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A Word From the Lord, TO ALL THE WORLD, AND ALL PROFESSORS IN THE WORLD; Spoken in PARABLES: Wherein all may come to read them­ſelves through the PARABLES, and ſee where they are; Alſo a word to all Profeſſors, who caſt the pure Law of God behind their backs, and turn the grace of God into wantonneſs, and deſpiſe the day of their viſitation; with a dreadful voice to all the children of darkneſs, who hate and deny the light; that all may come to ſee themſelves, and repent, before the fierce wrath of the Lord, which is kindled in England, ſweep you all away: by them who are redeemed out of the curſe, to ſerve the living, called QVAKERS.

London, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black ſpread-Eagle, at the Weſt end of Pauls, 1654.



MAN being drove into the earth, out of paradiſe, and death having paſſed over all men, the flaming ſword turns every way to keep the tree of life, death having paſſed over all men; death raigned from Adam till Mo­ſes: and as there is death within, ſo death ſpeaks, and as Chriſt hath given to every one of you a meaſure according to your ability, and this meaſure is the light; yet one, he loves the light, and the other, he hates the light, and this is the condemnation; he that loves the light, and brings his deeds to the light, there is no occaſion at all of ſtumbling; this is the light that gave forth the Scripture; according as thou art grown up in it, thou wilt read them again; and this light, thou that hateſt it, thou ſtumbleſt, becauſe thy deeds are evil; thou wilt not bring thy deeds to the light, leaſt it ſhould reprove them: thou knoweſt thy deeds are evil, this light ſhews thee, there thou haſt learned thy condemnation; thou knoweſt thou ſhouldſt not lye, be drunk, and that thou ſhouldſt not ſteal, nor commit adultery this light will tell thee all this, and it will condemn thee, and reprove thee; if thou love it, and bring thy works to it: but thy deeds being evil, and knowſt it will reprove thee therefore thou hateſt it, and will not bring thy 4 deeds to it, therefore this is thȳ condemnation; here thou haſt learned it, when the righteouſneſs of God is revealed through flames of fire upon thee, then thou ſhalt ſee it is true; thou knoweſt thou ſhouldſt not be proud, delight in faſhions, and cuſtoms, and follow the world; this light will ſhew thee, and let thee ſee all that is vanity, and bring thee ſometime to confeſs it; and yet thy heart being hardned, and the deceit ſtrong, thou rejects and hates that which calls thee to repentance, which lyes low in thee, and continually calling thee to forſake thy lovers: it tells thee thou ſhouldſt not luſt, nor covet, nor thieve; it tells thee there is danger to all you thieves, and luſtful ones, and covetous ones; it ſpeaks to you, and I tell you there will be your condemnation; when the book of conſcience is opened, in your own mouths ye ſhall be judged, therefore take warning: when the vengeance of God falls upon you, then you will ſay, you had time once, when it is paſt, and the plagues of God are poured upon you, who hate to be reformed with that in your conſcience; when God calls you continually to repentance, ye hear not his voice, but truſt in your own fancies and dreams, and lying divinations, and ſo hate the light, for if you love it, it would bring you to repentance, and the fear of the Lord; and the fear of the Lord is to depart from all ſin and wickedneſs, and all evil, and all reſpecting of perſons, for thou that doſt, reſpects not Gods Law, which forbids it; for he that doth reſpect perſons, tranſgreſſes the Law, and is convinced as a tranſgreſſor, and commits ſin; thou that doſt not own this light, which is according to the Law of God, which reſpects no mans perſon, that in thy conſcience, if you love it and hearken to it, it will exalt God alone; ye proud ones at this may ſtumble, but to that in your con­ſciences, which ſhould exerciſe it, I ſpeak, and this light will bring you to walk in the commands of Chriſt; Chriſt Jeſus ſaith, In all your communica­tions, let your yea be yea, and your nay be nay, for whatſoever is more, is evil, and ſwear not at all, for that was in the old time the ſwearing; now thou that doſt not abide in the doctrine of Chriſt, art of the devil, ſwear not by the head, nor by Jeruſalem, nor by the earth, nor by heaven: Theſe are great noted things; I ſay, ſwear not by the Bible, which is a great noted thing, which you ſwear by now; if the Lords oath be performed, which he ſwear by himſelf, then all oaths are put an end to; if the high Prieſt Ieſus Chriſt be owned, then all the Prieſts are put an end to, which were true types and figures of him; for he that holds up Prieſts which receive tythes ac­cording to the Law, and now doth deny Jeſus Chriſt come in the fleſh, and who loves the light that he hath given them, witneſſes Jeſus Chriſt come in the fleſh, but thoſe are they which deny all the Prieſts: that receive tythes: for the receiving tythes was in old time, though Abraham paid tythes to Melchizedeck, who was a figure; when Jeſus Chriſt the everlaſting Prieſt was come, he put an end to all figures, and they and thou that holdſt up the figures, denyeſt Chriſt come in the fleſh. There was a Temple which God commanded; when Chriſt was come and riſen, all outward Temples were denyed; and we witneſs one Prieſt, which is over the houſ­hold of God, ten thouſand witneſs one Prieſt, which is entred into the ho­lieſt, and all the Prieſts and his hirelings are denyed; and all ſuch as go after covetouſneſs, to make gain of the people, are denyed, and all ſuch as5bear rule by their means, and ſeek for their gain from their quarters, are denyed; and all ſuch as are called of men Maſters, and have the chiefeſt places in the Aſſemblies, are denyed; ſuch then, who have one Maſter Jeſus Chriſt, to whom all power is given in heaven and earth, who ma­ſters over all, and hath conquered all, ſubdued all, raigns over all heaven and earth, Judge over all heaven and earth, and the mighty day of the Lord is coming; God that made the world, dwels not in Temples made with hands, neither is he worſhipped with the works of mens hands: See­ing he is Lord of all, hath given to all birth and life, made of all Nations man of one mould, to dwell upon the face of the earth; and is coming to fill his with the knowledge of himſelf; to all you that are unlearned out­wardly, of the letter, that cannot read the Scripture outwardly; to you I have a word from the Lord to ſpeak; which is, Chriſt ſaith, I have given to every one a meaſure, according to their abilicy; this is the meaſure, the light which is pure, which doth convince thee, and if thou doſt take heed to this light, that is Scripture within thee; as a man ſhould give, or a King ſhould give to his Subjects, or to them that are under him, every one a meaſure of the outward; ſo Jeſus Chriſt the King, gives every one a meaſure of the inward, according to their ability; as the King doth outwardly according to their ability, and ſo that is a fi­gure to thee, and if thou waiteſt in this meaſure, and approve thy meaſure, and be faithful in thy meaſure to God who hath given it thee, then thou comeſt to be a ſervant to the King Jeſus Chriſt; as the ſervant outwardly doth improve his outward meaſure, and ſerve the King outwardly, ſo thou comeſt to improve thy inward, that is a figure to thee; ſo figures are ſpoken to the carnal part in man, and as the light opens and exerciſeth thy con­ſcience, it will open to thee parables and figures, and it will let thee ſee invi­ſible things, which are clearly ſeen by that which is inviſible in thee, which are clearly ſeen ſince the creation of the world, that doth declare the eternal power and God-head; that which is inviſible is the light with in thee, which he who is inviſible hath given thee a meaſure, that will let thee ſee thy heart to be ſtony, and as ſtones without thee of the like nature; and the high-way ground without thee, ſo thy heart is high-way ground; and as thorny ground without thee, and thy heart is as thorny ground; and as thou walkeſt up and down, it will let thee ſee the rough way without thee, and rough way within thee; and as thy•…nd walks in the way, full of bryars and thorns without thee, ſo crooked wayes within thee, it will let ſe; as there is bryars without thee, ſo there is bryars within thee; and as ſerpents without thee, ſo the nature of ſerpents within thee; as vipers without thee, ſo nature of vipers within thee, and all this lodg­eth upon the earth; the earth without thee, ſo the earth within thee; as Lions without thee, ſo the nature of Lions within thee; trees without thee, ſo thou art the nature of a tree, which riſeth out of the earth; as trees grow out of the earth without thee, trees within thee; as forreſts without thee, ſo the wilderneſs in thy heart; theſe things doth the Scripture ſpeak of: who had the light ſpoke forth theſe Parables, to that nature in men and women, this light lets thee ſee, who hates the light, as fat Bulls without thee, feeding the fleſh: thou art as a fat Bull, who feeds the fleſh; as there is Dogs and Swine without thee, thou art a Dog that bites, and devours, and4barks, there is thy figure that barks; as Swine without thee, thou art a as Swine wallowing in the mire; and as a houſe without thee, thou art the houſe, and foul houſe without thee, thou art the houſe; as a candle lighted up in the houſe without thee, the candle is lighted up in thy heart, which is the ſpirit of the Lord, and thou wilt ſee the houſe foul, there is thy fi­gure; as tall Cedars without thee, thou wilt ſee thy ſelf a tall Cedat, who lives without the truth, ſpreading thy ſelf; and as ſtrong Oaks without thee, thou in thy ſtrength wilt ſee thy ſelf as a ſtrong Oak, who art full of earth, and liveſt in thy power and dignity; and as horſes without thee, thou who liveſt in earth and filth, and luſt, thou art as a horſe neighing up and down, this light will let thee ſee; as Aſſes without thee, ſnuffing up their noſes upon the mountains, thou that art lifted up in thy high-mind­edneſs, and full of pride and wildneſs, thou wilt ſee thy ſelf to be as a wilde Aſs; and as the graſs without thee, which is green for a while, thou wilt ſee thy ſelf to be as the graſs that grows upon the earth, which is green for a while, but is ſuddenly cut down; the light within thee will let thee ſee theſe things; and as cutting down without thee with a ſickle, and with a ſickle ſo cutting down thee; reaping thee down as reaping without thee, ſo reaping thee down, hewing down the wicked: Here thou muſt learn thy•…gure, who art reaping and mowing, as thou art walking in the field, thou mayſt read Scripture; as flowers are beautiful for a time, ſo thou that art fa­mous, thou that art beautiful in thy glory, ſo thou art as fading flowers, there thou mayſt learn thy figure; this light will let thee ſee the good ground vvithout thee, ſo are they who are the good heart; plowing up without thee, ſo plowing up the fallow ground within thee; as thou heareſt the thunder with­out thee, ſo muſt thou hear the thunder within thee; the voice without thee, ſo the voice within thee; theſe are figures: as the earthquake without thee, ſo earthquake within thee; and as mountains without thee, ſo moun­tains within thee; as hail-ſtones without thee, ſo hail-ſtones within thee; as wolves without thee, ſo the nature of wolves within thee; here thou canſt go no way but thou mayeſt read thy figure? as beaſts without thee, ſo thou art the nature of bruit beaſts, that turns from the light of God in thee; as the canker without thee eating, ſo the canker within; as the Sea without thee, ſo the wicked are as the Sea, the like nature of the Sea within thee; as foaming without thee, ſo foaming within; as harveſt without thee, ſo harveſt within, who come to ſee with the inviſible eye, all they that mind the light ſhall ſee another harveſt; as there is many ſowing the ſeed without, that lyes under the clods, ſo ſhall you ſee the ſeed that lyeth under the clods in thee; and as the ſummer without thee, ſo are che children of God brought into the ſummer, where there is joy and peace, and are brought out of the world; and as ſinging of birds without thee, ſo are they that are brought out of thee; the world it is a figure to them: as a turtle dove without thee, that is a figure who comes to this joyful Land; as doves with­out thee, nature of doves within; as Lambs without thee, the nature of Lambs within; as ſheep without thee, ſo the nature of ſheep within; and as goats without thee, ſo nature of goats within; now the light of God gave forth all theſe figures, like unto that nature in man, what the Saints ſhould enjoy; and this light will let thee ſee, as there are fowles without thee who have neſts, ſo thou who art flown above the truth, art as a fowl that hath a5Neſt, the nature of Fouls within: and as there are Dragons that devour without thee, ſo there are the nature of Dragons that devour the righte­ous, and Acts contrary to that pure Principle in thy Conſcience; And as a Bed in ſorrow without thee, ſo thou muſt be brought that art harloted from the Truth, into the Bed of ſorrow: And as there is a widdow with­out thee which hath not an husband, ſo thou art a widdow who hath not Jeſus Chriſt, who follow ſuch Prieſts as are called of men Maſters; As a Garden without thee, and dreſſing it without, ſo is Chriſt and his Spouſe the Saints: As there is a weeding without thee, ſo the weeding of the weeds are in the heart: Thiſtles without thee, the nature of Thiſtles within thee; Sower Grapes without thee, thou that art turned from the Truth, haſt the nature of ſower Grapes in thee: As thou ſeeſt the wild Grapes without thee, which ſet the childrens teeth an edge without thee, ſo they ſet their teeth an edge, who are growing in the truth, and take of that which Acts contrary to the light, and the light will let ye ſee: as the night without thee and darkneſs, ſo there is night within: and as Stars without thee, ſo there are Stars within thee: as Moon without thee, ſo there is Moon within thee: and as Clouds without thee, ſo there are Clouds within thee. Theſe are all Earthly Figures; And as the Sun without thee, ſo the Sun of Righteouſneſs ariſing with healing in his wings within thee. All who mind the meaſure which God hath given you, it will open unto you theſe earthly Figures un­to that nature in you which God ſpake, and will teach you; as you go up and down you ſhall read your Figures: as covering without you, ſo there is covering within, Woe to him that is covered, and not with the Spirit of the Lord: and as a Fire and an Oven without thee, and as Stubble without thee, All you Proud, and all you Wicked are as ſtubble to be conſumed in the fire, as fire doth the ſtubble; Now this light will ſhew you theſe Figures: Here you may read Scriptures thou that loveſt the light; thou that hateſt this light canſt not ſee theſe Figures. But it is the inviſible that opens theſe, that gave them forth; And here thou that art unlearned in the Letter, maiſt read the Scripture, and as the ſecret Chambers without thee, hearken to the light within thee; and it will let thee ſee the ſecret places, where the reti­red place, the ſecret Chambers are; and as a Priſon without thee, ſo there is a Priſon within, where the ſeed of God lyes; And as there is Threſhing without thee, it will let thee ſee Threſhing within thee; Chaffe without thee, the Chaffe within; Wheat without thee, ſo there is Wheat within: This light of God which gave forth the Scripture, this light of God according to its meaſure will open the Scripture to thee; For man being drove into the earth, and the earth being above the ſeed; So as the earth without thee, ſo the earth within thee; The Lord ſpeaking low things, Compariſons like to that nature in man; that man may look upon the Creation with that which is Inviſible, and there read himſelf; there thou maiſt ſee where-ever thou goeſt. And to all you the word of the Lord, that hath learned the Letter of the Scripture, your Hebrew, Greek, and Latine, Who hate the light within you, and ſay every one hath not the light; To you ſhall I open my mouth in ſome Parables. Ye are the painted walls, as ye ſee the painted walls without you, ſo your painted walls, there is your Figure: and as you ſee men ſtumble without you, which are blind: So do you which ſay that6every one hath not the light, and that every one is not enlightned: For ye ſtumble at the eye which ſhould let you ſee, and your mouth is the mouth of the falſe Prophet, which the Scripture ſpeaks of: The true Prophet, ſaith he, enlightned every one that comes into the world; and there was but two, and there is but two; and them that ſaith he doth not enlighten every one that cometh into the world, and he ſaith he doth enlighten every one that cometh into the world; thou art the falſe Prophet, and goeſt about to make Chriſt a lyar, who is the true Prophet: Ye are the hypocrites who are hipt above the truth, and your fair faces; and ye are the thieves which ſteal your neighbours words, and ye are filthy dreamers: Which ſaith, Chriſt hath not enlightned every one that com­into the world, they ſpeak a lye, the definition of their own brain; and ſell the Prophets words, and Chriſts words for money, which was ſpoken forth freely. Ye tell people ye Preach the Goſpel, who Miniſter the Letter, and know not the Goſpel; and ye tell them that the Letter is the Word; And the Letter ſaith God is the Word; and ye tell them the Letter is the Light: The Letter ſaith Chriſt is the Light: The Lord is coming in flames of fire, flames of fire with­out you, as you ſee with a natural eye, ſee flames of fire who have the light come upon you: You ungodly ones, as a ſword without, which hews down, So ſhall ye that are wicked find the ſword of the Lord, which is the word of the Lord, hew you down; and as you ſee fire burning without you, ſo ye that hate the Light, wels without water, ſay every one hath not the Light; and as a Cloud without you, ſo are the Clouds without water, and all your knowledge, Hebrew, Greek and Latine is natural; and the natural man knoweth not the things of God: Therefore to all people everywhere, to that light in you I ſpeak; which ſhews you Sin and Evil to be Works of Darkneſs, and Deeds of the fleſh: O the Old man! there is your Teacher, and there is your Condemnation, hating that light; And ye are they that get the Saints Words in the old Bottles, and ye give meanings to them, ye who are of the Generation that murthered ever the Righteous ſeed; as Bottles without you, ſo are you Bottles, New Wine put into New Bottles, the Old Wine put into Old Bottles, and that is a Figure; And as Trees with leaves without, that bears no Fruit, ſo are they that have oppreſ­ſion and no life, nor no fruit; As Suns and Daughters without, born by the will of man, ſo there are Sons and Daughters of God, born by the will of God, Heirs of another World; as theſe are born in this World, and as there is the world without you, ſo there is the World in the heart; as there is the field without, ſo there is the field in the heart; As there is the Merchant-man without, that ſeeks for Pearls without, ſo there is the Merchant-man that ſeeks for Pearls within; and as there is the Kingdom without, ſothere is the Kingdom of hea­ven within; and the Axe is laid to the Tree Root without, to hew down the Tree without, ſo the Axe is laid to the Tree within, that brings not forth good Fruit; And as Trees cumber the ground without upon the earth, ſo do men cumber the ground, fruitleſs Trees; And as there are Rocks without, there are Rocks within; as there is cleaving of Rocks without, ſo is there cleaving of Rocks within; As there are heavy burdens without, ſo there are heavy burdens within, the pure are burthened; And as the rain falls upon the Plants without, ſo doth the mercy of God fall upon the tender Plants within; As there is a Vineyard Planted without, ſo are the People of God a Vineyard, who love the Light, and have the Inviſible eye, will read theſe Figures and Parables, and7ye heed not go to your natural Prieſts without you; But this within will open them, as you love it, and walk in it as the Saints did, who gave forth the Scripture, and they Exhorted others to take heed to that light, and ſaid, ye have a more ſure word of Propheſie, unto which ye do well to take heed, and as unto a light ſhining in a dark place, till the day dawn, and the day-ſtar ariſe in your hearts; and this light is your Teacher, which teacheth you wholeſomeneſs, and Holineſs, and Teacheth you the fear of the Lord; and this light, hating of it will be your condemnation, and then you ſtumble, and then you neither un­derſtand Parables nor Figures, but are them that ſtumble at noon day; all you who are earthly, minding it which is Inviſible, ye will read the earthly Parables and Figures, and ſee the time of Winter; as there is Winter without, ſo there is Winter within, the time of Winter, and the time of Summer, if you wait to get through the earthly part; The earth muſt be removed, and the earth muſt be ſhaken when the Glory of the Lord ariſeth. This is witneſſed: ſo God almighty open your underſtandings, all people everywhere, that you may ſee your ſelves, Which if you take heed to that light which will exerciſe your conſciences, it will let you ſee your ſelves, which eye is the light, and this light will let you ſee God But if your minds go forth, the God of this world cometh in and takes the Do­minion, and ſo your minds are blinded, and your underſtandings darkned: Therefore every one, what you poſſeſs, profeſs, for the Saints were what they ſpoke: and every one as Chriſt hath given you a meaſure, according to your abi­lity mind your meaſure, and improve your meaſure, and let the Saints condi­tions alone, but as you find them fulfilled in you; and lay aſide all contention, and ſtriving about words, which is no profit, but mind the pure light of God within, which will teach every one to know God, and ſo every one muſt improve his Talent, and improve his meaſure according to his Ability: ſo every one will be rewarded according to his works, whether they be good or evil; and thou that ſayeſt every one hath not the light, who art the blind Phariſee, I ſhall ſtop thy mouth with a few words which the ſervants of God hath ſpoken forth; Chriſt himſelf ſaith, which is the true light, he doth enlighten every one that cometh into the world, and the one he loveth it, and the other he hateth it: And this is the Condemnation of the World, that light is come into the world, and men love darkneſs rather then light, becauſe their deeds are evil: And thou ſai•…he doth not enlighten every one that cometh into the world, and there thou art a falſe Prophet, and a witneſs againſt Chriſt; and thou that ſaiſt the Grace of God hath not appeared to all men to teach them, thou art he that tuins the Grace of God into wantonneſs; and to thee the Grace hath appeared, for that is Grace that ſhews thee ungodlineſs and worldly luſts, and there thou goeſt to make the Apoſtles lyars, when the Grace of God, they ſay, which we witneſs, hath appeared to all men, which teacheth us the Saints to deny all ungodlineſs and worldly luſts, and to live Godlily, and Soberly, and Righteouſly in this preſent evil world; and this Grace hath appeared to thee who liveſt wickedly, and ungodlily, and are of this preſent evil world, to that in thy conſcience I ſpeak, which thou ſhalt eternally witneſs me, for to it the Grace cometh and appears; and when the Book of Conſcience is opened, all men ſhall be Judged out of it: and here thou that ſayeſt every one hath not the light in their Conſciences, to exerciſe it, thou goeſt about to make God unjuſt, for the light which lets man ſee ſin and evil, is a perfect light of God; and thou8that ſaith every one hath not a meaſure of light within them, to ſhew them all their Works and Actions which they do; thou goeſt about to make God unjuſt, and unrighteous, and to keep the Creature in darkneſs, for God ſaith he will give to every one a reward according to their works; and if he had not a light, how ſhould he ſee his Works, and how ſhould the world be Judged in Righte­ouſneſs but blind Hypocrites muſt ſhew themſelves, that they may openly appear blind to all them that are in the light, and love the light; and you that hate the light, there is your condemnation.

G. F.

TO all the Worlds Profeſſors and People, that you may ſee where you are, and repent; The word of God is not known to the world, nor worldly wiſdom; He that hath the word hath life, he that knows the word knows God, and here is life manifeſt, and the word hath quickned him, and raiſed him out of death and dead works; He who hath but the Letter, heareth a ſound, but knoweth not what nor whence it is; and as he receives it in the Ayr, ſo he de­clares it, and death ſpeaks light words without power, and dead-works, and lightneſs is brought forth, and the power of death Reigns; and the life of this is but an imitation, and not the life it ſelf; the Chaffe, but not the Grain toſſed in the wind; And the Prince of the Ayr is Head, and Ruleth; And here Vanity is Exalted, the light mind is fed with Ayery Notions, would be wiſe; but the Colt is at liberty, not ſubject to the Yoke, but kicks againſt the pure, and the obedience is not; And the Croſs is deſpiſed by this nature who feeds here, whoſe end is deſtruction, and for the fire; For this nature knows not the living Word, but the Letter, and is without God in the world; but he who hath the Word, hath God, and is come into the Covenant by which all things ſtand; For he is come into the beginning, out of the Fall, to the firſt Fruits, and witneſſeth the Word Spiritual, Inviſible, Powerfull, and Pure, and Sharp, a Divider, and a Diſcerner; By it he is Sanctified and made clean, by it he is eſtabliſhed, unmoveable, by it he grows, and is fed daily, it is his Life, his Light, his Joy and Delight. And this Word is not to fetch from above, nor from below; Neither is it to ſeek in a Chapter, or a Steeple-houſe without; But it is nigh, in the heart, and in the mouth: by which Word he is taught, guided, and kept at all Seaſons: it is his Counſellor, and he enquires at it, as at the Oracle: and thereby he himſelf is brought to live the life of Godlineſs, and from which is ſpoken forth words of life, and power to others, and he ſpeaks not his own words, not brings forth his own works, but hath ceaſed from his own works, as God did from his, and is entred into his Reſt, and is come in­to the Eternal Sabbath, and is comprehended into the word, which is Chriſt, and is no more his own: For now Chriſt ſpeaks in him, acts in him, and works in him, both the Will and the Deed: Now Chriſt and he is one, is married to him, and Chriſt is his Head and Husband: And now the head ſpeaks, Prays, and Praiſes, and Propheſies, and is uncovered: and here is the Church of the Firſt born, the Pillar and ground of Truth, where the woman muſt be co­vered and kepe ſilent, and is not to ſpeak in the Church, is not to Uſurp Au­thority,9 but is to be in ſubjection; and if ſhe would know any thing, ſhe is to ask her husband at home, and he is to her a covering of the eyes for ever. Now all you Prieſts and People that talk of theſe things without you, from the Letter, this is a Parable to you, and you read the outſide in the Letter: and from that you Imagine, and ſo ſet up a Form, or Likeneſs, or Image of theſe things: and here you Worſhip, and for this you contend, and would compell all to Worſhip your Image you have ſet up, and you go about to perſecute and deſtroy all that will not bow to it with you: But it is but the Form you have, and not the Subſtance; And you put the Dead Letter for the Living Word, and your own meanings of it, ariſing from the brain, and firſt Wiſdom, and natural Learning; This you declare, and call it profeſſing and put off your hats, which is Car­nal; but the head you know not, and it is the woman that ſpeaks, and the head is covered, and you diſhonor your head, and honor your ſelves; Neither are you ſubject to your head, but your own wills rule in you, and you live in the pleaſures of the world, and are become wanton, and have ſet your eyes upon many lovers, and you are adulterated from your husband, and live not with him, nor is he a covering to you; neither can you witneſs him in you, and you in him, and the pure ſeed is not brought forth in you, but your ſeed is accurſed; Neither is the pure language brought forth in you; but as to God you are ſmit­ten with barrenneſs, and bring forth nothing but Words, Wind, Shews and Shadows, Imitations, Inventions, Imaginations, and falſe Conceptions, and you never look to bring forth better fruits; Never to come to Holineſs, and Perfection, and to come to your firſt Fruits, and that Eſtate in which you were Created, and you will not know that you are departed from your firſt fruitful­neſs, and have loſt him in whom your life ſtands, and in whom your Fruit is found, and are become widdows and deſolate, as to your firſt husband, and have been running after other lovers, and have committed Adultery under every green Tree, and the holy fleſh is departed from you, and you have been doting upon the Egyptian and Aſſyrian for wiſdom and ſtrength, whoſe fleſh is as the fleſh of Horſes, and have been as fed Horſes, living in the luſts of the fleſh as it is at this day. Now all People ſtand ſtill a while, and ſee where you are, and the cauſe of your unfruitfulneſs; Look back from whence you are fallen, and re­turn to your firſt husband, that you may bring forth your firſt fruits; For till then all you do is abomination to the Lord, and he cannot accept it; For what you bring forth is the ſeed of the Adulterer and the Whore a Generation of evil doers. And yet you make a Profeſſion and outſide appearance as to Righte­ouſneſs, and Holineſs: But the Power to Act Righteouſneſs you have not, but in your Actions bring forth the Image of the Devil; for all ſin bears his Image, and he is the father of it; Let no man deceive you through fair words, He that ſins is of the Devil, and is doing his work; and upon this Image where it is, Is the wrath of God revealed from heaven in flames of fire; here is your Portion, you workers of Iniquity.

D. N.

O All you who have caſt the Law of God behind you, and walk deſpitefully againſt the Spirit of Grace, give over your Profeſſion for ſhame, and ne­ver profeſs you love God, and have caſt his Law behind you, and walk in uncleanneſs, fighting, wrangling, quarrelling, in Drunkenneſs, and maliciouſ­neſs, and brawling, ralling, and backbiting, curſed ſpeakers, inventers of evil, and doers of miſchief, Plotting together to devour the Truth, living in Wan­tonneſs and Pleaſures, Feaſting and Ryoting, and Gluttony; In miſnaming and miſcalling the People of God who live in the Truth, and Covetous Cheat­ers, incontinent, without natural affection, unholy, unjuſt, and unrighteous, brutiſh, given over unto all unrighteouſneſs, People and Prieſts are gone out of the way, fierce deſpiſers of them that are good. Now all people and friends, where is your Profeſſion and love towards God? Awake ye Drunkards, awake ye Scorners, and give over your Drunkenneſs and Scorning; God ſcorns the ſcornfull, and Drunkards ſhall rot, Iſa. 5.24. Therefore as the flame of fire devours the Stubble, and as the Chaffe is conſumed of the flame, ſo their Root ſhall be rotteneſs, and their Bloſſom ſhall go up as duſt, becauſe ye have caſt off the Law of God, and contemned the word of the holy one of Iſrael: Awake ye proud ones, for ye are as the Stubble, as the fire burneth the Stubble, ſo ſhall ye be barned: Awake ye wicked ones, for ye are as the Chaffe that the wind drives to and fro Wo unto you lyers, for you are without God: Awake and bluſh for ſhame, and turn to the Lord: Awake ye doggs which bite and devour one anothe For ye are without God; and croſs your luſts, and learn meekneſs, and tenderneſs, for that is of God, and the other is of the Devil: Awake ye Ido­laters, who truſt in the earth; truſting in your Riches, and in your Horſes, and in your beauty, delighting in your Corn and Wine; Your Woe and miſery is coming, for all the Gods of the earth muſt be famiſhed: O truſt in the Lord and forſake your Idols! Come down thou proud one, and lay thine ho­nor in the duſt; caſt down thy Crown of Pride who art Exalted, that the Lord alone may be exalted Who att thou that art Exalted and lifted up in Pride? who art thou that ſets thy neſt on high, and oppreſſeſt thy Fellow-Creatures, and Taxeth them? Remember! Remember that there is a God; and re­member what he did to Pharoah that was a Taxer, Oppreſſor, and was proud: O conſider! thou ſhalt not eſcape the Judgement of God, thou hard-hearted Pharoah, thou wild Iſhmael, whoſe hands are againſt every man; Thou Pro­phane Eſau which deſpiſeſt thy Birth-right for the Earth; thou art a place for the Dragons to dwell in, greedy devourers; thou that envieſt thy Fellow-Crea­gures art Old-Cain; He that envies his brother is a murtherer of the Righteous and the Juſt, whoſe Sac ifice God doth not accept; and thou that art Cain, who liveſt in envy, God doth not accept thy Sacrifice; all your Preaching, all your Praying, all your Singing, and all your Prayſing, is not accepted of God, whileſt you live in envy; for it is the pure that he accepts, and the heart that he requires, and not the murtherers Sacrifice, for that is Cains: Wo, Wo to the world; and woe to all you that turn the Grace of God into wantonneſs: Wo, wo unto all diſobedient children that will not take Council of the Lord; Wo, wo to you that paint your ſelves with other mens words, that appear beautifull11 to men outwardly, but within are full of poyſon, whited Walls, painted Sepulchres, full of Deceit and Hypocriſie, outſide-Churches, outſide-Forms, outſide-Teachers, Formal-Prayers, Formal-Teach­ings, Formal-Singing, Formal-Praiſes, Carnal-Teachers, ſpeak­ing the Carnal-Letter, for Carnal-Money, to Carnal and Brutiſh People: Away with all this filthy Profeſſion, for the Curſe of God is upon it, and upon all that filthy Nature: And the Curſed Nature holds it up: Who are Redeemed from the Curſe, their Church is in God, and their Teacher is God, and they are brought to obey the Law of God, who Teacheth holineſs, without which none ſhall ſee God; who Teacheth Pureneſs and Meekneſs, Tenderneſs and Righteouſneſs; And to lay aſide all Envy, Wrath, Malice, Hatred, Drunkenneſs, Rayling, Theft, Murther, Fighting, Quarrelling, and Idle-Jeſting, Vain-Songs, and all Venomouſneſs, all Hypocriſie, Cozening and Cheating, World­lineſs, and Earthly-mindedneſs: For theſe are the Works of the Fleſh, and who act theſe things, ſhall never inherit the Kingdom of God. O all People confider where you are, there is a light in you that tells you, that all theſe things are ſinful. Herein you have learned your Condem­nation, for you know that you ſhould do no unrighteouſneſs; this light is your Teacher, and this light is your Condemner: and if you love this light, you love Chriſt, and if you hate this light, you hate Chriſt; (for this light ſhews theſe things) and your Profeſſion is Carnal, Heatheniſh and Brutiſn; Hearken to the light, and it will draw you out of all the Worſhips, Cuſtoms and Faſhions in the world, up to God, and to live in Love and Unity one with another; gather in your hearts together in one. Now you have time, prize it. O all People! beware of the Woe and Mi­ſery that is coming upon you: the Earth ſhall be ſhaken, and all Earthly ways; And all your Profeſſion ſhall come to nothing, but to be Fewel for the fire: Heatheniſh-Ways, Heatheniſh-Forms, Heatheniſh-Teachers. For God is coming to overturn the Kingdoms of the World, and to ſet up his own Son, and in Righteouſneſs will he eſtabliſh it, and throw down all Unrighteous Kingdoms, all the Heatheniſh Kingdoms, and Syna­gogues of Satan; You which have Profeſſed the Saints words, will be found to be of the Devil, and out of the Truth; Squeaking-Profeſſors, Fained-Profeſſors, Away with all your Fained-Humilite, for God is Power: Away with all your Profeſſors that Profeſs God and Chriſt, being within full of Blood-thirſty-devouring, to ſlay the Righteous; And you which Profeſs truth, and live not in it, but in Envy and Sin, You are of the De­vil, and his Works ye do; and every Tree ſhews forth its Fruit, and ye are Trees. A good Tree bringeth ſorth good Fruit, and an evil Tree bringeth forth evil Fruit. Now all People conſider which of theſe Trees you are; every man and woman is likened to a Bottle; New Wine is put into New Bottles, and Old Wine into Old Bottles; And what is within you Pours forth; the Old Bottle pours forth the Old Nature; Which is, Envy, Wrath, Malice, ra•…ing Gods Name in vain, Swearing, Lying, Pride and Oppreſſion, and ſpwing forth your Filthineſs, Corruptneſs, and all Abominations, and all•…ng•…dly-Deeds, and Unrighteous-Ways, and your Filthy-Profeſſion, which is in〈◊〉Wiſdom of the World, by which Wiſdom the World12knows not God: and he that drinks the Old, doth not deſire to drink the New, and he that drinks the New, will not in anywiſe deſire to drink the Old. Out of the New Bottle proceeds Righteouſneſs, or Rivers of Living-Water: all People ſee, and conſider which Tree, and which Bottle you are: Whether the good Tree which cannot bring forth evil Fruit, or the evil Tree which cannot bring forth good Fruit? Whether you be the New Bottle that pours forth Righteouſneſs, Holineſs and Purity: Or the Old Bottle which pours forth Wickedneſs, and all man­ner of Ungodlineſs? All People ſee, conſider what Fountain you are: Whether the good Fountain that venteth out Righteouſneſs, or the evil Fountain that venteth out evil and Unrighteouſneſs, Spewing out the Ve­nomous Nature? One Fountain doth not ſend forth Sweet-Water, and Bitter, Salt and Freſh: And you that ſend forth the Bitter-Water you may Profeſs to be of the Sweet-Fountain: But God knows your Hypocri­ſie, and the Plagues of God are to be poured forth upon all ſuch Beaſts: For you are Beaſts, Doggs, Swine, and Devils, Who do not abide in the Truth. Fat Bulls of Baſhan, Hypocrites and Serpents, Antichriſts, Seducers, and Deceivers, Dragons, Murtherers, and Devourers of them that abide in the Truth: But they that abide in the Truth, the Deceits of all the World are diſcovered to them.

TO all the children of darkneſs, that ſtumble at the light, wherewith Chriſt hath enligted every one that cometh into the world; ſaith Chriſt, I am the light of the world, he that followeth me, ſhall not walk in dark­neſs, but ſhall have the light of life: And this light you deny to be ſufficient to lead to God, and here you are unbelievers, and cannot believe in the Son of God, whom the father hath given for a Covenant of light, that whoſoever believes in him ſhould not abide in darkneſs; but you that deny this light, deny the way to the father, the way out of the world, the way out of darkneſs; you deny the Prophets and Apoſtles, and all the holy men of God, for they all walked in this light, and ſpoke of it; and you deny the Scriptures given out from this light, and by this light you are condemned, and found to be of that ſort, which all that dwelt in the light bear witneſs againſt, for of this ſort you are who deny the light, Such as are blind guides, proud and covetous, ſuch as are called of men Maſters, ſuch as bear rule by your means, hirelings, greedy dumb dogs, ſuch as ſeek for their gain from their quarters, ſeeks for the Fleece, lay heavy burdens on the people, ſuch as go in the way of Cain, and after the error of Balaam, for gifts and rewards, and ſuch as with feigned words make merchandize of the people; which Chriſt the light, and all that vvalked in the light, cryed vvoe againſt; and their vvords in the Scripture are left as a vvitneſs againſt you all, vvho live in ſuch things, vvhich vvords you dare not ſtand to be tryed by, they are ſo plain againſt your practice, but vvreſt them by your ſubtilty, giving other meanings and private interpretations on them, to make them fit your private ends, and filthy practices, and thereby they have covered your filthineſs, and hid your iniquities, all theſe times of dark〈◊〉,nd have gone13under the name of the Miniſters of Chriſt, by crying out againſt others for perſecuting, quarrelling, fighting, ſtocking, ſtoning, ſuing, covetouſneſs, pride, and idleneſs, and thus by your fair pretences, have ye deceived the ſimple; but novv that the ſame Chriſt is manifeſt, vvhich hath alvvays been perſecuted, by his light are they diſcovered, to be theſe vvho garniſh the Sepulchres of Chriſt, the Prophets and Apoſtles whom your fathers ſlew, which ye your ſelves are in the ſame work; are not you now found beating, backbiting, ſtocking, impriſoning, ſuing, falſe-accuſing, and perſwading the Powers of the earth againſt the bodies of theſe, where the light of Chriſt is owned, and the brightneſs of his coming manifeſt, to lay you open, ſo that the Priſons are filled by your means? who would have believed within theſe few years, that you had been of them, of which Chriſt ſpoke, by which his meſſengers ſhould be ſhamefully intreated, beat in the Synagogues, halled before Rulers, falſly accuſed, and impriſoned? who would have thought you had been the men, who ſhould have been found beating your fellow ſervants, ſuing and impriſoning for tythes and hire, ſuch who cannot uphold you, but ſin againſt the light of Chriſt in their conſcience? and theſe whom a few weeks ſince you counted the moſt conſciencious of your hearers, to whom you cryed peace, peace: now that they ceaſe putting into your mouths, you prepare war againſt them, and here you are found in the ſteps of the falſe Prophets, who were enemies to the light, and were witneſſed againſt by the light, as all who walk in the light, are now turned away from you, and are come out from you, and made to declare againſt you with that light; and now by ſuch as are turned from the light, are ye upholden, and to them ye flye for re­fuge; and now you ſet up drunkards, ſwearers, ſcorners, fighters, ſuch as deny the light, and bring forth works of darkneſs, to uphold you with clubs, ſtones, and ſtocks, fighting and tearing by the hair of the head, and ſhedding of blood of ſuch as are ſent to vvitneſs againſt you; and the moſt envious and cruel are become your beſt friends; and the Scripture is fulfilled upon you all; Like People, like Prieſt; and the woe that came upon ſuch, is coming upon you all, except you repent.


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TextA word from the Lord, to all the world, and all professors in the vvorld; spoken in parables: wherein all may come to read themselves through the parables, and see where they are; also a word to all professors, who cast the pure law of God behind their backs, and turn the grace of God into wantonness, and despite the day of their visitation; with a dreadful voice to all the children of darkness, who hate and deny the light; that all may come to see themselves, and repent, before the fierce wrath of the Lord, which is kindled in England, sweep you all away: by them who are redeemed out of the curse, to serve the living, called Quakers.
AuthorFox, George, 1624-1691..
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Bibliographic informationA word from the Lord, to all the world, and all professors in the vvorld; spoken in parables: wherein all may come to read themselves through the parables, and see where they are; also a word to all professors, who cast the pure law of God behind their backs, and turn the grace of God into wantonness, and despite the day of their visitation; with a dreadful voice to all the children of darkness, who hate and deny the light; that all may come to see themselves, and repent, before the fierce wrath of the Lord, which is kindled in England, sweep you all away: by them who are redeemed out of the curse, to serve the living, called Quakers. Fox, George, 1624-1691.. [2], 13, [1] p. Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black spread-Eagle, at the west end of Pauls,London, :1654.. (Attributed to George Fox.) (Annotation on Thomason copy: "Aug: 25".) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
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