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By THOMAS MOORE, For his Friends.

LONDON, Printed by Gar: Dawſon, for Tho: Brewſter and G: Moule at the Signe of the three Bibles under Mildreds Church in the Poultry. 1649.


CHriſtian Reader, whoever thou art, that takeſt ſo much pains, as to peruſe theſe enſuing lines; I pray thee take not any thing in it, as leading to contention, it being writ to avoid it, and with a deſire to move all to union in minding that one Baptiſme, which is Baptiſme indeed, and ſo to a right underſtanding, eſtimate, and uſe of all the mediums, or meanes of it, by which it is effected; and whereas three of them are of con­tinuall, and frequent exerciſe, in the acting, receit, and uſefulneſſe, and one of them but once done, or acted, and the uſe after in minding of it; And that being it, about which ſo much difference is fallen out among Brethren; I having before writ a Treatiſe ſomething large about it, which hath been in the hands of many friends. In which alſo I diſcourſed of the New Teſtament, whoſe in-comming made the firſt old, and decayed; The unacquainted­neſſe wherewith, as alſo of the extent, and vertue, of the Death, and Ranſome of Chriſt, I conceive to be the cheif cauſe of manies miſcarriage in conception of the right uſe of the Ordinance of baptizing with water, and there alſo I gave ground of anſwer for all the Objections I had met with in books, and for that cauſe, and becauſe divers have learnedly anſwered their Arguments, I have forborn in this all ſuch reaſoning, and have only applyed my ſelf to the Scripture, the Tennor of the Goſpel, and Com­miſſion given by Jeſus Chriſt, and touched upon the anſwer, or faulting of nothing, but what mine eares have heard from divers, and in divers places, yea, even from ſuch as I love and reverence, or elſe of that I have in manuſcripts ſent to my ſelf by ſome others of the ſame outward practice; And in this I have avoided to go in a contentious way; and as in love, and with deſire to pre­vent evill I have writ, ſo I leave it to be tryed by the Scripture; Conſider it ſo, and the Lord give us underſtanding in all things.

So prayeth thy Well willer in Jeſus Chriſt, THO. MOORE.

Octob. 15. 1649.

Imprimatur, IOHN DOWNAME.


Of Baptiſme commended ſince the Reſurre­ction of Ieſus Chriſt, in the Evangelical and Apoſtolical Writings, as that which hath great priviledges in it; and promiſes to it.

TWo things are meet to be conſidered

  • 1. What this Baptiſme is?
  • 2. What the medium, or by which effected?

1. What this Baptiſme is?

It is a Baptizing into Jeſus Chriſt, and ſo into his Death, that one patrake of his reſurrection, through the faith of the operation of God, Rom. 6.3, 4. Gal. 3.27. Col. 2.12.

And for the clearing of this to be Baptiſme indeed, and that it may more fully appeare what it is, to be baptized into Jeſus Chriſt: foure things are con­ſiderable, viz.

  • 1. What Baptizing into Jeſus Chriſt ſignifieth in Scripture language?
  • 2. What this Baptiſme comprehendeth in it according to Scripture?
  • 3. Why, or upon what occaſion this name Baptiſme is put upon this work of God, and how long it hath been ſo called?
  • 4. That this gracious work of God, in, and upon a man, is the Baptiſme indeed, and that which hath the ſpecial priviledges in, and promiſes of life to it.

1. For the firſt, It apeareth by the Scripture, that Baptizing into Jeſus Chriſt ſignifieth; A bringing into the knowledge, belief, and acknowledgement of Jeſus Chriſt, according to that great name of him ſet forth in the Goſpel; That one may in that belief, and acknowledgement of Jeſus to be the Chriſt, and of that great name of his be humbled in himſelf, and comforted in, and renew'd by Chriſt, and ſo waſhed, or cleanſed, and ſanctified, and juſtified in the name of the Lord Jeſus, and by the Spirit of our God; and ſo made one in Chriſt, and conformed to him, and when this is done, a man is baptized indeed; and though God in ſending Goſpel, and Spirit enlightning, convincing, and bring­ing to an acknowledgment of Jeſus to be the Chriſt, and make profeſſion of him; may be truely ſaid to have baptized men unto Chriſt; yet if they have not yeilded to the operations of his grace, ſo as that it come for, be not effe­cted; They may alſo be truly ſaid not to be baptized into Jeſus Chriſt; as of2 old, when God gave his Word, Oracle and ſtatutes, with ſuch preſence of his Spirit, as he made the ſcum to come aloft; he is ſaid to have purged them, yet they not yeelding up to his will and operations, ſo as to have the ſcum caſt off, they are ſaid not to be purged, Ezek. 24.13. And this the Apoſtle would not have us ignorant of, but gives us to learn thus much from our types that were, and are recorded for our inſtruction: namely, That 1 Cor. 10.1.2. All our Fathers were under the cloud, and all paſſed through the Sea; and were all bap­tized unto Moſes in the cloud, and in the Sea. Moſes was the man that God had appointed to be their Deliverer, Leader, Ruler, Prophet, And he by whom he would deliver the Law, or firſt Teſtament to them, and he al­ſo to be the Mediator of that Teſtament. But the people did not at firſt under­ſtand and acknowledge Moſes to be ſuch a one; When God firſt put it in Moſes heart to viſit his Brethren, and that he ſlew the Aegyptian that wrong­ed an Iſraelite; Moſes ſuppoſed, They would have underſtood this, but they did not underſtand, but refuſed him; yet God did afterward ſend him to them to be a Ruler and Deliverer, Acts 7.23. 25-35. And when he did come with the Lords Meſſage to them, and ſhewed ſome ſigne among them; They be­leeved, and bowed their heads, and worſhipped, Exod. 3. & 4.31. But when they came under ſome triall by ſore affliction, they altered their minds, and chod Moſes and Aaron, as having done them great wrong, Exod 5.20.21. And though by the mighty works of God, they were overcome to keep the Paſſeover, and follow Moſes out of Aegypt, and had the cloud going before them; yet it appeares they were not brought to a right underſtanding and ac­knowledgment of Moſes; and that appears not onely by their fears, when Pharaoh and the Aegyptians purſued them, but by their words, faulting Moſes, and declaring what had been their own ſaying to him in Aegypt, Exo. But when Moſes from God quieted them, and that God di­vided the Sea for them, and put his cloud betwixt them and the Egyptians, and had his people ſafely through the Sea to the ſhore, and gave them to ſee the Egyptians drowned in the ſame ſea; Then they feared the Lord, and beleeved the Lord, and his ſervant Moſes, Exod. 14.31. And ſo from that time forward Moſes was acknowledged a man of God, though only ſuch as yeel­ded up to the minde of God made known by him, were the Iſrael of God indeed, Exod. 19.4, 8. And this work is ſince baptiſing, in uſe called a bap­tiſing unto Moſes; and ſo gives us to underſtand; That baptiſing into Chriſt ſignifieth; A bringing into ſuch an acknowledgement of him, as at firſt ſaid. Namely,

  • 1. To bring in to the underſtanding, and acknowledgement of Jeſus to be the Chriſt, the Son of God, the Gift of God, the man, the Mediator, That having once dyed for our ſins, and riſen for our juſtification, and offered him­ſelf3 a ſacrifice to God; hath obtained redemption, and received ſpirit to ſend forth and ſo is the propitiation for the ſins of the whole world; the Saviour of the world; the Prophet and Mediator of the new Teſtament, Joh. 4.10, 42. and 6.62, 69. 1 Joh. 5.1, 19, 20.
  • 2. In that underſtanding and acknowledgement of Jeſus Chriſt to cleave to him, in faith and love, and ſo to depend on him, and yeeld to him, for teaching, guidance, comfort, preſervation, &c. Joh. 6.68, 69. 1 Pet. 1. ver. 21.
  • 3. In that underſtanding of, and adhering to Chriſt, to be wrought on to more oneneſſe with, and conformity to him, and imitation of him, 2 Cor. 3.3.18. Epheſ. 5.1, 2. And ſo is this baptiſing, a waſhing with, or plunging, or putting into Chriſt, and ſo into union, and fellowſhip with Chriſt, yea, and with the Members of Chriſt, Rom. 6.3, 4 Gal. 3.27. Col 2.12. with 1 Cor. 12.13. So that in this baptiſing into Chriſt, it's plain by Scripture: There is,

Firſt, An ingrafting, or putting into Chriſt by ſpirituall evidence, and power, effecting faith in, and love to Jeſus Chriſt, 1 Pet. 1.21. 1 Corinth. 1. verſe 30.

Secondly. A waſhing with his blood, or in his love commended through the blood of Chriſt, in which he waſheth, and cleanſeth from their ſins Rev. 1.5. Zach. 13.1. Rom 5.8, 10. Tit. 3.4, 5 And that both in reſpect of the guilt of ſin in conſcience, Act. 10 43. Rom. 5.1. 1 Cor. 6.11. as alſo in re­ſpect of the corrupt diſpoſition in nature, Epheſ. 5.26 Tit. 3.4, 5, 6.

Thirdly, A ſprinkling with the vertue of his blood, 1 Pet. 1.2. Heb 12 24. and that both in reſpect of ſpeaking peace, and freeing from the law of ſin, and death, Heb. 12 24. Rom. 7.4, 5. and 8.2. as alſo of ſealing to the day of redemption, Epheſ. 4.30. And all this is contained in being baptized into Chriſt. Compare 1 Cor, 10.1, 2. with Rom 6.3.

2 For the ſecond thing. What this Baptiſme comprehendeth in it; and it appeares by that already ſaid: That it containes in it, An ingrafting into Chriſt, and Ʋnion with him, and Conformity to him: And ſo a Be­ing cloathed with him, and under his Government and protection, Rom. 6.3. Gal. 3.27. And ſo it is evident that it comprehends in it

  • 1 All that Circumciſion did formerly, for teſtifying the faith, or righteouſ­neſſe of God; for admiſſion into the family of Chriſt, for inſtructing to ſpi­rituall Circumciſion, and ſpirituall Circumciſion it ſelfe, with all Son-like pri­viledges appertaining thereto: And hence the Apoſtles affirming, beleivers compleat in Chriſt, takes away all that might be objected for want of Circum­ciſion, ſaying; In whom yee are alſo circumciſed with the circumciſion made without hands, in putting off the body of the ſinnes of the fleſh by the circumci­ſion4 of Chriſt, buryed with him in Baptiſme, wherein alſo you are riſon, &c. Col. 2.10, 11, 12. with Phil. 3.3.10.
  • 2. The whole ſcope of the Comiſſion given by Jeſus Chriſt to the Apo­ſtles for diſcipling with word and water; for admiſſion into the family of Chriſt in the name of the Father, and the Sonne, and the Holy Ghoſt; inſtru­cting in the wayes of God, and his preſence with them therein, as appeares by comparing Mat. 28.19, 20. with Mark 16.15.16. & Luk. 24.45, 46, 47, & Act. 26, 17, 18 22, 23.
  • 3. The new Birth it ſelfe, that is from above of water and the ſpirit, it be­ing the ſame mentioned in Baptiſme, Rom. 6.3, 4. Gal. 3.27. & Col. 2.12, 13, 14. That is ſet forth, Iohn 3.3.5. Rom. 5.8.10. Tit. 3.4, 5, 6.
  • 4. It containes in it all that was typed out in the waſhings, cleanſings, and purifyings in the Law, by which men were fitted to come to, and partake of the holy things, as Temple, Altar, Sacrifices, &c. Levit. 15.31. & 22.6. 2 Cor. 30.17.18. So in this baptizing or waſhing, are men made meet to enter the Kingdome, &c. Ioh. 3.3.5. Col. 3.12.13. & 2.12.14. 1 Cor. 6.10.11.
  • 5. It containes in it the Sealing, or marking to the day of Redemption. which was typed in that ſprinkling, Exod. 12.7.13. Ezek 9.4. Epheſ. 4.30.
  • 6. It containes in it that very work in diſcovery of emptineſſe and vanity, reproving vaine confidences, leading to ſelfe-deniall, and dying to earthly and fleſhly deſires, conteuts &c. all by diſplaying the excellencies of Chriſt; So that in yielding up thereto, men are preſerved, raiſed and quickned: And in offence taking thereat, and rebelling ther-againſt, men periſh; and in paſſing through this work, men come into Chriſt, and are baptized into him, 1 Cor. 10.1, 2. And ſuch as ſtumble and rebell, are overthrowne, as the Egyptians in the Sea, Pro. 1.22, 23, 24. Ezek. 24.9.13 Joh 3.19, 20, 21. Phil. Rom 6.3 4.
  • 7. It hath in it that hope that will (as Noahs Ark) carry above all waters in temptations and troubles, 1 Pet. 3.22. Mar. 16.16.

In a word, to be baptized into Chriſt, is to be made in him, and partaker of the benefit of his death and reſurrection, and conformed to him, ſo as one be indeed dead to ſinne, ſelfe, world, and alive to God through Jeſus Chriſt; And ſo Baptiſme, is indeed that fore-mentioned work of Grace in a Beleiver, comprehending all that aforeſaid.

3 For the third thing. Why, or upon what occaſion, this name Baptiſme is put upon this work of God, and how long it hath been ſo called.

And this appeares in Scripture to be from an outward ordinance given by God for baptizing with water in the name of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, as a te­ſtimony5 of the truth of the Goſpell preached, and an inſtruction to ſubmiſſi­on to Chriſt, confeſſing of him, and waiting for ſpirituall baptizing into Chriſt from him: And ſince that ordinance given, the worke of grace in the heart hath been ſo called. In the beginning, the work of God in the heart was cal­led Faith, or a ſeeing the promiſes afar off, & being perſwaded, and embracing them, and confeſſing thmſelves ſtrangers, Heb. 11.1, 2.6.13. And theſe withall under their tuition, and joyned with them in profeſſion, were called ſonnes of God, Gen. 6 2.4 And thoſe that were upright, or through amongſt them, were called righteous, or juſt, Heb. 11.2 4. 2 Pet. 2.7. but not Iſra­el. But after Jacob had with weeping, and ſupplication prevailed with God, and was by him called Iſrael, and a people come forth of him, or by proſeli­ting brought in to him, Hoſ. 12.4. Gen 32.28. Then all of that Family were called Iſrael, Iſraelites, and the houſe of Iſrael; Though they were alſo ſtill called the ſonnes of God, them and theirs; yet then, thoſe, and onely thoſe that were borne of the promiſe, were the Iſrael of God, and Iſraelites indeed. Rom. 9.6.8. Joh. 1.47. And yet theſe alſo called juſt, and righteous ſtill al­ſo; So alſo, the work of God in the heart, was never called Circumciſion till after God had given an ordinance of Circumciſion to Abraham, and that it was adminiſtred on that Family, to teſtifie the truth of the faith Abraham taught, to admit them into his Family, and to inſtruct them to attend on God, to circumciſe their hearts, to love him, Gen. 17. Deut. 10.16. & 30.2 6. Yet then the people of Iſrael, they and all theirs, were alſo called circum­ciſion, Rom. 15.8. Though the work of grace in the heart, to which the or­dinance inſtructed was Circumciſion indeed, and from thence ſo called, Rom. 2.28, 29. So ſince Jeſus Chriſt hath ſuffered in the fleſh, and overcome death, and carried our nature into heaven, remaining there, the Chriſt, the great High Prieſt, Prophet, and King, who will one day come againe, and take his great Power and Reigne, now making thoſe that beleive on him ſpirituall Prieſts, &c. Thoſe that believe on him have been called Chriſtians, Acts 11.26. & 26.28. 1 Pet. 4.16. Not but they are alſo called the Sonnes of God, and Iſrael, and Gods people ſtill; but now alſo Chriſtians: And all outwardly baptized in, and profeſſing the name of Chriſt, are ſo called; But thoſe that are borne a new of water and the ſpirit, that beleive with the heart unto righteouſneſſe, theſe are the Chriſtians indeed, the children of the promiſe, the ſeed of Abra­ham, the Iſrael of God indeed, Joh. 3.3.5. Rom. 9.8. Gal. 3.26.29. & 6.16. Even ſo ſince the ordinance of baptizing with water in the name of the Lord Jeſus was in uſe, the work of Grace in the heart is called Baptiſme, Rom. 6.3, 4, 5. Col 2.12, 13, 14. Gal. 3.26, 27. Not but that its ſtill alſo called Faith, new Birth, Circumciſion, &c. but its alſo called Baptiſme.


4 For the fourth thing. That this gracious work of God in the heart, this inward and ſpirituall Baptiſme, though it hath had its denomination from the uſe of the outwand Baptizing; yet is this inward and ſpirituall work the Baptiſme indeed, that which profiteth, which hath the privi­ledges in it, and promiſes to it, as appeareth plainly and plentifully in the Scriptures,

  • 1 By the Apoſtles Teſtimony of Circumciſion, which was an ordinance gi­ven of God to Abraham when he made the ever laſting Covenant with him, and gave him the Goſpell to preach, as Baptiſme given of Chriſt to the A­poſtles, when he commanded them to preach the Goſpell to all the world: And the Apoſtle ſpeaking of ſuch Jewes as were circumciſed when Circumci­ſion was in force, and profitable to the keepers of the Law, yet he ſaith, Rom. 2.28, 29. He is not a Jew that is one outwardly; neither is that Circumciſi­on which is outward in the fleſh; But he is a Jew which is one inwardly, and Circumciſion is that of the heart in the ſpirit, and not in the letter, whoſe praiſe is not of men, but of God. And the ſame may be ſaid of Baptiſme. For,
  • 2. Whereas Baptizing with water in the name of the Lord Jeſus, putteth away the filth of the fleſh, or outward ſlain of Gentiliſme, as outward Cir­cumciſion did put away the reproach of Egypt, Joſh. 5.8 9 The Apoſtle ſaith plainly of it, 1 Pet. 3.21. Baptiſme doth alſo now ſave us (not the putting a­way the filth of the fleſh, but) the anſwer of a good conſcience toward God, by the reſurrection of Jeſus Chriſt. Agreeing with that mentioned, Col. 2.12. which is wrought by the faith of the operation of God.
  • 3. It appears alſo, That this ſpirituall baptiſme was the end of the Apoſtles preaching Goſpell, and calling on their hearers to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jeſus; both in that they counſel to it for the remiſſion of ſins, and that they might in beleeving on Chriſt receive remiſſion of ſins, and alſo the gift of the Holy Ghoſt. As likewiſe in that, ſaying at one time, Acts 2.38. Repent and be baptized every one of you, in the Name of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, for the remiſſion of ſins. He ſaith the ſame at another time in theſe words, Acts 3.19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your ſinnes may be blotted out, &c.
  • 4. It yet further appears in that the Apoſtle writing to the Churches, of whom there is no doubt, or queſtion made, but they were all baptized with water in the Name of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, and none blamed for want of that; yet the Apoſtle ſpeaks to them with a caution and diſtinction, Rom. 6.3. Know ye not that ſo many of us as were baptized into Jeſus Chriſt, were bap­tized into his death, &c. And again, Gal. 3.27. For as many of you as have been baptized into Chriſt, have put on Chriſt. Which as it leaves a jealouſie of ſome, ſo it evidenceth; All that by faith are not become the ſons of God,7 and be not baptized into the death of Jeſus Chriſt, and riſen with him through the faith of the operation of God, and have ſo put on Chriſt, They have not yet been baptized into Chriſt, and ſo have not the baptiſme, which is the Bap­tiſme indeed, and ſo ſet out by the Apoſtle, Rom. 6.3, 4, 5. Gal. 3.26, 27, 29. Col. 2.10.11, 12, 13, 14.
  • 5. It yet further appeares in that as the Apoſtles have ſet forth this baptiſme to be into Chriſt, and that into the Death of Chriſt, for participation of the vertue of his Reſurrection, and this by the faith of the operation of God, ſo as a man is become dead with Chriſt to the world, &c. and riſen with Chriſt, dead to ſin, and alive to God; and ſo one with Chriſt, and in him, that he is one with the Members of Chriſt, baptized by one ſpirit into one body, 1 Cor. 12.13. Even ſo hath the Apoſtle plainly affirmed; That as there is one Body, and one Spirit, as we are called in one hope of our calling, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptiſme; He makes no more kinds of Baptiſme, then of Faith, yea then of God, and Chriſt: And thus we ſee what Baptiſme is, and that there is but one Baptiſme, though the things, or mediums, are waies by which it is effect­ed, are many, and in that ſenſe may be called Baptiſmes, of which I will treat a little now; to ſhew,

2. What the Mediums, Means, or things uſed in this Baptiſme, and by which it is effected: are,

Theſe appear to be four, 1. The Word. 2, Water. 3. The Holy Spirit. 4. Afflictions.

1. The word or Goſpell, which ſets forth Jeſus Chriſt, and him crucified, Gal 3.1. In opening of which, Jeſus Chriſt is lift up, and ſet forth as the Son of God, and the Son of man that hath dyed for our ſins, and is riſen for our juſtification, and hath received Spirit to ſend forth, and is the propitiation for our ſins, the Saviour of the world, That Whoſoever beleeveth in him may not periſh, but have everlaſting liſe, Joh. 3 14 15, 16 17. In this alſo is the Name of God, even of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghoſt diſplayed, Pſal. 138.2. Deut 32.2.3. And this is the prime, or chief Miniſterial way of bapti­zing into Chriſt. As appeares plainly in theſe things,

Firſt, That the Commiſſion given, Matth. 28.19, 20, where Baptizing is given as the medium of Diſcipling, and there onely put in that name; in all o­ther places it is given in theſe tearms, of preaching the Gosp l, Mark. 16.15. and declaring his Name to ſuch an end (as the effecting of that which is Bap­tiſme indeed,) Acts 9.15. & 18 17, 18, 22, 23.

Secondly, When Jeſus Chriſt opened the underſtanding of his Diſciples, to underſtand the things in the Scripture that concerned himſelf, Luk which they were to declare Act. 26.27.18, 22, 23. Was not then this, That which they were helped to underſtand, that Thus it is written, and Thus8 it behoved Chriſt to ſuffer, and to riſe from the dead the third day, and ſo to enter into his glory, Luk. 24, 45, 46.25.26 And that repentance, and re­miſſion of ſins ſhould be preached in his name among all Nations; and this expreſſely ſaid to be, that which Chriſt and his Apoſtles were witneſſes of, Luk. 24.47, 48. And to which witneſſing the promiſe of the Spirit is given, Luke 24.49. and ſo the ſame that is in that Commiſſion, Mathew 28. verſe 19, 20.

Thirdly, The Apoſtles did performe the Commiſſion given them, in ſo preaching Chriſt, and repentance, and remiſſion of ſins in his name, Acts 2. and 3. and 8. and 10. and 13.38, 46. yea, not only when they baptized with water, but alſo when they did not that themſelves, 1 Cor. 1.14, 17.

Fourthly, As Jeſus Chriſt ſet forth in the Goſpell, is the Fountain ſet forth to waſh in for ſin and uncleanneſſe, Zach. 13.1. And the love of God extended in the gift of him, and through his bleed is pure water, John 3.5.16. Rev. 5. with Ezek. 36.25, 26. And the ſtreams of ſpirit and grace, pro­ceeding from him is as a river and ſtreams of pure water, Pſal. 46 4, 5. Rev. 22.1, 2. even ſo the Word and Doctrine of the Goſpell is compared to wa­ter, Deut. 32 1, 2, 3. Iſa. 48.1, 2. and 55.1. and by that, men preſt to waſh, and cleanſe their hearts, and wayes, Iſa. 1.16, 17. Jer. 4.14. Yea, it being put to the queſtion, Wherewith ſhall a young man cleanſe his way? Its an­ſwered, Pſal. 119.9, By taking heed thereto, according to thy word; ſo that the Word, or Goſpell, to be one mean of baptiſing, is clearly held forth in the Scripture, and Commiſſion given by Chriſt.

If any object and ſay, But this hath not been called baptiſing.

I anſwer, It was the ſame thing for waſhing and cleanſing firſt, but not ſo called, till the ordinance of baptiſing with water was given from Heaven, and ſo God is nurtering the people to the acknowledgement of Moſes, Exod. 14. was never called Baptiſing them unto Moſes; but being the ſame buſineſſe in effect, and for ſuch an end, ſince the ordinance of baptiſing with water was given, even that work is called baptiſing, 1 Cor. 10.1, 2. But yet to be plainer.

Fifthly, The Doctrine of the Goſpell, with the teaching thereof is enclu­ded in that word Baptiſme, and alſo called. Baptiſme in the writings of the Evangeliſts; ſo Mark 1.3. John did baptiſe in the wilderneſſe, and preach the Baptiſme of repentance for the remiſſion of ſins; And Luke 3.2, 3. The Word of God came unto John the Son of Zacharias in the wilderneſſe, and he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptiſme of repentance for the remiſſion of ſins. It is plain to ſuch as ſhut not their eyes of purpoſe to cavill, That the word of the Lord which came to John; that he received and that he preached, and what that was is laid open both in the propheſie of9 him, Iſa. 49.3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 &c. and both Propheſie and explication of that for­mer Propheſie by his father, Luke 1.76, 79. and alſo in the affirming of his own performance, Math. 3.1, 2. In thoſe dayes came John the baptiſt preaching in the wilderneſſe of Judea, and ſaying, repent yee for the Kingdome of Heaven is at hand. Search the places, and all the Scriptures ſpeaking of this buſineſſe, and is it not plain, that he declared Chriſt to be come in the fleſh, to be the Lamb of God, that taketh away the ſin of the world; and ſo that the Kingdome of God was nigh; and he (that is John) was not the Chriſt; but that he the Chriſt was to come after him in miniſtration, and on that ground exhorted them to repentance, and to believe on him that ſhould come after him, in whom they ſhould receive forgiveneſſe, &c. And then baptiſing with water, as a teſtimony of the truth of his Doctrine, he did after preach, and call for amendment, and fruits meet for repentance, promiſing; That he that came after him, ſhould baptize with the holy Ghoſt, and with fire, and purge his floor, &c. Though the Death, Reſurrection, Aſcenſion, and Mediation of Chriſt, he did not ſo fully ſet forth, as it is ſince ſet forth, nor ſet forth the perſon of Chriſt, who, and which man he was, till Jeſus was baptized, and Johns own Miniſtration towards an end, Mat. 3. Mark 1. Luke 3. John 1. and 3. Acts 13.24.25. And this his preaching the Goſpell, and baptiſing with water was called his baptiſme, and his preaching the baptiſm of repen­tance for the remiſſion of ſins: And ſo when our Saviour Chriſt did queſtion the cheif Preiſts, and Elders of the Jewes, whence the baptiſme of John was? They reaſoned with themſelues, ſaying, If we ſhall ſay from Heaven, he will ſay unto us, why did you not then beleeve him? Mat. 21.25. which belee­ving muſt needs have reference to his Doctrine: And thus Paul affirming John verily to have baptized with the baptiſme of repentance, he deſcribes it in both the parts; The Doctrine thus, ſaying unto the people, that they ſhould beleeve on him that ſhould come after him, that is, on Chriſt Jeſus, and his baptiſing with water thus, and when they (that is the people) heard this; they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jeſus, Acts 19.4, 5. And ſo it is ſaid of Apollos that was mighty in the Scriptures, Acts 18.25. This man was in­ſtructed in the way of the Lord, & being fervent in Spirit, he ſpake, and taught diligently the things of the Lord, knowing only the Baptiſm of John; and ſure­ly that he ſpake and taught, was that which he knew, even the Baptiſme of John; and Aquilla and Preſcilla, expounding to him the way of God more perfectly, doth evince, that they ſhewed him the way of the Lord, as it is more fully revealed ſince the aſcenſcion of Chriſt by his Spirit, in the Doctrin of the Goſpel, then it was in the baptiſme, or preaching-Goſpel before by John; ſo that it al the way appeareth, that ſince the ordinance of baptiſing with water was given from heaven, the name of baptiſme was put on the preaching the10 Doctrine of the Goſpell. Yea ſurely however the word baptizing, is oft uſed for baptizing with elementary water in the name of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, yet its hard for any to ſhew, and prove, that the word Baptiſme in any place doth not enclude alſo baptizing or inſtructing with the word, which is like­wiſe a ſpirituall water; Was not their comming to his Baptiſme, a comming to hear, and be inſtructed by him, as well as to be baptized with elementary water? Math. 3.7. And was not their being baptized with the Baptiſme of John, a being inſtructed by him, as well as being baptized with elementary water, how elſe came that fruit of it, that in hearing Chriſt they juſtified God? Luke 7.29. But to proceed a little farther;

Sixthly, One end and efficacy of Baptiſme, yea the end is affirmed to be wrought by the Word, or Doctrine of the Goſpell, (as the inſtrument, and medium) diſplaying the name of the Lord; and ſo our Saviour ſaid to his Diſciples, John 15.3. Ye are clean through the word that I have ſpoken to you; And ſo the Apoſtle ſaith to beleevers, 1 Cor. 6.11. Yee are waſhed, yee are ſanctified, yee are juſtified in the name of the Lord Jeſus, and by the ſpirit of our God. And is not the ſetting forth Chriſt in Goſpell preaching affirmed to be for ſuch ends, Acts 3.26. and 14.15. and 17.30, 31. and 26.17, 18, 22, 23. So that its clear; That the Word or Goſpell is one medium of bap­tizing, and by which Baptiſme into Chriſt is effected, and encluded in the name of Baptiſme, and ſo called as other mediums, or means are; yea to ſay no more, but as the truth is the plain and full preaching the Goſpell, ſetting forth Chriſt and him crucified, is the chief, the moſt neceſſary, profitable, and conſtantly uſefull of all outward means for baptizing into Chriſt, and ſo into his death &c. as appears by the plain evidence of Scriptures: By this faith, Rom. 10 14.17. By this the Spirit received, Gal. 3.1, 2, 3, 5. In this the power of God extended, Rom. 1.16. and through this, the Baptiſme is by Spirit effected, 1 Cor. 6.11. Acts 26.18. And the receit of this teſti­mony hath preſent bleſſing, and future hope, 1 Theſſ. 2.13. 2 Theſſ 1.10. Yea Paul, that bleſſed God, and counted it great grace that he preached Goſ­pell to many, yet thanks God that he baptized few with water, 1 Cor. 1.14. But I ſhall for bear to ſay farther of this medium.

2. Water (elementary water) to be applyed, by being dipped, or plun­ged in, or waſhed with, as a teſtimony of the truth of the Goſpell, taught in the name of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, which alſo is, the name of the Father, and the Son, and the holy Ghoſt; That it is to be in, or rather into that name is evident by the Commiſſion given by Chriſt, Mat. 28.19. and the pra­ctiſe of John Baptiſt the fore-runner, Acts 19.4, 5. and the Apoſtles, and followers of Chriſt, Acts 3.38. and 10.48. and the end which is for bapti­zing into Chriſt, Rom. 6.3. That it was with elementary water is evident,11 Mat. 3.11, 16. Mar. 1.8. Luke 3.16. Joh. 1.31, 3. and 3.22, 23. Act. 8 36.39. and 10.47, 48.

That it be by dipping in, or waſhing with, is evident by the Word, and all the places cited. But how often to be dipped, or waſhed, whether the whole body, or what part, and how much, or in what manner? there is no plain and expreſſe type, either by command or example, and the word bap­tize ſignifies waſhing, as well as dipping, and is ſo uſed in evangelicall wri­tings, though alſo there be another word rantizing uſed for renſing; beſides, that at which it aimeth, and to which it inſtructeth, even the main buſineſſe is called waſhing, Rev. 1.5. and ſprinkling, Heb. 12.24. 1 Pet. 1.2. A baptizing into Chriſt, into his death, ſo as one be riſen with him, and have put him on through the faith of the operation of God, Rom. 6.3, 4 5. Coll. 2.11, 12, 13, 14. Gall. 3.26, 27. Now preciſely to limit an outwaard bu­ſineſſe to a certain meaſure, where the ſpirit hath left freedome to neceſſity, ſafety, and conveniency is to ſtreighten the wayes of the Lord, more then himſelf hath done, which is much to be reproved with that in Job 4.17.

But this, that one be baptized with water, by being put in, or under wa­ter by dipping in it, or waſhing with it, as a Teſtimony of the truth of the Goſpell report, and ſo in the name of the Father, Sonne, and Ho­ly Ghoſt: This is an ordinance of the Goſpell; A Medium of baptizing in­to Chriſt. And being profeſſedly done in the name of the Lord, it is verily outward Baptiſme, and an ordinance of the Lord, whether it were done by a Miniſter of the Goſpell, or any attendant of ſuch; Yea, and though it be very evill and ſinfull in him that adminiſtreth it unholily, and mixeth mens Traditions with it; and evill alſo in ſuch as accept and approve thereof; Yet if the baptizing be as is ſaid, the Baptiſme is Baptiſme ſtill, and the evils of men, and not the Lords Baptiſme to be repented of: As may alſo be ſeen in that former and firſt outward Ordinance given for teſtifying the truth of the Goſpell, and admitting into the Family of Abraham even Circumciſion, that did precede Baptiſme.

I ſuppoſe it will be confeſſed by all, to be a wrong, and an exceeding evill end, that Jacobs Sons had in perſwading the Shechemites to Circumciſion, &c. Gen. 34.13.17, &c. Yet when good old Jacob curſed their cruelty, and murder, in killing them, he faulted not the Circumciſion of them, but inti­mately acknowledged it, in that he ſaith, They digged downe a wall, or houghed the Oxe; Which implyes, that had they not been ſlain, they had been one People with them, and a defence, and help, Gen. 49.5, 6. And if there could have been an errour in reſpect of the perſons acting; then ſure­ly it might have been in the Shechemites circumciſing themſelves, Gen. 34.24. Or in Zipporah circumciſing her child in her Husbands preſence, Exod. 124.25. Yet was that true Circumciſion.

And for diſtemper of mind, diſſembling in word, and blaſphemy, while one is exhorting to, acting, or uſing any Ordinance of God, it is groſſely evill, I am ſure, and to be reproved and repented; Yet the diſſembling of Jacobs Sonnes Gen. 34.13. &c. nor the blaſphemy of Zipporah, did not make null Circumci­ſion then uſed, Exod. 4.25, 26.

And for time; whereas Circumciſion of the home-born ſhould have been on the eight day after birth; yet by occaſion being neglected by ſome, neere thirty eight years; Yet was their Circumciſion then approved of God him­ſelfe, Joſh. 5.5.9.

And indeed if any corruption of manners in Adminiſtrators could make null ſuch an Ordinance of God, done outwardly, or profeſſedly for, or accor­ding to his command; Then Circumciſion, uſed by them that worſhipped Baal, had been nullified: When the Houſe of Iſrael was ſo gone a whoring in that Idolatry, that it was death for a man to be knowne that hee would not bow the knee to Baal; Yet the Circumciſion of men in that time is nei­ther faulted, nor they prohibited, but invited to come to the Paſſeover, and for their Purification according to the Law, care was taken, and want in that be­wayled, and healing ſought; But for their Circumciſion fore-paſſed, it is not faulted at all, 2 Chron. 30.6.20.

And ſurely had errour in ſuch things made a nullity of the Ordinance of Baptiſme, that when profeſſedly done in his name, yet ſuch errours, of men baptizing, ſhould make it no Baptiſme; Then would our Soviour have ſet his choiſe Miniſters to that work, but he ſet his Diſciples to it, and ſo did the A­poſtles their Attendants: Nor is there any preſcriptions what manner of per­ſons, for Gifts, Office, Grace, or Demeanour they muſt be that baptize others in the name of the Lord Jeſus with water. Nor although we read in the wri­tings of the Apoſtles of divers falſe Teachers, and divers evill Livers, and have there reproved both falſe Doctrine and evill life; Yet is not the outward Baptiſme of any of them any where faulted, much leſs affirmed to be null: And could the Teſtimony of Scripture, or the Ordinance of Baptiſme be made null in it ſelfe by being in the hands of Idolaters, or by the addition of their inventions therewith (as they are made voyd and ineffectuall to ſuch I­dolaters, Mat. 15.1.9. Rom. 2.) Then could not the outward Court of the Temple be left in the hands of the Gentiles, nor the man of ſinne ſit in the Temple of God, as is affirmed, Rev. 11.2. 2 Theſ. 2.4. Nor could ſuch as are in Babylon, and have fellowſhip therewith, be called Gods people, if they had not fore-had his Baptiſme: If the Baptiſme had beene Antichriſts, and the Whores, then it might have been ſaid, Yee Antichriſtians and Babyloni­ans, ſeparate from your fellowes, and become my People; But the Baptiſme13 being the Lords, it is ſaid, Come out of her my People, Rev. 18.4. So that in profeſſing Jeſus to be the Chriſt, as a witneſs of the truth of that profeſſi­on: to baptize any that refuſe it not with water, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoſt, is outward Baptiſme indeed, and a medium of bapti­zing into Chriſt: And ſuch as have beene ſo baptized with water in that name, are outwardly baptized indeed, and ſo engaged unto Chriſt, that they might be baptized into Chriſt, by being farther baptized with the word, the Holy Spirit and affliction.

3. The Holy Spirit, in, and with his light and operation comming from the Father and the Sonne, in, and with the meanes uſed, is the principall medium of baptizing into Chriſt; And ſo John taught, that Ieſus Chriſt ſhould Bap­tize with the Holy Ghoſt, Mat. 3.11. Mark 1.8. Luke 3.16. Joh. 1.33. And Jeſus Chriſt promiſed the ſame, Acts 1.5. And in that Acts 1.4.5. Our Saviour gives us to underſtand what baptizing with the Holy Ghoſt is. In the fourth verſe he bids them wait for the promiſe of the Father, which they had heard of him, which is expreſs in the ſame councell, Luke 24.49. And the encouragement and ground of hope he gave them is verſ. 5. in theſe two. Firſt, that Iohn truly baptized with water, he had his Com­miſſion from Heaven; preached truth, which he teſtified by baptizing with water, and then told them that Ieſus Chriſt ſhould baptize with the Holy Ghoſt. And ſecondly, Chriſt himſelfe had promiſed to ſend forth ſpirit to them, and endue them with Power from on high; and this he aſſures them they ſhall receive, ſaying, Yee ſhall be baptized with the Holy Ghoſt. In which two verſes compared with Luke 24.45. to 49 & John 7.38, 39. appeareth,

Firſt, that there is a Baptizing with the Holy Ghoſt, that is the work, and belongs to the Office of Jeſus Chriſt, glorified with Gods right hand, Mark 1.7, 8.

Secondly, that Jeſus Chriſt his ſending forth Spirit into the hearts of Be­leivers, enduing them with power from on High, operating in, and teach­ing, and leading them, is Baptizing them with the Holy Ghoſt, John 7.38, 39. Acts 1.4, 5.

Thirdly, that though this promiſe of the Spirit, in performance whereof is baptizing with the Holy Ghoſt, was firſt and primely to the Apoſtles, and firſt witneſſes of the Reſurrection of Chriſt; Yet it was alſo made to all that through Grace beleeve on him, and to their Miniſtration, yea, not onely in, and through the promiſe made to them, but expreſſely to all Beleevers to be fulfilled after the Aſcenſion of Chriſt: So that baptizing with the Holy Ghoſt, and communication of the Holy Spirit, to Enlighten, Teach, Comfort, &c. is ſtill abiding in the Church of God, as appeares in Propheſie, Iſa. 44.4.8. Joel 2.28. &c. Covenant, Iſa, 59.20, 21. Promiſe, John 7.38, 39. 14And in the Commiſſion, Mat. 28.19, 20. And the ground rendred of exhor­tation to be baptized, Acts 2.38, 39.

Fourthly, that this Baptizing with the Holy Ghoſt, containes in it two things.

1. Jeſus Chriſt his ſending of the Holy Ghoſt into the heart of Beleevers.

2. His baptizing Beleevers with, in, or by the holy Ghoſt, Acts 1.4, 5. Luke 24.49.

1. Jeſus Chriſt his ſending the Holy Ghoſt into the hearts of Beleevers, to dwell, and keep a reſidence therein, Iſa. 59.20, 21. Ezek. 36.27, 28. John 7.37, 38, 39.

Firſt, To minde them of the ſayings of Chriſt in thoſe things which he by himſelf, or his Servants had fore-taught them, opening their underſtandings to conceive the things of him, and ſo teach them, Luke 24.45, 46. John 14 26. Iſa. 54.13.14.

Secondly, To bear farther witneſſe, and give in more evident teſtimony of Jeſus Chriſt what he hath done, what he is, and will do, ſo firming them in confidence in him, and with courage to bear witneſſe of him, John 15.26. 2 Tim. 1.12.

Thirdly, To write his minde, and law in their inward parts, enclining their heart in faith and love acording to his minde, and ſo leading them, Heb. 8.8 10. 2 Cor. 3.3, 17, 18. Rom. 8.14.

Fourthly, To be an Advocate within them, to teach them how to pray to God, and how to ſpeak to men, Joh. 14.16, 17. Rom. 8.26. Zach. 12.10. Mat. 10 19, 20. Mark 13.11. Luke 12.11, 12.

2. Jeſus Chriſt his baptizing them within, or by the holy Ghoſt, by his divine light, and power in his minding them of, and witneſſing in them the things of Chriſt, effecting in them a new and Chriſt like Spirit, or diſpoſition, Ezek. 36.26. 1 Cor. 2.16. He waſheth, purgeth, and cleanſeth them with pure water of the love of God, commended through the blood of Jeſus, Rom. 5.1, 8, 10. Heb. 9.14. Rev. 1.5. Heb. 10.22.

Firſt, Bringing them into the hearty acknowledgement of Jeſus to be the Chriſt, and their Lord, Saviour, Propitiation, Life, Wiſedome, Righteouſneſſe, &c. and the All, and in All to them, 1 Cor. 1.30. Coll. 3, 10, 11. as be­fore page 3.

Secondly, Uniting them ſo to Chriſt in the beleif of his Death and Reſur­rection; that they begin to partake of the benefit thereof, being through faith, dead with him, and raiſed with him, ſo as they are thereby, and therein in ſome meaſure conformed to him, dead to ſin, ſelf, and world, and alive to God, loving, and living to things above, Rom. 6. Coll. 2.12. to 3.1, 2.

3. Filling them with the love of God he ſheads abroad in their15 hearts, Rom 5.5. and with the vertues of Chriſt, and ſome uſefull gifts, with ſpirituall ſtrength that they might walk out in the ſame, 1 Cor. 1.12. Epheſ. 4. 4-16. 1 Pet. 2.9. and in ſome more abundant filling, ſome are led to work miracles, and ſome to ſpeak with other tongues, which as they are for unbeleevers, that never beleeved Jeſus to be the Chriſt to convince them, 1 Cor. 14, 22. ſo they are rather the fruits of ſome abundant baptizing, then ſimply the baptizing it ſelfe; but this forementioned is the baptiſme wrought by the Spirit, Col. 1.12.

4. Afflictions and Sufferings for the name of Chriſt, are a medium of Bap­tizing into Chriſt, which afflictions and ſufferings are called, The Fiery Tri­all; that is, to prove, and try the Faith, Love, and Patience of the Beleever, 1 Pet. 4.12, 13, 14. & 1.6, 7. To melt, ſubdue, purge, and cleanſe the Be­leevers, Iob 33. 15-30. Iſa. 27.7, 8, 9. And to make them partakers of Gods Holineſſe, and the quiet fruit of his Righteouſneſſe, Heb. 12. 7-14. And as he hath choſen them through the Furnace of aſſliction, Iſa. 48 10. So hath he appointed them through manifold Afflictions to enter into his Kingdome, Acts 14.22. As Ieſus firſt ſuffered, and then entred into his Glory, Luke 24.26. That we may this way alſo bee conformed to him, in the fellowſhip of his death, and experiment, the vertue of his Reſurrection, Phil. 3.7, 8, 9, 10. And thus as Chriſt called his owne Tryals by ſuffering a Bap­tiſme, with which he was to be baptized, Mat. 20.22. Luke 12.50. And with which even his are in ſome ſort to be baptized: Even ſo, though wicked men as inſtruments, doe afflict and perſecute the Beleevers; yet becauſe of his ordering and ſanctifying hand, in trying, purging, and doing good therewith, he is ſaid to baptize his even with fire, Mat. 3.11. Luke 3.16. And ſo afflicti­on a medium of baptizing.

Now of theſe foure Mediums, Word, Water, Spirit, and Affliction, there are but two put on the Miniſtration of the Church, or ſervants of Chriſt; namely, that of the Word, which they are ſent to teach, open, Apply, Mark 16.15. 1 Cor. 1.17. 2 Tim. 4.2. And that with water in his Name, Iohn 1.33. Mat. 28.19. As for that with Spirit, it is his owne work, Iohn 1.33. And that of Afflictions, is his ordering, and ſanctifying the evill works of wick­ed men to beleivers good, Rom. 8.28.

And as all theſe tend, and work together for effecting, and accompliſhing one Baptiſme, which is into Chriſt, there being no other baptiſme of any kind approved but this one, that is into Chriſt: Yet the ſeverall Mediums, as they are Mediums of baptizing into Chriſt, are in that ſenſe called Baptiſmes: And though but two of theſe, that with Word, and that with Water, are to bee uſed, or minſtred by the Church, or ſervants of Chriſt; yet the Do­ctrine of them all belong to the Church and ſervants of Chriſt to teach what16 they be, and what be the Ground, End, and Vſes of them, and how to be accepted and received.

And the Ground and Foundation of this Doctrine, and teaching thereof, is the ſame that is the foundation of Repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, Heb. 5.12. to Ch. 6.1, 2, 3. And as this Foundation is Jeſus Chriſt; So the Doctrine of it, or (as ſome call it) the Doctrinall Foun­dation is, That as through the diſobedince and fall of the firſt Adam, all fell in him, and became under ſinne and death in him, and were convicted, and ſentenced to death in the conviction, and ſentence that paſſed upon him, Gen. 3.6.11, 17, 19. Rom. 5.12, 18. And this, though without the knowledge or motion of the Individuals or particular perſons that were to proceed from Adam, yet ſo verily, vertually and indeed, that all that came forth from him by propagation, doe then, and in that birth, and there-through partake of ſin, and miſery, and in their own perſons beare the Image of the firſt Adam, as he was in his fall, Gen. 5.3. Rom. 5.17, 19. Iob. 4.1, to 4. Pſal. 51.5. Rom. 9.8. Eph. 2.1, 2.

Even ſo, by, and through the obedience, and righteouſneſſe of the ſecond man, or laſt Adam; the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, who as the publique man, in the room of all men, by the will, and appointment of the Father, and in oneneſſe of will with him therein; hath by the grace of God taſted death for every man, and ſo hath dyed for out ſins, in which the truth of the ſentence, Gen. 217. is fulfilled, and that curſe denounced, ſuffered, Deut. 27.26. Gal. 3.10, 13. and by the power of God hath overcome death, and is riſen for our juſtification, 2 Tim. 1.10. Rom. 4.25. 1 Cor 15, 3, 4. and hath through the eternall ſpirit by which he roſe offered up his own ſpotleſſe, and righteous body, yea, himſelfe a ſacrifice to God in the Heavens, and ſo hath obtained an eternall Redemption, Heb. 8.3. & 9 12, 14. And is exalted at the right hand of God, and filled with the Holy Spirit in the man, to ſend forth to men, Pſal. 68.18. And ever liveth being the Mediator between God and men, 1 Tim. 2.5. Thus in Jeſus Chriſt, as the publick man, a new Creation is made; and he hath ſo dyed for all men, and made the Attonement for them, that by interpretation, according to Gods acceptance of it in him, as in the publick man, all have dyed, and are riſen, and Peace, and Righteouſneſſe, and Life, compleated for them, though in reſpect of their particular perſons, they know it not, nor partake of it, nor can partake, unleſſe by regeneration they be made in Chriſt, in whom it is, Rom. 5.18. 2 Cor. 5.14, to 17. 1 Iohn 2.2. & 5.10, 11, 12. Iohn 3.26. Yet it is ſo verily, vertually, and indeed in him for all men and unto all men, that whoſoever of them in the appearance of this grace, come in beleeving into him, ſhall verily, and indeed, in his owne perſon, re­ceive and partake of this Peace, Righteouſneſſe, and Life in Chriſt, and ſhall17 beare his Image, Iohn 1.12, 13. & 3.14, 15, 16, 17, 18. Acts 10.43. Rom. 3.22.24, 25, 26. & 5.1.5, 11 19. And this, with the love of God here-through teſtified to men, as its held forth in the Goſpel now, not only as it was in the promiſe at firſt, as a thing to be done in its ſeaſon, eviden­ced by teſtimonies of his goodneſſe, and though not ſo fully opened, yet ver­tuall to all Beleevers, Gen. 3.15. Heb. 11.6. No, nor yet alone added to this, the fuller pointing him out to come, and the everlaſting Covenant confirmed in him, Gen. 12. & 15. & 17. And ſo the ſetting him forth in Types, Sacrifi­ces, and Propheſies, of which Circumciſion was a witneſſe; yet ſo, as but one Nation partooke of thoſe priviledges, Pſal. 147.19, 20. And the Ordi­nances given them, made a partition wall between that Nation and other Na­tions, in reſpect of nighneſſe to partake of the priviledges: But now is Jeſus Chriſt ſet forth as he hath already come in the fleſh, and hath done and com­pleated all that fore-mentioned concerning him; and ſo ſlain the enmity, made peace for all Nations, and made them nigh by his bloud, and in the Goſpell came and preached peace: In which Goſpel, the Lord Jeſus, with the things in him concerning our peace, are more fully ſet open, than ever before the aſcenſion of Jeſus Chriſt in our nature, and more abundance of grace, and ſpirit promiſed to all that beleeve on him, and this to be declared without difference to all Nations, Mat. 28 19. Mark 16.15. And this that Je­ſus Chriſt hath done by his Death, Reſurrcteion, and Ranſome-giving, and Mediation-making for all men, is rendred in the Goſpel as the ground and rea­ſon of all his Lordſhip over all, Rom. 14.7, 8.9. Acts 2.36. And alſo as the ground, reaſon, and proofe of the Reſurrection of all men, 1 Cor. 15. to the end. And alſo as the ground, reaſon, and proofe, that God will at the laſt day judge all men by Jeſus Chriſt, and cauſe all to confeſſe him Lord, Acts 17.31. Phil. 2 10, 11. And this given as the reaſon why God hath made him a Prince, and a Saviour, and filled him with ſpirit to give repentance, and remiſſion of ſinnes, and to rule all, John 5.27. Iſa. 53. to the end. Phil. 2.7. to 11. Acts 5.30, 31. And indeed this is the foundation of repentance, and that whereby all are admoniſhed to repent, Luke 24.46, 47 Acts 17.30, 31. And the foundation of Faith, and that which men are callſſd on to beleeve, and there-through to beleeve on him, Acts 13.38.48. & 16.31. And all this appeares plainly to be meant, Heb. 6.1, 2. if it be conſidered with Chap. 5.12. and other places of Scripture, as Acts 4.11, 12. 1 Cor. 3.11. And ſo like­wiſe that the very ſame word of the beginning of Chriſt, is the foundation of the Doctrine of Baptiſmes, or of teaching Baptiſmes, or the Foundati­on, Ends, and Vſes of the Mediums of Baptizing, and ſo Baptiſme it ſelfe; the Doctrine, and End of all being one, and tending to one Baptiſme, and ſo,18

  • 1. As the knowledge, and belief of the death, reſurrection, and ranſome, giving of Chriſt, to have been for all men, is the ground why the Apoſtles did preach remiſſion of ſinnes to all in his name, and beſeech them to repent, and be reconciled: &c. Luke 24.46, 47. 2 Cor. 5, 14 15, 19.20. Act. 13. 32-37 38, 48. So likewiſe it was the ground of their baptizing with the word, and ſo diſcipling by the Word all ſuch as were hearing, and did not turn away from the tender of the Goſpell, 2 Cor. 3.14. Acts 16.31.32.
  • 2. The ſame knowledge of the redemption wrought by Chriſt for all men, and his lordſhip over them, and having ſpirit to ſend forth to them, was the ground of their baptizing with water in his name, and ſo diſcipling thoſe that refuſed not the Goſpel when brought to them, Acts 2.41. and 16.14.31, 32.
  • 3. The ſame knowledge, and belief concerning Jeſus Chriſt, was the ground of their acquainting men with the baptizing, with the holy Ghoſt, and directing men to look up to, and wait on Chriſt for that, and to yeeld to the Spirit, as in the means he ſhould be vouchſafed to them, Mat. 3.11. Acts 2.39. Mat. 28.20. John 14.16, 26. and 16, 7-16.
  • 4. And on the ſame ground did they exhort to receive correction from the hand of God, and to be willing to bear the Croſſe of Chriſt, directing them to look to Chriſt, and conſider his ſufferings, in patience to poſſeſſe their ſouls, and wait on him for profitable uſe, and iſſue, aſſuring them, they ſhall ſo receive it from him, Heb. 12. 2-12. 1 Pet. 1. 5-7, and 2.21.

And thus did they teach all theſe as Mediums of baptizing tending to one Baptiſme, even into Chriſt.

But they never taught theſe meanes, or mediums of baptizing, to be either the foundation on which men were to be built, or to ground their hopes; nor yet to be the end in reſpect of attainments, as if life were had, and the true baptiſme effected where ever theſe mediums are. For they alwayes ſet forth Jeſus Chriſt to have dyed for our ſinnes, and riſen for our juſtification; to be the foundation, and thereupon built, and bottomed their exhortations to re­pentance, faith, love, and uſe of the ordinances of Chriſt, and accepting of, and yeelding to the mediums of baptizing, as is ſeen in the places fore-quoted, and throughout their writings.

And they have put the mediums of baptizing in their right place, as Poſts and Gates to be waited at, and waies to be walked in, to meet with God, ac­cording to that, Exod. 20.24. Prov. 8.34, 35. Iſa. 64.5. Mat. 18.20. and 28, 20. Heb. 10.25.

But union in, and with Jeſus Chriſt and conformity to him, have they ſet forth, as the true effect, and compleating of Baptiſme, and that in which life is had, Rom. 6. 3-6. 1 Cor. 1.30. John 15.1. John 5. 10-12. and with­out19 which life is not enjoyed, nor Baptiſme indeed received and enjoyed, what mediums ſoever paſſe on a man.

  • 1. A man may be baptized with the Word; the Miniſters inſtructing, and he hearing it, and yet not partake of life, unleſſe united with Jeſus Chriſt, The Word that is preached by faith in him, Heb. 4.2.
  • 2. A man beſides his hearing the Word may be baptized with water in the name of the Lord Jeſus, and ſo have the filth of the fleſh, in the ſtain of Genti­liſme put away, and yet is not purged in conſcience by the ſpirituall applica­tion of the blood of Chriſt, ſo as there be in him the anſwer-of a good con­ſcience to God-ward by the Reſurrection of Chriſt, he is yet ſhort of ſpiri­tuall and eternall ſalvation, 1 Pet. 3.21.
  • 3. A man beſides his hearing the Goſpel, and being outwardly baptized by the Servants of Chriſt, may alſo have from Jeſus Chriſt ſome ſuperna­turall illumination, and inſpiration, with ſpirituall force, in reproving, per­ſwading, and moving; ſo knocking and calling for entrance, with promiſe of farther favour; yet if the heart be not overcome at his reproofs, and open not at his knockings, to let go other holds, and accept of, and reſt on him, the man remains in danger ſtill, Rev. 3.20. Prov. 1.23, 24. Ezek. 24.13. Gen. 6.3. whence that Epheſ. 4.30.
  • 4. A man beſides his hearing, and receiving outward Baptiſme, and par­taking of ſome motions of ſpirit, ſo as in ſome ſort he beleeveth, and maketh profeſſion of Chriſt, may alſo come to ſuffer ſome things for the name of Chriſt: and yet if he abide not till Chriſt be formed in him, that he may be perfected by Chriſt, and his Spirit, all his ſufferings may be in vain, Gall. 3.4.

So as if a man be not overcome by the grace and ſpirit of Chriſt, in, and by theſe mediums to onenes with Chriſt, and conformity to him in ſome meaſure, he is yet ſhort of that which is Baptiſme indeed, in which happineſſe, and to which the Promiſes belong: Truth it is, God may be ſaid truly to have bap­tized, becauſe he hath done it by his Servants, and theſe mediums, and made them efficatious in opening their eyes to ſee, and moving their very heart; but they cloſing their eyes, and hardning their heart, in not yeelding up to the power and opperations of his grace, ſo as to have the ſcum caſt off, and to be cloſed with, and conformed to Jeſus; may yet in reſpect of the receit and bleſſing, be truly ſaid, not to be baptized; as is foreſhewn in the firſt and ſecond pages.

And thus I have as plainly as I can with ſo much brevity ſhewn, what the Baptiſme is, that is ſo much commended in the Scripture, and what the medi­ums of baptizing are, and of what uſe, that we may not miſtake one for ano­ther, nor confound all in one without diſtinction, and ſo make a confuſion;20 but that knowing all aright, we may know how, and when we are baptized into Chriſt, and how far, and not reſt ſhort of that But though the know­ledge hereof might be uſefull many wayes; yet that for which I have writ­ten this, is principally at this time for information, about one of the medi­ums of baptizing, about which it is greivous to conſider the differences, and diffentions among brethren; yea, what judging, unbrothering, and ſepara­ting from one another: and that is about baptizing with water in the name of the Lord Jeſus; or which is all one, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghoſt, which is before ſhewn to be an ordinance of Je­ſus Chriſt, as a medium of diſcipling to, and baptizing into Chriſt, and ſo called Baptiſme. And now minding what hath already been ſaid of this, and all the other meniums, and ſo of the one Baptiime effected by them all: I will put to conſideration in this.

  • 1. What this Ordinance of Baptizing with water in the Name of the Lord, is?
  • 2. Ʋpon what ground it is to to be adminiſtred?
  • 3. To what ends it is to be adminiſtred?
  • 4. Who are the ſubjects of of it, to whom it may be adminiſtred?

1. For the firſt, What this Ordinance of Baptizing with Water, &c. is? It is an Ordinance of Jeſus Chriſt, Annexed to the miniſtration of the Goſ­pel, as its now declared ſince the Death, Reſurrection, and Aſcention of Je­ſus Chriſt, and his ſending forth the Holy Ghoſt, for teſtifying the truth of the Goſpel, and engaging the Diſciples to attend to the Goſpel and Ordinances thereof, waiting for Chriſt to baptize them with the Holy Ghoſt, and ſo recei­ving them into the family of Chriſt, by Baptizing them with water, In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghoſt. And this ap­pears in the Commiſſion given Matth. 28.19. That it is an Ordinance of Jeſus Chriſt is there expreſſe, verſ. 18 19, That it is annexed unto the mini­ſtration of the Goſpel, is evident in that the Commiſſion is for Goſpel Preach­ing, verſ. 19.20. with Mark. 16.15. and Luk. 24 46.47. That it is annexed to it, as it is now revealed ſince the Aſcenſion of Jeſus Chriſt, &c. It is evi­dent, in that they were not to go forth with this Commiſſion till they received the Holy Ghoſt, and were endued with power from on high. Luke 24. 47-49. Acts 1.4.5. That it was for teſtifying the truth of the Goſpel: and engaging the baptized, &c. is evident, In that it is to be in, or into the Name of, &c. and ſo before John truely baptized with water, Acts 1.5. So circumciſion be­fore was a ſeale of the righteouſueſſe of faith, which Abrabam had before re­ceived; That in Preaching it, he might teſtifie by circumciſion, that he might be the Father, &c. Rom. 4.11. That it be done with Water, is alſo evident in the Commiſſion; For though water be not named, yet it appears to be21 encluded, and meant; That Baptiſme with affliction is not meant, as given in Commiſſion to his Diſciples to adminiſter, though afflictions are Meta­phorically called water alſo; But his Diſciples are to ſerve one another in love, and not to bite, and aflict; they are either the providence of God bringing correction as need is, Heb. 12. or the enemies of truth that afflict, and perſe­cute, Mat. 10. And it is the gracious work of Chriſt himſelf to order and ſanctifie them, and make them means of humbling, purging, baptizing and con­forming to Chriſt, as is foreſhewn parge 12, 13. Alſo for baptizing with the holy Ghoſt, though that alſo be pure, ſpirituall and living water; yet is it not meant in the commiſſion, as given in charge to the Servants of Chriſt to ad­miniſter, for that is Chriſt his own work as is foreſhewn page 12, 13. And endeed Baptizing with the holy Ghoſt, and bleſſing afflictions that they may help to baptize into Chriſt, is encluded in the promiſe (to the Servants of Chriſt diſcharging their commiſſion) in thoſe words verſ. 20 And lo, I am with you alway, even to the end of the world, as is evident, comparing it with Mark 16.16, 17. Luk. 24.45.49 John 14.16, 18. But baptizing with the Word, and Goſpel which is ſpirituall water, is meant, as that which is princi­pally given in charge in the commiſſion, as is foreſnewn page 6, 7, 8. And yet that water is encluded is clear; but not alone from Johns baptizing with water, for that might have been, though in the Baptiſme given by Chriſt after his reſurrection, no clementary water were uſed, but only Word, and Spirit; wherein alſo that might be fulfilled, Mark. 1.7 8. Acts 1.4, 5. So that the allegation of Johns baptizing with elementary water would be forceleſſe to urge it, meant in this commiſſion, if there were no more to prove it; nor would it make it cleer and evident, that baptizing with elementary water is meant in the commiſſion, if there were no more to prove it, but adding to the Baptiſts practiſe, the example of the Apoſties baptizing with elementary water after the aſcenſion of Chriſt, for ſo for a time, they did uſe circumciſion alſo, and why not the ordinance given to the fore-runner of Chriſt for a time, though it had not been for continuance more then circumciſion: nor will this help or add to the force of the argument, to alledge that, Mar 16.16. For,

  • 1. That is not the Commiſſion; the Commiſſion is given verſ. 15. Go preach the Goſpel, &c. Now the beginning of verſ. 16. is the Promiſe, and hope ſet before the Preachers of the Goſpell. viz. That he that beleeveth (to wit the Goſpel) and is baptized ſhall be ſaved; ſo that is promiſe, not precept.
  • 2. To baptize with water is no more mentioned in Mark 16.6. then in Mat. 28.19. though encluded.
  • 3. It is not ſaid, he that is not baptized, ſhall be damned, as he that be­leiveth not.
  • 4. Simon Magus beleeved Philip, preaching the Gospell, and was baptized22 (with water ſure) in the name of the Lord Jeſus, and yet not ſaved, Acts 8.13. So that ſome farther baptizing is there meant, ſo that all hitherto, if there were no more to be added to it, would be too weak to prove baptizing with elementary water, to be ſtill in force: Beſides, againſt this might be obje­cted; That.

All our Fathers were under the cloud, and were all baptized to Moſes, in the cloud, and in the Sea, 1 Cor. 10.1.2. Yet, but only thoſe that came out of Egypt with Moſes, paſſed through the Sea; and the following Generations were not carried in their perſons back again, to have the Sea againe divided, and be lead through; but as they were of them, and one, and the ſame Church, and kept theſe wonders in beleeving remembrance, they were alſo bap­tized unto Moſes, brought to acknowledge him a man of God, and thoſe Gods Lawes, that were given by him, and ſo did there rejoyce in God, Pſal. 66.6. As in a like buſineſſe the ſame is ſaid, Hoſ. 12.4. Even ſo, it might be ſaid, that the baptizing with water at the beginning, accompanied with thoſe miracles, and viſible gifts of the Holy Ghoſt, did baptize the Nations unto the acknow­ledgment of Jeſus, to be the Chriſt: But that the after generations, that come to the ſame faith, and ſo are of the ſame Church, are intereſſed in what was done to them; and, in beleeving remembrance of thoſe wonders, are bapti­zed unto the acknowledgment of Jeſus, to be the Chriſt, and ſo rejoyce in him, according to that, 1 Cor. 3.22, 23.

And though this be true, uſefull, and of force in ſome reſpects, yet the truth is, it is of no force to deny the uſe of elementary water in baptizing, to be included in the Commiſſion given by Chriſt, but rather ſtrengthens the acknowledgment of it; and now to ſhew that water is included, let it bee conſidered,

1. That the inſtructing with the Word, the work of the Holy Ghoſt, in the heart, and the ſanctifying afflictions to ſuch gracious helpfulnes, was never cal­led baptizing, or baptiſme, till the outward ordinance of baptizing with wa­ter was firſt given, and then they are ſo called: As after the giving the ordi­nance of Circumciſion, the work of grace in the heart, by word, or affliction, was called Circumciſion, and not before; So the ordinance of Circumciſion, whence that gracious work had ſuch a denomination, was an ordinance to continue, till compleated in the death and reſurrection of Jeſus Chriſt. And likewiſe the ordinance of baptizing with water, whence the work of grace in the heart, by Word, Spirit, and Afflictions, hath had ſuch a denomination as baptiſme, is to continue till it be compleated in the glorious, and viſible ap­pearing of Jeſus Chriſt, and the reſurrection of the Saints, when alſo will be the end of the world, mentioned in the promiſe, and not before. As for Gods work­ing on the peoples hearts, in leading them through the Sea, to bring them to ac­knowledge23 Moſes to be a man of God, &c. That was no outward ordinance given to the people to uſe, but Gods own work upon them, and yet not called by the name of baptizing, till the ordinance of baptizing with water in the name of Chriſt was in uſe, which confirmes the continuance of that ordinance, till Jeſus Chriſt come again, as is ſhewen, p. 5.6.

2. Our Saviour would not ſpeak as a Barbarian to his Diſciples; for thoſe led by his ſpirit, would not ſo ſpeak, 1 Cor. 14.15, to 19. Now baptizing with water, was that which they had been acquainted with, and the other not yet ſo fully underſtood by them. Now, though there was more in his words, which the Spirit in his comming gave them to underſtand, John 14.26. Yet that which they did underſtand, ſhould not be in his words, in giving ſuch a com­miſſion to them, is derogatory to our Saviour to imagine, Pro. 8, 6, 7, 8, 9.

And 3. The word baptizing is cleare, to be after uſed for baptizing with water, when water is not there mentioned; and that not only when baptizing is ſpoke of, as diſtinct from preaching the Goſpel, that is preferred before it, 1 Cor. 1.1.17. But alſo where the diſtinction is not in ſuch a manner expreſt, Acts 2.38.41. & 8.12, 13.16. & 16.15.33. & 18.8. And,

4. Theſe three former conſidered, and found true; then the Apoſtles pra­ctiſe in diſcharge of their Commiſſion, beſides preaching Goſpell, baptizing with water in the name of the Lord, Acts 8.36. & 10.47. Yea. and John Baptiſt alſo, baptizing with water, doth with the former proofes, clear it up, and evidence, that elementary water is to be uſed in this ordinance of bap­tiſme, and is included in the Commiſſion, Mat. 28.19. And alſo in the pro­miſe, Mark 16.16. But now how much, or how little water, or in what manner, or how much dipped, or waſhed, is left in ſome meaſure to conve­niency, neceſſity, and ſafety, in the judgment of the Church, there being no precept, nor plain and evident example for it. True, we find two examples, where water enough was, of going into the water, and comming out of the water; but we find no mention, either that they ſtripped themſelves to goe in, or how farre they went in, or how much they were dipped, or waſhed, being in: Yea, of our Saviour, it is affirmed, he was praying when he came forth, and as he was praying, the Holy Ghoſt deſcended on him, Mat. 3.16. Luke 3.21, 22. And it being a cuſtome in thoſe Countries, for many to goe bare­legged, and to wear Sandals, they might goe in to the knee; But neither their going in, nor comming forth, was their baptizing; For Jeſus when he was bap­tized, came ſtraightway out of the water, Mat. 3.16. Mark 1.9.10. And as for the Eunuch, Philip, as well as he, went downe into the water; And then Philip baptized him, and then they came both out of the water, Acts 8.38 39. But no mention of the ſtripping of either, or their cloathing againe, b••of the Spirit taking away Philip ſo ſoon as they came out of the water, whic24implyes no ſuch ſtripping; beſides, elſewhere it rather appeares, that for o­thers, water was commanded to be fetched, Acts 10.47, 48. So that dip­ping, or waſhing with water, is enough, moſt probable, the head, or face; but I will here for beare the reaſons for that, enough is ſaid before of this pag. 8, 9, 10 To ſhew, that in profeſſion of Jeſus to be the Chriſt, to baptize any of Adams race that refuſe it not, with water, profeſſedly in the name of the Father, and of the Sonne, and of the Holy Ghoſt, is the performance of the outward ordinance of baptiſme; and one ſo baptized, is outwardly, and once baptized indeed: Nor can the addition (by the Baptizer) of ſome humane inventions, make the ordinance null, as is aforeſaid.

2. For the ſecond thing conſiderable, viz. Ʋpon what grounds this ordinance of baptizing with water, in the name of the Lord, is to be adminiſtred: And this appeares in the Commſſion, with the ground thereof, Mat 28.18, 19. And the Tenor of the Goſpel, John 3.14, 15, 16, 17. Mark 1.16. with the reſidue of ſcripture, to be theſe, viz.

  • 1. The certainty given in the Goſpel of a peace, reconciliation, and redemp­tion, wrought by Jeſus Chriſt, in his Death, Reſurrection, and Sacrifice of­fered to God for all men, and his good will to have it made known, and ten­dered to thema ll. This is the ground, both of preaching Goſpell to them, 1 Tim. 2. 4-7. And of baptizing any of them with water, Acts 18.8. 1 Cor. 2.13. & 15.4. as is already ſhewne in pag. 14, 15, 16. And he that hath not certainty in this, runs at an uncertainty in his miniſtration, which Paul would not in any thing, 1 Cor. 9.26.
  • 2. The perſcription of ſuch as are to be baptized with water, to be ſubdu­ed, or brought into, or under the inſtruction, or tuition of ſuch, as have accept­ed the Doctrine of the Goſpel, and make profeſſion of it, which men of un­derſtanding, and at their owne diſpoſe be not, nor can be ſo judged, till they be found willing to heare, and to be inſtructed in the Doctrine of the Goſ­pel, Mat. 3. John. 4.1, 2. Acts 8. & 18.8. But children, not come to the uſe of underſtanding, are ſo, and ſo to be accounted, from the gracious pro­vidence of God, putting them in the Family, and into the charge, and under the care, and tuition of ſuch, whether by birth, or other providenciall way, Gen. 17.12, 13. Acts 16.15. But of this, more anon.
  • 3. The command of Jeſus Chriſt in his Commiſſion, given to his Diſciples, to goe diſciple all Nations, baptizing them; baptizing being both with word, and water; neither to be preſt violently, and where the tender of the Goſpel is not rejected, the baptizing with word, and water, are of the ſame extent.

And ſo the report of the Goſpel, the work of God, in putting under the uition of ſuch as have accepted, and doe profeſſe the Goſpell, and the com­mand25 of Chriſt, to diſciple all Nations, baptizing them, is the ground, and bottome upon which this baptiſme is to be adminiſtred: As for ſuch as are to be baptized, to confeſſe their ſins, and profeſſe their faith, it is good in ſuch as are come to the uſe of underſtanding before they be baptized; Yet though it be an encouragement, it is not the ground, and to them that think it ſo, it is but partiall, and fallible; But that ſet down before, is the Ground, and whole, and conſtant, and ſure to adminiſter one, as will yet more clearely appear anon.

3. For the third thing conſiderable, viz. To what ends, this ordinance of baptizing with water, is to be adminiſtred, and that is,

1. To be an outward, and ſenſible Teſtimony of the truth of the Goſpel preached, both in that there in affirmed to be already done, by Chriſt for men, and alſo in the hope ſet forth therein for beleevers; and ſo, of the name of the Father, and of the Sonne, and of the Holy Ghoſt, ſet forth thereby. Je­ſus his giving this ordinance to be adminiſtred, is a teſtimony of his faithfull mind, and the truth of the faith, and Goſpel given to preach: And ſo, when John preached the Goſpel, baptizing, and preaching the baptiſme of repent­ance, for the remiſſion of ſinnes, Mark 1.3, 4. He is ſaid to have truly bapti­zed with water. as witneſſing verily the truth, Acts 1.5. And ſo, as all the Scripture, Moſes, the Law, and all Types foregoing; ſo all the ordinances of the Goſpel, doe teſtifie of Chriſt, John 5.39, to 44. Rom. 3.21, 1 Cor. 11.26. As Abraham received the ſigne of Circumciſion, as a ſeale of the righte­onſneſſe of the faith he had, &c. that he might be the Father: Abraham his receiving the ſign, was not ſimply his being circumciſed, for ſo were all his fa­mily; but his receiving that or dinance to adminiſter, as a ſeal of the righteouſ­neſſe of the faith, its not ſaid, which all he circumciſed, had; nor of the truth of his own beleeving, but of the righteouſneſſe of the faith, that is, the Goſpel God preached to him, which he had to preach to his Family, and ſo to be a ſenſible teſtimony, that he might be the Father of all that beleeve, Gen. 15. & 17. with Rom. 4.11. Even ſo alſo, the Apoſtles received this ordinance, to teſtifie withall to ſuch an end; and ſo it is given as the Medium of diſcipling, in the Commiſsion, Mat. 28.19.

2. To receive into Gods Family, or the Family of Chriſt, or Abraham, and ſo to engage the baptized, to yeild up to, and wait on God, in the acknowledg­ment of his great name, and obſervance of all his ordinances, and the things he hath already commanded by Jeſus Chriſt to his Apoſtles: And ſo, as Circum­ciſion diſcipled into Abrahams Family, and bound to the Law, after given by Moſes, baptiſme diſciples into the ſame family of God, and binds to beleive, and obſerve the ſayings, and commands of Chriſt, fore-given in the Goſpel;26 and this is cleare in the Commiſſion, Mat. 28.19. 1 Cor. 1. 13.-15. And in that baptiſme, is into his name, and no other.

3. To ſet, or lay before them, the hope that is ſet forth in the new Teſta­ment, confirmed by the death of Chriſt, for his baptizing them with the Ho­ly Ghoſt, and ſo ſending forth ſpirit, to teach, and write his ſayings, and Law in their hearts, Mat. 3.11. Acts 1.4, 5. Luke 24 46, to 49. &c. as pag. 11.12.

And ſo, by witneſſing the truth of the Goſpel, accepting, and engaging them into the Family of God, and ſetting ſuch hope before them, they may diſciple them, that ſo in beleeving, they may throughly repent, and lay hold on Chriſt, and therein receive remisſion of ſinnes, and ſpirit, to lead a new life: And thus is this baptiſme unto repentance, and to be received for the remiſsion of ſinnes, Mat. 3.11. Mark 1.4. Acts 2.38. Neither, as ſome vainly gloſſe it, cauſaliter, that it ſhould cauſe it; nor declaratively, as if it did verily declare remiſsion of ſinnes received; But as a Medium of comming into Chrriſt, that in beleeving, it may be received: And theſe are the ends of adminiſtration, and not ſuch, as in which this ordinance is made like the Types of the Law, to have a ſenſible, and viſible figure, or reſemblance of Chriſt, in the manner of his death, and reſurrection, and conforming us to him, for which no word, that conformity being the work of his Spirit, by word, and affli­ctions.

4. For the fourth thing conſiderable, viz. Who are the ſubjects capable of this ordinance of being baptized with water in the name of the Lord, and ſo may have it adminiſtred to them: And that is expreſſe in the com­mand, and commiſsion given by Jeſus Chriſt to the Apoſtles, Mat. 28.19. To be all Nations that were not fore-diſcipled, and refuſe not in the tender of the Goſpel to them, to be diſcipled. They had a maſſage of good newes, of Peace, and Salvation, to declare, and tender to men; To all People; To all Na­tions, every Family; To every man in the whole Creation, Luke 2.10. Acts 13.37.48. Luke 24.45, 46, 47. Mat. 10.11, 12. Luke 10.5, 6. Mark 16.15. And this, that they might be diſcipled, that is, wonne in to accept mercy, to repent, and beleeve, whether they doe ſo accept, or no, John 3.17. & 5.34. Pſal. 78.5, to 10. Ezek. 2. to the end. And for declaring this, they ad­venture their peace, ſafety, and life, among men, Mat. 10. But if any Coun­try, Family, or, man refuſed this Goſpel, and would none of it, they were not to force it with violence; but to depart, and wait if God at another time would give them repentance, &c. Mat. 10.13, 14. Luke 10.5, 6.10, 11. 2 Tim. 2.24. Mark 5.17, 18. But what Nation, Country, Family, or man ſoever, did accept the Meſſage, and were willing to be further inſtructed; thoſe, and all under the tuition of thoſe, being preſented by them, are they to goe27 on diſcipling them, by baptizing with word, and water, baptizing them with water in the name of the Lord, and farther inſtructing them with the word, And thus to all Nations now, as John did before to the Jewes, Mark 1.3.4. So as they are to goe to diſciple all Nations in this manner, ſo proclaiming, and tendering Goſpel to them, that none that reject the Goſpel, be conſtrain­ed to be baptized, and farther taught; So likewiſe, none that refuſe not the Goſpel, are to be refuſed, or put by, but to be baptized, and further taught, whether they be ſuch, as in whom it yet appeares not; that they have in heart, truly repented, or doe beleeve with the heart, or ſuch, as it appeares they doe with the heart beleeve, or ſuch, as have alſo in their beleeving, received the Holy Ghoſt, all, and every of theſe: So John affirmes himſelfe, to baptize indeed thoſe whom he called, Generation of vipers (a name never put on any that did truly repent, and beleeve) and reproves them of their vain confidence, and boaſting, and intimates, as if ſome of them were chaffe, notwithſtanding his flooring of them, Mat. 3.6.11, 12. And ſo of Chriſts owne Diſciples, which were baptized, and all others, called the multitude, John 4.2. & 6.61. And it is expreſſely ſaid of ſome of them, That from the beginning they belee­ved not; And after that ſore judgment on diſſemblers, Acts 5. its ſaid, And of others, durſt no man joyne himſelfe unto them; which intimates ſtrongly, that before they did, Acts 5.11, to 13. Beſides, he that weighes what is ſaid to divers Churches, and what the Apoſtles minds them of, from thoſe that. went through the Sea with Moſes, may eaſily perceive ſuch to have been bap­tized, 1 Cor. 10.1, to 11. And for thoſe, that in hearing the Goſpel, have be­leeved before baptizing, ſome unfeignedly, and ſome feignedly, they were al­ſo baptized, Acts 8.12, 13.36, 37. & 18.8. Yea, even ſuch as in beleeving the Goſpel, did alſo receive the Holy Ghoſt, before they were baptized with water in the name of the Lord, they alſo were ſo baptized, Acts 10.47, 48. So that no one of theſe can be ſet forth to limit the ordinance of baptiſme to any one, or two ſorts of them, it being to be adminiſtred to them all, and all the children by gracious providence, put in their tuition, and charge, to bring up for the Lord, being a part of themſelves, and preſented by them to be bapti­zed: And this appears evidently in the Goſpel, and by the commiſsion given, to be the plain, and expreſſe command of Jeſus Chriſt, Mat. 28.19, 20.

1. By the ground of the Commiſsion; namely, That all Power is given to Jeſus Chriſt in Heaven and Earth, verſ. 18. And this by vertue of his death, reſurrection, and ſacrifice offered to God, in which, children are alſo concern­ed, Rom. 14.8, 9. Phil. 2.7, to 11. 1 Tim. 2.5, 6.

2. By the buſineſſe he ſet them about, which is to Diſciple, or make Di­ſciples, or bring them into the Houſe of God, the Family of Abraham; And ſo as before they made Diſciples, or received into the Family of Abraham,28 one Nation; and proſelited into that Nation of any Nation, and then in Di­ſcipling, the Fathers Diſcipled the Children alſo by circumciſion; even ſo now in Diſcipling by baptizing the Parents, they are to Diſciple the Children now by Baptiſme, as then by Circumciſion that did precede this ordinance of Baptiſme. As for Johns Baptiſme, That was to floor into the acknowledge­ment of Chriſt come in the fleſh, but not to bring into the Family of Abra­ham, for he was to baptize none; but thoſe of that Family before: And Circumciſion was in force, untill the Reſurrection of Jeſus Chriſt; and now Baptiſme ſupplyeth that alſo, Col. 2.11, 12. So that as Circumciſion was an ordinance of the Goſpel as then revealed, ſo Baptiſme is now an ordinance of the ſame Goſpel, as now more fully revealed; and as Circumciſion was for Diſcipling, or making of the Family of Abraham then, ſo Baptiſme now; and as the work of grace had its name from Circumciſion then, ſo from Baptiſme now; as is foreſhewn; only Baptiſme now is more free, and of larger ex­tent, Col. 3.10, 11. So that the buſineſſe of Diſcipling leads us to underſtand children now as formerly.

3. By the command, To Diſciple all Nations, baptizing them, before the priviledges of ordinances belonged but to one Nation; and yet to all that Nation, and ſo it was called one Nation, &c. Gen. 12.2. and 18.8. and 35.11. and 46, 3. Deut. 4.6, 7, 8. Pſal. 147, 19, 20. Yet of theſe, ſuch as walk­ed in Gods ſtatutes were a holy nation, Exod, 19.5, 6. But the whole Nati­on was circumciſed; and all but thoſe by circumciſion made of that Nation were ſtrangers to their priviledges, Epheſ. 2 12. And ſo neither John Bap­tiſt, nor the Diſciples of Chriſt, till the reſurrection of Chriſt, might go to mi­niſter to any other Nations, Mat. 10.5. But now being riſen, he commands them to go, and make Diſciples all Nations; now as the children were a part of that one Nation, ſo are they of all Nations, and are Diſcipled in Diſci­pling Nations, or Families, though ſtill ſuch as are prevailed within the hea­venly call, and choſen, are the holy Nation, 1 Pet. 2.9.

4. By the manner of the expreſſions, and words in the Commiſſion; Go ye therefore and (teach, or) Diſciple all Nations, baptizing them, &c. He ſaith not, teach, or make Diſciples firſt, and then baptize, nor ſo much as Teach, or Diſciple, and Baptize; much leſſe ſaith he, baptize them taught; All theſe are Additions, and Gloſſes put by ſome to the Text, to make it ſerve their private ends; but the words are plain, in which are two things obſerva­ble in this buſineſſe, whoever ſcoff at it.

Firſt, That he propounds baptizing as the medium, or way of teaching, or diſcipling,; Go diſciple all Nations, baptizing them; A like ſpeech in a­nother buſineſſe, Heb. 12.1, 2. Let us run with patience the Race that is ſet before us: Looking unto Jeſus the Author and finiſher of our faith; Now29 none can firſt run, and then look, but running in looking; yea, looking is the way of running; for in beholding his glory, that is ſeen, which allures, drawes, ſaves, and ſo makes to run, Iſa. 45.22. and 55.5. As the Beleevers ſhining is by holding forth, the word of life in word and converſation, Phill. 2.15, 16, So here diſcipling is by baptizing, when its ſaid, diſciple bap­tizing.

Secondly, That when he ſaith, Go ye Diſciple all Nations, baptizing them; It being our Saviour that ſpake, the Diſciples that were ſpoken too, and the Nations that were ſpoken of, whom Jeſus wils his Diſciples, to di­ſciple, baptizing them; we are to note, that the word (them) is referred to the Nations fore-mentioned: And can be referred to no other ſuppoſed perſons; as for that is replyed by ſome, that the word them in the Greek is of the Maſculine Gender, whereas the word Nations is of the Newter Gen­der; and ſo them cannot be referred to Nations. They may cheat us that know not the Greek Tongue, if we will be weaned from the ſcope of the words; but they that know the Greek Tongue know; that the word Na­tions, or Gentiles in the Newter Gender hath frequently a word of the Maſcu­line, as this word them, comming after it, and to be referred to it; and often ſo uſed in the writings of the Apoſtles, as Rev. 2.26, 27. He that overcom­meth, and keepeth my words unto the end, to him will I give power over the Nations, and he ſhall rule them with a rod of Iron. And here them is, and can be no other but the Nations, ſo Acts 28.28. The ſalvation of God is ſent un­to the Gentiles, and that they will hear it; where (they) can mean no o­ther but the Gentiles, ſo Acts 13.48. and 26.17, 18. And ſo its evident, that in the Commiſſion to diſciple all Nations, baptizing them: That this them is the Nations they are to diſciple, and ſo comprehends as many, as refuſe not to be diſcipled by them; Nations, Families, them, and their children; and thus it fully appears in the Commiſſion; children alſo are encluded. And yet that this may appeare according to the ſcope of the Goſpel, I will add more.

5. That this alſo hath been the way of God from the beginning of the Goſpel preaching, to number children with their parents under whoſe tuition they were, untill the children fall to caſt off that tuition. And ſo in the firſt Ages of the world, thoſe under the tuition of ſuch as profeſſed the name of God, were called, the Sonnes of God, when it could be neither for their good diſpoſition, nor their good converſation; but only for the name of thoſe un­der whoſe tuition they were; and when the tuition was caſt off, that name was loſt, Gen. 6.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. And in after Ages, when God revealed the Goſpel more fully to Abraham, and made his covenant with him, to be tanght in his Family, and gave him an ordinance for admiſſion into that Family, he willed30 him, to take in the children alſo by circumciſing all his Males from eight daies old, and upward, Gen. 17.11, 12, 13. And after this when he ordained the Paſſover, and brought his people out of Egypt, and directed them about the receiving in any one of the Gentiles to become one Nation with them; He willed, that the children of ſuch a Gentile ſhould be received alſo by circum­ciſing all his Males, Exod. 12 48, 49. And our ſaviour gives us to underſtand it ſtill to be according to the mind of God; that the diſcipling of the Father, is a diſcipling of the children; when he ſaith of Zacheus, Luk. 19.9 This day as ſalvation come to this houſe, foraſmuch as he alſo is become a ſon of Abra­ham. And like to this Doctrine did Paul preach to the Gaoler, Acts 16.31. Beleeve in the Lord Jeſus, and thou ſhalt be ſaved, and thy Houſe. Which can be no leſſe then in their comming into Chriſt, a bringing the meanes of ſalvation to their Families; yea, ſo far as by baptizng them, they may be ad­mitted, and have intereſt in the means; all which ſounds like the Commiſſion, Mat. 28.19.

6. That the children of the Jewes, or circumciſion, were a part of the Jew­iſh-ſtate, yea, Church-ſtate, and fellowſhip, having intereſt in the ordinances, and promiſes to that people; and ſo by our Saviour it was ſaid, of ſuch are the Kingdome of Heaven, Mat. 19.14. And this Church-ſtate given to the Gentiles, ſhall not the children of the Gentiles that receive it, be of the ſame Church ſtate, as the Jewiſh children were? Mat. 21.43. Acts 28.27, 28. and 13.46.47.

7. The children of the Jewes, while Baptiſme could not be adminiſtred to children becauſe Circumciſion was ſtill in force till the Reſurrection of Chriſt, yet they had Impoſition of hands, an ordinance that ſeems to require more in thoſe to whom adminiſtred, then outword Baptiſme doth; yet our Saviour received the little children to this ordinance, and bleſſed them, and reproved his Diſciples for rebuking them that brought them, and counted their being brought their comming; and ſaid, Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me, for of ſuch is the Kingdome of Heaven, Mat. 19.13.14.

8. The types that went before, and are ſet before us for uſefulneſſe about Baptiſme, doe comprehend children, and thoſe under the tuition of Beleevers, 1 Cor. 10.1, 2. 1 Pet. 3.19.

9. Whole houſholds are affirmed in the writings of the Apoſtles to have been baptized, Acts 16.15, 33. 1 Cor. 1.16. And no warning given us to except children in underſtanding thereof; and we were before directed, when a ſeal of admiſſion was given to a houſhold to underſtand the children alſo, Gen. 17.12, 13. Ezod. 12 48

10. As the Nation, and Church of the Jewes, had their children admitted31 with themſelves to an intereſt, and right in all the ordinances of God, to uſe as they were ſitted by inſtruction, being at firſt Circumciſed, and alſo had the promiſes, and hope of ſpirit ſet before them, Rm. 3.2. & 9.4. Acts 2.39. & 3.25. So now its affirmed, as that which was fore-prophefied, though not ſo clearly revealed before the aſcenſion of Jeſus Chriſt, That the Gentiles ſhould be follow-heires, and of the ſome Body, and partakers of his promiſe in Chriſt, by the Goſpel, Eph. 3.6. ſutable to that, Acts 2.39. And if the chil­dren of Chriſtians were cut off, the priviledges were ſtreightned, which I be­leeve, none underſtanding Goſpel rightly, will affirm.

11. Yea, to ſay in a word, children are mentioned in the Apoſtles writings, as part of the Chriſtian Churches to whom he wrote, Eph. 6.4, Col. 3.21. And Fathers willed to bring them up in the nurture of the Lord; And they affirmed to be thildren of Abraham, that walk in the ſteps of the faith of A­braham, Gal. 3.8. And did not Abraham begin to teach his children to keep Gods commands, by engaging them thereto by Circumciſion; and ſhall not we begin to teach our children to keep Chriſts commands, by engaging them thereto by Baptiſme.

So that as the Gentiles come to be fellow-heires with the Jewes, and as chil­dren have formerly been a part of the Jewiſh Nation, and Church, and are now a part of the Nations, according to the ſcope of the Goſpel, and the words of the Commiſsion given by Chriſt, there is an expreſſe command for the bap­tizing of them.

12. But yet, as the Goſpel is rightly underſtood, beleeved, and in the heart of any, there is yet more to be ſaid for little children; as namely,

  • 1. That though they be conceived, and borne ſinners, yet while they are not come to the uſe of underſtanding, ſo as they have choſen no Idol, nor are yet capable of the meanes that ſhould bring them to beleeve, he that is the fa­ther of the helpleſſe, hath them in his protection; and he that will not gather where he hath not ſown, will not charge them with unbeliefe, and ſo, not with their other ſinnes; And ſo, in a ſenſe of Chriſts account, they may be ſaid to beleeve, Mat. 18.2.6. with 19.13.14. And though beyond our under­ſtanding how, yet its as beleivable, as that there ſhould be an carneſt expectati­on of the creature, Rom. 8.19. But, if God will accept it as ſo, who are we, to fault him? and if he will account our bringing our children to him, their comming, let us accept of it.
  • 2. That it flowes from the word of grace, in the heart of a beleever, and the Law of God, and commands of Chriſt written therein, to diſciple their children, for the faith they have in beleeving the love of God to them, and the Redemption wrought for them, leads them to take them as the price of bloud, put in their hands to bring up for God, as Jacob took his children;32 And the love that hath ſprung up from Gods love in them, leads them to love, and accept whom God accepts, and to reckon according to his judgement, and ſo to receive them by Baptiſme, into his Family to bring up for him, having his allowance. And thus much about this medium of baptizing.

As for objections againſt baptizing children, I have purpoſed to avoyd con­tention, and ſo ſhall meddle little farther then what is already done: As for the demand of an example of children mentioned to be baptized; they are encluſively mentioned in the word Nations, the word Houſholds, in types mentioned; But its enough, it is commanded, and was fore-mentioned; and there was reaſon of ſmall mentioning them; becauſe the writings were at the firſt calling of the Churches: And it would have broke the Jewes in peices to have ſeen their Circumciſion at firſt to thrown downe, which they yet ſo eſteemed, and even the Apoſtles ſaw not the largeneſſe of the extent of their Commiſſion at firſt, Acts 10. and 11. As for that is ſaid, Children under­ſtand it not. Its anſwered, As much as they did curcumciſion; and though they doe not underſtand it when baptized, yet as Chriſt ſaid to Peter, they may afterward, John 13.7. The pervertings of the Text, abuſe of ſingle ex­amples to limit with &c. I will omit, nor will I preſſe any to more ſpeedy baptizing their children, then according as by the light they have in the Goſ­pel, they ſee cauſe. As for ſuch as beleeve not the report of the Goſpel in the extent of it, I pitty them; becauſe I ſee not how they can go upon any cer­taine grounds to baptize any children at all; ſeeing they are not certain whe­ther Chriſt dyed, and roſe for them, or not, but though I ſee not, I hope ſome of them do, or elſe they would not do it.

But I will proceed no farther in this, beleeving it already proved, that all of as that were baptized in our infancy in the name of the Father, and of the Sin, and of the Holy Ghoſt profeſſedly, we have been baptized; and had there been ſome more errors then were of mens mixtures in the adminiſtrati­on thereof; though they were evill, and to be repented, yet they made not the Lords Baptiſme null, as is ſhewn pages 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18. So that I looke at my ſelfe, and all ſo baptized, as engaged in the very acceptance of this Bap­tiſme, as in the greateſt, and moſt ſolemne row: To beleeve, and yeeld to the ſayings of Chriſt, to wait for, and yeeld to his ſpirit for conforming to the Douth of Chriſt, that we might not live to our ſelves, but unto Chriſt. So that other baptizing with elementary water we need not; but ſuch a remem­brance of Gods mercy, and our engagement in that Baptiſme, that we yeeld to all the operations of his grace in his ſayings, in afflictions, and motions of his; that the Baptiſme into oneneſſe with, and conformity to Chriſt may be more effected in us: But for men that have been baptized in the name of the Lord in their infancy, after they come to beleeve, to be preſſed again to be baptized33 with water; I cannot but look at, as evill, and ſinfull; becauſe there is no­thing in Chriſts Commiſſion for it, no precept, or example for it, nor pro­miſe to it in all the Scripture; nor yet have I ever met with any place aledged for a baptizing again with water any that were once profeſſedly baptized ſo in the name of the Lord Jeſus before, but only that one place Acts 19 4, 5. Where if that were true as they conceive, and granted, as they would have it, namely, That thoſe twelve were fore-baptized with water to Johns Bap­tiſme, and then baptized again by Paul in the name of the Lord Jeſus. Yet makes it nothing for their purpoſe; for then it would follow, That thoſe who formerly baptized them, did not themſelves underſtand, what Johns Baptiſme was, though they named it, and baptized unto it; and ſo they were not before in words, or profeſſedly baptized in the name of the Lord Jeſus, or in the Name of the Father, of the Son, and Holy Ghoſt. And then it was not baptiſme that is the ordinance of the Lord, and ſo it Paul did baptize them in the Name of the Lord Jeſus; It was becauſe they were not ſo baptized before at all, as we in our infancy were, and ſo it makes nothing for baptizing again, any that were profeſſedly baptized in that name; But indeed, there is no ſuch ſaying, as that either Paul baptized thoſe Twelve, or that they were baptized again, the contrary rather appears. For Luke in his ſtory, telling of Pauls journey to Epheſus, And that he found certain Diſciples there; In the ſecond verſe, tells us of Pauls Queſtion, and their Anſwer; And in the third verſe of Pauls Reply to, or Demand on their Anſwer, Ʋnto what then were ye baptized, and their returne of Anſwer, unto Johns Baptiſme. And then Luke teſs us again of Pauls returne of Anſwer, and inſtruction therein to them verſe 4, and 5. And then of his Action towards them in verſe 6 In verſe 4 Paul firſt juſtifieth Johns Baptiſme, (as our Saviour, Acts 1.5.) John verily baptized with the Baptiſme of repentance; Then Paul deſcrib­eth Johns Baptiſme, both in the doctrinall, and practicall part thereof, verſe 4. Saying, that is, John ſaid unto the people (that is, thoſe John preached too) That they ſhould beleeve on him that ſhould come after him, that is on Ghriſt Jeſus; And then in verſe 5. he deſeribes the practicall part of Johns Bap­tiſme by 1. The Time. 2. The Action. 3. The Manner of it.

1. For the Time, He ſtayed not till the people could teſtifie ſuch, and ſuch a worke of grace in their hearts; But when the people (that is, Johns hearers) heard this (that is) did attend, and were willing to heare Johns 'Do­ctrine and be baptized.

2. That is the Action, Then they were baptized, John baptized