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CONCERNING the gouverment of the preſent PARLAMENT OF ENGLAND, Thoſe are in the behalfe of the Supreame Iudge to be delivered to the Lord Major and the Aldermen of the city of London, and are by them to be made knowne and manifeſted unto all the other Magiſtrats of the Cities and Provinces of the whole Kingdome.

EVery ſinne is as a ſharpe ſword,Sirach. 21. 1. Iohan. 3. Iohan. 8. 18. and doth ſo wound, that no bo­dy can heale it. For he that commit­teth ſin is of the Devill, who is a lyer and murtherer from the be­ginning, with all thoſe which doe not continue in the truth, but haue reſi­ſted God; Therefore hath he thruſt and throuneEpiſt. Iu­dae. 2. Petri. 2. 1. Iohan. 5. 2. Timot. 3. the helliſh Angells out of heaven. Apocal. 12. Now therefore they which after his manner doe ſtirre up the moſt part of the world, Eſai. 59. they doe heape ſinne upon ſinne, upon their owne ſelues. Sapient. 2. But they which inwardly in theirRom. 1. 2. hearts or conſciences doe reſiſt the grace of God our Lord and Saviour Jeſus Chriſt Tit. 2. accor­ding1. Petri. 1. 5. Roma. 8. 9. Iohan 12. Hebr. 10. 12. Apoc. 20. Eſai. 29. 2. Pet. 2. 3. Matt. 5. 7. Lucas, 6. to the humble Spirit of innocency, Galat. 4. 5. 6. they walke not att all in the light; and doe outwardly exalt and promote themſelues to be judges one of an other, 1. Corint. 4. and are already as much under the power of the Divell, as thoſe ſcoffers and tyrants in the firſt world were; whom God by reaſon of their perverſe courſes over­whelmed with the Deluge, Geneſ. 6. 7. And eſpe­cially in the new Teſtament it is no where taught that any one ſhall revenge or judge his enemies. Rom. Therefore principally they of EnglandEpheſ. 4. may according to the words of Chriſt, his Diſciples1. Cor. 11. and Apoſtles, judge and trye themſelves, Ephes. 5. whether or no they be in the faith of Chriſt, orRom. 11. Colloſ. 1. 3 Ierem. 23. 1. Pet. 2. 4. if Chriſt bee in them 2. Corint. 13. for they which have not the Spirit of Chriſt are not his, Rom. 8. And they which doe not beleeve the word of God or Chriſt, thoſe ſhall according to that ſame wordMatt. 21. 24. Marc. 12. 13. Ierem. 7. 8. 19. Nahum. 3. be judged, ſcattered and conſumed. Iohn. 12. Which therefore to avert, noe falſe Prophets, Matth. 7. 24. no ſhewes of any outward Temple or falſe ſeruice of God ſhall helpe. And moreover no roueing, murthering, ſtealing, publique abomi­nations or bloodſheading, Hoſea 4. 9. 12. ſhall beHezec. 6. 11. 13. 22. Matt. 23. 1. Theſ. 5. Luc. 3. 12. 17. Matt. 3. 13 covered, hid, or forgotten. By reaſon of which the day of the Lord is att hand, in which the Lord will cleanſe his barne, and the chaff (namely, the chil­dren of iniquity, which would hinder his harveſt; by whoſe meanes the good wheate is choaked,) ſhall be cutt downe and burnt in the everlaſtingEſai. 9, 27, 65. 66. fire.

The onely, eternal, incorruptible, inviſible,1. Tim. 1. 6. Deut. 10. 32. Ierem. 10. 32 50. 51. Mich. 6. 7. onely wiſe immortal King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords, Revel 19. viz. the ſtrong, true and living God, Ieſai. 10. 40. 45. 66. who from the beginning hath judged righteouſly here upon the face of the earth, which is his, Pſal. 9 17. 18. 75. 89 96. 97. 98. andRevel. 17. 19. Ierem. 23. Ezek. 13. Rom. 16. Phil. 3. Pſal. 89. Zach. 12. 14. Daniel. 7. 11. appointed the ancient people, Ieſai. 44. will before the end of the world, not onely have deſtroyed the Babylonical Whore, but alſo revealed and over­throwne (Pſalm 141.) the hypocriſy and lies of all the other falſe teachers, 2. Pet. 2. mercenaries, Iohn. 10. or Servants of the belly. Wherefore alſo he ſtill cauſeth to be fought forth, according to truth and righteooſneſſe, 2. Tim. 2. 4. and his Iudgement to be denounced: In regard of which4. Eſd. 11. 12. 15. 16. Amos. 3. Heb. 4. 10 Iſai. 47. 48. Ierem. 50. 51. it is ſignified, according to the power of the living word of God, more and more, unto the Em­perour, King of Spaine and others, that are un­der the great Babel, Revel, 16. to leave the idola­try and witchcraft of their falſe Prophets, and to goe out of Babel, if they deſire to eſcape the fierce anger of God.

But amongſt the pretended Evangelical hypo­critsEzek. 34. Matt. 24. Mar. 13. or falſe Chriſtians, he hath not found to his Servant David, in no place, any help at all, concer­ning the full deliverance of the elect, Ierem. 30. as alſo neither faithfulneſſe nor love, Oſe. 4. nor faith,Galat. 5. Revel. 16. Titum. 1. 3 Pſalm. 10. 52. 68. 94. Iſai. 42. 48. 49. 60. nor juſtice, Luc. 18. Thoſe envious, nay wicked, proud, angry, haughty and tyrannicall men, who in their doings or purpoſes deſire not at all to looke principally upon the glory of God, nor upon the univerſall, temporal and eternal welfare of mankind, they ſhould kill Chriſt himſelfe, or ſeekeMatt. 23. Luc. 11. after his live, if he ſhould begin to overthrow, ac­cording to the Zeale of the Lord, their outward temple-doings and falſe worſhip of God, whereu­pon,2. Tim. 4. Ierem. 7. 8. 18. Rom. 1. 9. 11. Pſal. 69. 109. Iohn. 2. Luc. 19. 1. Iohn. 3. Iſai. 57. for the Salvation of their ſoules, they doe ſtiffneckedly and obſtinately relye, as in former ti­mes the Iewes did.

But for aſmuch as in this regard there is no pea­ce 1. Theſſal. 5. For the furious, envious and bitter Cain in his generation, they in England eſpecially, may looke very well to themſelves, how to behave them, concerning theſe ſo long laſting troublesLuc. 21. Matth. 24. Pſal. 2. 99. and inſurrections of warre, whereby Satan is wholly ſet looſe with rage and fury, Revel. 20. and to take heed, leaſt they further treſpaſſe and ſinne,Obad. 1. in uſing ill thoſe poore innocent ſoules, Ierem. 2.Rom. 1. the ſouldiers or the flocke of the ſlaughter, Zachar. 11. who, by the unjuſt, nay crafty, murtherous and traiterous deſigne, Ezek. 22. of the Scots, are falne into their hands.

For no body ought to be himſelfe judge over ano­therRom. 12. 1. Pet. 2. Pſal. 10. 94. Sap. 6. 1. Cor. 4. Seeing it is not onely againſt the new, but alſo againſt the old teſtamēt, and cannot availe nor ſubſiſt before God, the judge of all. Hebr. 10. 12. And becauſe no wordly magiſtrats, no nor thoſe,Amos. 2. 3. 4. 5. who in their office are by God himſelfe appoin­ted to judge and to governe, have any power or licence, to charge the poore people and ſubjects,Iſai. 1. 32. 53. with ſuch a burden, nor to flay them, according as they pleaſe, for to maintaine their violent gouver­nementMich. 3. invented by themſelues, Amos. 6. there­fore this printed letter, ſent thither once allready,Iam. 5. is before all other things very well to be conſide­red:Eccleſ. 10. 35. It hath been directed many years agoe, becau­ſe of the troubles of Germany principally, to the two Princes Electours, of Saxen and Branden­bourg, but it belongeth alſo unto all the other pre­tended Evangelical Magiſtrats, Princes, Judges andSap. 6. Rom. 1. 11 Mich. 7. Iſai. 30. Matt. 29. Pſal. 82. Iſai. 8. 30. 50. Amos. 5. Ezek. 22. States there; who in their apoſtaſy, hypocriſy, falſhood, unbeleefe and prevailing iniquity, haue alſo undertaken to protect and defend themſelues againſt the Counſel and Spirit of the Lord. Iſa. 1. 8. 30. 31. Whereupon there hath been kindled ſuch a fire, in that murthering den. Ierem. 7. 11. 15. 17. or bloody city of this falſe Jeruſalem, Matth. 21. 24. Marc. 11. that in many places or countries there haue not been left neither men nor beaſts, Zephan. 4. Eſdr. 15. 16. 1. Cor. 12. Rom. 12. Iſai. 59. Revel. 12. 16. 17.1. To paſſe over in Silence, that the afflicted fellow­members, or thoſe that are of the houſhold of faith. Gal. 5. 6. by reaſon of ſuch cunning deſpiſers, Iſai. 28, and inconſiderat violent men, are conſtrai­ned to remaine under the Babylonien yoake or abo­mination, and to be in danger, to periſh eternally with body and ſoule, Dan. 12. which alſo will bringIerm. 23. Act. 20. Matt. 7. Zeph. 3. 2. Petr. 2. Revel. 16. Habac. 3. Zach. 13. Marc. 13. Coloſſ. 2. Iſai. 5. 29. 33. Pſal. 12. 80. Nahum. 2. 3. Mal. 3. Matth. 13. their dreamers. (Epiſt. Iud.) the terrible ravening wolues riſen in the flock, firſt off all into hell, as beeing ſuch, upon whom men have relied concer­ning their ſalvation, and by whom Satan hath inti­ced to all wickedneſſe. Wherefore it hath beē writ­ten very ſharply and powerfully unto the Scots, eſ­pecially, that for the maintaining, eſtabliſhing or propagating of their Couenant, they ſhould not Subject themſelues unto the whiſperings of ſuch uncleane Spirits, the falſe prophets, in ſuch a man­ner, as a time hitherto hath been done with the de­ſtruction of the poore and miſerable by other war­riours and tyrants, theefs and murtherers, Ierem. 7. 19. and principally by thoſe in Germany, by whom all is ſo farre become a Spoile, nay quite a curſe. Ierem. 2. 17. All which ſhall as yet be judged on the children of that wicked one Iſai. 3. who haveDeut. 32. Rom. 12. Tit. 3. Matth. 7. 13. 24. Rom. 2. 14 1. Cor. 4. 2. Theſ. 2. Revel. 12. 20. 14. 19. 22. Iſai. 9. 27. 65. 66. 1. Cor. 15. entrenched upon the vengeance of God the Moſt high. Pſal. 94. Hebr. 10. and ſo undertaken, by their unjuſt purpoſes or envious doings, according to the working of the furious Satan within thē, to hinder, nay quite to bring to nought the harveſt, wherein God according to his word and Goſpel, will jud­ge the hidden things of the hearts; Who therefore ſhall thruſt in his Sickle and cutt off many into the very hell, and execute vengeance in anger & fury, Mich. 5. and make all his ennemies his foot-ſtoole. Pſalm. 110. Hebr. 1. 10.

A Servant of the Lord,Iſai. 42. 49. Ierem. 23. 30. 33. Mich. 4. 7.Pſal. 89. 132.

SErving God in his JUDGEMENT. Revel. Daniel. 2. 7. 12. Pſal. 50. 97. 145. Hebr. 10. 11. 12. Iſai. 1. 5. 51. 59. 61. Amos. 5. 2 Thren. 2. 4 Rom. 8. 11 Pſalm. 75. 125. Rom. 1. 9. 11. Ioh. 1. 8. 12. 1. Corinth. 2. 1. Theſal. 2. 5.14. 16. 18. the kingdome of affliction and patien­ce, 2. Theſſ. 1. upon which men ſhould have waited and hoped according to the righteouneſſe in the Spirit by faith, Gal. 5. and by no meanes in ſuch a manner, as the ſtubborne, obſtinate Iewes blinded by the Divel, haue done, when Chriſt their poore deſpiſed king came, Iſai. 53. Zach. 9. 11. 12.

CONCERNING The troubles and the falſe IUDGEMENT In ENGLAND.

GOD is juſt, and his word doth not lie. ForDeut. 10. 32. Tit. 1. Hebr. 6. Iohn. 8. 12 Ierem. 23. Matth. 5. it is impoſſible, for God or for the ſtrength of Iſrael to lie, 1. Samuel 15. Malac. 3. And he will have that ſame his word kept, or performed according to his councell and will, Matth. 7. 24. 25. According to which he hath dearly ſignified unto thoſe in the ſecond or new Teſtament, that they ſhould not revenge them ſelves on their en­nemiesRom. 2. 12. 14. 1. Theſſ. 5. Wiſdom. 6. 12. Pſa. 10. 94. and judge nothing 1. Cor. 4 nor render evill for evill, but to leave all revenge unto God 1. Pet. 2. Who judgeth righteouſly and without reſpect of perſons, Deuter. 10. and will not ſuffer vengeance to be taken from him, as a while hitherto divers have attempted, intending to hinder the King­dome of God, nay to bring to nought (Matth. 24)Dan. 2. 7. 12. Marc. 13. Revel. 16. his Judgement, concerning the univerſall redemp­tion of his elect, Luc. 18. When I beeing there pre­ſent had put to mind unto the King of England, that what He and his Parlament had takē from the ſubject, for to kill and deſtroy one another, they maight have imployed it for to help their poore neighbours in Germany, He did anſwer, that it was true: Which thoſe his adverſaries, by whom he is killed, have not done, nor deſired to regard the common temporal and eternal welfare of mankind: but they undertake after the faſhion of the Jewes2. Cor. 10. Rom. 1. 16. in former times, to ſet up an earthly and worldly Dominion, wherein the inward obedience within, the conſcience towards God ſhal ceaſe, nay haue no place at all amongſt them: And beſides this, the2. Tim. 3. 4. 1. Iohn. 2. 4. ſtrive and diſcord of the Scribes or worldly lear­ned men, whence originally all the deſtruction in whole EUROPE is riſen, ſhall remaine. It agreeth therefore very ill, that ſuch men who in regard of the hope of faith are quite ſeparated fromRom. 8. Hebr. 11. God, doe hope the confirmation of their Common­wealth from thoſe under the great Babel, namelyRom. 16. 17. Pſal. 125. 146. from the King of Spain and his like, and approoue thereof, whereas they have killed ther King even for this cauſe, that, as they pretend, he had favoured the Roman Catholiks and complied with them. But there will be an ill end with thoſe men that doeEpiſt. Iudae. Mica. 6. Iam. 5. Mica. 3. Malac. 3. 4. Iſai. 57. Pſalm. 10. 68. Amos 5. Hebr. 10. 12. Luc. 12. 17. 18. 21. Matth. 24. Rom. 2. 12. 14. Pſal. 94. not obey, nor take notice of this preſent and laſt time, Dan. 8. 11. 12. but dare begin with the revenue of the country and meanes of the ſubject, the which they force and ſqueeze out of them and waſt, accor­ding to their pleaſure, ſuch tumults and inſurre­ctions, whereby the outward oppoſition groweth the longer the greater, and the inward fire, becauſe of envy and bitterneſſe, becometh burning more and more. The true beleevers ought, according to truth and Juſtice, Pſal. 89. 97. to looke upon God and upon the univerſall temporal and eternal welfare of man-kind, and therefore not to be judges themſelues, 1. Cor. 4. For God ſuffers not venge­ance to be taken from him, Hebr. 10.

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TextConcerning the gouverment of the present Parlament of England, those are in the behalfe of the supreame iudge to be delivered to the lord mayor and aldermen of the city of London, and are by them to be made knowne and manifested unto all other magistrats of the cities and provinces of the whole kingdome.
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Bibliographic informationConcerning the gouverment of the present Parlament of England, those are in the behalfe of the supreame iudge to be delivered to the lord mayor and aldermen of the city of London, and are by them to be made knowne and manifested unto all other magistrats of the cities and provinces of the whole kingdome. [8] p. s.n.],[S.l. :anno 1651.. (Caption title.) (Dated on p. [8]: Anno 1651.) (Reproduction of original in the Sutro Library.)
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