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Containing two ADDRESSES, The one to the KING, the other to the PARLIAMENT.

Tegether with a POSCRIPT ABOUT The affaires of RELIGION, of moſt high Concernment.

By R. Lanceter, Author of GALLICINIƲM, now in the Preſſe.

LONDON, Printed for Nathaniel Ranew, at the ſign of the Angell in Pauls Church-yard, 1660.


An humble Addreſſe and Supplication to the Kings moſt excellent Majeſty, Charles the Second, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. Bleſſed be God even the Father, who onely doth great wonders, that he hath ſo wonder­fully brought and eſtabliſhed your Majeſty in your juſt Rights, and Sovereignty: The ſme Lord bleſſe preſerve, and guide your Majeſty, in this great and high Calling, and Charge, whereinto he hath brought and ſetled you: And withall, advance your Throne into the high calling of God in Jeſus Chriſt, that you may be truly and compleatly glorious, both in the Father, and in the Son.

May it pleaſe Your Sacred Majeſty,

WHEREAS it hath pleaſed Almighty God to traine you up long in the Schoole of affliction and (no doubt) to fit you thereby for ſome ſpeciall and extra­ordinary work of his; as it hath been his uſuall way towards ſuch as he hath deſigned for the moſt gratious archievments And accordingly hath abundantly ma­nifeſted the power of his grace upon your Royall heart, by thoſe many ſignall teſtimonies thereof already ſhewn forth: whereat all your good ſubjects exceeding­ly rejoyce and praiſe the Lord. That it may appear that as your Majeſty hath ſet your heart towards God, ſo himſelfe hath ſet his heart towards you, to advance your Throne above all the Kings of the Earth, and above all that ever were before you; You may pleaſe to ſee the evidence hereof in what the Lord is pleaſed here to preſent you with. Wherein your Majeſty becoming highly inſtrumentall, if it be found to be truly of God, never was King, or Potentate on earth called as yet to that place of eminency with God, as is your Majeſty hereby.

It hath pleaſed the Lord Almighty, who hath ordained the times and ſeaſons for the bringing to paſſe his mighty Works, and for the diſcovery of the hidden things of darkneſſe, to exerciſe your humble Suppliant, Subject and Servant, in the relu­ctance with that darkneſſe, all the time that he exerciſed your Majeſty with afflictions. And now upon your deliverance out of them, to have alſo given him a releaſe from thoſe chaines of darkneſſe, ſo far as to preſent your Majeſty with that light, into which he hath eſcaped The ſummary tender whereof is under theſe three heads.

  • 1. That it is not poſsible, that either at preſent, or in former times, for many hundreds of yours, either we, or any other Nation, called Chriſtian, or any other Nation or Party in the World, can be the Church of Chriſt and people of God, or in way of ſalvation; but abſolutely either Antichriſtianly or Diabolically in ſtate of wrath and damnation.
  • 4
  • 2. That it is not poſsible that any, or all the wayes that men do, or can deviſe, to ſtate and ſettle Religion and the Church, in the wiſedome that they act in, can ever do it aright, and make the caſe better then it is; but in all likelihood to render all ſtill worſe, and more Antichriſtian.
  • 3. That yet there is a way, not new, but layd of old by Chriſt, wherein the Primitive Apoſtolicall Church conſtantly walked, but ever ſince utterly loſt in the World, as to a Church-way, ſuch a way as is moſt cleare, eaſie, undenyable, which all the World will grant (if once they ſee it) to be the truth of God, the onely way to make all Churches, Churches of Saints, and all people to live bleſſedly, an happy people both here and here­after.

This the Lord hath reſerved to be manifeſted in your dayes, and your ſelfe for ſuch a time; and commendeth the ſame to your Royall care, for the advancement of his glory in the Son, and of your Majeſties Throne in both.

I am not mad, or a Fanatick, but I ſpeak the words of truth, and ſoberneſſe. I have been in the Miniſteriall Calling about thirty years, in your County of Norfolk. I have lived to ſee, and with much reluctance and grapling with, have paſſed through the calaminities of theſe times, eſpecially the diſtractions, and monſtrous emergencies in the notion, way, and pretence of Religion. I have been ever formerly conforma­ble in all things, both as to Doctrine and Diſcipline, as an obedient ſon of the Church of England. And during theſe times, while the truth of Chriſt was more and more obſeured by the devices of men, I have given my ſelfe into all my utmoſt endeavour, to clear up the ſaving truth unto my own ſoul, and conſequently to the conſciences of all others, eſpecially of my Charge. In this my ſearch and inceſſant ſtudy, finding my ſelfe more and more confounded, and the truth hidden from me in the abundance of the rubbiſh of mans wit and devices caſt upon it: It pleaſed God to recall me from the wiſedome of men to that of himſelfe in his word, and to caſt my ſelf upon the pure diſcovery of truth in thoſe heavenly Oracles: which being the way of his own Ordinance, it pleaſed the Lord to meet me therein, and by revealing his Son in and unto me, to vouchſafe me, in the knowledg of him, that light of truth, which is not poſſible to be found in all the works of men whatſoever. And being convinced by the clearneſſe thereof, and alſo by imparting the ſame to others of beſt judgment and piety, that it was indeed the onely ſaving truth, but yet wholly unknown, and quite croſſe to the opinion and way of the World; I thought it my duty, and thereunto, alſo I diſcerned my ſelfe eſpecially called, to publiſh the ſame to the World, as being of the higheſt concernment unto all that poſſibly can be imagined, both for this life and for that to come.

Now, may it pleaſe your Majeſty, hence is my preſent Addreſſe and Supplication unto you in the firſt place. 1. For that intending the Dedication of this Work to your Majeſty, it being ſo high an undertaking, might be too bold a daring to preſix your name thereto without your good liking and conſent. 2. For that underſtanding that your Majeſty, together with your high Court of Parliament are ſetting your eyes to the affaires of Religion, and that to the ſettlement thereof in ſuch a way as I can­not in conſcience cloſe with; therefore I thought it better to appeare beforehand in the caſe (poſſibly ſome good may come thereby) then to be found an appoſer of authority afterward. 3. For that conſidering that the things which I come forth with are of the higheſt concernment that ever came forth, even the ſame with thoſe of Chriſt and his Apoſtles, which the World hath ſo long loſt, and have the like need of again, and conſequently of eſpeciall concernment unto your Majeſty in many re­gards, both reſpecting God, your place, and people: neceſſary it is that my Addreſs5 be firſt to your Majeſty, and thereto that I am eſpecially called of God, I can give evidence of ſufficiently.

The whole drift of this my humble Addreſſe and Supplication to your Majeſty is, onely to vouchsafe unto your humble Suppliant an hearing, tryall, and examination to the utmoſt. And if I be found an Impoſter, a Deceiver, or one deceived, accordingly to receive pu­niſhment, and a reclaiming from error. But if in the truth, then to cloſe with it as from God from on high viſiting us, in order to fulfill his promiſes unto the laſt. Ages.

The Lord Almighty confirm and eſtabliſh your royall heart more and more in all good­neſs, and give you the light of the knowledg of his glory, in the face of Jeſus Chriſt.

An humble Addreſſe unto the High Court of PARLIAMENT.To the Honourable Sir Harbottle Grimſtone, Speaker to the Ho­nourable Houſe of Commons in Parliament.


THat it hath pleaſed God to bring home, and reſtore unto his Kingdomes and Rights our gracious King, and that in ſo peaceable a way of ſetling the Legiſla­tive power in the antient courſe of King, Lords, and Commons in Parliament; and that the care is undertaken therein for Religion, and the Church, as well as for Laws, and the Common-wealth, I do heartily rejoyce and bleſſe the Lord for it, and that I have lived to ſee the day: and accordingly my conſtant and earneſt prayers are for his grace and bleſſing, to guid and crown all your righteous ſanctions, that there may be a ſweet concurrence and continuance of your joynt endeavours herein, to the ſettle­ment of all things in a bleſſed way. And thenceforth his Majeſty to reigne over us moſt happily, unto the utmoſt date of the life of man.

I do, withall, acknowledge and profeſſe, that I am conſcientiouſly perſwaded, that the power of Parliaments, as thus in compleat concurrence of the three Eſtates, is ab­ſolute, and illimitable, as to all things in order to the beſt proviſion for the good of the people, the government of the State, and whatſoever is within the circle of mans wiſedome and power. But as to Religion, it not being of man but of God, the wiſe­dome and will of the higheſt powers on earth, muſt of neceſſity be regulated, and de­termined by the declared will and wiſedome of God.

I do further acknowledge an abundant rejoycing in my heart, in that I am ſo war­rantably apprehenſive that your hearts are towards Religion, and the ſettlement thereof in the firſt place; it being not onely right and due, as being of the higheſt concernment, but alſo as in true Chriſtian prudence to precede, in regard that thence indeed have you the true light into all other proviſion of Laws. But (withall) I pro­feſſe, that what at preſent I ſee and find, and what for future is the expectation of the generall part (which ever incline to the worſt, even the will and liking of the fleſh) about the Religion, worſhip, and diſcipline, in all likelihood to be eſtabliſhed and impoſed on all by the preſent authority, even the ſame which was before theſe late Wars, and which moſt mainely occaſioned them, I muſt, I ſay, and may profeſſe and declare, by warrant of his Majeſties gracious Declaration for liberty to tender con­ſciences,6 that all will be no other but plaine and groſse Antichriſtianiſme, not to be en­dured by any that ſetteth his heart unto the truth of Chriſt. In regard whereof I hold it better to declare my ſelfe aforehand, to divert (if it may be) ſuch Antichri­ſtian intruſions, then to oppoſe the way of authority when their ſanctions come a­broad, by being put upon that which the Apoſtles were forced to ſay, Acts 4.19. Whether it be right in the ſight of God, to hearken unto you more then unto God, judge yee.

We find it moſt true which Chriſt foretold, that that Generation ſhould not paſſe till all things were fulfilled, Mat. 24.34. For as in thoſe times the Scribes, Phariſees, and other the Jewiſh Grandees, exalted their owne wiſedome above the wiſedom of God, to correct, moderate, and change, the Laws and Ordinances of God, as they thought beſt; yea, to reject the Commandements of God, to eſtabliſh their owne tradit ons: Juſt ſuch is the generation of men to this preſent day; what arrogant affronts & deſpite have they done to that wiſedome of God, yea his higheſt wiſedome in Chriſt? yea moſt proud­ly and diſdainfully to the height of all impudence they ſay, That the Church was but in its infancy, as it was ſtated by Chriſt and his Apoſtles; but that the better wits and wiſedome of men have brought it now to a more perfect and compleat condition. And all meerly by ſcornefully caſting by the way of Chriſt to eſtabliſh their owne in­ventions. So that I may conſidently ſay, that there is no one thing in all Religion, Ordinances, Worſhip, and Diſcipline, remaine intire, and otrue Chriſtian uſe and efficacy, as Chriſt hath commended and committed them unto us. A dreadfull caſe! And yet to ſee the horrible blindneſſe of men, and hardneſſe of heart, that when they ſee and confeſſe that all is wrong and out of courſe, yet they cannot have an heart and thought to look back to the rule of Chriſt, to redintegrate all things by that infalli­ble rule, but wholly to look to the wayes of mans wiſedome, what was in theſe latter dayes, what wiſe men have thought ſuiting beſt to the State, and to the humours, likings, and acceptance of people; what is gallant and ſpecious in and unto the eyes anb eares of men, wholly indulging the will of the fleſh being no other but the turn­inghe grace of our Lord into wantonneſse, and utterly denying the Lord Jeſus Chriſt. This is all the Religion among us, and all that can be hoped for, ſo long as men will act in their own wiſedomes; quite without Chriſt, meerly Antichriſtian, and deluſive to utter damnation.

The cauſe then of this dreadfull eſtate of the Church (ſo called) and of Religin amongſt us being meerly from hence, becauſe that charge of Chriſt (and the like) hath been caſt by, namely. To call none Father or Maſter upon earth but God and Chriſt, but men have done quite the contrary: Therefore it ever there be an heart to ſettle Religion aright, of neceſſity it is to ſet by all our other Maſters, and turne wholly to the teaching and rule of Chriſt, the alone heavenly wiſedome of God. And as himſelf uſually ſaid on ſuch occaſions, Quid fuit ab initio? ſo muſt it now be. If we looke to what was done by our Fathers, or in their dayes it may be well applyed unto us what is, Job 8.9. We are but of yeſterday, and know nothing: Sure we are, that in order to the Jewiſh traditions, and innovations about the Law, Chriſt fell directly upon this alone remedy, Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted ſhall be rooted up; He ſayes not, they muſt be well conſidered of, and ſee what is ſit, and good, and caſt by the reſt, but he is for plucking up all, root and branch. So ſay I, As the Father plant­ed the Law, ſo Chriſt the Goſpell; therefore every plant that he hath not planted, never conſider what wiſe men thought of it, how it ſits the ſtate, how it ſtands with prudence &c. but without the leaſt queſtion or diſpute, Pluck it up, it is of Hell, Antichriſt, &c. Is there nothing worth regarding, thinke we, in theſe and ſuch like paſſages of Chriſt, and of his bleſſed ſpirit, That God hath hid the things of Heaven from the wiſe7 and prudent: That whatſoever is highly eſteemed of men is abomination in the ſight of God: That the wiſedome of the World is fooliſhneſse with God: That God knoweth the thoughts of men that they are but vaine: And that all the imaginations of mans heart are wholly evilſ, and that continually; and abundance the like. And yet ſhall we, profeſſing Chriſt, ac­count all theſe as nothing? not conſidering how he ſaith, Heaven and Earth ſhould paſse away, but not one word of his ſhould faile And yet (I ſay) ſhall we turn from all the wiſdom of Chriſt, into the accurſed wiſedome of men, and into all of mans liking and eſteem? how abominable and dreadfull is this? Is it not thateigne and deluſion of Antichriſt unto damnation whereunto the latter ages were to be adjudged and accur­ſed? and which we all confeſſe, that for many hundred of years the Chriſtian World lay inthralled? And moſt ſure it is, that even as damnably as ever, therein it abideth ſtill. Were I to ſpeak to Heathens and Inſidels, theſe paſſage, were in vaine; but ſee­ing it is to Chriſtians that I ſpeak, for Gods ſake let our Lord Chriſt be the common Maſter to us all.

The drift of all this my humble addreſſe is. That ſeeing the Lord hath ſo happily called you together, and begun a good worke by you of higheſt hopes and expectati­on; and accordingly have ſet your hearts to a bleſſed ſettlement of all things, both in Church and Common-wealth; that you would be pleaſed to turne your hearts in­to the right way for the attainment unto your right intended ends: for elſe they can never be accompliſhed. Looke not (therefore) what was of yeſterday, what was in our Fathers times, what ſtand with Policies of State, with the liking and acceptation of men, &c. ſet by all, and looke wholy to the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, the author, and finiſher of our Faith. Remember (I pray You) that Chriſt layd the foundation of all Chriſtianity in ſelfe denyall; even of all our wills, wiſdomes, likeings, endearements, and all that man doth, or can give his heart unto. Without which, as nothing of truth can poſſi­ble appear, ſo, be aſſured, that in ſo doing all truth is before you, even that holy uncti­on whereby we know all things. Which the Lord is about to tender unto you, if ſo de­nying ſelfe, you make way for that Grace of God.

In a word, be it conſidered that if in the very Apoſtles times, men had ſo carnali­zed the truth of Chriſt, and apoſtatized from it, as the Apoſtle was ſayne to plucke them off wholly from all their religion then in eſteeme, and to contend earneſtly for the Faith which was once delivered unto the Saints; Jude. 3.4 Much rather may I now preſſe the ſame, when fare more into Wantonneſſe, and Carnaliſme the whole frame of Religion is carryed. Even to ſpare it in nothing to pleaſe men with, but to Pluck up every plant whatſoever, that God and the Lord Jeſus Chriſt hath not planted; and ſo to contend earneſtly for that Faith alone which was once delivered to the Saints, from the mouth of Chriſt and his holy Apoſtles: Damning all the reſt to the pitt whence it came; and the rather, by how much the more the carnall mind is beſotted, and made drunke with that Whooriſh cup.

And thus I humbly take leave in the words of David on the like occaſion, 1 Chron. 22.16. Ariſe, and be doing, and the Lord be with you.

The Poſtſcript.

THat which our Bleſſed Saviour expreſſeth, Mat. 5.15. Noman having lighted a candle putteth it under a veſſel, but on a candleſtick, that all may ſee it, &c. intimating, that when God inlighteneth any it muſt not be concealed, but ſet forth to open view, for a light unto others: This the Apoſtles found, and expreſſed the power of Act. 4.20. We cannot but ſpeak the things which we have heard, and ſeene. This charge I ſind impo­ſed, and preſſed ſtrongly on my heart, and Conſcience, as to the power of that light8 which the Lord hath been pleaſed to vouchſafe me. Therefore having in the firſt place made my addreſſe unto the Kings moſt Excellent Majeſtie, then unto his high Court of Parliament in ſome generall things, which will inferre abundance more of ſpeciall diſcoveries, I cannot forbeare the holding forth of the ſame light unto all others, as previous to the diſcovery of farre more. The things therein already declared are of the higheſt nature, and greateſt concernment that may be; which all perſons, eſpecially that profeſſe and hope in Chriſt, muſt nearly lay to heart. The two former of which are in the addreſſe unto his Majeſtie, namely. 1. How we are no Church of Chriſt, &c. But meerely of Antichriſt. 2. How it is not poſſible that we can be ſet right in and by the way wherein it is ſought, and endeavoured. Then. 3. In the ad­dreſſe unto the Parliament is ſhewed the reaſon of both, namely, for that men have tur­ned, and ſtill do turne out from the wiſdome of God into their own: Then follows a 4th. of ſpeciall moment, expreſſed in both addreſſes. Which is, That there is a true, cleare, and perfect way layd forth by Chriſt, and his Apoſtles, and practized then of all, which wholly turning unto is the onely bleſſed way; but otherwiſe, all is under the curſe and wrath of God.

To bear witneſs unto theſe truths, and many more to follow, am I now come up unto the head Citie of my Nation, in a fit and due ſeaſon, the Lord grant it may be found a good and acceptable time. In which enterpriſe (and that not without the Lord) I may juſtly uſe the Apoſtles words, Act. 20.22, 23, 24. And now behold I go bound in the Spirit unto Jeruſalem, not knowing the things that ſhall befall me there; Save that the Holy Ghoſt witneſſeth in every Citie, ſaying, that bonds and afflictions abide me. But none of theſe things move me, netheir count I my life dear unto my ſelfe, ſo that I might finiſh my Courſe with joy, and the miniſtry which I have received of the Lord Jeſus, to teſtifie the Goſpell of the grace of God. The ſame meaſure I expect, and bleſſed be my Lord and Saviour who hath vouchſafed me for a long time to drinke of his own cup. It is not poſible but that his word ſhall abide in force, till this World be no more it ſelf. And hath he not ſayd, Yee ſhall be hated of all men for my names ſake: In this World yee ſhall have tribulation. New wine cannot be endured in old bottles; and ma­ny the like. Much there is in that, Luke: 5.39. No man having drunk old Wine ſtraight-way deſireth new: for he ſaith, The old is better. Surely if then it was ſo, much more it will now be found ſo, when men have ſo long, and ſo deepely drunke of the cup of Babilons fornication, as they are even dead-drunke with it.

As I ſayd, ſo I ſay againe, To beare witneſs unto the truths of Chriſt am I here come up, and offer my ſelfe to all for the deſence of. The leaſt call ſhall bring me forth to give appearance unto all, or any. Onely this one thing muſt be premoniſhed. All that I can poſſibly deale with muſt be Self-denyers. Namely. 1. As to the World, if they choſe their portion on this ſide Jordan, and be of the mind of that Chancellor of Paris, who boaſted that he would not change his place in Paris for his place in Pa­radiſe; ſuch are deaſe addars, ſtoping their ears, and hardning their hearts againſt all heavenly working. 2. As to the Fleſh, if their God be their Belly, and their luſts poſſeſſe their hearts, the belly hath no ears, tis no dealing with them. 3. As to the Devill, if they ſwell in pride; and abide in the gall of bitterneſſe, they muſt needs be ſo faſt bound in the bands of iniquity, as they can never attaine to judge and diſ­cerne the truth. But if they will learne of Chriſt to be meek and lowly in heart, and give themſelves out of the will and wiſedome of the fleſh, into the will and wiſdome of Goal, they ſhall eaſily learn of the word and doctrine which I profeſſe, that it is not mine, but of God, even of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt.


GALLICANTƲS, SEU Praecurſor Gallicinij primus.

CONTEINING The making good of thoſe four dreadful Pro­poſals laid down in Gallicantu Primo.

I. That it is not poſſible that we, or any other Nation in the world, can be the Church of Chriſt; but on the contrary, either Antichriſtianly, or Diabolically in ſtate of Damnation.

II. That it is not poſſible that all the wit and wiſdome of men in the way that they endeavour Reformation in, can make the E­ſtate better, but rather worſe.

III. That yet there is a way, and that of old laid down by Chriſt, to render all Congregations, Pariſhes, and Societies of People, Churches of Christ, and all as formerly, Churches of Saints, in a bleſſed condition both here and hereafter.

IV. That to bring this about, and ſettle it in the world, there must be an utter plucking up of all that is now in esteem and de­ſire in the world, and of all that have ſuch in the world, for many hundreds of years, and all things to become new.

By the ſame AUTHOR.

Dirigente Deo.

LONDON, Printed for Nathaniel Ranew, and are to be ſold at his ſhop, at the ſign of the Angel in Paul's Church-yard, 1660.

THE Preface to theſe Propoſals.

THE three former of theſe are expreſſed fully in the Ad­dreſſe unto the Kings Majeſty; and the fourth is the main of the Addreſſe unto the Parliament, as is to be ſeen at large in Callicantu primo. A more then Giant-like attempt (it may ſeem) to adventure on ſuch high Enterpriſes: But what cannot weakneſs it ſelf do in the ſtrength of God, whoſe Power is beſt ſeen therein, and in the Light of Chriſt, which enableth to go on boldly? All that I deſire of my Rea­der, is this, That as my heart is, and muſt be ſet in the utter denial of Self, even of all in me, that God may do all; So alſo, That my Reader would ſet his heart in the like frame in the peruſal of all, e­ven to ſet his heart at liberty out of his ſelf-wiſdom, to yield himſelf into the wiſdom of God, elſe he will ſee nothing, but be more and more blinded and hardened; For God reſiſteth the proud, but gi­veth Grace to the humble. This premiſed, I fall upon the perti­eular Propoſals: The Lord be my Guide therein, into the Truth.


GALLICANTƲS, SEU Praecurſor Gallicinij PRIMUS.

1. PROPOSAL. That it is not poſſible that we, or any other Nation in the World, can be the CHURCH of CHRIST; But on the contrary, either Antichriſtianly, or Diabolically in ſtate of Damnation.

FIrst, For the clearing of this dreadful Propoſal, be it conſidered: Firſt, That I underſtand by Church as all others do, that it is the company of thoſe that are called in; and by Chriſt, out of the eſtate of Damnation, into the eſtate of Salvation; but withall, That this call is not onely given, but alſo received and yielded up into. So as the Church are thoſe people that yield up themſelves into that call of Chriſt, and no other, elſe all the World muſt be the Church of Chriſt; For as it is ſaid in Scripture, The ſound (namely, of the Goſpel) is gone out into all Lands.

Secondly; Be it conſidered, That the Church of Chriſt is to be looked upon according to that diſtinction which Chriſt him­ſelf makes of them, namely, as ſcattered ſheep, and as folded2 ſheep, or gathered into his Fold. The former are ſuch perſons in particular, as in all Ages have become the ſheep of Chriſt by the Lamb like Birth, and ſo are given into the Call of Chriſt; So becoming, and living as Chriſt ſheep, and members of his Church, but yet as ſcattered, and not brought into the way, and exerciſe of the Church of Chriſt, as he hath inſtituted in his Goſpel: A Church thus ſtated, is never wholly wanting in the world to Chriſt; but yet not properly and completely to be called his Church, as being not embodied in order to the way and exerciſe inſtituted for his Churches walking in Com­munion. The latter are ſuch perſons as being ſo called, give forth themſelves alſo to be imbodied in a Society unto the ex­erciſe of the Church-way and Rule of Chriſt, ſo as to have their converſation in Heaven, (as the Scripture terms it) in mutual converſe one with another, and towards all, in doing good, flowing forth in love and good works. This is properly called the Church, and their eſtate even here in Grace, is often called the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now thus the Church properly ſtated, muſt be further con­ſidered, either as coming ſhort of the glory of God and of Chriſt, or elſe as coming up into it ſincerely. The former ſort are thoſe who reſt and ſtay themſelves both in Doctrine, Pra­ctice, and Diſcipline in a way ſhort of the fruits thereof unto eternal life. The latter are thoſe who by bringing forth much fruit, glorifie God, even the Father, and are truly the Diſciples of Chriſt, Joh. 15.8. Of the former ſort there may be many Parties and Profeſſions of people in the world; and ſome com­ing nearer to the glory of God then others. But theſe not tru­ly to be accounted Chriſts ſheep or members. Onely the laſt are his true Church of ſaved ones; and of them is this Propoſal meant.

Thus having cleared the Propoſal, I come to the proofe of it, wherein firſt let the caſe be conſidered from what all men profeſſing Chriſt do acknowledge; namely, 1. That there was a true and pure Church in the time of the Apoſtles, and a good while after, ſo long as it abode in the Apoſtolical Rule & Way: 2. That there was to be a falling away from that Rule and Way of true Chriſtianity, and that to be univerſally and dam­nably,3 as the Scriptures declare fully and clearly: 3. That this falling away into the eſtate of damnation, took beginning even in the Apoſtles times, as to ſome perſons, which afterward be­came a general Apoſtaſie from the Faith; under which Apoſta­ſie the Chriſtian World (ſo called) was to abide 1260 yeares. 4. All Chriſtians holding and believing all the former things, and the Proteſtant Divines holding the latter, do withall de­clare and maintain, that for about 1100. years before the Re­formation, the Chriſtian World was generally in the Antichri­ſtian Apoſtaſie; hence then it muſt needs follow, that there ſtill remains after the Reformation began by Luther, about 160. years of Antichriſts Reign, which muſt of neceſſity com­prehend all the time ſince, unto this day. Thus far the truth of the caſe is born out by all that profeſs belief in the Scrip­ture Propheſies, eſpecially by all Proteſtant Divines and Chur­ches.

Secondly, Be it conſidered from what is further acknowled­ged, namely, That the true Chriſtian, Apoſtolical, Primitive Church, was and is called the pure Church, for that it abode in the truth and ſincerity of the Goſpel; in its naked pureneſſe and ſpiritual clearneſſe, living and walking in the new nature, &c. But in the after-times, and ſo to this day, the Church fra­med it ſelf into an Artificial Garb and Structure, both in Do­ctrine, and in Worſhip, Ordinances and Diſcipline, wherein it boaſts it ſelf of its Liberty and Power ſo to add and change, as to become quite another to what it had been; alledging, That then it was in its Infancy, naked, bare, unpolliſh'd, ſtintſh, &c. But now is become adult, of perfect maturity, beauteous, adorned, ſplen­did, and in far more complete accompliſhments. Hence it muſt needs follow, That if the Church Primitive were truely Chriſts, and repreſented by the Woman clothed with the Sun, the naked­neſſe and clarity of Truth, Rev. 12. Then the other muſt be that of Antichriſt, and repreſented by the gorgeous Whore ar­rayed with earthly Pomp and Gallantry, Lyes and Vanity, Rev. 17. & 18. Which if as Babylon the Mother of Horlots, is ſignified the Romiſh Church, then all other Churches bred out of her (as all ours are) are no other then her Daughter-Har­lots. If it be objected, That all the Artifices, Additions, and4 Changes brought into the Church, are but Circumſtantial, tending to order and decency, and ſo alter not the Nature and Eſſence of the Church. I anſwer, it is quite otherwiſe, thoſe Artifices have ut­terly mixed Chriſtianity, even as much as Adams fall ruined all mankind; the caſe is even the ſame, as may and will be ma­nifeſted in ſeaſon, it being the utmoſt height of that deſpoyling of all, and deſtroying of all Religion, which is ſpoken of Jude 4. and in many other places of Scripture.

Thirdly, Be it conſidered what is yet further acknowledged, that the Scripture fore-ſpeaking of the moſt accurſed Eſtate of people in the laſt times, beyond all others before, as no times to have been under ſuch horrid Apoſtaſie and Curſedneſſe as thoſe, and that all confeſs that theſe are thoſe times; do alſo declare that this condition ſhould be univerſal, and in that e­ſtate mens hearts to be ſo ſhut up, blinded, and hardened, as no working upon them ſhould win them out of it, being given o­ver to ſo ſtrong deluſion, to believe a lye to their utter damnation; ſuch a deluſion as to reſt in a form of godlineſs, and utterly to deny and turn away its Poer; ſuch a beſottedneſſe in a carnal ſelf­pleaſing Religion, as to lye drunk in it; and abundance of the like dreadful expreſſions, and fore-ſpeakings of the ſtate of the laſt times. And withall, that there ſhould be no releaſe and deliverance out of this woful eſtate, until the brightneſs of Chriſt diſſolve and break thoſe chains of darkneſſe, ſave onely from ſome palpable enormities towards the end of the Reign of Antichriſt; which brightneſſe of Chriſt having not yet appear­ed, needs it muſt be that Antichriſt ſtill abideth in life, power, and all his eſſentials, even where much of his outward parts have been conſumed among the reformed. Theſe things, and many more, diſcovered at large in Gallicinium, may well ſtartle and affright us. For ſurely, were there ſuch Churches, and ſo many precious people, yea and National Churches, as we dream of, theſe things could not be, nor ever have been uttered by the Word of truth.

Fourthly, Be it conſidered from the clear and unqueſtiona­ble evidence of the caſe it ſelf, which all men muſt acknowledge, and cannot poſſibly clude when it be ſet before them. And herein,


1. Conſider wherein conſiſts the true nature and eſſential proprieties of the true Church, as it ſtood and abode in the A­poſtolical and Primitive times, was it not in the new Man, the Lord Jeſus Chriſt in ſpirit and power formed in their hearts, according to his proper Nature and Office; which Nature is Love; and his Office is to bruiſe the Serpents head; that is, the Luſts, which are the Kingdom and Power of the Devil in man; and ſo to reſtore man unto that eſtate in the Image of God wherein he was firſt created, that ſo living and walking in love, the good works flowing from thene, to be the fruits un­to eternal life; ſo being in the life of God, and acting God's part and work in the world, to be ever wel-pleaſing and accep­table to God, himſelf ſo becoming a Temple and Kingdom of God, and of Heaven. Is not this to be truly a Chriſtian? and this courſe and converſation the way of the Church, and the converſation in heaven? And did not the Primitive Church thus live? thus walk? Was not herein their Church-Way, Church-Rule, and all that denominated them truly Chriſtian? See at their firt converſion, Act. 2. & 4. how Chriſt and Chri­ſtianity manifeſted it ſelf purely in their out-flowing, ſelf-deny­ing Love; ſo in all their Life, Converſation, Exerciſe, & whole Demeanure among the Heathen. Was not the eſſential Cha­racter of their Religion and Grace, meerly Love, whence flow­ed all Virtue, Goodneſs, Holineſs, & c? So as it became the all­ſufficient Note and Character whereby to be known to be the Diſciples of Chriſt, as himſelf declared, Joh. 13.34. But now bring we our Church, and all Churches now, and of long time called Chriſtian, and ſee if any ſuch character, note, and evi­dence can be found: So as indeed it is utterly unknown, ſhut up in a Myſterie, making good that of the Apoſtle, Eph. 3.19. The love of Chriſt paſſeth knowledge. Sure it is, and Gallicinium will make it evident, that both we, and all other Churches (ſo called) are far from the true Church of Chriſt, even the pure Church of old, as Hell is from Heaven.

2. Conſider wherein conſiſts the true Nature and Eſſential Proprieties of Antichriſt and his Church, into which the Church (ſo called) did degenerate. Is it not quite oppoſite to all of Chriſt and his Church, and that alſo even in the place and pre­tence6 of Chriſt? So that as Chriſt's Office and Work in the way of his Religion and Ordinances, is to turn mens hearts out of their Luſts, which are the Kingdom of the Devil into the true Love, which is the Kingdom of God: So Antichriſts work and office from the Devil, is to turn all that Grace of God into wantonneſs, to render all Chriſts Ordinances, and the whole frame of Religion a ſelf-pleaſing thing, ſuiting and ſitting the caral mind, which is enmity againſt God, advancing the World, Fleſh, and Devil, in all the things of Chriſt and of Heaven, the healing the Beaſts Head wounded by Chriſt unto the death, &c. So as wholly the work of Chriſt became fruſtrated, and men in the profeſſion of Chriſtianity, and backed and born out thereby, live no otherwiſe, but indeed rather worſe then Hea­then, meer natural men, all in their own luſts and likings: Was not this the way of Antichriſt's Church in former times? Whence aroſe all their Innovations, Traditions, Idolatries, Su­perſtitions, and innumerable abuſes in Religion, beſide the a­bundance of Hereſies, Schiſmes, Controverſies, and alſo of Vice and ungodlineſs, not known among the Churches of Saints that were of old? Was not hence their Lordly, ſelf-advan­cing, their affecting Honours, Power, Preferments, Riches, and all of the Worlds glory, and that under pretence of Right from Chriſt himſelf, (O ſhameleſs lying) who plainly declared his Kingdom not to be of this world, but denied himſelf in all things, and accordingly gave the ſame charge unto all his, &c. And now turn we our eyes on our ſelves, and on all other Churches, and ſee if poſſible any thing can be found in the way of all, but what is of the eſſential properties of Anti­chriſt; and never worſe, or the like, to what is abundant in theſe our dayes; ſo horridly into Antichriſtianiſm is the car­nal Church degenerated.

3. Conſider wherein conſiſts the true nature of all thoſe Separations, Purgings, and Reformations that have been made from time to time, both from Rome it ſelf, and of earh party and profeſſion one from another, all being under pretence and boaſting of departing from Antichriſt, each ever exclaiming on other as Antichriſtian; and thereby they back all their ſepera­tions, diviſions, ſchiſms, and whatſoever elſe they have contri­ved7 in their own choice wayes. Conſider (I ſay) if thoſe things they ſeparated themſelves for, were Antichriſtian, as being of mens deviſing, Innovations, Idolatries, Superſtitions, &c. yet what are they but as the fleſh and outſide of Antichriſt, his carnal puſſing up in fleſhly Wiſdom? And what is their depar­ture from them, but onely (in the Scripture phraſe) the Con­ſumption of his fleſh and outward parts? But as for what is of his Life, Eſſence, Power, Vitals, and even all that is the Root and Myſterie of Iniquity, the carnal mind, that they never de­parted from, but ſtick fixedly ſtill therein, in every profeſſion, holding ſtill the Grace of our God in wantonneſs, and carnal, ſelf-pleaſing, and ſelf-ſeeking, never the more attaining to the knowledge of Chriſt and of his Grace, but living ſtill in their own Luſts, making even Religion the very fewel to their luſts, the cheriſhing of Pride, Wantonneſs, Malice, Envy, Covetouſ­neſs, and all unrighteouſneſs, as is evident in every Sect and Profeſſion, to the ſhame and confuſion of the moſt ſpecious profeſſors.

4. Conſider wherein conſiſts that glorious pretence of all parties in their boaſted of Reformations, as arrogating a con­formity to Chriſt, and to his pure Church of old. There is no Sect or Party but that makes this their pretence and aim, to ſtate their way in the Primitive purity and perfection: And therefore the moſt of all parties ſet aſide what are of later O­riginal then Apoſtolical; wherein although their way is good, if ſtrictly ſo holden in, yet what have they done, but ſtill in the Spirit of Antichriſt, ſpeak lyes in hypocriſie? Laying all of Do­ctrine, Worſhip, Ordinances, and Diſcipline, low and baſe, in a carnal and worldly way, wholly ſhort of the glory of God; even as the Scribes, Phariſees, and Doctors of the Law did of old, whence Chriſt called all their Doctrine Hypocriſie. So that whereas there is nothing as from Chriſt, that reach in any thing ſhort of the Kingdom of Heaven; there is ſcarce any thing to be found now in the Chriſtian way, that reach half the way: Inſomuch, as even the beſt and furtheſt that ever is gone, or ſo much as driven at in Religion, and every Ordinance, is but unto legal obſervance; Sanctification it ſelf being the higheſt perfection of a Chriſtian in this life; what is it but a8 conformity to the Law, as the doctrine among us ſtate it? The Evangelical perfection is wholly unknown, and Chriſt is become loſt in all our Chriſtianity. In a word, look we to Doctrine, Diſcipline, and all the power of Godlineſs, What is it become? but a kind of civilizing of people; beſides a little hiſtorical no­tion, and carnal confidence in Chriſt, which they call Faith. No nearer are we to the true Chriſtian, Apoſtolical, primitive pattern, then thoſe were to Chriſt, whom in high indignation he ſo oft branded with the term of Hypocrites.

5. Conſider the convincing evidence hereof from the de­clared conſciouſneſs of people, that they are quite wide or ſhort of the way of Chriſt, and of his Church. For knowing well the univerſal departure of themſelves, and all in general from the heavenly converſation of the Church of old, that there is no ſuch exerciſe, walking, and fruit of good works in the kingdom of God, as was ever among thoſe Saints of Chriſt; ever their refuge, and conſcience-cozening boaſting, is, They have Chriſt within them and in their devotions, in their meet­ings, in their private exerciſes, in their withdrawing and ſepa­rating from others, and the like. But what is all this, but what Chriſt ſore-told ſhould be, that men ſhould ſay, Behold he is in the Deſart; behold he is in the ſecret ohambers; doubtleſs at theſe and the like he ſtriketh, whereto he adds, Go not after them; believe it not; for as the lightning, &c. intimating there­by, that it is impoſſible that he can be in ſuch ſecret ſhuting up; he being the Light, and his Church in that Light is as a Ctie ſet on a hill, which cannot be hid. For can love be ſhut up in the heart, and ſecret chambers? eſpecially that of Chriſt, and which is Chriſt; reſembling the love of Parents, and of Lo­vers, not poſſible to be without abundant manifeſtation in fruits: In this Love is that glory of God into which we are called by Chriſt, if we be truly his; and the power thereof in our hearts, is Chriſt in ſpirit in us, even that Spirit which tea­cheth all things, enableth to all things, praying, preaching, go­verning, and all whatſoever is the Eſſence and Life of Chriſtia­nity, which it is not poſſible for the world to have, ſo long as it is ſcoffed at, jeered, and hiſſed out of the World. And can we be the Church of-Chriſt then? Yes when he hath Churches9 in Hell. For where is our ſtate and abiding but in Hell? Seeing we lye〈…〉〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉in the Hell Dominion of our Luſts, under which we worry, toyle, ſerve, and are imbondag'd, as much as if Chriſt never had been. Surely Chriſts Church is called to a condition above, and beyond all, and not to walk as others in the will of the Fleſh. Theſe and abundance more are cleare and ful in Gallicinium, and if required, I ſhal by Gods aſſiſtance clear the caſe yet further; therefore at preſent I ſay no more.

I eaſily ſee that the Objection and cavil againſt this, and the ſlighting of all that I have ſaid, and the evaſion from all, wil be upon mens own deviſed diſtinction between the viſible and inviſible Church, whereby they cozen themſelves and all others, into eternal perdition; but the taking away of that is eaſie to be obſerved from what is already ſaid, which I leave to be pauſed upon. I deſire to be briefe, onely this firſt Propoſal being the main, and giving light into all the reſt, I have been the larger upon it; I ſhal be briefer in the other. I conceive now the Pro­poſal is made clear and good, onely this is to be added, That whereas I have ſhewed that all Churches (ſo called) are in the ſtate of damnation Antichriſtianly; ſo all others are in the ſame accurſed eſtate Diabolically. This is the difference; The World in the geneal lyeth and weltereth in the poyſon of the old Serpent, Lusts and Sin, and conſequently, under the curſe in the Wrath of God; thus it is ſuch diabolically. And the Chri­ſtian part thereof in ſpecial, is deluded and driven thereinto by the Spirit of Antichriſt, in the pretence and profeſſion of Chriſtianity; carrying their Chriſt, Religion, Grace, and all in­to the Wil and Wiſdom of the Fleſh, after they have by their avowing themſelves to Chriſt, declared their defiance againſt all, profeſſing to be his faithful Soldiers in the Chriſtian War­fare. And this is the moſt damnable and accurſed condition of all other, as the Word of Truth declareth. Tremble then, and be aſtoniſhed O accurſed World, eſpecially what is called Christian; and if ever it were the charge of Chriſtians to work out their ſalvation with fear and trembling, now more then e­ver need we look about us, with aſtoniſhment, horror; and affrightment: For moſt aſſuredly all the World, and every per­ſon therein that ever were, and now are, both may and ſhal at­tain10 ſalvation, and not one be damned, as wel as we; yea and we the laſt of all, if ſuch a thing a might be; unleſſe from this wilful and headlong captivity under Antichriſt, we break forth with violence into the Kingdome and glory of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt.

2. PROPOSAL. That it is not poſſible that all the wit and wiſdom of men in the way that they endeavour Reformation in, can make the Estate of the Church better, but rather still worſe.

FOR the clearing of this, it is requiſite that I ſhew what that wiſdom is, which all endeavouring Reformation walk in the light of, and ſo doing not poſſibly able to compaſs it. The onely diſcovery of this is from the Oracles of God, where a­mongſt many other inſtances for this purpoſe, I ſhall name but one for brevity ſake, which is, Rom. 13.14. Put ye on the Lord Je­ſus Christ, and make no Proviſion for the fleſh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. Where we may ſee a notable diſtinction between the true Wiſdom of God, and the falſe, and onely ſeeming Wiſ­dom of men. It is clear that Chriſt is called the wiſdom of God, and in that reſpect as he ſayes elſewhere, that the true Wiſdom is revealed unto Babes, who are thence called the Children of Wiſ­dom. And this Wiſdom ſprings from the root of ſelf-denial, and is unknown to the World; but ſo clear and open to the truly Regenerate, as thereby, and therein they are ſaid to know all things, and need no other teachings. It were too long a buſineſs at preſent to open the fulneſs of this Myſtery, ſo as to be ſeen and apprehended by this darkned World; It ſtands clear and ful in Gallicinium, whereto I refer it. Oppoſite hereunto is inferred in that fore cited place, that wiſdom of men, as conſiſting in making proviſion for the fleſh to fulſil the lusts thereof; and truly in the dark, ſhutting up in that Kingdom of the Devil, is the ſtate of all the wiſdom of men. Hence in the higheſt exalta­tion of men in their own wiſdom, are they compared in Scrip­ture, to the Beasts that periſh, void of all true understanding; per­ceiving and ſavouring onely the proviſion for their Lusts, as11 Beaſts, and Devils; and moſt ſure it is, that the higheſt Wiſdom of man can aſcend no higher then to what is earthly; and hel­liſh, and is wholly confined within that ſphear, as is at large de­clared in Gallicinium; and till that come forth, let the ſerious conſider it well, and they will find it ſo.

Having given ſome light for the clearing of this, I come next to prove and make good this ſecond Propoſal, and that ſhall be from theſe undeniable Arguments. 1. From that which is the inward Root of all that blindneſs and error that is in the wiſdom of man, whence Error is acknowledged to be of its eſ­ſence and propriety in nature; hence it is ſaid, Humanum eſt er­rare; as if to erre, and to be truly man in ſtatu quo, were termi­ni convertibiles. This ariſes partly from the nature and eſtate of mans wiſdom whereinto it is falne, in that man is faln into part Beaſt, part Devil. The wiſdome in both is called properly in Scripture, Subtilty, as of the old Serpent, wherein the Devils far exceed both Beaſts and Men; and yet are they ſaid to be ſhut up in darkneſs, and holden under Chains of darkneſs, whereas the Heavenly Spirits abiding in the meek ſubject on to the will of God, are called Angels of Light: VVhat then is this wiſ­dom which man lives in, but darkneſs? Sure it is, they were not meer fools and idiots, as the world account ſuch; but the wiſe of the world, of whom the Apoſtle ſaid, Ye were ſometime darkneſs. Again, partly this ariſes from the curſe of God, and his damn­ing Sentence upon the wiſdom of men, in that he hath ſhut up the true wiſdom from the wiſe and prudent of the world; and decla­red all the wiſdom of the wiſe to be fooliſhneſs. It being his juſt and dreadful ſentence upon the helliſh pride of man, in turn­ing from the meek ſubjection, unto his heavenly wiſdom, into that of the fleſh; prefouring the Hell-darkneſs into which the Devil hath brought man, beyond the Heavenly Light, and ac­cordingly like the Devils to be reſerved and kept under thoſe chains of darkneſs, unto the judgement of the great Day. When that light of true Wiſdom ſhall appear, whereby the true Judgement of all things ſhall be manifeſted, which now are ſhut up in the myſtery. Thus we ſee the proofe of this from its inward Root.


2. It is more evidently proved from the outward manifeſtation thereof in conſtant experience: 1. As to the general, the wiſdom of man ſtanding always in its whole bent to ſeek after happi­neſs, and leaving no wayes untried, no ſtone unrolled to find, and obtain it; ſee the event and fruits of all, even nothing but to make themſelves and the world more and more miſerable. If thou beeſt wiſe, (ſayes Solomon) thou ſhalt be wiſe for thy ſelf; but ſee the curſed conviction of mans wiſdom, in that ſetting the heart wholly unto ſelf, it reacheth unto, and attaineth no­thing but trouble, turmoyle, vexation, ſorrow, woes, croſſes, and miſeries, what not? Hence juſtly is the wiſdom of the world called fooliſhneſs with God, and that God knoweth the thoughts of men that they are vain, yea vanity it ſelf.

2. As to the ſpecial and particular Inſtance, the reformation of Religion, be it conſidered, that men are and have been ſuffici­ently conſcious and convinced at all times ſince they departed from the wiſdom of God in Chriſt, that Religion was ever out of its due courſe, and that ſomething or other was amiſs, and neceſſary to be amended; and withall, that from time to time they ſet themſelves with their utmoſt endeavour in all ſtudy, labour and diligence, what might be to amend, reform, and ſet all right. And yet what hath been done? what hath been the iſſue of all their ſtrenuous endeavours, both ſingly by them­ſelves, Fathers, Doctors, Grandees, &c. by all their Writing, Preaching, Diſciplines, and alſo jointly in Councils, Synods, Conſiſtories, and the like, but to turn all into more and more confuſion, by ſtating their Decrees, Doctrines, Diſciſcipline, and all in ſuch wiſe as expoſed them to endleſs queſtions, Diſ­putes, and Controverſies? Yea, what did all tend to, but to the ſetting up of Antichriſt and all his deluſions, and working unto damnation, which as the Scripture foretold ſhould come ſo they did, and all by mens acting in their own wiſdom, deſpiſing the wiſdom of God. Sure it is, that in Chriſt and his way there is that Light, which whoſoever walketh in, cannot ſtumble, much leſs fall, as himſelf expreſſeth. And as clear it is, That all the Errors, Deceptions, and Evils whatſoever, that came into the Church, were from thoſe that went out from them, that walk­ked in the Light and Wiſdom of Chriſt, into their own, as the13 Scripture declareth. Moſt certain it is, that in love is all light, and there need no teaching, no fear of error or evil, as might abundantly be ſhewed; and in Luſts lye all Error and Wicked­neſſe whatſoever. In a word, ſeeing all the ableſt and wiſeſt of men bending themſelves to reformation, could never do it, or make any thing better ſince they fell to act in their own wiſ­dom, but on the contrary, rendred all ſtil worſe and worſe; therefore it cannot be hoped in the leaſt, that ever it can be compaſſed in that, or the like way. Experience have proved this to be true every age to this preſent day; whereof moſt clear evidence is ſeen in theſe late yeares, wherein all parties took what Liberty they pleaſed; and ſee what ſtriving and endeavors they uſed, how many wayes have been tryed, how many Reli­gions, Sects, and ſpecious things have been ſtept into, and all prove no better then the former, but rather ſtil worſe in the acknowledgement of all. And now at preſent ſee whereto the wiſdom of men driveth, how they can ſee nothing good but what is proviſion for their Luſts and likings: A price is put into their hands to get Wiſdom, but they have not an heart un­to it. Liberty and Encouragement is given to move accor­ding to Conſcience; But ſee by the continual Addreſſes and Petitions daily coming from alll parts, that their Wiſ­dome is ſet upon no higher pitch, then with the Dogge to return again unto his Vomit, and like the fooliſh Iſrae­lites that cryed out for the Leeks and Onyons of Aegypt, when God gave them Bread from Heaven. Thus I con­ceive this PROPOSAL alſo ſtands cleare: If more be required, I have enough to ſay for the fuller convince­ing of all.


3. PROPOSAL. That yet there is a way, and that of old laid down by Chriſt, to render all Congregations, Pariſhes, and Societies of People, Churches of Christ, and all as formerly, Churches of Saints, in a bleſſed condition both here and hereafter.

TO make this to ſtand clear and good, I ſhall reſolve the whole into theſe three branches. 1. That ſuch was the eſtate and condition of the true Church of old, which is cal­led the Primitive and Apoſtolical. 2. That a clear, full, and all-ſufficient way for it was laid down by Chriſt. 3. That it is an eaſie and ready thing to bring all Congregations, Pa­riſhes and People into the ſame eſtate and condition again; and much more eaſie for us to compaſſe it now, then in thoſe times of old.

1. For the former of theſe I have given ſome light into it already in the firſt Propoſal, and it ſtands ful and cleare in the Goſpel. All happineſſe and bleſſedneſſe whatſoever that is high, heavenly, and alone the true bleſſedneſs conſiſts in theſe three things, as being the perfect Image of God; 1. Clearneſſe and fulneſſs of Truth, to live in the light thereof, ſo as to know all things, and to be guided and walk in the truth infallibly, ſo as not poſſibly to be deceived and led into Error. This is truly Angelical, and the true life of God, and in God. 2. Inte­grity of righteouſneſs and holineſs, ſo as no place to be for ſin and tranſgreſſion. To live in perfect obedience to the Wil and Command of God in all things, and never to have ſo much as an heart and will to offend God or any thing, but to do all the honour and good that they may, both to God and man. And this is as Heavenly and Angelical perfection as the other. 3. Perfection of Bleſſedneſs, ſo to live and abide in full fruition of all joy and contentment, ſtanding free and ful in an exemp­tion from all that is evil, and in the enjoyment of all that is good, fully ſatisfactorily, ſo as the heart to deſire no more, but to abide ever in an aboundant overflowing. If in theſe be not the perfect bleſſedneſs, let all men judge.


Now moſt ſure it is, that in a moſt ſweet and abundant en­joyment of all theſe did the Church of old live, while it abode truly Chriſts Church, and degenerated not to be Antichriſtian. The former is cleare by many Warrants of Scripture. Surely Chriſt failed them not of his promiſe, to give them his ſpirit which ſhould guide them into all Truth; which St. John teſtified that every true Chriſtian and Member of the Church had; be­ing that Unction whereby they knew all things; and that ſo, as that they needed no other Teaching, but as that Annointing taught them. The ſecond is as clear, in that all the true Members of Chriſt and his Church are ſaid to be born again, and being ſo born, to be in that condition as never to ſin〈◊〉in poſſibility to ſin. And the third is as clear from the Teſtimonies of the abundant joy, re­joicing, contentment, ſatisfaction, and flowing meaſure of all true heavenly good, wherein the Saints and Church of Chriſt continually lived and poured forth. Theſe things are plenti­fully evident in the Word of the Goſpel. See then if the firſt branch hereof be not fully made good.

2. For the ſecond branch, namely, That a clear, full, and all­ſuſſicient way for it, was laid down by Chriſt, is as evident alſo in the Goſpel; where we find, 1. That this way is meerly and alone Love; that Love which the world knows not, as the Goſpel af­firmeth, wherein is all the Light unto all Truth, ſo as to need no other Teaching. It is a vain Antichriſtian boaſting out of pride and arrogance, which blindeth the heart, to advance the Learned and Learning, into the place and Office of guiding in caſe of Religion. Were this Love known, and the power of it ſet in the heart, it were Light and guidance enough into all things infallibly, as may eaſily be ſhewed convincingly unto the hardeſt heart. Again in Love is all Holineſs, Righteouſneſs, Goodneſs, and not poſſibly any ſin. All ſin is from the abſence of this Love, as may clearly be evidenced; as in the Luſts is all the blinding of the heart, ſo alſo is all the ſin and wickedneſs in man. And laſtly, in Love is all happineſs, for therein is all contentment, ſatisfaction, and joy; and no joy, comfort, and contentment comparable thereunto; as on thcontrary all ſor­row, vexation, and wo is ſtated in Luſt. 2. That this Love is16 the whole way of Chriſt. 1. It is the whole ſum of his Doctrine, wherein is the fulfilling of the Law; no other Precept or Do­ctrine did Chriſt hold forth, but Love. 2. It was the courſe of all his Life, whereby hefulfilled and perfected theaw, it being not poſſible to be truely kept, til he in that love did it; whence all his life was a going about doing good, as the Scripture wit­neſſeth. 3. It is truly himſelf in ſpirit and power, whereinto the regenerate are born, and by which they perform ſuch true obedience to the Law, as they neither ſin, nor can ſin. 3. That in this Love thus brought into the world, and into man's nature, all the truly converted received Christ and his Goſpel, and therein alſo prea­ched Chriſt, and inwrought him into others, whereby they became Chur­ches of Saints. This was the work of the Miniſtry, and the work of the Church and Elders, and all the ruling and govern­ing which the Goſpel ſpeaks of, namely, to act in Love, and thereby beget many Sons and Daughters unto God, by ſtreng­thening one another, enlightening the ignorant, ſupporting & cheriſhing the weak and needy, and reclaiming the obſtinate and unruly, rendring all the Church pious to God loving, uſt, and all good doing to others; loyal to their Princes and Rulers, & no ſuch people ever as they living in the world; whence Chriſt ſaid, that the leaſt in this Goſpel-Love, is greater then the greateſt that lived in the moſt exactneſſe of Legal Obedi­ence.

3. For the third Branch, namely, That it is an eaſie and rea­dy thing, to bring all Congregations, Pariſhes, and People, into the ſame Eſtate and Condition again, even to be Churches of Saints, yea and much more eaſie for us to compaſs it now, then in thoſe times of old. How eaſily this is made good, be it conſidered, 1. That the ſame means thereunto ſtill remains, with us; No one of Chriſts Ordinances and means of Grace is loſt and periſhed; what Chriſt planted is ſtil in being in the Church, though planted a­gain by man in a falſe ground, all being plucked up out of Chriſt the love, and planted in Antichriſt, in mans carnal luſts; but yet ſtil they remain; it is but to remove the Plants again, and all is done. 2. That there is the ſame way to effect all as formerly; For ſtil there remain ſuch Societies, Congregations, and Pa­riſhes17 of people meeting, and profeſſing Chriſt, in the exerciſe of the Ordinances of Chriſt unto Salvation, as are in neareſt reſemblance to the Churches of old, that were called Churches of Saints. Herein is every where a Miniſtry and People eaſie to be ordered in the way of being Elders and Youngers, to accom­pliſh all the bleſſed effects to make pure Churthes of Saints. Would but Miniſters themſelves learn and know Chriſt, and accordingly preach him to others: And then the Elders, or bet­ter Proficients in Grace that have gotten truly into the know­ledge of Chriſt, do their part to inwork alſo Chriſt into others, and ſo back the work of the Miniſtry. Were but Chriſt ſo in the hearts of ſome in every Pariſh, as they could ſay, with St. Paul, The love of Chriſt conſtrein us; all the work unto Saint­ſhip muſt neceſſarily follow. 3. That there is the ſame power to effect all by ſpiritnal efficacy of Chriſt in, and with his own Ordi­nance, as well as ever was of old, is clear both by Scripture, where we have Chriſts promiſe to be with his unto the end of the World, and alſo by our own acknowledgement, all of us reſting upon that Power of Chriſt to carry us unto Salvation through the uſe of the means; and therefore (queſtionleſs) it is as efficaci­ous for all other ſpiritual and heavenly purpoſes and effects to­wards others. Laſtly, that it is more eaſie for us now to compaſs it, then it was of old, is clear, for that we are backed into all things by a Chriſtian Magiſtracy and Authority, which then was wanting, yea might and main oppoſing. Clearly is ſeen a­bundance of advantage unto us, more then was unto them, on­ly that may be ſaid of us which is in the Proverbs, Wherefore is there a price put into the hand of a fool to get wiſdom, ſeeing he hath not an heart unto it.

Too true it is, Chriſt is wholly unknown, It may be ſaid both of Princes and people what was ſaid of Elies ſons, They are ſont of Belial, they know not the Lord, nor his Son Jeſus Chriſt: But be ſure the time is at hand, when if not we, yet a wiſer gene­ration ſhall have an heart to get wiſdom by the price put into their hand. Chriſt ſhall rule all Nations with a Rod of Iron; namely, in and by the power of the true Heavenly, ſelf-denying Love, the Fountain of all goodneſs in the hearts of all, even as now the18 Devil and Antichriſt do in, and by the all-commanding power of the Hell-reigning Luſts in the hearts of every one unto all exorbitances and exceſs in ſinfulneſs and wo. All theſe things are abundantly ſet forth and cleared in Gallicinium, and much more alſo. The Lord proſper both this and that alſo, to his own heavenly glory.

4. PROPOSAL. That to bring this about, and ſettle it in the world, there must be an utter plucking up of all that is now in esteem and de­ſire in the world, and of all that have ſuch in the world, for many hundreds of years, and all things to become new.

FOR the clearing of this, becauſe it may ſeem to contra­dict what was even now ſaid, namely, That the Church-Ordinances and means of Grace are ſtil remaining among us, and therefore if all muſt be plucked up, then alſo what Chriſt hath planted; be it conſidered, 1. That though Chriſts Plants be remaining ſtill, yet there are more alſo added thereto; ſome ſurrepti­tiouſly crept in by the deviſes of private ſpirits in all the Sects and Hereſies that have been broached, and ſo received by ma­ny for truths. Others there are that are profeſſedly maintain­ed by a pretended Authority of the Church, which is meerly a proud and arrogant pretence and preſumption. The Church of Chriſt hear his voice alone, and no other. It is no other but the ſelf exalting Whore upon the Beaſt, that claims a Right and Power to change or introduce any thing of the way of Chriſt, yea though under pretence of indifferencies, as that Whore hold them forth. Theſe all are to be plucked up, for that Chriſt hath not planted them, as I have expreſſed before in my Addreſs unto the Parliament.

2. That though Chriſts Plants be ſtill remaining, yet they have been all tranſplanted, and ſet in a faſe ground. Moſt ſure it is, and a moſt dreadful thing it is to conſider, that there is not one point or ſubject in all Divinity, not one Ordinance of Chriſt, not one Grace or Duty, not any thing in all Chriſtianity, but19 hath been plucked up from the root and ground of all, the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, and tranſplanted all into Antichriſt in the King­dom of the Devil, the Luſts and abominations of Hell. The Scripture declares the Church of Chriſt to be built upon the Pro­phets and Apoſtles, Jeſus Chriſt himſelf being the chief Corner ſtone; but that Building is removed to a far different Foundation, up­on Philoſophers, and the Wiſdom of man, ſo as the true Foun­dation is utterly loſt, and Jeſus Chriſt as the Corner-ſtone is more reected of our Builders, then ever it was by the Jewiſh Builders; ſo as what that Corner-ſtone is is as utterly unknown to the Prelates and Grandees of the Chriſtian Church, as it is to the very Heathens & Infidels, yea and far more. Gallicinium renders this ful & clear in every head and ſubject of Divinity, contained in all Didactical Theology; making it evident how gopingly, e­ven in the darkneſs of Hell, all the Heads and Cuides of the Church that would be themſelves the Corner-ſtones and Guiders of others, have conſtantly walked, ever ſince the Church play­ed the Whore, and became Antichriſtian, even for above 1200. years, verifying that of Chriſt, If the blind lead the blind, both ſhall fall into the ditch; giving up themſelves and all that fol­low them, into that deluſion which St. Paul ſpeaks of, to believe a lye that they might be damned.

To exemplifie this but in one thing of many thouſands more, leſt I be thought to ſay more then can be proved; Be it obſerved how Antichriſtianly the moſt main and heavenly Doctrine of Regeneration is ſtated by our learned Grandees; For whereas the Scripture ſtates it in ſuch a perfection in Chriſt, as in a condition above ſin; ſo that he that is ſo born, ſins not, neither can ſin; they ſtate it onely in a condition, not to be committers of ſin; & there give ſuch a meaning to committing of ſin, as is much like the ſenſe that they give of the ſin againſt the Holy Ghoſt, even ſuch as few in the world come under the guilt of; and ſo moſt damnably de­lude people to their utter perdition, while they ſecure them upon a conceited Regeneration by their Infant-Baptiſm, or per­haps ſome reſtraint of enormious open, groſs crimes, and ſo run headlong into Hell in the driving of their Luſts, wherein is the whole power of the Devil unto eternal damnation. Thus20 ſtating Regeneration in Antichriſt, it become no better then damnable deluſion; whereas ſtated by, and in Chriſt, it is the very power and arm of God unto ſalvation, the very building on Chriſt, the Corner-ſtone, whereby to become Temples of God eternally in heaven. Theſe things are Myſteries to the ſelf-wiſe World, ſhut out from their eyes, and ſo are all the ſaving things of Chriſt. See we how hypocritical­ly baſe the ſelf wiſe Prelacy have ſtated that high power and priviledge given by Chriſt to his Church, above all that Autho­rity and powers in the World, even to bind their Kings in Chains, and their Nobles with Links of Iron; which being heavenly and ſpi­ritual, and ſo of efficacy beyond all fleſhly power, they plucking it out as it was rooted in Chriſt, & planting it in Antichriſt, in an Antichriſtian Carnal, Earthly Spirit, that can perceive & ſavour nothing of what is heavenly; have ſixed and rooted it in an af­fectation of Earthly Dominion and Greatneſs, with ſuch a be­ſotted baſeneſs, as rather then fail, ſeeing they can reach to no higher eminence in worldly ſtate (the worlds Princes not en­during more to be allowed them) lay hold even of the Fag-end, the very Tayle of the civil Power, skipping up, and on the hang­ing on the Rump of the Beast, rather then on no part above at all, and ſo they may reign ſome way in earthly power, dote upon ſuch baſe preheminences, as were they the leaſt in their right wits, they would utterly abhor; and all this by tranſplan­ting the Church-power out of Chriſt, into Antichriſt. The like is a­bout matters of Divine Worſhip, to ſtate them in Forms, Liturgies, Ceremonies, and Gallantry, & ſpecious things in the eyes of the Carnal, which did they know the leaſt of Chriſt and his Spirit, they would extremely abominate. But I need not inſiſt on theſe things here, they are at ful diſplayed in Gallicinium; and the World, though back'd with all the Power of Hel, ſhal never be able to gain-ſay them. Thus already ſome diſcovery is made how of neceſſity theſe plantings in Antichriſt muſt be plucked up, ere there can be planting again in Chriſt; God and Belial, Christ and Antichriſt cannot ſtand together.

And whereas I ſaid, All things muſt become new; it is not as if a new Light were pretended unto, or new things to be brought21 in, but even as in Chriſt formerly all things were ſaid to be made new, that is, reſtored a new unto the primaeval integrity, as God firſt made man: So likewiſe in this caſe all the devices and deluſions of Antichriſt, now becoming old and rotten, to be a­boliſhed, and the truths, and this way of Chriſt, renewed and reſtored.

Be it known therefore, that as this muſt be, ſo it ſhal be, and God is about this great work, to overturn, overturn, overturn, the Diadem is reſerved for him to whom it belongeth, even the Lord Chriſt, who muſt reign in his time, and all Worlds whatſoever cannot hinder him when that ſeaſon comes. Behold the ſtone cut out of the Mountains without hands, which is to ſmite Ba­bylons Image, and overthrow all the Hel-Dominion on the Earth, is now in the cutting out, and ere long the blow wil be given. All the ſtructures and devices of the wiſdome of man ſhal have their fall, & return to their firſt nothing. The Earth­quake hath long been, wherein the 7000. Names of men (that is the inventions, devices, and ſtructures of men in Religion, whereby they have manifeſted themſelves, and made known the fooliſhneſs of their wiſdom) are to be ſlain, and then the remnant afffrighted ſhall give glory to the God of Heaven: and ſo the Kingdoms of this World ſhall become the Kingdoms of the Lord, and of his Chriſt, and he ſhall reign for ever and ever. God hath ſo determined the times and ſeaſons unto all; ſay, and do all the wits and pow­ers of the world what they can: There is but an hour for the power of darkneſs to prevail, and then comes the power of the Light eternally, to rule all Nations with a Rod of Iron: And thus having ſpoken nothing but the words of Chriſt, and of his hea­venly ſpirit, I may further apply thereto that ſaying of Chriſt, The words which I have ſaid unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.



Most Dread Soveraign,

AS in my firſt Addreſſe, ſo in the cloſe hereof, I make return unto Your Maeſty in the firſt place, humbly beſeeching you to conſider, if what I therein declared be not now made good; and accordingly, whether ever any thing of ſo high and heavenly nature, was ever preſented and tendered to any Prince on Earth; And whether the proſecution hereof will not advance your Throne above all the Kings that ever were before you. Look not upon it (I beſeech you) as the work of a poor ſimple man, but as a Meſſage from the King of Kings, and his Son JESUS CHRIST, who hath reſerved this for your time, and reſtored you to your Kingdoms for ſo great a work. Finally, this your poore Suppliant, aged and weak, who yet through the ſtrength of Chriſt can ſtand on his leggs before, and againſt all the Pow­ers on Earth, in defence of theſe Truths of his Lord and Maſter, do yet as in his firſt Addreſſe tendered to your Majeſties hands, ſo now again humbly proſtrates himſelf on his bended knees before Your Majesty, beſeeching you in Christ's stead to be reconciled to God, and to ſet your heart23 to bring all all your Kingdoms and Subjects (in what lyes in you) into the ſame moſt bleſſed reconciliation with God in Chriſt.

Right Honorable Senators of the two Houſes of Parliament, whom God hath now happily joyned with our gracious So­veraign. O that man may never ſeparate again, whom God hath thus joyned. To your Honours (I ſay) as I made my Humble Addreſs in the next place unto his Maje­ſty, by the hands of the Honourable Speaker to the Houſe of Commons, ſo I again return my ſpeech to you in the ſame order, humbly beſecching you to take it as an Ad­dreſſe of the higheſt concernment that ever was, or can be tendred unto you; ye profeſs to make Chriſtian Laws, to eſtabliſh a Chriſtian Government, and all your intenti­ons and aims to be truly Chriſtian. Of neceſſity (there­fore) ye muſt lay the foundation of all in Chriſt, which this preſents you with, or elſe all is but building upon the Sand: Be pleaſed therefore to take into moſt deepe and ſerious conſideration what is here preſented you; and ſay not by any means, ye have not yet leiſure for it, and ſo lay it by; but bear in mind, That Foundations are firſt to be conſidered and laid; and if ye have leiſure to act any thing, yea, to eat, or ſleep, or live, then much rather ye muſt find leiſure for this, ſeeing that both to eat, ſleep, live, and act any thing, are all to be to the glory of God in Chriſt, which this Addreſſe wholly and alone concern­eth.

Right Houorable the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, Aldermen, and all others of this head Citie of my Nation, unto whom alſo I have made my humble addreſs, by caſting my ſelf into your arms; not creeping into houſes to lead any Captive, but proclaiming in your ſtreets the Name of the LORD. O let it not be ſaid of you as once it was of that head City Je­ruſalem: O Jeruſalem, Jeruſalem, that killeſt the Prophets, and ſtoneſt them that are ſent unto thee. I ſay unto you, and to all other the Magiſtrates and people throughout all theſe kingdoms and Nations, unto whom theſe addreſſes24 may come; Men, Brethren, and Fathers, unto you is theord of this ſalvation ſent. Never Rulers and People had more need of it; never was God, and all that is of hea­ven, ſo loſt in the world as is now. Behold here the light of God's countenance returning upon you; Chriſt proclaiming his coming in power, and great glory. Behold (I ſay) here a breaking forth of that Light, which will yet grow clearer towards the perfect day; which if it be re­ceived and imbraced, will abundantly make good that of the Prophet of old; Happy are the people that are in ſuch a caſe; yea, bleſſed are the people that have the Lord for their God.

Reverend Divines of this Honorable City, to whom I have alſo made my addreſs, by repairing to diverſe of you, to beſeech your help and concurrence in this work of the Lord; not ſo much preſuming to impart Light unto you, as to crave further Light, by partaking of your grace. My humble Requeſt, both unto you, and to all other of Chriſt's Miniſtry in theſe Nations, is, That you would not make good my jealouſies and fears conceived in this caſe; that as it was to Chriſt at his firſt appearing, ſo alſo now, the Prieſthood to be the bittereſt adverſaries. The grounds of the fears are the ſame which were in them, having drunk ſo long, and ſo deep of the old wine, it is very hard to like of new. O remember that the ſame word of propheſie which fore-ſpake of the ſlaughter of 7000 names of men, which we find in the executing, ſpeaks al­ſo in the ſame place of the fall of the tenth part of the City; which to be the Clergie of Antichriſt's Church is more then probable; and the making it good muſt be either by their falling from Babylon, or together with Babylon into eternal perdition; which latter cannot be avoided, if the other ſal­ling off prevent it not; even by hearkning to that call from heaven, Come out of her, my people, &c. leſt yee be partakers of her plagues.

And now in a word to all, committing you all to God, and to the Word of his Grace, I commend to your conſideration that of the25 Prophet, Jer. 26.13.14, 15, 16. Hatred, Tribulation, and Per­ſecution from the World, is the bequeſt of Chriſt to his ſaith­ful ones; an Inheritance in Chriſt never to be parted with till himſelf appear again in power and great glory, to incline the hearts of all to the love of the Truth. And therefore wo to thoſe pretenders for Chriſt, whom all men eſteem, love, and applaud, as himſelf hath ſaid; They are the falſe Prophets which were to come into the world; ſtrange it may ſeem that this excreme difference ſhould be, ſeeing that all profeſſe and preach by Name the ſame Chriſt onely here it differs, the one doth it in jeſt, the other in good earneſt; the one in hypocriſie, the other in ſincerity; the one baſely ſuted to mens carnal Luſts, the o­ther highly advanced into the heavenly ſelf-denying love. And ſo the wide difference ſtands clear, the one is the Antichriſt from Hell, the other the Lord Chriſt from Heaven. Therefore the hatred muſt of neceſſity be, by reaſon of the enmity of Hell in the carnal mind againſt God. Here then is the hope and comfort, if this tender of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt find place in the hearts of people, then is the brightneſs of Christs coming appearing in ſuch hearts, unto aſſurance or proceeding to the higheſt glory of Chriſt; if otherwiſe, then the hour of darkneſs is not yet paſt, but the true Light is reſerved for a better gene­ration, which God in his own time will bring about, and then none ſhall hinder it.


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TextGallicantvs, seu Præcursor Gallicinii primus. Containing two addresses, the one to the King, the other to the Parliament. Tegether [sic] with a postscript about the affaires of religion, of most high concernment. By R. Lanceter, author of Gallicinivm, now in the presse.
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Bibliographic informationGallicantvs, seu Præcursor Gallicinii primus. Containing two addresses, the one to the King, the other to the Parliament. Tegether [sic] with a postscript about the affaires of religion, of most high concernment. By R. Lanceter, author of Gallicinivm, now in the presse. Lanceter, R., 17th cent.. 25, [1] p. Printed for Nathaniel Ranew, at the sign of the Angell in Pauls Church-yard,London :1660.. (Annotation on Thomason copy: "Aug: 28 Aug: 28".) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
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