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THE CONCURRENT TESTIMONY OF THE MINISTERS In the County of VVILTES, With their Reverend Brethren the Miniſters of the Province of London, TO THE Truth of JESƲS CHRIST, And to the ſolemn League and Covenant: As alſo, Againſt the Errors, Hereſies, and Blaſphemies of theſe Times, and the Toleration of them.

LONDON, Printed by R. Cotes for Stephen Bowtell at the Bible in Popeshead-Alley, June 26. 1648.


To our Reverend and Dear Brethren the MINISTERS in the Province of LONDON, Subſcribers to the fore-mentioned TESTIMONY.

Reverend and Beloved Brethren,

IN this time of Jacobs trouble, wherein the great red Dragon hath watched the woman cloathed with the Sun, to devour the man-child as ſoon as it ſhould be borne, and wherein the ſerpent hath caſt out of his mouth a flood of Hereſies and Errors, to carry a­way the woman and the child; wee are much comforted to ſee that God hath raiſed up any help for the Woman in the earth, and that there is a remnant of her ſeed which keep the Com­mandements of God, and the Teſtimony of Jeſus Chriſt, and who are reſolved earneſtly to con­tend for the faith, which was once for all given2 unto the ſaints. We look upon your Teſtimony as a forerunner of Truths reſurrection, wch is lately fallen in the ſtreet, & as the returning of the ſpi­rit of life into the two Witneſſes which were to be ſlain. Bleſſed be God that hath ſtirred up your hearts to witneſſe a good confeſſion, and ſo ef­fectually to conform your ſelves to Jeſus Chriſt, who for this end came into the world that hee might beare witneſſe to the truth Since the day we firſt ſaw your zeal for the truth of Jeſus Chriſt, our hearts affectionately joyned with you in the Teſtimony; and now we doe moſt rea­dily with our hands alſo (which we lifted up unto the Moſt High God with you, in taking the Solemne League and Covenant) ſubſcribe and ſet our ſeals to the Teſtimony with you, To the Truth of Jeſus Chriſt, and to the Solemne League and Covenant; as alſo againſt the Errors, Hereſies, and Blaſphemies of theſe times, and the Toleration of them. God forbid that we ſhould be aſhamed of Chriſt and of his Word, in this adulterous and ſinfull gene­ration, leſt the Son of man ſhould be aſhamed of us, when he commeth in the glory of his Fa­ther. We reſolve rather through the grace of3 God to diſcharge our conſciences with you, though we ſhould be ſlain for the word of God, and for the Teſtimony of Jeſus Chriſt, Neither ſhal we count our lives dear to us, that ſo we may finiſh our courſe with joy, and the Miniſtry which we have received of the Lord, to teſtify the Goſpel of the grace of God. Be you en­couraged therefore (Deare Brethen) with an holy zeale and in vincible reſolution to perſiſt in pleading Gods cauſe, and oppoſing the enemies of the truth and Kingdome of Jeſus Chriſt, who wil not be unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which you have ſhewed toward his name; but be aſſured if ye ſuffer with him, ye ſhall alſo reigne with him, and receive the crown of righteouſneſſe, which is laid up for all them that fight the good fight, and finiſh their courſe, and keep the faith. We commend you to the grace of God, and reſt

Your Brethren and fellow-labourers in the work of the Goſpel.
  • DOuglas Caſtilian Paſtor of Stratford Tony
  • Faithfull Teate of the Cloſe of Sarum, D. D.
  • Richard Stevens Paſtor of Stanton Bernard
  • Robert Richards Rector de Bromeham
  • Tho. Hotchkis Miniſter of Stanton by Highworth
  • 4
  • Robert Whitfield Miniſter at Lydiard Millicent
  • Philip Pinckney Paſtor of Bimmorton wee ſubſcribe with the re­ſervation of our brethren of the Aſſem­bly
  • John Conant Paſtor of Thomas Pariſh in Sarum wee ſubſcribe with the re­ſervation of our brethren of the Aſſem­bly
  • John Strickland Paſtor of Edmonds Pariſh in Sarum wee ſubſcribe with the re­ſervation of our brethren of the Aſſem­bly
  • Nathan Noyes Paſtor of Weſt Choldrington
  • Richard Chaundelour Miniſter of Wilton
  • William Clifford Miniſter of Eaſt Knoyle
  • Gabriel Sanger Miniſter of Chilmarke
  • John Stevens Miniſter of Chiſleton
  • Roberr Bab Miniſter of Engliſham
  • Timothy Dewell Miniſter at Lydiard Tregoſe
  • George Baylie Paſtor of Fiſherton Anger
  • Iohn Grayle Miniſter of Tudworth
  • Iohn Priaulx Miniſter of Fovent
  • Iohn VVats Miniſter of Newton Tony
  • VVill. Warriner Paſtor of Grimſted
  • Iohn Maſſy Miniſter of Patnee
  • Henry Combe Miniſter of Tollard Royall
  • Peter Ine Paſtor of Dunhead Maryes
  • Iohn Leg Miniſter of Dunhead Andrews
  • Samuel Coxe Miniſter of Dounton
  • Robert Parker Miniſter of VViſhford magna
  • Henry Colepeper Miniſter of Enford
  • Iohn Ring Miniſter of Netherhaven
  • 5
  • Humphrey Wall Paſtor of Stapleford
  • Iohn Pewde Miniſter of Sutton
  • Thomas Sprat Miniſter of VVinterborne Dancy
  • Iohn Sloper Miniſter of Broadchalke
  • Ieffry Simpkins Miniſter of Alcannings
  • Henry Richards Miniſter of Cheverill parva
  • Thomas Raſhleyghe Miniſter of Barford
  • Edward Carpenter Miniſter of VVeltſham
  • Richard VVall Vic. de Erchfounte
  • Iohn Barcoft Rector de Broughton Gyfford
  • Timothy Richards Miniſter of Rowde
  • Iohn Sheppard Miniſter at the Divizis
  • Abraham Richards Miniſter of Choulſton
  • Iohn Bradiſhe Miniſter of Ʋpton Louell
  • Iohn Smith Miniſter of Brigmiſton
  • Matthew Hinde Miniſter of Fitleton
  • Simon Croker Miniſter of Biſhopſton
  • Edward Fawconer Miniſter of Britford
  • Henry Cuſſe Miniſter of Lurgarſhall
  • Henry Carpenter Miniſter of Combe
  • Ʋriah Bankes Miniſter of Ameſbury
  • Iohn Carter Miniſter of VVinterſlow
  • Anthony Hillary Miniſter of VVinterborne Gunner
  • Walter Norman Miniſter of VVintenborne Erle
  • Leonard Maton Miniſter of Durrington
  • Francis Buſhell Miniſter of Laverſtocke
  • Thomas Biſſon Miniſter of Landford
  • 6
  • George Hadfeild Miniſter of Roulſon
  • Leonard Dickenſon Miniſter of South Newton
  • Roger Powell Miniſter of Barwicke Iames
  • Roger Maton Miniſter of VVinterborne Stoke
  • Robert Hewlat Miniſter of Hummington
  • Iohn Newham Miniſter of VVeſt Deane
  • Iohn Phippe Miniſter of Teffont
  • Matthew Towgood Miniſter of Semly
  • Iohn Noake Miniſter of Anſtey
  • VVilliam Baylie Miniſter of Meere
  • Richard Eburne Miniſter of Cold Barwicke
  • George Ienkins Miniſter of Hindon
  • Robert Olden Miniſter of Biſhops Funtell
  • Iames Eburne Miniſter of Kingſton Deverill
  • Samuel Norrington Miniſter of Stoppe
  • George Swaine Miniſter of Sedghall
  • Daniel Burges Miniſter of Veny Sutton
  • Robert Dyar Paſtor of Sherington
  • Samuel Wright Miniſter of Stockton
  • William Hunt Schoolemaſter of Sarum
  • Richard Hayter Maſter of Arts
  • Thomas Stubbs Miniſter of Wraughton
  • Robert Harpur Miniſter of Highworth
  • Iohn Stubbs Miniſter of Hannington
  • Iohn Millet Miniſter of Auborne
  • Iohn Sharpe Miniſter of Idmiſton.

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TextThe concurrent testimony of the ministers in the county of VViltes, with their reverend brethren the ministers of the province of London, to the truth of Jesus Christ, and to the solemn league and covenant : as also, against the errors, heresies, and blasphemies of these times, and the toleration of them.
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Bibliographic informationThe concurrent testimony of the ministers in the county of VViltes, with their reverend brethren the ministers of the province of London, to the truth of Jesus Christ, and to the solemn league and covenant : as also, against the errors, heresies, and blasphemies of these times, and the toleration of them. [2], 6 p. printed for Stephen Bowtell at the Bible in Popeshead-Alley,London :June 26. 1648.. (Signed (pp.3-6): Douglas Castilian [and 81 others].) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
  • Solemn League and Covenant (1643). -- Early works to 1800.
  • Wiltshire (England) -- History -- Early works to 1800.

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