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Officium Euchariſticum. A PREPARATORY SERVICE, To a DEVOUT and WORTHY RECEPTION OF THE LORDS SUPPER. Deſigned for a perſon of Qua­lity; and now made Publick for Common Uſe.

St. Luke xxiv. 36.

He was known to them in Breaking of Bread.

London, Printed by T. Milbou•…〈◊〉Chriſtopher Wilkinſon at the B•…〈◊〉over againſt St. Dunſtans 'Chur•…〈◊〉ſtreet, 1673.

Good Reader,

THis little Manual of Directions and Prayers for the Holy Com­munion, Firſt deſigned for a Pri­vate uſe, now ſhews it ſelf in Publique, on preſumption it may help thee in thy Cloſet-retirements towards a Pious preparation thereto, and a wor­thy Reception thereof.

I omit to Preface it; becauſe I can­not call it Mine: 'Tis a Collection, and recommends it ſelf unto thee cloathed in the Language not of any Private Con­ception; (of ſuch the world is already full;) But of Primitive Liturgies; of that of our Holy Church, and ſome of the moſt Devout Fathers of it, Biſhop Andr•…Biſhop Coſins, and that Great and〈◊〉Man Arch-Biſhop LAUD, who〈◊〉a Patron, and dyed a Martyr of〈◊〉

The Authour, (who e're he〈◊〉curious, or Sollicitous to think, How it may go down with a ſort of People, whoſe unweildy zeal hath tranſported them under a pretence of Spuing out Popery, to diſrelliſh and traduce any thing that is Primitive: But, the Sober and Devout Chriſtian, who lives in the Communion of This Church, He is ſe­cure of. And that it may further thee in the Attainment of our Common Sal­vation, is his ſincere and hearty deſire; in return to which, he beggs thee nothing, but to Recommend him now and then in theſe thy Private Addreſſes to the Throne of Grace.


A Preparatory Office For the H. COMMUNION.

THe neareſt and moſt ſolemn Intimacy and Communion we have with God in this World, is exhibited to us in the Bleſſed Euchariſt; that is to ſay, the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, where­in (according to our Church-Catechiſm) the Body and Bloud of Chriſt, are verily, and in­deed taken, and received by the Faithful; and hence it is called by St. Paul, 1 Cor. 10.16. The Communion of his Body, and the Com•…­nion of his Bloud; ſo that by a du•…〈◊〉worthy Participation hereof, we are re•…〈◊〉•…­corporated into Chriſt; we dwell in Ch•…〈◊〉Chriſt in us; we are made One wi•…〈◊〉and Chriſt with us: In regard of〈◊〉2liable Priviledge, as well as the great danger which attends the contrary, now eſpecially we are to heed our ſelves in our Addreſſes to it, being careful to perform all Devotional Acts of Worſhip and Piety, which may conduce to a good acceptable Celebration of ſo Divine a Myſtery: St. Paul hath comprehended them all under this One Word and Duty of Ex­amination, 1 Cor. 11.28. which includes more than we can readily conceive: I ſhall not in­large upon thoſe Graces of Faith, Repentance, and Charity, about which it ſhould be chiefly converſant; but, do immediately proceed to thoſe Preparatory Acts of Devotion, which ſhould be exerciſed in order to a due Recepti­on of this Bleſſed Sacrament.

I begin then, as you ſhould in this, and all other Duties of Religion, In the Name of God; and Exhort, that having received Notice from God's Prieſt of a Communion to be Celebrated the next Sunday, you forthwith ſet your ſelf to•…is great Work, of fitting your ſelf for a right•…cipation thereof. Whatever you do, let〈◊〉•…er and anon be uppermoſt in your〈◊〉•…ts that whole Week, reflecting on your〈◊〉Eſtate, and ſpecially on that Time,〈◊〉hath lent you from your laſt Re­•…〈◊〉hat Graces you have Improved? 〈◊〉omitted? What Sins commit­ted? 3And out of a hearty Reſentment of them, breath forth theſe, or the like pious Eja­culations:

I have ſinned; What ſhall I do unto Thee, O Thou Preſerver of Man! Lord, I am not worthy to come under thy Roof; But ſpeak the Word onely, and thy Servant ſhall be Healed!

Adding theſe two Collects to your Private Devotions, both at Morning and Evening, that whole Week.

ALmighty God, who of thy tender Mer­cy, didſt give thine only Son Jeſus Chriſt, to ſuffer Death upon the Croſs for our Re­demption; and didſt inſtitute, and in thy Holy Goſpel command us to continue a perpetual Memory of that his precious Death, until his Coming again: Hear me, moſt merciful Sa­viour, I moſt humbly beſeech Thee, and make my Groanings, my Deſires after this Holy Sa­crament, anſwerable to my needs of it: But oh Lord! How ſhall ſuch a Wretch as I da•…to approach thy Holy Table? I am a〈◊〉How ſhall I preſume to take the C•…〈◊〉Bread? I have often trampled thoſe〈◊〉things under foot, either careleſly ne•…or unworthily receiving thoſe H•…•…­ries! O Lord, my horrible Guil•…〈◊〉4me tremble to come, and yet makes me not dare to ſtay away; for, Where ſhall this pol­luted Soul be waſhed, but in this Fountain o­pened for ſin, and for uncleanneſs? Hither then I come; and Thou haſt promiſed, that him that cometh to Thee, Thou wilt in no wiſe caſt out: Grant me therefore, Gracious Lord, ſo to eat the Fleſh of thy Dear Son Jeſus Chriſt, and to drink his Bloud; that my ſinful Body may be made clean by his Body, and my Soul waſhed through his moſt Precious Bloud. A­men.

I Will not preſume to come to thy Table, O Merciful Lord, truſting in my own Right­eouſneſs, but in thy manifold and great Mer­cies declared unto Mankind in our Lord Jeſus Chriſt; for whoſe ſake, give me, I pray Thee, ſuch a Preparation of Soul, as may qualifie me for a worthy Approach thereunto; To this end, make me heartily ſenſible of my Sins and Unworthineſs; raiſe up my dull and earthy Mind from groveling here below, and inſpire〈◊〉with a Holy Zeal to ſeek thoſe things that〈◊〉bove: Let that infinite Love of Chriſt in〈◊〉for ſo wretched a Sinner, inflame my〈◊〉nd kindle in me that Sacred fire of Love〈◊〉•…ain, and to all thoſe whom He hath〈◊〉Command and Example to Love,〈◊〉well as Friends, and that for his5 ſake: Cloath me, O Lord in the Wedding Gar­ment; and make me, though of my ſelf, a moſt unworthy, yet by thy Mercy, an acceptable Gueſt at Thy Table; that I may not eat or drink my own Damnation, but Salvation through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

Having thus recommended your ſelf unto God in your private Retirements: I do earneſt­ly exhort you to frequent the publique Prayers of the Church: (nothing but a charitable, or ſome very urgent occaſion can now, or indeed ſhould at any time excuſe you;) and to attend them with all poſſible Devotion: Heed your ſelf, this Week eſpecially, your Thoughts, Words and Actions, that they be not wicked nor vain; or if at any time they ſhould, that you forth­with recall and check your ſelf thus,

Lord have Mercy upon me!
Chriſt have Mercy upon me!
Lord have Mercy upon me!

I Said, I will take heed to my ways, that I offend not in my Tongue! O God, who knoweſt us to be ſet in the midſt of ſo ma•…and great Dangers, that by reaſon of the f•…­ty of our Nature, we cannot always ſtand〈◊〉right; grant to me ſuch ſtrength and Prote•…on, as may ſupport me in all Danger〈◊〉carry me through all Temptations〈◊〉Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

6Set apart the Friday of every ſuch Week as a Day of Holy Faſting and Abſtinence, riſing Earlier than uſually, if your Health will permit you, at Five of the Clock.

When you Awake, Pray,

LIghten mine eyes, O Lord, that I ſleep not in Death.

Then meditate upon, and ac­knowledg Gods goodneſs for Preſerving you the laſt Night, who might, and deſervedly too, have Suffred Death to Seize on you whilſt Sleeping, and hurryed you hence to render an account of what you have done in the fleſh: the reſult of which, will be to Think. How (on the Suppoſal of this Dreadful Surprize) you were Prepared; and to Conclude,

Happy is that Servant, whom his Lord, when he cometh ſhall find Doing his will!

And then humbly commending your ſelf to God, Say,

Nto thy hands, O Lord, I commend this Day my ſoul and my Body, beſeechingee to be ever with me, to direct, ſanctifie•…overn me in the ways of thy Laws, and〈◊〉works of thy commandments; that〈◊〉thy moſt mighty protection both7 "here and ever, I may be preſerved both in Body and Soul, to ſerve Thee the only True God, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord Amen.

After which; Preſently Ariſe: and at your Up-riſing; Say,

JN the name of God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghoſt; Amen. Bleſſed be God, the Holy and undivided Trinity, now and for ever, Amen.

I Ariſe from my Bed to Glorify Him; He, of his infinite mercy, Bleſs and Keep me this Day, and for evermore; Amen.

I Laid me down, and ſlept, and roſe up a­gain, for the Lord hath Suſtained me.

At your Apparrelling; Say,

CLoath me, O Lord, with the Ornaments of thy heavenly Grace; and Cover me with the Robes of Righteouſneſs. Put ye on the Lord Jeſus Chriſt; and make no proviſion for the fleſh, to fullfil the luſts thereof.

At the Waſhing of your Hands, ſay,

WAſh me clean, O Lord, from my•…edneſs; and Cleanſe me from my〈◊〉Amen.

Suppoſing you thus Apparralled〈◊〉by Six of the Clock; Tis tim〈◊〉8retire your ſelf, to your ordinary Morning Prayers, which I would adviſe you, e're you Kneel down, to begin with Proſtration thus,

At the Name of Jeſus, God bleſſed for ever, let every Knee Bowe, both of things in Heaven, things in Earth, and things under the Earth; Glory be to Thee O Lord moſt High.

Then upon Your Knees, Say:

GOd be in my Head and in my Ʋnderſtand­ing, that I may know in this my Day the things which do concern my everlaſting peace.

God be in my Eyes and in my Seeing, that they may alwayes be looking up to thy Mer­cy-Seat, and that they be not as ſo many Caſements to let in Vanity.

God be in my Mouth and in my Speaking, to guard and fence it from Idle Words, and that it may at no time be a Door to let out Folly.

God be in my Ears and in my Hearing,t they may be always open to ſound and•…lſom Counſels, and deaf to corrupt and〈◊〉Communications.

〈◊〉be in my Heart and in my Thinking,〈◊〉erve it from being a ſink of Unclean­•…〈◊〉that it may never be ſuffered either〈◊〉, or deceive others.

9God be at my End and my Departing, that ſo my Death may be precious in the ſight of the Lord, with whom I pray that I may live for Evermore; Amen.

And ſo,

"Prevent me O Lord in all my Doings with thy moſt Gracious Favour, and further me with thy continual Help, that in all my works begun, continued, and ended in Thee I way glorifie thy Holy Name, and final­ly by thy mercy may obtain everlaſting Life, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord, Amen.

Adding, Our Father, &c.

My Voice ſhalt Thou hear betimes, O Lord; early in the Morning will I direct my Prayer unto Thee; and I will look up.

O Lord, open thou my Lips;
And my Mouth ſhall ſhew forth thy Praiſe.
O God make ſpeed to ſave me;
O Lord make haſt to help me:
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, &c.

As it was in the Beginning, is now, &c.

Pſal. xcv.O Come let us ſing unto the Lord; &c.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

After which, read One or more of Davids's Pſalms in order; Beginning with the Firſt, and ſo onward, concluding each Pſal. with

Glory be to the Father, &c.

10Then a Chapter out of the Proverbs of So­lomon, or the New Teſtament: and after that,

We Praiſe Thee O God, &c.


*Eſpeci­ally in the Holy Time of Lent.O All ye Works of the Lord, Bleſs, &c.


Bleſſed be the Lord God of Iſrael, &c.

Goncluding the Two laſt of theſe Hymns with Glory be to the Father, &c.

Then the Creed, I Believe in God, &c. After which Kneel and Pray,

Lord have mercy upon me,
Chriſt have mercy upon me,
Lord have mercy upon me,

Our Father, &c.

Bleſſing, and Honour and Glory, and Pow­er be unto him that Sitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb, for ever and ever, Amen.

GLory be to God on high; on earth Peace; good Will amongſt Men; I Praiſe Thee; I Bleſs Thee; I Worſhip Thee; I Glorify Thee; I give thanks to Thee for thy great Glorynd Goodneſs, O Lord God, Heavenly•…g, God the Father Almighty: For thy Son Jeſus Chriſt manifeſted in the Fleſh to de­ſtroy the works of the Devil; and who is the fountain of all thoſe mercys both Spiritu­al and Temporal ſo freely and plentifully be­ſtowed on me thy moſt unworthy Creature;11 particularly that thou haſt protected me this laſt Night from all perills ghoſtly and bodily, and brought me to ſee the light of another Day, whereas thou mighteſt juſtly have ſuf­fered me to ſleep in death by reaſon of thoſe manifold and hainous ſins wherewith I have from time to time offended thy Divine Ma­jeſty. I have ſinned! and what ſhall I ſay unto Thee, O thou Preſerver of Man? I have left un­done thoſe things which I ought to have done; and I have done thoſe things which I ought not to have done; and there is no health in me: But thou O Lord, Have mercy upon me a moſt miſerable offender! Oh Thou, who de­ſireſt not the Death of a ſinner, but rather that he ſhould turn from his wickedneſs and Live, Have mercy upon me. Spare and Reſtore me, who do here in all humility confeſs my faults, and do deſire to be Penitent for them. Have regard to thy Bleſſed Son who is our Advocate with Thee, O Father, and the Propitiation for all our ſins; for whoſe ſake mercifully Grant unto me true Repentance, and the aſſiſtancof thy Holy Spirit, which may teach and•…able me to pleaſe Thee hereafter in all g•…things, to deny ungodlineſs and wordly〈◊〉and to live Godly and ſoberly in this pr•…World, that ſo at laſt I may come to〈◊〉•…ternal joy, through Jeſua Chriſt〈◊〉Amen.

12ALmighty God our heavenly Father, who of thy Great mercy haſt promiſed For­giveneſs of ſins to all them that with hearty Repentance and true Faith turn unto Thee; Have mercy upon me, Pardon and Deliver me from all my ſins; Confirm and Strengthen me in all Goodneſs, and bring me unto ever­laſting Life, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

O Lord, our heavenly Father, Almighty and everlaſting God, who haſt ſafely brought me to the beginning of this Day; Preſerve me in the ſame, and all other Dayes of my Life from all ſin and Danger; and by thy Graci­ous Governance, diſpoſe all my Thoughts, Words and Actions this Day to thy Glory, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

MOſt Gracious God, I humbly beſeech thee, as for this Kingdom in General, ſo eſpecially for Him, who is the Supreme Governour thereof: O Lord, Grant the King〈◊〉long Life, that his Years may endure, as ma­•…Ages; furniſh him with ſafe and wiſe Coun­•…and give him an heart of Courage and〈◊〉•…ancy to purſue them; Oh! Prepare thy•…ing Mercy and Faithfulneſs for him, that〈◊〉preſerve him; Let thy Name O God〈◊〉defend him; ſend him help from thy13 Sanctuary, and ſtrengthen him out of Sion: And let us his Servants under Thee, ſee with joy that Thou helpeſt thine Anointed, and that Thou wilt hear him from thy holy Heaven, even with the wholſom ſtrength of thy Right Hand; ſo will we alwayes ſing Praiſes unto thy Name through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord, Amen.

BLeſs, O Lord, the Queens Majeſty, the Duke of York; and all the Royal Family; Proſper them with all Happineſs, and make them all Inſtrumental to the furtherance of thy Glory in this World, and bring them to thine Everlaſting Kingdome in the World to Come, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord, Amen.

GIve Grace O Heavenly Father to all Biſhops and Curates; eſpecially to Him whom by thy good Providence thou haſt ap­pointed my Spiritual Paſtor and Guide; Grant that I may reverence his Perſon, and havregard to his good and wholeſome Counſell•…ſo that by him I may be conducted, and〈◊〉•…ther with him enter into thine Eterna〈◊〉through Jeſus Chriſt, Amen.

O God the Creator and preſerve〈◊〉mankind, I beſeech thee for〈◊〉14conditions of Men, and eſpecially for thy Holy Catholique Church, that one Faith may be Ʋniformly profeſſed as thy Church is and can be but one; purge it from all Atheiſm, Hereſy, and Schiſm; and grant that all they who do profeſs thy holy Name may agree in the truth of thy holy Word, and hold the Faith in unity of Spirit, in the bond of Peace, and in Righteouſneſs of life, through him who is the only head over all things to his Church, Jeſus Chriſt our Lord, Amen.

O God of Mercy's and Father of Com­forts, have Mercy, and comfort all thoſe who are any wayes Afflicted or Diſtreſſed in Mind, Body or Eſtate; Relieve them accor­ding to their ſeveral neceſſities, give them Patience under their ſufferings, and an happy iſſue out of all their Afflictions, for Jeſus Chriſt his Sake, Amen.

GRacious Lord, bleſs all thoſe who are near or dear unto me, and make them near and dear to thine own ſelf: All my Kindred,**•…re inſert•…eſt Re­•… All other my Friends, Acquaintants & Benefactors par­ticularly,**•…arti­•…•…hom Forgive me and them all our ſins, and continue us thy ſervants in life and death, Amen.

15To theſe, or the like, your Morning Prayers, ſubjoyn on every ſuch faſting day, the two Collects for preparation for the Communion above written, and the cxliij. Pſal. ſtill kneeling:

Hear my Prayers O Lord, and conſider my de­ſire, &c.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

Conclude all with,

The Lord fulfil the deſires and Petitions of thy Servant, as may be moſt expedient for me: The Lord bleſs me, and keep me: The Lord lift up the light of his Countenance upon me, and give me Peace both now and ever-more. Amen.

Ariſing from Prayer, you muſt preſently ſet your ſelf to recollect your Life paſt, eſpecially ſince you laſt received by that Catalogue of ſins ſet down in the whole duty of man, or, by that (which is more conciſe) at the latter end of that moſt excellent Manuel of Biſhop Andrews, pag. 82. of his Directions for the Sick; reading it conſideringly over; and at every particular, ask your Soul, whether you are guilty of that ſin•…and commit to writing thoſe Sins you diſco•…your ſelf guilty of, with their reſpective ag•…•…vations, viz. If they were committed〈◊〉knowledg, or on mature deliheration, or〈◊〉the reſiſtances of Conſcience, &c.

I ſuppoſe this duty of ſelf examina•…〈◊〉16cated by the Apoſtle, 1 Cor. xj. 28. and moſt neceſſary to this great work, diſpatch'd by nine a Clock, when taking the paper in your hand, humbly proſtrating your ſelf, ſay,

The good Lord pardon every one that prepareth his heart to ſeek God, the Lord God of his Fathers, though he be not cleanſed according to the Puriſication of the Sanctuary.

Then kneel and pray, Pſalm cxxxth.

Out of the deep have I called unto thee, O Lord, &c.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

O God to whom Vengeance belongeth, O God to whom Vengeance belongeth, ſhew thy ſelf, but let it be in pity and compaſſion to thy wretched and unworthy Servant, who in all humility confeſs my ſelf a Wicked and Sinful Creature. I acknowledg thoſe ſins, which if I would, I cannot hide from thee, my ſins of Pride and Vain-Glory, of Hatred and Envy, of Gluttony and Wantonneſs; I accuſe my ſelf of my wicked deſires and thoughts which I have conceived**〈◊〉theſe marks〈◊〉recourſe to•…s noted in•…er. of my wanton and evil words which I have ſpoken**〈◊〉theſe marks〈◊〉recourſe to•…s noted in•…er. of my naughty and ungodly deeds which I have committed**〈◊〉theſe marks〈◊〉recourſe to•…s noted in•…er.; I acknowledg and bewail theſe〈◊〉old ſins and wickedneſſes, which I from17time to time moſt grievouſly have committed by thought, word, and deed againſt thy divine Majeſty, provoking moſt juſtly thy wrath and indignation againſt me. I do earneſtly repent and am heartily ſorry for theſe my miſdoings; the remembrance of them is grievouso me, the burden of them is intollerable. Have mer­cy upon me, have mercy upon me, moſt merci­ful Father, for thy Son Jeſus Chriſt's ſake, for­give me all that is paſt; and grant, that I may ever hereafter ſerve and pleaſe thee in newneſs of Life, to the honour and glory of thy Name, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

Forgive me my ſins, O Lord; forgive me the ſins of my Age, and the ſins of my Youth; the ſins of my Soul, and the ſins of my Body; my Secret and my Whiſpering ſins; my Pre­ſumptuous and my Crying ſins; the ſins that I have done to pleaſe my ſelf, and the ſins that I have done to pleaſe others.

Forgive me my Wanton and idle ſins; for­give me my ſerious and deliberate ſins; forgive me thoſe ſins which I know, and thoſe ſins which I know not; the ſins which I have laboured〈◊〉long to hide from others, that now I have〈◊〉hid them from my own memory: Forgive〈◊〉them, O Lord! Forgive them all; of th•…〈◊〉mercy let me be Abſolved from all my〈◊〉and of thy bountiful goodneſs, let〈◊〉•…­vered18from the bands of thoſe ſins, which by my frailty I have committed; Grant this, O Hea­venly Father, for Jeſus Chriſt his ſake, our Bleſſed Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Adding this ſhort Litany, and the follow­ing Prayers.

O God, the Father of Heaven, have mercy upon me a moſt miſerable ſinner!

O God the Son, Redeemer of the World, have mercy upon me a moſt miſerable ſinner!

O God the Holy Ghoſt, proceeding from the Father, and the Son, have mercy upon me a moſt miſerable ſinner!

O Holy, Bleſſed and Glorious Trinity, Three Perſons, and one God; Have mercy upon me, a moſt miſerable ſinner!

Remember not Lord mine offences, nor the offences of my fore-Fathers, neither take thou Vengeance of my ſins: Spare me, good Lord,•…re thy Servant whom Thou haſt Redeemed〈◊〉thy moſt precious Blood, and be not an­•…with me for ever. Spare me, Good Lord.

〈◊〉all evil and miſchief, from ſin, from the〈◊〉aſſaults of the Devil, from thy wrath,〈◊〉verlaſting Damnation, Good Lord Deliver me.

19From all blindneſs of Heart, from Pride, Vain-Glory and Hypocriſie; from Envy, Ha­tred and Malice, and from all Uncharitable­neſs, Good Lord Deliver me!

From Fornication and all other deadly ſin; and from all the deceits of the World, the Fleſh, and the Devil, Good Lord Deliver me!

From, &c. [Here inſert thoſe ſins of which you have found your ſelf guilty, and wrote in the paper,] Good Lord Deliver me!

From hardneſs of Heart; from Contempt of thy Word and Commandment; from any evil thought which may aſſault and hurt my Soul, Good Lord Deliver me!

From all Adverſities which may happen to the Body; from noyſome and infectious Diſeaſes, and from ſudden death, Good Lord Deliver me!

By thine Agony and Bloody Sweat; by thy Croſs and Paſſion; by thy precious Death a•…Burial, and by thy Victorious Deſcention in•…Hell, Good Lord deliver me!

By thy Glorious Reſurrection and〈◊〉on; and by the wonderful coming of〈◊〉Ghoſt, Good Lord Deliver〈◊〉

20In all time of my Tribulation, in all time of my Wealth, in the hour of Death, and in theay of Judgment, Good Lord Deliver me.

I who am a moſt miſerable ſinner, do beſeech thee thear me, O Lord God; to keep and ſtrengthen me in the true worſhiping of Thee; and to give me Grace to ſerve thee in Righte­ouſneſs and Holineſs all the days of my Life, I beſeech Thee to hear me, Good Lord.

That it may pleaſe Thee to be my Defender and Keeper, giving me the Victory over the World, the Fleſh, and the Devil, I beſeech thee to hear me, Good Lord.

That it may pleaſe Thee to endue me with true knowledg of thy Word; with Grace, Wiſdom, and Underſtanding, I beſeech Thee to hear me, Good Lord.

That it may pleaſe Thee to give me increaſe of Grace, to hear meekly thy Word, and to bring forth the fruits of the Spirit, I beſeech thee to hear me, Good Lord.

That it may pleaſe Thee to give me an heart•…ve and Dread Thee, and diligently to live〈◊〉Commandments, I beſeech thee to hear me, Good Lord.

〈◊〉may pleaſe Thee to ſtrengthen me•…nd; to comfort, and help me when I21am weak-hearted; to raiſe me up when I fall; and finally to beat down Satan under my feet, I beſeech Thee to hear me, Good Lord.

That it may pleaſe Thee to ſuccour, help, and comfort me, when I am in danger, neceſſity and Tribulation, I beſeech thee to hear me, Good Lord.

That it may pleaſe Thee to give me, as at all times, ſo now eſpecially, due preparation of mind, that I may worthily participate this holy Sacrament, I beſeech Thee to hear me, Good Lord.

To this end may it pleaſe Thee to forgive mine Enemies, Perſecutors, and Slanderers, and to turn their hearts, I beſeech Thee to hear me, Good Lord.

That it may pleaſe Thee to give me true Re­pentance; to forgive me all my ſins, negligen­ces, and ignorances; to endue me with a lively and a ſtedfaſt Faith, and a ſincere Reſolution to amend my Life according to thy holy Word, I beſeech Thee to hear me, Good Lord.

Son of God, I beſeech Thee to hear me.

O Lamb of God that takeſt away the ſins of〈◊〉World, Grant me thy Peace.

O Lamb of God, that takeſt away the〈◊〉the World, Have mercy upon me.

O Chriſt Hear me.

22Lord have mercy upon me!
Chriſt have mercy upon me!
Lord have mercy upon me!

Our Father, &c.

Deliver us from Evil, Amen.

O Lord, deal not with me according my to ſins.
Neither reward me after my Iniquities.

Have mercy upon me, O Lord, after thy great Goodneſs; according to the multitude of thy mercys do away my offences, &c. Pſal. lj. [Repeat the whole Pſalm kneeling; ending with Glory be to, &c.]

O Lord, I beſeech Thee mercifully to hear me; and ſpare me, and all thoſe who do confeſs their ſins unto Thee, that they whoſe Conſciences by ſin are accuſed, by thy merciful Pardon may be Abſolved, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

O moſt mighty God, and merciful Father, who haſt compaſſion upon all men, and hateſt nothing that thou haſt made, who wouldeſt not〈◊〉Death of a ſinner, but rather that he ſhould〈◊〉from his ſin, and be ſaved: Mercifully〈◊〉me my Treſpaſſes, receive and comfort〈◊〉am grieved and wearied with the bur­•…•…y ſins: Thy property is always to have〈◊〉Thee only it appertaineth to forgive23 ſins: Spare me therefore, Good Lord; ſpare me, ſpare thy Servant whom thou haſt Re­deemed; enter not into Judgment with thy Servant, who am vile earth, and a miſerable ſinner; But, ſo turn thine anger from me, who meekly acknowledg my vileneſs, and truly re­pent me of my faults, and ſo make haſt to help me in this world, that I may live with Thee in the world to come, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord, Amen.

TUrn thou me, O good Lord, and ſo ſhall I be turned; be favourable O Lord, be fa­vourable to thy Servant who turns to Thee in Weeping, Faſting, and Praying: For, thouart a merciful God, full of Compaſſion, long-ſuffer­ing, and of great pitty; Thou ſpareſt, when we deſerve puniſhment, and in thy Wrath thinkeſt upon mercy: Spare thy Servant, good Lord; ſpare me, and let me not be brought to Confu­ſion! Hear me, O Lord, for thy mercy is great; and after the multitude of thy mercies, look up­on me through the Merits and Mediation of thy bleſſed Son Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

THe Lord bleſs me, and keep me; th〈◊〉lift up the light of his Countenan•…〈◊〉me, and give me peace, now and for ev•…〈◊〉Amen.

24The time following to Eleaven of the Clock; you may beſtow in dreſſing, and fitting your ſelf for the publick Prayers of the Church, which then you muſt by no means fail to be preſent at. In the mean time, let no ſinful thoughts poſſeſs your Soul, no vain or idle Communication pro­ceed out of your mouth, but ſuch as may tend to edifying. Examine, exhort, incourage your Servants, or thoſe about you, whom you have commanded, or who purpoſe to Receive this B. Sacrament with you; and be careful to a­void the Converſation of thoſe who may pro­bably tempt you to ſin and vanity.

Returning from Church, or Chappel about Twelve of the Clock, Humble your ſelf again before God, and Pray,

Our Father, &c.

Deliver us from evil. Amen.

Then the xxxij. Pſalm. Still upon your knees.

Bleſſed is he whoſe unrighteouſneſs is for­given, and whoſe ſin is covered, &c.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

Almighty and everlaſting God, who hateſt nothing that thou haſt made, and doſt forgive th•…s of all them that are penitent; Create,〈◊〉•…e in me a new and contrite heart, that I〈◊〉lamenting my ſins, and acknowledging〈◊〉•…chedneſs, may obtain of thee, the25 God of all mercy, perfect remiſſion and for­giveneſs, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

Almighty and moſt merciful Father, who for my many and grievous Sins committed a­gainſt thee, ſince the laſt ſolemn time of my Hu­miliation and Repentance, mighteſt moſt juſtly have cut me off in the midſt of my days; But, in the multitude of thy mercies haſt hitherto ſpared me: Accept, I moſt heartily beſeech thee, mine unfeigned ſorrow for all my former tranſgreſſions; and grant that I may never ſo preſume of thy mercy, as to deſpiſe the riches of thy goodneſs, but that thy forbearance and long ſuffering may lead me to Repentance and amendment of my ſinful life, to thy honour and glory, and my final Acquittance and Abſoluti­on at the laſt day, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

O Lord, make clean my heart within me.
And take not thy Holy Spirit from me.

In the Name of God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghoſt. Amen.

I who am a wretched Sinner, here perſo­nally appearing, and proſtrate unto the Majeſty of the Great and dreadful God, and in the preſence of his Holy Angels; having in remembrance the exceeding mercies of his great Goo〈◊〉**Here Throw your ſelf〈◊〉the Ground.26wards me, as in manifold inſtances, ſo eſpecially in this; that in the day of my Chriſt'ning, I was ſo happily and holily Vowed and Dedicated unto God, to be his Child, and to live in his con­tinual Service; and that contrary to the pro­feſſion which was then made in my name, I have ſo many and ſundry times ſo grievouſly violated my vows, and profaned my ſacred promiſes, and employed my Soul to the ſervice of the World, the Fleſh, and the Devil. At length recalling my ſelf, and with all lowlineſs and devotion, caſting my Soul and Body proſtrate before the dreadful Throne of his Juſtice, do acknowledg, confeſs, and yeild my ſelf a miſerable wretched Sinner, guilty of that Death and Paſſion which Chriſt once ſuffered for me upon the tormen­ting Croſs: But turning my ſelf to the Throne of his infinite mercy, and with all my might and force from the very Deep of my heart, deteſt­ing the iniquities of my fore-paſs'd Life, I moſt humbly beg and crave pardon for the ſame, with an entire Abſolution from all my ſins, e­•…for the precious Death and Paſſion ſake of〈◊〉Lord and Saviour, unto whom I promiſe〈◊〉onfirm again, I do avow and ſolemnly re­•…〈◊〉ſacred Profeſſion of loyal ſervice and〈◊〉which was made in my behalf unto him〈◊〉•…ly Baptiſme, renouncing unfeignedly〈◊〉of this wicked World, the luſts of27the Fleſh, and the ſuggeſtions of the Devil; and converting my ſelf to my moſt gracious and merciful God: I deſire, deliberate, purpoſe, and fully reſolve to honour him, ſerve him, and obey him for ever hereafter; giving and dedicating to him for this end, the faculties of my Soul, and the members of my Body, to be his faithful, loyal, and obedient Subjects and Servants for ever; without unſaying, revoking, or repenting me of this my holy and ſacred promiſe, or, any part thereof. And, I moſt humbly beſeech Almigh­ty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghoſt to confirm me in this conſtant reſolution of abandoning theſe my ſins, and living an holy Life: and to accept of this my broken and con­trite heart, which he hath promiſed not to de­ſpiſe, entirely deſiring his Fatherly goodneſs, that as he hath given me a will and deſire to pur­poſe, ſo he would give me ſtrength and grace to perform all holy actions through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

LOrd, I pray thee, that thy Grace may al­ways prevent and follow me, and make me continually to be given to all good wor•…through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

LOrd, I beſeech thee grant thy S•…Grace to withſtand the temptat•…〈◊〉the World, the Fleſh, & the Devil; an〈◊〉28pure beart and mind to follow thee the only true God, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

O God, whoſe nature and property is ever to have mercy and to forgive, Receive my hum­ble Petitions; and though I be tied and bound with the chain of my ſins, yet let the pittifulneſs of thy great mercy looſe me, for the honour of Jeſus Chriſt our Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

O Saviour of the world ſave me! who by thy Croſs and Paſſion haſt Redeemed me: help me, and ſave me, I beſeech Thee O God.

To the King Eternal, the Immortal, Inviſible, and only Wiſe God, who is the ever Bleſſed and Adorable Trinity, be all Honour and Glory, now, and for ever. Amen.

Having thus ended your mid-day Devotions, review your Catalogue of ſins: Fix on that ſin, you find your ſelf moſtly addicted to; labour for a Godly ſorrow, and relentings of heart on the ſight of it; reſolve againſt all future perpe­•…tions of it, carefully uſing all remedies which•…y tend to ſuppreſs it: To which purpoſe,〈◊〉ine your ſelf concerning thoſe occaſions〈◊〉•…ucements which lead you to it, and pro­•…•…ell as you can againſt them, noting in〈◊〉•…k thoſe Occaſions and Remidies which29reaſon or experience may prompt you to: As for example.

Suppoſe your ſelf guilty of Irreverence, or want of Devotion in the ſervice of God: write down, what doth commonly induce you to it, what remedies are moſt proper to the cure of it. Thus,

In the year 1673 March 28th. being Good Friday (or be it any other day) I Faſted, being to Receive the Communion the following Sun­day; and in the exerciſe of this holy Duty on Exammination, I found my ſelf much guil­ty of Irreverence in the worſhip of God, andiſcovered theſe Temptations to it.
  • Too much addicting my ſelf to childiſh an light Deportments at all times; and thereforcan hardly remit of them, when I come intGods Preſence.
  • 2. Liſtning too much to the vain Diſcource, and obſerving the impertinent Actions of Others.
  • 3. Want of Conſideration in whoſe PreſencI am; to wit, of the Great Majeſty of Heaven; of that God who, if I doe not reperwill ſtrictly call me to an Accompt for thaand all other my ſins; &c.

From which Occaſions you may eaſ•…•…ceive what remedies to uſe againſt it;

  • 30
  • 1. To labour for a Grave and modeſt Carriage of my ſelf conſidering my Age, quality, Degree; &c.
  • 2. To avoid vain and light Perſons; or if that may not be done, not heeding them, or ſeriouſly rebuking them.
  • 3. To entertain all awful and Dreadful Apprehenſions of the Great God, who ſeeth what I doe, and how I com­port my ſelf: As alſo, of the Holy Angels who may truly enough be Believed, from the intimations of the Apoſtles St. John, Revel. viii. and St. Paul, 1 Cor. xi. 10. to be preſent at Ho­ly Myſterys. To theſe may be added
  • 4. Lifting up my Eyes to Heaven; or, fixing them on the Preiſt; not in the leaſt letting them looſe on whatever ob­jects may preſent themſelves. Theſe I then Reſolved to conſider, and practiſe; and will therefore frequent­ly Read them over:

Even ſoe, Amen: Lord, Let thy Grace be•…fficient for me! Lead me not into Temptation;〈◊〉Deliver me from evil. Amen.

〈◊〉Kneeling down, Pray for Devotion;〈◊〉any other Grace, the contrary ſin〈◊〉you have now found your ſelf guilty31 of, and Reſolved againſt. You will find Pray­ers to this purpoſe at the latter-end of this Book: As for Devotion; Thus,

MOſt Great God, who haſt not only permitted, but invited us needy and miſerable Creatures to preſent our Petitions to Thee: Oh! let me ſet a true value on this moſt ineſtimable priviledge. I come unto Thee, O Lord, as a Worm to my ſovereigne Maker; I come as an heinous offender to a juſt and ſevere judge: Let I pray Thee my Addreſſes in thine Houſe be with a Reverence ſomeway anſwerable to thine awful Majeſty; Give me an hearty deſire to pray, and ſuch a pure intention and ſixedneſs of mind upon Thee, that I may no more incur the Guilt of Drawing nigh unto Thee with my Lips, when my heart is far from Thee; But may ſo Ask, that I may receive; ſeek, that I may find; knock that it may be opened unto me; that ſo from praying to Thee here, I may be Tranſlated to the Praiſing Thee Eternally in thy Glory hereafter, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

This exerciſe being finiſhed about thre〈◊〉the Clock, the time appointed for the Ev•…〈◊〉ſervice; At your Return from the Churc〈◊〉Chappel, if you have not fully ſatisfied yo•…32own Conſcience, but require further Comfort or Counſell, you are to goe to ſome Diſcreet and Learned Miniſter of Gods word (eſpecially to him under whoſe Miniſtry God hath placed you, not being Curious or cenſorious in your choice as to this particular) and open your Greif by Confeſſion, that ſo you may receive the be­nefit of Abſolution, together with Ghoſtly Coun­ſel and advice to the quieting of your Con­ſcience, and the avoiding of all Scruple and Doubtfulneſs.

This being done, (as it ought to be, with Submiſſion and ſobriety) you may with Comfort Retire into your Cloſet; and upon your Knees, Say,

Our Father; &c,

Deliver us from evill; Amen.

ALmighty God, unto whom all hearts be open, all deſires known, and from whom no ſecrets are hid; cleanſe the Thoughts of my heart by the Inſpiration of thy Holy Spirit; that I may perfectly love thee, and worthily Magnifie thy Holy Name through Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

Then Read, upon your Knees, the Ten Com­mandments as they are ſet down in Our Communion Service.

〈◊〉Spake theſe Words; &c. after each Com­•…dwent; Say,


Lord have mercy upon me; and In­cline my heart to keep this Law!

Thou ſhalt not Covet, &c.

Lord, have mercy upon me; and write all theſe thy Laws in my heart, I beſeech thee.

O Almighty Lord, and everlaſting God; vouchſafe, I beſeech thee to direct, San­ctifie and Govern both my Soul and Body in the ways of thy Laws, and in the works of thy Commandments, that through thy moſt mighty Protection, both here and ever, I may be pre­ſerved both in Body and Soul, through our Lord, and Saviour Jeſus Chriſt. Amen.

Then ſtand up and heartily repeat your Creed, I believe in God, &c. After which Kneel again, and pray:

Almighty everlaſting God, heavenly Fa­ther, I give thee humble thanks, that thou haſt vouchſafed to bring me to the knowledge of this faith in thee; and do beſeech thee, that thou wouldſt keep me ſtedfaſt in this faith, and evermore defend me from all adverſities, who liveſt and reigneſt one God World without end. Amen.

Lord have mercy upon me!
Chriſt have mercy upon me!
Lord have mercy upon me!

34OH Chriſt Hear me! and Remember now that Hour, in which thou didſt once Commend thy Bleſſed Spirit into the hands of thy heavenly Father, when with a Torn Body and a Broken Heart, thou didſt ſhew forth the Bowels of thy mercy, and Dye for us. I be­ſeech thee, O thou Brightneſs and Image of God, Aſſiſt me by this thy moſt precious Death, that being Dead unto the world, I may live only unto Thee; and at the laſt hour of my Departure from this mortal Life, I may Com­mend my Soul into thine hands, and thou mayſt receive me into life immortal, there to Reign with thee for ever and ever, Amen.

Grant me, in the mean time, Gracious Lord, a pure intention of heart, and a ſtedfaſt reſolution to deſpiſe all vanity, to fight the Battels of the Lord manfully againſt the world, the fleſh and the Devil, to ſpend my time re­ligiouſly and uſefully, to ſpeak gracious words, to walk always in thy preſence, to preſerve my Soul and and Body in holineſs fit for the habi­tation of the Spirit of God; Amen.

〈◊〉Lord, and my God; Give me I beſeech〈◊〉wiſe, a ſober, a patient, an underſtand­•…•…evout, a religious, a Couragious heart;〈◊〉•…temperate reins and thoughts; a ſoul35full of Devotion to doe thee Service; and do thou make my ſervices acceptable to thee while I live, and my ſoul ready for thee, when I Dye, Amen.

O Lord, Increaſe in me Faith and Devotion, repleniſh my heart with all Goodneſs, and of thy Great mercy keep me in the ſame; Give me true humility in proſperity, patience in ad­verſity, and continual joy in the Holy Ghoſt. Amen.

O Lord, Give me Spiritual wiſdom, that I may diſcern what is pleaſing to thee, and fol­low what belongs unto my Peace; and let the knowledg and Peace of God, and of Jeſus Chriſt our Lord be my Guide and my portion all the Days of my life: Amen.

O Lord; make me humble to my Superiors, and friendly to my Equals; thankfull to my Benefactors, loving to my Relations, and Charitable to my Enemies; to be Gentle and eaſily entreated, ſlow to anger, and readily admoniſhed; fully prepared, and throughly furniſhed for every Good word and work: Amen.

O Lord; Give me a peaceable Spirit,〈◊〉36quiet life free from Debt and deadly Sin; give me Grace to abſtain from all appearance of evil, and to doe nothing but what is of good report; to confeſs Chriſt and his holy Religion by an holy and obedient life, and a mind ready to dye for him, when he ſhall call for me; and then, O Lord, Aſſiſt me! A­men.

O Lord Jeſu! I Give thee my Body, my Soul, my ſubſtance, my Fame, my Friends, my Liberty and my Life; Diſpoſe of me, and of all that is mine, as it ſeemeth beſt to thee, and to the Glory of thy Holy Name: Amen.

I Am not now Mine; But, Thine: therefore Claim me as thy right, Keep me as thy charge, and love me as thy child: Fight for me, when I am aſſaulted, heal me when I am wounded, and Revive me when I am de­ſtroyed: Amen.

O God, from whom all Good things do come; Grant to me thy humble ſervant,〈◊〉thy holy Inſpiration I may think thoſe〈◊〉that are Good, and by thy mercifull〈◊〉may perform the ſame, through Jeſus〈◊〉Lord; Amen.

37GIve me modeſty in my Countenance, Gravity in my behaviour, Deliberate­neſs in my Speech, and righteouſneſs in all my Actions: Let thy mercy cleanſe me from my Sins; and let thy Grace bring forth in me the fruits of everlaſting life: Amen.

O God, who knoweſt us to be ſet in the midſt of ſo many and Great Dangers, that by reaſon of the weakneſs of our nature we cannot always ſtand upright; Look I beſeech thee, on my frailties and Infirmitys; and Grant me ſuch Health of Body, that both in my Soul and Body I may evermore ſerve thee with all my ſtrength and might; through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord: Amen.

GRant, O Lord, that I may live in thy Fear, Dye in thy favour, reſt in thy peace, riſe in thy power, reign in thy Glory, for thy only Beloved Son's ſake, Jeſus Chriſt our Lord, Amen.

ASſiſt me mercifully, O Lord, in theſe and all my Supplications and Prayers and Diſpoſe the way of thy ſervant toward the attainment of everlaſting ſalvation;〈◊〉mong all the changes and chances of〈◊〉•…tal life, I may ever be Defended by th〈◊〉38Gracious and ready help, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord: Amen.

GOd the Father bleſs me! God the Son Defend me! God the Holy Ghoſt pre­ſerve me! God the Holy Trinity be with me, now and for ever more! Amen.

After this apply your ſelf to read ſome Choice portion of Scripture; particularly, the Hiſtory of our Saviours paſſions as in the Goſpels for the Holy week: Read, with as much affection and heartineſs, as is poſſible; all along reflecting on his Innocency, and your ſelf, as being one of thoſe Guilty Wretches, for whom he Suffered all this.

And think thus with Your ſelf.

I Have occaſioned more torment to Him, then his very Crucifiers; they crucified him Once; but I have as much, as in me lay, cruci­•…ed him Dayly: they crucified him, becauſe•…y knew him not; but I have known him, andet have ſtill continued thus to crucifie him afre•….

〈◊〉Meditations, as they ſhould work in〈◊〉Sorrow for our ſins paſt, and a great〈◊〉and a firm reſolution againſt them for39the time to come; ſo likewiſe ſhould they quicken and ſtir up our Faith in, our Love of, and our Thankfulneſs unto Chriſt, for his ſo Great Mercy in Redceming us by ſo dear a Price.

Nor muſt your Prayers end here; they are not Compleat without Interceſſions, nor accep­table without Charity, which is a main re­quiſite to a Worthy Communicant.

At ſix of Clock therefore betake your ſelf a­gain to Prayer for All Men; for Chriſt's Holy Catholick Church; and for all, who either by Relation, Acquaintance, or more particular Deſire, may claim a ſhare in your Prayers.

Our Father; &c.

Deliver us from Evil; Amen.

ALmighty God, who of thy tender love towards Mankind haſt ſent thy Son our Saviour Jeſus Chriſt to take upon him our fleſh, and to ſuffer Death upon the Croſs, that all Mankind ſhould follow the examp•…of his Great Humility; Mercifully Gra•…that I may both follow the example of〈◊〉Patience, and alſo be made partaker of〈◊〉Reſurrection, through the ſame Jeſus Chr•…our Lord, Amen.

ALmighty God, I beſeech Thee,〈◊〉to Behold thy Family for which ou〈◊〉40Jeſus Chriſt was contented to be Betrayed, and given up into the hands of wicked men, and to ſuffer Death upon the Croſs; who now Liveth and Reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghoſt, ever One God, world without end, Amen.

ALmighty and everlaſting God, by whoſe Spirit, the whole Body of the Church is governed and Sanctified; Receive my Sup­plications and Prayers which I offer before Thee for all Eſtates of men in thy Holy Church, that every member of the ſame, in his Vocati­on and Miniſtry, may truly and Godly ſerve Thee, through our Lord and Saviour Jeſus Chriſt, Amen.

O Merciful God, who haſt made all men, and hateſt nothing that thou haſt made, nor wouldeſt the Death of a ſinner, but rather that he ſhould be Converted and live: Have mercy upon all Jews, Turks, Infidells; and take from them all Ignorance, hardneſs ofeart and contempt of thy Word; and ſo•…ch them home, Bleſſed Lord, that theyay be ſaved among the Remnant of therue Iſraelites, and be made One Flock under〈◊〉•…aperd Jeſus Chriſt our Lord, who liv­•…〈◊〉eigneth with Thee, and the Holy〈◊〉God world without end, Amen.

41ALmighty God, who haſt purchaſed to thy ſelf, an Ʋniverſal Church by the preci­ous Bloud of thy Dear Son; mercifully look on that part of it in theſe Kingdoms, ſo miſera­bly ſhattered and diſtreſſed. I confeſs, O Lord, our ſins have juſtly deſerved that thou ſhouldſt remove thy Candleſtick from us, and by ſome extraordinary judgment make us a ſcorn and a By-word to the World; But, I beſeech Thee, Reverſe thoſe Plagues which we have deſerved; and continue thoſe mercys which we have hitherto injoyed, eſpecially the com­fort of thy Goſpel, and liberty of thy Truth. Oh! Let not our Adverſarys, neither Papiſts, nor Schiſmaticks ever roar in the midſt of our Con­gregations, and ſet up their Banners as ſigns of Victory, and Conqueſt over us; But ſheild and Protect us with thy mercy, that in thy Holy Church we may ſtill Glorify thy Name, through Chriſt our Lord, Amen.

O God, the unſpeakable Authour of the World, Creator of Men, Governour oEmpires, and Eſtabliſher of all Kingdomwho out of the loyns of our Father ABR­HAM didſt chuſe a King, that became the Sa­viour of all Kings and Nations of the Ear〈◊〉Bleſs, I beſeech Thee, thy Servantnd〈◊〉Dread Sovereign Lord King CHAR•…S42 with the richeſt bleſſings of thy Grace; and Eſtabliſh him in the Throne of his Kingdome by thy mighty Aid and Protection: viſit him, as thou didſt viſit Moſes in the Buſh, Ioſhua in the Battel, Gideon in the Feild, Samuel in the Temple: Let the dew of thy abun­dant mercies fall upon his Head, and give unto him, the Bleſſing of David and Solomon: Be unto him an Helmet of Salvation againſt the face of his Enemies, and a ſtrong tower of Defence in the time of Adverſity; let his Reign be proſperous, and his Days many: let Peace, and Love, and Holineſs; let juſtice and Truth, and all Chriſtian Vertues flouriſh in his time; let his People ſerve him with Ho­nour and Obedience; and let him ſo duly ſerve Thee here on Earth, that he may here­after Everlaſtingly ſerve Thee in Heaven, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord, Amen.

I Beſeech Thee, O Lord, to Save and De­fend all Chriſtian Kings, Princes and Go­vernours; eſpecially thy Servant CHARLES, King, that under him we may be godly and•…tly governed; and Grant unto his whole•…ncel, and to all that are put in Authority•…der him, that they may truly and indif­f•…en•…Miniſter Juſtice, to the puniſhment of Wck•…eſs and Vic, and to the mainte­•…〈◊〉thy true Religion and Vertue, Amen.

43ALmighty God, the God of all mercy, I humbly beſeech Thee to pour down the riches of thine abundant Goodneſs upon the Head of thine Hand-maid our moſt Gracious Queen KATHERINE, that ſhe being conti­nually beautified with the Royal Ornaments of thy heavenly Grace, may be holy and Devout as HESTER, Loving to the King as RA­CHEL, fruitful and wiſe as REBECCA, and Obedient as SARAH; and with long life and glory continuing in her high and Princely e­ſtate, ſhe may at the laſt be brought to the great happineſs of thine everlaſting eſtate here­after, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord, Amen.

ALmighty God, the fountain of all good­neſs, I humbly beſeech Thee to bleſs the moſt Illuſtrious Prince, James Duke of YORK, and all the Royal Family: Endue them with thy Holy Spirit, enrich them with thy heavenly Grace, proſper them with all hap­pineſs, and bring them to thine everlaſting Kingdom, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

ALmighty God, who alone workeſt great Marvels, Give grace to all Biſhops, Prieſts and Deacons, eſpecially to thoſe under whoſe Deſpenſations I live: Illuminate them with44 true knowledge and underſtanding of thy Word; and grant that by their Preaching and living they may ſet it forth, and ſhew it ac­cordingly, and alſo rightly and duely admini­ſter thy holy Sacraments: Grant this for thy Son Jeſus Chriſt his ſake, Amen.

O Thou God of Truth, Bring into the way of Truth, all ſuch as have err'd & are deceiv'd! O Thou Father of Comforts, ſuccour, help and comfort all that are in danger, neceſſity and tri­bulation; preſerve all that travel by land or by water; all women labouring of Child, all ſick perſons and young Children; ſhew thy pitty upon all Priſoners and Captives; pro­vide for the Fatherleſs Children and Widows, and all who are deſolate and Oppreſſed: yea, have mercy upon all men, eſpecially thoſe whom thou haſt called to the Knowledg of, and Faith in thy Son Jeſus Chriſt, Amen.

ALmighty God, who haſt commanded me to honour my Father and my Mother; Grant me of thy goodneſs and Grace ſo to love and honour them, to fear and obey them, to help and to pray for them, as thou in thy holy Word haſt directed and charged me to do, that both in their lives and Deaths their Souls may bleſs me: Give them I pray45Thee peace and plenty, Defend them from all dangers both of body and ſoul; keep them in the ſtedfaſtneſs of thy Faith, and in the obe­dience of thy holy Commandments: Bleſs them O Lord, and all other my Relations and Be­nefactors, make us doubly dear to each other, both in the fleſh and in the Lord, and that for our Lord Jeſus Chriſt his ſake. Amen.

O God from whom every good and per­fect gift proceedeth; Accept my Praiſe and Thanksgiving which I offer unto thee for all thy Mercys and Benefits from time to time vouchſafed unto me; For my Health, Peace, Liberty, Freinds, and all other Bleſ­ſings of this Life; For Jeſus Chriſt the Foun­tain of all; for his Conception, Birth, Cir­cumciſion; for his Baptiſm, Faſting, Tempta­tion; for his Holy and moſt exemplary Life; for his bitter, cruel, and yet patient and Meri­torious Death; for his Victorious Triumphant Deſenſion into Hell; for his Glorious Reſur­rection and Aſenſion; for the Coming of the Holy Ghoſt, the Eternal Comforter upon the Apoſtles on the Day of Pentecoſt; And from that time, for the conſtitution of a Catholique and Apoſtolique Church, which is to Continue to the end of the World. and I beſeech that O Lord, Give me that due ſenſe of all thy Mer­cys,46 that my heart may be unfeignedly thank­ful; and that I may ſhew forth thy Praiſe not only with my Lips but in my life, by giving up my ſelf unto thy ſervice, and by walking before Thee in Holineſs and Righteouſneſs all my Days, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

ALmighty God, who by thy Holy Apoſtle haſt taught us, not only to make Prayers & ſupplications; but alſo to Give thanks for all men: I offer up unto thee moſt high Laud and humble thanks for all thy wonderful Graces and Virtues which thou haſt declared in All thy Saints; cheifly in the Glorious and moſt Bleſſed VirginS. Luke〈◊〉 MARY, the Mother of thy Son Jeſus Chriſt; & all o­thers who have Departed this Life with the Seal of Faith, and do now reſt in the ſleep of Pae; ſuch as were the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apoſtles, Martyrs & Confeſſors; Holy Virgins, pious Matrons, and**1 Tim. .3, 16. Devout Widows, who have waſhed the feet of the Saints: Beſeeching Thee, that weay ſtill continue in their H. Communion, & en­joy the comfort thereof while we are on earth, fol•…ving with a glad will and mind their holy Examples of godly living and ſtedfaſtneſs in thy Faith; and that at the laſt Day we with47them, and They with us may attain to the Re­ſurrection of the juſt, and have our perfect Conſummation and Bliſs both in Body & Soul in thy eternal and everlaſting Glory through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord; to whom with Thee and the Holy Ghoſt be Aſcribed by us, as it is by Angels and Archangels and the whole Company of Heaven, all Honour and Glory, World without end. Amen.

ALmighty God, who haſt promiſed to hear the Petitions of them that ask in thy Son's Name; I beſeech Thee mercifully to incline thine Ears unto me, now that in his Name, I have made my Prayers and Supplications unto Thee; and, grant that thoſe things which I have faithfully asked, according to thy Will, may effectually be obtain'd to the Relief of my Neceſſity, and to the ſetting forth of thy Glory, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

THe Peace of God which paſſeth all under­ſtanding; The Bleſſing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghoſt; the virtue of Chriſt's Bleſſed Croſs and Paſſion, be with Me now, at the Hour of Death, and in the day of Judgment. Amen.

Thus may you end your Courſe of Prayers for every Friday, preceding a Communi•…- Sunday: They are ſuch, I think, as may•…t your Leiſure and Condition; if not, you are48prudent enough to leave out, or alter what you ſee good: I have too all along ſuppoſed your Conſtitution ſtrong enough to hold out ſuch a Faſt; if your Health will not bear it, in God's Name, Eat; but, moderately, and let your Food be Mean and Ordinary; ſuch as a Cruſt of Bread, a little Wine, or a Glaſs of Small-Beer, &c.

However at Seven of the Clock with chear­fulneſs depart your Cloſet: let not your Be­haviour be without Innocent Alacrity; but, let your ſpecial Care be to comport your ſelf at theſe your Faſts, that they may not (if poſ­ſible) be taken notice of by any, but your ſelf and God; as being mindful of that Command of our Saviour, St. Mat. vi. 17, 18. Anoint thy Head, and waſh thy Face, that thou appear not unto Men to faſt: Be ſure then, to avoid all Sullenneſs, and Moroſeneſs; but, give ready and chearful Anſwers to any that ſhall demand you.

Thus diſpoſed, you are ready for your Sup­per by Seven a Clock, which the preſent Cuſtom and Law of the Church you live in, will not allow to be Fleſh; but Fiſh, Eggs, or ſome ſuch thing; whereto, notwithſtanding your l•…g Abſtinence, you muſt not let looſe your A•…etite; but Eat more ſparingly than at other ti•…s.

49Thoſe few Hours from Supper, to Bed-time, you cannot better beſtow than in Reading, or Walking, and Meditating on the particular Ex­erciſes of your Faſt; examining your ſelf, Whither you have been as Intent, as Devout in the Performance of them as is requiſite? And where you have failed, heartily bewail your ſelf to God, Reſolving within your ſelf to be more ſerious and careful for the Time to come. Be frequent and diligent in looking o­ver your Accomptal, obſerving every Week ſince you laſt Communicated, what your Carriage hath been? How you have amended, eſpeci­ally in thoſe Particulars, in which you have formerly taken notice of your Miſcarriages, and Vowed Reformation?

Sometime before you retire to your Even­ing-Prayers, Return to your Cloſet; and there let your Charity crown your Devotions, [1 Cor. xv. 2.] Setting apart, and Devoting ſomewhat unto God of what you have to the Relief of his wanting Servants; diſtributing it, when you ſee Occaſion: In the mean time, Separate it from the reſt of your ſtore, and ever after look upon it as Devote, and not to be touched, ex­cept to be diſpenſed to the Poor; when you do thus Conſecrate it unto God, uſe this, or the•…ke Ejaculation;


WHat I give, O Lord, is of my Own, as thou haſt proſpered me; if I have wronged any One, I am ready to reſtore fourfold. St. Luke xix. viii.

O Lord, whoſe is the Earth, and the fulneſs thereof; I offer unto Thee, What by thy Gift and Bleſſing I have, this ſmall Teſtimony of my Thank-fulneſs, to be beſtowed on thoſe Poor Chriſtians, whom thy Providence ſhall give me opportunity to Releive: Be thou pleaſed through the Bloud of my Saviour to accept it, and pardon all my vain Expences. Amen.

Thou art my God; my Goods are nothing unto Thee; All my Delight is upon the Saints that are in the Earth, and upon ſuch as excel in Virtue.

About Ten, or Eleven of the Clock, betake your ſelf to your ordinary Prayers for the Evening; which begin, with this Clauſe,

O Lord, I do again humbly preſent my ſelf before Thee; let my Prayers be ſet forth in thy ſight as Incenſe, and the lifting up of my hands an Evening-Sacrifice, even for Jeſus Chriſt his ſake. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

For thine is the Kingdom, &c.

Then Read a Pſalm; which conclude with,

Glory be to the Father, &c.

51After it, a Chapter out of the New Teſta­ment, at the end of which,

Sing unto the Lord a new Song, &c. Pſal. xcviii.


God be merciful unto us, &c. Pſal. lxvii;

Concluding either, with

Glory be to the Fa­ther, &c.

After which devoutly repeat your Creed,

I Believe in God, &c.

The Lord be with me! Amen.

Our Father, &c.

Deliver us from Evil. Amen.

ALmighty and moſt merciful Father; but a moſt ſevere and juſt Judge, to all Ob­ſtinate and Impenitent Sinners; I acknowledg and bewail my manifold Sins and Wicked­neſs, which I from time to time, moſt grie­vouſly have committed, in Thought, Word, and Deed, againſt thy Divine Majeſty: I have ſinned! And what ſhall I do unto Thee, O Thou Preſerver of Man? I have left undone thoſe things which I ought to have done; and I have done thoſe things which I ought not to have done, and there is no Health in me! But, Thou, O Lord, Have Mercy upon me, a moſmiſerable Offender! Oh! Thou, who deſire•…not the Death of a Sinner, but, rather that he ſhould turn from his Wickedneſs and live, Have Mercy upon me; ſpare and reſtore me,52 who deſire in all humility to confeſs my Faults, and to be Penitent for them: Have regard to thy Son Jeſus Chriſt, who is our Advocate with Thee, and the Propitiation for all our Sins; for whoſe ſake, Grant me true Repentance, and the Aſſiſtance of thy Holy Spirit, to pleaſe Thee hereafter in all things, to Teach and En­able me to deny all Ungodlineſs, and Worldly Luſts, and to live Soberly, Godly, and Righ­teouſly in this preſent Evil World, that ſo at laſt, I may come to thine Eternal Joy, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

ALmighty God our Heavenly Father, who of thy great Mercy, haſt promiſed For­giveneſs of Sins to all them that with hearty Repentance, and true Faith turn unto Thee, Have Mercy upon me; Pardon and deliver me from all my Sins; confirm and ſtrengthen me in all Goodneſs; And bring me to Everlaſting Life, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. A­men.

ALmighty and Ever-living God, who haſt commanded me to Pray for all Men; I•…mbly beſeech Thee, moſt mercifully to re­ceive theſe my Prayers which I offer unto thy Divine Majeſty; beſeeching Thee to inſpire continually the Ʋniverſal Church, and ſpecial­ly53 that part of it in theſe Kingdoms with the Spirit of Truth, Unity, and Concord: Bleſs him who is Supreme Governour over it, our moſt Gracious Soveraign Lord K. CHARLS; Treaſure up in Him all thy Hidden Bleſſings, make and keep him a Devoted Servant unto Thee, a Conſtant Patron of thy Church and Truth; that he may live long, and be full of Honourable Succeſs all his days, in his Per­ſon, in his Actions, in his Queen, in the whole Royal Family, in his Servants, in his People; and crowned with Glory after Life: Under him, Bleſs the whole State Eccleſiaſtical and Civil; that Righteouſneſs and Peace may kiſs each other, and we Serve and Honour Thee for ever. Amen.

O Lord, Bleſs all the Afflicted Members of the Body of thy Son, whereſoever, how­ſoever diſtreſſed: Send them conſtant Pati­ence, and ſpeedy Deliverance, as ſeems beſt to Thee, and is beſt for them: And do unto them according to all thoſe Mercies, which I would or ſhould deſire thou ſhouldeſt ſhew to my own Soul, if at any time Thou ſhalt be pleaſed to make my Eſtate as theirs is at this preſent; And, O Lord, Be merciful! A­men.

GRacious God, Bleſs all the places to which Thou haſt made me have any near Re­ference,54 every Soul contained in them: All my Friends, Kindred, and Acquaintance; any to whom Thou haſt made me any way Behol­den, eſpecially my Father, Mother, &c. Lord, I beſeech Thee, forgive me and them all our ſins, and continue us thy Servants, both in Life and Death. Amen.

ALmighty God, Father of all Mercies, I thine unworthy Servant, do give Thee moſt humble and hearty thanks for all thy Good­neſs, and Loving Kindneſs beſtowed on me: Above all, for the Redemption of the World by our LORD JESƲS CHRIST; in Him, for the means of Grace, and for the Hope of Glory: For all the Bleſſings of this Life; for thy Creating, and for thy Protection of me all my Days; and particularly, that this Day paſt thou haſt pre­ſerved me in my Health, and aſſiſted me in my Devotions**or, proſpered me in my Af­fairs. . Give me I beſeech Thee, a due Senſe of theſe thy Mercies, and Grace and Power to expreſs it by an Obedience to all thy Com­mandments. Go on to preſerve, and take me into thy Protection this night: Lighten my Darkneſs, O Lord, and by thy great Mercy Defend me from all Perils and Dangers of this night, for the Love of thy only Son Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

55[Subjoyne to theſe, or the like your Or­dinary Devotions, the Two Collcts for Prepa­ration to the Holy Communion, which are above­written; as alſo the Cii. Pſalm, Hear my Prayer, O Lord, &c. Glory be to the Father, &c. Concluding all with the aforementioned Benediction.]

THe Lord fulfill all the Deſires and Petiti­ons of thy Servant, as may be moſt ex­pedient for me! The Lord bleſs me, and keep me! the Lord lift up the Light of his Coun­tenance upon me, and give me Peace, both now and for evermore. Amen.

AS you Ʋndreſs your ſelf, conſider that the Time is coming, when your Body muſt return Naked unto the Duſt; and both Soul and Body appear at God's Tribunal, to give an accompt of all Actions done in the Fleſh; In the mean time, you muſt endeavour to cleanſe it by Repentance, that God, who is of more pure Eyes then to behold Iniquity, may behold and accept it.

As you enter into your Bed, Say,

IN the Name of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt, who was Crucified upon his Croſs, and laid in•…his Grave for me, I lay me down to reſt: He Bleſs me! and keep me! He ſave me! and Raiſe me up again! and bring me at laſt unto Life Eternal! Amen.

56As you betake your ſelf to ſleep, Say,

I Will lay me down in Peace, and take my reſt; for it is Thou, Lord, only that makeſt me dwell in ſafety. Amen.

Have Mercy upon me, O Lord, Now, and at the Hour of Death! Amen.

Preſerve me while I am Waking, Defend me while I am Sleeping; that my Soul may continually Watch for Thee, and both Body and Soul may reſt in thy Peace for ever. A­men.

Should you in the Night-time lye Awake, Say,

O Lord, Thou haſt proved and viſited my Heart in the Night-Seaſon, thou haſt tried me: O Bleſſed Father, purge me, that thou mayeſt find no wickedneſs in me, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

LOrd, give me Grace to make haſt, and not to prolong the time to keep thy Commandments; that I may call my own ways to Remembrance, and turn my Feet to thy Teſtimonies: And then, at Mid-night will I give Thee thanks, becauſe of thy Righte­ous Judgments, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer. Amen.

In caſe you are not preſently diſpoſed to ſleep, devoutly Repeat the Lj. Pſalm,57 which to that purpoſe, you muſt be care­ful to get by heart:

Have Mercy upon me, O God, &c.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

HAving thus ordered your Penitential Devo­tions on the Fryday; you have the leſs to do on the Saturday, nothing but to guard your ſelf more ſtrictly againſt Temptations, that they prevail not upon you; to which pur­poſe, Be much in Reading the Scripture, or ſome Good Book; particularly The whole Duty of Man; the Third Partition of it concerns the Lord's Supper, which after Evening-Prayer read conſiderately over, applying every Paſ­ſage to your ſelf, as being ſome way or other concern'd in it.

PArt of this Day, you may beſtow in Offices of Charity: As, Viſiting your ſick Freinds, or reconciling your ſelf to any with whom you may have had any Difference, as you ſhall find occaſion; or, as you ſhall be directed by your Spiritual Guide.

On Sunday-Morning you riſe by Six a Clock; and ſubjoyn to your Morning-Prayers thoſe Two Collects for Prepar­tion above mentioned.

After this conſider, How you may with due Devotion comport your ſelf at the Holy Al­tar?58 and, what are thoſe particular Duties and Graces you are there to exerciſe? You will find an account of them in the Third Par­tition of the Whole Duty of Man.

Then examine the State and Temper of your Heart; whither it be Tender, and affecti­onately diſpoſed to Relentings for your Sins, Purpoſes againſt them, and a Reſolution for a Holy Life? To humble Reliances, and truſt on God in our Saviour's Bloud for Pardon? To Spiritual Joy and Thankfulneſs? To Good Will towards all men? To Charity, and Libera­lity? and the like: Otherwiſe, have an Hearty Deſire, and uſe your utmoſt endea­vour, which will be accepted, to bring it to ſuch a Diſpoſition.

If after all this be done, you have any Spare-Minutes before Church, or Chappel-Time; you would do well to beſtow them in Reading over the Communion-Service; by which means you will be able with more Readineſs and De­votion, to go along with the Prieſt in the Pu­blique Miniſtration of it.

About an Hour before you go forth, Reviewhe Accompt of your ſins, noted in your Paper;〈◊〉your Heart go along with the Reading of them, Sorrowing for them, and Reſolving a­gainſt them.

After this, humbly Kneel, and Repeat the LI. Pſalm.


Have Mercy upon me, &c.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

Then theſe following Collects; or as many of them, as you have Time for.

1. O Bleſſed Jeſu, who didſt take upon Thee our Nature, and ſuffer Death upon the Croſs for our Redemption; and haſt command­ed us to continue the Memory of this thy preci­ous Death, till thy Coming again; Oh! Let not the ineſtimable Benefits of it be fruſtrated by my manifold and grievous ſins; But, inſpire my Soul with thoſe Graces which may qualifie me to Receive them tendered unto me in this Bleſſed Sacrament. O Lord, Thou ſeeſt that I have no power of my ſelf to help my ſelf! Oh! Let the pittifulneſs of thy great Mercy looſe me from the Chains of thoſe ſins where­with I am tied and bound; that being thus ſet at Liberty, I may here with Chearfulneſs run the ways of thy Commandments and here­after enter into thy Joy, O Bleſſed Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

2. Thou O God, and Saviour, knoweſt how vile I am, and with what Eagerneſs I have purſued the Paths that lead unto Everlaſting Death! How often hath this Feaſt been pre­pared, I lovingly Bidd, and called thereto;66 but have with frivolous Excuſes abſented my ſelf? Or, if I have come; I have brought ſuch Troops of thy profeſſed Enemies, Ʋn-repented Sins, along with me, as if, I came not to a­dore, but to defie Thee; not to Commemo­rate, but to Renew thy Paſſion! I am not worthy, O Lord! I am not worthy to come into thy preſence; much leſs, to eat the Fleſh of the Sacrificed Lamb: For, my ſins, O Bleſſed Jeſu, went along in Confederation with the High Prieſts, in Treachery with Judas, in In­juſtice with Pilate, in Malice and Cruelty with the People; Oh! what puniſhment then ſhall I be thought worthy of, who have thus trampl­ed under foot the Son of God, and counted the Bloud of the Covenant an Unholy Thing? Where ſhall I vile Wretch appear, who have put my LORD to Death! Who have cruci­fied to my ſelf the SON of GOD afreſh, and put thee to an open ſhame! Where ſhould I appear, but before my Saviour, who hath lo­ved, and dyed for me, though I have hated, and Murthered him? Thy Bloud, O Jeſu, is my only Refuge! Oh! Let the Cry of it ſpeak on my Behalf; and may it ſpeak better things than the Bloud of Abel! Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me, for my Soul truſteth in Thee; and in the clefts of thy Wounds ſhall be my Refuge until thy Fa­ther's61 Indignation be overpaſt! Oh Bleſſed Ad­vocate and Mediatour Intercede for me with thy Father and ours, thy God and ours; and grant, that by the Grace which thou haſt found, by the prerogative which thou haſt deſerved, by the mercy which thou haſt purchaſed for me, as thou haſt been partaker of my ſuffe­rings and Infirmities, ſo I by thy Death and Reſurrection and by thy infinite gracious Interceſſion may be made partaker of thy Ho­lyneſs, and thy glory, even for thy own Me­rits ſake. Amen.

3. O Lord, who haſt promiſed, that if I open my mouth wide, Thou wilt fill it; I pray thee, to open it; and, not my mouth only, but my heart alſo: Oh! Create in thy ſervant a great hunger, and thirſt after the things of thy Kingdom and the righteouſneſs of it; after all thy holy graces and all the holy miniſterys of Grace; that I may long for the Bread of Heaven, thirſt after the fountain of Salvation, and as the Hart panteth after the wa­ter-Brooks, ſo my ſoul may deſire Thee, O Lord: Oh! Kindle ſuch an holy flame in my Soul, that it may conſume all my ſins and curſed affections, that I may never again deſile the place which thou haſt choſen for thy Temple. Thou diedſt, O Dear Jeſu, to redeem me from all iniquity; Oh! let me not again62ſell my ſelf, to work wickedneſs: I am a ſin­ner, a Greivous one, not worthy to look up to heaven; But be thou pleaſed to look down into the Duſt, and lift up a Sinner from the Dunghil; Let me not periſh in my folly, or be conſumed in thy heavy diſpleaſure; Give me time and Space to repent; and give me powers of Grace, that as by thy Holy Inſpi­ration I doe Sincerely & fixedly reſolve on an intire Reformation, So by thy mercifull Gui­dance I may faithfully perform the ſame. Amen.

4. O Thou Great Phyſitian of Souls; Heal me of thoſe many, and foul Diſeaſes which my Soul groans under; Grant that I may now ſo Touch thee that every one of thoſe loath-ſome iſſues may immediately ſtanch, that theſe ſickneſſes may not be unto Death; but to the Glory of thy mercy in pardoning, to the glory of thy Grace in purify­ing ſo polluted a wretch. Oh Chriſt hear me! Inſpire me with an holy Zeal to mortifie my ſins, ſupport me with an Holy Hope, confirm me with an excellent and unreproveableaith, and inkindle in me a never failing•…arity: Let me judg my ſelf, that I be not judged by thee; condemn my ſelf, that I be not condemned with the world: But, Receiv­ing this Holy Sacrament with a penitent heart,63 and a lively Faith, I may partake the great benefits of it; I may dwell in Chriſt, and Chriſt in me; I may be one with Chriſt, and Chriſt with me: The Lord be mercifull unto me, and grant this for his own Bowells and Compaſſions ſake. Amen.

Then theſe Collects of Interceſſion.

MErcifull God, who haſt made all men, and wouldſt not the Death of a ſinner, but rather that he ſhould Turn from his wicked­neſs and live; to which purpoſe, Thou haſt ſent thy Son out of thy Boſome to ſuffer death upon the Croſs for our Redemption: look down in mercy and pity upon Poor Mankind whoſe portion is folly and miſery, ſhame, and Death: Bring all ſinners to Repentance: en­lighten all that ſit in darkneſs; all Jewes, Turks, Infidels, Hereticks and Schiſmaticks; Take from them all blindneſs, hardneſs of heart, and contempt of thy word and Com­mandment; ſo fetch them home, bleſſed Lord, unto thy fold, that they may be ſaved among the remnant of the true Iſraelites, and be made One Fold under one Shepherd, Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

GRracious Lord, I doe more eſpecially hum­bly preſent to thy divine Majeſty this Glo­rious ſacrifice which thy bleſſed Son made upon the Croſs, in the behalf of all Chriſtans through­out64the World: give unto them all, O God, a por­tion of all the good Prayers which are made in heaven and earth, the Interceſſion of our Lord, and the ſupplications of all thy ſer­vants. Oh! Let us walk worthy of that Holy vocation wherewith we are called; let us who name the name of Chriſt depart from iniquity; and Unite us in the bonds of the Common Faith, and an holy Charity, that no intereſts or partialitys, no ſects or opinions may keep us any longer in darkneſs and di­viſion, But that we may with one mind, and one mouth Glorify thee, the Father of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt. Amen

O Father of Mercys, Be mercifull to this Miſerably Divided Church in which we live; according to all thy righteouſneſs, let thine anger be turned away from us; let Reli­gion and virtue ſeaſon all ſorts of men therein; Forgive us all our ſins; Turn thee unto us and bleſs us, that the world may ſay, Bleſſed is this, people whoſe God is the Lord Jehovah, and Bleſſed are the ſolk whom he hath choſen to him to be his Inheritance. Oh! Lord, Hear, and cauſe thy Face to ſhine upon this thy San­ctuary which is thus Sadly deſolate for the Lords ſake. Amen.

O King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, give I Pray thee the Spirit of Government and65Holineſs to all Chriſtian Kings, Princes and Governors; eſpecially to thy Servant CHAR­LES our King; Grant that his people may obey him, and he may obey thee, and live in honeſty and peace, juſtice and holy Religion, being a Nurſing Father to the Church, an Advocate for the oppreſſed, a Patron for the Widdows, and a Sanctuary for the miſerable and Father­leſs, that he may Raign with thee forever in the Kingdom of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt. Amen.

O Thou Fountain of all Gooneſs, be pleaſed to bleſs and protect our Gracious Queen CATHERINE; JAMES Duke of York, and all the Royal Family; endue them with all Heavenly Graces anſwerable to their Births; make them Inſtruments of thy Glory here, and partakers of thy Glory hereafter Amen.

O God, who alone doeſt great wonders; Be Gracious unto all thoſe, who wait at thine Altar; the Biſhops, and all the Clergy: Open thou their Lips, that their Mouths may ſhew forth thy praiſe; Inſpire them with holi­neſs, and diligence to preach and declare thwill by a Good Life, and wiſe Diſcourſes, ththey may miniſter to the good of Souls, and fina glorious reward in the Day of the Lord Jeſus. Amen.

66O Mercifull God; Be mercifull in Suc­couring all that are in affliction; Deliver the out-caſt and poor; Help them to right that Suffer wrong; let the ſorrowful ſighing of the priſoners come before thee, and according to the Greatneſs of thy power, preſerve thou thoſe that are appointed to dye; Be mercifull unto all who are juſt now breathing out their laſt; Grant eaſe to thoſe that are in pain, Supply to thoſe that Suffer want: and, To all wicked perſons give thy Grace, that they may Speedi­ly repent, and Live well, and be ſaved through the merits of Jeſus Chriſt. Amen.

HAve mercy, and pour down thy Bleſſings, O God, upon my Father, Mother, and all other my Relations, Friends, & Benefactors: Grant unto them whatſoever they want, or wiſely and holily deſire; Keep them forever in thy fear and favour; and let their portion be in the Bleſſing, and in the Service, in the love, and in the Kingdom of God, for ever and ever. Amen.

O Lord, I beſeech thee, forgive my Enemies all their ſins againſt thee, and me: and,ive me that meaſure of thy Grace, that for their hatred, I may love them; for their Curſing, I may bleſs them; for their injurys I may do them good; and for their perſecution,67 I may pray for them. Lord, I pray for them; Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Amen.

Finally, O Lord, I pray thee, for all thoſe who ſhall this day be my Companions at the Al­tar; and for all others who do now Communicate in any part of Chriſtendom; that through this blood of the Croſs, we may all be cleanſed from our ſins, and be preſented pure and unblamea­ble, & unreproveable in thy ſight; for the ſake of Jeſus Chriſt, whom I adore, whom I love, and deſire I may ſtill more and more love, and love for ever. Amen. Amen.

Our Father which art in Heaven, &c.

But deliver us from Evil. Amen.

The Lord bleſs and preſerve me in my going out, and my coming in; from this time forth, for evermore. Amen.

Having thus finiſhed your Cloſet-Devotions, you go forth to the Church or Chappel, Faſting, that ſo a Portion from Gods Table may be the firſt Morſel; and remember to take ſomething out of your Store to preſent at the Offertory.

When you enter into the Church, kneel and pray.

Our Father which art in Heaven, &c.

For thine is the Kingdom, &c.

Lord, I have loved the Habitation of thy Houſe, and the place where thine honour dwell­eth. 68I will waſh my bands in Innocency, O Lord, and ſo will I go to thine Altar.

Having ſeated your ſelf, turn to the Pſalms, and Leſſons, Epiſtle and Goſpel for the day, that you may more freely attend the Prieſt in read­ing them.

Sermon ended, you go up to the Altar, and proſtrate before it, ſay,

Thou art worthy. O Lord, to receive glory and honour, and power; for thou haſt created all things, and for thy wills ſake they are, and were created.

Bleſſing, and glory, and wiſdom, and thanks, and honour, and power be unto our God, and unto the Lamb for evermore. Amen.

Then whilſt Others are coming up, and the Prieſt preparing to read the Sentences, pray,

ALmighty Lord, who haſt of thine infinite mercies vouchſaſ'd to ordain this Sacra­ment for a perpetual memory of that bleſſed Sa­crifice, which once thou madeſt for us upon the Croſs; grant me with ſuch diligent remem­brance, and ſuch due reverence, to participate of this ſo holy and wonderful a myſtery, that I•…y be made worthy by thy grace to obtain the•…tue and fruits of the ſame, with all the bene­•…s of thy precious death and paſſion, even the Remiſſion of all my ſins, and the fulneſs of all69thy graces, which I beg for thy only merits, who art my only Saviour, God from everlaſt­ing, and world without end, Amen.

O Lord, our Heavenly Father, Almighty and everlaſting God, regard, we beſeech thee, the devotions of thy humble Servants, who do now celebrate the Memorial which thy Son our Saviour hath commanded to be made in remembrance of his moſt bleſſed Paſſion and Sacrifice; that by the merits and power there of, now repreſented before thy divine Majeſty, we, and all thy whole Church may be made par­takers of all other the benefits of his moſt pre­cious Death and Paſſion, together with his mighty Reſurrection from the earth, and glo­rious Aſcention into Heaven, who liveth and reigneth with thee, and the holy Spirit, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

BE pleaſed, O God, to accept this our bounden duty & ſervice; and command that the prayers and ſupplications, together with the Remembrance of Chriſts Paſſion, which we do now offer up unto thee, may by the miniſtery of thy holy Angels be brought up into thy Hea­venly Tabernacle; and that thou not weighing our merits, but looking upon the bleſſed Sacrifice of our Saviour, which was once fully and perfectly made for us all, may'ſt pardon our offences, and repleniſh us with thy grace70and heavenly benediction, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

Whilſt upon your Knees you caſt in your Offering; ſtop, and ſay,

Bleſſed Jeſu, who did'ſt accept the poor Widdows two Mites; be pleaſed graci­ciouſly to accept this from thy unworthy Servant. Amen.

The Prayers beginning again, you muſt joyn with the Congregation; and heeding every paſſage, let your heart goe along with it: keep your mind attentive, not only to the words and ſubſtance of the prayers and exhortations, but alſo to every paſſage, and particular Cere­mony in the Conſecration; for as much as all of them have their meaning and reaſon.

Obſerve the Prieſt then breaking the Bread; and remember how Chriſts B. Body was tor'n with nails upon the Croſs: Obſerve him pouring out the Wine; and remember how his precious Blood was ſpilt likewiſe; and then, conſider they were your ſins which cauſed both; which ſhould work in you a great ſorrow for them, and then a great hatred, and a firm reſolution againſt them; and withal, ingage you to thank­•…lneſs and love, reſolving to expreſs it by an•…niverſal obedience in your Converſation. A­gain,

71Obſerve the People too, taking and eating the Bread; Taking and Drinking the Wine; for it ſignifies their particular laying hold on Chriſt by Truſt and Faith; their flying to, and apprehending him, as the means of their Salva­tion, and the pardon of their ſins tender'd to them in this B. Sacrament.

When you have thus meditated; If you have time, while the Prieſt, and others are Commu­nicating, uſe theſe or the like heavenly Aſpi­rations.

I am now before the Altar of God, even the God of my joy and gladneſs.

I will offer Thanksgiving unto my God, and pay my Vows unto the moſt Higheſt.

O lamb of God, that takeſt away the ſins of the World, Grant me thy Peace!

O Lamb of God, that takeſt away the ſins of the World, Have mercy upon me!

Grant me, Gracious Lord, ſo to eat the Fleſh of thy Son, and to drink his Blood, that my ſin­ful Body may be made clean by his Body, and my Soul waſhed through his moſt precious Blood. Amen.

O Lord, I am not worthy, not fit that thou ſhould'ſt come under the filthy Roofe of the houſe of my Soul, becauſe it is wholly deſolate and ruinous; neither haſt thou with me a fit place where to lay thy head: But, as thou72 did'ſt vouchſafe to be laid in a Stable and Man­ger of unreaſonable Beaſts; as thou did'ſt not diſdain to be entertain'd even in the houſe of SIMON the Leper; As thou did'ſt not re­ject the Harlot, a ſinner like unto me, coming unto thee, and touching thee; As thou did'ſt not abhor her foul and prophane mouth; Nor yet the Thief on the Croſs confeſſing thee: E­ven ſo vouchſafe to admit me alſo, an over­wor'n, miſerable, and out of meaſure ſinful Creature, to the Receiving and Communicating of the moſt pure, quick'ning, and ſaving myſte­ries of thy moſt holy Body, and precious Blood. Amen.

O Lord God, how I received the Body and Blood of my moſt bleſſed Saviour Jeſus Chriſt, the price of my Redemption, is the very wonder of my Soul! yet, my moſt firm and conſtant belief upon the words of my Saviour. At this time they are graciouſly rend'red to me, and my Faith: Lord, make me a worthy Re­ceiver, and a Partaker of all the benefits of this B. Sacrament. Amen.

Thou haſt ſaid, that he that eateth thy Fleſh, and drinketh thy Blood, hath Eternal Life.

Behold the Servant of the Lord, be it unto me according to thy Word!

Whilſt you eat it, ſay,

By thy Crucified Body deliver me from this Body of Death.

73After Receiving,

By thine Agony and Bloody ſweat, by thy Croſs and Paſſion, Good Lord deliver me!

I have ſworn, and am ſtedfaſtly purpoſed to keep thy Righteous Judgments.

O hold thou up my goings in thy Paths; that my footſteps ſlip not.

At the Receiving of the Cup, ſay,

What reward ſhall I give unto the Lord for all the benefits that he hath done unto me? I will take the Cup of Salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord.

After you have Received it, ſay,

O my God, thou art true and holy! O my Soul, thou art bleſſed and happy!

Oh the depth of the Wiſdom and Knowledg of God! how incomprehenſible are his judg­ments, and his ways paſt finding out!

Praiſe the Lord, O my Soul, and all that is within me praiſe his Holy Name, who ſaveth thy Life from Deſtruction, and feedeth thee with the Bread of Heaven!

Glory be to God on high, and on Earth Peace, good Will towards Men. I worſhithee, O Lord, and I magnifie thy Name〈◊〉ever, who haſt vouchſafed to fill my Soul wi•…gladneſs, and to ſeed me with the Heavenly Myſteries of Chriſt's ſacred Body and Bloud;74 humbly beſeeching thee, that from henceforth I may walk in good Works, and ſerve thee in Holineſs and Pureneſs of Living, to the Honour of thy Name. Amen.

MOſt Bleſſed Redeemer, I do truly be­lieve, that thy Body was crucified, and thy Bloud was ſhed out of thy Body, as verily as I have received this Bread, and this Wine ſet apart from the Bread: and that for the Remiſſion of my ſins, as well as any others: And I do alſo believe, that with this Bread and Wine, I have really and ſpiritually received thy precious Body and Bloud, whereby my ſins are fully waſhed away, and my Soul purified, and refreſh'd: This, O Lord, I believe, help thou my Ʋnbelief! Amen.

Whilſt others are Communicating; Medi­tate, and Say,

HAppy are thoſe Servants, whom, when their Lord cometh, he ſhall find thus doing.

Know yee not, that ye are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwell­eth in you? If any one defile the Temple of God, him will God deſtroy.

Behold, thou art made whole, ſin no more, leſt a worſe thing happen unto thee!

75The hour cometh, and now it is that the true Worſhippers ſhall worſhip the Fa­ther in Spirit and in Truth.

Be we followers of God, as dear Children, and walk in love as Chriſt loved us, and gave himſelf an Offering and a Sacrifice of a ſweet ſavour unto God for us.

At the end of the Communion, ſay,

To the King Eternal, the Immortal, Inviſi­ble and only Wife God, the ever bleſſed Tri­nity, be all honour, and glory, now and for e­vermore. Amen.

Ariſing and making your Reverence towards the Altar, you depart with a glad heart, and a cheerful countenance; preſerve good thoughts in your mind; yet be not ſullen or moroſe; but ſalute any of your Chriſtian Brethren, you meet with.

As ſoon as you come home, retire into your Cloſet, and bleſs God with theſe Collects of Thanksgiving.

ALmighty God, the Fountain of all good­neſs, from whom every good and perfect gift proceedeth; and to whom all glory and honour ſhould be returned: I do deſire moſt heartily to thank thee, for that thou haſt vouch­ſafed to feed me, who have received theſe holy myſteries with the ſpiritual food of the moſt pre­cious Body and Blood of thy Son our Saviour76Jeſus Chriſt; and do'ſt aſſure me thereby of thy favour and goodneſs towards me, and that I am a very member incorporate in the myſtical Body of thy Son, which is the bleſſed Company of all Faithful people; and am alſo an Heir through hope of thine everlaſting Kingdom, by the merits of the moſt precious Death and Paſſion of thy dear Son. Oh the height and depth of that unſpeakable mercy of thine, who art pleaſed to admit me a ſinful wretch to have any part in thoſe ineſtimable benefits, which I have ſo often deſpis'd and trampled under foot! I am not worthy, O Lord, of that daily Bread, whih ſuſtains the body; but thou haſt made me partaket of that living Bread which came down from Heaven; which nouriſheth the Soul, and, of which whoſoever eateth, ſhall live for ever. O grant that my Soul may relliſh this divine food with ſpiritual raviſhments, and love great as the flame of Cherubims; and grant, that what thou haſt given me for the Remiſſion of my ſins, may not by any fault become the increaſe of them; that this holy Communion prove not unto me, unto Judgment and Con­demnation, but may ſupport and preſerve me in every temptation, rejoyce and quiet me in every trouble, in lighten and ſtrengthen me in every good word and work; comfort and de­fend me in the hour of my death againſt all op­poſitions77 of the Spirits of darkneſs, and further me in the attainment of everlaſting Salvation, through Jeſus Chriſt. Amen.

MOſt holy God, who art of purer eyes then to behold iniquity; grant, I pray thee, that no unclean thing may be in me, who have now Received Thee into my heart and ſoul; but let this Blood of Chriſt, who through the Eternal Spirit, offered himſelf without ſpot to thee, purge my Conſcience from dead works to ſerve thee the living God; give me grace, that from henceforth I put off concerning my former Converſation the Old man; which is corrupt, according to the deceitful Luſts, and be renewed in the ſpirit of my mind: And that I put on the New Man, which after thee is created in Righteouſneſs and true Holineſs; to which purpoſe be pleaſed to watch over me for good, to keep me both outwardly in my Body, and inwardly in my Soul: O God, thou ſeeſt that I have no power of my ſelf to help my ſelf; thou knoweſt me alſo to be ſet in the mid'ſt of ſo many and great dangers, that by reaſon of the frailty of my Nature, I cannot always ſtand upright; grant to me ſuch ſtrength and protection, as may ſupport me in all dangers, and carry me through all tempta­tions, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

78O Thou, with whom is no variableneſs, nor ſhadow of turning, let thy holy Spirit di­rect me in all things, let thy grace always pre­vent and follow me, and preſerve me againſt all aſſaults of my ſpiritual enemys, eſpecially of my own treacherous heart, which is deceitful above all things, wicked, deſperately wicked, O Lord, thou knoweſt it: how often hath it betray'd me to the breach of thy holy Laws, to the violation of all theſe Vows and Promiſes which I have made to thee? How often have I turned my back in the day of battle? O let me no more thus ſtart aſide like a broken bow, but be ſtedfaſt, unmoveable, always a­bounding in the work of the Lord, reſiſting the Devill that he may flee from me, ſubduing my fleſh and bringing it into ſubjection, Cru­fying and overcoming the World. And there­fore let thoſe ſolemn Vows, which I have now made to forſake my ſins, never depart from my mind; but let the remembranee of them excite me to fight manfully under thy Banner, and continue thy faithful Servant and Souldier unto my Life's end. Amen.

O Lord, I do here humbly preſent unto thee my Soul and Body to be a living, ho­ly, and reaſonable Sacrifice unto thee; I be­ſeech thee, ſanctifie my Body, that from a pol­luted Dunghil, it may become the Temple of79God: Sanctify my Soul, and receive it for thy dwelling place, the ſeat of thy Spirit, and an houſe of Prayer and Holy Meditations: Sanctifie me throughout, that both my Body, Soul, and Spirit, may be preſerved blameleſs unto the coming of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt, to whom with thee, O Father, and the Holy Ghoſt, be all honour and glory, world with­out end. Amen.

THus have you cloſed your Communion-Devotions; It only remains, that you beſtow the greateſt part of the Afternoon in Reading, Praying, Meditating, good Conferen­ces, and the like: and when your Condition calls you to your uſual Converſes, you are ſtill to remember, you have a great buſineſs which lies upon your hands, which is the performance of thoſe promiſes you have now made to God; to which purpoſe frequently recollect them to mind, and let the remembrance of them be your refuge againſt all temptations to your old ſins, whenever they aſſault you; knowing, what a grievous thing it is to break that Vow which you have ſeal'd in your Saviours Blood, & to have that Blood (through which only you can have pardon) to witneſs againſt you, which God forbid

To your Evening Prayers, that Sunday night immediately before the Bleſſing, ſubjoyn this Collect.


O Bleſſed JESUS, who haſt this day made me a Partaker of thy bleſſed Body and Blood; thy Mercy hath given it, and my Faith hath received it into my Soul: O let me ever feel the happy virtue and effects of it: Put thy fear into my heart, to keep thoſe Vows and Pro­miſes which I have on this ſolemnity tendred unto thee in my mind, that I may not ſin a­gainſt thee; enrich me with all thoſe graces which come from this precious Body and Blood, and hereafter bring me to thy everlaſting glory, for thy merits and mercies ſake. Amen.

THus not to detain you longer, I have re­commended to you the aforeſaid Devoti­ons to be us'd on the Friday in every moneth, which precedes a Communion, (eſpecially the Fridays before the three ſolemn times which our Church hath Conſecrated to this Bleſſed purpoſe, Chriſtmas, Eaſter, and Whit-Sunday,) ſuppoſing, that your health and important occa­ſions will permit it, otherwiſe you are not tyed to the ſtrictneſs of them, though you are ob­lig'd to receive this Sacrament, whenſoever an opportunity offers it ſelf.

To capacitate you for a worthy Communica­tion thereof at all times; I do laſtly, and hear­tily adviſe you to maintain a conſtant courſe of daily Prayers at Morning and Evening through­out the year; every Night recalling the Acti­ons81of the paſt-day, and repenting for the ſins of it; the practice whereof will fit you for the Communion at any time, when 'tis occaſionally tendered to you; I mean, when you are ſud­denly call'd to Communicate with a dying per­ſon: or come accidentally into a Congregation, where 'tis to be received, and all fit Gueſts are invited to it; in thoſe caſes, you are by no means to turn your back upon it; but, beſtow­ing that little time which is before you in Re­collecting, Repenting, Exerting your Faith, Love, Thankfulneſs, &c. Omiting nothing of the ſtrictneſs which is required in the Act of Receiving, and performing afterwards to your power what you ſecretly promis'd; receive it with the reſt in the name of God, beginning with the Prayers afore mentioned, [page 68.] which are to be ſaid whil'ſt the Prieſt is prepa­ring to read the Sentences.

Almighty God, who haſt of thine infinite mercies vouchſaf'd, &c.

But this I adviſe, on ſuppoſal you carry a­bout with you ſuch an habitual preparation, which is acquired by keeping a ſtrict courſe of daily private Devotions, otherwiſe you ſin ſadly. However, be careful to Communicate, whenever you are ſolemnly invited to it, i. e.82 every moneth, or oftner, and with due remem­brance of him, whoſe death you do hereby ſhew forth till he come.

God Almighty make you a worthy parti­cipant of his Body and Blood here; that you may for ever enjoy Him hereafter. Amen.


Collects for particular Graces.

For Faith.

ALmighty God, whom without Faith, it is impoſſible to pleaſe; grant me, I beſeech thee, ſo perfectly to be­lieve in thy Son Jeſus Chriſt, that my Faith in thy ſight may never be reproved; and being called to the knowledg of thy Grace, and Faith in thee, and admitted into the fel­lowſhip of Chriſts Religion, I may eſchew thoſe things which are contrary to my Profeſſion, and follow all ſuch things as are agreeable to the ſame, through Jeſus Chriſt our Lord. Amen.

For Hope.

BLeſſed Lord, who haſt cauſed all Holy Scriptures to be written for our learning; grant that I may in ſuch wiſe hear them, read, mark, learn