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LIGHT Riſen out of DARKNESS Now in theſe latter Days.

Shewing the dark ways and Wor­ſhips of the Miniſtry of Antichriſt now in theſe Apoſtated Times, which is perilous, as is fore­told of often by the Holy Ghoſt that ſpoke through Paul, and now is fulfilled in theſe latter days, 2 Tim 3.

Thus ſaith the Lord,

Ariſe Sion, and threſh with a ſharp threſhing Inſtrument, and ſhine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is riſen, and is ariſing, and Jeruſalem ſhall be a burdenſom ſtone to all Nations, now that Chriſt is unto his People both the Light and the Glory thereof.

WHEREIN Something is written in Reply to a Book that was ſet forth by the dry and night Vines in and about Beverley, who ſcornfully nicknameth the People of God, ineviling and falſly accuſing them, and calleth them Quakers, in and about York-ſhire. Iuly, 1653.

LONDON, Printed for Giles Calvert, and are to be ſold at his ſhop at the ſign of the black ſpread Eagle at the Weſt end of Pauls. 1654.


To you who ſuffer for Righteouſneſs, and walks in the light about Beverley, and elſewhere, who love the Lord Je­ſus Chriſt.

Chriſtian Friends,

AS you have received the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, ſo walk in him, and let the love of God be an Ingagement upon your ſpirits to love the Lord Jeſus with all your hearts, and walk as chil­dren of the light, and of the day, not in darkneſs, but in light, and let the pure light of God in you, which is the free gift of God that ſhew­eth darkneſs, and Infidelity, lead you and guide you, which the Prieſts about your Beverley faith it doth not, ſhewing that they are ignorant of Chriſt, and doth mightily diſhonor the Lord Jeſus, that ſay they witneſs that he or the Light of God which ſheweth ſin, and darkneſs, ſheweth not unbelief: But all you that know the Lord Jeſus made manifeſt unto your ſouls, and in the Divine diſcovery of his love, by the Divine unfoldings of the Divine light, of his holy and bleſſed ſpirit, which is as the key of David, and doth unlock or unſold the Divine miſteries of the Kingdom of the Lord Jeſus in the ſouls of his Saints, which theſe dry Vines are ignorant of, you may witneſs againſt them; therefore my beloved in the Lord Ie­ſus Chriſt, who are my Epiſtles, written in my heart, not with paper and inck, which is but carnal and mor­tal, and periſhing, which wears and fades away, but4 you are written, not with pen and ink, but by the Spirit of the living God, in the fleſhly tables of the heart, ſo that you may manifeſtly declare your ſelves to be the Epiſtles of Chriſt, to be ſeen and read of all men, you that are in union and fellowſhip with him, who are diſperſed and ſcattered abroad, from the ru­diments of the world; but in the Vine of the Lords free love, therefore live in love one with another, edi­fying one another in love, that ſo you may build up one another in the moſt holy Faith, laboring in the Power and Strength of the Lord, and by the ſpirit of our Lord and Saviour Ieſus Chriſt, that you, my hearts, that are as Cedars of Lebanon, may la­bor by the Power of God in you, to lead up others as you have been led by the Light of God in you, which leadeth into Chriſt, the perfection and beauty of ho­lineſs, that you may be to the praiſe of the glory of his Grace, who hath called you out of darkneſs into his marvelous light, to teſtifie againſt the dark Miniſtry of the world, as well any where elſe, where it ſhall be made manifeſt unto you, as it is now in and about Beverley, and let your light ſo ſhine before men, that they may ſee your good works, and glorifie your Fa­ther which is in Heaven, even the Father of lights, and the Father of our Lord and Saviour Ieſus Chriſt, that whereas theſe your enemies that ſpeak evil of you, and ſay, a little time will bring it forth; that ſo by your Godly converſations, and upright walk­ings you may glorifie the Lord, and put to ſilence the fooliſhneſs of ignorant men, and teſtifie againſt blind guides, falſe Prophets, Seducers, and Antichriſts, and that you may be able to comprehend with all Saints what is the height, depth, and length of the5 Love of God, and to be comprehended into that which is Incomprehenſible, dwelling in the light where there is Immortality, that ſo you may be able to give a reaſon of the hope that is in you, which is Chriſt the hope of glory, Col. 1.27. and he that hath this hope in him, purifyeth himſelf even as he is pure, 1 Iohn 3.1.2. It is in the behalf of all the Godly diſperſed ones, that ſuffer under the name of Quak­ers, that I have written this, as well as my ſelf; So commending you to the Lord God of power, even the Father of lights, I remain a friend and lover of all that love the Lord Jeſus Chriſt in ſincerity and truth.

Rich. Farneworth.
Iuly. 1653.

An Epiſtle to the Reader.


I would not have ſet pen to paper, had I not ſeen the truth much defamed, by thoſe that ſtand in oppoſiti­on againſt it, and ſeek to defame it, and ſtrangle it, by their faln wiſdom, and pride, and fleſhly boaſtings, where envy is hatched; ſo that the Dragon caſts out floods of waters of revilings after the woman, that brings forth the man-child; but the Eaath is made to help the woman, and the child is caught up to Heaven with God, where it is preſerved and kept ſafe, as in a City of refuge, and wait but upon God in patience a while, and thou wilt ſee great things, for the Lord is bringing to paſs his act, his ſtrange act, that is Prophecyed and foretold of, and the de­ſtruction6 and downfal of Antichriſts Kingdom, that the Kingdom of Jeſus Chriſt may be eſtabliſhed in power, and ſhine forth in brightneſs, and the Lord leading forth his People in Power, and Majeſty, and going before his ancients gloriouſly, and he will be their rereward, and the King­doms of the World ſhall be the Kingdoms of the Lord, and of his Chriſt, the Beaſt makes war with the Lamb, but the Lamb ſhall overcome, prevail, and get the victory: Read this little enſuing Treatiſe, and give thy Chriſtian atten­tion in the reading, and take heed how thou doſt paſs thy Judgment; If thou have not a ſpirit of diſcerning, leaſt thou Judg falſe, and Judgment return into thine own be­ſom, it may be that thou mayſt find ſomething in it hard to be digeſted by thy carnal wiſdom; take heed of calling truth railing, for all deceit muſt be curſed, burned, and cut down by the Sword of the Spirit, that ſo the pure ſeed may be raiſed up, the bleſsing to inherit. Leave not till thou haſt read it over, and if thy mind ſtand free, and thy Judgment cleare, It will ſome deceits and deceivableneſs of the man of ſin more cleerly and fully unto thee diſcover: So farewel in the Lord, and the Lord give thee under­ſtanding, and lead thee into his marvelous light, that thou mayſt know the truth as it is in Jeſus.

R F.

Light riſen out of Darkneſs now in theſe latter days.Which is the cauſe of ſuch Perſecution Therefore,

Thus ſaith Ieſus Chriſt, bleſſed are they that ſuffer for righ teouſneſs ſake, for 'theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, Mat. and again ſaith he, bloſſed are you when men revile you, and perfecute you, and ſay all wanner of evil againſt you, all manner of evil, not ſome but all, but ſaith he, rejoyce and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward, for ſo perſeruted they the Prophets which were before you, and ſaith he, the time will come that they ſhall put you out of their Synagogues, and they that kill you will think that they do God good ſerviceIoh. 16.1.

AS it hath been largely manifeſted in and about Be­verley, by them of the Prieſts party, when any was moved of the Lord to go ſpeak in their Syna­gogue againſt the deceits that were upheld by them, they haled them forth, and gave them in­to the hands of the rude people who did uſe them moſt barba­rouſly, and had not the Lord been gracious unto them, they would even have ſwallowed them up quick, but ſuch was the rage of the Prieſts party in and about Beverley that the Servants of the Lord ſuffered much perſecution by them as it is well known, but it is that the Scripture may be fulfilled, as David ſaid, The wrath of man ſhall praiſe thee, and the remainder of wrath thou wilt reſtrain, ſuch is the goodneſs of the Lord to his poor deſpiſed people now in theſe days of perſecution, for the8 perſecutors are the Prieſts and their aſſociates, they act in the ſame ſtate and condition as the Iewiſh high Prieſt, and Scribes and Phariſees did to Jeſus Chriſt, when he came in the fleſh, to fulfil the Law, and to put an end to the firſt Covenant, that he might eſtabliſh a ſecond, the new Covenant upon better pre­miſſes, but as it was then, ſo is it now, the Iewiſh high Prieſts, and the fair-ſayers did then perſecute Chriſt and his Apoſtles, and haled them out of their Synagogues, and bear them, and ſtoned them, for witneſſing forth the truth, as it is left upon record in theſe places of Scripture. See Acts. 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. See verſ. Act. 6.9.10. to the end. Act. 7, 57. to the end, read Acts. 17. with certain other places.

And that Chriſt is coming in ſpirit, to manifeſt his power and love, and to gather his diſperſed ones together that hath been ſcattered by the proud Prieſts in the cloudy and dark day, as in Ezek. 34. The Lord is now fulfilling his promiſes in gathering them together, out of all Kindreds, Tongues and Nations, that they may come to worſhip the Lord in his holy Mount, where the Mountain of the Lords Houſe is to be eſtabliſhed, on the top of the Mountains, above all humane wiſdom and carnal reaſon, to worſhip the Lord in ſpirit and in truth, in his Holy Temple at new Ieruſalem, where the Tabernacle of God is, and ſhall be with men of pure hearts, and the Naions that are ſaved ſhall walk in the glorious light and liberty of the Sons of God, to ſerve him in a new and living way, conſecrated for us by his Son, redeeming us by his own blood, purchaſing to himſelf a peculiar people, to praiſe and glorify his great and glorious Name, that he may rule in us by his own power, and ſet up the Kingdom of his Son in our hearts, who is our peace-maker, breaking down the middle wall of pertition bringing us nigh unto him by his blood, reconcileing us in one body by the Croſs ſlaying the enmity there­by, preaching peace to us by his ſpirit, ſo that we through him have a free acceſs by one ſpirit unto the Father, and are made fellow Citizens with the Saints, and of the houſhold of God, being built upon the foundations of the Prophets and Apoſtles, Jeſus Chriſt himſelf being the chief corner Stone, and the chief builder in us and through us, throwing down the firſt building of humane wiſdom, and carnal reaſon, building us up into union9 with himſelf, in the makings forth of his love to us, through the unfoldings of the divine myſtery of his love, which is Chriſt in us the hope of glory, in whom all the building ſpiritually grow­eth, unto an holy Temple in the Lord, Epheſ. 2.14. to the end: being builded together by the divine power of God, working in us, who maketh our bodies temples of the Holy Ghoſt, to ſound forth his holy praiſe, he ruling in his Temple, and dwelling in his habitation, even in our ſouls, where his delight is, cauſing us to delight in him to do his will, in declaring and teſtifying againſt all deceits, and deceivableneſs whatſoever: And now the Prieſts are found the greateſt deceivers, and upholders of the deceits, as their fruits makes them manifeſt, and they labour every wayes to deſtroy the work of God, that he is working in his Saints; and they are the greateſt perſecuters of him in his Saints, as it hath been largely manifeſted by the Prieſts party in, and about Be­berley, in reviling, beating, and ſtoning the children of the Lord.

But the Lord will plead the cauſe of his own people, himſelf alone, and then wo to the wicked, and all that acts in unrighte­ouſneſs: For thus ſaith the Lord, Ah, I will eaſe me of mine enemies, and avenge me of mine adverſaries, And ſaith he, Wo to them that offends one of theſe little ones that believe in me, it were better that a milſtone were hanged about their necks, and that they were caſt into the ſea.

The occaſion of this my writing, was upon the reading of a Book that was written by the Prieſts in and about Beverley, by name, Ioſeph Kellat, Iohn Pomroy, Paul Gliſſon, &c.

1. Wherein is diſcovered the ſubtilty of the Serpent that lodg­eth in them, and a theeviſh ſpirit in them, ſtealing the words of the Saints to trade withal for money, which is their Dianah, but are ignorant of the Saints life and practiſe, as their fruits doth make them manifeſt; for it is not unknown to many the debths of their deceits, and how great ſufferings there hath been to the people of God by them: Of the Prieſts, Confederates, Antichriſt, and his upholders, in, and about Beberley, which the wo is to, as it was pronounced to them in that nature: in Matth. 23.

2. Antichriſt, the man of ſin, is exalted in thoſe diſſembling10 Prieſts, who are as the painted Harlot, and ſcarlet coloured Whore, that is ſpoken of by John in the Revelations, that de­ceive the Nations by their glorious notions, and gielded preten­ces, which is for the fire, the whoriſh nature in them, being full of flatteries, having a golden Cup, full of abominations, and filthineſs of her fornications, which the Wrath and the Plagues is to.

3. Theſe diſſembling Prieſts, painted Sepulchres, are full of deadly poyſon, and are not acquainted neither with Chriſt, nor his ſufferings, who cauſeth the truth to ſuffer by them, as their actions do make manifeſt who lives in the old corrupt nature, and has ſtoln the words of the Prophets and Apoſtles to trade withal, and hath gloſſed them over by their humane and ſer­pentive wiſdome, which the vengeance and the wrath of God is to.

4. Theſe diſſembling, hypocritical Prieſts, whited walls, and painted Sepulchres are exalted above the Croſs of Chriſt, and ſits in the ſeat of the ſcornful, acting as in a Stage-play for mony, and are climb'd up high into their notions, and notionary expreſ­ſions by their fleſhly wiſdom, which is earthly, carnal, ſenſu­al, and diveliſh, but never came in at the door; as ſaith Jeſus Chriſt in Iohn 10. And are ignorant of the firſt principle of Re­ligion, that knows not the power of God, to break down the power of darkneſs in them, and ſo that is the cauſe of their falſifying the truth, and ſpeaking evil of that which they know not, being puft up in pride, ſcorn, and deriſion, judging the truth by their evil thoughts, and fleſhly imaginations: Now as Iannes and Iambres withſtood Moſes, ſo do theſe reſiſt the truth, ſtanding in oppoſition againſt it by their carnal wiſdom, and fleſhly imaginations, and vain glory, boaſting and vaunting themſelves in their own conceits, and ſtands upon their own righteouſneſs by their gathered up knowledg, in oppoſition to the Spirit of truth, and in deſpight to the Spirit of grace, and wreſts the Scriptures to their own deſtruction, ſpeaking their own Inventions and Imaginations, which ariſe out of the bot­tomleſs pit of deceit, but the Lord is coming for to bring down Babylon's buildings, all mans inventions, and imaginations, and to caſt them into the lake that burneth; and all the Babyloniſh11 Merchants, will cry out, Alas, alas; for that great City of Baby­lon, where they ſold their wares, and gilded ſtuff, and fine dainty diſhes of novelties dreſſed & made fit by the Cooks in their ſhops of brain, ſtudy, and humane inventions, which is Cainiſh; to feed curious and luſty minds withal, luſting after knowledge, and feeding upon the forbidden fruit; which is under the curſe, and muſt be burnt with fire; now in the day of the Lords power, where nothing ſhall ſtand but his own pure being; for he alone will rule and raign in power amongſt his choſen ones in Sion, the perfection of beauty, and he alone will govern his people in righteouſneſs, and teach them all the knowledge of his truth, to know him in the habitation of his holineſs, that they may re­joyce and triumph in his love.

By this we know that we love God, becauſe we keep his Commandements; and it is his love which conſtraineth us, who firſt loved us, and gave himſelf for us: And ſaith he, If you love me, keep my Commandements; and I command you to love one another with the ſame love that I loved you withal; but he that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love; and he that ſaith he loveth him, and keepeth not his Commandements, is a lyar, and the truth is not in him.

And here you are that lives in lying, who ſay that we at­tempt to lay waſte Scriptures, Churches, Faith, Hope, &c.

The Scriptures we own to be true in themſelves, as they were given forth from the Spirit of truth, which ruled in them that ſpoke them forth; which Spirit I witneſs, and their declaration I own, the life of it; herein you are found falſe witneſſes, lyars, and falſe accuſers, and are Antichriſts, and Seducers, ſhewing forth the ſpirit of errour; and Antichriſt is head, and exalted in you, who oppoſeth himſelf againſt the truth.

But your dark mnds I do deny, and againſt you I do teſtifie; That you are the men whom you write of, and that condition is your own; for you make no other uſe of the Scriptures, but to trade withal, and to give your Antichriſtian Applications and Conſtructions of them, which the plagues of God is due to; For, ſaith Jeſus Chriſt, I teſtifie, that he that adds to the Book of this Prophecy, I will add to him all the plagues that are writ­ten in the Book, Rev. 22.

12And whereas you lye; and ſay, That we a people whom the Divel in you ſcornfully reproacheth, and calleth Quakers, which is your envy; which name I ſuffer under, by ſuch as you are, who are apoſtated from the truth, and the living word which was in the beginning; which word is quick and powerful, and ſharper then any two edged ſword; and is like a fire, and a hammer, Heb. 4.12. Jer. 23.29, 30.

And though the Divel in you be ſuffered to caſt upon us names of reproach; It is but that the Scriptures may be fulfilled in call­ing us Quakers, or what you can invent to make us odious in the ſight of the world, which name I do diſown; for I know none but two in all the Scriptures, fleſh, and ſpirit; the ſeed of the Serpent, and the ſeed of God; which ſhall bruiſe the Serpent's head with his internal rod, by the living power of the Eternal Jehovah, Jah.

But the ſeed of the Serpent is head in you who lives in lyes; and Chriſt you do by your proud luſtful natures kill, and cruci­fie; and his Doctrine daily by your earthly wiſdom more and more deſpiſe; and ſo you keep the ſeed of God in bondage by your diveliſh, ſubtil, ſerpentive policies, and would not that it ſhould come forth to live, and to ariſe; and faith you do not know, who are ſo ſwift ſuch lyes to report; and the living truth for to relieve you are unwilling, and both ſlack, and ſlow; and bears the mark of the Beaſt in your right hand, and in your fore­heads; and it is you that do attempt to lay waſte Scriptures in all things, but to traffick withal; and knows no word, but bare letter, and diabolical ſubtilty, humane invention, which you do live in, and obſerves the Divels work for to commit ſin, which is the fruits of death, and ſo the Word and Goſpel of God is his from all ſuch vulterous eyes; And venemous beaſts as you are, who knows not the ſtrait path that leads to life, nor the wiſdom which is hid, which Job ſpeaks of in Chap. 28. which wiſdom is not from beneath, neither is it earthly and carnal, as yours is: for the wiſdom of God is not to be bought and ſold, neither for rubies, pealrs, ſilver, nor gold: but yours which is earthly, and is but droſs and dung, cauſing you to lye, ſo with your dirty Greek and Latine tongue.

13Saying, That we ſeek to attempt to lay waſte all Scriptures,Prieſt. Chriſt, Faith, Hope, &c.

Wherein you are exceeding hoodwink'd,Reply. and your eyes iſtopt with dirty, miery ſtuff; your inventions and imaginations, and your mouths is filled with lyes, and your hearts with evil thoughts, being poſſeſt with Satan, and that's the cauſe you do the truth ſo much deſpiſe.

For we own the Scriptures as they are in themſelves to be a declaration of the truth; as John ſpeaks in his firſt Epiſtle, and the firſt Chapter, at the third verſe, &c. where he ſaith to them which were enlightened by the light of God in them, which you ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of, and fill'd with ſubtilty, craf­tineſs, and deceit, and knows not that which John ſpeaks of in that place, which I own, and witneſs fulfilled in my ſoul: Saith he, That which we have heard and ſeen, declare we unto you, that ye alſo may have fellowſhip with us, and truly our fellow­ſhip is with the Father, and the Son: This then is the meſſage that we have heard of him, which I witneſs according to that Scripture, where Chriſt ſaith, My ſheep hear my voyce, and they know me, and follow me, and I give unto them Eternal life, Iohn 10. Which Chriſt is in me operating by his Spirit, and enlightening my underſtanding, opening blind eyes, and unſtop­ing deaf ears; ſo that I hear, and ſee, and know by experience what I ſay: I do not know God by hear-ſay from others, but mine eyes hath ſeen his ſalvation; the new man, the new heart, and new eye; he that is in Chriſt, is a new creature, old things are paſſed away, and all things are become new, which you ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of, and are in the old nature, and in the fall, under the curſe and wrath of the Almighty, who lives in lyes, which is of the Divel, who is the Father of lyes; and him you ſerve, and are in the ſame ſtate and condition that Chriſt ſpake of in Iohn 8.44.

And that Meſſage that Iohn ſpeaks of in that firſt Epiſtle, and the firſt Chapter, ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of, that lives in darkneſs; For God is light, and in him is no darkneſs at all, but they that ſay they have fellowſhip with him, and walk in darkneſs, do lye, and do not the truth, 1 Iohn 1.5, 6. And lying ing is the fruit of darkneſs, Eph. 4.15. And you are lyars, and of the divel.

14And whereas Chriſtopher Feak, Iohn Simpſon, George Cok­ain, Lawrance Wiſe, Iohn Pomroy, Paul Gliſſen, and Ioſeph Kellat, do not let to publiſh lyes, it is that all may take notice, that they are of their father the Devil, who was a lyar, and the fa­ther of it. For,

The Church of Chriſt we own, which Church is in God, the Father of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt,Ioh. 8.44 1 Theſe 1.1. which is made all of living ſtones, elect and precions, and nouriſhed by the milk of the word, 1 Pet. 2.2, 3, 4, 5. which word endureth for ever, 1 Pet. 1.25. which word is neer at hand, even in thy heart, which is the word of faith whch we preach, Rom. 10.8. which faith we own, even that faith which purifies the heart, and over­cometh the carnal part, for whatſoever is born of God, over­cometh the world, and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even your faith, which is Chriſt in us, and we in him, 1 Iohn. 5.4. 2 Cor. 13 5. and who is he that overcometh the world, but he that beleeveth that Jeſus is the Son of God, which Jeſus we own, even he that ſaves his people from their ſins, and purifis their ſouls, in yeilding obedience to the commands of the ſpirit, 1 Pet. 1.21.22. which Chriſt we witneſs, even he that came by water and blood, and it is the ſpirit that beareth record, becauſe the ſpirit is truth, and he that beleeveth hath the witneſs in himſelf; and hath eternal life abiding in him, 1 Ioh. 5.5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, 11, 12. herein we come to try the ſprits, becauſe many falſe Prophets are gon out into the world, by reaſon of whom the way of truth ſhall be, and is evil ſpoken of, and here you are, and thats your condition, who through covetouſneſs and withained words makes Marchandiſe of poor ſouls, but you are found out, and your Judgment lingereth not, and your damnation ſlumbereth not, 2 Pet. 2.1.2, 3, 4, &c. hereby know we the ſpirit of truth, and the ſpirit of error, eve­ry ſpirit that confeſſeth that Jeſus Chriſt is come in the fleſh is of God, which we witneſs and confeſs, that Jeſus Chriſt is come in our fleſh, as the Corinthians did witneſs, in 2 Cor. 4.6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. and ſo we eſtabliſh the Scriptures, and witneſs the fulfilling of them in our ſouls, for he that beleeveth hath ſet to his ſeal that God is true, and he that beleeveth is born of God, and he that beleeveth ſhall never dye, and he that be­leeveth15 doth not commit ſin, and he that beleeveth is juſtified from all ungodlineſs, and he that beleeveth doth not reſpect per­ſons, for he that reſpecteth perſons commits ſin, and he that be­leeveth hath eternal life abiding in him, this the Scriptures wit­neſs, and I witneſs theſe Scriptures fulfilled, Acts. 13.39. Ioh. 7.37, & 6.2, & 11.26. 1 Pet. 1.6. Ioh. 3.18. 1 Ioh. 5.1. 1 Ioh. 5.10. 1 Ioh. 5, 4, 5:

But your dark minds I do deny, and your gilded notions and painted expreſſions, and all your formal faith which outward, and your perſecuting Antichriſtians, which envies and hates as you do, your deeds teſtifie againſt you, witneſs what perſecu­tions and ſuffering, William Deusberry, and Thomas Stubs, had amongſt you at Beverley in ſore ſtripas, and bufftings, and others that were ſtoned and ſhamefully entreated, theſe are the fruits of your Phariſaical Saints, for ſhame bluſh, & ſee what you are doing, ye painted outſides, ye ſelf-conceited Hypocrites and diſſemble­ers, that perſecute the juſt and Innocent ones, and fill up the meaſure of your fathers Iniquity,Ma. 23. you are of the ſame geerati­on that ſtew the righteous blood, did ever the Saints of God do any ſuch thing, for ſhame bluſh ye Serpents, ye generation of Vipers, ye ſeed of evil doers, repent, and forſake the evil of your doings, and live not in lyes and flatteries; for your Churches are the Synagogue of Satan where perſecution is upheld, I do de­ny and againſt your deceits I teſtifie, that you are enemies to Je­ſus Chriſt, where he is made manifeſt, as the Iewiſh high Prieſts Scribes and Phariſees were, and you are children of wrath and his Servants ye are to whom ye do obey, as in Rom. 6.16. and ſaith Jeſus Chriſt, Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things that I ſay, Luk. 6.46. but know you not that the un­righteous ſhall not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, 1 Cor. 6.9, 10.

And whereas you ſay that If in any age the Devil hath trans­formed himſelf into an Angel of Light,Prieſts. or his Apoſtles or Mi­niſters have transformed themſelves into the Apoſtles and Mi­niſters of Chriſt, they have don ſo in this Apoſtatizing age in which we live, &c.

It ſeems that your light that is in you is darkneſs,Anſw. that queſti­ons the truth of what you ſpeak, and ſay If in any age, &c. 16Were your eyes open, you might ſee your ſelves to be in the ſame ſtate and condition that you write of, and of the number of thoſe falſe Apoſtles, ſtealing the words of the true Apoſtles to trade withal, and are vainly puft up, by your fleſhly minds, in­truding into thoſe things you have not ſeen, Col. 2.18. but live by conceivings and Imaginations if's and may be's, and ſo feed on husks, and outſides, not holding the head, from which all the body by joynts and bands, where nouriſhment comes in from the Divine appearance, and glorious adminiſtration of the ſpirit of truth, being adminiſtred by the ſpirit, which cauſeth an Increaſe with the Increaſe of God, Col. 2.19. which you are ignorant of, that are alive, and lives in the rudiments of the world, which are periſhing, Col. 2.20, 21, 22. which things have in­deed a ſhew of wiſdom in will worſhip, &c. Verſe 23. and here you are, and out of the head where the life is, and you are Apoſtated, and are out of the life of the truth, guided by your own wills, and following the Imaginations of your own hearts, and are of the number of thoſe that the Apoſtle ſpeaks of, in 2 Cor. 11.13.14. for he had a free ſpirit, and was charge­able to no man, 2 Cor. 11.9. but in all things kept himſelf for being burdenſome, but you are out of that condition that are chargeable and burdenſome, and have not the ſame ſpir t that the Apoſtle had, who had the Lord Jeſus Chriſt revealed in him, and ſpoke by Divine Revelation, Gal. 1. but you ſpeak by hu­mane invention, and brain ſtudy, and ſo lives and acts in deceit, intruding by your inventions into thoſe things you have not ſeen, and ſo are contrary to the Apoſtle, both in that 2 Cor. 11.10.11. and that of Gal. 1.11.12, & 15.16. but you are in your own Inventions, and are Apoſtated out of the truth, that do not ſpeak immediately from the Mouth of the Lord, as the Apo­ſtles did, and ſo you preach your own flatteries and deceits; but what is the chaff to the wheat ſaith the Lord, or what is the form to the power, you ſifted chaff, or fine painted expreſſions is for the fire, and all your formings and imaginations muſt be burnt you ſpeak your own words, and not the Words of the Lord, and he is againſt you, Ier. 23.29, 30, 31, 32. and you that bring another Doctrine then to know the power and light, and life within, as the Apoſtle did, you are to be held accurſed,17 and you are under the curſe, Gal. 1.8, 9, 10.

And whereas you ſay,Queſt. you will proceed to enquire into that doctrine, which ſaith, The light in you held forth by thoſe you in ſcorn and deriſion call Quakers, and which light doth enlight­en every man that cometh into the world, is Chriſt.

You make enquiry, and ſay, What then is become of the Per­ſon of the Mediatour? in 1 Tim. Chap. 2. ver. 5. and Heb. 7.24. &c.

Were you but acquainted with the life of the Scriptures,Reply. which is Chriſt in us the hope of glory, Col. 1.27. whom the Apoſtle which was a Goſpel-Miniſter did preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wiſdom to know the Mediatour within him, Chr ſt the power of God unto ſalvation, and he did labour mightily by the power of God the Mediatourſhip Chriſt reveal­ed in him, that he might preſent every man perfect in Chriſt Je­ſus, Col. 1.28, 29. That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, which love is Chriſt, the divine power of righteouſneſs, who is the Mediatour of the New Covenant, to bring the ſoul into the riches of the full aſſurance of underſtand­ing to the acknowledgement of the myſtery of God, and of the Father, and of Chriſt, Col. 2.2, 3. Which had you tead on in that 1 Tim. 2.5. in the verſe following, it would have anſwered you in that thing. Herein you ſhew your ignorance in the things of God, and are blind and cannot ſee; and you ſhew that you are ignorant of the ſame Miniſtery that the Apoſtle held forth, teach­ing them-to know Chriſt in them, Col. 1.27. 2 Cor. 13.5. and the life in them. And he was the Miniſter of the Goſpel, and had the power in him, and laboured by that power in him, his Miniſtery was not of man, but of God, as he did certifie to the Brethren, Gal. 1.11, 12. And his Exhortation was not of man, but of God, and he was bold in God, to ſpeak unto them the Goſpel or power of God, Chriſt in him, which you here ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of, that asketh, what is become of Chriſt? have you loſt him, or is not the luſt head in you, and the Prince of the power of the air head in you, and ſo your doctrine is of deceit, and the Goſpel is hid from you, 2 Cor, 4, 5. And ſo you are full of uncleanneſs and of guil, and contrary to the Apoſtle in that 1 Theſ. 2.3. who was allowed of God to18 be put in truſt with the Goſpel: not as to pleaſe men, as you do, but he did pleaſe God, who tryeth the heart; and he neither uſed flattering words, nor covetouſneſs, as you do, that are ignorant of this ſpiritual Goſpel, he took God to witneſs it; 1 Theſ. 2.4 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. See how ignorant you are of theſe things, ye blind guides, that knows not that the firſt Adam was made a li­ving Soul, and the ſecond a quickening Spirit, and is Lord from Heaven, and that Chriſt is the ſame yeſterday, to day, and for ever, Heb. 13.8. And had you read on in Heb. 7.24, 25. would have told you that he is able to ſave to the utmoſt all that come unto God by him, who ever liveth to make interceſſion for them, and he is the way, the truth, and the life, and no man can come to the Father but by him: Herein you ſhew your ignorance in the life of the Scriptures, that are ignorant of the letter which is without life; as ſaid Jeſus to the Jews, and ſelf conceited hy­pocrites, Such as you are, ſearch the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have Eternal life, ſaith he; and ſo do you: but ſaith he, they do but teſtifie of me, ſaith Chriſt. I am the life, and ye will not come to me that ye may have life, John 5.39, 40. And ſo you l ve in the ſhadow of things, wanting the ſubſtance, & are blind and cannot ſee; therefore wo to you, ye blind guids, who follow the imaginations and deceits of your own hearts, for Chriſt is yet a myſtery unto you, and the Med atour you know not.

For we are come to Mount Sion, and unto the City of the li­ving God, the Heavenly Ieruſalem, and to an innumerable Company of Angels, and to the ſpirits of juſt men mads per­fect, the general Aſſembly of the Church of the firſt-born writ­en in Heaven, and to Ieſus the Mediatour of the New Cove­nant, Heb. 12.22, 23, 24. Herein you are exceeding carnal, and the natural man knows not the things of God, becauſe they are ſpiritually diſcerned, 1 Cor. 2.14.

And whereas you ſay,Prieſt. Doth not the Scripture ſpeak to Saints, not every man, when he ſaith Chriſt in you the hope of glory, &c. Col. 1.27.

Herein you would have all to take notice of your ignorance,Reply. for the next verſe will contradict you, and ſo in all you have ſaid yet, the very letter of the Scripture will let you ſee your19 blindneſs; Well may you be ignorant of the life, when you are ignorant of the letter, for they that ſpoke forth the Scriptures, they paſſed from death to life, and the in fellowſhip〈◊〉with the Father, and the Son, and he that hath the Son, hath life, 1 John but he that hath not the Son manifeſted in him, hath not life, but is in death.

You plainly make it appear here that you are in the letter with­out life, and the letter killeth, but the ſpirit giveth life; and you, never paſſed from death to life, but are yet in death and ſin; for to be carnally minded is death, and the wages of ſin is death, and he that commits ſin, is the ſervant of ſin, and lying is of the divel, and an abomination to the Lord: And here you lye, ye proud Prieſts, that ſay the Apoſtle did not ſay to every man, That Chriſt, or the light was in them; for ſaith he, in ver. 28. Chriſt in you, whom we preach, he did not only preach Chriſt in them the hope of glory, but he ſaith, we preach, that is, all the Miniſters of the Spirit, and we preach Chriſt in you the my­ſtery that is to be unfolded in you to every man, warning every man, and teaching every man, Col. 1.28. Herein you erre not knowing the Scriptures; and the Apoſtle ſaith to the Romans, That as well as to them God hath given to every man a meaſure of grace, Rom. 12.31. And none ſhall be condemned for that which they know not, but for that which they know, and do not obey; who ſaith, Obey my voyce, for obedience is better then ſacrifice. And Chriſt ſaith, That he is the light of the world, and enlightens every man that cometh into the world, Iohn 1.9. And they that follow him ſhall have the light of life, Iohn. 8.12. Herein you ſhew that you are ignorant of this l ght, and ſo are in darkneſs, and without God in the world, living by concei­vings and imaginations; and you that are ignorant of the light, are ignorant of Chriſt, and preaches death, the letter without the ſpirit, and your Min ſtry is for for condemnation, 2 Cor. 3. and you are ignorant both of the light, life, and power; but as you would comprehend it: by your carnal reaſon, but this cannot be comprehended; the light ſhines in darkneſs, but darkneſs com­prehends it not, Iohn 1.5.

And whereas you ſay, That Paul ſpoke to none but Saints,Prieſt. in that 2 Cor. 5.26, 27. &c.

20I looked,ply. and could not find ſo many verſes in that Chapter, for it hath but 21 verſes; but notwithſtanding I knew that Scripture, the life of it, if I had never ſeen letter; but as you ſay, he ſpoke to Saints, when he ſaith we know no man after the fleſh, and though we have known Chriſt after the fleſh, yet henceforth know we him ſo no more; but your knowledge ſtands in the fleſh, the luſt, and the fall, and here you ſteal the Apoſtles words to apply to your ſelves, and that is the Serpent in you; go and make reſtitution, as Zacheus did, and let him that ſtole ſteal no more, Epheſ. 4 28. And you are diſcovered, you that lives by theft, and ſteals the words of your neighbours to trade withal; but the Lord is againſt you, and all ſuch as you are, Jer. 23.30. You are of thoſe theeves that Chriſt ſpeaks of in John 10. That climbs up another way, and c mes not in by the door: And that makes you to ſpeak you know not what. See who the Apoſtle ſpoke to in that 2 Cor. 5.10. he ſaith there, That all ſhall appear, and every man give account, that he may receive according to the deeds done in the fleſh: Did he but ſpeak but only to Saints, when he ſaith all, and every man. See whom he ſpoke to, in ver. 14.15. and ſee if you be not exceeding blind: Well may you be ignorant of the life and power, that are ignoront of the lettr, which is death; and ſo you living in darkneſs are ignorant of the lght, and now you are diſcovered to be ignoront of the ſame ſpi­rit that ſpoke forth the Scriptures, and ſo ſhews forth the ſpirit of errour, and you are in the fleſh, and know not God, who is a conſuming fire, Heb. 12.29. and like a refiners fire, Mal, 3.2, 3. Your God it imagination, and the Lord God Almighty who made Heaven and Earth, and is the Father of light, him you know not, that would limit him by your carnal minds, but the carnal mind is death, and an enemy to the Croſs of Chriſt, Rom. 8.6. & Phil. 3.18, 19. So are you enemies both to God the Father, and our Lord Jeſus Chriſt; and know you not, ye blind, that the Grace of God which bringeth ſalvation, hath appeared unto all men, Tit. 2.11, 12. But is turned by you, and ſuch as you are in­to wantonneſs, who profeſs God in words as you do, but in works deny him, Tit. 1.16. who lives in form without ei­ther life or power, having a form of Godlineſs, denying the power thereof: but your folly will appear daily more and more,21 2 Tim. 3. And that light is your Condemnation.

But though the Apoſtle did ſpeak his experiencein the things of God, he ſpoke what he knew made manifeſt unto him by ex­perience through the divine operation of the holy Spirit: But you live in thflſh and are ignorant of the light of God, that he did exhort others to be mindful of, which light did lead tem out of darkneſs, and they were all Children of the light, and of the day, who were obedient to it; for their ſouls were purified in yeilding obedience to the Commands of the Spirit: as in 1 Pet. 1.22. And by the word of life, they were ſanctified, waſhed, and cleanſed, and juſtified in the Name of the Lord Jeſus, and by the Spirit of the Lord; and they that are now guided by the Spirit of God, are the Sons of God, 1 Cor. 6.11. Rom. 8.14. Which you ſhew your ſelves to be none of.

But you are ignorant of the firſt Principle of Religion, that makes a ſcorn of the light, and ſhew your ſelves to be children of darkneſs, having your underſtanding darkened, and live in pride, ſcorn, and ſubtilty, and turns the grace of God into wan­tonneſs, children of diſobedience, which the wrath of God is to. The wrath of God is to be revealed in flames of fire upon all the children of diſobedience, as you are, who diſobey the truth, and know not the light, but are in darkneſs, and walk in darkneſs; For darkneſs hath blinded your eyes who ſtand in oppoſition to the Spirit of truth, and diſobeyeth the Goſpel of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt, 2 Theſ. 1.8. Who ſhall be puniſhed with everlaſting de­ſtruction from the preſence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power, when he ſhall be glorified in his Saints; which glori­fication you are ignorant of, 2 Theſ. 1.9, 10. And you are ſo far from being new creatures, that you are alive in unrighteouſneſs, and live in the old corrupt nature, not knowing them that are born again, but have your witneſs without you; A Chapter, or a verſe of the Saints Declaration, not knowing the power of Chriſt within, who is our ſanctification; who of God is made unto us, wiſdom, ſanctification, and redemption: and ſo our glory­ing is in the Lord, as theirs was who were made new creatures, 1 Cor. 1.30, 31.

But you ſay, If any man contend to deſtroy your faith,Prieſt. and ſlight the Perſon of your glorified Saviour; for ſome of them,22 you ſay, Say, Chriſt without will do you no good; and you heap the Scriptures together to talk of, but know neither Jeſus, nor his glorification, &c.

Your faith is corrupt,Reply. that is outward and carnal, and is for deſtruction; Let me tell you, That Chriſt you are ignorant of, and his glorification, and know nothing of the offering that is ſpoken of in that Heb. 10. For they that ſpoke it forth, were ſanctified ſouls, that had followed the leadings of the Lamb: which you perſecute, And are as thoſe were that is ſpoken of in Heb. 10.11. Prieſts that ſtand daily offering that which will never take away ſin: even your own inventions; and you are of the number of thoſe Prieſts, in Heb. 7.27. offering up daily your own inventions, and all your prayers and ſacrifices that you offer up in your corrupt nature, is an abomination to the Lord, and you do not abide in the Doctrine of Chriſt, John 2.9. but are Seducers, and Antichriſts: And believers are forbiden to receive your brain ſtudy, and diabolical ſubtilty into their hearts; but to beware of you, and ſuch as you are, that teach for doctrine: traditions of men, and ſteals the words of others to trade with­al, whited walls, and painted ſepulchres, ſaith the Apoſtle to the Epheſians; Let no man deceive you with vain words, ſuch as you are that live by vain imaginations, leſt they be partakers of the evil; For becauſe of theſe things the wrath of God cometh upon the children of diſobedience, Epheſ. 5.6. And be­lievers are forbidden to receive ſuch as you into their houſes, who deny ſanctification by Chriſt in them, which was the Apo­tles Prayer and Doctrine, who ſaid, And I pray God ſanctifie you throughout; and he that abideth in the doctrine of Chriſt, hath fellowſhip with the Father, and the Son, but he that abi­deth not in the doctrine of Chriſt, hath not God; but his own imaginations, and inventions, gilded notions, and glorious ex­preſſions, which are but aiery, and to feed aiery minds withal; which doctrine is under the curſe, and is not to be received, but to be holden a courſed; and the curſe is upon both you, and your doctrine, and the vengeance of God hangover you for your de­ceivableneſs, that run, but the Lord never ſent you, and you do not profit the people at all, and both you and your bleſſings are accurſed, and your ſeed is corrupt, the ſeed of the Serpent in you,23 as theirs was that Malichi was ſent to, Mal. 2.1.2. to the 10 your mind is carnal, and your Miniſtry is carnal, and corrupt, and you are ignorant of Chriſt the power of God unto ſalvation, and you trample the blood of Chriſt underfoot, the blood of the covenant that ſpeaketh better things then that of Abel, and knows nothing of eating that fleſh and drinking that blood that is ſpoken of in Ioh., &c. no more then the Jews did, and your faith that is outward is corrupt, and doth not purifie, but is corrupt and is unprofitable, and not lke the pre­cious faith of thoſe that are made to pertake of the Divine nature, Chriſt in us, which faith is tryed, and maketh us that we are nei­ther barren nor unfruitful in the knowledg of our Lord and Saviour Jeſus Chriſt, 2 Pet. 1.3. to 9.

And as our faith ſtands in the Divine Power of God, ſo yours ſtands in the letter which is carnal, and the bread which you break is carnal, and you are ignorant of the glorifi­cation that is ſpoken of in Joh. 17.10. and of that bread which is the Body of Chriſt, for the bread which we break is the Body of Chriſt, and the Cup which we drink is the Blood of Chriſt, and our union is with him in the Vine, Ioh. 15.1 Cor. and by one ſpirit are we baptized into one body, and are made to drink into one ſp rit as the Saints were, 1 Cor. 12.13. where there is but one faith, one Lord, one Baptiſme, one God and Father of us all, Epheſ. 4.4.5. thoſe ſpiritual Ordinan­ces, and that ſpiritual Body, Supper, and Adminiſtrations, and that ſpiritual Sabath of which Chriſt is Lord, and that ſpiritual Worſhip that is in that one ſpirit, Ioh. 4.23.24. and all the Offices in every Church member, and ſpiritual Order, in that ſpiritual Church, which is made all of living Stones, elect and precious, where Chriſt is exalted in his Kingly Office, do we own, ſet up and honour, and herein you ſhew forth your lyes and flatteries, ſubtilties and deceits and you live in deceit and diſorder to the ſpirit of truth, having the form, but wants the powet & all your fine notionary expreſſions, and gilded pretences is for the fire: and ſo we commend our ſelves to the Lord Jeho­vah, who is both the heart ſearcher and tryar, even the Lord our righteouſneſs.

But your traditions, cuſtomes, and rudiments and inventions24 which is after the will of man, and not after God, we do deny, and againſt them all teſtifie, that you are but as ſounding braſs, and tnkling Cymbals, without either life or power, and thats the reaſon why you do ſo bite and devour, and are ye not car­nal, and knows not the things of the ſpirit of God, which is ſpiritually to be diſcerned, 1 Cor. 13. & 2.12.13, 14. herein you are carnal, and ſhews the ſpirit of error.

Further,Queſt. ſay they, This light before mentioned is pure.

Your queſtion there i, Prieſt.How doth vain man juſtifie that which God doth condemn, And you ſay, That ſome would per­ſwade you that nature is not corrupt, &c.

Hre you ſhew that your minds are vain,Reply. and your hearts are corrupt, and that light is your condemnation, which ſtands out of all your comprehenſions, for light ſhineth in darkneſs; but darkneſs comprèhendeth it not, Ioh. 1. and that will ſhew your corrupions and your evil deceitful hearts, and let you ſee the vanity of your minds and your evil perſwaſions, that ariſe hour of your evil hearts, from whence your faln wiſdom, which is earthly carnal and deviliſh ariſeth, which is out of covenant with God, and ſtands in enmity and oppoſition to the Divine Light, and you are not guided by it; But ſeeks to comprehend it, by carnal reaſon, and that is your Imagination, for nature is alto­gether corrupt, and the Light is pure, ſtanding out of all corrup­tions, and cannot be comprehended by carnal reaſon and corrupt Invention of man, but doth all unrighteouſneſs condemn, and that is your condemnation, that light is come, and you ſtand up in your reaſon againſt it; But Light ſhineth in darkneſs, and darkneſs cannot comprehend it, and that is your condemnation, that you do oppoſe the Light, and ſo you live in darkneſs, fol­lowing the Imagination, of your corrupt hearts, to to the diſ­honour of the Lord Jeſus, the Soul Saviour of all thoſe that do beleeve in him, but you ſhew that you are full of unbelief and fleſhly reaſon, and knows not that light which purifieth, nor that word which cutteth down all the loftineſs of men of corrupt hearts, where it is made manifeſt, for the pure Light to ſhine forth in brightneſs, and ſo that Prophecy is fulfilled in them that findeth the opperation of the word of life ariſing through to ſanc­tifie and purifie, which I bear teſtimony to, through death, ſaith25 the Holy Ghoſt, Ariſe, and ſhine, for thy light is come, and the Glory of the Lord is riſen upon thee, and ſo wiſdom is juſti­fi d of her children, but the Light doth condemn all that is un­juſt, and juſtifies all thoſe that do beleeve from all ungodlineſs, which you do ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of, and live in corruption and in darkneſs, committing ſpiritual wicked­neſs.

Wherefore ſay you,Prieſts. As the Diſciples were cleanſed by the Word of the Goſpel, which Chriſt had ſpoken to them, Ioh. 15.3. ſo we conclude that the unbeleeving are blind and impure in their Conſcience, Titus 1.15. which concludes directly, that the Light of or in conſcience before faith is not pure.

The word that cleanſeth you know nothing of,Reply. that are ig­norant of the Light which leadeth to the word, which word is a Sword, cutting through the ground of Imaginations which you live in, and the Word of God is as a fire in the bones, which Word doth both ſanctifie and purifie; who knows the Word, knows the Faith of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt, which you are igno­rant of, and of the miſtery of Faith, that is held in a pure conſci­ence, 1 Tim. 3.9. for they only have Immortality who dwell in the light, and in the ſaith which is pure, and purifieth the heart and worketh out the carnal part, but you ſhew that your life is out of the pure faith, and ſo in your dark Imaginations, and you are both carnal, ſenſual, and dviliſh that live altogether by your own Imaginations, and in Laciviouſneſs, luſt and ex­ceſs, and in the uncleanneſs and filth of the fleſh, and ſhew that you never knew the word of Life, that waſheth, cleanſeth, juſti­fieth, and ſanctifieth, which you are ignorant of, that live in ſin and uncleanneſs, and ſo your Miniſtry is for the fire, for it is death, and ſeeds but the carnal minds, and keeps that alive which muſt dye, for every mans works ſhall be tryed ſo as by fire, and all your ſifted chaff, and high notions is for condemnation, for our God is a conſuming fire, and of purer eyes then to behold Iniquity, 1 Cor. Heb. 12.27.28. and all that are proud, and all that do wickedly ſhall be as ſtubble, and are for the fire, Mal. 4.1. and there will you and your pride be with all your high notions of fleſhly wiſdome confounded and tryed26 for the fire; Wherefore we having received a Kingdom that cannot be ſhaken, we have grace whereby we may ſerve God acceptable, both with reverence and godly fear, and ſo dwell in the fire, to praiſe and glorifie our God for ever, Heb. 12.28, 29.

Moreover,Queſt. They affirm that this light diſcovereth every evil in man, as it ariſeth in the heart.

We anſwer,Prieſt. That the light which lighteneth every man that cometh into the world, diſcovereth not the greateſt evil, which is unbelief, but only thoſe things which are againſt the Moral Law, as pride, covetouſneſs, oppreſſion, &c. which theſe cry out againſt, but never againſt unbelief, which is the condemning ſin, and doth bind the guilt of all tranſgreſſions on the back of a ſinner, &c.

1. Herein you ſhew that you were never yet ſent of Chriſt,Reply. but are in darkneſs, and knoweth him not, that are ignorant of the light, that enlightens every man that comes into the world, John 1.9. John 8.2. Here you are ignorant of Chriſt, and live altoge­ther in unbelief, and alſo in all unrighteouſneſs, which is ſin, 1 John, and pride, covetouſneſs, and oppreſſion; For ſin is the tranſ­greſſion of the Law: and you are in the tranſgreſſion, and know not this light, which is Chriſt the hope of glory; for he that a­bideth in him ſinneth not, he that ſinneth hath not ſeen him, nei­ther known him: He that is born of God, and dwells in the light, ſinneth not, he that ſinneth, is in darkneſs, and of the Devil, and liveth in unbelief, which is the ground of all evil: and doth both diſtruſt, and alſo diſhonour the Lord, and herein the children of God, and the children of the Devil, as you are, is made manifeſt, 1 John 3.6, 7, 8, 9, 10. And you are in the fl ſh, and under con­demnation, Rom. 8.1, 2. And dare not truſt God, that ſtudie what to eat, and what to drink, and what to ſpeak, contrary to the doctrine of Chriſt; as in theſe Scriptures, Luke 12.22, 23. to the 38. verſ. 11, 12. and Matth. 6.24, 25. to the end, read theſe Scriptures, and you may ſee that you are Heathens, and unbelievers, and do diſtruſt and diſhonour God, and you live in darkneſs, and covetouſneſs, the ground and root of all e­vil.

2. And herein you would have all to take notice, in whom27 light is manifeſted that you never knew any thing of God, that ſay, Chriſt, or the true light doth not ſhew unbelief: Herein you ſhew your ſelves open enemies to Jeſus Chriſt, and are ignorant of the firſt principle of religion; For all that have the light of God born up into their underſtandings will teſtifie againſt you, and the Lord will be a ſwift witneſs againſt you, Mal. 3.5, 6, 7. And the Apoſtles will witneſs againſt you in their Dclarations, that are left upon record, that all may take notice of your blind­neſs, and ignorance, and deſpight to the Spirit of grace.

3. Herein you ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of the true light, which is Chriſt, and enemies to him; and that you are ſtrangers and aliens to the covenant of promiſe, and without God in the world, Epheſ. 2.12. And that the Prince of the power of the ayr ruleth in you, and the Son of perdition is exalted in you, and your doctrine is of deceit, and of craftineſs, and the Goſpel is hid from you, 2 Cor. 4.3, 4. And as ſaith Jeſus Chriſt, ſo ſay I, For he that ſanctifieth, and they that are ſanctified, are all of one, and he is not aſhamed to call them brethren, Heb. 2.11. But ſuch as you are he doth deny, and againſt you, and your dark Miniſtery, I do teſtifie, that it is of Antichriſt, and not of Chriſt; who live in darkneſs, and know not God, and that is your ignorance and ſottiſhneſs; we are of the light, and of the day, Epheſ. 5.13. And are members of his body, of his fleſh, and of his bones, and wit­neſs the life of the Scriptures, Epheſ. 5.30. And I witneſs the waſhings and cleanſings with the water of the word, as they did that ſpoke forth the Scriptures, which you ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of, Epheſ. 5.26, 27. Therefore, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, that thou haſt hid theſe things from the wiſe & prudent of the world, that the wiſdom of the world may appear to be fooliſhneſs, as it's ſaid, 1 Cor. 1.25, 26, 27 28. and haſt revealed them to us by thy Spirit, that thou mayeſt have the praiſe, 1 Cor. 2.9, 10. Behold what manner of love is this, that the Father hath beſtowed on us, that we ſhould be clled the Sons of God, therefore the world knoweth us not, becauſe he knew him not, 1 John 3.1.

4. You ſhew that you know him not, but are in lying, and deceit, and flatteries, walking in deceit, and craftineſs, ſhewing forth your ſubtilties, that ſtandeth in oppoſition againſt the light,28 and ſo diſhonoureth the Lord Chriſt; and ſaith, that he knows not all things, in ſaying that he doth not diſcover unbelief, and for that end came he into the world, to judge and condemn all unbelief, and unbelievers; For he that believeth not, is condem­ned already, John 3.18. And ſaith, For judgement am I come into the world, that they that ſee not might ſee into the know­ledge of the divine myſtery; and that they which ſee by their own conceits and imaginations, as you do, might be made blind, to ſee nothing of them.

For he is the true light, and none ſees any divine truth but in him, for he is the divine light, and in him is no darkneſs at all; And hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, who is both divine light, and divine good, and we know it becauſe he hath given us of his ſpirit, 1 John 4.13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

Herein you are found lyars, Seducers, and Antichriſts, that ſay we believe not in him, for that is your condition, that know him not that is come a light into the world, that whoſoever believeth in him may not abide in darkneſs; which light & life I witneſs, with all that do believe in the Lord Jeſus, the light of the world, but you that know not this true light, that enlighteneth every man to guide you there is you condemnation, & your Miniſtry is for condemna­tion; for he that loveth the light, and is guided by it, that ſhews him ſalvat ō, but he that walks contrary to the light, as you do, is in dark­neſs & abideth in death, & are for condemnation, Ioh. 3.19, 20, 21.

You do mightily diſhonour the Lord, that ſay this light doth not ſhew all darkneſs and unbelief; Herein you erre, not know­ing the Scriptures, nor the power of truth: The Apoſtle ſaid, That God who commanded light to ſhine out of darkneſs, had ſhined in their hearts; which I bare teſtimony to through death, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the fce of Jeſus, and that was the doctrine that he preached, who had the Heavenly treaſure in an Earthen veſſel, which you are ignorant of, 2 Cor. 4.5, 6, 7.

And ſo you are found to be enemies to Jeſus Chriſt and ſtrangers to the true l ght; your ignorance and folly is now made manifeſt.

Firſt. Chriſt who is the true light that enlighteneth every man that cometh into the world, Ioh. 1.9. doth altogether condemn unbelief, and that is your condemnation, for we which have the29 light of life, and witneſs againſt you, that ſay this light doth not diſcover unbelief, for it hath condemned it, and ſets us free from it, who are redeemed to God the Father of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt by it, which you are ignorant of, and ſo are ignorant of the life of the Scriptures, as in Ioh. 19. & 8.12. & 3.19, 20, 21. Act. 13.47. where Chriſt is the Covenant of his people, as the Lord hath promiſed by his Servant the Prophet, who Prophecy­ing of Chriſt, Saih the Lord there, I will give thee for a light of the people, to enlighten the Gentiles which were unbeleevers, that thou mayſt be the glory of my People Iſrael: herein you mightily do diſhonour the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, but they are not Iſrael that are after the fleſh, as you are that live in the fall, and in darkneſs, and in enmity to God; but they are Iſrael that are after the ſpirit, and walk in the light, bringing forth fruits to the Praiſe and Glory of God, and there is your condemnation, the light which lighteneth every man that cometh into the world, and your miniſtry is darkneſs, and not light, of Antichriſt, and not of Chriſt, and you are men-pleaſers, time-ſervers, ſeducers, blind guides, Hypocrites and diſſemblers, and ſheweth your envy and ſubtilty, being of the world, and in darkneſs, and guided by the ſpirit of error; we are of God, he that is of God heareth us, and walketh in the light which guideth and leadeth up to the Father of Lights; he that is not of God, heareth us not, hereby know we the ſpirit of truth and the ſpirit of error, by the touch­ſtone and tryer and light of life. 1 Ioh. 4. which is Chriſt reveal­ed in us, as the Apoſtle did witneſs, Gal. 1. which you are ig­norant of, and live in form without either light, life or power, and are ſervants of ſin, and your wages are death, and deſtruction; tribulation and anguiſh: Repent and bluſh for ſhame, wo and miſery is your portion, the mouth of the Lord of H ſts hath ſpoken it, who is the righteous Judg of Heaven and Earth, the Father of Lights, even the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jeſus Chriſt, who is God bleſſed for ever.

Yet further they conclude that power accompanies that light to deſtroy every evil,Queſt. as it appears in them that yeild themſelves unto it, and watch that their vain minds draw them not forth from abiding in the pure light of Chriſt, &c.

It were a ſmal thing, Oh, all ye that paſs by,Prieſts. If we and our30 means ſhould ſleep in the duſt in everlaſting ſilence and contempt; but will not the ſtones cry out, if we hold our peace, whilſt theſe deceits ſeem to lay all upon Chriſt &c.

Here you ſhew your ſelves to be of the number of Repro­bates,Reply. and know not Chriſt, as in that 2 Cor. 13.5. who yet never knew any thing of Chriſt, the Divine Light, and the Di­vine Power, and are of thoſe that Chriſt ſpeaks of, he came to his own, and his own received him not; ſuch as made great ſhews, and fair pretences of him as you do, as the Jews, Scribes, and Phariſees did, he came, that is, Jeſus Chriſt unto them, and they received him not, that had made ſo much profeſſion of him, as you have done; but were enemies to him then as you are now, but as many then as received him, to them he gave power to be­come the Sons of God, which were born not of fleſh, nor of the will of man, but of God, Ioh. but you are of the will of man, and of the fleſh, and not after God, and are ig­norant both of the light, life and power, and you are of that which is corruptible, and both your names and memory ſhall periſh, and rot in the duſt, for the name and memorial of the wicked ſhall rot and utterly periſh, and come to nought, the old man, the old name, and that muſt dye, and you are in the old nature which is corrupt, which ſhall rot and perſh, but the new man, the new name, and of the Divine nature, which is the Gift of God, ſhall live and endure for ever, and every living-ſtone that is elected, and enlightened, may cry out againſt you, that you are no Miniſters of Chriſt, but of Antichriſt, and are in the old birth, and of the wicked one, and muſt come to deſtruction, who are led by Antichriſt, and your own corrupt wills, and know nothing neither of watching, nor yeilding up to the light, as thoſe do who are enlightened by it, and guided by it, who are the Sons of God, Rom. 8.14. and are acquainted both with watchings and faſtings, as the Saints were, who do abide in the Doctrine of Chriſt, and are guided by the ſpirit of truth, knows that there is need of watching and yeilding up to Chriſt, which you ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of, that live in pride, and vain glory, and fleſhly boaſting, and know not Chriſt calls to his, ſaying, Watch and pray leſt ye enter into Temptation, here muſt be either yeilding to Chriſt, or a ſtanding in oppoſiti­on31 on againſt him, and walking in careleſneſs as you do, but we have not ſo learned Chriſt, Epheſ. 4.20. but are taught to watch and pray, and not to enter into the temptation or the evil, Mat. 26.41. and ſaith he, what I ſay unto you I ſay unto all men, Watch; but you are proud boaſters, as in 2 Tim. 3. and know not the Doctrine of Chriſt, nor the practiſe of the Saints: Da­vid, he watched, and his Soul waited on the Lord, and in his Word did he hope, and ſo do all the Seed of David now, that which is the immortal Word, which liveth and endureth for ever, and David ſaid, My Soul waiteth for the Lord, here was a true waiter, and the ſame ſeed doth ſo now, he waited more then they that watch for the morning, Pſal. 130.5.6. this was Da­vids condition, who was the Servant of the Lord, which you ſhew your ſelves to be none of, and you would have all to take not ce of it, and of your ignorance of the practiſe of the Saints and Servants of the Lord, See Heb. 2.1. he ſtood upon his watch, which ye neglect who live in ſcorn, ſitting in the ſeat of the ſcornful; but the Lord ſits in Heaven, and laugheth you to ſcorn, ye ſcorners how long will you live in ſcorning? and are ſo blind that you are not acquainted with waiting nor watching, which were and is the practice of the Saints which the Scrip­tures do witneſs, and I bear Teſtimony to the life of the Scriptures, for watching and waiting upon the Lord, ſee theſe Scriptures; and you that do deny the life of the Scriptures, I do deny, and herein you ſhew forth the ſpirit of error: The Apoſtle who had the ſpirit of truth did teach the people as he was taught of God, and did exhort them to ſtand ſtedfaſt upon their Watch, 1 Cor. 16.13. the true miniſter of Chriſt did exhort the Corinthias to watch, and to quit themſelves like men, that they might be ſtrong in the Lord, and do all their works in love, that they might addict themſelves to the miniſtry of the Saints, 1 Cor. 16.14.15. which you ſhew your ſelves enemies to; and the Theſ­ſalonians who were children of the day, and taught of God, he did exhort to watchings, and to put on the Bret plate of faith and love, and for an helmet the hope of Salvation, for God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain Salvation by Jeſus Chriſt, which we do own, and witneſs their practice which ſpoke forth the Scriptures, 1 Theſ. and the32 bleſſing is to them that watch, Revel. 16.15. Herein you ſhew your ſelves to be no watchmen, but blind guides; for the Mi­niſters of Jeſus Chriſt were to watch for ſouls, as they that were to give an account to God, Heb. 13.17. And ſo you make good that ſaying of the Prophet, and fulfil that Scripture, His watch­men are all blind; ſuch as you are, that act in the ſame condi­tion that the falſe Prophets did, looking for your gain from your quarter, Iſai. 56.10, 11. Wo to you ye blind guides, for it is Chriſt that worketh in us both to will and to do, of his own good pleaſure, Philip. 2.12, 13. And our ſufficiency is of him, 2 Cor. 3.5.

And for your ſaying that we hold free will, that is your ima­gination, but God will ſcatter all the proud in their imaginati­ons. It is the will of God which is our ſanctification, which you ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of, and ſo follow your cor­rupt wills freely; without watching over that which corrupts; and ſo give up your ſelves to the power of darkneſs, to commit ſin with greedineſs; and here you have ſhewed your folly, and that you neither know the light, nor the power of truth, but are in darkneſs: We to you ye blind guides, who are for wrath and condemnation, and the wicked and all that forget God, ſhall be turned into hell, Pſal. 9.17. And ſaith Chriſt, Depart ye that be workers of iniquity, I know you not. And Go ye curſed into hell, prepared for the Devil and his Angels, Matth. 25. And take the unprofitable ſervant, and bind him hand and foot, and caſt him into outer darkneſs, where ſhall be weeping, and wailing, and gnaſhing of teeth: And now you are found unprofitable, which ran, but the Lord never ſent you; howl and weep, for wo and miſery is your portion, and the portion of all ſuch as you are.

But if your power accompany the light,Prieſts. what ſhall we think of Paul, who found the Law of his members warring, and leading him captive againſt his will, &c.

You ſhew that you neither know any thing of Paul's conditi­on, nor of the law of the inward man; for the Law hath power over thoughts, and all the thoughts of the wiſe are vain, and ſo are you vain that would find out the Secrets of the Lord by your vain thoughts; but none knows them but thoſe that fear the Lord, which is a departing out of iniquity, and out of vain and33 evil thoughts, which you live in, and ſo you are ignorant of the Apoſtles experience, that would be finding it out by thought, which is vain; and ſo your life that you live by thought is vain; for the juſt he lives by faith, which is the evidence of things un­ſeen, which you ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of; The Apo­ſtle he ſpoke forth his experiences, as he paſſed through them from death to life, and as he was made free by the Body of Chriſt, and ſaid, I thank God, who hath given me victory through Je­ſus: for the Law of the Spirit of life in Chriſt Jeſus made him free from the Law of ſin and death, and he was made more then a Conquerour, and was crucified to the world, and the world to him, and he had Chriſt living in him, and ſo knew both the life and power of Chriſt manifeſted in him, which he did w••­neſs, and he hath left upon record: which life and power you are ignorant of, and would be aſpiring to know his conditions, with your vain imaginations, but the life and experience of them is hid from all ſuch vulterous eyes, and venomous beaſts, as you are; though you can ſteal his words to trade withal, yet you are ſtrangers to that life which was made manifeſt in Paul, and you cannot know it, whileſt you I ve in the luſt and filth of the fleſh, and in the broad way, and in the fall, and like theeves you have ſtoln the declarations of Pauls experiences, and the reſt to make a trade withal, ſuch Sir Simons as you which buy and ſell the letter which is carnal, for carnal money; but the gift of God, which is the Holy Ghoſt, that you know not, and ſo you are children of diſobedience, and are haſting to fill up your meaſure, that deſtruction might come upon you, and fire fall down from Heaven to burn up all your chaff, and ſtoln expreſſions; for the Lord he will, and is now gathering his wheat into his garner, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire, all your forms, and chaff, and corrupt dealings, is for the fire, and wrath of the Almighty; and the coming of Chriſt you know not, but are car­nal and corruptible; and if the laſt enemy be death that is to be deſtroyed, what is the firſt? you run on, but turn you back a­gain, and haſten not into your ſelf wills, which are for deſtructi­on, and your fl ſhly wiſdom, which is for condemnation, and look into that 2 Pet. 3.12. which you have made ſuch haſte to, and in the latter end of the verſe you may read that the face of34 the Lord is againſt you, and all ſuch evil doers as you are, pag. 16. And ſee how you are haſting to an ungodly corrupt converſation, and are neither of the mind, nor the ſame ſpirit that they were of, that ſpoke forth that 3d Chapter of the Philippians, though you have made great haſte to ſteal their Letters or Epiſtles to trade withal; but ſee what the Holy Ghoſt ſpoke through Paul to ſuch as you are, who are to be marked, that do not follow their example in life and converſation, but are enemies to the Croſs of Chriſt, as you are; and inſtead of Phil. 3.21. Let it lye where it is, and run not over, but take your own reward, that which isue to you, and ſuch as you are, whoſe end is deſtructi­on, whoſe God is their belly, whoſe glory in their ſhame, who mind earth things, as you do, Phil. 3.18, 19.

And now you Foxes, and ſubul Serpents, you are found out of your holes of earthly conceiving inventions, and imaginations; and are to be whipt with the ſmal ſcourge of the righteous judg­mens of the Lord, for the accuſer of the brethren is head in you, which you ſpeak of in your 17 page.

Thus ſaith the Lord, Wo to the Idol Shepherds, ſuch as you are, that ran, but the Lord nver ſent you, and you are unprofi­table, and do not profit the people at all, Jer. 23. read that over, and ſe where you are, and you may ſee that a whirlwind is to fall grievouſly upon all ſuch as you are, that ſpeak a viſion of your own heart, and not from the mouth of the Lord, and that preach for hire, as you do, as in Jer. 5.30, 31. holding up that which is an abomination in the eyes the Lord; but wo is your portion, that feeds you with the fat, and clothes you with the wool, God will feed you with judgement, read Ezek. 34. And wo to them that take counſel, but not of me, and that cover with a cover­ing, but not of my Spirit, ſaith the Lord, that they may add ſin unto ſin, as you do, that are covered with your own inventi­ons, the wo s to you, read Iſai. 30. And you blind leaders of the people cauſe them to erre, Iſai. 31. and Iſai. 9.16. So that there is like Prieſt, like people, Hoſ. 4.9. Therefore wo to you, and all blind guides, Matth. 23. The Lord is againſt you.

Moreover,Queſt. they admoniſh that we wait in ſilence until God open our mouths.

35We anſwer, If that were the end or intent of this admonition,Prieſts. to ſhew to man his dependancy on God, &c.

Herein you ſhew your ſelves to be ignorant of the ſame Spirit that they had that ſpoke forth the Scriptures,Reply. whoſe dependancy was of God, and waited upon him for to move in them by his holy Spirit, and to put words into their mouths to ſpeak, as the Prophets and Apoſtles did witneſs, as you may read at large in their Declaration; For holy men of God ſpoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghoſt, 2 Pet. 1.19, 20, 21.

And thoſe that ſpeak now, and ſpeak not by the ſame movings of the Holy Ghoſt, ſpeaking in them, and through them, as they did, are falſe Prophets, ſuch as you are, as in 2 Pet. 2. Who know not the gift of God, which is as fire, but ſpeak their own words and imaginations from others writings, as you do, that ſay none ſpeaks immediately from God now as the Apoſtles did.

Herein you ſhew that you never knew God, nor any gift of his, but have all this time ſpoken your own inventions, and vain repetitions, and not from the mouth of the Lord, and now in due time you have laid it open to the view of all that are learned and grounded in the truth, who are not unlearned, nor untaught of God, as you are, that wreſt the Scriptures to your own deſtru­ction, being led away with the errour of the wicked, as you are, and know nothing of the growth in grace, as they did which ſpoke foth the Scriptures; which I witneſs the life of, and ſee you where you are in your inventions and imaginations, wreſt­ing the Scripture, being untaught of God, following your own thoughts and imaginations, 2 Pet. 3.16.

1. But we know God by divine inſpiration, and know him ſpeaking immediately in us by his Son, and who are his ſheep hear his voyce, John 10.4, 5. And ſo know you to be ravening wolves, ranging into you own inventions, and ravening into old Authours, and ſtealing the Saints Declarations to ſpeak of, and ſo get your leſſon before-hand what to ſay, but the Apoſtles did not ſo; And ſuch vain ravenous minds as yours are, I do deny, and now you have made your ſelves manifeſt, that you were ne­ver taught of God, but he will bruiſe you all with his iron rod.

362. We know that we are taught of God by his Holy Spirit, as he hath promiſed, and now is fulfilling and qualifying his Son in his Saints, John 14. and hath prayed for us, ver. 16, 17.26. And we do now find the efficacy of his prayer to, and in our ſouls, and our union is with him, in that which he hath prayed for, John 16.23, 24, 25, 26, 27. And he is now the ſame that he was, Heb. 13.8. John 17.20. to the end: But our life is not in the let­ter, as yours is, but in the ſpirit, and in the power.

3. And we know that no man can come to the Father, but by Jeſus Chriſt, the light of the world, who is a myſtery to the carnally minded ones, ſuch as you are, who would find out the myſtery by your fallen wiſdom, and ſtudied our knowledg, which is for the fire; for no man can come unto God, but by this Je­ſus whom we preach, which is Chriſt in us, the life and ſubſtance of all the Scriptures. Col. 1.27. &c. And no man knoweth the Son, but the Father, neither knoweth any man the Father, ſave the Son, and he to whom the Son reveals him: who calls for o­bedience in whom he is man feſting his love, and faith, Come un­to me all ye that are weary, and heavy laden, But you are not burdened with your ſins, that do delight in them, and ſo your reſt is in the flſh, and carnal wiſdom, which muſt be ſhaken; but mine is in the Lord Jeſus Chriſt, in obedience to the Croſs, who hath ſet me at liberty from the ſervitude of ſin, to ſerve him, ha­ving been taught of him, as the truth is in Jeſus, and have reſt unto my ſoul through the divine unfoldings of his love, Matth. 11.27, 28, 29.

4. And we know, That God who at ſundry times, and in di­vers manners, ſpake in times paſt unto the Fathers by his Pre­phets, hath in theſe laſt dayes ſpoken to us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom alſo he made the world, who being the brightneſs of his glory, and the expreſs Image of his perſon, we are reconciled to him by his blood, and are uphol­den by his power, Heb. 1.1, 2, 3. To him alone be praiſe, honour, and glory, both now, and for evermore.

Ʋnleſs we think,Prieſts. (as the Doctrine implyes) That the Motions of the Spirit, are the only rule of duty, &c.

Herein you ſhew your judgement is carnal, and not ſpiritual, that would try the motions of the Spirit by your corrupt thoughts,Reply.37 which are of the earth, earthly, and you have neither ſalt, nor tryer, born up in your underſtandings to try withal, as the Saints had that ſpoke forth the Scriptures; but your tryer is a Chapter, or a verſe of their Declaration, which you experience nothing of, that live by thoughts and doubtings; and ſo you know nothing real, and he that doubts is damned, you, and your doctrine is for condemnation: For the ſpiritual man judgeth all things, yet he himſelf is judged of no man: And there is no condemnation to them that are in Chriſt Jeſus, who walk in the ſpirit, 1 Cor. 2.15, 16. Rom. 8.1. But you are carnal, and are guided by your own corrupt wills, and your doctrine is accurſed, and you walk in crooked paths whch lead to deſtruction.

All people that have any care of your ſouls, take heed to your ſouls, and follow not theſe blind guides; Iohn Pomroy, Paul Cliſſon, Ioſeph Kellat, &c. leſt they lead you to deſtruction; take warning betime, for they are blind leaders of the blind, and ſee what Jeſus Chriſt ſaith, in Matth. 15.14. And hold them not up, nor receive them into your houſes, neither bid them, God ſpeed, leſt you be partakers of their evil deeds,Mat. 15.14. 2 Iohn 9.10, 11.

Whereas you ſay, That to the beſt of your underſtandings,Prieſts. you judge the Aſſerters to be againſt any conſtant Preacher, or Courſe of prayer, ſo allowing every man and woman liberty in Aſſemblies to teach, or pray, &c.

Here the beſt of your underſtanding is carnal,Reply. and your judge­ment is the ſame, and ſo you have nothing to do to judge, or to ſearch out the Sants liberty by your ſubtilties; for the natural man knows not the things of God, and your underſtanding is earthly, and your judgement is for condemnation, which is not infallible: And the ſalt having loſt its favour, is good for no­thing, but to be caſt out, and trodden under foot, Matth. 5. And ſo your judgement is caſt out, and ſhall never enter into the inward Court, but muſt be trodden under foot; and your corrupt wills are for deſtruction, and you are for condemnation, becauſe you love not the light, the Lord Jeſus Chriſt: Therefore be accurſed, 1 Cor. 16.22.

2. Preaching we own, and the Miniſtry of Chriſt we own, and the Courſe of prayer by the ſame ſpirit we own, and we do not38 allow any to ſpeak but the man in us Chriſt Jeſus, who is the Miniſtry of the Sanctuary, and preacheth glad tydings, and we own his voyce, and his Miniſtry in any, and know his voyce from the voyce of ſtrangers; ſuch as you are that are enemies to him we diſown, and do deny.

3. You are carnal and corrupt, and would be Lords over Gods Heritage, but you muſt be caſt out, and all ſuch Foxes that ſpoil the Vines: You ſay that we allow any liberty in the Aſſem­blies, &c.

4. Are you ſo ſottiſh know you not that the head of every man is Chriſt, and where he is exalted, muſt his mouth be muzzled in any: In the true Church all might ſpeak one by one in the ſpi­rits adminiſtration, who were acted and guided by the ſpirit to a ſpiritual order, in all things but yours is carnal; Let them that pray pray with the ſpirit & the underſtanding alſo, and every one may ſpeak as they have received, 1 Cor. 14. And as every man hath received the Gift, ſo miniſter the ſame, one to another, as good Stewards of the manifold Graces of God, that God in all thingt may be Glorified, through Jeſus Chriſt, to whom he Praiſe and Dominion for ever and ever, 1 Pet. 4.10, 11. here­in you ſhew your ſelves to be carnal, and know not that the ma­nifeſtation of the ſpirit is given to every one to profit withal, 1 Cor. 12. and that no man can call Jeſus Lord, but by the Holy Ghoſt, and for that 1 Tim. 2.12. Rom. 16.1. and Phil. 4.3. Act. 21.9. and it will let you ſee that your Judgment is carnal, and that you are not to Judg of ſpiritual things by carnal reaſon, and fleſhly fancy; But that you may lay open your folly, that it may appear to all that are of a ſpiritual diſcerning, that you are enemies to God: and in your wicked imaginations, which are for the fire, and you we do deny, and all vain janglings, and fleſhly carnal corrupt ways of worſhip, and your ſet times, who live in limitation; but God will limt thoſe carnal minds in you, and bind up the wilde wills which would be intruding into thoſe things that you have nothing to do withal, and caſt the Beaſt and falſe Prophet into the Lake that burneth with fire and brimſtone, and ſuch deceivers as you are, Rev. 17.

It is ſaid indeed that you may all Prophecy one by one;Reply. but it is ſaid alſo, are all Prophets? we wiſh that the Lords people were Prophets.

39You ſhew your ſelves to be contrary minded to the Apoſtles,Reply. though you ſteal their words to talk of, you neither have the ſame mind light, life, order nor power amongſt you, as they had, and he did exhort them to covet the beſt gifts,1 Cor, 12. Rom, 16.1. Phil. 4.3. which you grudg at, and he commended to them Phba ſervant of the Church; and there were women labourers with him in the Goſpel, and the Spirit of the Lord is the ſame now that it was then: It is but the Beaſt in you that would and doth make war with the Lamb, but the Lamb ſhall overcome, and give you all your doom, even reward you all according to your doings; Rejoyce ye Saints, and righteous ones, the Lord will Judg and avenge himſelf upon the whore, that Iezebel that is amongſt all the fair ſayers, and painted Sepulchers, ſuch as theſe gainſayers and op­poſers are, who ſtand in enmity and oppoſition againſt the truth, by their evil thoughts and vain imaginations, ſhewing the ſpirit of error.

The Aſſemblies of the Saints of old ware conſtant,Prieſts. and they had men, who attended on the word and prayer, who gave them­ſelves to it, prepared themſelves, waited on God, that they might act to the edifying of the Saints in love, Act. 20.7, & 6.2, 3, 4. 1 Tim. 4.13.14, 15, 16.

The practice of the Saints in former ages,Reply. and in thoſe places that you have cited may be ſufficient evidence againſt you, that you are none of them, but enemies to thoſe who come to walk after their example now, whoſe life and practice we do own; but you and your practice we do deny, and altogether diſown; though you have ſtoln their words to ſpeak of, yet they will be witneſs enough againſt you, and their manner of meetings, ſpeaking by the ſpirit, and waiting will condemn you, that de­ny the ſame waitings and attendings in others, and know nothing of them in your ſelves, who do not attend upon the word, to ſpeak immediately from the Mouth of the Lord, as they did, whereas you ſpeak by the ſpirit of error, that ſpeaks by imagi­nation, and not by the ſame ſpirit that adminiſtred by them, and doth by thoſe that now ſpeak by Divine inſpiration, herein you walk contrary to the Scriptures, and the practice of the Saints, in former ages, ſhewing forth the ſpirit of error.

See Act. 20.7. When they were met together on the firſt day40 of the Week, which you call a Sabbath, where that place of Scripture doth not call ſo; but it is your imaginations, and in­ventions, and contrary to the Scriptures, and to that Sabbath, of whom Jeſus is Lord.

2. Pauls Preaching by the ſpirit, and continuing his ſpeech till midnight doth condemn you, that ſtudy for what to ſay, and ma­ny ſpeaking an hour by a glaſs, ſhews that you do want the ſame power, and inſtead of preaching by the ſame ſpirit, or ſpeaking the Word of God, as Paul did; you ſpeak, and make a trade of Pauls letters, which he ſent to Brethren and his friends, and gloſſeth them over by your Serpentine wiſdom, and have not the ſame ſpirit to preach by that Paul had, ſo ſhewing to all that you are acted and guided by a ſpirit of error.

3. And whereas you ſpeak but your own Imaginations and in­ventions, Paul, he went about preaching the Kingdom of God, and he did not count his life dear unto himſelf, ſo that he might finiſh his courſe with joy in the Miniſtry which he had received of the Lord Jeſus, who did not ſhun to declare unto them all the Counſel of God, Act. 20.21. to 28. and he did exhort them to take heed to themſelves, and to all the flock over which the Ho­ly Ghoſt had made them overſeers, to feed the Church of God, which he had purchaſed with his own Blood, Verſe 28. which Miniſtry by the Holy Ghoſt we own, and that Miniſtration which ſtands out of all mans inventions, and ſuch Officers as are made overſeers by the Holy Ghoſt, we do own; but ſuch as you that are made by imitation and ſelf-conceitedneſs we do diſ­own; for that is Antichriſtian, and not to be owned with be­leevers, but to be teſtified againſt, and ſuch Miniſters as are of the ſpirit, who ſpeak not their own words, but the Words of the Lord, who doth it freely, as Paul, this Goſpel Miniſter did, Act. to the end; but ſuch as you are, who have neither any ſpiritual gift, nor ſpiritual adminiſtration, but ſpeak brain ſtudy, contrary to the Doctrine of Chriſt and his Apoſtles, and making a trade of the Scriptures, and giveth them your An­tichriſtian application, we do deny; for you are under the curſe, and are to be conſumed, for the Lord will conſume Antichriſt, and all Antichriſtian Doctrine, by the breath of his mouth, and the brightueſs of his coming, 2 Theſ, 2. and you that make your41 Goſpel, or falſe Miniſtry, burdenſom, and are covetous, contrary to that of Paul, in this 20 of Acts, ver. 33, 34. We do deny and diſown, and ſee you to be led by a ſpirit of errour.

But you are diſcovered, and made manifeſt, what Maſter you ſerve, even him whoſe coming is after the working of Satan, 2 Theſſ. 2.3, 4, 5. to ver. 13.

And the Apoſtle having a diſcerning ſpirit, foretold of ſuch as you are that ſhould come, which we through the mercy of the Lord are made to ſee, as in Acts 20.29, 30. And to have no fel­lowſhip with you, but to teſtifie againſt you, Epheſ. 5.11. Paul he laboured both for himſelf, and others; who doth condemn you, that are as drone Bes, and live upon the ſweat of other mens brows to maintain you in pride and pomp, idleneſs, and fulneſs of bread, which were the ſins of Sodom, and it is the fruits of your dark Miniſtry, ſpiritual Sodom, and Egypt, where the Lord is crucified; and you are of them that would ſhut up the Kingdom of Heaven againſt men, and neither go in your ſelves, nor ſuffer them that would to enter; but the wo is to you, and all the plagues that are written in the Book are due to you, and to all in that nature, Revel. 22.

This doth to our diſcernings tend to the eſtabliſhing of the ſay­ings of them who ſpeak after their trembling fits with an ex­tended voyce,Prieſts. as the Oracles of God, and leaves us not the liber­ty of the commended practiſe of the Bereans to try the ſayings of an Apoſtle by the Scripture, Acts 17.11.

Your diſcernings are exceeding carnal,Reply. that have profeſſed your ſelves ſo long to be Miniſters of the Goſpel, and have no tryer, but by the Scriptures, which are without, and are carnal, not knowing the ſame Spirit that ſpoke forth the Scriptures, which was before any Book or writings were, and ſearcheth and tryeth all things, even the deep things of God, 1 Cor. 2.10. But natural men, ſuch as you are, receive not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are fooliſhneſs to them; and ſo are they to you, and your diſcerning is earthly, the ſalt having loſt his ſavour; and ſo you have loſt your diſcerning that hath it without you, and not within, as the Saints had, and have, 1 Cor. 2.13.14. But you cannot know the things of God, or workings of the Spi­rit by your carnal reaſon, becauſe they are ſpiritually diſcerned. 42And herein you are carnal, ſottiſh, and brutiſh, and know no­thing of the ſame power that was manifeſted in thoſe that ſpoke ſorth the Scripture, who had the Spirit, and the diſcerning.

And you that are not acquainted with thoſe trembling fits that you do deſpiſe in others, are not acquainted, neither with the Voyce, Power, nor Oracles of God; therein you do ſhew forth your ignorance in the work of the Lord, and that you are ignorant of the ſame ſpirit and power that was in them, who had the Oracles of God, and ſpoke them forth, as they did that wit­neſſed forth thoſe Scriptures, in whom the power of the Lord was manifeſted. As Iſaac, Gen. 27.37. Moſes, Heb. 12.21. Da­vid, Pſal. 38.8. &c. Pſal. 119.120. and Job 4.14. Chap. 21. ver. 5, 6. Chap. 37. ver. 1. Jer. 23.9. Hab. 3.16. Dan. 10.7, 8, 11. Ezek. 12.18.26. Chap. 16. ver. 32. Chap. 10. ver. And Paul, Acts 9.3, 4, 5, 6. and Philipians, 2.12, 13. and the Corinthians, 2 Cor. 7.15. &c. Theſe and the reſt did witneſs, who had the Spirit of God, Rom. 8. and the Oracles of God, and ſpoke them, 1 Pet. 4. But you do ſhew that you neither know thepower of God, which is the ſalvation, nor the gift of God, which is the diſcerning, as they had that ſpoke forth the Scriptures; but your diſcerning may carry you to that in Acts 17. And ſee your ſelves to be as the unbelieving Jews were, which were moved with envy at the publiſhing of the truth by the Spirit that was in Paul, as you are by the Declaration of the truth, by the ſame ſpirit that layeth open your deceits, now as his did then, and your hearers that have been kept in blindneſs by you, and ſuch like, may ſearch the Scriptures, as the noble Bereans did, and ſo ſee you to act the ſame things that the Jewiſh High-Prieſts, Scribes, and Phariſees did, which were enemies to Jeſus Chriſt then, as you are now; therefore repent, and give over deceiving the people.

The ſimple,Prieſtr. you ſay, believe every word, Prov, 14.15. but in this caſe, you ſay that you have learned that the Spirits of the Prophets are ſubject to the Prophets, &c.

You are wiſe in your own conceits,Reply. and know nothing of the ſimplicity that is pure, Being wiſe to do evil, but to do good you have no underſtanding: And you never yet learned the leſſon of ſelf-denial, nor know nothing of the true Prophetical Office of Chriſt by divine inſpiration in you; but have ſtollen words to43 ſpeak of, and ſay, you have learned, but it is but to ſteal the words of others to trade withal, and ſo are theeves and robbers,John 10. that Chriſt ſpeaks, and you never knew the immortal word which was in the beginning; for in its ariſe it will ſhake down all the loftineſs of man, dividing aſunder both joynts and marrow, cruſh­ing down all-deceits, and deceivableneſs, which you live in, and are acted and guided by deceit, and ſo are learned and taught of the Devil, the doctrine of deceit; But he that doth not righte­ouſneſs, is not of God, nor he that loveth not his brother, but is of the devil, as you are, 1 John 3.10. And are Prophets of the deceits of your own hearts, as the falſe prophets were, and are ſubject to the will of the Devil, and to deceive the ſimple, but your condemnation will be the greater, for the true Prophets you know not, but ſteal their words, as the falſe Prophets did to trade withal; but the Lord hath diſcovered you, and laid open your deceits, and deceivableneſs, how you lie in wait to deceive the ſimple, and would keep them back from receiving the ſimple na­ked truth, as it is in Jeſus, but it is the ſimple that he doth teach, Pſal. 19.7, 8, 9. And they recaive his words which are pure, and need not your additions nor inventions to gloſs them over with­al: Prov. 30.5, 6. Deut. 4.1, 2. But all the plagues that are writ­ten in the Book are to be added unto you, that are not in ſubjecti­on to the true Prophet, the Spirit of truth, but are ſubject to add your own inventions, which the plagnes are to, Revel. 22.18.

But that they intend to magnifie their writings, and Epiſtles above, or into an equality unto the holy Scriptures,Prieſts. G. E. affirmed to I. K. ſeems very probably, in that they put their papers very diligently into one anothers hands, but not ſee the Scriptures, and do ſoms of them ſay, That it is alike for to take a ſentence out of their Letters, and preach from it,R. F. as to take a ſentence out of Paul's Epi­ſtles, &c.

Here you have ſhewed forth that you are guided by a lying ſpirit,Reply. which makes it good that you are Prophets of the deceits of your own hearts, and that you are taught to lie by the Devil, the Father of lies, John 8.44. in ſaying that we magnifie our writings above the Scriptures. But that which is written from the ſame ſpirit that gave forth the Scriptures, do witneſs with44 their ſpirits that ſpoke them forth,Zeph. 3. ſer. 5.30, 31. Iſai. 56.10, 11. Mic. 3.11. Mal. 2, &c. and have union together, as Heb. 12.11. Epheſ. 5.30.1 John 4.16, 17. And cannot but teſtifie againſt your deceits, as they did againſt the falſe prophets then, that ſtole the true Prophets words to trade withal, as you ſteal the Apoſtles Letters to ſell for money, which he gave forth to be read amongſt his friends at their meetings together, 2 Theſ. 2.1, 2. Gal. 6.11. 1 Theſ. 5.27.2 Cor. 1.13. Theſe, with the reſt of his letters, that he ſent to his friends and brethren, which you are enemies to, and are to be marked, Phil. 3.17, 18. that walks contrary to them, And you are to be noted that you may be put to ſhame, 2 Theſ. 3.14. Gal. 6.16. And as for magnifying your writings, that is, the ſtoln expreſſions that are conjured up out of the bottomleſs pit of deceit, and that is all that we write againſt, to magnifie the truth, in laying open your deceits, and deceivableneſs, where you do deceive the people by your flatteries, deceits, and glorious noti­ons, and gilded expreſſions, which is for the fire, and all ſuch as you are, who are acted and guided by the ſpirit of the Devil, who is a lyar, and the Father of it: And the Beaſt, and the 24 Elders, Antichriſt, and his upholders, ſhall be caſt into the lake together, and they that worſhip the Beaſt, and his Image, and their own imaginations, and inventions, as ſuch as you do: Rev. 14.9, 10, 11. Rev. 17. Rev. 20. there to be tormented. And as for putting our papers into one anothers hands, and not the Scriptures, as you ſay; Here you ſpeak but by imaginations, but the ſpreading a­broad of our papers, is for the laying open of deceits, and decei­vers, ſuch as you are, that do not abide in the Doctrine of Chriſt, 2 John 9. but run a whoring after your own inventions; but Whoremongers and, Adulterers that do not abide in the truth, ſuch as you are, God will judge; but the Scriptures we do own, and magnifie the life and power of them, and all who are guided by the ſame Spirit that gave them forth, Rom. 8.14. 1 John 3.1. But ſuch as you are that live in lies, flatteries, ſub ilty, and deceit, we do deny, and diſown, and reſtifie againſt all ſuch who take the Scriptures for no other end, but to trade withal for money, and deny the life of them, and who walk not in obedience to the Commands of our Lord Jeſus, ſuch we deny, and thoſe that have but the form of Godlineſs, but deny the power thereof, as you do, ſuch we deny, and that you have nothing to do to ſell45 the Scriptures, nor to trade with the Saints experiences for mony, which is your Dianah, for your foundation is but Silver and Gold, which muſt be ſhaken, and caſt into the fire, that nothing may ſtand in the day of the Lords power, but that which is of his own bringing forth, where thoſe that ſpeak may ſpeak as the Oracle of God, with power and boldneſs, from the ſpirit of truth, as they receive their words from the Lord, and not from other mens writings, and gathered up knowledg and imagina­tion, for carnal mony and carnal ends, as you and ſuch as you do, who make no other uſe of the Scriptures but to colour over your deceits, and deceivableneſs withal, that you may live in Hypocriſie; but wo is the Hypocrites portion, and wo is yours: Wo to you ye blind guides and demi-lights, wel-favored Harlots, and painted Sepulchers, for the Lord will avenge himſelf on all his enemies, and adverſaris, ſuch as you are.

And your wiſdom is earthly, your wills are corrupt, and you are in the old nature, and are in the fall and luſt of the fleſh,Pag. 37. and you are ignorant of the things of God, and know nothing of Chriff and his Croſs, but ſhew your ſelves enemies to it, as in Phil. 3. and are in the broad way that leads to deſtruction, and you are covered over with earthly conceivings and earthly inventions, and imaginations, and your learning is earthly, and no man can ſerve two maſters, but you are ignorant of the teachings and Doctrine of Chriſt, but run into the holes of your earthly imaginations, and you are carnal and corrupt, and you are of the firſt birth which is Cainiſh, there is a natural man, and there is a ſpiritual man, and the natural man is in his firſt wiſdom, which is earthly, carnal,