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A FIGURE of the True & Spiritual TABERNACLE, According to the inward Temple or Houſe of God in the Spirit.

Whereunto is added the Eight Vertues or Godlyneſſes.

Set forth by H. N. and by him per­uſed, and more evidently declared.

The Temple of God was opened in heaven, and the Ark of his Teſtament was ſeen in his Temple,Apoca. 12.

Behold the Tabernacle of God is with men, and he ſhall dwell with them: and they ſhall be his people: And he God him­ſelf with them, ſhall be their God,Apo. 21. 1 Cor. 3. 2 Cor. 6.

LONDON, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black-ſpread Eagle at the Weſt end of Pauls, 1655.

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〈1 page duplicate〉

The Preface.

SEeing now that God hath exten­ded his mercy on us, and through his grace(a)(a)Exod 25. Eze. 40.41, 42.43, 44. Apoc 21.22. reveal­ed and made known unto us in our Spirit, his true Tabernacle or Temple (wherein his Holy God-ſervice is uprightly miniſtred ac­cording to the truth.)

Therefore are we become occa­ſioned or moved, even out of Love, to witneſs our Figure forth writ­ingly(b)(b)Ex. 25.31. Eze. 43. Act. 7. c. Heb. 8. a. in Letters, this preſent Figure, or Pre-figuration of the ſame Tabernacle or Temple of God, together with his true ſer­vices in the Spirit (namely in the fore-front, in the holy, and in the moſt holy) before all lovers of the truth, and of the true God-ſervice, and to ſet it forth under the obedi­ence of the Love.

2. The bearing of which true being or form in the Spirit; is(c)(c)Ex. 29. c. Jer. 23. a. 30. b. 31. d. Eze. 36.37. that which God regardeth, and re­quireth of the man. For even therefore (namely) to the ſetting up of this ſame true God-ſervice in the Spirit, under the obedience of the Love, hath God the Fa­ther, through his benign or hear­ty Love, revealed or declared in(d)(d)Mat. 13. b Epheſ. 3. a. Col 1. c. heaven, his true Sanctuarie or Tabernacle unto us, as alſo the fore-front, the holy and the moſt holy of the ſame: And granted to diſcern and underſtand the my­ſterie or ſecretneſs thereof, and al­ſo choſen us to the miniſtration of the ſame; under the obedience of the Love; to the end that now in this laſt time(e)(e)Iſa 2. a. 60, 61, 62. Jer. 31 33. Eze. 36 37. Ioel 2.3. b. Mich 4. a. Zach. 8 a. Act. 2. the truth or veri­ty of the ſame Tabernacle of God ſhould alwayes and for evermore be miniſtred among the children of men, under the obedience of the Love, to a conſecrating or ſancti­fying of the fore-front, and of the holy, and to the ſetting up again, or reſtoring of the(f)(f)Dan 9. daily of­fering which hath ceaſed for a long time, for which cauſe likewiſe, the fore-front and the holy, hath been ſo utterly ruined, or laid waſt with abominations among the children of men.

3. Which conſecrating or ſan­ctifying of the fore-front, and of the holy; as alſo the ſetting up of the daily offering, and of the true God-ſervice among the children of men, cometh to paſs altogether to(g)(g)Eph 1 a. the laud & praiſe of the glory of God, and to the ſalvation or bleſ­ſing of the children of men, name­ly to thoſe men which are good of will, alſo believe on the Love, ſubmit them humbly to the requi­ring of the ſervice of Love, and ſo have a luſt to the eſtabliſhing the Promiſes of God the Father.

Take it to heart.

To the Reader. Ʋnto the ſingle-minded ones, whoſe love is agreeable with us, in one ſpirit of the Love, be health and peace.

ALthough, yee dearly beloved, that our intent and purpoſe was to make but a ſmall preamble or prologue before the begin­ning of the Glaſs of righteouſ­neſs, yet is it now notwithſtan­ding fallen out otherwiſe. For the Prologue is grown to be more then we our ſelves meant it ſhould. But yet the labour beſtowed therein, hath not been tedious unto us. (a)(a)1. Cor. 13. a.For the Love maketh all painful travel and labour eaſie, and her ſervice is not tedious, neither doth ſhe think any time too long, wherein ſhe may further the good.

2. Therefore is our hope al­ſo, that it is all come to paſs for the beſt, and ſhall likewiſe be looked into by every one for a very profitable labour unto edification: in aſmuch doubt­leſs, as it is all ſerviceable to the inducing or guiding in of men to the holy underſtanding of the Glaſs of Righteouſ­neſs and to the Love.

3. Alſo I did not purpoſe to let this Figure of the true and ſpiritual Tabernacle, go forth with the Glaſs of righteouſ­neſs, but to ſet it forth with other writings after the publi­cation or going forth of the ſame ſaid Glaſs.

4. But for as much as we have ſeen into or perceived, that it was very needful, pro­fitable, and ſerviceable to pub­liſh or ſet forth the ſame Fi­gure, to give thereby an intel­ligence or underſtanding of the inward ſpiritual Tabernacle, and to be a furtherance of the mans ſalvation; Therefore could we not through the incli­nation of the Love, conceal or keep back the ſame any longer; But have for the Loves ſake un­to the Righteouſneſs, placed the ſame to ſtand next after the introduction, to the holy un­derſtanding of the Glaſs of Righteouſneſs: And next be­fore the beginning of the book of the ſaid Glaſs, by which oc­caſion the Prologue is become ſo much the larger.

5. Yet is our hope notwith­ſtanding, that neither the good willing Reader, nor any one elſe, will ſtumble or take of­fence at the muchneſs or plenty of writing that is uſed before the beginning of the Book; but rejoyce them ſo much the more therein, and take a greater pleaſure and liking therein, then if we had left out the ſame. For it is doubtleſs a more plain de­claring or opening of that forenamed Book, intituled the Glaſs of Righteouſneſs.

6. It is true, that it doth not accord or ſute very well to make large Preambles, or large Prologues. Howbeit we have leaſt eſteemed of the Clarkly form of congruity or artificial ſutableneſs: But have much rather had our reſpect bent un­to that which is ſerviceable unto the good, and to the holy underſtanding, whereby to re­veal the(b)(b)Eph. 1. b. 1 a. 3. a. Col. 1. c. riches of the my­ſteries of God the Father, ex­tending to ſalvation, and to te­ſtifie(c)(c)2 Pet. 1. b. 1 Ioh. 1 a. that which we have ſeen with our eyes, and heard with our ears.

7. But although now that we do not utter forth or write the ſame, according to the ar­tificial skill, or Clarkly cunning of manly wit; Nor yet with painted or flowred words, or garniſhed ſpeech of the re­nowned, wiſe, or famous Clarks: But even with a plain and mother or common ſtyle or form: Yet is notwithſtand­ing our requeſt, that the Rea­ders, or Hearers of the ſame our writing, would not take offence thereat: and ſo in any ſuch reſpect, deſpiſe or make leſs account of our labour, be­cauſe it is plain, and not pra­ctiſed or ſet forth according to the skill of Art; But that they would become all of one minde with us in the Love, to the end that every one might likewiſe through the Love, be partaker with us of the Grace and mercy, which God is now extending on us little and poor ones, through his Love.

8. For unto us doth God re­veal the health and life of our ſalvation out of his heavenly being, and hath called and cho­ſen us thereunto, becauſe that we ſhould be his miniſters in his Love, to the ed to reveal even ſo through us under the ſervice of obedience in the Love, his ſecret myſteries ac­cording to the Law, according to the Propheſying of the Pro­phets, and according to the Godly Word of the Goſpel of Jeſus Chriſt.

9. (d)(d)Act. 2. b.All which former ſervices, have to a unity under the Love, Propheſied on this time and ſervice of Love, for that the glory of God might be great in the laſt time through the Love: And ſo the Peace become prepared on〈1 page duplicate〉〈1 page duplicate〉earth according to the Pro­miſes.

10. Therefore let no man have his regard bent either to the method, or artificial skil­fulneſs, or yet to the unskilful­neſs of Art; But unto that whereunto our ſervice of the gratious Word extendeth, (namely to the Love) and to let every one become aſſem­bled with us, into one Spirit of the lovely being, under the o­bedience of the Love, that the ſervice of Love may to an uni­ty of peace, be ſpread abroad over all the world.

11. For that cauſe, O yee ſingle-minded, good, willing ones, to the righteouſneſs ap­ply you all, with a good will and an humble heart to the Love and her ſervice: And(f)(f)Act. 2 d. permit your ſelves to be baptized or waſhed in the name of the Love, to the forgiveneſs of your ſins, that ye may even ſo be renewed, refreſhed and reformed through the Love and her ſervice. Suffer not in any wiſe(g)(g)Math. 18. a. Io. 3. a. the deceitful ſlights, nor the wicked thoughts to have any dwelling place in you; But through the ſervice of Love, and of the gracious Word, become you turned about to the obedient and little children, that the Love may be planted in you with meek­neſs.

12. Unto this ſame ſervice of Love, ſee that ye become all agreeably minded: For it ſhall all periſh and conſume away to nothing, namely all manner of knowledge and God-ſervices, which are come or riſen up, be­fore this day or light of the Love. (i)(i)1 Cor. 13 b.But the Love ſhall not periſh, nor yet ceaſe, but their ſervice ſhall continue for ever.

13. Whoſoever likewiſe do not aſſemble them under the love, they ſhall be ſcattered abroad. For the Love is the Light of the world:(k)(k)Ioh. 8. b. who­ſo follows after her, walketh not in darkneſs.

14. The Love is the gracious word of the Lord, or(l)(l)Ioh. 6. f. bread of Life, which is come unto us out of heaven. For the Love is eſſentially the very true good,(m)(m)1 Tim. 1. a. the head-ſum of the commandment,(n)(n)Col. 3. b. and the bond of perfection.

15. Through which Love, the ſecret Treaſures of God the Father,(o)(o)Eph. 1. b. 2. a. b. and the abun­dant Riches of his ſpiritual and heavenly goods be revealed.

16. Whoſoever then doth not apply himſelf to the Love: but refuſeth her, or deſpiſeth her ſervice, and is grown ſelf-wiſe or ſelf-minded againſt the ſame, by means of his aſpiring or loftie knowledge, ſuch a one remaineth a Baſtard, or a Stranger from the inheritance of God, and cannot alſo inhe­rit the Riches of Chriſt.

17. But the children of Love, are the upright heirs of God. For they are of a good nature and diſpoſition, namely(p)(p)Col. 3. a. meek-minded, loving and peaceable.

18. Even ſuch be all thoſe likewiſe, which do with hum­ble hearts ſubmit them under the Love, and are obedient to the requiring of her ſervice.

19. And though they be la­den with many ſins,(q)(q)1 Ioh. 1. yet are their ſins forgiven them, and blotted out through the Love, and in their repentance for their ſins, they walk with a good conſcience, both before God and men.

20. Behold ſuch is the ſer­vice or office of the Love. The Almighty God vouchſafe to enable and ſtrengthen us there­unto through his Love. Amen.


THE FIGURE Of the true and Spiritual Ta­bernacle of God: Witneſſed and Figured forth by H. N. according to the true being or form of the in­ward Temple or Houſe of God, and that in every reſpect according to thar form, even as the very eſſence or being thereof was by the holy Spirit of the Lord revealed and declared unto him out of the heavenly Truth.

The firſt Chapter.

FOraſmuch as my in­clination had a long time ſtood bent to­wards the ſervice of Love: And that I had longed even with a fervent deſire, that the true God-ſervice might2 once flouriſh out of the Love (name­ly to the peace and ſalvation of all people, and to a true declaring of the ſpiritual Tabernacle of God, in the holy of his holy ones.) Therfore be­came the true Tabernacle or(a)(a)Lev. 26.26. b 2 Cor. 6 b. Apoc 21. a. ha­bitation of God by grace out of the Love of God the Father, revealed unto me in the Spirit, through Gods heavenly revelation, to the end that I ſhould conſider of or note there­in the true God-ſervice, which ſer­veth to the bleſſing of the earth, and to the peace & ſalvation of all people.

2. In the which I at the firſt, thought not upon the noting or marking of any thing elſe, but only of the moſt holy and moſt pure be­ing,(b)(b)Ex 26 d. 40. a b. c. Heb. 9. a the mercy ſeat, and the Ark of the Covenant, together with the manifold glorious riches, and ſum­ptuous garniſhing. All which I be­held in their pure and perfect beauty.

3. Through which Revelation pro­ceeding out of the heavenly being, I rejoyced me far beyond meaſure: But there came not into my remem­brance,3 ſo preſently at the firſt to conſider or note, the holy and his daily offering or God ſervice, and the fore front, nor yet the ſervice of the Levites and Prieſts.

4. But when I once remembred the holy of the ſame Tabernacle, and his ſervice of the holy offering, extend­ing to the forgiveneſs of ſins: then turned I my ſelf to the ſame, for to behold the daily offering for God-ſervice miniſtred therein, becauſe I might ſee, and alſo underſtand the daily offering in the holy, and the Altar, whereon the debt-of­fering, ſin-offering, & death-offering is offered & burnt to a forgivneſs of ſins.

5. I alſo noted the fore-front: the which is a difference(c)(c)Eze. 44. a. b. betwixt the holy of the Tabernacle of God, and the unholy of the uncircumciſed hea­then-ſhip.

6. In which forefront, the Le­vites and Prieſts in their ſervice, and in their requiring of the righteouſneſs, are to(d)(d)Ex. 27 c Lev. . b Num. 16. b Eze. 43, 44, prepare the daily offering, betwixt the holy4 and the unholy, betwixt the circum­ciſed and the uncircumciſed, whereby the Believers might have a free en­trance into the God-ſervice uſed in the holy, for to offer up holy offer­ings, ſuch as are delightful unto God.

7. Now then did I alſo call to mind, the Levites and the Prieſts,(e)(e)Ioel 1. b: 2. b. which ought to have their daily God-ſervice, for the aſſiſting of the little and weak ones, betwixt the fore-front and the Altar of the ſelf-making of­fering in the holy, for to reveal and make known unto the Believers, the free entrance into the holy, and in the ſame ſervice, daily to inform or train up the people which give over them ſelves thereunto, with the word of the holy underſtanding, till that the ſervice of God in the holy, be in that ſort in full and due manner executed or performed, namely that the death-offering, as well as the ſin offering, be quite and clean burnt or con­ſumed, upon the Altar, in the ho­ly.

58. Through which ſervice and ac­compliſhment of the death offering in the holy,(f)(f)Matth 27 Mark 15. the vail that is be­fore the moſt holy departeth away, or is put off. Into which moſt holy, only the High Prieſt doth(g)(g)Exo 30. Lev. 16. Heb 9 10. b. enter, and revealeth the mercy Seat, the everlaſting forgiveneſs of ſins, and doth cleanſe it all in the holy, through his blood of the New Te­ſtament. The which is the Love, the flood of the everlaſting life, and the eternal day-light of the cleerneſs of God, and alſo the uncovering of the face of Chriſt.

9. Behold when as I now bent my ſelf to conſider hereon, and began adviſedly to look into the ſame, then found I, that both the holy and the fore-front, were utterly laid(h)(h)Pſal. 74.79. a. Eze. 5.22, 23, 24. waſt, and deſpiſed and trodden under foot, by the heathen or uncircumciſed ones, and the Altar appointed for the ſervice of a daily(i)(i)Dan. 7, 8, 9.4. Eſd. 10. 1 Mac. 2, 3, 4. Rom. 11. a. offering in the holy, was altogether defi­led.

10. I alſo beheld, that the holy6 City of Jeruſalem lay(k)(k)Iſa. 64 c. Lam 1.2 a. brokedown and deſtroyed, Sion as a wid­dow, or like one forſaken, and Iſraediſperſed and captivated among alpeople, and that the(l)(l)Pſal 79. a. Lam. 5 a. ſtrangers inhabited Iſraels inheritance, the lands lying about Jeruſalem. And in the holy place I ſaw nothing but(m)(m)Dan. 9.11. c. Math. 24. b. abomination of deſolati­on.

11. The(n)(n)Dan. 11, 12. 4 Eſd. 10. c. daily offering had al­ſo ceaſed a long time, for which cauſe likewiſe there was no daily God-ſer­vice in the holy.

12. Moreouer I ſaw not in the fore-front, nor yet in the holy, any(o)(o)3. King. 19. b. Rom. 11. a. Le­vites, or yet Prieſts, for to Miniſter the office, to the preparing of the offering, betwixt the fore-front and the Altar.

13. For which cauſe ſake of the abomination of deſolation, I ſaw no free entrance into the holy, for to of­fer the ſin offering in the holy. And ſo by that occaſion there chanced likewiſe no forgiveneſs of ſins.

14. When I now beheld, that all7 theſe holy things were thus grown to ruine, or laid waſt:(p)(p)Lam. 1, 2, 3. Dan. 8. 4 Eſd. 10. it grieved me ſore, and I lamented greatly for the Sanctuary of the holy offering, (namely, the holy with his holy and ſafe-making ſervice) the which the heathen or the uncircumciſed(q)(q)Pſal. 79. a Lam. 5 a. that were come into the Lands heritage, had utterly polluted and laid waſt.

15. Which heathen or uncircum­ciſed ones, have not alſo in any true manner underſtood the holy God-ſervice of Iſrael: Howbeit ſeeing they have preſumed to buſie them­ſelves about the ſame, alſo enterpri­ſed and taken it upon them, ſo have they even everywhere polluted and made it deſolate with(r)(r)Eze. 28. Dan. 9. abomina­tions: And for that cauſe did I la­ment moſt chiefly, the holy and his daily offering.

16. In that now I did moſt of all lament the holy of the Tabernacle of God, and his holy and ſafe-making ſervice, it was doubtleſs therefore, namely, becauſe I perceived that the ſame holy was ſo utterly laid waſt,8 that there was no true offering or ſervice of the holy, or ſafe-making offering uſed therein, and for that the arrogancie(s)(s)Ezek 44. a of the heathen or un­circumciſed ones, had with their ini­quity and abominations gotten the upper hand in the ſame, and had de­ſtroyed it all, laid it deſolate or waſte, which deſolation and abominations of the uncircumciſed did ſo exceed­ingly trouble and grieve me, that I could not pacifie my ſelf in my be­wailing and lamenting that came over me touching this abomination of deſolation. For I ſaw that there could no reconciliation nor forgive­neſs of ſins come to paſs, but through the daily offering or God-ſervice in the holy; and the ſin did ſtill daily augment or grow to a great increaſe or multiplying.

17. Becauſe of this abomination of deſolation, and for that the daily offering was ceaſed by reaſon of the ſins(t)(t)4 Eſd. 14, 15 Math. 4. b. which had ſo abundantly in­creaſed: And alſo for that I ſaw no end or going under of the ſin, there­fore9 became I, even through great grief of heart, crying out unto God and ſaid,

18. O Lord, Lord, when wilt thou according to thy promiſes ga­ther together again, and be gracious unto thy people Iſrael, and bring them unto their Reſt? And when ſhall I beſeech thee, thy holy(u)(u)Mat. 2. b Tabernacle be conſecrated and cleanſed from the abomination of de­ſolation?

19. For ſeeing now that the holy and the fore-front of thy Tabernacle is thus utterly laid waſte: Alſo that thy daily offering hath ceaſed for a time, and that into thoſe places the(x)(x)Dan. 9. b abominations of deſolation are come or entred (where through likewiſe, the iniquity is grown excee­ding great and abundant) ſo goeth it therefore doubtleſs very evil and la­mentable with thy people.

20. Foraſmuch as Jeruſalem ly­eth waſte, or overthrown, Sion ſitteth as a widdow, or as one forſaken. And that thy holy Temple hath not10 his declaring or clearneſs upon the Mount Sion within Jeraſalem, there­fore doth not thy ſalvation O God, appear or ſhine thereout. The ſin alſo is not put off or done away,(y)(y)Iſa. 19. c. Rom. 11. c. nor the ungodlyneſs debarr'd or put away from Jews.

21. For that cauſe likewiſe, there cometh to paſs no(z)(z)Heb. 9 b forgiveneſs of ſins there, nor yet any cleanſing of the ſpotted conſcience; for the belief or faith(a)(a)Act 15 b Rom. 8. a. whereby one is juſtified from the ſin, is(b)(b)Jer. 7 c. taken away from the earth: And the iniquity encreaſ­eth more and more, even unto the very worſt,(c)(c)4 Eſd. 14. b. 15. a. Math. 24. b for it hath gotten the upper hand: And we find no refreſh­ing or ſhaking in our ſouls.


The ſecond Chapter.

THe whileſt I thus beheld this ſtate of deſolation, and pittied the ſame ſo exceedingly, and lamented there over before the moſt high, ſo heard I a mighty(a)(a)3 King 19. Act. 1. a. ſound or noiſe proceeding out of heaven, and it ruſhed like a tempeſtuous wind, with great force over the earth, in ſuch wiſe that the earth was afraid, and quaked by reaſon thereof. And ma­ny which lay and ſlept under the earth(b)(b)Ez. 37. Dan. 12. b. 4 Eſd. 3. d. Ioh. 5. c. 1 Cor. 15. f. 1 Theſ. 4. l. awaked, ſome to everlaſt­ing life, ſome to perpetual contempt and reproach.

2. Now I marvelled greatly at this viſion and ſaid, O God, how(c)(c)Iſa. 17. a Rom. 11. wonderful and incomprehenſible are thy works before all underſtanding of the fleſh!

123. Behold this miraculous workcome to paſs among us upon earth; becauſe that the Prophecie ſhould be fulfilled(d)(d)Dan. 12. that was ſaid unto Daniel the Prophet in times paſt, come to paſs in theſe laſt times.

4. And I looked and behold Daniel who (according to the word of the Lord) had reſted a long time, even until this ſame laſt time,(e)(e)Dan. 12. ſtood up and appeared and came un­to me, in his part and office, for to keep and execute the judgement againſt the abominations of deſola­tion which were grown up on the earth. And the Propheſies which (ac­cording to the word of the Lord) had remained(f)(f)Da. 12. b. ſealed to all unto this laſt time, were opened, and their myſteries revealed in clearneſs.

5. And through this Revelation and opening or declaring of the Pro­pheſies, I was greatly afraid. For in­aſmuch as I ſaw no righteouſneſs of God to have the upper hand upon the earth. But that the iniquity, did(g)(g)4 Eſd. 14, 15. a. Math. 24. lord or bear rule generally, and13 Reigned on the earth, therefore was greatly perplexed, and altogether feeble and comfortleſs in my ſelf, fearing leaſt that I ſhould periſh with all the ungodly of the wicked world, for the manifold iniquities cauſe, which I beheld ſo to abound over the whole earth.

6. For through the opening of the Propheſies that were ſealed too, there was revealed unto me, that all thoſe that dwelt upon earth, were departed away or eſtranged(h)(h)Pſa. 14. a Rom. 3. b. from the living God and his truth. And moreover before the(i)(i)Iſa. 29. b. opening of the Propheſies that were ſealed up, no man upon earth, how prudent or wiſe ſoever he was, had any under­ſtanding in God, nor yet had learn­ed or underſtood any of Gods holy knowledge.

7. This ſame ſeemed before me very terrible, yea even to be a very hor­rible thing to look into, becauſe that the miſunderſtanding, or the igno­rance touching the Being of God, and the ungodlyneſs had ſo multi­plyed14 it ſelf upon earth; therefore was I very exceedingly afraid, and became marvellous faint-hearted and ſtrengthleſs; And I continued la­menting greatly over the ſame, and grew likewiſe altogether comfortleſs in my ſelf.

8. Now in the time while I was grown thus utterly void of comfort in my lamentation that I made, be­cauſe of the great wrong that I ſaw upon the earth, ſo did there appear in my ſight(k)(k)Dan. 8, 9, 10. the Angel Gabriel, and he came unto me, but he con­tinued not with me ſtill in my ſight.

9. But ſo long as he was with me, and that I beheld him, I was com­forted by him; but when he departed from me, and that I ſaw him not, then had I no reſt, peace, or comfort in my ſoul: Alſo no people on earth could comfort me, ſaving only Gabriel.

10. For when he came unto me and talked with me, I was of good chear. And if Gabriel had not ſtrengthened or comforted me, then15 could I not have remained alive. For there was ſhewed unto me, both fear­ful and wonderful things: the like whereof I had never ſeen or heard before.

11. For the dead aroſe out of(l)(l)Eze. 37. Math. 27. the grave, and lived. And the ungod­ly made manifeſt their own condem­nation through their unrighteouſneſs wherein they had lived unrighteouſ­ly, and they deſcended into the(m)(m)Apo. 9. a 20. b. bottomleſs pit to their condemnation for evermore.

12. I beheld the miſery of the un­godly, but I could have no compaſ­ſion to the extending of any re­morſe or pitty towards them,(n)(n)Apo. 18. c but rather rejoyced me for their in­felicity and condemnations cauſe. For they were well worthy(o)(o)Ap 16 a of the ſame, becauſe of their wicked­neſs.

13. I alſo rejoyced me greatly(p)(p)1 Cor. 15. c. Apo. 20. a. in the Reſurrection of the righteous, becauſe I ſaw they roſe up ſo glori­ouſly from death, and went into the everlaſting life: And for that their16 domination was with God and the Lamb; for I ſaw that they were both worthy of that, and likewiſe to Reign upon the earth.

14. With theſe Righteous ones, after that they were riſen, have I ſpo­ken, and eaten and drunk with them;(r)(r)Dan. 12. b Sapl. 3. a. Math. 13. c. their bodies gliſtred like the clearneſs of the Sun: And they have ſpoken ſecret things with me, name­ly of the myſticalneſs of God, of the Kingdom of heaven, of the true reſurrection of the Godly men, of their joy in the everlaſting life: And of the purging of the earth in the judgement of the dreadful Almighty God which cometh over all ungodly(s)(s)Jude 1. Being or nature.

15. The which Almighty God hath more made up him ſelf, and coming over the earth, he cometh(t)(t)Mal 3. a. with righteouſneſs (like as the ſame God hath ſpoken thereof by his ſervants the Prophets in times paſt) for to ſave his people, to the end that thoſe which are worthy of the Life, might live for evermore, and ſo may reign17 everlaſtingly upon(u)(u)Apoc. 5.16, 18, 19, 20. the earth in all love: Alſo for to damn thoſe in the everlaſting death which are not his people: who for their wicked­neſs cauſe are worthy of damnation and of death; To the end they may no longer reign upon the earth, with their unrighteouſneſs: But that they might be baniſhed or put away from the earth, and damned and bu­ried in the hell, and that the bot­tomleſs Pit may even ſo with them be ſhut up, and their condemnation to endure for ever and ever.


The third Chapter.

WHen as I now beheld, ſuch a ca­lamity of the deadly or dam­nable eſtate, hanging over the chil­dren of men for their ſins cauſe: and that ſuch a dreadful judgement(a)(a)Heb. 10. c of the Fires vehement cruelty, was coming unto them, to a ſuppreſſion of the enemies of God: And that ſuch an unfortunate ſtate of miſery (the which the Lord hath alſo let me ſee, taſte and feel) hung over their heads; Then was I ſore grieved and afflicted in my heart, in ſuch ſort that I became exceedingly diſmayed or uncaſed, and could well have vouchſafed, that there had been no man upon the earth, becauſe of the wo and grief which I ſaw coming over them for their ſins cauſe.

2. But that which did moſt of all19 grieve my heart, was this, that I per­ceived that all thoſe that were born upon earth out of blood, are out of their earthly birth, inclined to(b)(b)Gen. 6.8. d. Pſal. 51 a. nothing elſe but iniquity: and with their unrighteouſneſs are minded to deſtruction. That their laſt is bent to nothing elſe but unto error; that they alſo are utterly ignorant in all Godly things: and that they there­fore (if they become not in their underſtanding recovered, through the Love and her ſervice, or renewed(c)(c)Ioh. 3. a Rom. 12. c Eph. 4. c. or born again in their Spirit) can­not eſcape the ſevere Judgement of God.

3. When I thus beheld the ſame according to the truth, that it was ſo utterly unknown unto all people of the earth, and that they did every one follow after the ſelf wiſdom of the fleſh to their condemnation, then was I much more grieved in my mind, and I bowed down my ſelf be­fore the Majeſtie of God who is in heaven and ſaid;

4. O Lord God of heaven, Thou20 that art a God of the living, full of Grace and all goodneſs, and haſt(d)(d)Sapi. 1. b. created all, whatſoever is any thing, becauſe it ſhould be, and that it might go well with the ſame: See­ing now thou haſt made up thy ſelf for to judge the(e)(e)Act. 17 d circuit of the earth with righteouſneſs; ſo be there­fore gracious I beſeech thee, to(f)(f)Iob 14. b. Pſal. 138. a. the work of thine own hands, to the end there may now in the laſt time, ſome ſouls remain over upon the earth, and that(g)(g)Iſa. 10. c. Rom 9. c. the remnant O God might be ſaved

5. Shew O God, thy mercie upon us, through thy bountiful Love Re­member alſo that we all of us, out of our earthly births are(h)(h)Pſa. 14. a. Rom. 3. b. an igno­rant people, void of underſtanding, and by nature are clean contrary-minded unto thy wiſdom, and de­clining therefrom: And have no luſt or affection towards thy infor­mation, nor any pleaſure in the word of thy ſervants, which preſent or hold forth thy ſalvation unto us, un­der the obedience of thy Love, but21 we do all out of our earthly birth ſtand affected towards our ſelves, and do moſt gladly give ear to our ſelves and our own wiſdom of the fleſh, which floweth of our ſelf min­ded and fleſhly heart.

6. That is verily the ſin and the rebelliouſneſs or reſiſtance commit­ted againſt thee O God, by all ſpirits of unregenerated men, and the con­traryneſs againſt thee of all ſelf­wiſe and good-thinking Scripture-learned ones.

7. Therefore O God rebuke and nurture us with thy Law or Ordi­nance, and with the Doctrine of thy Commandments, and humble our hearts to the obeying of thy holy gracious Word and ſervice of Love, that we may be reformed of our wicked or contrary nature, and be­come underſtanding accoding to the Law or Doctrine of thy Com­mandments whereby we may O God accompliſh thy will.

8. Rebuke(i)(i)Pſal 6.38. a. Ier. 10. c. us not in thy wrath, and chaſten us not in thy diſ­pleaſure:22 but ſhake out the ſame over the ungodly, which are al­wayes O God againſt thee, and like or allow not of thee.

9. Deſtroy us not ſo utterly all alike, that the the great horror of deſolation come not over us all to our deſtruction, but that there may yet a remnant find Grace be­fore thee; And that they (even like as in the former time(k)(k)Gen. 6, 7, 8. of Noah) may now alſo in theſe laſt perilous times, remain preſer­ved.


The fourth Chapter.

BEhold the whileſt I ſtill lamented on this faſhion, the Angel Ga­briel appeared unto me again, whom I had in my ſight before, and he ſtrengthened my mind: For I was grown almoſt paſt recoverie, by rea­ſon of my feebleneſs and faintheart­edneſs.

2. Then when my heart was a little refreſhed, then was it ſaid unto me: Ariſe, and be of good chear; for thou haſt found grace before God the moſt highſt, to declare his ſalva­tion to the children of men, and alſo for to witneſs under the obedience of the Love,(a)(a)4 Glaſ. 33. unto the people upon the earth, the true God-ſervice which God regardeth, to the end that all thoſe which believe on the Love,24 and ſubmit themſelves thereunder, may be ſaved, and that thoſe like­wiſe which refuſe the ſame, alſo with­ſtand the Love, and allow not of her ſervice, may juſtly receive their judge­ment unto condemnation.

3. Therefore turn now thy face again to the true remnant, namely to the Love, which is the moſt holy, which is kept and remained over, in heaven for an everlaſting reconcile­ment, touching the ſins of thoſe peo­ple which convert and ſubmit them under the Love: The true moſt ho­ly, through which moſt holy of the living Tabernacle of God, (namely, in his ſervice miniſtred under the obe­dience of Love) the holy and the fore-front ſhall(b)(b)Dan. 8. b be conſecrated and cleanſed again, the daily offering in the holy erected,(c)(c)Iſa 44.60, 61, 62, 65, 66. Ier. 33.30, 31, 33. Bar. 5. Eze. 36.37. Jeruſalem builded and Sion comforted.

4. The whole Iſrael ſhall likewiſe find Grace before the Lord, and obtain the ſalvation alſo come again to his Land of inheritance and reſt, and the ſalvation ſhall be made manifeſt25 unto all people; To the end that the whole world might not be accurſed, like as Sodom and Gomorah;(d)(d)Iſ. 1.10. c Rom. 9. c. but that there might yet a remnant be ſaved, and remain preſerved, even as the Lord hath ſpoken in times paſt.

5. When as now I had underſtood theſe things, I rejoyced me greatly, and my heart became glad, through the bountiful and entire love of God the Father, touching his great grace and mercie, to be ſhewed in the laſt time. Becauſe his rebuke and cha­ſtiſement endureth(e)(e)Pſal. 30. a Iſa. 54. a. 4 Mic. 7. b but for a ſea­ſon, which cometh to an end: And for that his love, grace and mercy continueth for ever. And in that(f)(f)Deut. 4. d he forgetteth not his Covenant which(g)(g)Ge. 12.13 17.22, 26. he hath made with Abra­ham, Iſaac and Iacob, for to gather, and to ſet up through his Love, his choſen people, Iſrael like as in times paſt, he hath promiſed and aſſured unto their Fathers, by(h)(h)Luk. 1. g the mouth of his holy Prophets.

6. With that I turned my face26 again to the moſt holy, and behold that ſame remained undefiled and was not(i)(i)Ier. 17. b, Lam. 5. b brought in deſolation. For Iſraels God who is a God of life, had hidden the ſame in heaven. And the heathen or uncircumciſed, which are captivated with manifold ignorances and errors, have not been therein at all; for(k)(k)Iſa. 52. a Eze. 44. a no uncircum­ciſed one can come or enter into the ſame ſanctuary, nor behold his beau­ty, but it is reſerved and kept in ſtore for the Lords people Iſrael.

7. Yea the ſame coſtly Treaſures, the Riches of God, the moſt precious and moſt pure beauty hath God kept for Iſrael, to their ſalvation and(l)(l)Iſa 60, 61. Ier. 31, 33. Eze. 36, 37. joy in the laſt times, to the end to re­veal the ſalvation of life,(m)(m)Act. 12, a out of the heavenly being or eſſential e­ſtate.

8. In which moſt holy there are likewiſe remained over all the pre­cious riches of God the Father, the unſpeakable Treaſure, which far ſur­mounteth all manner of garniſhing of beauty, namely(n)(n)Exo 25. c Rom. 3. c Heb. 5 a the mercy27 ſeat prepared with the fine Gold; (which Seat continueth ſtanding for ever unmoveable) moreover the(o)(o)Ex. 25, 26. Apo. 12 a. Ark of witneſs, wherein the Law of the Lord lieth, even as he(p)(p)Deut. 9. b. hath written the ſame with his own Fin­ger, (which continueth for ever un­broken, unchangeable) And the(q)(q)Ex. 16. a Pſal. 68. Sapi 16. c Ioh. 6. d. heavenly bread of life, even as God himſelf hath given the ſame from heaven unto his people to a ſatisfying their hunger, the which doth not con­ſume or waſt away, but remaineth ever uncorruptible for evermore, for a witneſs unto poſterities that their fore-fathers were fed out of heaven with the ſame bread: There are yet in the ſame moſt holy, the manifold coſtly veſſels, of the moſt holy riches, every one of the moſt fine Gold. All theſe were ſtill remained over, in their perfect beauty, and not one of them was polluted or defiled.

9. But this ſumptuous garniſhing and all theſe riches of the Godly heavenly beauty, have been hidden a long time, for the wickedneſs cauſe28 of the uncircumciſed, and they muſt alſo (inaſmuch as the iniquity grew on, even till(r)(r)4 Eſd. 5, a 14. b. 15. a. Math. 24. b ſhe was come to her full height, and had gotten the upper hand) neceſſarily remain hidden, becauſe they ſhould in the more beautious and glorious manner come to light and be revealed again, in the laſt time, namely when the iniquity of the uncircumciſed is even to her utter ending approached or come neer at hand.

10. Which iniquity ſhall now fall and periſh, through the revealing of theſe heavenly beauties; for God will with his Arm or ſtrength, and with the Arm of his Saints, and with all his ſumptuous garniſh, get the upper hand.

11. Wherewith he alſo ſheweth the juſt judgement of his Juſtice or righteouſneſs. For(s)(s)Ier. 30. the ungodly ſhall no more bear the dominion. And all whatſoever ſubmitteth not it ſelf under the Love, nor ſtandeth ſer­viceable thereunto, ſhall be rooted out, that they corrupt none, or29 marr the earrh, any more.

12. But the Love ſhall flouriſh(t)(t)1 Cor. 15 everlaſtingly in her ſervice, be­cauſe that the Lords people Iſrael, which he himſelf hath choſen for his(u)(u)Deut. 4. c 32. a Iſa. 19. c Ier. 51. c. own heritage, as likewiſe all good willing ones, which ſtand ſubmitted under the obedience of the Love, may be comforted: and ſo may be­hold everlaſtingly, the goodneſs or loving kindneſs of God his Father ex­tended through his love: which boun­tiful goodneſs, the God of life hath foreſeen to accompliſh upon his peo­ple, even as he in times paſt hath ſpo­ken the ſame by Moſes his ſervant, and by the mouth of his holy Pro­phets.


The fifth Chapter.

ALthough now that the Levites, the Prieſts, the Prophets or Preachers, and alſo the people are all fallen or eſtranged from the true God-ſervice, and that the daily offe­ring hath ceaſed for a long time, and the holy of the Tabernacle of God layn utterly waſte, with abominati­ons of deſolation, yet(a)(a)Ier 17. b Lam. 5 b is the moſt holy notwithſtanding remained over pure and unſpotted, and the high Prieſt(b)(b)Heb. 5 b 7. b 8 a 9 c which continueth a Prieſt for ever, is alſo found faith­ful and true, for he hath ſtill remain­ed ſtedfaſt, in his mercy ſeat in the moſt holy.

2. They are all ſhrunk away(c)(c)Pſa. 14. a 53. a. Rom. 3. b. and changed themſelves, there is not one remained ſtanding, or righteous, but31 are all turned away, either to the right or to the left ſide, and many by reaſon of their ignorance, have born the ſtrange yoakes of the beautified God ſervices.

3. But this everlaſting Prieſt re­maineth ſtedfaſt like a ſtony Rock, whoſe feat endureth from(d)(d)Pſa. 45. a Heb. 1. a. ever­laſting to everlaſting, as a perpetual Saviour, to an eternal curing or re­concilement, for the ſins of his peo­ple; for his God hath annointed him to be an high Prieſt and a true Me­diator betwixt God and man, and to(e)(e)He. 7.8. a 9. a. b. c. be an everlaſting Miniſter, of the ſpiritual and heavenly goodneſs, to the end he might ſave the poor and miſerable man, who through ſins or offences lieth be wrapped in the death, and to make him alive through him: and to ſet him up again(f)(f)Rom 8. b out of the death.

4. In which ſpiritual and heavenly ſervice, miniſtred under the obedi­ence of the Love, the holy becometh conſecrated again by the ſame high Prieſt, namely(g)(g)1 Pet. 1••Heb. 9 b. the ſprinkling of32 his own blood for an everlaſting Te­ſtament, and ſo it is all waſhed and ſanctified or cleanſed through his blood.

5, That verily is the Goſpel of the Kingdom of God and Chriſt, and the New Teſtament,(h)(h)Mar. 16. b Apo. 14. a. that ſame was alſo publiſhed in times paſt, for an everlaſting forgiveneſs of ſins un­to all thoſe that believe thereon.

6. Behold this high Prieſt is the life everlaſting, which was with the Father of life in the beginning, and is revealed unto us in the heaven, (namely in the boſom of his Father) and we(i)(i)Ioh. 1. b. do behold his glory, even a glory as the only born Son of the Father, full of grace and truth.

7. We do witneſs alſo, that he is the true Meſſiah, or Chriſt, which was preached in the World in times paſt, and likewiſe publiſhed of him in his coming,(k)(k)Iſa. 9 a. Luk. 1. d. that he ſhould be a King or Prince over the houſe of Jacob for ever: of whoſe King­dom alſo there ſhall be no end.

8. He is a Saviour to all people that33 believe on him: And the(l)(l)Act. 4.10. c. ſalva­tion is, or cometh only by him, and by none other, neither in heaven, nor yet upon the earth; for he is(m)(m)Rom. 8 10. Iſa. 13. a. b. 1 Pet. 2. c. the end or the accompliſhment of the Law, upon whom all the Prophets of God have witneſſed from the be­ginning of the world, and he com­eth in glory like as is written of him.

9. He it is(n)(n)Iſ. 13. a. b 1 Per. 2. c. which ſuffereth for our ſins cauſe in the holy, and bear­eth our ſins, and ſo hath like(o)(o)Ioh. 10. b a faithful Shepherd, given over him­ſelf in the ſame holy to be an offer­ing for the ſin, whereby(p)(p)1 Pe. 4. a to draw and arm us to the ſame mind, and ſo we to offer up our ſins through the daily offering in the holy, and to burn the ſame upon his holy Altar; The which is his croſs or patience in the holy.

10. So even thus doth Chriſt through himſelf (namely through(q)(q)Rom. 9. a Eph. 2. a. Col. 1 c. 2. b. the incorporating us into his death of the Croſs) prepare the life and peace for us, making us free, and34 waſhing(r)(r)Heb. 10. c. us from the evil conſci­ence. And ſo we obtain through him in that manner, a free entrance into the holy, for to accompliſh the God-ſervice in the holy, & to inherit the abundant riches of God the Fa­ther, and the everlaſting life: The which cometh unto us plentifully, and appeareth in cleerneſs, if that we for our parts, do(t)(t)Mat. 16. c Luk. 9.14. c daily take up our Croſs with Chriſt, follow after him in the holy, and ſo become(u)(u)Rom. 6 a bap­tized in his death,Rom. 4.5.8. a. to be an offering for the ſin, whereby to be(x)(x)Col. 2. b. juſtifi­ed from the ſin, through Faith, & that meerly by Grace, & not by Works.

11. Behold ſuch a manner of offe­ring, and daily God-ſervice in the holy, is no doubt very convenient for us to uſe and perform. For ſo then, namely in the performance of the daily offering or God-ſervice in the holy, there appeareth or cometh to us in the ſpirit, the ſpiritual high Prieſt or Chriſt, according to the Spirit, who is not of this earth, nei­ther of fleſh and blood, but of the35 heavenly God-head; & the ſame high(y)(y)Heb. 7, 8, 9, 10. Prieſt, is alſo very needful for us, becauſe he is faithful, and remaineth for ever.

12. Whoſe ſervice or high Prieſts office, is not outward according to the manner of the foregoing ſervice of the Elders, adminiſtred among the unregenerate or unrenwed men, as in the letter, and with the letter, or with ſpeakable words, but his ſervice cometh to paſs in the new birth of the inward ſpiritual and heavenly man.(z)(z)Heb. 7, 8, 9, 10. with the miniſtration of the ſpiritual and heavenly goods, accor­ding to the ſpiritual and heavenly Prieſt-office,

13. And to that end, (namely to bring men to the new birth of the inward ſpiritual heavenly man) have the outward miniſtrations of the El­ders, the foregoing with the man,(a)(a)Gal 3. c. 4, 5 a under the which, he to the training up of him in all good nurture and or­der, is kept and taught, even unto the new birth in Jeſus Chriſt: through the which, he doth then likewiſe live,36 and walk in(b)(b)Luk. 1. g. all upright righte­ouſneſs, both inwardly before God, and outwardly among men: and to ſuch an upright(c)(c)Ioh. 3. a. Titus 3. b. birth, or the out­ward ſervices or adminiſtrations of the Godly teſtimonies of the holy Spirit of Love, a foregoing office, or(d)(d)2 Co. 3. a light unto the man, which wit­neſſeth, declareth and holdeth forth the godlineſs unto him as in a Glaſs. And ſo then the man, if he believe the requiring of the fore-going ſer­vice, and deſire to ſtand obedient thereunto, becometh prepared there­by to the ſame godlineſs, and taught to the Kingdom of heaven. And that is the ſame miniſtration, which(e)(e)Gal 3 c 4. a. Heb. 7. b. reacheth to the ſpiritual and true be­ing in Jeſus Chriſt. And it is the up­right Prieſts office, of the Elders of the holy underſtanding, which in its office or ſervice, hath the foregoing to the(f)(f)Ioh. 3. a. 1 Cor. 4. b. Gal. 4. b. new birth in Jeſus Chriſt, as is already ſaid; which ſervices are all witneſſes and directions, unto the very true and ſpiritual office in the Spirit: And although the ſame ſer­vices,37 being miniſtred in the letter, and through the letter or ſerviceable word, do bring(g)(g)2 Co. 3. b a great illumi­nation, and clearneſs, unto the unil­luminated ones, yet are thoſe ſame for all that no more but a ſerviceable ſhaddow, proceeding from the ſpiri­tual and heavenly ſervice of the great glory and cleerneſs of Chriſt, in the inward being and form.

14. For Chriſt according to the Spirit hath(h)(h)Heb. 3.8.9. a. an higher function, or office, or a more excellent ſervice, and a greater lighor clearneſs, then hath all fleſh and blood, writing, letters, or ſpeakable words. For he is a Miniſter, or an high Prieſt in the Spirit,(i)(i)Heb. 8 a. 9. a. b. c. as a Miniſter of the ſpiri­tual and heavenly goods, as is before ſaid. For he himſelf is the(k)(k)Heb 1. a. right heir, in all the riches of God his eter­nal and Almighty Father.

15. Behold this high Prieſt is ſpirit and life, the true(l)(l)Iſa. 9. a King and a faith­ful Lord, a peaceable prince: And not this or that without us: But he(m)(m)Act. 17. c is in us all which believe on him ac­cording38 to the truth: And we all which abide ſtedfaſt in the faith, have the life through him, who is neither unfaithful, nor falling away like unto a man. For he doth not ſhrink nor fall away either from us, or from his Father, but through the Love(n)(n)Mat. 28. c Ioh. 14 b. continueth with us, and with his Father for ever.

16. Alſo he is not changeable, in his office or miniſtration, like as are the children of men: who do one while ſetup one thing for an obedience, or for a God-ſervice, and that altoge­ther without the ſervice of Chriſt and his Love; and then again ſome other thing, which directeth not to the true life of Chriſt, nor unto the upright being of his Love.

17. But his ſervice, will, and com­mandement, is both now preſently, and at all times, like as it was in the beginning, and it ſhall ſo remain un­changeable for evermore. For his Commandment, Will, and Precept, is(o)(o)Da. 6.10 Math 22. d Ioh 15 b. 1 Tim. 1. a nothing elſe but the love and the life of godlineſs: And that39 is the old commandment from the beginning:(p)(p)Ioh. 2. a And it is the new commandment, as being for to come, or for to be made manifeſt in this ſame laſt time, in the obedience of the requiring of the ſervice of Love.

18. Therefore ſeeing now that this high Prieſt, which is inviſible, but yet is known in the ſpirit, hath ſuch an unchangeable commandment or ſervice among us, in the miniſtra­tion of the ſervice of his Love: So ſtandeth he likewiſe firm and im­movable towards us in the ſame ſer­vice, to an everlaſting reconcile­ment for our ſins, as a true(q)(q)1 Tim. 2 a Heb. 9. b mediator betwixt God and us.

19. He himſelf alſo is partaker with us in ſuffering, touching(r)(r)Heb. 2. b 5. a. our griefs, and purg­eth us in his ſervice of Love, through himſelf, and through none other, or any other ſer­vices.

4020. Therefore hath God like­wiſe ſworn unto him,(s)(s)Pſa. 100. Heb. 7. c. and it ſhall not repent him) that he ſhall continue a Prieſt for ever. They(t)(t)Pſa. 102. Iſa. 51. a. Heb. 1. b ſhall all become old, and become changed like a gar­ment. But(u)(u)Pſal. 45 Heb. 1. a. his ſeat (as is a­foreſaid) endureth and continu­eth from everlaſting to everlaſting: it is very true.


The ſixth Chapter.

FOraſmuch now as that that God which dwelleth in the heavens, is through his bountiful Love, a re­vealing of the holy things unto us, out of an heavenly revelation in his ſervice of Love; therefore have we the more aſſured confidence on the ſame ſervice of Love: which very true ſervice is now in the laſt time come unto us for to miniſter, to a bleſſing and ſalvation of thoſe men, which are good of will, to the end that they ſhould all aſſemble them thereto. For the love in her ſervice, is the(a)(a)Mat. 24. Luk. 17. d. bait or prey whereunto the Eagles ſhall reſort and aſſemble, and that to a unity in one band of the Love.

2. For it ſhall now, whatſoever in42 the Love loveth the peace and the righteouſneſs, aſſemble or come to the ſervice of the Love, and concor­dably incline them unto the ſame; for it is unpoſſible that it ſhould bide back: but that in thoſe dayes it ſhall all (namely, all whatſoever loveth righteouſneſs, and hath intended peace and love) joyn it ſelf to one, and not refuſe to have or uſe the unity in the Love with us.

3. Seeing that all my longing ſtan­deth towards the ſame, therefore hath my heart ſeldom any reſt, by reaſon of my longing towards the ſame and for that the godly Baite (namely the right and true ſervice of Love) might have his miniſtration and declaring everywhere, whereby all Eagles, which hunger and thiriſt thereafter, might aſſemble them thereto. For thereunto doubtleſs, ſhall all thoſe which love or ſtand affected unto righteouſneſs, become aſſembled and comprehended, or knit in one Band of the Love with us.

4. They ſhall alſo give themſelves43 thereunto good-willingly, if they do but hear of ſuch an aſſembling, and unity in the Love, and that ſee into, know and Credit the ſame, let them be whereſoever they are, or whoſoever they be, whether the Jews, Chriſtians or Mahometans, heathen or of what generations, nations, ſects, factions, or religions ſoever they be; they ſhall all mutually, for the righteouſneſs and peaces cauſe, ſubmit themſelves with us under the Love. Becauſe that they might every one be incorporated to the upright(b)(b)Ro. 11. b ſtock of life, to the laud and(c)(c)Eph. 1. b. praiſe of the glory of the living God.

5 Which glory of God, God hath pre­pared for himſelf now in the laſt time in the ſervice of his love, to the ſpreading abroad of his great name,(d)(d)Mal. 1. b for that his holy name may be known and magnified univerſal­ly.

6. Before, or in the preſence of which ſervice of Love,(e)(e)Pſal. 31. b all blaſ­phemous tongues muſt become dumb, all wickedneſs grow aſhamed,44 and all pride ſubmit it ſelf, to the end that all that feareth God, loveth his Promiſes and hopeth thereon, may allow of or conſent unto the office or ſervice of Love, and aſſemble them to the Concord of our com­monalty.

7. For the ſervice of love only ſhall flouriſh, under the which like­wiſe all underſtanding ſhall to an obeying of the requiring of the ſaid ſervice of Love, give it ſelf(f)(f)2 Cor. 10. a. cap­tive to an unity of peace, and to an incorporating unto the vertues in all Love.

8. Through which diſcerning, of the upright and true ſe vice, and of the aſſembling of the upright hearts to the ſame, I have figured forth, or witneſſed with theſe preſent writings and teſtimonies, the true Tabernacle of God, and his ſervices miniſtred under the obedience of the Love of Jeſus Chriſt, according to the life, (even as the ſame is by Gods grace revealed unto me) becauſe that we might all of us, according to the ſpi­rit45 come to that(g)(g)Rom. 12. a one manner of God-ſervice of(h)(h)Luk. 1. g. upright righte­ouſneſs, which Godegardeth: alſo that all people which according to the ſpirit are(i)(i)Eph. 2 4. ſtrangers and igno­rant touching the true God and his ſervice, might look into the ſame, al­ſo come to(k)(k)1 Tim. 2 a. the knowledge of the truth, and be converted to the Love and her ſervice, whereby to walk in all love,(l)(l)Eph. 4. a. as children of peace, and as peaceable brethren.

9. But not in miſnurter and diſ­orderlineſs, according to the manner of the uncircumciſed heathen, nor in contention through ſelf-wiſdom, or Scripture-learnedneſs, nor yet in diſputing concerning the circumciſi­on or baptiſm, but in all diſcreetneſs and orderlyneſs of the upright life, according to the true circumciſion,(n)(n)Ier. 4 a Rom. 2. c Phil 3. a Col. 2. b. which cometh to paſs in the heart (the which is in laying away of the ſin in the fleſh) and according to the true baptiſm of the(o)(o)Math. 3. b Rom. 6. a Col. 2. b. holy Ghoſt, which cometh to paſs in the ſpirit, in a new life, of the true46 minde, full of all Love.

10. Therefore reſpect now well the upright Judgement in your hearts. For all hearts ſhall now in this laſt time(p)(p)Luk. 2. d become mani­feſt.

11. There ſhall alſo be found but one manner of heathen-ſhip, foreskin or uncircumciſion. And all hearts of the heathen or uncircum­ciſed, being without Jeruſalem, and Gods ſanctuary, and without the commonalty of Iſrael, or of Chriſt, (let them then hold what God-ſer­vices they will) ſhall through the foreskin of the ſinful fleſh, appear manifeſtly to be uncircumciſed, and to ſtand captivated with the diſobe­dient knowledge(q)(q)Iſa. 52. a Eze. 44 b. Of ſuch uncir­cumciſed ones there ſhall not one come into the ſanctuary.

12. In like manner, there ſhall al­ſo be found but one manner of cir­cumciſion, Baptiſm,(r)(r)Iſa. 56. a Eze. 37. c. Ioh. 10. b and houſe of Iſrael or Chriſt; and all the Saints or holy ones of God, that are of the houſe of Iſrael or Chriſt, ſhall walk47 under the obedience of the Love, and have their fellowſhip with us within Jeruſalem, the(s)(s)Apo. 21. a holy City of God from heaven.

13. And the ſame likewiſe ſhall be one manner of Tabernacle of God, or houſe of the Lord, where­in Gods light,(t)(t)Apo. 21. c Iſa. 60. yea he himſelf ſhineth as a light and cleerneſs unto his people Iſrael, becauſe that they all may even free without anguiſh, and without fear walk peaceably in his light.

14. From whoſe hearts(u)(u)Iſa. 25 a 2 Cor. 3 b the fore­skin of the ſinful fleſh, and of the diſobedient darkneſſes ſhall be put a­way; for the light that ariſeth over Jeruſalem, according to the promiſes,(x)(x)Iſ. 60 a. c ſhall ſhine about them all. Whereunto likewiſe all people that have a luſt to Iſraels God, and to his Law, ſtatutes and rights,(y)(y)Iſa. 2. a 11. b. 13. c. Mich. 4. a Zach. 8 c. ſhall be aſſembled, and offer or bring unto the glorious God in his holy Taber­nacle, oblations and gifts,(z)(z)Iſ 5, 6. a Ier. 33. c Eze. 20 a Mal. 1 b. 3. c. Rom 12. a which are acceptable unto him, according to the ſame manner, like as in times48 paſt, God hath ſhewed and comman­ded the ſame unto Moſes his ſervant.

15. Which holy Tabernacle of God with his fore-front, holy, and moſt holy, together with his God-ſervices, of the Levitical Prieſts and ſacrifices, and the ſervice of the high Prieſts office, God hath in times paſt, ſet forth figuratively unto the people of Iſrael by(a)(a)Ex. 25, 26, 27 35, 40. the ſervice of Moſes and Aaron, or figured forth the ſame as ſhadows of the true being or ſubſtance of the ſpiritual or hea­venly goods, which were revealed or ſhewed unto Moſes, to the end(b)(b)Exo. 19, 20 a. Deut. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Pſal. 50. b. Jer. 7. c. Zach. 7. a. b. that they ſhould never more forget the being of the ſame, but continual­ly remember it, and in the obedience of the commandments and ordinan­ces of the Lord, ſhould wax zealous, and proceed on after the ſame.


The ſeventh Chapter.

BUT when the people of Iſrael did cleave or incline with their hearts wholly to the Figures, Images or ſhadows, and accepted and uſed the ſame for the upright God-ſervice it ſelf, in ſuch ſort as though God required the Images or ſha­dows, and that they were not chiefly and above all inclined to the upright being of Chriſt it ſelf, which yet not­withſtanding God requireth thereby (wherein alſo the Figures, Images and Shadows do point) therefore hath God liked or allowed of none of their ſervices,(a)(a)Pſal 50, 51. b. Iſa. 1. b. 59. c. 66. a. Ier. 6.7. c. Mic. 6. a Zach. 7. a Mal. 1. a neither have they likewiſe pleaſed him, but have rather been unto him a loathſomneſs, and an utter miſliking.

2. Therefore hath God alſo had50 no luſt or pleaſure unto ſuch people, becauſe they ſerved the Images and Figures, and not their Lord their God only according to the truth, like as it ſtandeth commanded in the Law of the Lord, and is required by the Figures.

3. Which abuſe towards the Images and Shadows, God hath oftentimes rebuked, and witneſſed unto them by the mouth of his holy Prophets,(b)(b)Eze. 14. a Zac. 14. a that they ſhould turn them unto the Lord their God, from thoſe ſame Images, and thoſe their abominations, whom they ſerved with the delight of their hearts, againſt the requiring of the Law.

4. Even thus hath God many times, by his ſervants the Prophets, required the fruits of the Law, and the outward form and obſervation thereof, which many could not diſtinct or divide aſunder.

5. But ſeeing they were bewitch­ed with the Images and Figures, and blinded by them, through their igno­rance (which blindneſs was the un­circumciſion51 of the heart) ſo have they by that occaſion looked into, or eſteemed the ſervices of the Images or Figures to be Gods requiring, or to be the true God-ſervice it ſelf, and have accounted Gods Prophets, that pointed upon the very truth, or ve­rity it ſelf which was required, to(c)(c)3 Ki. 22. c Ier. 8. a. 20: a 26. b. 32. a be falſe, and many times have put them(d)(d)2 Par. 29. c. Math. 23. d to death.

6. Although they ſuppoſed them­ſelves now to be Gods ſervants, or to uſe and maintain the true God-ſer­vice: yet were they notwithſtanding in that their falſe uſe, the very right Idol-ſervices, obſerving the God-ſer­vices falſly.

7. Even ſo goeth it likewiſe with all thoſe which look into, or eſteem the outward God-ſervices, or the outward obedience, for the true being or real ſubſtance it ſelf, alſo do ad­minſter the ſame in that manner, and ſo go on therewith, and do not through thoſe ſame, or by their means turn them in the Spirit unto Almighty God.

528. Seeing now that the God of life doth not require the Images, Shadows, or Figures by the Law, but that which is the living, being or ſubſtance it ſelf; therefore hath he alſo at the laſt, out of the grace of his Love, which continueth for ever, revealed(e)(e)Act 2. a the true being through his Chriſt, unto his people Iſrael, like as the ſame was required by the Law, and by the Images, Figures, and Shadows, ſhewing cleerly and plain­ly thereby what is his will, even as he had in times paſt, through the ſervi­ces and his Prophets both required it, and alſo as being to come, promi­ſed the ſame. In which time of the heavenly Revelation, and of the ſpi­ritual birth or generation of God, according to the Spirit, many in Iſ­rael rejoyced them.

9. Seeing now, that the reſurre­ction of the dead was come to the houſe of Iſrael, as that God raiſ­ed up unto them his Chriſt,(f)(f)Act. 2 d. 3. b 10. c. 13. d 1 Cor. 15. as the firſtling riſen from death, there­fore did many in thoſe dayes hope53 upon the comfort of Iſrael, or(g)(g)Act. 1. their reſtoring and ſetting up, even as God had fore-ſpoken the ſame by his Prophet(h)(h)Ezek. 37. Ezekiel.

10. But the God of their Fa­thers, who forſaketh not his peo­ple Iſrael, neither forgetteth the ſame Covenant that(i)(i)Deut. 4. Luk. 1. g. he made with their Fathers, hath preſerved or kept in his own ſecretneſs the time of his wonderful Works, and the mercy towards the dead of the houſe of Iſrael.

11. For in thoſe dayes many in Iſrael underſtood not the won­derful Works of God, nor yet the Grace towards ſalvation, that was opened or come unto them; But they became blinded, or e­ſtranged from the ſame and knew or underſtood not in what man­ner the reſtoring or ſetting up of Iſrael was to come to paſs; For God had ſtayed or reſerved the ſame reſtoring, becauſe he would in the laſt time, through54 the ſame, make(k)(k)Mal. 1. a his holy name known, glorious, and re­nowned among all the heathen, or people, according to the Pro­miſes, and ſo to(l)(l)Iſa. 11. b Luk. 2. d reveal to his people Iſrael his Love, the Banner of true Righteouſneſs.


The eighth Chapter.

FOR which cauſe ſake, the grace of ſalvation, which was opened or come unto them from out of God, and the(a)(a)Ioh. 1. a 1 Ioh. 1. a light and life, which was the Father, and which was re­vealed in Iſrael for a Chriſt of God, was publiſhed, or preached unto all people, for a witneſs of the reſurre­ction of the dead, and for a Goſpel, or a joyful Meſſage of the Kingdom. And moreover the Kingdom of the God of heaven became manifeſt in Iſrael, and was witneſſed both among them, and at Ieruſalem: as namely that that which they heard and ſaw, whenas the fiftieth day was fulfilled, were the wonderful Works of God, whereof Ioel the Prophet had ſpoken before,(b)(b)Ioel 2. c Act. 2. and it ſhall come to paſs56 ſaith God in the laſt dayes, when the end of the(c)(c)Luk. 21. ſuppreſſion of Ieru­ſalem is come, and the fulneſs of the heathen is come in or performed,(d)(d)Iſa 59. c Rom. 17. becauſe that all Iſrael in that ſort be­come ſaved, according to the Pro­miſes.

2. Wherein God now ſheweth, that he is not forgetful of his Cove­nant as he hath(e)(e)Gen. 12, 13, 15, 17, 21, 22. made the ſame with Abraham, Iſaac and Iacob, and that he is a God of Abraham, and the God of his ſeed for evermore; Through whom he hath in times paſt made known his holy name, and will alſo in the laſt time make it known therethrough, according to the Promiſes. And they ſhall effectu­ally perceive that(f)(f)Deut. 3. d Iſa. 43, 44, 45, 48. he the God of Iſrael is only the Lord, and that be­ſides him there is no God more and that all heathen that fear not the ſame God, nor yet do learn to keep his Laws, Statutes, and Ries, are an ignorant people, without underſtand­ing, even as hitherto it hath appear­ed, among many multitudes of peo­ple57 or heathen, who through their own wiſdom (how ingenious and through-lighted or cleer of under­ſtanding ſoever they have been) have(g)(g)1 Cor. 1. b. not known or underſtood Gods holy wiſdom.

3. Therefore hath it pleaſed God to(h)(h)Iſa. 29. 1 Cor. 1. b ſhame the world in her wiſ­dom to incompaſs or go beyond all choſen religions, in their ſelf-framed holyneſs, and to ſave his people through himſelf, becauſe he would eſtabliſh them all in his Love, to be­come a Temple for his holy dwelling: In the which(i)(i)1 Cor 3. Heb. 1. a God doth be­hold his beſt beloved whom he hath alwayes loved from the beginning; namely the very(k)(k)2 Cor. 4. Col. 1. b like being of his God-head, the which the God of life hath formed in the man from the beginning.

4. But alaſs this ſame is unknown unto many, or they are by reaſon(l)(l)Gen. 3. a. of their fall and eſtranging from God, ſo covered with the darkneſſes, that they cannot, according to the ſpirit of the inward man, behold the58 being, or real form of their God. But when as the man, through the hearing and believing of the gracious word turneth him in the ſpirit(m)(m)2 Cor. 3. b. 4. a unto God, then becometh the fore-skin of his fleſh, or the covering of the ſin put off from his heart. For(n)(n)Ioh. 4 b 8. c. 14. a. God is a Spirit, a Light, or a Life, and is not otherwiſe known and be­held, but in his own ſpirit, light and life.

5. Now when the man turneth him (as aforeſaid) thereunto, under the obedience of his gracious Word, and ſervice of Love, the ſame like being cometh unto him in the ſpirit; then(o)(o)Eph. 5. b is the Image of God raiſed up in him, and awakened unto him in the ſpirit.

6. That ſame verily is the life, whereof the Kingly Prophet David hath ſpoken in time paſt, where he ſaith,(p)(p)Pſa. 17. b I will behold thy face in righteouſneſs, I will be ſatisfied when thine Image awaketh.

7. When the man turneth himſelf in the ſpirit,(q)(q)Eze 18 d. Ioel 2. b. unto God, as alſo59 humbleth himſelf with all his heart, to the holy and gracious Word, and is good of will to the obeying of the requiring of his ſervice of Love, then appeareth to him the difference be­tween the(r)(r)Lev. 10. b Eze. 44. c holy and unholy.

8. Now when the man turneth himſelf away from the unholy of the uncircumciſed hearts, and turneth him obediently to the holy, or to Gods ſanctuary of all God-fearing and circumciſed hearts, and wholly gives himſelf to enter into the ſame, and that ſo(s)(s)Pro. 1. a Eccl. 1. b. 2. a the fear of the higheſt God gets a ſhape in him; then doth the right departing out from all hea­theniſhneſs, and the entrance into the forefront of the true Tabernacle of God come to paſs even there with the ſame man. For he goeth out of the uncircumciſion into the circumci­ſion of the(t)(t)Ier. 4 a foreskin of his heart: and receiveth in that ſort, through the ſervice of the holy and gracious Word, Gods Covenant of circumci­ſion in the fleſh.

9. In which ſervice of the holy60 and gracious Word, miniſtred in the fear of God, the fore-skin or cover­ing of the darkneſſes wherewith all heathen are cover­ed or grown uncir­cumciſed,The true fore-front of the holy and true Taber­nacle of God, is the turning unto God in the fear of God, and ſo through the ſer­vice of the holy and gracious word, to ſeparate ones ſelf from all heatheniſh miſ­nurture, or to turn away or cir­cumciſe ones heart from all wickedneſs, which fore-front in his ſervice, is the up­right circumci­ſion, which mak­eth the right dif­ference between the holy and un­holy, and betwixt the circumciſed ones, the Lords people, and the uncircumciſed, or heathen. is(u)(u)Iſa. 25. 2 Cor. 3. put off. The which is the laying away of the(x)(x)2 Pet. 2.4. a. Heb. 12. a ſin in the fleſh, whereby to ſhew due obedi­ence, according to the Law of the Lord, namely to fear God upright­ly, to deſire the good with fervency of heart, and to cir­cumciſe or purge the heart, and all whatſoever is man­ly. The which is(y)(y)Rom. 2. Phil. 3. Col. 2. b the true circum­ciſion that God re­gardeth

10. Finally that ſame is the fore-front61 of the true Tabernacle of God: and the right difference(z)(z)Lev. 10. b Eze. 44. be­twixt the circumci­ſed, and the uncir­cumciſed heathen. Betwixt thoſe that fear God, and are good of will, and thoſe that fear not God, and are evil of will, and(a)(a)Jer. 7. c. 11. a. 13, 18. ſo live according to the ſenſuality or ſelf-mindedneſs of their own deſires, or according to all manner of light-mindedneſs; as that are without rule, looſe, unbridled, or wilde of heart, and do neither love nor obtain any wiſdom, nor any holy knowledge; whoſe hearts take hold of nothing elſe but all manner of filthi­neſs.

11. But through the fear(b)(b)Prov. 1. a Eccl. 1. c. 2. a of God, by means of the circum­ciſion of the heart, through the good will, the man cometh to the godly wiſdom, and holy knowledge,62 and ſo the fear of God driveth him to turn away(c)(c)Rom. 8. a from the ſin. And then proceeding forward, even to the holy he becometh juſtified from the ſin through the Faith, in the daily taking(d)(d)Lu. 9 14. c up of his Croſs, in like ſuffering with Chriſt, till unto(e)(e)Ro. 6. a. 8. b. the death of the ſin, which is the daily offering in the holy.

12. But now when the man is turned(f)(f)Eccl. 2. a unto God with a good will, in Godly fear, and under the obedience of the Love is cou­pled or joyned to a Commonalty of the Saints of God, then is he departed out of the heathenſhip, and hath at that time his con­verſation or fellowſhip with the adminiſtration and diſcipline of the holy Word, miniſtred betwixt the fore-front and the Altar of the holy offering, till that his offering and gift be (through Faith) begun or taken in hand, in the holy for a burnt offering;63 through which burning of the of­fering upon the holy Altar of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt in the holy,(g)(g)Iſa. 57. b Eph. 2. b the Peace betwixt the man and God the Father is prepared.


The ninth Chapter.

BUT for as much as this true God-ſervice in the holy, is not yet (according to the inward man in the ſpirit) known unto every one, nor underſtood according to the truth, and we do find many young and little ones of underſtanding, ma­ny feeble and weak ones, and many uncertain conſciences: all which not­withſtanding do ſtand bent and well-minded, with a good will towards the Love, and towards the holy under­ſtanding. So is therefore the life of righteouſneſs evidently witneſſed un­to them out of the ſervice of Love, which teſtimonies of the truth, are likewiſe adminiſtred unto them through Doctrines, ſpeakable words, or with writing, (namely, unto thoſe that have turned from the heathen­ſhip, and ſo endeavour them to the obeying of the word and his ſervice, and which do fear God) with which ſervice, there is required of them,65 the obedience to the Love of the Fa­ther,(a)(a)Gal 3. c 4. a. Heb. 7. b. to a ſuſtaining of them, whereout ſome better thing is yet to be hoped for.

2. That ſame is verily the daily God-ſervice, which is well pleaſing unto the Lord, and the upright Cere­monies, which be miniſtred before the Lord, unto the God-fearing hearts, by the Miniſters of the holy word.

3. Which Miniſters with the ſame ſervice of the gracious and holy word, is the Levitical Prieſts office, wherethrough the ſlain-offering is prepared before(b)(b)Jer. 33. b the Lord, among the little-ones, and ſinners, who bear ſorrow and grief for the ſins cauſe; alſo the burnt-offering is begun, and daily uſed, & the meat offering like­wiſe kindled and offered up.

4. Which ſervice likewiſe of the Levitical Prieſts office al­wayes ſtands or continues before the Lord, in the ſervice of his Love, as a mutual aſſiſtance and ſtrengthening for the little or weak ones: and that altogether in the Love to the ſervice­ableneſs of the Congregations, for66 the ſins of the ignorant.

5. Which ſervice of the Levitical Prieſts office, God would not have required, if the man had not fallen into the ſin, but had ſtill walked up­rightly in the light of God.

6. But foraſmuch as it hath not gone ſo with the man, therefore hath God, even of neceſſity, added the ſame ſervice unto his promiſes, for to inform therewith the unilluminated ones, the infirm, weak, and young ones, or little ones of underſtanding, who do yet oftentimes ſin, and are of little growth in Faith, and ſo to aſſiſt and ſerve them therewith for a certain time, betwixt the fore-front and the Altar, for an entrance unto them in the holy, & to bring unto the high or great God of heaven,(d)(d)Pſa. 11. d Iſa 56 a Mal. 1. b Rom. 11. a ſuch an offering as is delightful unto him.

7 Even thus become they all converted or turned away from the ſin, and ſuccoured or trayned up un­der the ſervice of the Love, to the(e)(e)Luk. 1. g Eph. 1. a knowledge of the upright life of the Juſt, to the end, that they may all be­come one, even as of one mind(f)(f)Ioh. 17 c in the Love.

678. Now when one doth know the ſame life, according to ſuch an up­right ſervice and nature of the Love, and is grown believing towards the ſame, then is there revealed and brought in the ſpirit unto the Be­lievers, the boldneſs to enter into the holy, for to accompliſh the ſer­vice of God, and his requiring in the holy, like as God is requiring the ſame accompliſhment by the Law and the Prophets, and by the ſervice of the Elders in the holy underſtand­ing, which accompliſhment in the holy, is our offering in the offering of Chriſt, through his(g)(g)He. 9. b. c blood, which prepareth for us a new and li­ving way.

9, Behold that is the true God-ſervice, through Chriſt in the holy, which is now by Gods grace opened and brought unto us, to the end to ſet up the righteouſneſs in the ſame through Faith, which is required by the Law and Ordinance of the Lord. For whatſoever is(h)(h)Rom 8. a unpoſ­ſible for the Law to do through68 works, that ſame is accompliſhed in Chriſt through Faith: whereby Chriſt is in that manner the accom­pliſhment of the Law: and erecteth the upright righteouſneſs among his Believers, and eſtabliſheth them in the ſame.

10. Therefore Chriſt is no breaker, but a fulfiller of the Law: for(i)(i)Mat. 3. b Chriſt came not to make void, or break the Law and the Prophets, but to perform them, becauſe the righte­ouſneſs that is of value before God, may be made manifeſt through his light, to an everlaſting eſtabliſhment of the promiſes of God made unto the Fathers, whereby to waſh and cleanſe the man from his ſpotted or(k)(k)Heb. 9. b evil conſcience, that he might laud God with peace and joy.

11. But this daily God-ſervice be­twixt the front and the Altar in the holy which is prepared and miniſtred by the ſervice of the holy and graci­ous Word, and by the Prieſts office out of Levy, or by the Elders in the holy underſtanding, is the ſervice69 which God hath added to his(l)(l)Rom. 4. b 5. c. 7. a. Pro­miſes made unto Abraham, to a ſtrengthening of the belief extending to the Promiſes; Becauſe the man ſhould with a good courage in the good and godly life of righteouſneſs, among the Elders in the holy under­ſtanding,(m)(m)Eph. 1. b 1 Pet. 2. a grow up therein to an eſtabliſhing of the Promiſes of God the Father.

12. In ſuch manner doubtleſs is the ſame ſervice of the holy Word, which is adminiſtred by the Elders in the holy underſtanding under the o­bedience of the Love, very profitable and furtherſome for the good-wil­lingneſs, the while they(n)(n)Gal. 4. a. are yet little or young in the godly under­ſtanding: And for thoſe that like unto children, ſtand ſimply ſubmitted under the Love, to the end that no man ſhould err, through any igno­rance, nor tye his heart to the imagi­nation of his own ſpirit, but only have regard unto the ſervice of Love, to the obeying his requiring until that the daily God-ſervice in the ho­ly70 be begun with him, and have his full courſe with him; Alſo till the true(o)(o)2 Pet. 2. b light come unto him, and the day likewiſe appear from on high, or as a cleerneſs of the morning ſtar ariſe in his heart, and that the ever­laſting(p)(p)Ioh. 1. a life be come unto him in the ſpirit, according to the truth, and have(q)(q)2 Cor. 4. Gal. 4. b a ſhape in him, as a King­dom of God or of Chriſt, which is the upright being, or real form it ſelf, full of all Love.

13. Till unto this ſame day (namely till that the light of life, as a true being, an upright righteouſ­neſs, be come unto the man) doth the daily God-ſervice for the ſins cauſe endure in the holy; ſo long alſo(r)(r)1 Co. 3. b remaineth the vail before the moſt holy, namely till the holy be perfor­med, or miniſtred in his full courſe of miniſtration, with upright daily oblations, which are acceptable unto God.

14. But this daily offering, or gift which the man is Debtor to of­fer, in the holy, or that wherein God71 hath a pleaſure, is not alone the out­ward; for God hath(s)(s)Pſ. 40.50. never willed nor required the ſame without the good will of the heart.

15. Therefore it is a ſpiritual offe­ring, proceeding out of(t)(t)Pſal. 11. c Iſa. 57.66. a lowly and humble heart, and the beginning of the ſame upright offering ſound­eth even thus, in every man that is good-willing towards God, and to­wards his righteouſneſs,

16. O God I come, and have a luſt to(u)(u)Pſa. 40. a Heb. 10. a do thy will.

17. Now when the man findeth himſelf thus minded, and deſireth to enter into the ſervice of Love, and his requiring, in this ſort is his heart pre­pared and altogether become willing to(x)(x)Mat. 16. c Luk 9.14. c take up his Croſs, and obedi­ently to follow after the(y)(y)1 Pet. 2. c cru­cified and killed Jeſus Chriſt, in the belief, under the obedience of his love, till unto his death, (even the death of the Croſs)(z)(z)Rom. 6. Col. 2. b. and to be baptized into the ſame death, where­by to enter even ſo into the life, out of the deadly ſin,(a)(a)Ioh. 3. a Rom. 6.8. b 2 Cor. 4. through the72 ſecond birth, from death. Where­through he is like­wiſe made free,The true holy, of the holy and true Tabernacle of God, is the belief tending to the mortifying of the ſin, in the after following of Chriſt, till unto the ſecond birth from the death, (the which is the willing obedience of the belief) which holy and his ſervice, or o­bedience in the belief, wherein the death of the ſin cometh to paſs, is the very true holy, and the right difference between the moſt holy and the fore-front. or delivered from all chooſing of this or that according to his own will or pleaſure, ſaying with his whole heart;

18. O GOD,(b)(b)Act. 9 a WHAT wilt thou have me to do?

19. Behold in ſuch a mind, in­tent or inclination to the obedience of the belief, and to continue(c)(c)Eccl. 2. a Math. 24. ſtedfaſt therein till unto the death, and to the new birth from the death, conſiſteth the mans conver­ſion73 to his God: and he becometh ſo clean turned about from his ſelfneſs, that he is like unto(d)(d)Mat. 18. a 1 Pet. 2. a a new born babe, that hath no manner of ſelf-wiſdom or ſelf-willedneſs, but that liveth only that life that is given and brought unto him by God. In ſuch a manner is the man meet alſo to come into the Kingdom(e)(e)Ioh. 3 a of God, to enter there­into.

20. But behold, with ſuch a heart and mind cometh the man unto the(f)(f)Deut. 6.10. b. 1 King. 15. true obedience, which God re­gardeth: And ſo through Faith he goeth out of all deadly corruption or perdition, and cometh into the life of his God, in the everlaſting immor­tality, in all Love: and is filled with all fulneſs of the holy Ghoſt,(g)(g)Rom. 8. b and inherriteth with Chriſt, all the trea­ſures & riches of God, and of(h)(h)Iſa. 33. a Col. 2. a the ſpiritual and heavenly goods: Thoſe verily are the promiſes of God the Fa­ther through Jeſus Chriſt, to the bleſ­ſing74 of all the generations of the earth.

21. By this means, as is ſaid, the man cometh again to his ſound­neſs, and to his(i)(i)Ioh. 8. d precious freedom, whereunto(k)(k)Gen. 1. c Sap. 2. c Eccleſ. 17. a God hath created him from the beginning: as being unbound, or untyed from all vain and unprofitable things.


The tenth Chapter.

NOW when as the ſervice of the offering in the holy hath once had his full courſe, with ſuch a good will as is aforeſaid: and the debt-offering, ſin-offering, and death-offering, is all through the like-ſuffe­ring of Chriſt, accompliſhed on the Altar, through the belief; then(a)(a)Iſa. 25 a Math. 27. 2 Cor. 3. b doth the vail, as opening aſunder, divide it ſelf from before the moſt holy: and ſo there is then diſcove­red in the moſt holy, the mercy-ſeat, the Ark of witneſs, and the hea­venly bread, with many coſtly trea­ſures pertaining to the moſt holy Sanctuary; and all that ſanctified likewiſe that is in the holy, with the(b)(b)He. 9, 10. ſprinkling of the blood of Jeſus Chriſt the high Prieſt, for an ever­laſting76 forgiveneſs of ſins.

2. That verily is the New Teſta­ment of the grace of God, touching the ſins of the people, even as God hath promiſed the ſame to the houſe of Iſrael, and to the houſe of Judah, for a ſtedfaſt and continuing Teſta­ment.

3. This high Prieſt over the houſe of God, is the old antient one in the holy and godly underſtanding, and is the(d)(d)Col. 1. firſt born of all creatures,(e)(e)Rom. 6 a Phil. 2. a who was ſlain with the death of the Croſs, and hath ſuffered in the holy, for the ſins cauſe: and is(f)(f)1 Cor. 15. c Col. 1. b as the firſtling riſen from the death, where-through he hath prepared the ever­laſting life for all his Believers, which follow after him in the holy(g)(g)Mat 16. c Rom 6. a 1 Pet. 2. till unto the death of his Croſs.

4. He himſelf verily is the Light and Life that is everlaſting, which was(h)(h)Ioh. 1. a Pſal. 210 a with the Father from the be­ginning, and is at the right hand of the(i)(i)Heb. 1. a Almighty, in the heavenly be­ing or eſtate, who alſo as high Prieſt, entreth into the moſt holy, maketh77 alive his believers, from(k)(k)Rom. 8. b 1 Cor. 15. b Eph. 2. a. b Col. 1.2 b the death and(l)(l)Eze. 36. c Iſa. 44. a Ioel 2. c Act. 2. b poureth forth the holy ſpi­rit of his love a­bundantly over them,The true, moſt holy of the holy and true Taber­nacle of God, is the Love, the everlaſting life, and the perfecti­on, from which moſt holy in his ſervice (that is in the making a­live from the death, in the pour­ing out of the holy Ghoſt, and in miniſtring of the ſpiritual and heavenly good) the vale is put away, whereby to inherit the everlaſting life of God in his cleerneſs, in the ſame ſervice mi­niſtred under the obedience of the Love of the holy Ghoſt, which moſt holy in his ſervice, maketh right difference betwixt the liv­ing and the dead; for in that ſame ſervice doth the reſurrection of the righteous life from the death, come to paſs or is wrought; and that is the joy of life, proceeding out of the hea­venly being in the Kingdom of God the Father, with Chriſt in the everlaſting life. to an ever­laſting bleſſing; and that is the perfection of all that which goeth before, and the moſt holy of the true Tabernacle of God and Chriſt.

5. This high Prieſt in the moſt holy, (namely in the Love, the ever­laſting life, and the perfection) is a King(m)(m)Pſa. 110. Heb. 5. a. b. c 7. c. 8. a and Prieſt for ever, ac­cording to the or­der of Melchize­deck, as an ever­laſting Saviour un­to78 to his people to their eternal re­conciliation with God the Father, and he himſelf doth through himſelf, herit them, or make them heirs in the everlaſting life; and that is the eſtabliſhing of the true Teſtament, which continueth firm for ever be­fore God the Fa­ther.

6. For through the light of the ſame Teſtament, is Gods Law, Ordi­nance, or Do­ctrine,(n)(n)Pſa. 40. a Iſa. 51. a Ier. 31. d Heb. 8.10. plant­ed in the hearts of the Believers: and given unto them in their minds: And God remembreth no more of all their former ſins, and79 that is the eſtabliſhing of the promiſes of God the Father and of the be­lief of Jeſus Chriſt.

7. Among thoſe children of the New Teſtament, or holy Goſpel, the vail is(o)(o)Iſa. 25. a 2 Cor 3. b put away from the moſt holy, and the precious garniſhings of the ſpiritual and heavenly goods, de­clared and brought unto them, as an everlaſting heritage of God and Chriſt: and they (namely) the chil­dren of the New Teſtament, be taught in that ſort to the Kingdom of God, and made heirs in the everlaſting life,(p)(p)Ro. 12. b Eph 4. a Col. 3. b 1 Pet. 3 a and have nor uſe any thing but Love, Peace and Unity one with other, and a good conſcience in Je­ſus Chriſt through the holy Ghoſt, the Love of God the Father, which God(q)(q)Rom. 5. a Tit. 3. b hath poured abundantly in­to their hearts.

8. Behold(r)(r)Apo. 12 a that is the true Je­ruſalem, which deſcended from hea­ven, and alſo the moſt holy of the true Tabernacle of God, which is prepared of God from everlaſting, and which by Gods grace is come un­to80 us in this ſame laſt time: In the which Sion is eſtabliſhed,(s)(s)Iſa. 2. a Mich. 4. a out of the which the Law and the word of the Lord proceedeth:(t)(t)Iſa. 1 c Zach. 8. c And unto the which all people, which have a luſt toward God, ſhall aſſemble them, and rejoyce them therein, according to the Promiſes: For it is the Foun­tain of life full of all vertues, and the undiſturbable(u)(u)Dan. 2. Kingdom full of all Love, peace and godlineſs, wherein that ſong(w)(w)Apo. 19. a Allelu-jah, is ſung for an everlaſting ſong of laud unto God.

9 Behold this Kingdom full of all pure beauty, full of light and life, and full of all delightfulneſs and riches of God the Father and of Chriſt, hath been long hidden and unknown for the ſins cauſe of the people, by reaſon of which ſin, the children of men have not beheld this glorious cleerneſs, neither can they endure the beholding of the ſame de­lightful cleerneſs.

10 Becauſe now of this blindneſs of the darkneſs which hath covered81 the earth & becauſe of the unwilling­neſs of the manly generation: there­fore hath the eter. rich bountiful God been forced to reſerve or keep ſecret, all thoſe things in the holy and hea­venly beng:(x)(x)Eph. 1. b which riches of God the Father, are now notwith­ſtanding coming unto all good will­ing ones, which love the peace for an everlaſting heritage, according to the Promiſes.

11. With which beauty of the heavenly riches of God, God is now in the laſt time a drawing of us all un­to him, to wit all we which are good-willing towards him and his righte­ouſneſs, and which for the peaces cauſe do ſubmit our ſelves under the Love, whereby to make known unto us through his Love, and through the declaring of his heavenly riches, his holy will, to an health to the earth, and to the honour and glory of God: and verily now in the laſt times, to a joy and peace, in all love; to the end to prepare in that manner, under the obedience of the Love an ever­laſting82 peace upon earth, according to the Promiſes.

12. Therefore(y)(y)Deu. 32. a rejoyce you ye heavens and earth, which hope upon God: For behold(z)(z)Iſa. 62. the ſalvation of God is now come that it may be revealed, to the(a)(a)Pſa. 112. a Eph. 1. b Heb. 1. b renewing of all things that are waxen old: for(b)(b)Iſa. 61 66 2 Pet. 3 b Apo 21. a the new heaven, and the new earth, wherein righteouſneſs dwelleth, and which perpetually continue before God, upon which men have waited according to the Promiſes, do now come with triumph in glory.

13. In which very ſame time,(c)(c)Iſa 28. a the Lord will be a lovely crown and glorious garland unto his people that remain over: and a ſpirit of equity unto thoſe that ſet in Judgement, and a ſtrength unto thoſe which come again from the battle to the gates.

14. Even thus verily in thoſe daies ſhall God perform all good towards Iſrael, and eſtabliſh among them, all what he hath promiſed and covenan­ted to them in times paſt, by the mouth of his Prophets.

8315. For the chaſtiſement executed for the ſins cauſe over the Lords peo­ple, and over the miſerable and com­fortleſs ones, over(d)(d)Iſa. 54. a whom all tem­peſts do happen or come, ſhall ceaſe: and they ſhall revive all beauty, peace and delightfulneſs, and be(e)(e)Pſal. 45 a 1 Ioh. 2 c an­nointed with the oyl or ointment of joy; for the Scripture, the Law, and the Prophets ſhall be fulfilled and not broken: and it ſhall come to paſs over the world, and alſo over the Lords people, even as it is written thereof: The Lord grant us mercy and lead us into his wayes, Amen.


The eleventh Chapter.

HEre have we figured forth unto you, ye dearly beloved, a cer­tain circle: In the which we have de­ſcribed unto you in writing, and figu­ratively ſet forth, both the way of the heathenſhip, or of the uncircum­ciſed ones,(a)(a)Mat. 7. b Luk. 13. c which leadeth or reacheth to the everlaſting death and condemnation, (whoſe death, being or eſtate, is the ſtrange being, before or in the ſight of the Lords people Iſrael) As alſo contrary wiſe, the ſimple and plain way,(b)(b)4 Eſd. 7 a Math. 7. of the good-willing hearts to the righteouſ­neſs, which leadeth to the entrance of the true Tabernacle of God in the ſpirit, and reacheth to the everlaſting life.

[man standing on globe with snakes protruding from sphere]

〈…〉〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉

Curſing Bleſsing

The Inward Man

Through ye righteouſneſs of ye life is ye man ſimple, of heart humbled to ye wiſdom vnd••ſ•••••ng to ye vpright virtue〈◊〉atient in the••pto ye godlyneſs•••k minded & faythfull and cometh alſo wt ye feare peacejoy & to God & to•••vnly〈◊◊〉everlaſting

The forth gong in the heatheniſimpurity bringeth the man to ye ſix of Death

The forth gong in the feare of God & ye Obedito ye ordinance of ye lord〈◊〉bringeth ye man to the Righteouſneſs of the Life

The ſin of death bringeth ye man into all Ignorance hipocriſy〈◊〉falſehood & into all choſen holyneſs according to ye pleaſure of ye〈◊〉and is thereinratefull bitter and cruel and alſo, diſpaireth and ſoo ma••to ye deſtructionable calamity and to the divel hell and Condemnation

86(c)(c)Pſal. 4 a2. If the man now have by Gods grace, gotten a good will to enter in­to the upright way, directing to the everlaſting life then muſt he with his heart,(d)(d)Iſa 51 b 2 Cor 6 b Apo. 18 a depart out of the heathen­ſhip or uncircumciſion, and out of the ſtraying being or nature, yea from all what is not any being of God, alſo ſeparate himſelf from the darkneſs, and turn him(e)(e)Iſa 55. a Ier 18.25. a 35. b Ezek 18 d. Ioel 2. b to the Lord his God, namely to the God of life the(f)(f)Ioh 1. true light, full of light and life, who hath created both him and all what is an thing,(g)(g)Luk. 1.2. b. c. like­wiſe fear the ſame living God; and circumciſe his heart from(h)(h)Deu. 10. b. 30 a all manner of darkneſs, namely from all abominations of deſolation, which do ſeparate the man from the living God.

3. See or annoint your eyes with eye-ſalve, that ye may ſee,(k)(k)Deu 1. b. Ier. 4. a cir­cumciſe your ſelves, or put away the foreskin of your hearts, and con­tinue not ſtiff-necked, for that ye may rightly underſtand and know the true life, which is a life87 unto you, and may live therein.

4. For even therefore, becauſe that the life might now in the ſame day, through our(l)(l)Deu 30. b Eccleſ. 25. a moſt holy ſervlce of the Love, be underſtood from the death, and the light known from the darkneſs; So have we out of the Love to the righteouſneſs, deſcribed and figuratively ſet forth, even in the moſt evident manner, here in the ſame Circle, both theſe wayes, both of death and of the life, and all the ends whereunto each one hath his paſſage or courſe. The which the in­ward man entreth into, or liveth there, whether it(m)(m)Exo. 18. Rom. 6.8. a be then the deadly ſins, extending to the eternal death, or elſe the righteouſneſs to the everlaſting life.

5. Hereunto next adjoyning, fol­loweth the Figurative deſcription or declaration of the inward Taber­nacle of God, according to the ſpi­rit, after the which we do treat at length in large manner of both theſe natures, which do bring in either the death or the life; and we have like­wiſe88 ſignified or marked out by wri­ting, the names both of the confuſed and of the Godly being or nature. Take it to heart, for it yieldeth to every one of us, either the death or the life.


The twelfth Chapter.

THE true fore-front of the houſe of God, or of the true Tabernacle(a)(a)Deu. 10. c Eccleſ. 1.26. is the fear of the li­ving God, ſerving to a turning away from the ſin, and from all heathe­niſh fooliſhneſs. Through whoſe ſer­vice, and through the obedience of the requiring thereof, the man be­cometh circumciſed in his heart, in(b)(b)Heb. 12. a 1 Pet. 24. a the laying away of the ſin in the fleſh, and to the obtaining of the knowledge of the truth of God, entreth into the way of peace.


Feare God

The Way to the Truth In this ſame ſervice of the holy and gratious word vnder the Obedience of the Love in the feare of God cometh to paſs in the hart and minde the vpright repentance of the man to the living God and ſo walking in the fears of God he is circumcized of hart and is turned away from all the bewiching of the heatheniſh being that he may not be be­witched or taken with any destruction but be prepa­red to the entrance into the Sanctuary of God. Jer: 4. Eezek: 4.4: wherefore re­pent you with all your hart in the ſpirit and feare the Everlasting invisible God which is the bgin­ing to come to the Wiſdome or the firſt entrance of the true Tabernacle or houſe of God in the ſpirit. Whereof God himſelfe is the Workman Turne ye not therefore from the lord in your hart nether truſt in men nor take fleſh for your Arme or Strength and ſo in­herit the Curſing

912. For the ſame circumciſion of the(c)(c)Phi. 3. a Col. 2 b heart, is the true circumciſi­on which cometh to paſs in the ſpi­rit, and not in the letter, whoſe praiſe is not of man, but of God, Rom. 2. c.

3. Therefore(d)(d)Ier. 4 a circumciſe the foreskin of your hearts, and be not hence forth ſtiffnecked any longer, Deut. 10.8.

4. Plough(e)(e)Eze. 10. b upon the new, and ſow not among the thorns; circum­ciſe you unto the Lord, and put away the foreskin of your hearts ye men of Judah, and ye people at Jeruſalem, Jer. 4. a.

5. There ſhall none(f)(f)Iſa. 52. Ioel. 3. come in­to the Lords ſanctuary that hath an uncircumciſed heart, and an uncir­cumciſed fleſh Eze. 44. b.

6. Therefore ſhall the Lord thy God circumciſe thy heart, and the heart of thy ſeed,(g)(g)Deu. 10. c Math. 22. that thou maiſt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy ſoul, that thou mayeſt live. Deut. 30.

7. If thou(h)(h)Deu. 10 c Iſa. 19 b wilt turn thee O Iſ­rael,92 then turn uno me, ſaith the Lord; and if thou wilt put away(i)(i)Jer. 15. b Zach 1. a Mal. 3. a thine abominations from before my face, then ſhalt thou not be driven out, but then ſhalt thou without hy­pocriſie, ſwear rightly and holily, (as true as the Lord liveth) and the heathen ſhall be bleſſed in him, and make their boaſt of him, Ier. 4. a.

8. Thou ſhalt fear the Lord thy God(k)(k)Mat. 4 b Luk. 4. a him ſhalt thou ſerve, him ſhalt thou cleave unto or depend up­on, and ſwear by his name, he is thy praiſe and thy God: Deut. 6. a. 10. b

9. Behold the Heaven, and the Heaven of all Heavens, and the earth, and all what is there­in, that(l)(l)Pſal 24. a Ier. 27 a is the Lords your God, O Iſrael and Iudah,(m)(m)Deut. 4. d yet hath he had notwithſtanding a luſt only to your Fathers, and loved them, and choſen their ſeed after them, namely you a­bove all people, Deut. 10 b.

10. O all ye people, fear the ſame God, for he is that God which hath created(n)(n)Gen. 1. a Ioh. 1. a all whatſoever is any thing; for truly all heatheniſh be­witching93 is nothing but fooliſhneſs: Their wiſdom and Laws are meer er­ror,(o)(o)Iſa. 44. a Ier. 10. a their Gods and God-ſervi­ces are vain and unprofitable.

11. Therefore there is no God but Iſraels God, whoſe God-ſervices, Wiſdom, Ordinances, Statutes and Rights are alone upright, holy, and true, Deut. 4. a.

12. Happy is he that hath the ſame God to be(p)(p)Pſa. 33. b 144. b his God, or which ſeeketh him with all his heart, Deut. 4. c. 30. a. Ier. 29. b. Sap. 1. a.


The thirteenth Chapter.

THE true holy of the houſe of God or of the true Tabernacle is(a)(a)Rom. 5. a the belief of Chriſt unto Juſti­fication: through whoſe ſervice, and the obedience unto the requiring thereof, the man if he have a luſt with all his heart,(b)(b)Pſa. 40. a Heb. 10. a to do the Lords will, becometh Juſtified from the ſin. Al­ſo the way of his courſe of walking, prepared(c)(c)Iſa. 40 a 57. b. to be an even path be­fore the Lord. And the truth of God extending to the everlaſting life revealed unto him in the ſpirit.



The Truth to the Evrlasting Life In the ſervice of the holy and gratious word Vnder the Obedience of the true beleefe is the man in the ſpirit of his hart in Jeſus Christ juſtified from ye Sin and brought to the everlasting life Therefore beare patience and vpright fruites of repentance The Kingdom of heaven is nigh Mat: 3 a Luke 3 a Behold ſo crieth the Voice in the Wilderneſs of the Mans harte The which crieth pre­pare the way of the lord make ſtraite his pathes Esay. 40. Behold the word that thou ſhould­eſt beleeue is nigh thee even in thy mouth and in thine hart that thou mighteſt doe it Deutri: 30 and that is the word of beleefe which formerly hath beene preached in the World through Chriſt to Salvation and Obedience of the Beleefe Rom. 10. And is now preached under the Obedience of the Love

962. Behold the Lord ſendeth forth his(d)(d)Mal. 3. a Math. 11. b Angel or Meſſenger, who in his ſervice prepareth the way(e)(e)Math. 4 a Luk 1. b be­fore him, and he goeth before, in the ſpirit or power of Elias, that he may turn the hearts of the Fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their Fathers, and the un­believers to the prudence of the juſt, whereby to prepare an upright peo­ple for the Lord.

3. How delightful are the feet of the(f)(f)o 10 b meſſengers that publiſh the peace from the mountains, preach a good Meſſage, and reveal the ſal­vation? Iſa. 51. Nahum 2.

4. Leave off from the evil, and learn to do good: labour after that which is right and help the oppreſſed, Iſa. 1. b.

5. Let the ungodly leave off from his waies(g)(g)Eze. 18 33. b. and the evil doer from his imaginations, and turn him to the Lord, ſo ſhall he be merciful un­to him, Iſa. 55. a.

6. Let every one turn him away from his wicked wayes, and amend97 his being or life, and ſo do that which is right, Ier. 7. a.

7. If the ungodly will turn him from all the ſins that he hath done, &c. Then ſhall he live and not dye; for the Lord deſireth not the(h)(h)Eze. 33. b Sap. 1. b death of a ſinner, but much rather that he ſhould turn him and live, Eze. 18. d.

8. Repent now and amend you, that your ſins may be put out, Act. 3. b.

9. Lay away from you now,(i)(i)1 Pet. 1. b 4. a. according to the former walking the old man, which deſtroyeth through the luſt of error,(k)(k)Ro. 12. a and re­new you in the ſpirit of your mind, and put ye on the new man which is formed like unto God, in upright righteouſneſs and holyneſs, Epheſ. 4. c.

10. But before all things, take hold of the Shield of Faith, with the which we may quench out all the fiery darts