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That is to ſay, Of the Antichriſtian Blindnes of thoſe, that out of a meer falſe Imagination and Phan­taſticall Conceitedneſſe, do hold themſelves to be Chriſtians, Spirituall Divines, Deputies and Meſſengers or Spokeſ-men of Chriſt, and take upon them, as Mediatours, to ſave others, whom they call the Secular Lay-men; therewith­all, reviling, traducing, condemning, excommunicating, per­ſecuting, exiling, and putting to death the true children of God, for not yeelding unto this Phantaſie of theirs, con­ceiving, that therein they do God great ſervice, when they buſie themſelves in weeding the ground thus, according to their Phantaſies, and endeavouring to ſave the An­gels a labour againſt the time of the Harveſt.

Together with a Diſcovery of the great Arch-Whore, and her Paramours or Lovers, whereof the Spirit of God beareth witneſſe.

LONDON: Printed by T. P. and M. S. in Goldſmiths Alley. 1642.


WHen the mind of man doth not deny it ſelf in all humility before God, and is not guided and acted by the Spirit and light of God, but is wiſe and cunning of it ſelf, in it's own power or ſtrength of Reaſon, and the ſpirit of the world; then is the ſame mind revolted from God, and goeth on in it's own guidance and naturall wiſdom, and that is the Phan­taſie; which, under the name of Chriſt, and palliating cover of the holy Scripture, pretendeth great matters; but indeed is nothing but a meer juggling; even as Lu­cifer became ſuch a Phantaſt and juggler, when as he withdrew himſelf from the ſacred government of the eternall light, and eſſay'd in his own high mindedneſſe, to be ſomething of himſelf; where alſo he ſeduced the firſt man, that he forſook God, and his command in diſobedience. Therefore, O Man, turn thy ſelf from this power of the Devill unto the living God, through Chriſt the Mediatour and Saviour, leſt by this Phan­taſterie and ſelf-conceitedneſſe of thine inveigled-Rea­ſon, thou become and abide a Phantaſticall Juggler for ever in hell. For without the Truth in Chriſt Jeſus there is no ſalvation.

THE OCCASION OF THE enſuing Treatiſe.

WHereas in many Pulpits, as alſo in ſundrie writings of thoſe that vaunt themſelves true Chriſti­ans, and followers or ſucceſſours of the Apoſtles, there is nothing ſo common and ordinarie, as re­proachfully to abuſe and traduce ſuch as do not agree with their ſelf-conceited-fond opinions, by the termes of Weigelians, Phantaſts and Enthuſiaſts, and that with as much clamour and bitterneſſe as can be devi­ſed. It was thought needfull to ſhew thoſe Praters ſome­thing of their own Phantaſterie, whether it might pleaſe God to give them Repentance yet, to acknow­ledge the Truth,1 Tim. 2.23. and to be freed from the ſnares of Sa­tan (by whom they are held captive according to his wil) to grow ſober again; and by ſhaking off and renouncing their erroneous and phantaſtick ſpirit,Ezech. 13.3. Iſa. 29.24. to receive under­ſtanding and inſtruction. Which is likewiſe requiſite for the ſimple people and ſuch as want true information, leſt they do make themſelves pertakers with the ſins of others, and participate of the plagues of Babel,Revel 6.18. Oſe. 7.8, 9. but ra­ther that they may ſave their ſouls as a prey out of

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and ſleighting the commandment of God, and with pleaſure and delight arrogating unto himſelf a wiſdom and knowledge of his own, He fell thereby off from God, was captivated by the ſpirit of this world, and ſubjected to the rule of Satan, who ſo infected him with his ſpreading poyſon, that the ſame did cleave not onely to himſelf, but likewiſe to all his poſteritie, whereby they are corrupted body and ſoul to everlaſting death, and become the children of wrath, and are ſatanicall altogether. Epheſ. 2.

Yet ſeeing God ever good and gracious,Wiſd. made not the Death nor took delight in the deſtruction of the living; but created man to eternall life, and to his Image, that he ſhould be like unto him: But by the devils envie Death came into the world; therefore alſo God took heartie compaſſion of Man, and of his Grace repaired this fall by his everliving WORD with the promiſe of the ſeed of the woman,Wiſd. 10 20. Gen. 3.15. who alſo afterwards was born man, and became an Attonement-offering; and graciouſ­ly gave ſuch a light to man,Epheſ. 5.2. Ioh. 1. Ioh 8.12. Col. 3.4. 1 Ioh. 3.8. Oſe. 13.14. Ioh. 1. Col. 1.15. Ioh. 9.5. Luk. 2 39. Bar. 1 Ioh. 5.6.7. whereby he was ſet upright again, and by the vertue whereof he was to fight againſt the ſeed of the Serpent, and overcome the ſinfull deſires of the ſame, in the faith of the Covenant: For this womans ſeed, the eſſenti­all word of the Father, is the light and life of men, which doth deſtroy and overcome the works of Satan within them; and this Word which was in the beginning, whereby all things were created, and are conſerved, is the light of men, which enlightneth every man that cometh into the world, all namely that receive it, and love not the darkneſſe of their carnall luſt and ſinfull affections, as the works of Satan, more then the light, but rather turn from them unto the light, cleave unto it by faith, and ſuffer themſelves to be guided and governed by the ſpirit of it; ſuch have power to become the ſons of God,Ioh. 1.12. and by the gracious inhabiting of this light, which is Chriſt, to be made partakers of the Divine Nature. Coloſ. 1.27.For this light, Chriſt, the eſſentiall Word of the Father; is the onely Media­tour and the onely means whereby the fall of Adam may be aboliſhed,2 Pet. 1.4. Hebr. 3.14. 1 Tim. 25. the loſſe recovered, and man again reconciled with God: And this is that day-ſpring from on high that giveth light to them that ſit in darkneſſe,Hebr. 1.3. Luk. 1.78, 79. and in the ſhadow of death, that they may walk before God, in holineſſe and righteouſnes,3 o all well-pleaſing. Who ſo hath this light in himſelf,2 Cor. 4.6. Rom. 8. 1 Ioh. 2.27. Act. 15.11. Oſe 12 10. Col. Ioh. Ioh. 15.5. 1 Cor. the ſame is enlightned; and whoſo hath his ſpirit in himſelf, the ſame is a Chriſtian and anointed; as likewiſe the Patriarchs and the Prophets had him, and were ſaved onely by him; who alſo did ſpeak by them; With him and in him, is all the ful­neſſe of the Godhead, and of him and of his fulneſſe, all of us muſt receive: He is the true Vine, and we are his branches, participating vigour and life of him and his fulneſſe, and with­out him none is able to do any thing. He is that ſpirituall Rock, from whom the Fathers drank their ſpirituall drink, and all the regenerate to this day, ſtill eat and drink this ſpiri­tuall meat and ſpirituall drink,Ioh. 14.6. Eph. 4.21. Rom. 7.6. Ioh., 38. not in a Phantaſticall or imagi­narie manner of ſenſuall reaſon, but in Truth: For in Chriſt there is Truth and Reality, and from thence do flow the rivers of living water ſpringing up into everlaſting life, out of them that do beleeve in him, and are partakers of his Spirit.

But whoſo hath not this Spirit, the ſame is no Chriſtian;Rom. 8.10. and whoſo doth not in Truth eat and drink this ſpirituall meat and drink, as the right and true bread of Heaven,Ioh. 6.53, 54. 1 Ioh. 5.9. Luk. 16.23. and water of life, the ſame hath no life in him, but his ſoul muſt eternally ſtarve and periſh, and his body muſt become an everlaſting Darkneſſe; and whoſo hath not this Light and Word of Life dwelling in his heart as in a living-Temple of God,Ioh. the ſame is none of Gods, but a veſſell of wrath, and of the ſpirit of dark­neſſe, who ſets him on to all evill, and at laſt doth precipitate and caſt him into perdition.

Now although this be the onely Truth, and altogether un­deniable according to the verdict of the Scripture of the old and new Teſtament, and that onely and ſolely by this light of grace and Truth, all the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apoſtles,Act. 15.11. and all other children of God were ſaved,Act. 4.11, 12. Ioh. 14. Chap. 6.19. and yet are ſaved to this day; as alſo indeed there is no other Goſpel, none other name or way, wherein we ſhall or may be ſaved, but Chriſt the WORD and Light of life,2 Cor. 6.16, 17, 18. who truly and really hath his dwel­ling and aboad in the children of God, and as the well-beloved Son of God maketh them to become gracious ſons and daugh­ters of God, and partakers of the Divine Nature. Yet many there are that boaſt and vaunt themſelves the Miniſters of the Word, though falſely,2 Ioh. 5.7. Epiſt Iud. ver. 19. &c. who moſt impudently and blaſphe­mouſly4 dare take upon them, to deny and traduce, nay like un­to mad dogs, with fearfull, and execrable barkings, ballings, railings and calumnies, to ſet upon and perſecute this gracious inhabiting of Chriſt in his faithfull members; warning and ex­horting the ſimple ones, to beware of ſuch Men, and their Do­ctrine, whom they do call Diſtracted, Mad, Phantaſtike, En­thuſiaſts, Dreamers, Inchanters, &c. as they would do of the Devill himſelf.

On the other ſide, they are ready and forward enough to boaſt and brag much of the ſtory of Jeſus Chriſt,Pſal. 12. Iam 2.19. according to their heatheniſh-Arts and deceitfull-prating; ſitting in the Chair of Peſtilence,Matth. 7.21. and puffing up themſelves, like ſo many proud and gariſh Mountebanks talking and glorying of Chriſt, His Perſon, his office, how he hath ſatisfied for mankind; how he hath ſent them forth as his own Meſſengers,Matth. 24. inſtead of the Apoſtles;2 Theſ. 2.4. that whoſoever heareth them, doth hear Chriſt himſelf; what they ſay is the Word of God, and ſpoken as from heaven; Chriſt had ſaid: Come unto me all ye, &c. Ther­fore men ought to come unto them, hear them, for where elſe ſhould they find Him? Yea, that ſuch as heard them, receive the Faith and holy Ghoſt thereby, and none otherwiſe. They are forſooth the means, the pipes and conduits whereby God doth ſave men: by them God takes away the ſins of men; By them he makes men partakers of the body and blood of his Son: And he now that beleeveth them in all this, and forſa­king Chriſt the living Well, doth ſeek the ſame in Chriſts ſtead at their hands, and doth honour and make much of them for it; He it is, whom they commend for a true Chriſtian, and one that hath the true and ſaving faith, albeit he live not accord­ingly, nor ſhew forth ſuch an holy converſation, as Chriſt commanded, and his Apoſtles and other Saints of God ap­proved, by being themſelves living patterns and examples thereof: O, ſay they, that matters not greatly, and can do them no harm; let them but acknowledge themſelves poore ſinners: the Prieſts have power to pardon, and abſolve them in Gods ſtead, and to take away the ſins from them. Chriſt hath ſuffered death for them, that they need not live ſo exact­ly; what had his dying availed elſe? Let them but be of good chear; and apply his merit to themſelves; why the verie5 Preachers themſelves, although they do exhort others to a Chriſtian life and converſation, and ſit in the chair of the Apoſtles, yet they are not able to live thus; But the office which they are in, hath that power and vertue; that men ſhould give heed unto it, and to their preaching and ſpeaking, not to their life and converſation, they were but men themſelves, even as others. By this falſe prating, the true ſpirituall knowledge of Chriſt is extinguiſhed,2 Tim. 2.13, 14, 15, 16, 17. 2 Pet. 2. Ezech. 13 10.18, 19, 22. and nothing remaineth but an hiſtori­call relation, together with the hypocriſie and apiſh imitation; the children of men are utterly turned away from Chriſt, and cauſed to walk in their vanities, and the luſts of the fleſh and corrupt reaſon,Gen. 18.21. whereunto they are inclined by their old Ada­micall-nature, and do nothing but deviſe evill; and it is mani­feſt, how, according to the courſe of this world, they live worſe then the Heathen, being altogether ruled, driven, and acted by the ſpirit of Darkneſſe,Epheſ. 2.12. that hath his work in the children of unbeleef according to his own pleaſure; and yet do perſwade themſelves, by reaſon of the promiſes of libertie, their ſhepherds feed them withall; that for all that they are very good Chriſtians, and have the faith, if ſo be they do but frequently repair to them in their ſtone-Churches, Pulpits, and Confeſſion-chairs, and reverence the Miniſterie, then all is well enough with them. Thus by the deceit of ſuch men be­ing the inſtruments of the Devill,2 Theſ. 2.9. Ezek. 22.25. and not Paſtours but mur­therers of ſouls, they encourage and ſtrengthen their old Adam in his carnall luſts, and the ſenſuall deſires of their ſelf-love, every where and in all occaſions, to ſeek and advance thereby their own glory, eaſe and benefit,Eph. 4.17, &c, directly againſt the commandments of Chriſt, againſt the doctrine and examples of the Apoſtles,R••6.12. Cap. 7.4. &c. Gal. 5.16. Cap. 6.7. 1 Pet. Matth. 16.24. Luk. 17.33. Ioh. 12.25. Ioh. 15.5. 1 Tim. who inceſſantly inſiſt and urge that the old Adam, that is, the outward man, together with his ſinfull luſts and deſerts, ſhall and ought to be ſubdued, crucified and killed; that man muſt deny himſelf, forſake all evill in his heart, and taking his croſſe upon him, follow Chriſt; that we muſt ceaſe to do evill, fear God and do good, and Chriſt alone muſt give the power and ſtrength hereunto, by his Spirit; to whom being ſealed by him, we muſt ſubmit to receive inſtru­ctions. Tit. 2.12. Gen. 6.2, 3.

Behold and conſider now how farre theſe people are from6 Chriſt, and the true faith, and how ſhamefully they do beguil both themſelves and others, with unprofitable imaginations and ſuppoſed opinions,Pſal. 50.16, 17 conceit and tongue-faith, comforting themſelves from without in their imaginarie and Phantaſticall apprehenſions,Iſa. 29.13. Matth. 7.26. Ioh 5.38. with the merit and ſatisfaction of Chriſt, ſtro­king and ſoothing thereby their old Man, in his ſinfull courſes; but cannot endure the Spirit of Chriſt, ſtro­king and ſoothing thereby their old Man, in his ſinfull courſes; but cannot endure the Spirit of Chriſt, or the inward Word of God in the Heart, as in his Temple; reviling and traducing that gracious inhabiting, deſpighting and gainſaying the holy Ghoſt openly;Hebr. 10.29. and thus indeed rejecting the true foundation and corner-ſtone of the everlaſting covenant in their building.

This beloved,Luk. 11.39. is indeed a moſt falſe pernitiouſly and deadly fooliſh Phantaſie whereby theſe Phantaſticall Men, together with all that cleave unto them,Ioh. and ſeek for light in darkneſſe, do precipitate and plunge themſelves into everlaſting Dark­neſſe. For he that is not united with God by the inhabiting of Chriſt,1 Cor. 1.9. Hebr. 3.6. and 6.6. the true and onely light, in a true faith, muſt remain thus ſeparated from God, and enchained with Lucifer in dark­neſſe for ever. Therefore take heed and underſtand yet at length ye children of men,2 Pet. 2.1. that, when your Preachers do deny and traduce the inhabiting of Chriſt in the true beleevers, they do ſpeak too preſumptuouſly againſt Chriſt and againſt his members (who by the inhabiting of the Spirit of Chriſt in them,Epheſ. 4.30. or by the participation of the Divine Nature, are truly ſealed and new born to be the children of God) and truly the apple of his eye. 2 Cor. 1.22.

But of themſelves, that deny this inhabiting of Chriſt, and that Chriſt doth not dwell in them,2 Pet. 7. Ioh. 8.44. not feeling him in them­ſelves, and denying the Lord that bought them, it may be tru­ly ſaid (according to the ſaying of Chriſt to the Jews) Ye are of your father the devill, and the lusts of your father you will do: He was a murtherer and a liar from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, becauſe the truth is not in him. When he ſpeaketh a lie he ſpeak­eth of his own. For this is manifeſt by the likeneſſe of theſe Scribes and Phariſees of the New Teſtament, with theſe of the Old Teſtament which had the word of God not dwelling within them, and called Chriſt a made man and an inchanter; and plainly ſhewed by their hypocriticall and carnall courſe and converſation,Matth. 11.30. Hebr. 10.29. and the fruits thereof, that not Chriſt but7 Antichriſt, which is the ſpirit of Darkneſſe, and the Prince of this world, did inhabite them, and wrought ſuch works.

Now conſider yet further, dear Man,Iſa 61.6: 1 Pet. 2.9. that by reaſon of and from this inhabiting and anointing, all Chriſtians are children of the light, Prieſts of the Lord, a royall prieſthood and holy peculiar people of God, that ought to declare the power of him that called them out of darkneſſe to his marvellous light, and waſhed them through his blood, and made them Prieſts,Rev. 1.6.9, 10. Rom. 12.18. Gal. 5. Hoſ. 14.3. Heb. 5.13. Revel. 5.8. Numb. 16. 2 Chron. 26.16. to preſent their bodies a living ſacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, and to crucifie and deſtroy the works of the fleſh, and the earthly members in their luſts; to offer up the calves of their lips, as the fruits of the ſame; in a praiſe-offering to God through Chriſt; and to preſent the cenſor of the heart full of the ſweet-ſmelling ſavour of prayer. For as in the old Teſta­ment, none were permitted to be a prieſt, and to burn incenſe before God, but Aaron and his ſons, that iſſued from him as from a Rock, ſo in the new Teſtament none is a Chriſtian but he that is cut out of Chriſt the living Rock,1 Cor. 10.4. Cap 3.16. Matth. 16.18. 1 Pet. 1.23. Iſa. 8.18. 1 Ioh 5.1.14. Matth. 3.17. Ioh. 1.13. c. 4.24. c. 16.26. Hebr. 5.16. 1 Cor. 6.17. Ioh. 14.16, 17. 2 Cor 4.6. 1 Ioh. 2. and built upon him, and none dare draw neer unto God with his prayer, but he that is regenerated of Chriſt. And to his throne of grace they all approach with cheerfulneſſe, that will obtain mercie from God their heavenly Father, through the ſame mercie ſeat, Jeſus Chriſt, by whom as the well-beloved, they are ac­ceptable before God. Epheſ. 1.6.

And upon this ſame ground alſo, all true Chriſtians are not ſecular but ſpirituall men, for they cleave unto the Lord, and are one ſpirit with him, which Chriſt hath given unto them from the Father, and thereby ſealed them; whereby likewiſe as by a ſhewing light, there ariſeth in their hearts the enlight­ning from the glory of God in the face of Jeſus Chriſt, aſſuring and teaching them inwardly, and not onely making their hearts ſure,Gal. 5.16. but working withall the fruits of the Spirit within them, ſuch as are faith, love, patience, peace, kindneſſe, meek­neſſe, &c. and therefore they are ſpirituall people, hating the works and fruits of the fleſh; ſuch as are, adultery, fornication, uncleanneſſe, laſciviouſneſſe, idolatry, ſorcerie, enmitie, ſtrife, envie, wrath, hatred, variance, diviſions, ſeditions, murther, drunkenneſſe, gluttony, pride, ambition, extortion, covetouſ­neſſe, and the like; all which do mark out a ſecular,Ier. 7. worldly8 and carnall man, where they are committed. But thoſe that belong to Chriſt, do crucifie their fleſh with its luſts, and de­ſires; and as they live in the ſpirit, ſo they walk likewiſe in the ſpirit; and are in deed and in truth no ſecular or worldly but ſpirituall men; however otherwiſe by their places and offices here, they may be Kings, Princes, Nobles, Citizens or Pe­ſants.

Mark then and try thy ſelf, O Man, what fruits there break forth in thy life from within,Matt and how thy heart is diſpoſed inwardly in its thoughts and affections, whether thou be a ſe­cular or ſpirituall perſon: Let not the prating of thoſe falſely called ſpirituall or Divines with their outward Church preach­ings, confeſſions, and communions deceive thee; but go and try now thy own ſelf, whether Chriſt doth dwell and live in thee, whether thou be in the faith, fit or unfit, exerciſe love, yea or no,2 Cor. 13.5.6. and let not their pretended difference trouble thee, that they do call themſelves the Prieſts, ſpirituall ones, and men in holy Orders or Divines, and theſe of thy Rank and Qualitie the ſecular and Lay-people. The Devill, as the ſpirit of Darkneſſe, hath taught them to deviſe this difference, whoſe ſpirituall creatures they are; for he can likewiſe transform him­ſelf into an Angel of light,1 Cor. 11.13. and is a ſpirit; why not then as well alſo his own Apoſtles and Miniſters? but as he is a ſpirit of Darkneſſe, ſo are they ſpirituall ones of darkneſſe, or altoge­ther worldly and carnall, whoſe belly is their God, and whoſe glory is their ſhame; for that is one and the ſame before God, and their end will be according to their works. Phil. 3.19.

But all true regenerate Chriſtians, are ſpirituall indeed, and bring forth the fruits of the ſpirit, let them be for outward of­fice or charge, what they will, Emperor, King, Prince, Noble, Citizen, Pſant, Preacher, hearer, they are all of one ſpirit, one ſoul,Phil. 1.27. Gal. Col. 3.11. and lay hold on the unity of the ſpirit; and there is no difference, they be all but one in Chriſt; there is neither Greek, nor Jew, neither circumciſion nor uncircumciſion, neither Barbarian, nor Cithian, neither bond nor free, neither ſervant nor maſter, maid nor miſtreſſe, and ſo alſo neither eſtates ſpirituall nor ſecular or temporall, neither Laicus nor Clericus, neither Prieſt nor Lay, but Chriſt is all in all, and Love the Bond of Perfectneſſe, doth tye and knit them alto­gether9 into one ſpirit, alſo many members of one body, wher­of the head is Chriſt.

See now and conſider the great Phantaſtery of thoſe,Col. 2, 18.23. that among ſuch as would be the people of God, do vaunt them­ſelves the ſpeciall Prieſts the ſpirituall ones, the powerfull Mi­niſters of Chriſt, pretending, they teach the others in Chriſt his ſtead, provide, revive and comfort their ſouls, with the aſ­ſurance of everlaſting ſalvation, pardon them their ſins, which God did take away by their means; nay they were the means; whereby, as by a pipe or conduit, God did impart faith and the holy Ghoſt unto men, and ſave them, ſouls and bodies, ever­laſtingly, they muſt be preſent by all means, if any doth mean to enjoy a bleſſed departure out of this world; of them and by them they are fed in their ſouls with the body and blood of Chriſt; if they do but pronounce the word of conſecration up­on it: and when they adminiſter Baptiſme, that the ſame is the Regeneration; that they themſelves are the apple of Gods eye, the Meſſengers of his mouth; that he that heareth them, heareth Chriſt himſelf, and by them God doth teach and in­ſtruct mankind; that God will do nothing without them, un­leſſe it were in caſe of extremitie, then he ſupplied their part himſelf, yet not indifferently with all, but with ſuch onely, that had formerly honoured and renounced them and their Miniſtery; that none ought to ſtumble or take exception a­gainſt their ſcandalous life, and converſation; but look onely upon their function and upon the word, that it ought to be eſteemed a great mercie of God, that he is pleaſed to give and communicate his graces to other men, by ſuch polluted ſtink­ing veſſels and conduits: that the doctrine is pure and ſound ſtill, be the Doctor never ſo vile and rotten, nay though he were the Devill himſelf.

Lo the ſwelling and ſtrange imagination, and the Phantacti­call conceitedneſſe, thus men are inthralled withall, by the deceit of the ſpirit of darkneſſe, who caſteth ſuch a miſt be­fore their eyes, in their arts and ſciences; that they are not able to diſcern the light of the truth, for the thickneſſe thereof;2 Cor. 4.4. but are fallen into theſe abominable Antichriſtian blaſphemies againſt God and his Chriſt, and ſeducing ſuch as follow them into the ſame Phantaſterie.


Silly and beſotted men! how, I pray, ſhall they be able, to provide for comfort and ſolace, their or other mens ſouls, when as we ſee them to be ſo careleſſe and ſuperficiall in re­gard of their own? Do they not live in all carnall pleaſures, in luxurie, uncleanneſſe, drunkenneſſe, gluttonie, deboſtneſſe, in greedie purſuit of vain glory, and filthy lucre, in pride, envy, wrath, hatred, ſtrife, contention, falſhood and deceit, walking altogether after the fleſh; How can they be ſpirituall, I pray? they are ſtark dead in ſin, and utterly ſtranged from the know­ledge of themſelves, how ſhall they be able to ſhew thee the way to life? How ſhall they teach thee that knowledge of God, that is proper onely to the anointing, which they have not at all, but ſlander and deride rather. Their wickedneſſe and vice, is the very ſame the Prophets taxed in the Prieſts and Shepherds, and Chriſt and his Apoſtles reproved in the Pha­riſees, and the learned among the Jews; therefore read and peruſe the ſame and thou ſhalt find all things agree with the practiſe of theſe falſly termed Divines or ſpirituall men, and that they prove yet worſe in all regard.

Blind-Guides alas!Matth. 23. how ſhould they be able to ſpeak com­fort to any mans ſoul, and to allay their fiery trials, agonies and temptations,1 Pet. 2.25. Pſal. 23. with heavenly cordials; the ſame lying not all in any mans power, for onely Chriſt and none but Chriſt, is the Archſhepherd and Biſhop,Ier. 31.25. Mat. 11.28, 29. Pſal. 107.9. Col. 1.27. 1 Theſ. 1.3. Iſa. 44.24. Ca. 45.19.22. Iſa. 42.8. ca. 41.11. Rom. 1.22. Ier. 23.24. Iſa. 57.15, 16. yea the Phyſitian and the Phy­ſick it ſelf of the drooping and diſtreſſed ſouls: they can find no reſt in any humaine comfort or babling, but onely and ſolely in Chriſt; that uniteth them with God; and gives them life; for Chriſt is our life, and he in us is that firm and unde­ceiveable hope of everlaſting glory. He it is that blotteth out our tranſgreſſions, for His ſake, and diſpelleth our miſdeeds, as a cloud, and our ſins as a miſt. Therefore, turn away thy ſelf from theſe blind leaders to Chriſt himſelf; for it is he that redeemeth thee, and he will give his glory to none other, nei­ther to thoſe ſelf up-ſtart carnall-Idols. He needs no deputie nor Vicegerent; but as he filleth heaven and earth, ſo he dwel­leth in ſin-broken hearts, as in his Temple, and comforteth the ſpirit of the humble and drooping, and hath not need of any other means or Mediator. 1 Ioh. 1.2, 3. Iſa. 45.11. Iſa. 44.2.And the true Meſſengers of God do teſtifie and declare this unto their brethren, and direct the3 ſame to Chriſt himſelf, as to the well and ſpring of Life: to Him that made them, and that was with them from their mo­thers wombe; and they do not take upon them to be his Vice­gerents, as if they were able to comfort or ſave the ſouls of men.

Who am I?1 Cor. 3. ſaith St. Paul. I have betrothed you to a husband that ye ſhould cleave to Chriſt, as a pure Virgin; & not ſuffer your ſelves to be led aſide by the wiles of Satan,2 Cor. 11.2. from the ſim­plicitie in Chriſt, to be directed to ſuch or ſuch, or to call your ſelves after them. Ye ſhall have no Father on earth, ſaith Chriſt, namely, of regeneration, but onely the heavenly Fa­ther, who is the onely true Father,Matth. 23.9. of all that is called children in heaven and on earth. How then can ye call theſe men the ſpirituall Fathers of your ſouls,Eph. 3.15. which yet do more hinder then further you, in coming to the heavenly Father: having taken away the keyes of heaven;Matth. 23.13. they neither themſelves will enter therein, nor ſuffer you to get into it, ſhutting the gates againſt you, and frighting you away from it, with their clamours and outcries; leſt in any wiſe ye ſhould draw neer to your heaven­ly Father, without their means and Mediatourſhip: for do but obſerve, I pray, how Chriſt doth anſwer the Phariſees as they demanded of him, when the Kingdom of God ſhould come;Luk. 17.20. that it cometh not with outward obſervations or ceremonies: neither ſhall ſay lo here or lo there is it, but the kingdom of God is inward and within Man; and St. Paul ſaith, The king­dom of God doth not conſiſt in eating & drinking,1 Cor. 4.20. Rom. 14.17. 1 Cor. 2.4. nor in great ſwelling words, or artificiall prating, but in power and in the demonſtration of the Spirit of God, it being righteouſneſſe, peace, and joy in the holy Ghoſt; that Man is to ſerve God in this kingdom in ſpirit and truth, God being a Spirit himſelf,Ioh. 4.23. Mtt. 6.10.23. and requiring ſuch worſhippers as do worſhip him in ſpirit and truth:Ioh. 24.21. Therefore alſo Chriſt hath taught us to ſeek above all things the kingdom of God, and earneſtly to entreat and pray to God, that it may come unto us, and be revealed in us.

Unto this kingdom of God,Col. 1.27.27. Matth. 13.44. 2 Cor. 4.7. Eph. 2.21. which lies already hid within thee, all the faithfull teachers do direct thee, when as they ſpeak of Chriſt that great myſtery within us, how thou art a Temple and dwelling of the holy Ghoſt; how thou doſt carry the treaſure in the field, and in an earthen veſſell,Deut. 30.11. that the12 grace may be God through Chriſt the word of life,Rom. 10.8. which is neer thee in thy heart, and in thy mouth.

What do our Phantaſticks pray to this? O, ſay they, that is not to be underſtood: theſe be Pauliniall Phraſes, certain uſuall experſſions: the Kingdom of God ought to be ſought with them in their vile ſtone Churches, where you may hear them make, Cicero like, a number of quaint and curious De­clarations and diſcourſes out of the holy Scriptures, after their manner; according to the Idoll Brain or Gloſſes of Antichriſt and humaine learning, every one as he is taught and principled by thoſe humane ſects; Where alſo in the chancell or quire of their auticular confeſſion, they do forgive the people their ſins in Gods ſtead,Matth. 24. and adminiſter their Sacraments: there there they ſay, is the kingdom of God; thither men are called and invited to the great ſupper, by the peal of the Bels, and their pulpits; there they are the ſtewards of the myſteries of God; what others ſay of the kingdom of God within Man, that is nothing to them, but Phantaſterie, Enthuſiaſtrie, in man there dwelleth nought that is good; how ſhould the kingdom of God be within him? Men ought, ſay they, to repair and frequent to their Churches, there is the houſe of God, the gates of heaven, the Citie that he hath choſen, where he hath ſet up the memoriall of his Name, where the great ſupper is celebrated, where Chriſt is cried into men from without.

See, beloved, how theſe men are carried and hurried by the giddineſſe and ſpirit of Darkneſſe,Art. 7.48. .17.24. Ier. 3.16. .7.4. Lies and blaſphemies. When the true children of God do ſpeak of the kingdom of God through Chriſt within them, and prove or redargue that Phan­taſterie, of God dwelling in houſes or Churches made with hands; (whereof the Jews were wont ſo much to boaſt and glory, ſaying, here is the Temple of the Lord and the Ark of the Covenant) and indeavour to withdraw their neighbour from ſuch Phantaſtery to the living God,Iſa. 57.15.66. whoſe Throne are the heavens, and the earth his footſtool, and whoſe dwelling is in a contrite heart; then the ſpirit of lies doth belch forth in his Phantaſticks and giving out, the children of God do for­bid, to come to any Churches or Aſſemblies. For they are vex­ed, when the word of Chriſt is caſt in their teeth touching the falſe Prophets in ſheeps clothing,Matth. 24. that ſay, Here is Chriſt, or13 He is in the wilderneſſe, and in the chamber or chappell; and when thereby their Antichriſtian Phantaſtery is diſcovered; But beloved, be not thou daunted with ſuch lies, for the chil­dren of God do not forbid to come to Church, or to frequent the aſſemblies of the congregations, ſuch, namely, as are ga­thered in the unity of the ſpirit, this they are falſely ſlandered withall, by the lying ſpirit, that ſwayeth theſe Phantaſtiques, onely they do point at the falſe and fond opnion of theſe Bab­lers and Idols, that would have men imagine and believe their Phantaſteries, as if God had his dwelling and abode in their ſtony rotten Churches, wherein the ſcreech-owls, Bats, crows, and ſparrows neſtle; there the kingdom of God were to be met withall, perſwading people that there God would hear them in an eſpeciall manner, and what they do propound and tell men in theſe places, they ought to receive and obey as the Word of God, and there none ſhould dare to controul or gainſay them; thus and thereby laying waſte and deſolate the living Temples of the holy Ghoſt, that is, the ſouls and hearts of men; thereof they ſay nothing, or at beſt, but little, and in a very confuſed and intricate manner.

This indeed is inſufferable to Gods children, and directly againſt the glory of God; that there they ſhould hear of the lies and calumnies of thoſe Phantaſticks, and by their ſilence and connivence, as it were approve and ratifie the ſame before all the congregation, and to deny Chriſt and his glory; and therefore they have reaſon to abſent themſelves from their meetings, ſeeing their gainſaying or proteſting againſt them,1 Cor. 14.26. would be held a great ſin, although among true Chriſtians, it ſhould be lawfull to every one. But yet they have as good rea­ſon altogether, to ſpeak againſt theſe wayes, thereby to with­draw the ſtraying from ſuch falſe opinions, that they may poſſeſſe their heart with God,Ioh. 4.21. Luk. 17.20. and ſeek for the kingdom of God, according to the doctrine of Chriſt, within themſelves, not ſuffering themſelves to be tied to any place whatſoever. In the mean while they do not deſpiſe the gathering of the congregations together, whether it be a houſe of wood or ſtone; or in the open field either; nor do they ſimply find fault with frequenting of Churches, provided it be done out of a true love to Gods word, and to ſtir up one another with praiers14 to the praiſe of God in the great congregation, and ſolemne devotions: as likewiſe that the younger ſort may be taught and inſtructed,1 Cor. 14.23. Hebr. 10.24, 25. Ier. 7.4. the elder exhorted and encouraged in their courſes, and erring and ſtumbling ones, be reclaimed, heartned and ſtrengthened.

Therefore now lay this to heart, and rely on lies no longer when ye hear them ſay: Here is the Temple of the Lord, we have the true Religion, here is the kingdom of God; but a­mend your lives and doings, dealing righteouſly one with an­other; and let this be a ſure mark and character, when thy Preachers tell thee that the kingdom of God is to be ſought with them in their ſtone Churches, in their Pubpits, in the Chancell of confeſſion, and in the Lords Supper or at the Communion, inveighing and railing withall againſt thoſe that do not condemne the gathering of the congregations to heart the Word (but onely blame and ſpeaks againſt the falſe opinions, and maintain with Chriſt, that the kingdom of God is within man, and that the Chriſtians are the true Temples and dwelling houſes of God the holy Ghoſt) I ſay again, be ſure then,Luk. 17.20. 1 Cor. 6.19. Hebr. 3.6. that ſuch are the many Phantaſticks, and falſe Pro­phets, Antichriſtian and diabolicall Teachers; and if thou ſuf­fer thy ſelf to be deluded, and conceited by their means; that, repairing to them in their Churches, in thy carnall wayes and conditions, and ſo hearing them, and fetching the pardon of thy ſins from them for money, an Alms or ſome other out­ward reſpect, thou haſt there performed thy ſervice unto God, art reconciled with God, haſt been in the kingdom of God, and at his great Supper, and yet doſt not find the kingdom of God in thine own heart and ſoul, but goeſt on ſtill in the old vanity of thy carnall courſes,Ioh. 14.21. 2 Ioh. 5. according to the luſts of this world; then thou art a Phantaſtick as they, and migtily deceived, for not thoſe that heart the Word here or there from without, but they that have it in their hearts, that keep and do accordng to it, and live no more in thmſelves and their own deſires, but in Chriſt, in God, and according to the will of God, and likewſe do love one another from the heart in all uprightneſſe and ſin­ceritie; thſe are the children of God in whom Chriſt doth dwell as in his houſe and Tmple,Hebr. 3.6. 2 Cor. 3.16. and guide and govern them by his holy and bleſſed Spirit.


As for thoſe other, although they ſhall ſay, Lord have we not done great deeds in thy Name; Have we not made ex­cellent and powerfull Sermons, driven out Devils; have we not been conſtant daily and diligent frequenters of the Church, have we not often confeſſed our ſelves and gone to receive the Communion, and abſolution and pardon of our ſins, by thy vicegerents? this is the ſentence they ſhall be doomed withall; Get ye hence ye workers of iniquitie,Matth. 7.21, 22, 23. I never knew you yet; for none ſhall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but ſuch as do the will of my Father.

Now to ſpeak of the Bond of Brotherly love in the Unity of the Spirit, which is the Bond of Perfectneſſe, whereby the true children of God do love their very enemies; and do good unto them; for when all things ſhall ceaſe, yet love is to abide ſtill, and it is the onely infallible character of the children of God, and Chriſts diſciples; But God himſelf is love,1 Cor. 13. Ioh. 13.34. 1 Ioh. 4 17. and with­out him none can love either God, or his neighbour; There­fore true Chriſtian love proceedeth from the gracious inhabi­ting of Chriſt, who by his bleſſed ſpirit,Rom. 5.4. Ioh. 16. doth powre out the love in our hearts, which overcometh all croſſes and afflicti­ons, and can be ſeperated from God by nothing. Rom. 8.35, 39.

Conſider and ſee now, I pray, whether thou canſt trace out love in thy Preachers; Verily, if thou do not ſufficiently ho­nour them, and fill their hands;Luk. 20.45, 46. or if thou diſcover but in the leaſt degree or winke that thou doſt not hold and eſteam of them, as of the Vicegerents of Chriſt,Matth. 25. and ſuch as are able to pardon thy ſins; or if thou agree and aſſent not unto their Phantaſtick opſnions, but endeavour rather to draw and direct both them and thy neighbour out of a tender and brotherly heart, unto that which is good, even,1 Cor. 11.3.5. with Paul to Chriſt him­ſelf; & not aſſent to thoſe Men or ſelf-authorized Vicegerents; thou ſhalt ſoon diſcover what love there is in them; and by whom they are inhabited; for they do teſtifie it by the practiſe of their abominable ſlandering; reviling, excommunicating, condemning, irritating and enraging of the ſilly multitudes that the Word and the Love of God have no dwelling in them. Ioh. 5.41.38. Take a view of Love throughout St. Johns Epiſtle, and ac­cording to that examine and try both thy ſelf and Preacher, then thou ſhalt be ſoon and eaſily able to diſcern between up­right16 Chriſtians, and thoſe Phantaſticks or hypocrites: and beware of giving credit to it, that any one can be a Chriſtian that walketh not in love,1. Ioh. 3. for he that loveth not, hath not God abiding in him; and he that hath not Chriſt in himſelf, but notwithſtanding his worldly courſe and converſation, preſu­meth to comfort himſelf in the immaginarie conceitedneſſe of a falſe-Opinion-ſaith with the Merit of Chriſt, the ſame doth deceive and delude both himſelf and others. Therefore prove and try thy ſelf, and learn to diſcern and diſcover the Phantaſtery of thſe, that conceive they may love both God and their neighbour well enough, without Chriſts true inha­biting of them.

And by reaſon hereof now turn thy ſelf unto God, the ſource or ſtream and fountain of love;1 Ioh. 4.17. Ioh. 6.44. follow his drawings, whither both M•••s, the Prophets and all the Apoſtles, yea Chriſt him­ſelf, and likeiſe all ſincere and upright Teachers and Preach­ers do lead and direct thee;Pſal. 8.5. and ſo thou ſhalt find the Love of the Father to ariſe within thee, by his living Word; and thy heart ſeaſoned and poſſeſſed throughly,Rom 5.5. by this Love, as the holy Ghoſt; without which LOVE, it will be utterly im­poſſible for thee to love God and thy Neighbour; for all perfect gifts do come from him as from the Father of lights. Iam. 1.16.

One thing more thou art to be minded of, viz. that theſe modern Phantaſts do mightily defame and vilifie, as they con­ceive the true children of God, by terming and calling them, Enthuſiaſts; But know, that Enthuſiaſta in the Greek tongue doth ſignifie a man endewed with divine power, governed and acted by the Spirit of God, as were in former times the Pro­phets and Apoſtles, and as all Saints and holy perſons yet are, according to the meaſure, which the Spirit vouchſafeth unto them, for which cauſe the World aſo doth account and call them diſtracted and ſtark mad fols and Bedlams.

Whereas indeed theſe are even they, whom Chriſt, toge­ther with his Father and the holy Spirit,Ioh. 14.24. is come in unto, ha­ving made there abode within them: that ſame Spirit teach­eth and leadth them,Ioh. 15.16.18. whom the world cannot receive, neither ſee him. And he doth dwell in them as in a holy. Temple, and thereby they are partakers of the divine nature,1 Cor. 3.16. 2 Pet. 1.4. and members of the body of Chriſt, fleſh and bone, of his fleſh and bone;17 and by this Spirit that abideth for ever with them,Epheſ. 5.30. and leadeth the children of God in the right path, teaching, inſtructing, chaſtiſing, ſwaying and governing them,1 Ioh. 3. they know aſſured­ly, that God is and abideth within them. Thoſe now that are thus qualified are the right and true Enthuſiasts: and are no­whit aſhamed of the Word. As for other matters that are falſely fathered upon them (as if they uſed to ſet themſelves into ſome ſecret corner or other, and wait there for ſpeciall Raptures and Revelations, till ſome ſpirit come unto them, and inſtruct them in this or that, theſe and ſuch like tales and fables) are the forged lies of the Antichriſtian Phantaſts that neither know themſelves, nor Chriſt, nor any true Chriſtian. The children of God know of no other revelation,Ioh. 14.21. 1 Cor. 1. Gal. 1.12. Epheſ. 1.19. Rom. 8.20. but ſuch as Chriſt and Paul meant, and as is alreadie alledged. He that hath not the Spirit of Chriſt, nor is acted and guided by him, is none of his and no Chriſtian, but an Antichriſt and child of Satan.

Mark therefore and obſerve well, I pray, ſince theſe Phan­taſticks and Raylers do of themſelves confeſſe, that Chriſt and his Spirit do not inhabite them; nay dare moreover call it Phantaſtery, when, Paul ſaith, that theſe are the children of God, that are led by the Spirit, by whom they deſtroy the works of the fleſh; blaſphemouſly denying and traducing the inhabiting of Chriſt; it is more then evident, that all their Chriſtianitie, and all their vain glorious babling and prating of Chriſt, is but a meere Phantaſtery, an empty windie Word-Selling which hath neither virtue nor ſubſtance; and becauſe they are not Enthei, and have not God within them, therefore they are Athei, Godleſſe Athiſts without God; and not being Chriſts, or anointed and illuminated, they are Antichriſts,Matt. 12.30. Revel. 18.2. 1 Ioh. 3.8.10. Act. 5.3. Cap. 13.10. blinded and darkned, and not being a dwelling of Chriſt and Temple of his Spirit, they are a Babel, the dwelling and abode of unclean ſpirits, and hatefull fowls, wherein the Devill dwel­leth, who doth likewiſe appear and ſhew forth himſelf from within them, by their outward works of carnall luſts, cove­touſneſſe, pride, envie, wrath, crueltie and perſecution, what kind of Bud and Antichriſtian-murthering-ſpirit doth neſtle in their hearts, and what a falſe ſpirit doth iſſue forth in their words, lo, thus they are judged out of their own words and works.


But the time will likewiſe ſoon approach, that all theſe Atheiſts and godleſſe perſons, ſhall become and turn to be the Devils Phantuſiaſts, when, namely, God ſhall execute his judgements now upon them as upon the diſobedient Jews, when for terror and anguiſh of heart,Iſa. 66.24. 2. Eſdr. 13. Pſal. 54. they ſhall lie and lirk in holes, and for the fire of hell kindled inheir hearts, and for the gnawing worm of their conſcience they ſhall giddily tun a­bout, and howl like dogs, that they may not be ſatisfied, but faint and ſtarve in their ſouls, becauſe they would not endure Chriſt the living water and true comfort of the ſoul,Iſa. 52.6. Ier. 2.13. within them, and likewiſe forbad and hindred others from drinking, offering them water for money out of their own corrupt and ſtinking puddles.

Thus then beloved, thou haſt heard, who are the great Phantaſts and Antichriſtian Juglers now adayes, that do but apiſhly imitate that which is true, and thus by their Phantaſti­call imaginations deceive both themſelves and others, and fail of the way everlaſting.

Conſider now and try thy ſelf well,Matt. 24.5. &c. 2 Tim. 3.1, &c. Rev. 17.13. Matth. 7.15. and beware of the falſe Prophets and Phantaſts, who according as Chriſt and Paul foretold, are riſen in theſe latter times, not by ſingle or few perſons, but in a numerous multitude, pretending his name, and boaſting of mighty ſignes and works; ſeek them out in Countreys, Cities, Villages, try them well, and beware of them, by their fruits thou ſhalt know them: he that is not with Chriſt both in life and Doctrine, and is not led and acted by the in­dwelling Spirit of Chriſt, to ſhew forth the living faith in love, and only to look in Chriſt, but meaneth to ſooth up and dawbe over his fleſhly luſts, in the wayes of Darkneſſe, and the old man; with the merit and ſatisfaction of Chriſt, ſaying, here in the wildernes, or there is Chriſt, and boaſts of his Chriſtianity, the ſame is no Chriſtian, but an Antichriſt, a Lyat, a Phantaſt, a Stage-player and an Ape; whoſe Chriſtianity conſiſteth not in the Truth which is Chriſt, but in a ſelf made-imagination and outward-hypocriticall peeviſhneſſe. Therefore alſo it is nothing but Phantaſtery and deceit, whereby men do beguild both themſelves and thoſe that follow them, and fall together into the everlaſting darkneſſe.

Glory onely be to God.

A DISCOVERIE OF THE ARCH-WHORE AND HER Paramours (or Lovers) of whom the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD beareth Witneſſe.

IEſus Chriſt, GOD and Man, having accompliſhed the work of the Redemption of Mankind, hath ſent forth his Meſſengers into all the world to gather unto himſelf a Church or Spouſe out of both Jews and Gentiles.

Theſe diſpatched Meſſengers of God, have accordingly taught men with all care and faithfulneſſe, to renounce all earthly luſts and pleaſures, to crucifie their fleſh, to forſake all men, how wiſe ſoever, even themſelves and every thing elſe, that is not God himſelf, and in pure and ſingle hearted Love, to cleave unto their Head and Bridegroom Jeſus Chriſt, as be­ing betrothed unto him, and to be onely and altogether cor­rected,2 Cor. 11. 1.3 ruled, led and taught in all ſubmiſſive humble obedi­ence, by him and by his Spirit.

But as the Church began already in the Apoſtles dayes, be­ſides their Bridegroom Chriſt, to honour alſo his Miniſters in his ſtead, to cleave unto & follow them, and to call themſelves after their names, athough the holy men did highly rebuke them for, and earneſtly diſſwade them from it, leſt they ſhould be••••way like Ee,Cor. 11. by the Serpent from the ſimplicitior pla••neſſe of Chriſt; for as much as they ought to be Chriſts onely ad no Mas, and that God doth catch the craftie in the World, and conoudeth them with all their wſdom. So after their Departure is this Adultery broke forth publickly, and the20 Miniſters themſelves have allured the Spouſe of Chriſt unto themſelves with ſweet and ſtately language and ſhew of their office, and have not addreſſed them directly onely and ſolely to Chriſt their Bridegroome (to wait on his Spirit, for life, power, inſtruction and government) but have offered them­ſelves to provide for the Souls, the Comfort of Eternall Salva­tion, in the name and ſtead of Chriſt, thereby to win men with ſoothing and magnificent words unto themſelves, according as the Adultery of the Churches and their daughters as well among the Papiſts, and their partie, as among the reſt, even to this very preſent, is but too manifeſt.

Whereas it is a known buſineſſe as well in many other places as in Popery, how there hath been deviſed a ſpirituall marriage between the Miniſters and their Pariſh Churches, which hath its beginning in the call and ordination, is conſecrated, conſum­mated and perfected by his ſaying or ſinging the firſt Maſſe, and by the impoſition of hands; Whence alſo they are not aſhamed openly to give out themſelves for ſpirituall Fathers, as who like conduits preſume to get ſpirituall children by their Churches, calling them their Pariſh Children, Confeſſion-children.

And although ſome hundred and two hundred yeers ago God raiſed ſome Miniſters, by whom as by his Inſtruments he cauſed his Word to be ſet forth and publiſhed again, and this Adultery to be made notorious and manifeſt. Yet neverthe­les the Churches would not deſiſt from their wonted fornica­tion, but being ſet free once out of that painfull Papiſticall bro­thel-houſe of deſpair, they run, like the Stag, even mad in a wild and unbridled Libertiniſme, beginning anew to doat on thoſe Miniſters and their followers; ſought the comfort of ſalvation at their hands in ſtead of Chriſts, and ſetting aſide their own Lord-Head and Bridegroome (who onely and ſolely ought to inhabite, rule and make fruitfull the ſoul) did cleave unto the ſervants and Miniſters, and called themſelves after their names. And thereby they have plunged themſelves into ſuch horrible Babylonicall diviſion and confuſion, that the true knowledge of Chriſt and of his holy and precious life, is utterly extin­guiſhed, and the true Chriſtianitie turned and changed into a ſectarian confuſion and moſt heatheniſh converſation, where21 men go on every one according to the luſts and greedy deſires of his corrupt Adamicall fleſh; for their own glory, luſt, love and goods, ſnatching at, hating, envying, devouring, ſlander­ing, condemning and perſecuting one another, and yet for all that ſtill conceiting they have as good a ſhare and intereſt in the Merits of Chriſt as any.

This now is that painted Jeſabel, with her glorying and gli­ſtering outſide; that great Babylon, with her ſo many names of Blaſphemies, the Mother of all Whoredom, with whom the kings of the earth do commit fornication; and being made drunk with her cup of Abomination do ſtorme and rage ſo mightily; and ſhe is carried and ſupported by the ſpotted Beaſt, and the beaſtly world rule here.

And what are her children, that ſhe brought forth by her Paramours and ſpirituall Husbands, but Lyons, Bears, raven­ing Fowls, Woolves, Dogs, Foxes, Swine, and the like, who every one and all do what they can to perſecute the Lambe.

For having ever reſiſted the Spirit of God, Satan the old Dragon hath thereby ſo rooted and ſtrengthened his kingdom and palace in her and in her children; that he governeth and leadeth them at his own and abſolute pleaſure. Hence it is come to paſſe that the Bond of Love, according to the unity of the Spirit, is broken aſunder among men, and Chriſt not­withſtanding they boaſt and glory ſo much of him among all Sects is ſtill crucified by the Learned, in his word according to the ſpirit and power thereof, and by the Mighty ones, in his members.

And hence alſo have all the modern Warres and troubles their ſourſe and beginning, which were hatched and broached by nothing ſo much, as by the irritating, prating, urging, ſtre­porous and virulent ſqueaking before the Kings and Princes of the Earth, of thoſe three Dragon-Frogs, who ſeek ſtill every one for himſelf to be in better and higher grace and favour with the Whore then the others.

But now it is manifeſt and apparent every where, how the Horns of this Beaſt, wherein this Arch-whore drunk in Saints blood ſitteth, I mean the Forces and Armies that are abroad in all parts do begin to perſecute this great confounded Whore, devouring her fleſh and laying her deſolate, as it is put into22 their hearts, untill the words of God ſhall be fulfilled upon her.

And God hath broken and cut aſunder the Bands, and deli­vereth men every one into the hand of his neighbour, the one to fall by the ſword of the other, and the thrones of kingdoms to come reeling down to the ground.

Happy is he that marketh this, and layeth it to heart; that goeth out of Babel, and doth not make himſelf partaker of her ſins, and abominable whoredoms, leſt ye receive part alſo of her plagues.

But the time is at hand that the Lambe of God will grow wrath, and lay down his enemies for his footſtool; reſiſting and ſeverely avenging ſuch long practiſed Murther, in his Word and Members, and contrarily glorifie upon Mount Si­on; the woman that was thruſt forth into the wilderneſſe; the true Church namely, together with her native Members diſ­perſed and ſcattered as yet, among all parts and ſects, and ſo diſtreſſed by the brood of the Dragon; when as Babel ſhall be made the habitation of ghaſtly fowls. Bleſſed is he that ſo watcheth and walketh as that the ſhame of his nakedneſſe be not diſcovered, but that he may appear in white Robes at the wedding of the Lambe.

Glory onely to God.


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TextA discovery of the great fantasie, or, Phantasticall conceitednesse. That is to say, of the antichristian blindnes of those, that out of a meer false imagination and phantasticall conceitednesse, do hold themselves to be Christians, sprituall divines, deputies and messengers or spokes-men of Christ, and take upon them, as mediatours, to save others, whom they call the secular lay-men; therewithall, reviling, traducing, condemning, excommunicating, persecuting, exiling, and putting to death the true children of God, for not yeelding unto this phantasie of theirs, conceiving, that therein they do God great service, when they busie themselves in weeding the ground thus, according to their phantasies, and endeavouring to save the angels a labour against the time of the harvest. Together with a discovery of the great arch-whore, and her paramours or lovers, whereof the spirit of God beareth witnesse.
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Bibliographic informationA discovery of the great fantasie, or, Phantasticall conceitednesse. That is to say, of the antichristian blindnes of those, that out of a meer false imagination and phantasticall conceitednesse, do hold themselves to be Christians, sprituall divines, deputies and messengers or spokes-men of Christ, and take upon them, as mediatours, to save others, whom they call the secular lay-men; therewithall, reviling, traducing, condemning, excommunicating, persecuting, exiling, and putting to death the true children of God, for not yeelding unto this phantasie of theirs, conceiving, that therein they do God great service, when they busie themselves in weeding the ground thus, according to their phantasies, and endeavouring to save the angels a labour against the time of the harvest. Together with a discovery of the great arch-whore, and her paramours or lovers, whereof the spirit of God beareth witnesse. [4], 22 p. Printed by T. P. and M. S. in Goldsmiths Alley,London :1642.. (Text of the "Discovery of the great arch-whore .." p. 19-22.) (Annotation on Thomason copy: "Octob. 19".) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
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