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A full NARRATION Of the late Riotous Tumult Within the City of London. AND Proceedings of the Lord Mayor, Committee of Militia, and the Com­mon-Councell of the ſaid City concer­ning the ſame.

Preſented to the Houſe of PEERES upon Thurſday the 13. of April, 1648.

With their LORDSHIPS ANSWER thereunto.

ORdered by the Lords Aſſembled in Parliament, That this Narration be forthwith printed and publiſhed.

Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.

Imprinted at London for John Wright at the Kings Head in the old Bayley. 1648.


AT this Common-Councell Maſter Alderman Fowke and Maſter Al­derman Gibbs, by the direction of the Committee of the Militia of London, did make a large relation of the great tumult, inſurrection, and mutiny, which happened in this City on the laſt Lords day and munday laſt, by many evill diſpoſed perſons, which firſt began on the Lords day in the afternoone in the County of Middleſex, where they ſeized the Colours of one of the trayned Bands of the ſaid county, who were there imployed for the ſuppreſſing of ſuch perſons as did prophane the Lords day, and being diſperſed by ſome of the Generals Forces, did ga­ther2 together within the city of London and Liber­ties thereof, and in a rotous manner did breake open divers houſes and magazines of Armes and Ammunition, and tooke away Armes, Plate, mo­ney, and other things; and did ſeize upon the drums of the trayned bands of this city, which were beating to raiſe their companis, and armed themſelves, and beat up drums, and put themſelves in a warlike poſture, and ſeized upon the gates, chaines, and watches of this city; and then mar­ched to the Lord Mayors houſe, and there aſſaul­ted the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, committee of the militia of London, and other magiſtrates of the ſame; and did ſhoot into the Lord Mayors houſe, beat back his Guards, killed one of them, woun­ded divers others, and ſeized and tooke away a peece of Ordnance from thence, with which they did afterwards ſlay and wound divers perſons, and committed many other outrages. All which mat­ters being largely debated, and many particulars inſiſted upon, both for the diſcovery and puniſh­ment of the ſaid miſdemeanours and outrages, and alſo for the preventing of the like for time to come, it was at the laſt concluded and agreed by this common-councell as followeth: Firſt, This common-councell do generally conceive, that this city was in great danger by reaſon of the ſaid out­rages and miſdemeanours; and that if the ſame had not ſo timely been prevented and ſtayed, the whole city would have been expoſed to the fury and rage of the ſaid malefactours: And this com­mon-councell doth declare, That the ſame miſ­demeanour4 and outrage was a horrid and deteſtable act, tending to the deſtruction of the city; And that they do diſavow the ſame, and with an utter deteſtation do declare their dſlike thereof; And this common-councell do appoint the committee of the militia of London to make the ſame knowne to the Honourable Houſes of Parliament; and alſo to make an humble requeſt unto them, That an Order may be iſſued forth from them to the ſe­verall miniſters of this city and the places adjacent that they may be directed to give publique thanks 'to Almighty God, the Author of this great and wonderfull deliverance, from that eminent danger wherein this city and parts adjacant were involved. And further the ſaid committee are appointed by this court to apply themſelves to the Honourable Houſes of Parliament, for the obtaining of a ſpe­ciall commiſſion of Oyer and Terminer, for the trying and puniſhing of all the malefactors that had a hand in this deteſtable action, according to the knowne Lawes of this Land; and this court with thankfull hearts doe acknowledge the inſtruments under God, by which they obtained this delive­rance, to be by the forces raiſed and continued by the Parliament, under the command of his Excel­lency the Lord Generall Fairfax, and to manifeſt the ſame:

This Common-Councell doe alſo order, that the ſaid Committee of the Militia, in the name of this City, as a thing agreed upon by a unanimous con­ſent, ſhall returne their hearty Thankes to his Ex­cellency for his ſpeedy and ſeaſonable Ayde affor­ded4 unto the City in this their great ſtraight and danger; And this court with a generall conſent do well approve of the endeavours of the ſaid com­mittee of the Militia for London for the raiſing of the forces of this city, and in their procuring of the ſaid aide and helpe from his Excellency in this extremity, and what elſe they have done for the appeaſing and ſuppreſſing of the ſaid tumults; And this court doth give thankes to the ſaid com­mittee of the Militia for their care, and paines by by them taken upon this ſad occaſion; And they doe appoint Maſter Alderman Fowke to declare the ſame their thankes to ſuch of the ſaid committee as are not of this court; And this court doth alſo with all thankfulneſſe acknowledge the paines and care of the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and the Right Worſhipfull the Sheriffes of this city therein. And this court doe generally declare, That it is the duty of every citizen of this city by himſelfe, and all that doe belong unto him, or is under his command, to be ready upon all occaſi­ons to be ayding and aſſiſting unto the Lord Mayor and the reſt of the Magiſtrates of this city, for the ſuppreſſing of all tumults and diſorders within the ſame; and the ſeverall perſons now preſent at this common-councell (by the holding up of their hands) have promiſed, that for the time to come they will uſe their utmoſt endeavours, and be rea­dy upon all occaſions to doe the ſame.


ORdered, That my Lord Mayor be hereby deſired to call a common-councell to mor­row morning at ten of the clocke, and that laſt nights tumult be reported to the court by Alder­man Fowke, and Alderman Gibbs, and what this committee then did for the ſafety of this city, and what application they were forced to make to the Generall for his aſſiſtance.

Adam Banokes Clerke to the ſaid Committee.

WHereas by vertue of an Ordinance of Parliament, dated the ſecond of Septem­ber, 1647. It was ordained and decla­red, That we the perſons intruſted with the orde­ring of the Militia within the city of London and the liberties thereof, ſhould have full power and authority to cauſe all and ſingular his Majeſties Subjects inhabiting within the ſaid city and liber­ties, that are meet and fit for the warres from time to time to be aſſembled and called together, and to be liſted, well and ſufficiently arrayed, weapo­ned, trained and exerciſed, and put in readineſſe6 in places moſt fit for that purpoſe; and for the bet­ter execution of the ſaid Ordinance to make Colo­nells, captaines, and other officers, and to lead, conduct, and imploy the ſaid forces arrayed, and weaponed for the ſafe guarding of the ſaid city and liberties, and for the ſuppreſſion of all rebellions, inſurrections, and invaſions that may happen with­in the ſame; and to give battell, and fight with them and their adherents, and all others that ſhall approach with any ſuch force towards or againſt the Parliament, or the city of London and liberties thereof, or cauſe any inſurrection within the ſame, and them to invade, reſiſt, repreſſe, ſubdue, purſue, kill and ſlay, and by all meanes to deſtroy as ene­mies of the kingdome. We do therefore pray and require you, to obſerve all particulars above menti­oned unto you belonging, and to proceed therein according to the duty of your place.

  • Jo. Warner, Mayor.
  • Owen Rowe
  • Thomas Noel
  • Marke Hildſley
  • Stephen Eſtwick
  • Jo. Wollaſtou
  • Tho. Andrewes
  • Will. Berkeley
  • Tho. Player
Colonell Vnderwood,

YOu are hereby required to raiſe your Regiment, and to draw them to the place of Rendezvouz, Com­pleatly Armed, and furniſhed with Pow­der, Match, and Bullet, and to ſup­preſſe all Tumults and Inſurrections that may be to the prejudice of the peace of the City, by ſending out par­ties and Companies, or otherwiſe as you ſhall ſee cauſe, and for ſo doing this ſhall be your Warrant.

The Warrant above was iſſued to
  • Col. Ʋnderwood,
  • Colonell Rowe,
  • Col. Hayes,
  • Liev. Co••〈◊〉
  • Col. Harr••••,
Adam Bankes Clerke to the Committee of the Militia London.

WHereas Tumults doe much increaſe in the City, and the Drums of the Trained Bands are taken from them,〈◊〉s thought fit and ſo Ordered by the committe〈◊〉the Militia Lon­don, that the chaines of the ſeverall Wards be forthwith〈◊〉down, and the Deputies and Com­mon-coun•••…men and Conſtables are required to take notice hereof accordingly.

To the Alderman of the Ward of Farringdon within.

By the Mayor.

THeſe are to will and require you in pur­ſuance of an Order of the Committee of the Militia for London that for the ſafety of this City you take care and ſee that the bookes and ſtapels which faſten the chaines to the Poſts within your Ward be forthwith this night pulled〈◊〉and that they and the chaines be by you ta­•••〈◊〉••ſpoſed of in ſome ſafe and ſecure place,〈…〉Deputy and common-counſell ſhall th••〈…〉•••venient, untill further Order be given in〈…〉ſe, and hereof faile you not as you w••••••wer the contrary at your perill.


Their Lordſhips Anſwer.

THe Lor•…〈…〉knowldge the great and happy providence of Almigh­ty God in the preventing of ſo horred an outrage which might have endanger­ed the lives of the chiefe Magiſtrates and alſo hazarded the ſpoyl of the whole Ci­ty of London, in Order to making their acknowledgements to God more pub­lique, and in anſwer to the deſires of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Common-Counſell, they will appoint the Mini­ſters of the ſeverall Pariſhes within the late lines of Communication to give thanks unto God the next Lords day ſot this preſervation and deliverance. They are well ſatisfied with the generall dſ­like and deteſtation of〈…〉outrage expreſſed by you〈…〉the ſenſe of the Lord Mayorldrmen, and Common-counſll of the City of Lon­don, and will ſpeedily Order that a10 Commiſſion of Oyre and Terminer, ſhll iſſue forth for the tryall of theſe Mae­factors. They fully ap•••ve of the cae, endeavours, and Ordeof the Lord Mayor and Militia of the City of Lon­don, and of the Orders lately made by the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Com­mon-Counſell concerning the ſame, ad returne their thanks unto the Lord Ma­or, Aldermen and Common-Counſell, and the Militia of the City of London, and they do earneſtly deſire them to continue ſtill to uſe their diligence and utmoſt endeavours for the preventing tumults and outrages for the future, and to be carefull for the preſervation of the ſafety and quiet of the City of London, wherein this Houſe will alwaies be rea­dy to give them their beſt aſſiſtance and encou〈8… letters〉.

Ioh. 〈◊〉Clr. Parliamentorum:

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TextA full narration of the late riotous tumult within the City of London, and proceedings of the Lord Mayor, Committee of Militia, and the Common-Councell of the said city concerning the same. Presented to the House of Peeres upon Thursday the 13. of April, 1648. With their Lordships answer thereunto. Die Jovis 13. April. 1648. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this narration be forthwith printed and published. Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
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Bibliographic informationA full narration of the late riotous tumult within the City of London, and proceedings of the Lord Mayor, Committee of Militia, and the Common-Councell of the said city concerning the same. Presented to the House of Peeres upon Thursday the 13. of April, 1648. With their Lordships answer thereunto. Die Jovis 13. April. 1648. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this narration be forthwith printed and published. Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum. City of London (England). Court of Common Council., England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords.. [2], 10 p. for John Wright at the Kings Head in the old Bayley,Imprinted at London :1648.. (Caption title, A2: Commune Concilium tent. in Camera Guildhall Civitatis London undecimo die Aprilis 1648.) (Imperfect: staining with some loss of text.) (Annotation on Thomason copy: the 8 in imprint date is crossed out and replaced with a "7".) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
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