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CHRISTIANITY in Short OR The way to be a good CHRISTIAN.

Recommended To the uſe of ſuch as want either time or capacity for reading longer and Learneder diſcourſes.

Mat. VII. 13.14. Enter ye in at the ſtrait Gate, for wide is the Gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to deſtruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

Becauſe strait is the Gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto Life, and few there be that find it.

Ver. 21. Not every one that ſaith unto me; Lord, Lord, ſhall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father which is in Heaven.

By C. Ellis Author of the Gentile-ſinner.

LONDON, Printed for Tho. Guy, at the Oxford Armes, on the Weſt ſide of the Royal Exchange 1682.

To my Beloved Neigh­bours, for whoſe Uſe this little Book is writ­ten.

My Dear Friends,

I Hope ſome of you need not much the help this little Book can af­ford; and indeed it is a ſhame either for you or me, that any of you ſhould need it, except Children. Yet I fear it is too needful, I pray God it may prove as uſeful to many of you. I have often told you, that neither an Ignorant, nor a Carnal, nor a Worldly, nor a For­mally Religious courſe of Life, can ever bring you to Heaven. I nowell it you again; and at you love your Souls, let me intreat you to be­lieve me; except you become other men than ſome of you, yea than the moſt of you yet are, you cannot be ſaved. You have God's Word to read, you may hear Sermons when you will, you may be inſtructed privately when you will, you have many good Books to inſtruct you, you have ſo much ſenſe as to know you are a dying, you have under­ſtandings to conſider what's like to become of you, you have ſure, the wit to know that all things here will have an end, and that nothing can concern you ſo much as the Salva­tion of your Souls, to all Eternity. I am confident were you dying, you would ſay ſo. Can it be any thing then, but a brutiſh inconſideration that keeps you in the ſtate you are in? Awake, awake, and ſee here in ſhort what you have to do. 'Tis ſhort, that you may not plead you want time to read and learn it; 'Tis plain, that you may not plead 'tis above your capacity, 'tis cheap, it ſhall coſt you nothing but the pains of reading it for your inſtru­ction in the way of Life. You will in a little room ſee what it is to be a Chriſtian. Practice then what here you read, and then dye in Peace. But if you ſlight theſe ea­ſie helps, and will go on your old way, I muſt leave you to God, and comfort my ſelf in this, that I have not dealt deceitfully with you. The good God make us all wiſe unto Sal­vation; Amen.

  • Conſider ſeriouſly.
  • Learn induſtriouſly.
  • Pray devoutly.
  • Believe firmly.
  • Repent ſincerely.
  • Love unfeignedly.
  • Reſolve deliberately.
  • Practice conſtantly.
  • Hope Patiently.
  • Receive Thankfully,
  • And
  • Enjoy Eternally.

The Entrance into CHRI­STIANITY.

I Muſt ſhortly dye, and after death I muſt for ever be either endleſ­ly happy, or endleſly miſerable.

It concerneth me therefore, above all things in this ſhort time of my Life, ſo to prepare for Death, that after Death, I may be Eternally happy.

To this end two things are altoge­ther neceſſary, a ſound Knowledge, and a ſincere Practice.

Two things are needful to be well known, the End which I am to aim at, and the Way which will lead me to it.

My daily practice muſt be to walk2 in the way, in hopes of attaining the End.

What both theſe are, JESƲS CHRIST hath abundantly taught us in his Goſpel, which it therefore highly concerneth me diligently to read and learn.

Chriſt hath inſtituted two Sacra­ments, the one for our entrance into, the other for our confirmation and ſtrengthning in the way of Life. Bap­tiſm, and the Supper of the Lord.

In both theſe the whole ſubſtance of Chriſtian Religion, which is the way to happineſs, is ſummarily comprehended and repreſented.

Chriſt JESƲS commanded his Apo­ſtles to go up and down in the World, and by Preaching the Goſpel to per­ſwade men to be his Diſciples, and learn of him the way to Life.

He commanded them to admit men into his Church, or the Society of his Diſciples by Baptiſm, or waſhing them with Water, in the Name of3 the Father, Son and Holy Ghoſt.

This Ceremony of Waſhing with water, did ſignifie and aſſure them, that as many as continued Chriſt's faith­ful followers, were waſhed from the guilt of their paſt ſins, and ſhould be daily more and more Sanctified and prepared for Eternal Glory.

Perſons of years to underſtand, were thus in Baptiſm to give up themſelves in an Holy Bond or Covenant to God, and thus my Parents when I was an Infant, did give and dedicate me to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoſt.

In this Baptiſmal Covenant, God the Father doth give himſelf to be our reconciled Father, and God the Son Jeſus Chriſt to be our Saviour, and God the Holy Ghoſt to be our Sanctifi­er.

In the ſame Covenant, we do accept of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghoſt to be our only God, ſubmitting to him as our Owner and Governour,4 and chuſing him as our chief good and portion, and heartily conſenting to be taught and ruled, made Holy, andſaved by him, in a firm belief of his word, and humble Obedience to his Lawes.

We do alſo promiſe, and reſolve not to follow, nor be led by the Devil, the World, nor the Fleſh, but to watch againſt, and reſiſt all their temp­tations, and to perſevere ſo doing unto our lives end.

Every one that keepeth this Covenant ſincerely is a good Chriſtian, and hath the pardon of his ſins, and Eternal Life ſealed and aſſured unto him by God in this Sacrament of Baptiſm.

As I therefore deſire to be Eternally happy, and would avoid Everlaſting Torments, it concerneth me to ſee that I keep Covenant with God; which I cannot do, without learning and knowing what I am to believe and do.


If I have not already learn'd this, it is no time now any longer to delay it, ſeeing my Eternal happineſs de­pends upon it. And I know not how ſoon, no not whether this night, God may call me out of this world by death, when if I be either ignorant or wicked, I am undone Soul and Body for ever.


The Chriſtian Faith.

THere is a GOD, and but one God, the FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST.

God is an infinite and moſt glorious SPIRIT, a moſt pure and living ſub­ſtance, without body, parts or paſſi­ons.

God is inviſible, cannot be ſeen or perceived by ſenſe.

God is incomprehenſible, cannot be perfectly known by any but himſelf.

God is Immortal, cannot dye; Im­paſſible, and cannot ſuffer.

God is Immenſe, not limited to place, but is every where.

God is Eternal, not limited by time, but without beginning or end.

God is Independent, not cauſed or governed by any other.


God is Immutable, not ſubject to change, but neceſſarily what he is, the ſame for ever.

God is Almighty, able to do all things: Omniſcient, knowing all things; infinitely Wiſe, in ordering all things.

God is Infinitely good, and the Fountain of all goodneſs, Holy and Juſt, and Merciful.

God is ſelf-ſufficient, perfectly bleſ­ſed, and happy in himſelf alone, need­ing nothing, but Infinite in all perfecti­ons.

The Father begetting the Son, the Son begotten of the Father, the Holy Ghoſt proceeding from the Father and the Son, are Three Perſons, but one uncompounded, undivided GOD, bleſ­ſed for ever.

God is the Maker or Creator of all things, the Preſerver and Ʋpholder of all things.

God is the abſolute Owner and Lord of all things.


God is our Soveraign King, Su­pream Law-giver, and Righteous Judge.

God is our chief good, and loving Father, and bountiful Benefactor.

All Life, and Power, and Wiſdom, come from God, and our final reſt, and perfect happineſs is in Him alone.

God is a moſt free Agent, and doth what, and when, and how he will.

In the Beginning, by his Word of his own good pleaſure, he made the World, and all things in ſix dayes, when before there was nothing but Himſelf.

All that God made was very good.

God by his Providence preſerveth, ruleth and ordereth all things, great and ſmall.

There is no goodneſs in any thing, but what God giveth, nothing can come to paſs, but as God permitteth it.

God may juſtly do what he will with every thing, he can do no wrong9 to any thing, he ordereth the whole courſe of the World wiſely, and for the beſt.

God made an innumerable compa­ny of Angels, or pure Spirits.

A great multitude of theſe Angels continue holy and happy in loving, prai­ſing and enjoying God, doing his Com­mandments, and ſerving him in ſuch Miniſtries as he pleaſeth to employ them in, for the good of his people.

Many of the Angels did ſin, and were caſt down to Hell, into Ever­laſting torments. Theſe are Devils, under Beelzebub the Prince of Devils, the Old Serpent, and Satan.

The Devil is the Spirit that work­eth in the children of Diſobedience; the Father of Evil-doers, going about like a roaring Lyon, ſeeking whom he may devour.

God made Adam the firſt man, of the Duſt of the Earth, and the firſt woman Eve, of a Rib of Adam.


Man hath two parts, a Body of Fleſh and Bones, and a Soul which is a Spirit.

God made Man after his own Image, he gave him an Immortal ſoul, endued with underſtanding, a free will, and a power to do good, and authority to rule and uſe the creatures, for ſuch ends as God deſigned them.

God made not man a Lawleſs crea­ture, to live as it ſhould liſt him, but God made him for himſelf, and to ſerve him in Holy Love, and perfect Obedience.

Man underſtood God's Will, and that Will underſtood, was the Law in his heart, whereby he was to live; Knowing God to be his Owner and Go­vernour, and chief good, he was bound to reſign himſelf to his diſpoſal, ſubmit himſelf to his command, and to de­light himſelf in him above all.

If Man had done thus, he ſhould never have dyed, but have lived for ever happy in the love and enjoyment of God.


God having placed man in the garden of Eden, gave him free leave to eat of all the Trees thereof, only excepting the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil; which upon pain of death, he charged him not to eat of.

But the Devil in a Serpent Tempt­ed Eve, and by her he tempted Adam to eat thereof, and ſo ſin againſt God in breaking his command.

By breaking God's Law, they loſt their Holineſs, and became Mortal un­der the curſe of Death; hearkening to the Devil they fell under his power, loving their own pleaſure more than God, they loſt their Happineſs. Thus they who were made Wiſe, and Pow­erful, and Happy, made themſelves fooliſh, and weak, and miſerable.

We are all the children of ſinful Adam, and of unholy Parents are born unholy, ignorant of God, our duty, and our happineſs, dead to goodneſs, forward to evil, eaſily conquered by the temptations of the Devil, the12 World, and the Fleſh; and if left to our ſelves muſt periſh Everlaſtingly.

If God had puniſhed Adam accord­ing to his ſin with death; He had cut off Mankind from the Earth; But he was graciouſly pleaſed to ſhew mer­cy.

God ſuffered man to live for a time upon Earth, but ſo, as he might be ſenſible of the great evil he had brought upon himſelf by breaking God's Com­mandment.

The creatures are accurſed to bring forth for him vanity and trouble, and vexation, hard labour, pains and ſick­neſſes come upon his body, he becomes aſhamed of himſelf, and is filled with terrors of Conſcience, and having ſtrug­gled through many evils and difficul­ties muſt at laſt dye, and return to duſt.

Yet God opened unto him a new way to Eternal happineſs after death; in ſuch a way as to magnifie his Love and Mercy to Mankind, and manifeſt his hatred of ſin, and Zeal for the keep­ing13 of his Laws, that he might at once ſhew grace to the Offender, and ſecure the honour of his juſt govern­ment.

God did graciouſly promiſe that a man ſhould be born of a woman, who ſhould conquer the Devil, and deliver man from his Tyranny, and give ſuch ſatisfaction unto God's Juſtice, that for his ſake, all they ſhould be Eternally happy that would accept of him for their Saviour.

Accordingly, God ſo loved the world, that he gave his only Begotten Son, that whoſoever believeth in him ſhould not pe­riſh; but have Everlaſting Life.

God the Son took to himſelf our hu­mane nature, Soul and Body, and was made truly man, yet ceaſed not to be truly God, but is both God and Man in one Perſon, God manifeſted in the Fleſh.

He was wonderfully made Man, by being Born without all ſtain of ſin, of a pure Virgin called Mary, who14 conceived him by the Divine power of the Holy Ghoſt, when ſhe had never known man.

An Angel from Heaven revealed his conception to the Bleſſed Virgin, and commanded his name to be called Jeſus, becauſe he was to ſave his peo­ple from their ſins.

Being Born and Circumciſed accord­ing to the Law, he lived many years upon earth in an humble and low condi­tion, gave us an example to imitate in his Life, doing the whole will of God, and conquering all the temptations of the Devil, and the World.

This is that Meſſia whom many Prophets had foretold, the very CHRIST, or anointed of the Lord to be a Prophet, a Prieſt and a King, and in this Threefold Office the Medi­ator of a New Covenant between God and Men.

As a Prophet he hath in his Goſpel, and by his Apoſtles made known unto us all his Fathers will concerning our15 ſalvation, and the way to it.

As a Prieſt, he was Crucified, and dyed under Pontius Pilate, ſo offering himſelf once for all, a perfect and ſuf­ficient ſacrifice for the forgiveneſs of our ſins, in conſideration: whereof, God hath granted pardon and Life to all true Believers.

Being dead he was buried, and wentiamong the dead, and the Third day roſe again to Life, now to dye no more, and having ſealed the Covenant in his Blood, he left inſtructions with his Apoſtles to admit men into it by Baptiſm, and teach them how to keep it, and promiſed them the gift of the Holy Ghoſt.

After ſome dayes, he in their ſight went up into Heaven, and is glorified at God's Right-hand, in Power and Majeſty; And as King, ruleth and protecteth his Church, Reigneth in the hearts of his ſubjects, ſubdueth all his Enemies, and is our Advecate with the Father, rendering our perſons and ſer­vices16 accepted of him, and prevaiſ­ing for all good bleſſings on us.

Shortly after his Aſcenſion, on the day of Pemecoſt, Chriſt ſent the Holy Ghoſt, the Eternal Spirit of the Fa­ther and the Son, upon the Apoſtles, to guide them into all ſaving truth, to enable them to Preach to every Nati­on in its own Language, to write the Holy Scriptures, and to ſeal and con­firm the truth of them by many Mira­cles, and wonderful works, and to en­courage them to a conſtant ſuffering for Chriſt, even unto death.

The Scriptures of the Old and New Teſtament are the very Word of God, which Holy men of God ſpake, and writ as they were moved by the Holy Ghoſt, and they contain all things ne­ceſſary to Salvation, and are the ſtanding Sealed Rule of Faith and Life.

The Holy Ghoſt is Chriſt's Advo­cate, pleading his cauſe with men. He is our Sanctifier, enlightening,17 opening, ſoftning, changing and re­newing our hearts and minds to re­ceive, and grow in knowledge and grace: Making the word effectual for our conviction and converſion, helping us to pray, and ſtirring us up to good­neſs, comforting us with a ſenſe of its operations, and ſtrengthening us to withſtand temptations, and hold out in a Chriſtian courſe unto the end.

All thoſe that are regenerated, en­lightened and converted by the Holy Ghoſt are one Holy Church, whereof Chriſt is the only Head. All that out­wardly profeſs Chriſtianity, and have been Baptized, are to be accounded Holy by a viſible ſeparation and dedi­cation to God, till they cut themſelves off by Schiſm, or are juſtly caſt out by Excommunication.

Chriſt's Church is not limited to any Nation or People, but extends to all places, is propagated in all Ages, and containeth all ſaving truth; and in this ſenſe is Ʋniverſal or Catholick.


All the Sanctified Members of this Myſtical Body of Chriſt, have Fellow­ſhip with the Father, and Son, by one Holy Spirit; with Angels in their love, care and Miniſtries, with the glorifi­ed Saints in Heaven in their love and prayers, and with one another on Earth, in the ſame Faith; and Hope, and Love, Word and Sacraments, bound to hold the Ʋnity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

All theſe have in conſideration of Chriſt's ſatisfaction, a full pardon of all paſt ſins given of God, and Sacra­mentally ſealed unto them in Baptiſm, with an aſſurance of final juſtification and Salvation, upon condition of their perſeverance in Repentance and Faith.

At death the ſouls of the faithful reſt with God in peace and happineſs, and the ſouls of the wicked go into an endleſs ſtate of miſery.

The bodies of all men ſhall be raiſed again after death, and ſhall be again united to their ſouls.


All men ſhall after the Reſurrection appear before the Judgment ſeat of Chriſt, where the wicked ſhall be con­demned to Everlaſting torments, but the Righteous ſhall be finally acquitted, and go into Everlaſting Life and Joy, happy in the conſtant and perfect love of God, praiſing him, delighting in him, amongſt all Bleſſed Angels and Saints to all Eternity.

The heads of the Chriſti­an's Duty.

IF any man would be ſaved, he muſt firſt be born again of the Holy Spi­rit, be converted, and become a new creature, Holy in Heart and Life; otherwiſe he cannot enter in the King­dom of God.


The grace of God hath appeared, teaching us that denying ungodlineſs and worldly luſts, we ſhould live ſoberly and Righteouſly, and Godly in this preſent World.

I muſt not think my ſelf to be my own, ſo that I may live as I liſt; but muſt humbly acknowledge there is a God above me, whoſe I am, and whom I am bound to ſerve all the dayes of my Life.

I muſt take the true God alone for my God, even the Father, Son and Ho­ly Ghoſt, and worſhip him as my Ma­ker, Redeemer and Sanctifier.

I muſt by a daily diligent reading, ſtudying and meditating on his word, and conſidering of his works labour, get a true knowledge of God, and not content my ſelf in ignorance of him.

I muſt worſhip God in Spirit and in Truth, with the heart and ſoul ſin­cerely.

I muſt ſtedfaſtly believe the whole Word of God, the Hiſtory for my in­ſtruction,21 the Precepts for my direction, the Promiſes for my encouragement, the threatnings to affright me from ſin, bewaring of all temptations to unbelief or a falſe Faith.

I muſt live in a patient expectation, and hope of what God hath promiſed, neither deſpairing of mercy if I repent, nor preſuming of Mercy, if I repent not.

I muſt love God as the chief good, with the higheſt love, chuſing him for my only portion, delighting in him as my only comfort, willing to part with Life it ſelf to enjoy him, and making light of all things, ſo I may pleaſe him, loving his Image as far as I ſee it in every man, eſpecially in Jeſus Chriſt my Saviour.

It is my duty to ſtand in awe of God's threatnings and judgments, and to be very cautious and circumſpect in all my wayes, watching over my thoughts, words and actions, fearing to offend him in any thing; neither22 fearing nor loving any thing elſe ſo much, as to venture upon the least ſin.

I muſt intirely truſt and confide in God, both in all wants and dangers, whether of Soul or Body; Conſcien­tiouſly uſing ſuch means as he alloweth: Praying devoutly unto him for his Bleſ­ſing, and caſting all my care for the ſucceſs upon him, not doubting of his never failing power and goodneſs:

I muſt walk humbly before God, thinking meanly of my ſelf; renoun­cing all my own worth or merits, ac­knowledging all that I am, have or hope for to be of his gift, taking pati­ently and thankfully all his chaſtiſements, and labouring to profit by them, and confeſſing that he doth all things wiſely and well.

I muſt behave my ſelf uprightly and ſincerely, as in his preſence; and do all I do as unto him, with a pure heart; avoiding all guile, diſſimulati­on and hypocriſie; not indulging the23 leaſt evil thought, inclination or de­ſire; keeping up high and honourable thoughts of him, and preſerving my Conſcience tender, and my heart ſoft and eaſie to take the impreſſions of his word and ſpirit.

I muſt ſhun all groſs repreſentations of God, or likening him ſo much as in my thoughts to any creature. I am not to worſhip him after my own con­ceit or fancy, but according to the rules he hath given in his word; not with a formal, but a ſpiritual worſhip; drawing near unto him in Prayer and praiſe, and all his Ordinances with my heart and affections.

I muſt uſe the ſacred name of God with all due reverence, not profaning it by blaſphemous, idle or impertinent talk; or by falſe, common or needleſs ſwearing; or by breaking my Holy Vows and Covenants; nor any way giving occaſion by my inſincere pro­feſſion of his name unto others, to blaſpheme or profane it.


I muſt honour the Lord in his day, by ſpending it in his Worſhip, medita­ting on, and praiſing him for his won­derful works of Creation and Redemp­tion. Eſpecially in the Publick Aſſem­blies, bearing my part devoutly in the Prayers of his Church, attending to his word Preached and Read, and Communicating in his Sacraments.

I muſt not think too highly of my ſelf, nor be proud of any thing I am, have or can do, ſeeing all is the unde­ſerved gift of God.

I muſt not humour my paſſions, but labour to be of a meek, and quiet, and docible Spirit.

I muſt make uſe of my reaſon, in conſidering what I am, and whence I came, and whither I muſt go; why I live, and how I muſt dye, and what ſhall become of me after death; what I owe to God, and men, and my ſelf, and how I pay it. I muſt often exa­mine the ſtate of my Soul, and whe­ther I be converted from the ſtate of25 ſin, into the ſtate of grace, and all my thoughts, words and actions, whether they be conformable to the will of God. I ſhould often think of the vanity of this World, and ſinful pleaſures, the certainty of death, the impartiality of judgment, the glories of Heaven, the terrors of Hell, the comforts of a good Conſcience, and what I muſt do to be ſaved, with the neceſſity of a Godly Life.

I muſt be heartily contented with my preſent lot and portion; not murmu­ring or repining at God's dealings, not ambitiouſly ſeeking a more high or plentiful condition, not fretting at my wants or ſufferings, nor vexing my Soul with Worldly cares, nor envying the more flouriſhing condition of others, but conclude that beſt which God chu­ſeth for me.

I muſt be a good husband of my time, induſtriouſly improving it to the good of my ſelf and others; not waſt­ing it unprofitably in idleneſs, ſports26 and vanities, but labouring in an ho­neſt calling.

I muſt be chaſt and clean in Mind and Body, entertaining no wanton thought or deſire, or look, or dreſs, ſhunning all laſciviouſneſs and obſcene diſcourſe, books, geſtures, and en­ticements to luſt and uncleanneſs.

I muſt be temperate and moderate in eating, drinking, ſleeping, recreati­ons and apparel; not pleaſing my Appe­tite, or waſting my Eſtate, or looſing my time in any of them, but uſing them onely in ſuch a meaſure as may beſt preſerve my bodily health, to ſerve my Soul in ſerving God.

I muſt love my Neighbour as my ſelf, and do to all men, as I would they ſhould do to me, that is, all the good I can, rendering to every man his due.

Eſpecially I muſt love, and do good to thoſe that are of the Houſhould of Faith, and love every man the more, by how much I ſee more of God's image upon him.


Above all, I muſt labour to do good to mens Souls, by teaching, reproving, exhorting, comforting and Praying for them; Not hurting, grieving, ſcan­daizing or tempting them to evil, by advice, countenance or example.

Parents muſt dedicate their children to God, inſtruct and educate them in the knowledge and fear of God, cor­rect all vice in them, and give them good example, maintaining them, and providing honeſt callings for them, as they are able.

Children muſt love, honour, obey, ſerve, and as there is need relieve their Parents with all thankfulneſs.

Husbands and Wives muſt live in an holy, mutual, conjugal love to each other; helping one another in ſerving God, Educating their Children well, Ruling their Servants, and managing their neceſſary Affairs; the Wife li­ving in a quiet ſubjection to her Hus­band.


Maſters muſt be kind and juſt to their ſervants; inſtructing them in God's ſervice, as well as in their own; and ſervants muſt obey, and be faithful to their Maſters.

All Superiors are to rule in Juſtice and Holineſs, ſeeking God's Glory, and the publick good: and all inferiors are to be ſubject to the higher powers, paying tribute, and obeying their juſt Lawes for Conſcience ſake, not reſiſt­ing, but to taking it Patiently, though they ſuffer wrongfully.

Miniſters muſt fced and rule, and watch over the Souls of their flocks, and their flocks muſt freely contribute to their maintenance, honour them in love, and be obedient to them.

I muſt not take away anothers Life, nor hurt his Body, nor ſo much as be angry with him without a cauſe; but muſt preſerve, as much as in me lyeth, his bodily welfare, even as my own.


I muſt not defile another's Wife, nor be guilty of Fornication, nor ſo much as look on any woman to luſt after her; but do all I can to preſerve the chaſtity of all.

I muſt not wrong another of any part of his Eſtate, by theft, robbery, fraud or deceit of any kind, but muſt ſecure his right, as much as my own, pay my debts duely, bargain honeſtly, and make reſtitution and amends for every wrong.

I muſt not wrong another's good name or credit, by falſe-witneſs, ſlan­dering, falſe-accuſing, tale-bearing, reproaching, back-biting; but I muſt vindicate it as far as with truth I can; acknowledging all the good I ſee in eve­ry man, groundleſly ſuſpecting no man. I muſt not make or ſpeak any lye, but ſpeak the truth plainly.

I muſt utterly caſt off all ſelfiſhneſs, and not be tempted by any deſire of pleaſing my ſelf, to covet any thing that is another mans.


I muſt love, pray for, and do good to my enemies; not rendring evil for evil, or ſeeking revenge, but forgiv­ing, as God for Chriſt his ſake hath for­given me.


The matter of our De­ſires and Prayers.

I AM not able naturally either to un­derſtand the myſteries of Faith, or to do the Spiritual duties, which I am bound as a Chriſtian, to believe and do. I muſt not therefore truſt to my ſelf, but by frequent, fervent and hum­ble Prayer apply my ſelf to God, in the name of Jeſus Chriſt, for the help of his Holy Spirit to quicken my dead­neſs, enlighten my ignorance, and ſtrengthen my weakneſs.

Of my ſelf I know not how to pray, or for what to pray; I muſt therefore learn of Chriſt, who hath taught me thus to Pray,

Our Father, &c.

I muſt with all Humility, as an un­done ſinner, approach unto God, in a32 true ſenſe of his right in me, and domi­nion over me, as my Owner and Go­vernour, and of his love to me as my Father, ſo far reconciled unto all men in Jeſus Chriſt, that he pitieth us, and hath as a gracious Father, provided all things needful to make us happy, and that he delighteth not in our death, but would have us turn and live as his children, happy in our Father's love and providence.

I muſt draw near unto him, as a pe­nitent, dutiful and loving child; hear­tily ſorry that ever I offended him, reſt­leſly longing to be reconciled unto him, reſolvedly willing to reſign and give my ſelf up unto him, to be governed wholly by him; ſtedfaſtly believing and truſting in his power to ſave and bleſs me, and his willingneſs to receive me for his own adopted child in Jeſus Chriſt.

Yet I muſt remember the greatneſs of his Divine Majeſty, and the infi­nite diſtance betwixt a powerful, wiſe33 and good God in Heaven, and me a weak, fooliſh and ſinful worm of the Earth; and ſo come with all humble reverence, falling down at his feet in a devout Adoration of his Majeſty, long­ing to be made more Holy and Hea­venly, that I may be capable of a near­er Communion with him.

I muſt firſt heartily deſire, that all the World may give him the glory due unto his Name; That He may be more perfectedly known, and loved, and honoured by men; and that in his Perſon, his Name, his Attributes, his Word, his Day, his Ordinances, his Miniſters, and all his children. That he may be choſen, and Magnified as the ſupream good, have the chief place in our hearts and affections, and glori­fied in the World by our Godly lives.

I muſt next pray, that the Yoak of ſin may be broken off, and we freed from the Tyranny of Satan; that we34 may joyfully own, and ſubmit to the authority of God. That Chriſt's Church may flouriſh and be enlarged on earth, and that the Civil Powers may cheriſh and protect it; that the Power and ma­lice of it's enemies may be reſtrained and fruſtrated; that Chriſt may rule by his Spirit in our hearts ſubduing our Corruptions and ruling us in the way of Godlineſs; that we may earneſtly long for, and diligently prepare for, and patiently wait for, and finally enter in­to God's Kingdome of glory.

I muſt in the 3 d. place pray, That men may not make the will of the de­vil, the Cuſtoms of the world, or their own inclinations and appetites, but the will of God alone the rule of their lives. That we may all ſincerely obey his com­mands, and ſubmit to his wiſdome, and reſt in his government. That we may alwaies endeavour after the perfection of duty, and as the Holy Angels of Heaven, rejoyce and delight in an Ho­ly Obedience.


My next petition is, That I may have all things needfull to preſerve this life, till I be fitted for a better. That we may have health and Strength to ſerve God, and other outward good things, as they are expedient; that we may be free from the temptations of ri­ches or poverty, contented with our pre­ſent portion; and wiſe to uſe it piouſly and Charitably. That God would proſ­per our honeſt labours, keep us from immoderate cares and deſires, from all idleneſs and intemperance.

In the next place I pray, that God would grant us ſoft hearts, and repen­tance unto life, a perfect hatred of ſin, and power to leave it. That He would through Chriſt forgive all our ſins origi­nal and actual; and grant us grace in thankfulneſs to him to forgive all that offend us, and to return good for evil.

Laſtly, That God would enable us to watch againſt, and manfully to reſiſt all temptations, that they may never prevail with us to do evil; that he36 would fruſtrate all the malicious deſigns of the devil, and all our enemies, and protect us by his grace, that we may perſevere in obedience to our lives end.

I conclude my Prayers with aſcri­bing unto God the honour of all his works, acknowledging his Dominion and Soveraignty over all, and my ſelf happy in being his Subject; his infinite power, and my ſelf happy in being un­der his protection; I acknowledge all things to be from him, our total de­pendance to be upon him, and that the glory of all goodneſs is due unto him. I deſire this may by all the World be acknowledged for evermore; And with all hearty deſire, and filial confi­dence, to all this I ſay, Amen; So be it.


The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

CHriſt Jeſus hath inſtituted the night before he was betrayed a ſolemn Sacrament, and Chriſtian Feaſt, to be celebrated by Chriſtians, even till his coming again, in remembrance of him.

The outward matter to be received, is Bread and Wine, ſignifying the Body and Blood of Chriſt, as the food and refreſhment of our Souls.

The Bread is Bleſſed-broken, and given to be received and eaten by us; The Wine likewiſe Bleſſed, poured out and given to be received and drunk by us; to ſignifie that Chriſt was Conſecra­ted and Crucified, his body wounded, his blood ſhed for our ſins, and that he giveth himſelf Crucified to be received38 and believed on as our Spiritual nouriſh­ment and comfort.

All that preparedly receive the Bread and Wine, do with it really receive Chriſt Crucified; and with him the par­don of their ſins, and Aſſurance of Eternal Life, ſcaled a new unto them in this Sacrament for the confirming of their Faith, and growth in Grace.

We joyn in the celebration of this Feaſt to ſignifie, that we though many, are yet Members of one Body, the Church, joyned unto one Head, Jeſus Chriſt, whoſe Death and Sacrifice we unanimouſly commemorate, with all thankfulneſs; Profeſſing that we all own the ſame Lord, the ſame Faith, the ſame Laws, and are to live in love, peace and holineſs, as the Members of the ſame body.

He that Communicateth in this Sacra­ment unworthily, is accounted by God, as guilty of the Body and Blood of Chriſt.

That we may avoid this guilt, we39 muſt examine our ſelves, whether we diſcern the Lord's Body, and under­ſtand what he gives there unto us, and what we there come to do.

We are alſo to examine, how we keep our Baptiſmal Covenant of Repen­tance, Faith and New Obedience, and if we find our ſelves truly thankful for the Bleſſing of our Redemption, by Je­ſus Chriſt.

If we find our ſelves ſincere Chriſti­ans, reſolving to keep Covenant with God, we are there to renew our Cove­nant moſt ſeriouſly, praiſing God in Chriſt for this ineſtimable priviledge, rejoycing in his Salvation, and ſo go our way, and ſin no more.


Some Texts of Scripture often and ſeriouſly to be Read, and thought on.

IT is appointed unto men once to dye, but after this the Judgment. Heb. 9.27.

Go to now, ye that ſay, to day or to morrow, we will go into ſuch a Ci­ty, and continue there a year, and buy and ſell, and get gain; whereas you know not what ſhall be on the mor­row; For what is your Life? it is even a vapour that appeareth for a lit­tle time, and then vaniſheth away. Jam. 4.13, 14.

Behold now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of Salvation. 2 Cor. 6.2.


To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts. Heb. 4.7.

Remember now thy Creatour in the dayes of thy youth. Eccleſiaſtes 12.1.

We muſt all appear before the judg­ment ſeat of Chriſt, that every one may receive the things done in his bo­dy, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. 2 Cor. 5.10.

Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we perſwade men. 2 Cor. 5.11.

If you call on the Father, who without reſpect of perſons judgeth according to every man's work, paſs the time of your ſojourning here in fear. 1 Pet. 1.17.

God will render to every man ac­cording to his deeds: to them who by patient continuance in well-doing, ſeek for glory, honour and immortali­ty; Eternal Life: But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey42 the truth, but obey unrighteouſneſs, indignation and wrath. Romans 2.6, 7, 8.

Work out your own Salvation with fear and trembling. Phil. 2.12.

Give diligence to make your calling and election ſure. 2 Pet. 1.10.

The heart of this people is waxed groſs, and their ears are dull of hear­ing, and their eyes have they cloſed, leaſt they ſhould ſee with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and under­ſtand with their heart, and ſhould be converted, and I ſhould heal them. Act. 28.27.

Save your ſelves from this untoward Generation. Act. 2.40.

Repent ye therefore, and be con­verted, that your ſins may be blotted out. Act. 3.19.

Except ye be converted, and be­come as little children, ye ſhall not en­ter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 18.3.


Except ye repent, ye ſhall all like­wiſe periſh. Luk. 13.3, 5.

Except a man be born again, he cannot ſee the Kingdom of God. Joh. 3.3.

Follow peace with all men, and ho­lineſs, without which no man ſhall ſee the Lord. Heb. 12.14.

Neither is there Salvation in any other, [but Chriſt:] for there is none other name under Heaven given among men, whereby we muſt be ſaved. Act. 4.12.

He that believeth on him is not con­lemned, but he that believeth not is condemned already. Joh. 3.18.

There is no condemnation to them••at are in Chriſt Jeſus, who walk notfter the fleſh, but after the Spirit. om. 8.1.

To be carnally minded is death,••t to be ſpiritually minded is Life andeace. Ver. 6. If ye live after theeſh ye ſhall dye: but if ye by thepirit do mortifie the deeds of the44 Body, ye ſhall live. Ver. 13.

Now the works of the Fleſh are manifeſt, which are theſe, Adulte­ries, Fornication, Uncleanneſs, Laſ­civiouſneſs, Idolatry, Witchcraft, Ha­tred, Variance, Emulations, Wrath, Strife, Seditions, Hereſies, Envyings, Murders, Drunkenneſs; Revellings, and ſuch like; They which do ſuch things ſhall not inherit the King­dom of God. Gal. 5.19. &c.

If any man have not the Spirit of Chriſt, he is none of his. Romans 8.9.

If any man be in Chriſt he is a new creature. 2 Cor. 5.17.

They that are Chriſt's have Crucifi­ed the Fleſh, with the affections and luſts. Gal. 5.

Love not the world, nor the things that are in the world: For if any man love the world, the love of the Fa­ther is not in him.

Whatſoever is born of God, over­cometh the world. 1 Joh. 5.4.


Let him that nameth the name of Chriſt, depart from iniquity. 2 Tim. 11.19.

By this the children of God are manifeſt, and the children of the De­vil; whoſoever doth not Righteouſ­neſs is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother; 1 Joh.

Let us walk honeſtly as in the day, not in rioting and drunkenneſs, not in chambering and wantonneſs, not in ſtrife and envying: But put ye on the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, and make no pro­viſion for the Fleſh, to fulfil the luſts thereof. Rom. 13.13, 14.

If any man come to me, and hate not his Father and Mother, and Wife and Children, and Brethren and Si­ſters, yea and his own life alſo, he cannot be my Diſciple. Luk. 14.26.

If any man will come after me, let him deny himſelf, and take up his Croſs, and follow me. Matthew 16.24.


For what is a man profited, if he ſhall gain the whole world, and loſe his own Soul? Or what ſhall a man give in Exchange for his Soul? Ver. 26.

The Grace of God which bringeth Salvation, hath appeared to all men, teaching us, that denying ungodlineſs and worldly luſts, we ſhould live ſo­berly, Righteouſly and Godly in this preſent world: Looking for that bleſ­ſed hope, and the Glorious appearance of the great God, and our Saviour Je­ſus Chriſt, who gave himſelf for us, that he might redeem us from all ini­quity, and purifie to himſelf a pecu­liar people, zealous of good works. Tit. 2.11, 12. &c.

Ye are all the children of the light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkneſs; Therefore let us not ſleep, as do others; but let us watch and be ſober. 1 Theſ. 5.5, 6.


How ſhall we eſcape, if we neglect ſo great Salvation. Hebrews 2.3.

If the Righteous ſcarcely be ſaved, where ſhall the ungodly, and the fin­ner appear? 1 Pet. 4.18.


The Tryal of a Chriſti­an's State.

IT highly concerns me to examine and try, whether I be in a State of Sin, or in a State of Grace: that if I be in the former, I may haſten out of it, to eſcape damnation; and if in the later, I may bleſs God for his goodneſs, and go on to Salvation.

Now thus I muſt try my ſelf.

If I underſtand ſo much of GOD, as that I do really eſteem and value Him, his grace and love above all the world, and am heartily willing to take Him alone for my portion, counting him enough, though for him I ſhould loſe all the world beſides: If my care and delight be to do his Will, and my chief49 rejoycing be in his love, and my heart's deſire and longing be to enjoy him more fully in Heaven.

If to this end I apply my ſelf to Je­ſus Chriſt, truſting in him alone for Eternal Life in the preſence of God, and giving my ſelf intirely to be govern­ed by him, willing to obey his Laws, whatſoever it ſhall coſt me, though it be with the loſs of all worldly advan­tages, and earthly pleaſures, and even Life it ſelf; If I can for his ſake love enemies, bear wrongs, forbear revenge, mortifie luſts and paſſions, bridle my appetite, diſregard my own will and pleaſure, endure ſhame and reproach, loſe wealth, friends and liberty, yea and life too.

If I watch as narrowly over my heart, affections and thoughts, as over my outward actions; and earneſtly de­ſire more than any worldly treaſure, to be throughly renewed and cleanſed by the Holy Spirit, from all inward corruptions. If I hate every ſin in50 my ſelf, and ſtrive all I can againſt it, and am reſtleſs till I conquer it, and troubled at my heart at my own imper­fections, longing to be freed from them.

If I really delight, and find pleaſure in the worſhip and ſervice of God, and do not come forcedly and conſtrainedly to it, as rather willing to do otherwiſe if I durſt, if I find holineſs and obedi­ence ſweet and pleaſant, and no burden or weariſomneſs to me; If I can, and do heartily reſign my ſelf to God, not minding what I naturally would have or do, nor what any thing elſe would perſwade me to, but meerly what is the will of God, and going on cheer­fully to do his will, pray fervently for his aſſiſtance, and caſt my ſelf confi­dently on his mercy, through Jeſus Chriſt for Salvation.

If I find this in my ſelf, my ſtate is comfortable and good.


But on the contrary.

If I yet love this world, and mind Earthly things moſt, and prefer not God, his grace and Heaven, before all earthly joyes and pleaſures.

If I dare not truſt in Chriſt alone, nor forſake all for him, nor am willing to obey his Lawes, how hard ſoever they ſeem, or what coſt or loſs ſoever they put me to.

If my heart and life be not through­ly changed, but I yet muſt have my own will, and pleaſe my own appetite and ſenſes, and cannot want my own deſires, or croſs my own inclinations.

If I keep any known ſin unmortified, and not caſt off, if I do not watch a­gainſt all temptations, and pray heartily and frequently for grace to conquer all ſin.

If I delight not in God's Word, and in all Holy duties, and eſteem it not my greateſt priviledge to ſerve him.


If my greateſt care be not to pleaſe him, and if his command prevail not more with me than all the world be­ſides.

If I cannot content my ſelf with him alone, nor ſuffer any the greateſt evil for him.

If I have not reſolvedly given my ſelf up to be wholly at his diſpoſal, and to be made in all things conforma­ble to his will.

If the caſe be thus with me, I am in a ſtate of ſin and death, and cannot be ſaved, till I be converted and made a new man.


The Chriſtian's Confeſſion of his Faith, with a full Reſignation of him­ſelf to God, and bind­ing himſelf in Cove­nant with GOD.

I Believe, Lord help thou my unbe­lief. I do moſt freely and heartily own, and with humble admiration and reverence, I do adore the great and dreadful, and incomprehenſibly Glorious Majeſty of Heaven and Earth. Moſt joyfully do I accept of thee, O Father, Son and Holy Ghoſt, for my only God. Thou, and thou alone art the inexhau­ſtible Fountain of all Being, Life, Pow­er and Goodneſs. I acknowledge my54 total dependance upon thee for my Be­ing, Life, Motion, Ʋnderſtanding, and all things; and it will be my hap­pineſs to enjoy thy love and bleſſing.

Thou O God, art an Infinite, Eter­nal and Immortal Spirit, and the God and Father of Spirits, who though unſeen, art every where preſent, about me, and within me; by thy infinite power, quickning, upholding, and pro­tecting me; by thine Infinite Wiſdom providing for me, ordering and di­recting me; and by thy goodneſs bleſ­ſing me.

To thee, one Glorious God in Three Perſons, Bleſſed for ever, do I freely and wholly give my ſelf, cheerfully de­dicating and reſigning my Soul and Bo­dy, with all the powers and faculties of both, to be wholly diſpoſed of by thee, in the ſervice of thee, O Bleſſed Tri­nity in Ʋnity, Eternal Life, Light and Love, Power, Wiſdom and Holi­neſs, the Author of my preſervation,55 Sanctification and Salvation.

Thou in a wonder of condeſcending love, offereſt thy ſelf as a gracious Father, in Jeſus Chriſt to all Believ­ers.

Thou art the Maker of me, and all the World; I am nothing, I have no­thing, I can do nothing, I hope for no­thing but from thy power, wiſdom and goodneſs; to thee alone be the honour and praiſe of all. I will more ſtudy my ſelf, and other creatures, that I may learn to know, admire and love thee more. I can be proud of nothing, glory in nothing but in thee, in whom I live, and move, and have my being. I am not my own, I and all things are thine, and unto thee I freely reſign my ſelf, and all my concerns, to uſe and diſpoſe of me and them as it pleaſeth thee. Whatever thou doſt with me, thou canſt do me no wrong, no creature without thee can do me any good. 'Tis my perfection and happineſs to know and love thee, and delight in thee; Thee56 alone I chuſe for my portion, and thou alone ſhalt ever be enough for me.

To thee, as the Almighty Ruler of the World, I heartily ſubmit my ſelf; accepting thy Divine Will, for my only Law, by which my thoughts, words and actions are to be all governed. All thy Lawes I conſent to, as moſt holy, juſt and good, and moſt thankfully acknow­ledge that nothing can be better than to reſt in thy will: I will ſtudy thy will diligently, do it heartily, cheerfully ſubmit unto it, be well contented with, and joyfully praiſe thee in whatſoever thou doeſt. I will readily obey thy com­mands, patiently bear thy chaſtiſements, and wholly confide in thy bleſſing and protection.

I confeſs Lord, that I am born a cor­rupt thing, and have added a thouſand times more to that corruption; I am fallen from that knowledge, power and uprightneſs, wherein thou madeſt Adam, and am exceeding ignorant, weak and wicked, averſe from truth and57 goodneſs, inclined mightily to falſhood and evil; all this I ſadly feel in my ſelf, it is an heavy burden unto me.

Except I be born again of thy Spirit, be converted by thy word, made a new man, and a real change wrought both in my heart and life, I muſt remain under thy wrath and curſe, Everlaſt­ingly wretched. Our miſery lying in our fall from thee our Creator, to the creature, and in our deſire to pleaſe our ſelves more than thee our God; our due portion is to periſh by our own wretched choice, and having choſen to ſin with devils, 'tis but juſt we ſhare with devils in Everlaſting torments. Having wilfully broken thy Laws, we cannot hope for impunity from thee, the juſt Governour of the World, ex­cept ſome ſatisfaction be made unto thy Juſtice.

O the wonder, even raviſhing and aſtoniſhing wonder of thy rich mercy! How ſhould I ever be able to acknow­edge thy unſpeakable goodneſs in thy58 compaſſion to ſinful men? Early and freely didſt thou promiſe us a Redeemer and a Saviour; and I do very feeling­ly own thy faithfulneſs and truth in performing to the full that gracious pro­miſe. How do I admire and adore thy wonderful wiſdom, in the rare contri­vance of our reſcue, by ſending thine own Eternal, and only begotten Son, to tender himſelf unto us for a Saviour, and make us new and eaſie termes of peace and reconciliation.

Lord, on the bended knees of my Soul I do accept thy mercy, offering thy ſelf again unto me as a reconciled Father, deſiring to love, honour and obey thee for ever, and humbly be­ſeeching thee to own me amongſt thy adopted children.

I do humbly admire, and joyfully imbrace thine infinite love, O bleſſed JESUS, who being the great God bleſ­ſed for ever, yet humbledſt thy ſelf to be cloathed in our weak and frail na­ture, to be born of a woman, made un­der59 the Law, to live a mean life in a wicked world, to expoſe thy ſelf to the temptations of Satan, to ſuffer all indignities from ſinners, to ſhed thy precious blood upon a curſed tree, and lie in a grave, and undergo the condi­tion of the dead for us ſinful wret­ches.

Lord I am fully ſatisfied by thy ri­ſing again to life the third day, that thou haſt overcome the devil and death, and given ſatisfaction to thy Father's Juſtice, and finiſhed the great work of our Redemption. I know thou art now triumphant in Heaven, inveſted with all power and glory on the Right-hand of thy Father, our prevailing advo­cate making interceſſion for us: and thee I comfortably expect to be our Judge at the laſt day.

Thou O Glorious Jeſus haſt Eſta­bliſhed an Everlaſting Covenant of peace, and ſealed it with thy blood: and with all my Soul I praiſe thee for this thine ineſtimable love, not doubt­ing60 keeping of that pardon and grace, and glory which thou therein haſt aſſured unto us, if I unfeignedly accept of thy mercy, and enter in this Holy Covenant.

O JESUS CHRIST, in all ſincerity of heart, and with all thankful love and joy I do accept of thee my only Sa­viour. I do moſt humbly ſubmit my ſelf to be taught by thee, and will make thy Goſpel my dayly ſtudy: I truſt in thy merits only, and give my ſelf to be governed by thy Laws, and denying my ſelf I am ready to take up thy Croſs, and bid open War to all thine enemies, and take thy eaſie Yoke and light burden upon me.

Lord the unfeigned deſire of my Soul is, that thou mayeſt be formed in me, and take full poſſeſſion of me, that I may henceforth live by the Faith of thee the Son of God. I reſolve thy will ſhall be my will, thy life my pat­tern, thy Law my Rule. I will ſet my ſelf to reſiſt the temptations of the devil, deſpiſe the vanities of the world,61 and mortifie the carnal deſires of my fleſh; all afflictions ſhall ſeem light to me, and death it ſelf better than life, that I may obey thee, and live with thee.

I conſecrate my ſelf unto thee, to dye daily unto ſin, to Crucifie the fleſh, to riſe again unto Righteouſneſs, to have my Converſation in Heaven, my heart and affections with thee my only treaſure. My confidence is in thy me­rits, my Prayers ſent to God in thy name and interceſſion, my practice to be conformable to thy example, the longings of my Soul to be with thee for ever.

I will do my endeavour that my thoughts, words and actions may be ſuch as thou wilt approve of in the day of Judgment; I will not envy the pre­ſent happineſs of the wicked, nor be diſ-heartned by my ſuffering, but re­ferr all to thy Righteous Judgment; I will watch over my heart and life, and daily examine my Conſcience, and62 keep it tender and good; and labour that the accuſer may have nothing to lay to my charge before thy Judgment Seat.

I do heartily accept of thee, O Ho­ly Spirit of the Father, and the Son, for my Sanctifier, my Guide and Com­forter. I embrace the Holy Scriptures, given by thy inſpiration, as the infalli­ble truth of God; I own the Miniſtry as thine Ordinance, and every good motion of my heart, as thy work. To thee, O Holy Spirit, do I give up my ſelf in a conſtant attendance on the Word and Ordinances, and ſecret work­ings, longing to be quickned, enlightned, renewed and cleanſed, ſtrengthned againſt all temptations, carried on to­wards perfection, confirmed in the hopes of Eternal Life, and ſealed unto the day of Redemption.

I look upon my ſelf as a member of the common body of all Chriſtians, and own thee, O Bleſſed Jeſus, the only head of this thy Body the Church. I63 acknowledge it my Eternal Intereſt and Duty in the Holy Communion of all Believers to Worſhip thee, O Glorious God, in the Aſſemblies of thy Saints. I look upon all Chriſtians, and my ſelf amongſt them, as men ſeparated from the wicked world, enlivened by one Spirit, profeſſing one Faith of the Ho­ly Trinity, all Covenanted together with God in one Baptiſm, bound to hold the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, loving God above all, and each other as our ſelves, with a fellow feeling of one another's ſufferings, a free Communicating to one another's neceſſities, Temporal and Spiritual, and a mutual rejoycing in one another's happineſs.

Continuing in this Holy Society, whereinto I have been graciouſly cal­led by thy Word and Holy Spirit, I will endeavour to ſolace and comfort my ſelf in a joyful ſenſe of the bleſſed pri­viledges thou therein affordeſt us: Eſ­pecially in the pardon of my ſins by64 thy free mercy, through the merits of Chriſt my Saviour, and Sanctification of thy Holy Spirit, tendered unto me in the Miniſtry of thy word, and ſeal­ed in the Sacraments: I ſhould de­ſerve a thouſand Hells, ſhould I go on any longer in ſin, under ſo much mer­cy. I reſolve therefore to attend on the Miniſtry of reconciliation all the daies of my life, and to ſtrive againſt all ſin for ever.

To this end my death ſhall be much in my thoughts, and my life a continu­al preparation for it. I will look upon every day as if it were my laſt, and every day renew my Covenant; So ſhall I be ready with joy when thou calleſt, O Lord, to bid farewel to all below, and come to thee. I doubt not but my body ſhall at the laſt day be rai­ſed again a glorious body, no longer a burden or temptation to my Soul. I will no longer waſt my time in immode­rate caring for it, feeding, adorning and pampering of that which muſt65 ſhortly be loathſome rottenneſs, Stench and Worms meat, which now loads and tempts my Soul to ſin, and hinders its Aſcenſions towards God; but I will mortifie it, and keep it low, that thou mayeſt exalt it to glory.

O thy wonderful goodneſs who haſt provided for us poor ſinners, a Life Everlaſting, who deſerve not one ſin­gle moment of this Life. Lord, grant me grace to be pure as thou art pure, that I may ſee thee, and rejoyce in thee for ever, in thy Heavenly Kingdom. O when ſhall I come and appear before God? Lord, it is certain that a world­ly, carnal heart, unconverted, unre­newed, is not capable of taking any pleaſure or delight in thee, nor can it find any happineſs in Heaven it ſelf, nor any reliſh in thoſe Heavenly pleaſures, which are at thy Right-hand for ever­more. Cleanſe me O Lord, and renew me daily by thy Spirit, then ſhall I cheerfully bid adieu to a vain world, empty pleaſures, frail life, and a〈◊〉66ſelf, and feed only on the hopes of Eter­nal Life, and enjoying, loving, prai­ſing thee my God, my All for ever­more; This O Lord thou haſt promiſed in thy word, this thou haſt aſſured us of, and ſealed unto us in the blood of thy Son; This thou confirmeſt unto all the Sanctified Members of thy Church by thy Holy Spirit. To all this I here moſt heartily ſay; Amen.

Come Lord Jeſus, come quickly. Amen.


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TextChristianity in short or The way to be a good Christian· Recommended to the use of such as want either time or capacity for reading longer and learneder discourses. By C. Ellis author of the Gentile-sinner.
AuthorEllis, Clement, 1630-1700..
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Bibliographic informationChristianity in short or The way to be a good Christian· Recommended to the use of such as want either time or capacity for reading longer and learneder discourses. By C. Ellis author of the Gentile-sinner. Ellis, Clement, 1630-1700.. [6], 66 p. printed for Tho. Guy, at the Oxford Armes, on the west side of the Royal Exchange,London :1682.. (Printer's name from Wing CD.) (Reproduction of original in the Henry E. Huntington Library.)
  • Christian life -- Early works to 1800.

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