy call (nor thy proof and wit­neſſe, without thy written paper in thy book end, to turn to40 other mens words, that thou were out of the life, as I then cold thee, and ſaid alſo, that ſuch as thou were made tradeſ­men at Cambridge or Oxford, or from under ſuch as had (yours and) their riſe from the old (wicked) Biſhops, and ſuch Biſhops from the Popes generation, and they from the Pope; and the Pope from old Antichriſt, and ſo Antichriſti­an miniſters, and not the miniſters of Chriſt, nor the goſpel.

For I told thee the miniſters of Chriſt and the goſpel, was not made by the will of man, but of God were they ordain­ed, and was ſent by Chriſt Jeſus and the holy Ghoſt, and re­ceived not their goſpel nor call of man but of God, neither was ſuch that were ſo called, taught of man but of God, as it is certified to the Brethren, and left upon record in Scrip­ture, and ſuch as were ſo called and taught, made not their goſpel burdenſom, but free. to be examples alſo for others that come after to follow, and ſuch goſpel miniſters as were ſo called, ordained, gifted, and ſent forth, they ſold not their gift nor preaching the goſpel for mony nor tythes, but preach­ed freely,1 Cor. 9.16, 17, 18, 19. Act. 20.33. 1 Cor. 11. i. not for tythes as the prieſts of the world do now that follow not their example, neither had any goſpel mi­niſter 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, or 300 pound per Annum, as the prieſts of the world have now, but ſuch goſpel miniſters as were ordained, called, and ſent of God, went to turn people from the darkneſſe to the light, from the power of Satan unto God. Act. 26.14, 15, 16,17,18. Gal. 1.1, and 11,12,15,16. verſ. and ſuch coveted no mans ſilver, nor gold, nor apparell, but laboured with hands, and preached the goſpel freely, who were made able mini­ſters of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the ſpirit. 2 Cor. 3.6. Act. 20.28, and 3.3, 34,35. verſ. Act. 13. Mat. 10. 1 Cor. 11.1. verſ.

Then ſuch as go to trades at Univerſities, and learns old Authours, mans inventions, to add a divination of their brain to the Scriptures, and are taught of proud, covetous, ſelf-ſee­king men (of ſuch Arts) and are called by ſuch, and are called of men maſter, and hath tythes are called by them to great benefits, 20, 40, 100, 200, pound a year, ſuch are not according to the gofpel minifters, but are Antichriftian. and deceivers, and ſuch are the Prieſts of the world, therefore41 Antichriſtian miniſters, ſeducers, and deceivers of the nations, then thou Andrew Truſterom the Prieſt as aforeſaid, thou ſeemingly would have denyed thy call and ordination, from the old (wicked) Biſhops, but could not, from that ground had thou thy riſe, and upon it yet ſtands in the nature turned from the light, as ſuch was, and arta proud man called of men maſter, takes tythes, and ſo art out of Chriſts doctrine, and ſuch hath not God, as John ſaith, that abideth not in the doctrine of Chriſt, as in the 2 Ioh. 9.Math. 23. and ſuch Chriſt bids beware of, and pronounceth great judgement upon them. Mar. 12.38, 39, 40.

I asked thee when the prieſthood of England renounced their firſt ordaination from Biſhops, and paſt an act a­gainſt it: but to that thou gaveſt me no anſwer, but ſaidſt, thou waſt called to the miniſtry by Elders; but it is as I ſay by (Elders) ſuch as are old in deceit, and the myſtery of iniquity. For goſpel Elders, and ſuch in the eternall truth, they never called a tithe monger, as I told thee, for ſuch, diſhonour the goſpel: neither did ſuch Elders ever call any that ſought for their gain from their quarter. Iſaiah 56.10.11. nor a proud covetous ſelf-ſeeking man called of men maiſter, like thee, and the prieſts of the world, who are con­ſtrained, by tithes ſilver and gold, 20 40 100 or 200 pound by the year, as Englands prieſts are; ſo contrary to goſpel call and Elderſhip, and none of thoſe goſpel la­bourers but vain deceivers, as thou and ſuch art.

Such as were made Elders of the flock of Chriſt and over­ſeers thereof, were not called to that work by the will of man, but were called and made overſeers by the holy Ghoſt, Act. 20.28. and ſuch was to take the care of the flock, not by conſtraint, but of a ready mind, and not for filthy lucre. 1 Pet. 5.2. 3, &c. And they that were called by Elders in the power of truth, were to be blameleſſe as the ſtewards of God, 1 Tim. 3.1.2. &c. Titus 1.7, 8. And ſuch as were called by the Elders, and were Elders, they coveted no mans ſiver nor gold, Act. 20.33, &c. neither did ſuch mans hay nor corn, lambs, nor wool, eggs, geeſe nor pigs, nor money neither for meares not foals, kine nor calves; nor money for gardens, bees, and ſmoke paſſing up peoples chimneys: never ſuch as theſe did they chuſe nor call, they are a ſcandall to the truth, and a burden to the goſpel, there­fore42 fore ſtop thy mouth (& all hirelings) and tithing prieſts like thee. Such as were called, choſen, and ſet apart for the work of the miniſtry of the goſpel, and appointed thereunto by the holy Ghoſt? and ſent out by the laying on of hands, they preached freely, and were not chargeable, nor coveted no mansſilver, nor gold, nor apparel; but were blameleſſe as the ſtewards of God. Act. 20.28. and 33.34.35. Act. 13. 1 Pet. 5.2.3. 1. Tim. 3. Titus 1.

And when I read that place of ſcripture in the Acts to prove how Paul goſpel miniſter, that was one that was appointed by the holy Ghoſt for that work? and ſent out by the laying on of hands, as in Act. 13.1, 2, 3, 4, and that he coveted no mansſilver, nor gold, nor apparell, but la­boured with his hands to be an example for others to walk by, and follow after. Act. 20.33, 34. then thou Andrew Truſterom Prieſt of Clent, ſaid thou would confute