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VVritten by one, whom the World calls a Quaker, Joh. 17.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Verſes. In the time of Iſraels captivity, bound under hard hearted Pharaoh, that rules over the pure Seed, the Iſraelite within; Thus ſaith the Lord, Therefore do I make my Power known, that Iſrael may go free. Read Scriptur & ſee if can own ſame po••that they that〈◊〉them forRead Job 8. &c. 4.21.5, 37 1.

David Pſal. 10 3, 4. Pſal. 38 7, 8. Pſal. 1 120 Iſal. 66 & 5. Jer. 23. Hab. 3. Eze. 3 10. Dan. 11. Act 9 5, 6.Thus ſaith the Lord, we have heard a Voyce, of Feare, of Trembling, and not of Peace; Wherefore do I ſee every man with his hands on his Loines, as a Woman in travell aske yee now, and ſee whether a Man doth travell with Child, and all Faces are turned into paleneſſe: Alas that day is great, ſo that none is like it. It is even the time of Jacobs trouble, but he ſhall be ſaved out of it; And I will break his yoake from off his Neck, and will burſt his Bonds, and ſtrangers ſhall no more ſerve themſelves of him, but they ſhall ſerve the Lord their God and David their King whom I will raiſe up unto them

Jer. 30.4, 5, 6, 7, 8, &c.

Eze. 12 18. Dn 10The word of the Lord came unto me, ſaying, Son of Man, eate thy bread with quaking, &c. So fearfull was the ſight, that I did ex­ceedingly fear and Quake:

Heb. 12.21. Verſ.

Printed in the Year,653.

One of Sions ſharp Threſhing Inſtruments, with A Bunch of Sweet Grapes on the end of it.

FOr tender hearts, which deſire to know the way to Sion, the City of the living God, that they may minde the leadings of the Fathers love, that ſends his Son to them, when they lie woun­ded, halfe dead, being falne amongſt Theeves,Jer. 23.3 Ioh. 10.8. thoſe that ſteale their words from their Neigh­bours, and have no Oyle to powre in, neither do they take any care of them, but leave them,Ezek. 3.4 ver. Jer. 5.3 31. ver. and doe not ſhew any mercy to them at all, looking lightly at them, all that they looke after is that they may be Lords and Rulers over Gods heri­tage, to make themſelves great, and rich, and honourable in the World, not knowing the office of a Phyſitian, to dreſſe the wound, and powre Oyle into it, neyther do they know the office of a Shep­heard, but are more like Swineheards,Ezek. ••2, 3, ver. all Baals Prieſts, feeding their luſts, faring ſumptuouſly, and living delicately, in great parſonages, and fat benefices, fatting up themſelves for the ſlaughter, puſhing the diſeaſed, and take no care, but loſe the ſheepe, feeding themſelves, and feed not the flock, which cauſeth the Lord to complain of them, and he ſends his ſervants, riſing up early and lying down late to cry out of their careleſneſs,Ezek. 3 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10. ver. and ſome of them they beat, and ſome of them they ſtone, and others they impriſon, to ſatisfie their luſts, and lives themſelves in pleaſures, and wantonneſſe, doing their own wills and not regarding the will of the Lord, Therefore is he ſore diſpleaſed with them, and will turn them out with the unprofitable ſervant,••e. 34. ••, 17, 18,〈◊〉. and reward them according to their workes, even feed them with his ſore judgements. But as a loving Father,〈◊〉••.10.9, 11. & 15, 16. and a tender and good Shepheard, doth he take care for his ſheepe, and ſends his Son to fould them, and lead them into fat Paſtures, even feeding them all along by the Ri­vers of his love,•••e. 34.11, 13, &c. where there is greene and freſh mercies for the ſoules of his diſtreſſedones, to feed on,〈◊〉. 15. , 2, 8, 9. and he dreſſeth the Diſeaſed ones, pouring in the Oyle of Faith, and Love, and Mercy, mixt together, to heale up the wound, and make them chearfull,〈◊〉. 4.34. and profitable, to bring forth fruit for his Fathers glory, and his delight is altogether in doing his Fathers will, Hb. 10.7, 8, 9, 10. Verſes.

This was written by a labouring Man, that ſome­times Threſheth, and ſometimes Plowes, and keeps with his Fathers ſheep, who is an Husbandman, and his delight is altogether in the new Creation, watering Plants, and feeding Lambs, and ſuch work as his Father ſets him about, whoſe deſire and delight is altogether, in doing his Fathers will.


A Bunch of GRAPES, AND An Iron ROD.

ALL the Children of the Lord are taught of the Lord,Iſal. 54.12, 13, 15. and are farre from oppreſſion, and they are eſtabliſhed in righteouſneſſe: The Lord alone is the Teacher of his people by his Spi­rit, and they are made poſſeſſors of that which the World doth but profeſſe; All you that profeſſe love to God and Jeſus Chriſt, ſee what you doe poſſeſſe of him,Mat. 11 A great Fig-tree is ſprung up out of the Earth, full of flouriſhing branches, and leaves; but examine, looke upon the Tree, and ſee for fruit, the Lord is comming to looke for fruits: every one ſeriouſly conſider, where he ſtands, what he profeſſeth, & what he practizeth, It is not be that ſaith Lord, Lord, that enters into the Kingdome, but be that doth the will of the Father, now there is no entrance into the King­dome,Mat. ••13, 14. but through obedience, and every one would gladly enter into the Kingdome of Heaven, but they that will enter muſt enter in at the ſtraite gate, not2 through their own wills, and luſtfull deſires, but through the croſſe in ſelfe-deniall, in obedience to the Lord Jeſus Chriſt; The Lord hath commanded that thou ſhalt not be drunke, nor proud, nor covetous, nor gi­ven to anger, malice, nor revenge, nor to deale deceit fully with thy brother, nor to ſee them naked and hun­gry; and many other things thou ſhalt find commanded in thy ſpirit, and thou wilt confeſſe it is truth, now minde whether thou doſt obey the Lord in temperance in all things, in giving freely to thy poore brethren, in feeding and clothing them, in forgiving one another, freely: in ſpeaking the truth to thy Neighbour, &c. (or thy luſts) and if thou doſt, thou ſhalt be beaten with many ſtripes. Yea, but thou ſayeſt thou wanteſt power, no thou ſlothfull ſervant, thou hideſt thy Tal­lent in the Earth;〈◊〉. 4.7. ••m. 12.3 See if there be not the Talent given thee, the Lord is convincing every one, and hath ſet up his Miniſtery, ſaying, thou muſt not doe evill, and hath written what it is to doe evill in thy heart, and how to do well: but thou diſobeyeſt, and calls God an hard Maſter, Remember the ſlothfull ſervants portion, but if thou wilt obey the Miniſtery of Jeſus Chriſt, minde, imploy thy Talent,〈◊〉3.11. .1. Ch. 〈◊〉8.12. Pet. 1.19 he hath ſet a light in the World within thee, convincing thee of every evill thought, word, and action, be obedient to that, and it will guide thee into all truth; It will be a preſent teacher, a pre­ſent Law in all companies, and upon all occaſions, yea in all thy wayes, to be a light to thy Feete, and a Lanthorne to thy pathes, thou ſhalt finde the light, love, truth, in obeying it continually, manifeſting it ſelfe unto thee, and working thee into the experience of the Divine taſte, ſight, and apprehenſion of the exceeding love of thy Saviour, that when thy carnall minde (Dinah) who would run forth to fetch in earthly profits, or pleaſures, continually to croſſe thoſe deſires, and take away from thee that Scorpion, which the Divell offers,3 to take thy earthly minde with, and ſo impriſon thee, and waiting in this light,1 Ch. 15, 16, 26 ver. 1 Joh. 2. 2 Cor. 1 Heb. 1 15, 16. 1 Cor. 13. 2 Cor. 16, 17, ver. Iſa. 12. ver. 1 Pet. 3.20. Iſa. 29. ver. The Lord will give thee an earneſt peny even his precious love, to nouriſh thy ſpi­rit, even unto eternall life, thou needeſt not run out for teaching, If thou wilt but heare what the ſpirit ſpeaketh to the Church, in thy heart, If thou haſt an Eare to heare, that Miniſter, he hath the everlaſting Goſpell to Preach, and he doth continually Preach, and hand out the love of God to thee, examine thine heart, it is either an holy Temple, where the Goſpell is preached by the Spirit of God, or the Temple of the Devill, where the Devills doctrine is preached: now mind, his ſervant thou art, to whom thou yeeldeſt obe­dience, the Lord is ſetting up his Miniſtery in power, in the ſpirits of his people, to him be everlaſting praiſe for ever. Therefore ceaſe from Man, and from the teachings of Man, heare what the ſpiit ſpeaketh, to every diſobedient ſpirit, this is the Miniſtery of God that worketh faith, that adminiſters grace to the hea­ters; The Lord complained of a people, that drew neare him with their lips, and that ſpoke of him in their mouthes, but their hearts were far from him, that had their feare taught to him, by the precepts of men, ſee if it be not even ſo now, great runnings out for teach­ings after Man, great profeſſing God in words, but whee is the power of godlineſſe; great ſpeakings of Jeſus Chriſt, a Redeemer, but when he comes, the pro­feſſing Phariſes will not know him, but lookes for an outward day of the Lord, an outward Kingdome, not knowing the voyce of the true Shepherd in the ſpirit, not when he comes to take the Kingdome to himſelfe, will he ſuffer him; If he be thy Redeemer, ſee if he have redeemed thee from thy vaine converſation, and if thou findeſt him not doing it in thine heart, why doſt thou call him Saviour or Redeemer, and hateſt to be redeemed and ſaved? ſee your teachers, they ſay unto4 you, that you would not be proud, nor covetous, nor oppreſſe, nor go to Law one with another, nor contend for the goods of this World, and ſay the Lord ſaith it, but the Lord never ſaid it ſo to them, that live in thoſe things,〈◊〉. 7.15, 17, 18, 20.23.28, to be your teachers: feed no longer on wine, leaſt ye bring forth a whirle wind, they ſweare by my Name ſaith the Lord, and yet they ſweare falſely, he that hath a Dreame, tell his Dreame, and he that hath my word ſpeak my word, for what is the Chaffe to the Wheare ſaith the Lord,〈◊〉. 10.7,, 10. 0.7.26, 28. 〈◊〉. 4. & and is it any thing elſe, but to tell Dreames, of their own hearts, ſtudyings, and inventions, to ſay, and not to doe, to profeſſe to have the word of the Lord, and under that colour to grind the faces of the poore? Chriſt never ſent any ſuch: be not deceived, God is not mocked, to day if you will heare heare the Voyce of the Lord,40.3,. in your ſpirits, and it will breake the Cedas of Libanon, remove the Mountaines, and cauſe the Hind to caſt her Calfe, it will breake down every high thought, and remove every proud imagination, and cauſe every wild luſtfull deſire to be abortive, and it will give ſtreng h to overcome the wicked one, to deny that which tempteth to doe evill, and bing you to John, to be Baptized in Aenon, into Repentance, and newneſſe of life; it will not only ſhew you the way to the Father, but it will bring you into the way to the Father; Jeſus Chriſt ſaving, and taking away your ſinnes, and blotting out the hand­writings, and into righteouſneſſe, (eternall Life) it will let you ſee how the Lambe of God hath laid ſlaine in you, from the beginning of the World in you, by your luſts, and corruptions, viz. The reſiſting the love in convincings of evill,••ch. 12.10 and movings to good, the ſight of which will cauſe you to mourne over him whom you have pierced by your luſts and corruptions, and no longer to allow the Jewes Act; Now the Lord raiſe up the plant of his right-hand in all your ſpirits more5nd more, that there may be abundance of ſweet Grapes,hat he alone may be honoured.

Friends, prize the love of God unto you,Joh. 1.4. and mindhe light of God in you, that ſhewes you ſinne andvill, and your conditions, and obey that which ſhewesou the vanity of your own minds, and the deceites of your own hearts, the Lord calls for your hearts, my••nne, give me thine heart, keepe my Commandements,Prov. 7.2, 3. Pro. 2. 1 2, 3, 4. & Mat. 24 26, 27, 2 Col. 1.27ind them about thy neck, and write them upon the Tables of thine heart, So ſhall they be health to your ſoules; Harken diligently to the voyce of Chriſt, and your ſoules ſhall live; he is not without in formall hearing, and formall praying, and formall breaking of Bread and Wine, he is not there, he is riſen, looke not for him without, but looke for him within, and ceaſe from man whoſe breath is in his Noſtrills, for wherein is he to be accounted of, waite upon the Lord,Jam. 5.7 and he will renew your ſtrength, and enable you to waite, but it may be you will ſay, I muſt uſe the meanes, you muſt do ſo, let me tell you, you will find it hard to fleſh to waite, therefore uſe the meanes of patience, Let pati­ence poſſeſſe your ſoules, let the light guide you,2 Cor. 4.6, 7. that ſhewes you your wandering deſires, and vaine thoughts, and wicked imaginations, and if you be guided by it, it will turne your minds within,1 Cor. 4. and bring you to Repentance, and Repentance, it will bring you to be loving and mercifull, for God is ſo, and it will bring you to be meek, and lowly in ſpirit, and being kept in the true feare, it will cauſe you to lay aſide all evill,Acts 3.1 as the light makes it manifeſt, and to waite upon the Lord in patience, till an entrance be made to your ſoules, and refreſhment come from the preſence of the Lord, and ſaith Chriſt, If yee love me, keepe my Commande­ments, let them be upon your hearts, that you may obey them, and ſaith he, I am the light of the World, and the World is ſet in mans heart, ſo that he cannot find out the beginning,Eccl. 3.16 nor the end of the worke of God, mind the light that ari­ſeth there, looke not forth at man, but keepe within and waite upon the light, he that loves the light, brings his deeds to the light, that the light may prove them, this light is not a Chapter without you,oh. 3.19,0, 21. the Chapter declares of the light, but it is not the light, the light is within,Pet. 2.19 Cor. 4.7 as it was in them that ſpoke forth the Chap­ter; and minding the light of God in you in meſure, having your minds guided by it, it will turne it within, and croſſe your wills, for there is a dayly croſſe to be taken up, to your own wills, and your wills being croſt, that it cannot go forth, to fetch in deſires, it will pine and famiſh the Earthly part in you, and as the light growes, it will make more evill manifeſt in you, and then the iudgement will be ſet up within,am. 5.9. and there will be a watch ſet over all your thoughts, words, and workes, and the righteous Law will paſſe through you, and limit your carnall minds, and bring into ſub­jection every diſobedient thought, word, or worke, and there will be true Judgement and Juſtice executed in you,a. 26.9. ſo that you ſhall find that Scripture fulfilled, that ſaith, when thy Judgements are in the Earth, the In­habitants thereof ſhall learne Righteouſneſſe, there will be Juſtice done, upon the carnall (Earthly) part with­in you;er. 11.12 And then Righteouſneſſe it will ariſe to guide you, and rule you, to live, and act in righteouſneſſe, and true holineſſe; Therefore looke not forth, for that which looketh forth brings in darkneſſe, therefore abide in the light in meaſure, and it will guide and keepe you in peace, and looke not above your conditions, for none ſhall be condemned for that which they know not, but for that which they know, and doe not obey, being obedient to the right, it will lead you our of all the wayes and works of darkeneſs, and lead up to puri­ty, to Holineſs, to Righteouſneſs, without which none ſhall ſee the Lord, let them profeſſe what they will,7et what you doe poſſeſſe, and looke not out: for let­ing your minde forth either after men for teaching, oro be feeding or delighting it ſelfe in any object with­ut, as pride, or profits, or pleaſures, or preferments,〈◊〉honours, or covetouſneſſe, or anger, or malice,Jam. 1.226. oreeviſhneſſe, or paſſionateneſs, it doth draw you out of your conditions, and ſo the pure will be vayled in you,Jam. 3.2. ver. Ver. 5. Eph. 5. 4, 5, 6. ve and then out of that vaile will ariſe thoughts, and doubt­ings & queſtionings, and feares, and your minds will be••rdened, and troubled in you, and you will be rea­dy to ſay that God withdraws from you, when he dothot, it is your mindes that goe aſtray from him, andeade all your affections after it;Pſa. 34, Jer. 17.8. Therefore bleſſed ishe vian that trusteth in the Lord, and whoſe minde is dayed on him, and he will keepe him in perfect peace all his dayes, whoſe minde is ſtayed on him;ro. 8.3 33, 34. Pſal. 48. O waite on the Lord in patience, and let the light of God guide you, and it will keepe you in peace in meaſure, as it growes in you, and walking in it in meaſure, it will keepe you open, and pure, to receive the teachings of the Father, and as the light growes, it will open to you more and more, waiting in patience,〈◊〉will lead you ſooner out of troubles, into reſt, and peace, and joy, for when troubles doe ariſe, your wit and reaſon would be ſtudying out a way to be at peace,Rom. 5.3 4, 5. Rom. 8. 25, 26, 27 but it cannot, but rather keepes you in bondage, there­fore let patience have its perfect worke in you, and it will crucify impatiency, and lead you through theroſſe, for patiently waiting through the croſſe ob­aines the Crowne, and gets the victory, whenroubles doe ariſe be content,Luke 21.19. Heb. 10.36. and let patience poſſeſſe your ſoules, when temptations come, ſubmit to the will of the Lord, and looke not downe at Temptati­ons, and Troubles, but looke up to the Lord who is preſent with you in them, to lead you out of them,8 looke not to finde out a way by your own wiſdome, but minde the Angell of the Lord that is preſent with you,••m. 5.2,4, 5. to lead you out, for ſaith he, in all thy afflictionI am with thee, and the Angell of my preſence ſhall goe before thee, Therefore minde to follow him, and hee will lead you out of Temptations, and Troubles, up to Peace and Joy, and Reſt, even into the everlaſting Covenant, to be united into the Divine Nature, to partake of all the ſoule ſatisfying Comforts and Refreſhments,Cor. 2.9,••, 11. where there is marrow and Fat­neſſe, and love indeed, which no Tongue can ex­preſſe,

Oh be faithfull, be faithfull to the Lord in what is made manifeſt in you, and prize his love above all things, and ſinke downe into the love and mercy of the Lord, and minde to be kept in the corſſe, the pure is the croſſe to the carnall part in all things, and ſtand­ing in the Counſell of the Lord, it will diſcover all the conſultaions of the enemy within, and ſo your will being kept in the croſſe, Wiſdome and Reaſon, and Imaginations will be kept under, and thou wilt be kept in peace in all conditions,Joh 15.5. abiding in the which, in dwelling in that which is pure, and you will be brought to a diſcerning, to ſavour truth from errour in your ſelves, and you will ſee what it is that would draw you forth, and a ſtrickt watch will be kept, and ſo the tempter will be diſcovered how he layes his baites to draw forth your minds, and that which diſ­covers the temptations, will bring you to reject the tempter in all things,Jam. 4.7. Iam. 1.12. Jam. 5.8. and hee will be kept for en­tring in, abiding in that which is pure, and it will keepe you in the pure feare of him who is pure, and the pure feare will keepe out all ſlaviſh feares, and ſo your minds will be kept free from all objects without, and from thoughts,Pet. 5.8, 9 and muſings within, and have­ing your minds cleare and pure, you will be fit to9••ceive the teachings of the Father, and ſo ſhall youome to heare words unexpreſſable, having your minds••re and free, and ſo a way will be made for the freeove of the Lord Jeſus Christ, to flow into your ſouls,hich being made to taſte, and partake of, havingour ſoules therein exerciſed, it will draw you out of your ſelves, into that where no Creature is, even into the fountaine of your Fathers love,1 Pet. 10, 11. to rejoyce in him with exceeding joy, and it will even take your affecti­ons into its own purity, and excellency, that theowings in of it will even breake your heart in peeces,Cant. 4. 8 10, 11. and overcome all things that are in enmity againſt it, and take you up into rapture of Joy, and Raviſhment of ſpirit, to have your ſoules bathed in that full foun­taine of living mercies, to delight in the Lords Love, above all other loves whatſoever, for the love of all things that are viſible, is but tranſitory, and fades a­way, but dwelling in that which is pure, it will draw your affections into that which is inviſible,Cant. . 1 13, 14, to be com­prehended into the excellency of the full fountaine of the free love of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, which will com­fort your hearts, and cheare you up above all other comforts whatſoever: Oh my deare hearts, dwell wholy within, and mind to be guided by that which kills all luſtfull affections, to outward and viſible de­lights and pleaſures, which are but as droſſe and dung, in compariſon of the eternall and inviſible ex­cellencies. Oh, waite ſtill upon the Lord, and be not haſty, he is worthy to be waited for, ſtand wholly in the Counſell of the Lord, and your wills which would be delighting it ſelfe, below, will be kept in the Croſſe, which will cut downe all things which are Earthly and carnall in you, and ſo abiding in the Croſſe,Heb. 4.13. and ſtanding in the Counſell of the Lord, it will keepe from hearkning to words without life10 and power, to ſavour from what Genter they do ariſe, for by ſtanding in the Counſell of the Lord, it will bring you to know, the true Power of God in your ſelves, and to know the living word, which gives your ſoules refreſhment, which proceeds from the Divine Power, and excellency of the Lords Love within, operat­ing, and manifeſting it ſelfe to you, from the Lords owne free Love, and eternall Excellency, and know­ing this within your ſelves,〈◊〉. 13. ••nt 7.6,0, 9, 10, 12,••, ver. you will be brought to diſcerne the ſame power of life, when it brancheth forth its ſelfe in others, to have unity with it; All words that are ſpoken without life and power, ariſe from a vaine light mind, and they draw out the mind to lightneſſe, and begets into the ſame nature of its ſelfe, and there the will gets liberty, and the old man is kept alive, and gets words from the ſame Center, that ariſeth out of conceivings, and imaginations, to ſpeake of, but words without life deſtroy the Simpli­city, in you, and hearkning to them, it will draw you out of the love and ſenſe of the Mercies of the Lord, and the pure unity and tenderneſſe will be loſt, and the old nature will get up againe, and take its liberty under other Colours, and thereby the Grace of God will be turned into wantonneſs,••h. 15.5,••verſ. and ſo the Lord will be diſhonoured.

Oh my deare hearts, I beſeech you for the Lords ſake to walke worthy of your calling, ſee that your mindes be kept within, and guided by the pure guide, and it will keepe you and lead you into purity it ſelfe, and knowing the true Voyce, and the true Power of the Lord Jeſus Chriſt in your ſelves,••h. 10.14••, 28. it will bring you to know the ſame in others, and that will beget into the ſame life to live in love and purity, to have Union and Communion with that which is pure and holy, and as words without life doe deeſtroy the pure11•••plicity and vayle the pure, giving heed to them,〈◊〉words that are ſpoken from the will raiſe up the•••e, and rent through the vayle of darkneſſe, andive light and refreſhment, to that pure ſeed whiches low, to nouriſh and revive it, that it may get••rength, and grow in purity and love, oh lookeot out at words, but know the power of words,nd give up your ſelves wholly to the Lord, thatee may guide and leade you into all truth, but ſtand〈◊〉the Counſell of the Lord, and ſo away will beade beyond your underſtanding,Jo. 14.16 17. verſ. 8 26. verſ. that the pure••ed may be rayſed up in glory in you, ceaſe wholyrom all your Prieſts, for they draw your mindes from the pure teachings within, and ſo will leaven you with their dirty ſtuffe that is fetcht out of the••ld ſtore houſe of their ſtudyings,1 Joh. 2.2 Jer. 23.226, 27. v••Jer. 23.25 Heb. 4.12 13. conceavings andmaginations, that they fetch out of old Authorsnd Commentatours; for they know not the word of God, that ſtudie for words to ſpeake, the Word of God is a living Word, it is a powerfull Word,〈◊〉will cut downe all luſtfull deſires in you that would runne forth into the earthly carnall delights: And that which cutts downe the carnall deſires in you, will ſtrengthen the pure deſires, that ſtreames of living and freſh Mercies may come into your ſoules, from the living Fountaine of the Lords eternall love, and this is within, Chriſt is within, 2 Cor. 13.5. verſ. great is the miſtery of Godlineſſe, Chriſt in you, Col. 1.27. Know him there; and the word is within you, know it there, Rom. 10.8. Let the Word of Chriſt dwell in you richly in all Wiſdome, Teaching, and Admoniſhing one ano­ther, let the Peace of God rule in you,Iſai. 9.6, 7 which is Jeſus Christ, the everlaſting Prince of peace, know it all within you Col. 3.15, 16. Come to know this12 Teacher within, and looke after no other, yee have an Unction, and yee neede not that any Man teach you, but that anointing, 1 Joh 2.27. Know Chriſt within, killing ſinne and evill, and reveailing and manifeſting the hidden Riches of his Fathers Love to your ſoules,Rom. 8. 0, 11. Cor. 1. . 7.28. the miſtery that hath beene hidde, from Ages and Generations, is God the Father now revealing in the hearts of a poore deſpiſed People; Now if thou love the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, thou muſt not love the World, for hee that loveth any thing more then Him, hee is not worthy of Him, and thou muſt deny thy ſelfe of all the delights of the fleſh whatſoever, thou cannot have the Love of God, and the love of the World, for the friendſhip of the World is enmity with God,Joh. 2.15〈◊〉6.24. Oh love the Lord Jeſus Chriſt with all your Hearts, for there is no love like to his Love, and waite wholy upon him for Teaching. Now to waite is to have your mindes ſtayed off from all Thoughts, Conceivings and Imaginations, Pure, and Free, and then you will heare the voyce of the good Shepheard, ſpeaking to your Soules, that are in Priſon; Therefore waite wholly, and be not weary, and waite within, and when Troubles and Temp­tations doe ariſe, doe not looke at them, but minde that which doth diſcover them, that is the love of God to diſcover them, minde that, and ſtand wholy in the Will of the Lord, and ſo you ſhall finde reſt to your ſoules,1 Pet. 3.18, 19. and walke worthy of the Lords Love, every wayes, in Life and Converſation, and take heede of turning his Grace into wantonneſſe. This was not written for Swine to ſnuffle upon, with their dirty Noſes, and ſo caſt dirt on it, but from the flowings of love to tender deſires, to minde what begets the deſire to Righteouſneſſe, (thiſt after the Water of Life) and you ſhall finde in minding and13 obeying, the tender Love of God, as a carefull Fa­ther, bringing a reward with him, as a tender Shep­eard, cheriſhing his Lambes in his boſome,Iſa. 40.10, 11. and gently driving thoſe that are with young; open whenee knocks; If thou but lay thy hand upon the Lach, thou ſhalt feele the ſmell of Mirrhe. Cant. 5.4.Let Swine feed on Huskes, and formes, keepe thou out of the words of all men, and ſinke downe into the ground, (the eternall Word of Life within) andeare and follow the leadings in thee,Gal. 6.4. and ſo thoualt live in thine owne life, and have thy rejoycingn thy ſelfe and not in others.

Thine in the Vine, R. F.

NOw ceaſe wholly from all your Prieſts, for they never were ſent of God, but are enemies both〈◊〉him and his, as by their fruits is made manifeſt, they are perſecutors, the higheſt of them in their••eſhly Wiſdome, are the higheſt deceivers, and nowre found to be perſecutors, as the Jewiſh high Prieſts did perſecute Chriſt when hee came in the••eſh, ſo do theſe Prieſts perſecute Ieſus Chriſt, now where he is made manifeſt in the ſpirits of his people,o teſtify againſt their deceits, As is now made manifeſt by them, Therefore ceaſe wholly from themll, great and ſmall, For as a Troope of Robbers••ite for a Man, ſo the company of Prieſts murder ine way by conſent, Hoſca 6.9. and hold up that fil­thy horrible thing, which the Lord ſent his true Prophets to cry out againſt, as in Ier. 5.30, 31. ver. aith hee, A horrible and a filthy thing is committed〈◊〉the Land, the Prophets prophecy falſely, and the14 Prieſts beare rule by their meanes, and the People love to have it ſo, but what will yee do in the end thereof ſaith the Lord, Vengeance is mine and I will repay Therefore hold them not up, but come out of Ba­bylon, lſt yee be partakers of her plagues,Rev. 18.4, 5. like Prieſts like people, Hoſea 4.9. and the Leaders of the peoplcauſe them to erre, and if the blind lead the blind, hot ſhall fall into the Ditch, Mat. 15.14. The Prophet divine for money,Iſai. 9.16. and the Prieſts they Preach for hireand leane upon the Lord and ſay, is not the Lord a­mongſt us?Mica. 3.11 but ſaith the Lord, they ranne but I did not ſend them, Therefore they ſhall not profit the peoplat all, Jer. 23. See what you are profitted by them and hold them not up, the Lord is againſt them Ier. 23.30, 31, 32, Verſes, and the Lord will makthem contemptible in the Eyes of the people, Mal. 29. ver. woe to them, they have runne in the wayeof Caine, who was a Murderer, and Teacheth forewards,Jude 11. as Balaams Prieſts did; and ſhall periſin the gaine ſaying of Core, for the Lord hatpoured out upon you the ſpirit of deepe ſleepe,Iſai. 29.10 anhath cloſed your Eyes, the Prophets and your Ru­lers, and your Seers hath hee covered, Iſai. 1910. Stay your ſelves and wonder, cry yee out, and cry they are drunken, but not with Wine, they ſtag­ger but not with ſtrong drinke; Wherefore thViſion is become unto you all, as a booke ſealed which men delivered unto one, that is learned, ſay­ing, read this I pray thee, and he ſaith, I cannot for it is ſealed,Iſai. 29.11, 12, 13. and the booke is delivered to hithat is unlearned, and ſaith, read this I pray thee and he ſaith I cannot, for I am unlearned, Where­fore thus ſaith the Lord, for as much as this people draneare with their Mouth, and their Lips, but theiHearts are farre from mee, and their ſeare toward15 is taught by the Precepts of Men, Therefore I will••eede to do a marvelous Worke, and a wonder amongſt••eſe people, even a marvelous worke and a wonder, for〈◊〉wiſdome of their wiſe Men ſhall periſh, and the••derſtanding of the prudent ſhall be hid, Iſai. 29.13. 〈◊〉. Now the Scripture is fulfilling dayly, and to〈◊〉fulfilled: Woe to them that ſeeke deepe to hide••eir Councell from the Lord, and they ſay, who••th us, and who knoweth us? and their workes〈◊〉in the darke: Thus ſaith the Lord, your turning things upſide downe ſhall be eſteemed as the Potters••ay, Iſai. 29.16. It is yet a little while, and Le­on ſhall bee turned into a fruitfull Field, and theitfull Field ſhall be turned into a Forreſt. And in〈◊〉day ſhall the deafe heare the words of the Booke,••ve the Miſtery of Godlineſſe unfoulded in them,••d the blinde ſhall ſee out of obſcurity, and out darkneſſe, and the Lord will be the glory of the••ople Iſrael his choſen ones, and the meeke in the••rth ſhall encreaſe their joy in the Lord,Iſai. 29.18, 19. and the••ore among Men ſhal rejoyce in the holy one of••ul; They alſo that erred in ſpirit ſhall come to••derſtanding, and they that murmured ſhall••ne Doctrine, Iſai. 29.24. ſhall be all taught of〈◊〉Lord, and know the voyce of Ieſus Chriſt, (the••e Shepherd, and Biſhop of their ſoules) Ceaſe yee in Man, whoſe breath is in his Noſtrills,Joh. 10.14. for where­••is he to be accounted of? Iſa. 2.22. What agreement••th Righteouſneſſe with Unrighteouſneſſe, and whatommunion with light and darkneſſe? Ceaſe from〈◊〉teachings of Men, of corrupt minds, and waiteolly upon the Lord, for the pure teachngs of his••it, the ſpirit of truth, that guideth and leadeth to all truth, Thus ſaith the Lord, Come out from••ng them, and be ſeperate, and touch no uncleane16 things,2 Cor. 6.16, 17. Rev. 20.12. and I will receive you, and will be a Fa­ther unto you, and yee ſhall be my Sonnes and Daugh­ters, ſaith the Lord God Almighty, 2 Cor. .18.

The Booke that was ſealed with ſeaven Seale is opening, the Miſtery of Godlineſſe which is Chi••in us, the Divine Power of Righteouſneſſe, anthe Lord alone is Teacher of his people, himſelalone by his ſpirit, Rejoyce yee Saints and Righte­ous ones,Iſai. 3.10. Joh. 15.1, z. the Lord is Keeper of his Vines, hee the good Husbandman, the Keeper, and Preſervhimſelfe alone, Therefore thus ſaith the Lord, ſay un••the Righteous it ſhall be well with them.

Saith Jeſus Chriſt,Cant. 1.12, 13, 14. I am the Vine, yee are the Bra­ches, I am the good Shepheard, and my Sheep know my Voyce, and I lead them into fat paſturelarge,Cant. 2.4, 4, 5, 6. and geene, where there is fulneſſe of va­rieties, love in Joy and Joy in Peace, and mercin the ſeate, where the King of Salem doth abide hee brought mee to the banquetting Houſe, anhis Banner over mee was Love, ſtay mee with Flag­gons, Comfort mee with Aples,Cant. 2.13. for I am ſick〈◊〉Love, Love, Love; The Vines the tender Grape give a good ſmell, O come and taſte how graciouthe Lord is, my Beloved is mine, and I am his: ThFig tree putteth forth her greene Figges, and thVines with the tender Grapes give a good ſmell, ari••my Love my faire one, and come away.

Say unto the wicked it ſhall be ill with them,Iſai. 3.11. anthey ſhall be rewarded according to their doings the wickedneſſe of the wicked ſhall ſlay them,Jr. 17.10, Comout of Aegypt, Come out of Babilon, Come out〈◊〉the darke Miniſtery of the World, leaſt you bee cur­ſed, and blaſted, for the curſe is upon the Mini­ſtery of Antichriſt,Mal. 2.1, 2, 3. and the Lord will bee avenge17 of his Enemies, and hee will rule all Nations as with an Iron Rod,Rev. 19 19, 20, 22 and breake them to pieces as a Potters Veſſell; And there ſhall be but one Sheep­fold, and one Shepherd, the Lord one, and his Name one;

Rejoyce yee Saints and righteous ones, the Lord is King, And ſits upon the Throne, Ruling by his Power, to him alone be all Honour and Glory,Rev. 21. Praiſe, and Thankes, now and for evermore: Hallelujah to the higheſt.


R. F.
1 John 1 10.
Thine in the Vine,
Wee cannot be aſſunder,
I in thee and thou in me,
Rejoyce in our Fathers Love,
Iohn 14. and ver. the 20.
Joh. 17.21 21.
There's three in one, and one in three,
And that's perfect love in Unitie,
I in them, and they in me, as
Thou Father art in me, that
They may bee perfect in one.
Iohn 17.23.
R. F. with S. T.
〈◊〉. 2. , 11, 1.
In the Vineyard together,
Taſting of the fruit of the Vine,
Where there are many ſweet
••nt. 7. , 12.
Grapes ſprung forth to feed one.

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Bibliographic informationVVritten by one, whom the world calls a Quaker, Joh.17.2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Verses R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666.. [4], 18, [2] p. s.n.],[London? :Printed in the year, [1]653.. (Place of publication from Wing (CD-ROM edition).) (One, whom the world calls a Quaker = Richard Farnworth. -- Wing (CD-ROM edition).) (Drop-head title on page 1: A bunch of grapes, and an iron rod.) (Wing (CD-ROM edition) reports title as "A bunch of grapes, and an iron rod.") (Reproduction of original in the Folger Shakespeare Library.)
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