The digital editions course covers the the whole process of creating a digital edition, from selecting a text right through to publication. The training sessions are interactive, the XML sessions have exercises to complete, and many of the slides have clickable hyperlinks, sometimes embedded in images. Don't forget to explore the resources, each session has a worksheet to help you with that stage of the course. Please send any feedback to

Course Content

Session One. Introduction and choosing a text.

Session Two. Digitisation – images. How to take, use, describe and share images appropriately.

Session Three. Transcription. Editorial decisions and special characters.

Session Four. Encoding. Introduction to XML and the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI).

Session Five. Encoding 2. Navigating the TEI documentation. More advanced editorial encoding.

Session Six. Quality Assurance. Tips and tricks for checking your work.

Session Seven. Preservation. Using a repository.

Session Eight. Publication and Dissemination.

Contact Us

The training is freely available and can be completed independently. We have provided a skeletal TEI/XML template to get you started, and the training explains how to create your own digital edition taking it as a starting point.

If you would like some extra one-to-one help, or would like to publish your edition on PRISMS, please contact We will charge a fee for this service, depending on the size of the text and complexity of the edition.

If you publish your edition on another platform, then you can add it to PRISMS, using the URL, in the normal way (see adding resources). We look forward to hearing about your digital edition project.

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