Discover, annotate, compare, and connect more than
70,000 rare books and manuscripts from the 15th to 20th centuries.

Publish your own scholarly digital edition in an
ever-expanding network of full-text primary and secondary resources.

Take advantage of placing your research within the wider
community of scholars revolutionising humanities scholarship today.

PRISMS is a flexible Open Scholarship platform, with the potential to aggregate all digitised primary source material, and the associated scholarship, in a semantic network. Open Scholarship in PRISMS means leveraging the power of open data, open access, open standards, and open tools to create an environment where scholarship can be shared as it is created. Read more...

The key point to remember is PRISMS isn’t (just) a delivery platform. It’s an invitation to collaborate. ~ Alexander Huber, Consultant Huber Digital
I added an open access facsimile to a transcription from EEBO – now that’s there for other users too, and we’re one step closer to an open access version of this expensive database. ~ PRISMS contributor
I’m working on copies from different institutions. In PRISMS I can see them side by side, encode the relationship between them, and add more detail to the book history! ~ PRISMS contributor