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THE SPIRITUALL MAN Iudgeth All Things: OR, THE SPIRITUALL MANS TRVE IVDGMENT: And how by him the hearts of others were, and may be judg­ed by the Spirit of Truth; and alſo how things by the Spiritual Man were judged of, concerning both Salvation and Damnation, proved by ſeveral Scripture examples, according to the Spirit of Truth, which were, and is the guide of the Lords people out of error and deceit into all truth, according to ſweet Goſpel-promiſe, Joh. 16.13. Rom. 8.14. ALSO, Something in ſhort, concerning Melchizedeks order of taking the Tythes of Spoils only of Abraham, after the return from the ſlaughter of the Kings, a free-will offering at one time, and no more, Gen. 14. anſwering Heb. 7. And in ſhort, of the order of Tythes, by command under the Law, in the Aaronical and Levitical Prieſthood, the change of the Law, and Prieſthood alſo, Heb. 7.12. ſo an end of Tythes: WITH A godly Exhortation and inſtruction, full of ſweet Goſpell Truths, to ſuch as have the witneſs of the new Teſtament, through the blood of Jeſus, and ſome Mementoes: With ſomething alſo to ſtop lies and ſlanders, that trute may be cleared.

LONDON, Printed for Giles Calvert, and are to be ſold at his ſhop, at the Black Spread-Eagle, at the Weſtend of Pauls, 1655.

To the Reader,


THe cauſ of my writing this little Treatiſe, is not as an accuſation againſt any, but to cleare the truth from lying ſlanders, that the wicked and Rebellious are readie to caſt upon it, who evilly intreated and ſhame­fully abuſed the Meſſengers of the Lord, eſpecially at Drayton in Leiceſter Shire, on two days, that one day two Prieſts, and another day ſix or ſeaven Prieſts did there meet and thoſe called quakers by the world in diſdain and reproach, but to us reproaches is great riches, as they was to Moſes who was a quaker, Heb. i2. 2i. Heb. i1. 25,26. On the twelf day of the eleventh Month by the world called Ianuary, and according to their accompt i654. Him that the world calls Georg Fox, went to Drayton to ſee his Father, and Friends in the fleſh, and him that the world calls Richard Farnworth went with him, and coming there they heard that Prieſt Stephens and others would give them a meeting to diſpute with them; notice there had been of it, by the Prieſts party doth appear, for many people gathered that day to­gether concerning the ſame, but George Fox and Richard Farnworth knew not of it until at Drayton they came, and hearing thereof, Richard Farn­worth went up into the grave yeard, and many people gathered about him, in the mean while, the Prieſts went into the Idols Temple at Drayton, and ſome would have forced Richard Farnworth into them, but he refuſed, and ſaid he was not come to uphold Idols, &c. Then ſeveral perſwaded him to go into a great houſe like a Hall, and the dwellers thereof came and ſaid they ſhould be welcome and have the command of the houſe, and none ſhould barre them, &c. Preſently after came him they called George Fox into Dray­ton grave yeard, and they thronged about him, ſo for the truths ſake they went into that great houſe like a hal, and there they & the Prieſts, & Prieſts party (with others together there met) and after ſome ſpeech between the Prieſt of Drayton and him called George Fox, there was a diſpute about the ſpiritual man, but ſeverall times when him called George Fox and Richard Farnworth, when either of them ſo called, ſhould by the ſpirit of the Lord have anſwered, the rude people hailed them violently away ſeverall times, and ſtopt the mouth of Richard Farnworth with Fiſts and gloves, and abu­ſed him ſore, and cauſed George Fox to bleed, by their Cruell and Savage uſage that day: And afterwards on the i7. day of the ſame Month, there was another meeting appointed at Dayton, and the Prieſts gave notice of that and many Prieſts and people there was that day, and very ſore with them of the Prieſts party was him called George Fox uſed with violence that day; the Prieſts party being ſet on him, to undertake to uſe him ſo barbarouſly and cruelly as they did, but truth triumphs over all deceipts and deceivers, and the enmity of truths enemies, the Prieſts and their party were abundant­ly that day made manifeſt, ſuch is the Fruits of the Prieſts flock, and that which their miniſtry effecteth and hath brought forth, and doth bring forth, they may all bluſh and be aſhamed of the ſame; and Prieſt Stephens that laughed and rejoyced at the abuſe of George Fox, by the wickedneſs of his own people, and they of his own houſe, had a chiefe portion therein, let ſhame ſtrike the wife of prieſt Stephens, his Son, and Servant, and alſo him­ſelf, and the reſt of the prieſts and their rude people that was there that day, whoſe wickedneſs and folly did ſo much appear, but in that I ceaſe: Read this little anſwering Treatiſe concerning the SPIRITUAL-MANS judgment which may cleare thine in the ſame, and learn to know the ground of truth therein, So I remain thy ſouls friends and all that love the truth.

Robert Farnworth.

This is to go abroad to ſtop lies and ſlanders that truth may be cleared &c.

GEORGE FOX, coming to Drayton to his Fathers in the fleſh, upon the ſixth day of the week, being the twelth day of the eleventh month, and after he had been there a little while, Thomas balls man came to Chriſtopher Foxes houſe, and ſaid that George had ſent Nathaniel Stephens (who calls himſelf Miniſter) there a challenge, and he miight come up to that, which they call their Church; for he ſaid they could do no­thing til he, called Geerge Fox, came; but as for his ſending any challeng to him as aforeſaid, that was falſe, for no challenge was neither by him nor from him ſent to the ſaid Stephens, prieſt of the ſaid Drayton before mentio­ned; nevertheleſs, he went up into the Grave Yard, and there fynding ma­ny people, but the prieſt in the Steeple houſe and the people deſyred him to go into the prieſt, for they ſaid it was cold, and he and others could not en­dure the cold; then he ſaid a Miniſter of Chriſt could endure hardſhip, hun­ger, nakedneſs or cold, and ſaid to the people call him out hither into the yard, then from the people ſome unſavoury ſpeeches was given to us, and ſo after a while ſeeing the prieſt would not thither come out unto us, we went into a hall neer unto the grave yard, and there two prieſts, and a great company of people went into the ſaid hall, and for a time there was a great ſtir amongſt the people, whereupon George Fox did exhort them to be qui­et and Sit down, and keep their places, it was for their ſakes and the truths ſake that he was come in thither, and their teacher the aforeſaid Stephens having told the old man Georges Father in the fleſh, that George had a familiar Spirit, and there George ask d Prieſt Stephens of it, who unto him denyed it, and then Chriſtopher Fox told the Prieſt that he had ſaid ſo unto him, and he told him where, alſo in a place in the Field, which he then and there mentioned, yet the Prieſt impudently denyed it, and then George aſ­ked him what he did beleeve, whether he had any ſuch a familiar Spirit; yea or nay; the Prieſt anſwered and ſaid, he could not tel, he might have a good, & he might have a bad; then G. told him, here thou haſt manifeſted thy ſelf to be no Miniſter of God, but a falſe Miniſter, for the Miniſters of Chriſt & the New Covenant of God, they could diſcern Spirits and try them, i Cor. i2. i Iohn 4. And as you may read in Iſaiah, he diſcerned the familiar Spirit, and jud­ged it, Iſa. 8. And the Apoſtle diſcerned the witchcraft of the witches that had bewitched the Galatians, read Gal. 3. And here thou haſt manifeſted thy ſelfe to be a blinde guide who can put no difference betwixt the precious and the vile, who haſt no ſalt to ſavour withall, therefore thou art good for nothing but to be caſt out, and troden under foot Mat. 5. then Georg told him that the ſpirituall man judged all things, and Stephens and the other Prieſt Cheſter both denyed it, and ſaid the Spirituall man did not judg all things, and they ſought to cover it with their ſhufing and deceit, but could not, for the Scripture in plaineſs proveth them lyars, for it ſaith, he that is ſpiritual judgeth all things, as you may read, i Cor. 2. i5. And here both Stephens and Cheſter preached another Doctrine, contrary both to the Scripture and Apoſtles of our Lord Ieſus Chriſt, and have ſhewed themſelves falſe Miniſters, which ſay, the Spirituall man doth not judg all things, and the Miniſter of God ſaith he did judge all things; here you have ſhut your ſelves out of the miniſtry of the Spirit of God, and denyed the Scriptures and the record that God gave of his Son; and you have ſhewed another ſpi­rit, contrary to the Apoſtles, for the Apoſtle ſaid, the ſpirituall man did judge all things, and your ſpirit ſaith the ſpirituall man did not judge all things; here your ſpirit is tryed to be a falſe Spirit, and proved to be a Spi­rit of error, and you the falſe Prophets, i Ioh. 4. 2 Pet. 2. Then it was asked the Prieſt, whether he had the ſame Spirit they had, which gave forth the Scriptures, and he ſaid he had not an infallible Spirit as they had, and here I charge thee to have a falſe and fallible ſpirit, for thou not having the ſame ſpirit that gave forth the Scriptures, then another; So a falſe Spirit and a ſpirit of error, and here again thy Spirit is tryed as the Scripture ſaith, try the ſpirits, ſo thou and Cheſter that have nothat Spirit that gave forth the Scripture but you have another contrary to them, and ſo you have not fel­lowſhip with the Father and the Son, therefore you are they that are not to be received into the houſes, neither is it to you to be ſaid God ſpeed, leaſt they that do ſo be partakers of your evill deeds, as may be read, 2. Ioh. 9. 10.ii. verſes.

And then it was asked the prieſts what ſcripture they had to take tythes of the people, then one of them brought a Scripture which ſaid, be ſubject to every Ordinance of man, when the Apoſtle witneſſed the change of the Prieſt-hood that received Tythes, and alſo the change of the Law, by which they were commanded, which was in the fyrſt Covenant under the Law, an Ordinance not of man but of God, and Chriſt being come the end of the Law, and ſome blotted out the hand writing of Ordinances which now who hold them up are againſt the New Covenant, and us who be in it, and that is no ground in ſaying, be ſubject to every ordinance of man for you to take tythes; and the Prieſts brought the 7. of the Hebrews, as Melchizedeks ta­king tythes, and the leviticall Prieſthood, and they deſyred George to read that chapter, Heb. 7. and as he was reading they laughed and hooted as they uſe to do that follow bull-batings thereat, very uncivilly and unſavou­ry, and ſo manifeſted both the prieſt Stephens and prieſt Cheſter to be the falſe prophers that cauſe the people to erre by your lyes and by your light­neſs, and have not profyted them, nor profyts them at all, as your fruits do make it appear, and as you may read, Ier. 23. who was ſent to cry wo a­gainſt ſuch, and in the ſeaventh Chapter of the Hebrews, the Apoſtle who ſpake of tythes to Melchizedek before the Law, and then tythes in the Law, and alſo the change of the Law, and he ſpake of the change of the prieſt­hood that was under the Law, and when he had ſpoken of tythes to Melchi­zedek before the Law, and then tythes to the Leviticall prieſt-hood in the Law, for the Law made men•…High prieſt, and the Apoſtle witneſſed the change of the Law, and the change of the prieſt-hood which received the tythes, and now ſaith the Apoſtle of the things which he had ſpoken of be­fore of tythes in the days of Abraham, to Melchizedek before the Law, and tyths in the Law, the change of the Law, and the change of the prieſt-hood, and ſo the prieſt-hood being changed, to whom muſt people pay their tythes now; here the Apoſtle was a Miniſter of the New Covenant, and ſhewed forth the types and the fygures, and the things in the old Covenant, and the prieſt-hood that received tythes, and change and ſome of them. So you teachers and people which bee pleading for things in the fyrſt Covenant and prieſt-hood, that the Apoſtle witneſſed, fulfylled, and denyed, as the Scripture it ſelf doth bear teſtimony, and here you manifeſt your ſelves to be againſt Chriſt, and againſt him, Antichriſts.

And very rudely and unſavourly did the people hale him they call George Fox til he bled at that time before the prieſts face, and the prieſt ſaid he was his ſpirituall father, whom he called George Fox, and Goorge he there de­nyed him, and ſhewed that the prieſt was a miniſter but of the letter and not of the ſpirit that gave forth the letter he preached, and then he was fain to call for his naturall Father to take him away, and when they could not ſtop the word, they would have ſtopped the Mouth with the outward hand, and the prieſt ſaid he would pray for him, but hee denyed his prayers, for his prayers that is not from the ſame ſpirit that gave forth the ſcripture, is from a ſpirit of error, and then the prieſt ſaid, George being come to the light of the Sun, ſought to deſtroy and tread upon his Star light, but that was falſe for the leaſt meaſure of light he doth not deſtroy, but the Darkneſs that he calls light, George doth deny, yet the light in thy conſcience will witneſs what he hath ſpoke when the book of your conſciences is opened, and him to be a lover of all your ſouls, and eternall good.

Nathaniel Stephens the Preiſt ſaid, that George Fox as he called him, was one of his ſheepe, but George he denyed him, and told the Prieſt he was one of the falſe Prophets that drove him away, but now he was found who had been loſt, and the Lord was his Shepheard, therefore he denyed him the Prieſt and all Idoll ſhepheards and ſuch as bore rule by their means which the Lord ſent Ieremy to cry againſt, Ier, 5. 30.3i. ahd ſuch as ſought for their gain from their quarter, which the Lord ſent Iſa. to cry out againſt as in Iſa. 56. i0, ii. and ſuch as ſought for the fleece and made a prey upon the people, which the Lord ſent Ezekiel to cry out againſt, Ezek. 3 4. And ſuch as hirelings as the Lord ſent Micah to cry out againſt, Mic. 3. 1i. And ſuch as Chriſt cryed wo againſt, that had the chiefeſt places in the aſſemblies, ſtood praying in the Synagogues, laid heavie burdens upon the people, and were called of men Maſters, as in Mat. 23. And the Prieſts went away from the place, but George ſtayed after hee had denyed them, their prayers, doctrine and worſhips, who were proved to be guided by a Spirit of error, as it was made manifeſt, and George ſpoke the word of the Lord to the people that ſtayed after the Prieſts, and many of their partakers were gone from the place; and then after parted and went to his fathers in the fleſh and there ſtayed that night, and the word of the Lord declared by him, that day ſhall riſe up in judgment againſt the rebellious, which was and is love to the Souls of all that receive and embrace it, and the way of holineſs, without which holineſs none ſhall ſee God and live; now in your lifetime you are warned, repent and amend.


THE SPIRITVAL MAN Iudgeth all things, OR THE SPIRITUAL MANS true judgment.

NOVV the Lord is that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, 2 Cor. 3. i7. thererfore the naturall mans judgment, muſt not ſtand upon the Spiritual man, but the Spirituall mans judg­ment ſtands upon the naturall mans head, for he that is ſpirituall judgeth all things, and there is his Liberty, yet he himſelfe is judged of no man, as it is written and witneſſed, i Cor. 2. i4, i5.

The naturall man is carnall, and ſold under Sin, and therefore in that ſtate and condition he knows not the things of the ſpirit of God, and ſo wan­ting ſalt to ſavour withall, hath no judgment therein.

For the things of the Spirit of God are ſpiritually diſcerned, and not carnallie known, i Cor. 2. i4. therefore the Carnall minded man being in death, Rom 8.6. knoweth them not, to be carnally minded is death, and they that are in the fleſh, cannot pleaſe God, Rom. 8.8. fleſhly wiſdome, fleſhly reaſon, and fleſhly knowledg, which is bruitiſh, and fleſhly diſputa­tions are vain, becauſe the vain, worldly, earthly, carnall minde, diſputes of things that was was not ſpoken forth by it, and the earthly ſenſual wiſ­dome which is devilliſh and ſo curſed, it would aſpire to know the ſecrets and things of the Spirit of God, but cannot; for the wiſdome of the world is fooliſhneſs with God, and the world by wiſdome knoweth not God, there­fore the earthly ſenſuall wiſdom muſt be ſylent, and not diſpute of the things of God, for it knoweth them not, death and deſtruction ſpeaks of the ſame, of ſpiritual things and of the ſpirituall wiſdome but knoweth it not, as it is writen and witneſſed; and they that are in the fleſh cannot pleaſe God, therefore ſylence fleſh and deceit, Rom. 8.5,6,7,8. Iam. 3. i5. i Cor. i. i9,20. i Cor. 3. i9,20. Iob. 28. Gal. 5. i7. Gal 6.8.

The Spiritual man is born of God the father of ſpirits, and not by the7 wil of man, but by the wil of God, ſuch are in Union with God, and by him in his ſpirituall life and power, hath a right to the Spirituall judgment, and the things of God which are to him Gods free gift, being in his fathers ſpi­rit, and hath the ſpiritual diſcerning, and of Spirits; therefore who are of the ſeed royall in the power of the ſpirit, endued, anoynted in the unction holy, and knoweth all things thereby, i Iohn 2.20. Such may judge the Carnal mind, death, & the enmity therein, for diſcerning of Spirits is the Spirituall mans proper gift from the father of Spirits, and it is in the ſpirituall judg­ment, his prerogative above the nature of carnall minded man, the Spirit of the father dwelling in him, the greater is there enjoyed and witneſſed then in the world, 1 Iohn 2. i4. i Iohn 4.4. they in that enjoyment are re­deemed from the ſlaverie, which ſlaverie the unregenerate are in, therefore indeed and in truth they cannot cry Abba Father, but the regenerate who is in unity with the Iudg of all hearts may, it is his priviledg ſo to do, and the ſpi­rit of the Father ſpeaks through the Son, which ſpirit, in the word and pow­er thereof is the Iudg of all hearts, and judgeth the Secrets therein, Iohn 3.5,6. Iohn i. i2, i3. 1 Cor. 2. i Cor. 12. Rom. 8. Heb. i2. 23. Luk. i2. 12.

The holy Ghoſt is Spirituall and dwelleth within, and ſpeaketh through the Temple, where the promiſe of the Father is fulfylled, and the new birth witneſſed, where the New Covenant is enjoyed, therefore he that reproves the world of Sin and unbeliefe &c. he doth judge the Prince of the world and the carnall minde, and the ſelfe love and the ſelfe righte­ouſneſs in the earthly, ſenſuall, and carnall minded man, wherever hee ſees it as he ſits in his Temple, and he ſees not as the world ſees, they ſee carnally, but he ſees ſpiritually, and judgeth in the hearts of one as wel as o­ther that which judgment is due unto, and the holy Ghoſt, he that is ſpiri­tual alſo, dwelleth in the heires of promiſe, but the world knoweth him not, therefore are they at his true Spirituall judgment now offended, becauſe they neither ſee him nor know him, but we that are ſpirituall, and ſuch as are of the ſeed and prieſt-hood unchangeable and royall in the end of all Types and Figures enjoy him, in the ſubſtance and Power of the eternall Truth, for according to ſweet Goſpel promiſe, he dwelleth in us who witneſs the new-birth, and the holy ſeed, and according to the Goſpel holy unction he doth abide within us, Ioh. i4,15, i6, i•…i Ioh. 2.20.27. Therefore praiſed bee the LORD, who hath hid theſe things, and ſweet Goſpel enjoyments, and true ſpiritual judgment and diſcerning therein, from the wiſe and prudent of the world, and hath revealed them to us, and who are babes in Chriſt Ieſus of the new-birth in the Covenant of grace according to the royall acception through the ſore-knowledg of the prede­ſtination in the choice made by election, contrary to the reprobation, which things are a myſtery to the Serpents generation, which myſterie in us, i Coloſ. 27. The world and worldly wiſe men are ſtrangers unto, and know­eth it not, i Tim. 3. i6. Ioh. i4. 20. Neither do they know the Sons of God, now the holy Ghoſt that dwelleth and abideth in them, as ſaith the Scrip­ture,8 therefore are they alſo ignorant of the Spirit of the father ſpeaking through them that are ſons, and ſo knows not the Spirituall mans judg­ment, which ſtands upon the naturall mans head, but are offended thereat, becauſe of the enmity of the Serpents ſeeds which lodgeth in the ground of prejudice and deſpite againſt the ſpirit of grace, manifeſt from the evil heart according to the Prince of darkneſs acting with the carnall minde in which the enmity ſtands and is brought forth againſt the truth, and they are in en­mity againſt the children of God alſo, becauſe of their ignorance of the ſpi­rit of truth and knoweth not God the father of the faithfull, nor his Sons that are guided by his Spirit, as it is written and witneſſed, Rom. 8.5,6,7.8, & i4,15, i6. diſcerning of Spirits, is the gift of the ſpirit of God, i Cor. i2. given to his ſons that liveth therein, and are guided thereby, Rom. 8. i4. &c. Then the enmity may be judged by the ſpirit dwelling in his ſons, therefore is he the judge of all hearts by his ſpirit, and who knows the Iudge of all hearts, and the ſpirits of Iuſt men made perfect, as they did, Heb. i2. 22,23. The ſame ſeed according to the ſpirit, now may and by degrees doth know the things of the ſpirit of God as they did, therefore amongſt them the hearts Iudge is witneſſed, and the true ſpirituall Iudgement knowne and enioyed, in the diſcerning and gift in the ſpirits life alſo now as was then to judge the carnall minde and the deceipt and enmity in others; carnall minded men and ſubtill ſerpents as it did then; God is the ſame that he was, and his ſpirit is the ſame, and the gift in the diſcerning where it is given, and he enjoyed as he was then, and alſo according to the promiſe of Chriſt, who is the ſame yeſterday, to day, and for ever, 2 Cor. 6. i6. Iohn i4. 20, i Cor. i2. i0. Heb. 13.8.

They who ſay Elijah or Elias, and Eliſha had not judgment given to them by the ſpirit of the Lord to know and judge of others hearts and ways, &c. ſuch as ſay ſo knows not the word of the Lord, the life of the Scriptures, nor the holy Spirit by which they and the holy men of God were guided, that ſpoke forth the Scriptures as they were moved by the holy Ghoſt and not by mans will, as you may read, 2 Pet. i. i9.20.2i.

i King 2i. i8.Elijah the Tiſhbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, had the Spirit of prophecie and knew the word of the Lord, i Kings i7. and after he had ſpoken the word of the Lord to A­hab then King of Iſrael, i Kings. i7. i. by the Spirit of prophe­cie; the word of the Lord came to Elijah, and according to the word of the Lord he did, i King. i7. 2,3,4,5. And hee were fed by the Ravens for a time, i King. i7. 6,7. Afterwards the word of the Lord came to him again, and he did according to it as he he were required in obedience to the ſame, i King. i7. 8. to the end of the Chapter; and after many days in the third year, the word of the Lord came to Elijah again, i King. i8. And he ſhewed himſelf again unto Ahab and to Obadiah, which Obadiah, who when Ieze­bell ſlew the Lords Prophets, hid one hundred of them by Fifties in a Cave, and fed them with bread and water, becauſe he greatly feared the Lord,9 &c. 1 King. i8. i,2. to the 16. ſo according to Elijahs words Obadiah went and told Ahab, and Elijah and Ahab met, and Elijah cauſed Ahab then King of Iſrael, to ſend and gather all Iſrael unto Mount Carmell, and the Pro­phets of Baal, 450, and the Prophets of the Groves, 400. which eat at Ie­zebells Table: and Ahab did gather the people of Iſrael and the ſaid Pro­phets together unto Mount Carmell, i King. i8. i6. to the 2i. And Elijah came to all the people and ſaid, how long halt ye between two opinions, &c. here he knew their hearts and unfaithfulneſs to the Lord, and after that, cauſed fyre to come down from Heaven, &c. and when all the people ſaw it, they fell on their faces, and they ſaid, the Lord he is God, the Lord he is God; after Elijah had tryed baals Prophets and their God, i King. 18. 2i. to the 40. And after baals Prophets were ſlain, and things done by Elijah according to the Counſel and word of the Lord, i King. i8. 40. to the end. And he was preſerved from bloody minded Iezebell, 1 King. i9. i,2. He, to wit, Elijah fled, and lay under a Iuniper Tree, and requeſted the Lord, who graciouſly anſwered, and his word came to Elijah in a Cave, and he made known to the Lord his minde and complaint, about the digging down of the Altars, and his eſcaping and preſervation with other things, i King i9. 3.4. to the end. After all that, and the Lords gracious anſwer to Elijah or Elias, 1 King. i9. Rom. i1. which Elijah anoynted Iehu and Eliſha to be Prophets in his ſteed, to judge and execute the word of the Lord, i King. i9. i5. to the end, and after he (to wit, Elijah or Elias) had done ſo as afore­ſaid, and were returned out of the wilderneſs, after fyre were come downe from Heaven, and after the tryall of his God the judge of all by his ſpirit and power, and the tryall of baals and the falſe Gods of the Heathens, and after Elijah had received the word of the Lord in the Cave, and had made his complaint to the Lord about the digging down of the Alters, and ſlaying the Prophets, after, and after beheaded, had beſyeged Samariah, i King. 20. to the i3. and after by the direction of a Prophet, the Syrians were ſlaine, i King. 20. i3. to the 31. and for other paſſages, from the 2i. verſe to the end of the Chapter. And after all thoſe things and paſſages in the i King. 21. i,2. to the i7. after all theſe things, and as aforeſaid, then again the word of the Lord came to Elijah the Tiſhbite, ſaying, ariſe, go downe to meet Ahab King of Iſrael, and told him where he was, to wit, in Naboths Vineyard, i King. 2i. i7,18,19. and when Elijah or Elias came to Ahab King of Iſrael, according to the word of the Lord, and Eliiah coming to Ahab, Ahab ſaid to Eliiah, haſt thou found me O mine enemy, and he an­ſwered I have found thee, becauſe thou haſt ſold thy ſelfe to work evill in the Sight of the Lord, i King. 2i. 20. Eliiah by the Spirit and word of the Lord, knew King Ahabs heart, in knowing that he had ſold himſelf to work evill in the ſyght of the Lord, as to him Elijah ſaid, who in the word of the Lord by his Spirit ſaid, in pronouncing judgment to Ahab and his poſterity he ſaid, behold, I will bring evill upon thee, and take away thy poſterity, &c. Read, i King. 2i. 2i,22. to the end. And hee ſaid by the ſpirit of the10 Lord, that there was none like to Ahab, did ſell himſelf to work wickedneſs in the ſight of the Lord, though in his days the judgment was delayed for a cauſe; ſo you that work wickedneſs and do evill in the ſight of the Lord, and continue therein, your judgment lingereth not, and your damnation ſlumbreth not, 2 Pet. 2.

They who ſay Eliſha had not judgment given him by the Spirit of the Lord in the time of the Prophets to know others hearts, and ſo not know­ing could not judge of them, and thereby would deprive the Spiritual man if they could, of his true Spirituall judgment, &c.

I anſwer, Such as ſay ſo, and would do ſo, as aforeſaid, they erre, not knowing the true Spirit of Prophecie, nor the true Spirituall diſcerning and judgment, nor the Spirit the life of the Scriptures and power of God, which were in the holy men of God, that ſpake forth the Scriptures by the holy Ghoſt as they were moved, contrary to the will of man, 2 Pet. 1.21. For Eliſha did know others hearts by the Spirit given him of God, and as he did know others hearts by the Spirit given him of God, then the men of God by his Spirit may; therefore Silence ſubtilty and deceipt, who are ſtrangers to the holy Spirit, and Spirituall judgment, the life of the Saints and holy men of God, which you are out of, that ſtumbles at the light, and life that gave forth the Scriptures, which light is the condemnation, of all who love the deeds of darkneſs rather than the light, Ioh. i. 9. Ioh. 8. i2. Ioh. 3,19,20,2i. For prove that Eliſha did know others hearts, to ſtop the Cavilling mindes, as Eliſha ſat in the houſe, and the Elders with him by the Spirit of the Lord, he knew and diſcerned the intent of the Kings heart who were out of the houſe, who ſent one to have taken off the Head of Eliſha, but before the Meſſenger came to Eliſha to act or do the the thing and evil which were intended in the Kings heart againſt him, Eli­ſha had ſuch a diſcerning and knowledg of the Kings heart and intentions, that before the Kings Meſſengers came to Eliſha, Eliſha told the Elders of it that ſate with him in his houſe, and he ſaid to the Elders, ſee ye how this Son of a Murderer hath ſent to take away mine head, &c. 2. King. 6. the 32.

Here it is proved that Eliſha the man of God knew anothers heart, and what were intended in it, before it were outwardly acted or done; and this were known by the ſpirit of God given unto him, whereby he diſcerned the ſame, and as by the Spirit of the Lord he knew the kings heart that were out of his houſe, as he ſate in his houſe with the Elders, and alſo knew what he had intended in his heart, before outward action, by the ſame ſpi­rit and gift of diſcerning given of God; now others may, but Eliſha the Man of God, by the Spirit of the Lord given unto him, did know what was intended in the kings heart againſt him, and ſpoke before the Meſſenger came to acquaint the Elders that ſate with him in his houſe of the ſame, therefore by the gift of diſcerning in the Lords ſpirit, others may as hee did, and no other way then by the ſpirit, for the manifeſtation of the ſpi­rit11 is given to ſuch to diſcerne and profit withall, for confirmation: Read 2 Kings 6.26,27,28,29,30,31,32. and i Corrinth. i2. 7. and i0. Verſes.

See another example in Scripture, concerning Eliſha knowing the heart of another, that ſo by two or three witneſſes Truths may bee eſtabliſhed, which are now ſtumbled at, to wit, that one ſhould know anothers heart; and when Eliſha looked upon Hazael, and wept, Hazael asked Eliſha why he wept: and Eliſha anſwered Hazael, and ſaid unto him, becauſe I know the Evil that thou wilt do, &c. 2 King. 8.

Here again, Eliſha the Man of God, by his Spirit given him, hee knew anothers heart, to wit, Hazaels, in knowing before-hand what hee would act or do, which would proceed out of his heart into ſuch actions as hee mentioned, which was not then outwardly manifeſted, yet inwardly known and declared of by the Spirit of the Lord through the Man of God, 2 King. 8. i2. And as Eliſha the Man of God knew the hearts of others, and what evil were intended in them, and would proceed forth of them, as out of the Kings, and Hazaels, he did, and told Hazael to his face before the things were by him acted and done; then by the ſame git of diſcerning in the Spirit of the Lord, with it others of the men of God may now diſ­cern and know the evil and enmity in wicked hearts of the Serpents ſeed; therefore the Lord who gives the gift and diſcerning with his Spirit, is the hearts Iudge as he was: Let all Fleſh bee Silent, the carnall minde in which the enmity lodgeth, is offended at the ſpirituall mans judgement, now as it was; and he that is after the fleſh, perſecutes him that is after the Spirit, and as it was then, ſo it is now, enmity being put between the two Seeds, Geneſis 3.15. and Galatians 4. 28,29,30,3i. 2 Kings 8. i2,13, &c.

Severall examples there is in the Scripture to confirme this Truth, which is ſo ſtumbled at by the Children, of DISOBEDIENCE, to wit, That one ſhould know anothers HEART; or, that the SEED of GOD ſhould judge the ſeed of the SERPENTS; but the ſpirituall Mans Iudgement ſtands upon the Carnall minde, and above the Naturall Man; and ſo hee that is ſpirituall judgeth all things as ſaith the Scripture, and the ſpirituall Mans Iudgement is true.

Hee that in the Spirit of the Lord, with it ſaid to others, I know your thoughts, and your devices, which yee wrongfully imagine againſt mee, hee ſpeaking the words of Truth then by the Spirit given of the Lord, knew their Hearts and ſecret Thoughts and Devices therein, &c. And ſuch a one had true ſpirituall judgement in the ſame, to en­ter into others Hearts and ſecret Thoughts and Devices therein, judging and telling them the evill Devices and wrongfull Imaginations of their HEARTS, before the Actions; and as hee did then, by the ſame Spirit of God given, now others in the gift and diſcerning ofi2 Spirits, with the Lords ſpirit may try the Spirits as is required, i Ioh. 4. And know whether they be of God or no, and ſo know the evil thoughts and devices of evill hearts, which are not guided by the Spirit of God, as Iob did, therefore the Iobs, and ſervants or ſons of God, in the ſervice of God, and with his Spirit may now know the thoughts and devices of others hearts as he did, Iob 21.27. Heb. 5. i4, Malach. 3. i7, i8.

The Iewels of Gold who are in returned, worſhips God in the Spirit, for he is a Spirit, Ioh 4.24. 2 Cor. 3. i7. And as he is a Spirit, ſo his Iew­els are Spiritual; ſuch as are changed from glorie to glory into the ſame Image, even as by the Spirit of the Lord, 2 Cor. 3. i8. who in the gift of diſ­cerning, i. Cor. i2. i0. given from the Father in the Son, Ioh. i4. 20. Ioh. i7. i0. The Prophets end is witneſſed, Malach. 3. i7, i8. And the Iewels of God, made up into his Image by his ſpirit, 2 Cor. 3. i7, i8. They there­by in the Spirits open life by the gift in the diſcerning according to the Fa­thers promiſe, they know them that ſerve God, and them that ſerve him not, then ſuch knows others hearts and Spirits, becauſe God is a Spirit, and his worſhip is in the Spirit, Ioh. 4.23,24. and the truth where the father is enjoyed in the Son, and the Son in the Father, Ioh, i4. 6. Ioh. i4. 20. And true worſhipers or ſouls that magnifyes the Lord, Luke i 46. And whoſe Spirits alſo rejoyceth in the ſweet Spirituall union in God the Fa­ther, Luke i. 47. And the word of life and Power is known in its opperation deviding aſſunder ſoul and ſpirit, &c. Heb. 4, i2. VVhich word is as a fyre in the bones, Ier. 23.29. Ier. 20.9. Here true worſhipers are ſeene and known in the Spirit, and falſe Power which is a ſword, Heb. 4. i2.

And he that bares the ſword, muſt not bare it in vain, but judge and cut down Sin, ſo quenching the fyerie darts of the Devill by the Spirituall ſword, Eph. 6. i6.i7. The beam being caſt out within with the true light, the moat or evill in others is ſeen, and the Saints ſhall judge the world as it is written, i Cor. 6. i,2. And who judgeth the world, judgeth the un­clean hearts, for the world is ſet in mans heart, as ſaith the Scripture, and the Spirit of truth being come, reproves the world of Sin, and unbeliefe, and ſo he reproves mans heart in which it lodgeth and acteth, and the Prince of Darkneſs and of the world is by the true Spirit ſeen, and in mens heart with it judged, even with the ſword that proceedeth out of the mouth, which is the powerfull word of God, in the life of the eternall Spirit, which Spirit of truth in the eternall power of God, is the judge of hearts, being come and in the Goſpell promiſesnd witneſſed, and is the guide out of error and deceipt, into all ſweet Goſpel truth, and ſo into the true know­ledg of all things, i Ioh. 2.20. And to enjoy the Father in the Son, and the Son in the Father, witneſſed in the unction according to ſweet Goſpell diſcipline and promiſe, Ioh. i6. i3. i Ioh. 2.27. Ioh. i4. 20. And the Spirit of truth he hath authority according to Goſpell promiſe, to ſpeake what he hears and to hearts, and ſheweth to ſouls the things of the father, in the Sons glorifying ohim, who hath received of his and ſheweth unto13 us, ſo that we enjoy the things that are freely given us of God thereby, i Cor. 2. And deſcerning of Spirit is his free gift, i Cor. i2. Therefore have we received it of him, as they did that witneſſed the mind of Chriſt, i Cor. 2. i5, i6. And we need no naturall man to teach us, to ſee, and know, and judge the hearts and things, both concerning predeſtination, election, re­generation, juſtifycation, ſalvation, and Glorifycation, for the naturall man knoweth them not, and things in the reprobation which are for con­demnations, I ſay we need no naturall man to teach us the knowledg and underſtanding herein, and as aforeſaid, but as the Spirituall man, the ſpi­rit of truth and holy unction teacheth us and all the Children of God in the ſame; therefore ſylence fleſh, for the naturall man knows not the things of the Spirit of God, becauſe they are Spiritually diſcerned, i Cor. 2. i4, but we who are in the holy unction, do know that the Son of God is come, i Iohn 5.20. And in the unction holy we know the gift of the ſpirit diſcerning, and true ſpirituall judgement alſo is known and witneſſed in the ſpirits life, and open underſtanding, where our witneſs in the ſon is enjoyed, as there was in the New-Teſtament, i Iohn 5,6, and i0, ii, verſes, where the gift in the Prophets end is amongſt the Lords Iewels witneſſed, and the unction from the holy one is enjoyed in the New-Covenant, praiſed be the Lord for the riches of his love, all praiſe and glory be aſcribed unto him, who maketh us through his ſon to partake of the precious promiſes and ſweet Goſpel grace and vertue, i Ioh. 2.20 and 27. 2 Pet. i. 3,4.

Nathaniel Stephens Prieſt at Drayton, and Cheſter, Prieſt at VVither­ley, who in your diſpute about the Spirituall Man, ſaid he did not judg all things, when the ſcripture plainly ſath he that is ſpirituall judgeth all things, yet he himſelf is judged of no man, i Cor. 2. i5.

Here you two Prieſts are found to be two falſe witneſſes, againſt the truth, and are proved to be two lyars againſt the ſpirituall man and his doctrine, and you are lyars againſt the ſcriptures, ſo ſhewing the ſpirit of your father the Devill, by which lyars are guided, Iohn 8.44. but read your reward and all lyars like you, Rev. 2i. 8. You are they that re­ceives not the things of the ſpirit of God, becauſe they are ſpiritually diſ­cerned, i Cor. 2. i4. therefore do you not know the ſpiritual man, nor his true ſpiritual judgment, who are lyars aginſt him, and ſaith, Hee doth not judg all things, and the Scripture ſaith, He doth judg all things: VVhat Liars are you againſt the Truth! bee aſhamed of your Lies; ſee your Er­rors, and owne your condemnation to be juſt thereupon.

Q. If the Spiritual man judg not all things, who muſt judge that which you would not have him to judg? ſeeing that the naturall man knoweth not the things of the Spirit of God, neither receiveth them, and ſo not the judgment, and that is one of the things of the Spirit of God, who is the true Judge; but ſuch as you who are in the fleſh cannot pleaſe God Rom. 8.8. therefore for judgment you are


But who are out of the luſt of the fleſh, and out of the knowledge after the fleſh, and are in Chriſt Ieſus, ſuch are in the new things, witneſſing the new Creatures, and enjoys the new things, old being paſſed away, which new things and new Creature, you are ſtrangers unto, 2 Cor. 5. i6.i7. who have ſhewed your ſpirit of error to us and to all the children of light, then were it known, i Ioh. 4.6.

You two Prieſts ſaid you had not an infallible Spirit, nor the ſame Spi­rit which the Apoſtles had, no more you have, therefore have you a falli­ble falſe Spirit, the Spirit of error, as you have made it manifeſt and diſco­vered it upon tryall.

The Scripture ſaith, trie the Spirits whether they be of God or no; becauſe many falſe Prophets are gone out into the world, i Ioh. 4. i. And your ſpi­rit and doctrine is tryed and proved to be contrary to the Apoſtles, who had the Spirit of God dwelling in them, and were guided by it, and the Spirituall man judged all things; but you bring a contrary Doctrine to theirs, that ſaith the Spirituall man doth not judge all things; here you have the lying ſpirit; you alſo ſaid you had not the ſame ſpirit that the A­poſtles of Chriſt had, ſo a contrary, as it is tryed, therefore are you the falſe Prophets that are gone out into the world, preaching for hyre, and ſeeking your gaine from your quarter, and ſo to be denyed and declared againſt, as ſuch falſe teachers was, Ier. 5. 30,3i. Iſa. 56. i0, ii.

And you that ſaid you had not the ſame ſpirit that the Apoſtles had, your ſpirit is the falſe ſpirit, and not the true, then not the ſpirit of God; therefore you are to be holden accurſed, and alſo your doctrine that is con­trary and by a contrary ſpirit to theirs, Gal. i,8,9.

The Apoſtles and miniſters of Chriſt and the New-Covenant, were a­ble Miniſters of the ſpirit, 2 Cor. 3.6. and they had the ſpirit of God dwel­ling in them, i Iohn 3.24. i Cor. 2. i2. Rom. 8. i4,15, i6. And they that had the ſpirit of God, to wit, Chriſts Apoſtles, you ſaid you had not the ſame ſpirit that they had, then the ſpirit of error, therefore are you none of Chriſts Apoſtles nor Miniſters that hath not his ſpirit, for if any man have not the ſpirit of Chriſt, they are none of his, Rom. 8.9. but the Apoſtles and Mi­niſters of Chriſt had the ſpirit of Chriſt, and were made able Miniſters thereby, 2 Cor. 3.6. and by it they knew that they was his, Rom. 8. i5, i6, i7. and you that ſay you have not their ſpirit, you have not the ſpirit of Chriſt, and ſo are none of his, for they had his ſpirit; out of your own mouths are you judged, who have ſhewed a falſe ſpirit, and a ſpirit of error, whereby you are known, and your ſpirit tryed and proved to be that ſpirit of error, and ſo you that are in the ſpirit of error, are thoſe falſe Prophets that are gone out into the world, i Iohn 4. i. who through Covetouſneſs makes a prey upon the people, as ſuch in your nature did, Ezek. 34. Mic. 3. ii. 2. Pet. 2. Iude ii.

And you that ſay the ſpirituall man doth not judg all things, when the Miniſter of the ſpirit, and ſpirituall man in his Doctrine ſaid he doth judgei5 all things as by Scripture is proved; here again you ly of the Scriptures, and croſs the Spirituall Mans doctrine, and bringeth a contrary doctrine to the Spirituall Mans Doctrine, therefore ſylence deceivers and ſtop your mouths, you are not to be received into the houſe of believers, but to be holden accurſed, as the Scripture ſaith. 2 Iohn 9, i0, i1. Galathians. i. 8.

You two Prieſts are manifeſted to be out of the Apoſtles Doctrine, and falſe witneſſes againſt the truth of the Spirituall Mans Doctrine, for hee that is ſpirituall judgeth all things, ſo ſaith the Scriptures, and you ly a­gainſt plain Scripture, and ſaith the Spiritual Man doth not judg all things, the Spiritual Mans words proves the truth againſt your error and deceit, for he who was the learned Apoſtle in the Spiritual truths, doth affirm the truth of the thing, and ſaith, he that is Spirituall judgeth all things, proved in 1 Cor. 2, i5. And they had an unction from the holy one, who thereby knew all things, proved by ſound words in Scripture, i Iohn 2.20. He that ſaid the Spirituall man judged all things, is to be beleeved before you, for he had the ſpirit of God guiding him, and you ſay you have not the ſame Spirit, therefore are you and your doctrine to be denyed, and he thae ſaid the Spirituall man judged all things, is to beleeved before you, for he knew the counſell of God, witneſſed by Scripture, Acts 20.26,27,28. but you that have not the Apoſtles Spirit, as you ſaid you had not, you are out of the Counſel of God alſo, which they ſtood in, and therefore are you to be denyed & declared againſt by ſuch as ſtand in the counſel of God, as the Goſpel mini­ſters did, Acts 20. & 27. who your ſelves are found lyars of the Apoſtle that ſtood in the Counſel of God, and falfe witneſſes againſt his doctrine, that ſhunned not to declare the Counſel of God, which you are not in, that ſaid the Spirituall man did not judg all things, and the SCRIPTURE ſaith, Hee doth judge all Things, and is to bee believed, and you are by the life of them judged and denyed, who alſo ſaid, you had not an infallible ſpirit, and ſaid, you had not the ſame Spirit that the Apoſtles had, then you have the fallible, falſe lying Spirit, the ſpirit of error, as it is proved, and as you to the Children of light have manifeſſed your ſelves, your dark Caves will not hide you who be in the works of dark­neſs.

Therefore can wee the CHILDREN of LIGHT have no fellowſhip with your unfruitfull VVORKS of DARKNESSE; but rather reprove them as wee are required, proved Ephesians 5. ii. And woe to you and all ſuch who are covered, but not with the SPIRIT of the LORD, who adds Sin unto Sin, as ſuch in your nature do, and aforetime did, read, Iſa. 30. i.

Another Example concerning the SPIRITUALL MANS Iudgement, the SPIRIT of the LORD in STEPHEN the Meſ­ſenger of GOD, who were full of the HOLY GHOST that SPI­RIT in and through him did ſee the IEVVS hearts, and16 ſo far judged them that they were wounded, or cut to the very hearts, ſuch as were out of Stephens Righteous life, for in the Spirit he ſaw there in­wards, and told them they was uncircumciſed in hearts, and judging the un­circumciſion of the hearts, he judged the ſeat of enmity and Rebellion, from whence proceeded the enmity that reſiſted the Holy Ghoſt, and ſo he ſaw the ſecrets of their hearts, and were able to judge the deceipt, by the ſpirit given him of the Lord, and by the ſame ſpirit in the gift or diſcerning, with it others of the Meſſengers and Servants of God, in the power of the Holy Ghoſt, may ſee the uncircumcision of the heart, and reprove and judg the enmity therein, in the hearts of others where it is uncrucifyed, though at it they rage now, as then they did at him.

Stephen, a man full of power and the holy Ghoſt, ſaid, ye uncircumci­ſed in hearts, ye always reſiſt the Holy Ghoſt, as did your fathers, ſo do ye, and judging the uncircumcision of the heart that is judged, which is for condemnation, for who are circumciſed with the circumcision made with­out hands, the body of Sin is thereby put off, and the enmitie ſlaine, for therein lay the enmity, in Sins body, which being put off, there is no confydence in the fleſh, but unyon with the Father through the Son enjoy­ed and witneſſed, and things judged by the eternall Spirit, both concerning ſalvation and condemnation, for ſuch as beleeved not the truth, but hath pleaſure in unrighteouſneſs, are for damnation, as in the Spiritual mans doctrine is witneſſed, Acts 7. 5i. &c. Philip. 3.3. Coloſ. 2. ii. and Epheſ. 3.14, i5, i6. 2 Theſ. 2. i2.

Prieſt Cheſter, thou ſaid, Peter (though an Apoſtle) knew not the heart of another; and ſo thou ſaid a man might know and be able to judg his own heart, but not the heart of another.

And the Prieſt of Drayton with the affirmed thee ſame, to manifeſt your lyes againſt the truth, and your enmity againſt the Spirituall mans judg­ment: Then I took a bible, and read Peters words of ſound truth to confute your error, there in that time, & inſtead of maintaining your cauſe according to truth you could not, but ſuffered the rude people to hale me and others away, and they ſtopped my mouth with hands and gloves, and made one of us to bleed; Oh, ſhame upon ſuch a profeſſion, teachers, and people, the end is ſeene, and the fruits of it accurſed, that is out of the light and out of the truth, the Lord is againſt ſuch, for as a Troop of Robbers wait for a man, ſo the company of Prieſts murder in the way by conſent, proved Hoſea 6. and 9. and there is like Prieſt, like people, as their fruits make it manifeſt, and as may be read in Hoſea the 4. and 9.

And whereas you Prieſts and lyars, ſaid; that Peter (though an Apoſtle) yet he knew not the heart of another, and ſo you would have raiſed enmity againſt the truth, ſaying, one might know their owne hearts, but not the hearts of others, therefore ought they not to judge of the hearts of other men, &c.

Now I ſhall anſwer that according to truth, being by Scripture proved,17 that Peter an Apoſtle did know the heart of another, and judg the enmity therein, which were conceived againſt the holy Ghoſt, and ſo againſt the truth, then by and with the ſame Spirit that was then in Peter, the hearts of others may be ſeen and known; therefore is and may the enmity be jud­ged in others hearts by the Spirit of truth, as was then: but Peter by the ſpirit given him of God, he did know anothers Heart, to wit, Annanias, as then I ſaid, til I were haled away by the rude people, and might not then be ſuf­fered to plead the truth againſt your deceipts; let the honeſt hearted read Peters words of truth, Act. 5. And with his Spirit where it is manifeſted, to rule the heart, and guide and govern in the underſtanding, with the gift of the Spirit in the diſcerning, ſuch may judge your pride and deceipt, who lies againſt the truth, as then you did.

Read Acts 5. and there Peter knew the hearts of others, and judged the deceipt therein of ſuch by the Spirit of the Lord, that Sinned againſt the truth and the holy Ghoſt, and lyed not to men but to the Lord, as Annanias and Saphira did, and Peter ſaid to him, Annanias, why hath Satan filled thine heart, to lie againſt the holy Ghoſt, Acts 5.3. And why haſt thou con­ceived this thing in thine heart, thou haſt not lyed unto men, but unto God, Acts 5.4. Annanias hearing theſe words, fell down and gave up the Ghoſt, and great fear came upon them that heard theſe things &c. Acts 5.5,6. And Peter ſaid to his wife, how is it that ye have agreed to tempt the Spirit of the Lord, behold the feet of them that have buried thy husband are at the dore, and ſhall carry thee out; then fell ſhe down ſtraightway, and yeilded up the Ghoſt, &c. Acts 5.7,8,9, i0.

Here Peter knew the deceipt of two hearts, to wit Annanias and Sa­phira, & he knew that Satan had filled their hearts, and that they had lyed againſt the Holy Ghoſt, and that they had tempted, the Spirit of the Lord, and as Peter knew it by the Spirit of the Lord, given unto him from the Lord, ſo others with the ſame gift from the Lord, in the Revelation upon the Spirituall Rock, on which the Church of God is built, with the ſame Spirit, others on that Rock may ſee, and know deceiptfull and evil hearts and Spirits that are not of that Rock, as he did, being the gift of God to diſcern Spirits, i Cor. i2. i0. Therefore thoſe that have the diſcerning and gift given for that end to try Spirits whether they be of God or no, the ſpi­rit of truth may judge the Spirit of error and deceipt, and Sit where Satan Sits in others hearts, as it did, and the Spirituall man may judge the deceit­ful heart, and the Servant of the Lord may condemn the lying tongue, it is a gift proper to him from God, according to the Fathers promiſe, who hath ſaid to his in his word, every tongue that ſhall riſe up in judgment againſt thee, thou ſhalt condemn; this is the heritage of the Servants of the Lord and their righteouſneſs is of me ſaith the Lord, Iſa. 54. i7.

Therefore, be not offended at the Spirituall Mans judgment, but let the deceipt of the heart be judged, none are offended at it but ſuch as are guilty, and condemned by the light of God in their own conſciences, thati8 anſwers the judgment to be juſt, upon all who act contrary to the truth, and loves darkneſs rather than the light, Ioh. 3.19,20,21. and ſeeing it is the heritage of the ſervants of the Lord, to condemn every tongue that ſhall riſe up in judgment againſt them, Iſa. 51. i7. Then there is no con­demnation to ſuch as be in the light, and ſo in Chriſt Ieſus, Iohn 8.12. Rom. 8. i. Therefore they may execute the word of the Lord, and do his ſervice and work, in condemning deceitfull and evil tongues, that riſeth up in falſe judgment againſt them, with joy may they do it, becauſe of the Lord their righteouſneſs, who hath given them ſuch a gift and a priviledg worh their inheritance, for this is the heritage of the ſervants of the Lord, to iondemn every tongue that riſeth in judgment againſt them, therefore the•…•…ghteous Spirit, may judge the evill heart, and the ſervant of the Lord according to his word, may condemn the lying tongue that riſeth in judg­ment againſt him, but the wicked are not to judge the righteous ſeed, which God hath for ever bleſſed; yet the ſeed of God may judge the ſeed of the ſerpent, according to the word of the LORD, at this the SERPENT is offended, becauſe by the righteous ſeed hee is judged and condemned; but there is no condemnation to them that are in CHRIST IESUS; who walhk not after the fleſh, but after the Spirit, Rom. 8. and they that are Chriſts ave crucifyed the fleſh with the affections and luſt thereof, Gal. 5.24. And where judgment is brought forth into victory, and the fylth of the fleſh pur•…ed out by the ſpirit of judgment, and the ſpirit of burning, Iſa. 4. There the hearts judg is witneſſed ruler, and the conſuming Fire and Refi­ner, Mal. 3. Heb. i2. 23, & 28,29. verſes. And he may ſpeak through his Temple, by his ſpirit dwelling in it, and judg the deceit & deceivableneſs, Malach. 3. i,2. to the 7. i Cor. 3. i6. & 2 Cor. 6.16. And as he Sits in his Temple, judging the hearts by his ſpirit ſo he by his ſpirit through his Tem­ple ſpeaks in reproof to the world for Sin, and judging the enmity and the feed of the Serpent in any, where the ſerpents head is unbruiſed, and ſo the judgment is the Spirituall mans, and he that is joyned to the Lord, is in union with that one Spirit as the Scripture ſaith, 2 Cor. 3. i7, i8. For the ſpirit of the ſon is in the heart, there crying Abba Father, Gal. 4.6. And the ſpirit of God dwelleth in ſuch, i Iohn 3.24. And there the Father is enjoyed in the ſon, and the ſon in the Father, and Father, ſon, and ſaints, in unyon and reconciled together, and the witneſſes known in the ſpirit and the word, Iohn i4. 20. i Iohn 5.

Read and underſtand, for at this none ſtumbles, where true judgment is known and ſubmitted unto in the ſpirit and life, the power of truth there is known, and what Chriſt in the Goſpel truth ſaith, it is not you that ſpeak in ſuch things, but the ſpirit of your Father, that ſpeaketh in you, where he dwells and walks in hi Temple, as hee hath ſaid he would, 2 Cor. 6. i6. there hee ſits Refyner and Iudge, and to this truth that in the Con­ſciences which reproves for SINNE, and judgeth for DISOBE­DIENCE, will anſwer and witneſſe the IUDGE of all hearts19 to be juſt, and in that one ſpirit which the world knowes not, that knowes not the ſpirit as couſcience-book doth open; then my witneſs will me owne, and the ſpirit of truth, which the world knoweth not, Ioh. i4. 17. neither know they them who are ſons of God, and guided by that ſpirit, Rom. 8. i4. Gal. 4.6. 1 Ioh. 3. i,2.

The Prophets and holy men of God, by his ſpirit given them, they could diſcern the familiar ſpirits, and the ſorcerers, witches and wizards, and did judge them by the Spirit of the Lord, then by the ſpirit of the Lord, and the gift in the diſcerning, others of the men of God may: For thus ſaith the Lord, I am God, and change not, therefore ye ſons of Iacob are not conſumed, Mal. 3.5,6. Iſa. 8. Iſai. 44.24,25. Iſai. 47.9, i0,11, i2,13, i4. Deut. 18.

And as the Miniſters of Chriſt the ſpiritual man, and hidden man of the heart, in and with the Lords Spirit, could know where Satans ſeat in another was, and how Satan had filled the heart to lie againſt the Holy Ghoſt, and with the Spirit that manifeſted it, judged the ſeat of Satan, and the ſecrets of the heart, where the Sin was conceived before it was acted, then in and with the fame Spirit, being given to ſuch now as to Peter, on which Spiritual Rock in the Revelation the Church is builded; the pillar and ground of truth, ſome others in the gift of diſcerning by the Lords Spi­rit may know hearts in which deceit lodgeth and acteth, by the ſpirit they did, and that ſpirit may judg the enmity which ſtands againſt the Truth; but a brother is not to be judged, nor one is not to be ſet at nought for whom Chriſt died, yet the enmity may by the Lords Sgirit be judged where it is diſcovered, and the contrary ſpirit tryed; therefore none at this are offen­ded that loves the truth, for mercy rejoyceth in judgment; let the pure light of God in all your conſciences examine your Hearts, and there be judge: Deceive not your ſoules, but deal honeſtly therewith, deceit at the true Iudgment may be offended, but the wo is to that and to the wicked, Iſai. 3. ii. and vengeance from God is the reward of all that do evil. Rom. 2.8,9. Therefore take heed of Sinning againſt the truth, and of lying againſt the Holy Ghoſt, as you will anſwer it before the Lord: Read that example and take warning betime, Acts 5. i,2,3,4,5. &c. Alſo read Hebr. i0. 26,27,28,29,30,3i.

The Lord in his, by his Spirit is the hearts Iudge, and in the true Church, the pillar and ground of Truth, i Tim. 3. i5, i6. and if in the true Church the Lord by his ſpirit convinced others, and made the ſecrets of their hearts manifeſt, that by his Spirit in his Church ſuch were judged of all that were unbelievers, and contrary to them; then in the true Church, which is in GOD the FATHER of our LORD IESUS CHRIST, 1 Theſſ, i. 1. the pillar and ground of the TRUTH, i Tim. 3. i5. Heb. 3.6. by and with the Fathers Spirit given and manifeſted to diſcerne ſpi­rits, i Corrin. i2. i0. and to profit withal, i Corrinth. i2. 7. to ſome the ſecrets of others hearts that come amongſt them and are Unbelievers20 and unlearned in the things of the Spirit of God, may with his ſpirit through his children, be ſeen, convinced, and judged, now as then, for ſaith the Apoſtle, if therefore the whole Church be come together into one place, and all ſpeak with tongues, new tongues is of the Spirit, a Signe of them that believe and are baptized in the name of Chriſt, &c. Mark 16. i5, i6, i7. Acts i9. 5,6. but if any unlearned in the things of the Spirit of God, and unbelievers come in whilſt believers ſpeak with the new ſpiritual tongues, &c. will they not ſay that ye are mad, but if all prophecy, and there come in one that believeth not, or unlearned, he is convinced of all, he is judged of all, and thus are the ſecrets of his heart made mnnifeſt, and fal­ling down he will worſhip God, and report, That God is in you of a truth, i Cor. i4. 23,24,25.

The Goſpel Spirit ſaw Hypocrites under painted outsides, ſo that they appeared Righteous outwardly, but within were full of hypocrisie and ini­quity, and that Spirit pronounced woes and judgment to ſuch; and called them whited Sepulchers, and blind guides, and ſerpents, and children of the Devill, and thoſe that the ſweet Goſpell Spirit ſo called and judged, were in a great profeſſion, and ſuch as were called of men Maſter, and ſtood praying in the Synagogues, but laid heavy burdens upon the people, as Prieſts do now, that are called of men Maſter, and are proud and coveteous, ſtands praying in the Synagogues or Idoll Temples, and ſuch the Goſpell ſpirit then judged worthy of damnation, as you may read, Mat. 23. to the 34. and he ſaid that their damnation, would be great, as you may read, Mark i2. 38,39,40.

And as the Goſpell Spirit did, it is not ungoſpellike ſo to do, to ſuch as are in the ſame nature they was, therefore learn to know who and what they are, that with the Spirit of truth are judged, & you wil ſee that judgment due from the Goſpell Spirit now, to the ſerpents ſeed as it was then, Mat. 23. Ioh. 8.44. Mark i2. 38. &c.

Peter an Apoſtle, he judged Simon Magus to be in the gall of bitter­neſs, and in the bond of iniquity, and he told him, his heart was not right in the sight of God, there he knew and judged his heart, Acts 8. 2i,22,23, and Peter called ſome curſed children, who had hearts exerciſed with co­vetous practiſes; here he knew their hearts, and ſaid they was as naturall bruit beaſts, made to be deſtroyed, and they ſhould utterly periſh in their own corruption, 2 Pet. 2. i2, i3, i4. &c. Here by the Spirit of the Lord, he knew the hearts of others, and judged them thereby with ſore judgment, even for deſtruction; and this ſpirit that did ſo was not ungoſpellike, but one with the Goſpell Spirit as aforeſaid; therefore be not offended at the ſpiri­tuall mans judgment, for he that is Spirituall judgeth all things, as ſaith the Scripture.

Paul an Apoſtle of Ieſus Chriſt, with his Spirit, diſcerned the witch­craft and ſorcery, and judged it, and ſaid to Elimas, O ful of all ſubtilty and all miſchiefe, Acts i3. i5. And he ſaid thou child of the Devill, thou ene­mie21 of all righteouſneſs, wilt thou not ceaſe to pervert the right wayes of the Lord, &c. Read Acts i3, i0, ii. And Iohn in the Revelations knew by the Spirit of the Lord, that the world wondered, and worſhiped the beaſt, all but who had their names written in the Lambs book of life, and he ſo far judged, that he knew who ſhould enter into the holy City, and who ſhould not, but be caſt into the lake that burneth with Fire and brimſtone; did not hee here judge both of things concerning, Salvation and Damnation; conſider, and lay it to heart, Revel. i3. Revel. 20. Revel. 2i. 27. Revel. 2i. 8.

The Miniſters of the New Covenant, who were able Miniſters of the Spirit and not of the Letter, 2 Cor. 3.6. They ſaid to ſome, Yee are our Epiſtles written in our Hearts, ſeen there and read, written not with inke, but with the Spirit of the Living God, in the Tables of the Heart; then ſuch as read in the divine writing without inke, in the Heart-Tables, and ſee one another there, reading in thoſe divine and ſpiritual Epiſtles, which are with the holy Spirit written in the Heart-Tables, ſuch knowes one ano­thers heart, as knows the ſecrets, by knowing what is upon the Tables in the Hearts, and ſuch as are Epiſtles written in one anothers hearts, who ees into the Heart-Tables, and ſo reads in the Heart-ſecrets, they there­fore alſo know who are not their Epiſtles, and with the ſpirit ſees the contrary to their ſpiritual Epiſtles, and ſo thereby knoweth good and e­vill aſſunder, and knoweth that the world lyes in wickedneſs, and as by the Spirit, they then did know and judg of thoſe things, others that are in the ſame Spirit and life of truth, with the ſame Spirit and truth may now know the ſame, and judg of truth and error aſſunder, and no other way, 2 Cor. 3.2,3. i Iohn. 5.18, i9,20. i Iohn 4,5,6.

The Spiritual man and Miniſters of the Goſpel by the eternall Spirit were able to judg of things concerning Salvation and damnation, and knew the two Myſteries, and who were of old ordained for condemnation, for ſaith he, in and with the Spirit that miniſtred thereby, and wrote to them that were ſanctifyed by God the Father, and preſerved in Chriſt Ieſus and called, Iude i. i Cor. 6. ii. He ſpoke alſo of certain that were of old ordai­ned for condemnation, ſo far he judged of them, Iude 4,5,6. He compre­hends old, and alſo knew what ſhould be in the laſt time, and told that they ſhould be ſuch as would walk after their owne ungodly luſts, Iude 1.18. 2 Pet. the 3.3. And know you not that the unrighteous and ſuch like ſhall not inherit the Kingdome of God, as is ſpoken of, i Cor. 6.9, i0. Gal. 5. i9,20,2i. Rev. 22.15. Rev. 14.10, i1. And they who believe not the truth but hath pleaſure in unrighteouſneſs, are for damnation, as it is written in Scripture 2 Theſ. 2. to the i3.


The naturall man is not to judge the Spirituall man, neither muſt the naturall man judge of things concerning ſalvation and damnation, but the Spirituall man may, therefore that Scripture is full of truth therein, that ſaith, he that is ſpirituall judgeth all things, yet he himſelf is judged of no man, i Cor. 2. i5.

Therefore Prieſts, and you that are againſt the ſpiritual mans judgment ſtop your mouths, ſee your error, and own your Condemnation to be juſt thereupon, the judgment of the ſpiritual man ſtands upon you all.


Something to that about Tythes, in anſwer thereunto, briefely, or in ſhort, &c.

NAthanael Stephens, Prieſt at Drayton, I heard thee plead for Tythes in the evening, from that of Melchizedeck; whereupon I anſwered and ſaid, in ſhort, That Melchizedecks Order was no ground for thy error; for Melchizedeck had no command to take tythes, or compell them, neither had Abraham any command, nor known Law, by which he was required to pay them; they was a free-will offering done to Melchize­deck, at one time, and no more, according to that order; not the thenths of Mens Labours, and yeerly increaſe, but the tenths of ſpoyls onely, given by Abraham to Melchizedeck, after he had bleſſed him, upon the returne from the ſlaughter of the Kings, not ſtated to Melchizedeck by a knowne Law, nor for ſucceeding ages, a free-will offering onely out of the ſpoyles from Abraham to Melchizedeck, King of Salem, at one time and no more, Gen. i4. i7, i8,19,20, &c. anſwering Heb. the 7.

Then he, and they, who have no bleſſing for the people, and takes tyths before Enemies be ſubdued, and claims them by command, yeerly com­pelling people to pay them by a Law, not the tenths of ſpoyls of the Soul­diery onely, but mens labours, and yeerly increaſe of Hay, and Corne, Hemp, and Flax, Lamb, and VVool, Eggs, Geeſe, and Piggs, money for Kine and Calves, Mares and Foals, money for ſmoke paſſing up peoples Chimneys, and for Bees, &c. Such are not after Melchizedecks Order, he did not ſo; then ſuch as do as aforeſaid, are in error, as thou art: there­fore from that of Melchizedeck to be denyed, and thy ways againſt teſtify­ed: Neither art thou after the Order of Aaron and Levi, who had a com­mand to take tythes, but thou art not purifyed as they was, nor ſet apart to do their work and ſervice which they did, that had a command to take Tythes, a peculiar gift onely for their ſervice under that Prieſthood, which being ended, and thou out of their work and ſervice, therefore denyed: for the Prieſthood being changed, there was of neceſſity a change of the Law alſo, and the Goſpel is now witneſſed, where Tythes were never com­manded, but freely preached, according to the Command of him, who is of Iudahs Tribe, which gave no attendance at that Altar, under the Prieſt­hood, in which Tythes were paid, as the Scriptures witneſſeth, Heb. 7.12, i3,14. Mat. i0. Act. 20.33,34,35. 1 Cor. 9. i6, i7. i8.


They who had command to take Tythes by a Law, ſuch were to have no other inheritance amongſt the Tribes, ſet apart to do the work required under that Law, and were Aaronicall and Leviticall, and had a ſtore-houſe to miniſter out of from the Tythes by that Law, to the poor, the widdows, fatherleſs and ſtrangers, Num. 18. 20,2i. &c. Numb. 4. Deut. i4. 29. Malach. 3. i0.

He and they that claims tythes by command or a Law of God, and are not Aaronicall and Leviticall, nor ſet apart for that ſervice they was who took tythes by command and hath no ſtore-houſe, neither do their gates ſtand open for the poor, the widdows and fatherleſs thither to come, and ſtrangers alſo to be filled and ſatisfyed, that there may not be a beggar in the land, as there was not to be a beggar in Iſrael, but maintained out of the tythes, and ſuch as do not as aforeſaid, and the things in that Law and Covenant contained, which was impoſed upon them, as to circumciſe and offer burnt offerings, and what by the Prieſts under that Prieſthood, were of them required, ſuch as do not are by that Laws end and all that witneſs it to be denyed, and by that Law ſuch hath not right to tythes, that do not what it of them requires, but to be denyed, who do not their work therein required that had the tythes a peculiar gift for their ſervice only, during that miniſtration.

But Chriſt is come the end of the Law and Covenant, in which tythes were paid, and he is the everlaſting offering, and end of all burnt offerings and Sacrifyces that were under the Law, are now ended and ceaſed, and ſo tythes where the New Covenant is witneſſed, and the Prieſthood being changed, the Law is changed alſo, and Chriſt is the end and ſum of the things ſpoken of in Heb. 7, 8, 9, and i0, Chapters.

Therefore ſylence tything Prieſts, and tyth-mongers, you that take tythes deny Chriſt come in the fleſh, to put an end to the Aaronicall and Leviticall Prieſthood in which they were paid, but not in the Goſpell, there­fore are you denyed, and are no Miniſters of Chriſt, the new Covenant, nor the Goſpell, but declared againſt, by ſuch as witneſs the unchangeable Prieſthood, of which Chriſt Ieſus is head, and the Saints high Prieſt, prai­ſed be the Lord for the riches of his love.


Something of Cheſter Prieſt of Wi­therley, about nakedneſs.

PRieſt Cheſter of VVitherley, who out of the pride and preſumption and evill of thy heart with a lying tongue, ſaid to George Fox malici­ouſly, Sirrah, doſt thou heare, the old Fox ſhall take thee and carry thee to the Goale, and there ſhall help to kill thee, and to take an Iron and thruſt thee thorough; this Iohn Smith doth witneſs,

Let all the Children of light judge of thy evill heart, and take notice of thy envy and falſe Prophecy, who art that lying Prophet; thou would have covered it over with zach. i3. 3. but there is no mention of Sirrah, not that the old Fox there, nor that hee ſhould rake George and carry him to the Goale, nor that he ſhould do as thou ſaid, but in it thou haſt manifeſted thy lying Spirit, and the envy of thy heart, and to be ſuch a one as ſaid, when the other Prieſt was reproved for lying, that it was no lye, but a ſlip with the tongue, but ſuch covers will not hide Serpents their nakedneſs, from the truth doth appear, and wo to all ſuch that cover but not with the Spirit of the Lord, that they may adde Sin unto Sin as thou doſt and ſuch in thy na­ture, read Iſa. 30. i. Mat. 23.33.

Thy foul Spirit and unclean garments are ſeen, and naked thou are from the truth, and when thou was contending with the young man in the grave yard againſt one that had been moved to ſtrip and put off here our cloaths, to fygure out ſuch as thou who art naked from the truth, and hath thy cloak of diſhoneſty, and coverings of deceit to caſt off, and all ſuch as thou art; but in vindication of the truth againſt thy deceit, I told thee Iſaiah the ſervant of the Lord in his days he went naked, in obedience to the word of the Lord to Figure out to Egypt and Ethiopia, what the King of Aſſyria ſhould do un­to them; Iſa. 20.3,4,5. And thou lyar ſaid, Iſaiah did not act or do the thing, as to go naked and bare-foot, thou ſaid it was but a viſion, and not an act done, till there openly I took a bible, and with Iſaiahs ſound words of truth, confuted thy lies therein, for thou ſaid he did not do the thing, and he ſaid he did do it, to wit, put off the ſack-cloath from off his loyns, and the ſhoe from off his foot and go naked and bare-foot, in obedience to the word of the Lord, Iſa. 20. i,2. by Iſaiahs words left upon Record in the Scrip­tures, art thou proved a lyar therein, and thou was proved a lyar in other things, and ſo manifeſted thy lying Spirit, who thy ſelf art that falſe lying Prophet, ſpeaking lyes of the truth, and lyes of Iſaiah the true Prophet, and ſervant of the Lord, thou ſaid hee did not go naked and bare-foot, and hee ſaith he did go naked and bare-foot, and he is to be believed, for there is26 this proofe for it, Iſa. 20. but none for thine againſt it, therefore ſtop thy mouth thou lying Spirit, thou ſaid the Spiritual man did not judge all things, and he ſaith he did judg all things, and is to be truſted and belie­ved in what he ſaid, there is proofe for his truth, i Cor. 2. i5. but none for thy lyes therein againſt it, thou lying ſpirit and falſe Prophet, that lyes of the true Prophet, and of the Spirituall man; thou art one that preaches for hire, and ſeeks for thy gaine from thy Quarter, as falſe teachers like thee did, which the Lord ſent his ſervants to cry againſt, therefore art thou to be cryed againſt as ſuch was, Ier. 5. 30,3i. Iſa. 56. i0, ii. Mic. 3. ii. Ezek. 34.2 Pet. 2. Iude 1i. and that of zachariah, the i3. 3. ſhall ſtand for thy ſelf, and all ſuch as thou art, and alſo zach. i3. 4.

To Prieſt Hill and Prieſt Mouſall, &c.

PRIEST HILL, who accuſed RICHARD FARNVVORTH, be­cauſe he would not tell him what the ſoul was, by him was anſwered again, that he, to wit, Richard Farnworth, had ſent ſeverall quaeries to Prieſt Hill, and Prieſt VVhetſtone to be anſwered, and the quaere about the Soul was one, anſwer the quaeres and that in them, it was ſaid to Richard Farnworth again upon the ſame, that they could not be anſwered, where­upon Richard Farnworth ſaid to the Prieſt, do you two Prieſts return ſo much in writing under your hands, that you cannot anſwer them, and ac­knowledge your ignorance therein, and it ſhould ſatisfye him, &c.

Prieſt Mouſall that day in Drayton grave yard, out of fury, ſtruck Ri­chard Farnworths bible out of his hand, who would have had Prieſt Mou­ſall by it, to have proved his practiſe according to Goſpell order, but could not, let ſhame ſtrike you all in the face and cover your lips.


An Exhortation and Inſtruction, to all that deſire to walk in the way of Truth and Righteouſneſs.

ALL people everywhere, whoſe deſyres are to know the truth, and the way to the Father, take heed to, and minde the pure light of Chriſt, within you, to ſtay and guide your minds, and inſtruct your hearts to be taught the true fear of the Lord, and in it wait to receive the pure wiſ­dome from God the Father of lights, that is the light which diſcovereth darkneſſe, and ſheweth you Sin and evill, which be deeds of darkneſs, and the light reproveth you in ſecret for diſobeying it, and acting conrrary to it; turn to the light, and wait upon it for couſell, and joyn to the light, and not to your vain thoughts and imaginations, which are for judgment with the light, and condemnation is upon that which flees the light, and loves the darkneſs rather than the light, Iohn 3. i9,20,2i. Follow the light and you will thereby be led out of darkneſs into the light of life, Iohn, 8.12. So will you know the true guide, Iohn. i6. i3. to lead you through the true fear, and the pure wiſdome into all truth, that by following the true guide, you may know the true judgment, and judge in the heart, judging and con­demning Sin and unbeliefe, and ſo to wait for judgment to paſs upon every evil thought, and upon the deviſes and imaginations of your evill hearts, and wait in the true judgment to have diſcerning, i Cor. i2. And ſalt to ſa­vour withal, Mat. 5. That through the judgment the dore of mercy may be known, ſo will mercy rejoyce in judgment, and ſweet nourſhing vertue wil ſpring into your ſouls, and wait for the power of life to be manifeſted through the judgment to cut down Sin and purge the Soule with the Spirit of judgment and of burning, and ſo ſeparate the ſoul from the body of death, and joyn it to the ſeed, and the ſeed to the Lord, to have union in the bo­dy of life, thereby wil the witneſſes be known, and the Devils Image defa­ced, and the Image of God reſtored again, and changed into Gods Image, as by the Spirit of the Lord, 2 Cor. 3. i7,18. and then the living ſoul will be known, and to ſolace with the quickning ſpirit, to have the ſeal ſet upon the pure heart, the election then confrmed, and calling ſo made ſure, and the unction known and enjoyed, 1 Iohn 2.20. and the Seed and ſoul anoin­ted to praiſe the Lord in the beauty of holineſs.


Therefore all people consider, and lay things to heart, and with that which is pure in your conſciences, examine your ſelves, whether you bee in the faith, and have the aſſurance of eternall life, and can witneſs the Record within you or no; 1 Ioh. 5, i0,11,12. and know you not that Chriſt is in you, except ye be Reprobates, 2 Cor. i3. 5. Great is the myſterie of Godlineſs, Chriſt within the hope of glory, Coloſſ. 1.27. This hope that is witneſſed amongſt the ſons and children of God doth purify and cleanſe, as the Commands of the Spirit is obeyed, the purging and purifying of the ſoul is witneſſed; behold, what manner of Love is this, that we ſhould be called the Sons of God, who are begotten by the Immortall VVord, and born again not of corruptible ſeed, but incorruptible, by the word of God which liveth and abideth for ever, as it is witneſſed through the Spirit, and proved by Scripture, 1 Iohn 3.1,2,3. Pet. i,2,3, and 4. verſes, i Pet. i. 22,23. Oh you that desire to know the Lord God, and the way of Truth and Peace, wait upon the light of Chriſt within you! Iohn i. 9. 2 Cor. 4.6,7. to have a witneſs of truth raiſed up into your underſtandings and a teſti­mony of the love of God ſealed to your ſoules by the eternal Spirit, in the Covenant of Grace through the Lord Ieſus, leſt you die in your Sins, and your ſouls periſh: now you have time prize it, this is the day of your visitation, and love to your ſouls, all who loves the light and forſakes it ſelfe to follow it, to lead you into life and peace; but condemnation is the reward of all that hate the light.


Some MEMENTOES, TO Put in remembrance the People and Prieſt of what they did, that they may be aſhamed and repent.

THe i. day of the ii. month, though they had promiſed and ſaid, that we ſhould have the command of the houſe, before we and the Prieſts went into it to diſpute as they called it, and that none ſhould harm us, &c. It was to the conttary, the Prieſts ſuffered wilde boys, and rude people to ſpeak many together, that were without the fear of the Lord, and ſuch as were void of underſtanding of the things of the Spirit of God, for the na­turall man knoweth them not, becauſe they are ſpiritually underſtood, or diſcerned, i Cor. 2. i4.

And they haled us away, and ſtopt our mouths with their hands and and gloves in the Prieſts preſence, and threatned what they would do ſe­verall of them, and abuſed us, and made one to bleed, &c. Here the fruits of the Prieſts Miniſtry was made manifeſt, and their diſorder, and envie were ſhewed, and truce-breakers ſome of them was, and is, for abuſed we was and harmed, and had not command of the houſe as during that time, therefore deceipt ſpoke in ſuch people as made promiſes and did not per­form them, conſider of it, repent and amend, leſt vengeance from God be returned upon ſuch as are truce-breakers, diſobedient and rebellious, that in the Conſcience will anſwer for truth, and againſt your deceit, and will witneſs for me and the truth, as Conſcience book is opened.

Some of the Prieſts in Drayton grave yard the i7. day did to me deny Tythes, whereupon I bad them then declare againſt them, and others they pleaded for them, ſee what confusion is here, but how can a Kingdome that is divided againſt it ſelf ſtand.

R. Farnworth.

THe ſeventeenth day, as aforeſaid, in the Grave-yard, Prieſt Ste­phens ſaid, He would ſet a boy to undertake George Fox, but hee did not ſay, hee ſhould undertake neither to diſpute, nor ar­gue with him, yet hee undertooke to abuſe him. Iudge in this caſe.

The ſame day the ſaid Prieſt Stephens wife was heard to call a man-ſervant, and bid him go and pull GEORGE FOX down, and ſore after that he were abuſed moſt ſhamefully; the Prieſts Son, and Man-ſervant ſhared in that evill, abusing of him alſo, and the Prieſt Stephens laugh­ed and rejoyced thereat, and for the ſame were reproved: Oh ſhame upon ſuch a Miniſtery! VVitneſſes to this, Iohn Smith, Iohn Barefoot and Io. Hacket.


Some of the Paſſages betwixt him whom the world calls George Fox, and the Prieſts in Drayton grave yard, upon the fourth day of the week, being the ſeven­teenth day of the 11. Month.

FIRST, the Prieſts asked George if he would go into the Church, as they called it, and he ſaid no, for he ſaid, he ſtood a witneſs againſt them all there, let them come and prove their Miniſtry there in the grave yard, for there he was; for at a meeting a while before in a houſe, they haled him the ſaid George Fox to and fro, and haled him away from them, and thruſt him, and puſhed him up and down, until he loſt ſome of his blood in the ſaid houſe, and ſo he refuſed to go into the Steeple-houſe, but there ſtood open to declare againſt their falſe Miniſtry, and then Iohn Cheſter who is called a teacher, came and haled and puſhed him the ſaid George rudely, and the Prieſts wife of Drayton very unſeemly, plucked and haled up and downe and ſcoffed and laughed, and the rude people very boyſterouſly behaved themſelves, and threw him down as if they were at a bul-bating, or bear-bating, or ſome Stage-play; Oh, be aſhamed ye Prieſts and people, your profeſſion ſtincks before the Lord, and now your folly is manifeſted, for your voices (I know you teachers) to be the ſtrange voices and the hirelings, that care not for the flock, but are them that puſh with ſide and ſhoulder, and makes a prey upon the people, as you may read, E­zekiel 34. And are them that bear rule by their means, which the Lord ſent Ieremy to cry againſt, Ier. 5. 30,3i. And you are ſuch as ſeeks for your gain from your quarter, which Iſaiah was ſent to cry againſt, as in Iſaiah 56. i0, ii. And you are hirelings, ſuch as the Lord ſent Micah to cry againſt, Mic. 3. ii. And you are ſuch as Chriſt cryed wo againſt, Mat 23. which have the chiefeſt ſeats in the Aſſemblies, ſtood praying in the Synagogues, and are called of men Maſter, in the ſteps of the Scribes and Phariſees out of the Doctrine of Chriſt, and the wo is to you as it was to them, Mat. 23. And you are found in the way of Cain, as your envy was manifeſt in the grave yard at Drayton, and in the way of Balaam receiving the wages of unrigh­teouſneſs, it is not a righteous thing that you ſhould oppreſs the poor peo­ple, & through feigned words and covetouſneſs make merchandiſe of them as you may read, 2 Pet. 2. and Iude ii. who are prophane both Prieſt and Prophet, as you may read, Ier. 23. 1i.


And ſuch prieſts bore rule by their means as as you do now, and by their lyes, and by their lightneſs have cauſed the people to erre, as it was mani­feſt in the grave yard at Drayton, for both the prieſt and people was pro­phane and full of lightneſs and vanity, and when hee the ſaid George Fox had ſaid he would not go into the Steeple-houſe, then violently the Prieſts wife of Drayton, and Prieſt Cheſter and others violently haled him to have gotten him by force, into the ſteeple-houſe, to have made him to have ly­ed, who had ſaid before he would not go in, and threw him downe in that which is called the p rch, like wicked, bruit, and heatheniſh people with­out the fear of God, ſhouting and crying out, as if they were at a bull-bating manifeſting their folly, and ſuch are the fruits of your Miniſtry, you Prieſts which were at Drayton that day; Oh, bluſh and be aſhamed of your practiſes for your religion ſtinks. And after the ſaid Cheſter had proclai­med him to be a blaſphemer to make him odious to the people, and Ste­phens Son called him a Heretick, and neither Hereſye nor blaſphemy could they prove againſt him, and Cheſter proved himſelf to be a lyar, and the falſe Prophet, as in zach. 13.4. who ſaid the ſpirituall man did not judge all things, and the Apoſtle ſaid he did, i Cor. 2. i5. And after that Prieſt Cheſter had called him a blaſphemer, & Stephens Son had called him a He­retick, and none of thoſe things could they prove againſt him, then Prieſt Stephens and his wife and his Son, defyred him, the ſaid George to pray for them; Now all people ſee what confusion is here found amongſt the Prieſts, and how unſtabliſhed they are, who firſt called him a blaſphemer, and a Heretick, and afterward deſyred him they called heretick, to pray for them, & when he had proved the Prieſts by the Scriptures to be in the ſteps of the falſe Prophets, and cryed againſt with the true, as Ifaiah, Ieremiah, Micah, Ezekiel, and proved them out of the Doctrine of Chriſt, Mat. 23. And pro­ved them out of the Apoſtles Doctrine, 2 Pet. 2. and Iude. And then the Prieſts ſaid they would go read the Scriptures, and then they asked him a queſtion, and flew from that when they ſhould have cleared themſelves, but could not; and then George ſaid, they had granted themſelves to the de­ceivers, beeing found in the ſteps of the falſe Prophets, as all the wiſe in heart may judge, and they put him the ſaid George Fox, to prove that they was light, and vain, and prophane, and this was proved by your fruits made manifeſt, and proved in Ier. 23. ii. and 32. verſes. And ſo after a time the Prieſts got away, and left him the ſaid George in the grave yard at Dray­ton, who ſtands a witneſs againſt all falſe teaches, which are made by the will of man, and all the poore people which are deceived, which now cryes up their Dyana, and now their ignorance of Chriſt doth appear, both Prieiſt and people who ſay the Steeple-houſe is the Church, and are ignorant of the letter of the Scripture, for it ſaith the Church is in God, the father of our Lord Ieſus Chriſt, i Theſſ. i. 1. And ſo both Prieſt and people are judged with the Scripture to be lyars; and ſo let your mouths be ſtopped for ever. And as for ſaying Prieſt Stephens was adulterer, and the reſt, he being found33 in the ſteps of the falſe Prophets, which the true Prophets cryed againſt, he is adulterated from the Lord, and them all, I ſtand a witneſs againſt them, in the preſence of God, and that of God in all your conſciences ſhal anſwer, the light which Ieſus Chriſt hath enlightned you withall for me, and be a witneſſe againſt you all in the day of judgment, who holds up thoſe things which the Prophets, Chriſt and the Apoſtles cryed againſt, as you may read in thoſe Scriptures before mentioned, and whereas Stephens Son ſlandered George as an heretick, and lyed, and ſaid none ever knew the thoughts, ſo he was proved to be of the Devil, a lyar, as you may read, Iob 21.27. And ſaid Elijah did not judge or know the heart, when Elijah did, read, i King. 21. 20.2i. And again they called him a blaſphemer, becauſe hee ſaid he had ſeen God face to face. Iacob was no blaſphemer, who ſaw God face to face, as you may read, Gen. 32.30. And the Lord ſpake to Moſes face to face, as a man ſpeaks to his friend, as you may read, Exod. 33. 1i. And Iob ſaw God as you may read in in the laſt Chapter of Iob: And here you who cals this blaſphemy, do manifeſt your ſelves to be ignorant of the Letter. And Prieſt Swayne ſaid that George had cleered Stephens of adul­tery, becauſe he ſaid it was in the Land, and this was not at all to cleere him nor any of them who are found in the ſteps of the falſe Prophets from God a­dulterated, and walks in lyes, ſo both here are judged, and all of them with the Spirit of truth who out of the truth are found.


A diſcovery of Spiritual Whoredom, Drunkenneſs, and Lewdneſs, and Envy, Light­neſs, and Prophaneneſs of ſuch Prieſts and people, as is proved by Scripture, and as their fruits maketh them manifeſt, &c.

YOUR Teachers is ſuch as go in Cains way, envying the righteous ſeed, brought forth, who are found of God and into the covenant of life brought, and ſuch the teachers of the world envies, which goes in ba­laams way, and receives the wages of unrighteouſneſs, who are the ſcoffers and mockers that the Scripture ſpeaks of, as you may read, 2 Pet. 2. and Iude i1,18. verſes. And they are covetous, which hath a form of godlineſs, but de­nies the life and power, as you may read, 2 Tim. 3. And through covetouſ­neſs with feigned words, do they make Merchandiſe of you, as you may read, 2 Pet. 2.3. And they are ſuch as ſerve not our Lord Ieſus Chriſt, but their own bellies, and by good words and fair ſpeeches, deceives the hearts of the Simple, as you may read, Rom. i6. i8. The Scriptures are the good words, given forth from the Spirit, which the falſe Teachers have gotten a form of, and deceives the Simple withall, and uſes their tongues and ſaith, the Lord ſaith, and the Lord never ſpoke to them, as you may read, Ier. 23. And the Prieſts ſaid they have not that Spirit that gave forth the Scriptures, then they have another, the Spirit of error, judged with the Spirit of truth out of their own mouths, and they are ſuch as bear rule by their means, and hold up the horrible and fylthy thing committed in the Land, and the peo­ple, love to have it ſo, as you may read, Ier. 5. 30,3i. Like people, like Prieſt, as you may read, in Haſea 4.9. And they are ſuch as run and the Lord ne­ver ſent them, for they confeſs they have not the Spirit that gave forth the Scripture, and ſo it manifeſts the Lord never ſent them, for whom the Lord ſends it is by his Spirit, and therefore they profit not the people at all, who be out of Gods counſell, for both Prophet and Prieſt are prophane, and they are Prophets of the deceits of their owne hearts, and profeſs lyes, for they ſay, the Spirituall man doth not jduge all things, and the Scripture ſaith he doth, i Cor. 2. i5. And they that adde or diminiſh, the plagues of God is added to them, as in Rev. 22. and cauſe my people to erre by their lyes and by their lightneſs, as their fruits doth make it appear in Drayton grave yard, for much lightneſs and wantonneſs, vainneſs was found in both Prieſt and people, as you may read, Ier. 23.23. And they are prophaned both35 the Prieſts and Prophets, and given to Filthy Lucre, 1 Tim. 3. and are gree­dy of it, Verſe 8. and are proud and perverſe, and ſtrife about words, in Railing and evil ſurmisings, perverſe diſputing of men of corrupt mindes, and deſtitute, concerning the truth, ſupposing that gain is godlineſs; from ſuch we are to with-draw, as in the i Tim. 6.4,5. and their wives are ſlan­derers and not grave; as you may read i Tim. 4. ii. and they are drunk, but not with wine as they was, in Iſai. 29.9. and they are the mockers, whoſe bonds are made ſtrong, as you may read, Iſa. 28.22. and they have taught their tongues to ſpeak lies, & bend their tongues like bows for lies, but are not valiant for the truth upon earth; their tongues is as an arrow ſhot out, it ſpeaketh deceit, one ſpeaketh peaceably to his neighbour with his mouth, but in his heart layeth wait; and as Troops of Robbers wait for a man, ſo the company of Prieſts murther in the way, by conſent, for they commit lewdneſs, Hoſ. 6.9. and they are gone a whoring from God, who is the wiſe man that may underſtand this, as you may read, Ier. 9. and their lewdneſs and their whoredoms which are from the Lord, diſcovering their nakedneſs, as you may read Ezek. 23. And they are the daubers with untemperd morter, one buildeth up a wal, and another daubeth with untempered morter: theſe are Prophets which are like Foxes in the deſerts, as you may read, Ezek, i3. with lies they have made the hearts of the righteous ſad, v. 22. and they are ſuch as cloath with the wool, & ſeek after the fleece, & makes a prey upon the people, which Ezekiel was ſent to cry againſt, Ezek. 34. and with fore and cruelty do they rule the people; but the Lord will deliver his flock from their mouths, that they ſhall be meat for them no longer; but they ſhall lye downe in a good Fold, and they thruſt with Side and Shoulder, as you may read in Ezek. 34. as aforeſaid, and they are ſuch as bid peace, peace if they put into their mouths, but put not into their mouths, and they prepare war againſt you, and are the hirelings that preach for hire, which the Lord ſent Micha to cry againſt, and they are them that build up with blood as in Mich. 3. As your perſecution may witneſs who are found full of envy, and he that envies his brother is a murtherer, and no murtherer hath eternall life abiding in him, read 1 Iohn 3.15. And ſo thirſt after the blood of the Saints, to make your ſelves drunk with it, Rev. 51.4,5,6. VVho go a whoring from the living God, as you may read, Exod. 34.16. And their whoriſh hearts departs from the Lord, as you may read Ezek. 6 9. And they are ſuch as ſeeks for their gain from their quarter, which are greedy dumb doggs, which can never have enough, which the Lord ſent Iſaiah to cry againſt, as you may read, Iſa. 56. i0,1i. And they are ſuch whoſe hearts are ſurfetted and drunk with the cares of this life, Luke 2i. 34. and are out of Chriſts doctrine, found ſtanding praying in the Synagogues, and having the chiefeſt ſeats there, and are called of men Maſter, whom our Lord Iesus Chriſt cryed wo againſt, as you may read, Mat. 6. Mat. 23. Your bleſſings is curſed, and your ſeed is corrupted and the Lord wil ſpread dung in your faces, and this commandment is to you Prieſts, as you may read, zach. 2. i,2,3. and Malach. 2. cap.


WHereas many of the Children and Servants of the Lord God, which are of the world ſcornfully called quakers, which are termed to be Diſturbers of the Peace; Violence to no man wee do, neither do we lift up the hand againſt any man, as to wrong him, or to ſtrike him, but againſt all ſuch things we ſtand a witneſs and do deny them, and are brought to preach the Goſpell freely, as we have received freely, God having given his Spit it unto us according to his Promiſe; but under violence do we go, beatings, priſonings, ſtockings whippings, ſcoffings, ſtoneings, and all manner of falſe accuſations, and ſlanders, and evill re­ports, and cruel uſage of men, ſuch as profeſs Chriſtianity, as though wee were not worthy to live upon the earth; but now is the end of all profeſ­ſion ſeen, who they are that have the form and not the power: the letter, and not the ſubſtance; therefore be ye awakened ye Rulers of the earth, to Righteouſneſs; to the light in your conſciences I ſpeak, which comes from the Lord Ieſus Chriſt, it is our witneſs in you all, and will be in the day of judgement, and all your condemnation that hate it, ſaith Chriſt; Oh therefore! fear God, and wait for wiſdome from God, that with it you may order the Creation: and then with it you will witneſs us to bee the greateſt friends to Righteouſneſs and Iuſtice, and to ſtand againſt all in ju­ſtice and Tyranny; from them who love your fouls, and doe ſee what the ſword is to be upon, violence and all falſe accuſers, there is diſcontent and there is all evill hatchings, and muſt be ruled by the ſword, and that in all conſciences ſhall anſwer and witneſs us to be true Miniſters of God, who covet no mans Silver, nor Gold, nor Apparell. Therefore you take warning what your ſword you do lay upon.


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TextThe spirituall man iudgeth all things: or the spirituall mans true iudgment: and how by him the hearts of others were, and may be judged by the spirit of truth; and also how things by the spiritual man were judged of, concerning both salvation and damnation, proved by several Scripture examples, according to the spirit of truth, which were, and is the guide of the Lords people out of error and deceit into all truth, according to sweet Gospel-promise, Joh. 16. 13. Rom. 8. 14. Also, something in short, concerning Melchizedeks order of taking the tythes of spoils only of Abraham, after the return from the slaughter of the kings, a free-will offering at one time, and no more, Gen, 14. answering Heb. 7. And in short, of the order of tythes, by command under the law, in the Aaronical and Levitical priesthood, the change of the law, and priesthood also, Heb. 7. 12. so an end of tythes: with a godly exhortation and instruction, full of sweet Gospell truths, to such as have the witness of the new Testament, through the blood of Jesus, and some mementoes: with something also to stop lies and slanders, that trute [sic] may be cleared.
AuthorR. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666..
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Bibliographic informationThe spirituall man iudgeth all things: or the spirituall mans true iudgment: and how by him the hearts of others were, and may be judged by the spirit of truth; and also how things by the spiritual man were judged of, concerning both salvation and damnation, proved by several Scripture examples, according to the spirit of truth, which were, and is the guide of the Lords people out of error and deceit into all truth, according to sweet Gospel-promise, Joh. 16. 13. Rom. 8. 14. Also, something in short, concerning Melchizedeks order of taking the tythes of spoils only of Abraham, after the return from the slaughter of the kings, a free-will offering at one time, and no more, Gen, 14. answering Heb. 7. And in short, of the order of tythes, by command under the law, in the Aaronical and Levitical priesthood, the change of the law, and priesthood also, Heb. 7. 12. so an end of tythes: with a godly exhortation and instruction, full of sweet Gospell truths, to such as have the witness of the new Testament, through the blood of Jesus, and some mementoes: with something also to stop lies and slanders, that trute [sic] may be cleared. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666.. [2], 36 p. Printed for Giles Calvert, and are to be sold at his shop, at the Black Spread-Eagle, at the westend of Pauls,London, :1655.. (To the reader signed (misprinted): Robert Farnworth.) (Annotation on Thomason copy: "March. 6. 1654"; the final 5 in imprint date crossed out.) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
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