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A TRUE TESTIMONY Againſt the Popes Wayes, &c. In a Return To that Agreement of 42. of thoſe that call themſelves Miniſters of Chriſt (but are proved to be wrongers of Men and of Chriſt) in the County of Worceſter, and ſome Adjacent Part, who ſubſcribe their Agreement and Catechiſme with the Names and the Places where they are Paſtors, Teachers, and Rectors, &c. as they ſay: or as followeth:

  • Richard Baxter Teacher of the Church at Kiderminſter.
  • John Boraſton Paſtor of Ribsford and Bewdley.
  • Richard Eades Paſtor of Beckford Glo­ceſterſhire.
  • Charles Nott Miniſter of Shelſey.
  • James Warwick Miniſter at Hanley-Caſtle
  • Thomas Evans Miniſter at Welland.
  • Tho. Wright Teacher at Hartlebury.
  • John Nott Teacher at Sheriffe Hales in Staffordſhire.
  • Henry Oſland Teacher of the Church at Bewdley.
  • John Hill Miniſter at Clifton upon Thame.
  • Tho. Baldwine Miniſter at Wolverley.
  • Rich. Wolley Miniſter at Salwarpe.
  • Joh: Freeſton Miniſter at Hampton Lovet.
  • Richard Sergeant Preacher at Kider­minſter.
  • Andrew Truſteram Paſtor of the Church at Clent.
  • Tho. Bromwich Miniſter at Kemſey.
  • Tho. Francke Teacher at Wanton-bea­champ.
  • John Tayler Miniſter at Dudley.
  • Will. Spicer Miniſter of Stone.
  • Humphrey Wolden Miniſter of Broome.
  • Sam: Bowater Rector of Aſtley.
  • Benjamin Baxter Miniſter at Upton upon Severne.
  • Will: Lole Miniſter at Priton.
  • Tho. Francis Miniſter at Doderhill.
  • Tho: Jackman Miniſter at Barrough.
  • Will: Durham Paſtor at Tredington.
  • Tho: Eaſton Paſtor of Batesford Glo­ceſterſhire.
  • Giles Collier Paſtor of the Church at Blockley.
  • George Hopkins Miniſter at Eveſham.
  • Tho: Matthews Miniſter at Eveſham.
  • Joh: Dalphine Paſtor of the Church at Honiborne.
  • Joſeph Treble Paſtor of Church-Lench.
  • Will: Willes Preacher at Littleton.
  • Rich. Beeſton Preacher at Breedon.
  • Will: Kimberly Preacher at Ridmerley.
  • Joſeph Baker Preacher in the City of Worceſter.
  • Rich: Fincher Preacher in the City of Worceſter.
  • Jo: Willmot Preacher at Perſhore.
  • Fra. Hyatt Miniſter at Eckington.
  • Robert Browne Miniſter at White Lady Aſton.
  • Gervice Bryan Paſtor of the Church at Old Swineford and Sturbridge.
  • Joh: Dedicote Preacher at Abboteſley.

London, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black-ſpread-Eagle at the Weſt end of Pauls, 1656.

To the Subſcribers of the Agreement, &c.

YOu ſay, you are made Overſeers by the Holy Ghoſt, &c. Pag. 1. But I ſay, that ſuch as are dead in ſin, and alive in miſcarriages, growing worſe, and running yet further from God, wronging Chriſt and Men, they are not made Overſeers by the Holy Ghoſt, but rather are Wolves that ſpare not the flock, Act. 20.29. 2 Pet. 2.3. and you confeſſe that you are ſuch: as your Agreement and fruits doth witneſſe, as will hereafter more clearly appear; and therefore (are you liars againſt the Holy Ghoſt, and) are not made overſeers by him: being ſuch as act directly oppoſite to him, who are as the Wolves that ſpare not the flock, but are turned, as you ſay, wrongers of Chriſt and of Men: and therefore in wronging him and them, you are not doing his Work; for ſuch as are Labourers for him,2 Cor. 6.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. and abide in his doctrine, they wrong him not: but you, ſay you, are wrongers of him, and growing worſe, who are running yet further from God: and therefore in running further from God grow­ing worſe, and wronging his Son; you make it manifeſt that you neither abide in his Doctrine nor labour for him; and ſo are not made overſeers by the Holy Ghoſt; for they that are made overſeers by him do not as you have done: but to confute your ſelves, you go on and ſay you preach and teach in all wiſdome, that you may preſent every man perfect in Chriſt, page 1. Then it ſeems in words you are grown prea­chers up of perfection, the doctrine which before you ſo much hated, oppoſed, contradicted and denyed, and ſo are preach­ing up that which before you preached againſt, oppoſed, con­tradicted, croſſed and denyed, to wit, the doctrine of per­fection, to ſhew your ſelf-contradiction as well as ſelf-oppo­ſition: and therefore let your people and others mind, if you deny it not again; for if you do any more preach and teach againſt perfection, you will further confute your ſelves, (and teach your own confutations, and ſelf-contradictions) and preach againſt that which you call your Warrant, and alſo deny the ſame, and cut your ſelves out by your own rule (as is here done): for ſuch as are in the miſcarriages and grow­ing worſe, wronging Chriſt and Men, and running yet further from God, (as you ſay you are) ſuch are not yet come to repentance, (according to your ſaying) that are not throughly turned from the world, the devil, and the fleſh, &c. and therefore are unfit to preach up perfection. You ſay in page 2. You have need that one teach you again which be the firſt principles of the Oracles of God; and I ſay the ſame: for you have made manifeſt your Ignorance therein, who are not yet quickned, but (as you ſay) natu­rally dead in ſin, growing worſe and are yet running fur­ther from God: and where you ſay, Let a man account of us as the Miniſters of Chriſt, and Stewards of the myſteries of God: but I ſay, that ſuch as are dead in ſin, not quickned by Grace, who are in the miſcarriages untur­ned out of them, but growing worſe, and running yet fur­ther from God, wronging both Chriſt and men (as you do) they never were to be therein accounted ſo: and therefore you that ſay you are ſuch, are not to be accounted as you would be;Titus 1.6, 7, 8, 9. to wit, neither Miniſters of Chriſt, nor Stewards of the Myſteries of God: for they was blameleſſe, but you are blameable, accuſing and oppoſing your ſelves, there­fore you are not they that are to be obeyed, neither do you watch for ſoules, but for your own ends; who are, as you ſay, in the miſcarriages growing worſe, and ſo it appears both by your fruits, and way alſo be ſeen in this Return to your Agreement, and Catechiſme.


A Short Anſwer, to that called, The Agreement of the 42. Tea­chers, Paſtors, Miniſters and Rectors, &c. In the County of Worceſter, and ſome Adjacent parts, &c.

YOu two and fourty Teachers, Paſtors, Miniſters and Rectors, as you call your ſelves in your Agreement, dated (in page the 33.) May the 4: 1655. I have read over your Agreement, and weighed the ſame in a Ballance of truth and equity: in which you are found wanting, and in confu­ſion. And now ſince the Lord hath ſent ſome of his ſervants and meſ­ſengers, amongſt you (to awaken you) you are made ſenſible of your negligences, and your miſcarriages, and how little your people are pro­fited by your preaching; and you are reviving your old former works, and ſetting the people, as it were to make Brick without ſtraw: rather then you would have them to come from under your unprofitable Mini­ſtry, to wait upon the teachings of God; And you ſet up a worſhip in your wills, and is it not the ſame that was ſet up by the Archbiſhops, Bi­ſhops, Prieſts, Prelates, and old Epiſcopals, (if not by the Pope)? and that you ſay is for the killing of ignorance, which your preaching could not do. And yet it hath been uſed by (the Popiſh Race, and) your forefathers the Biſhops, and Prelates, and were not killed thereby; but is found living amongſt you, their children and off-ſpring. And you are found in the deceit, and would keep people, in the ſame, by your flatteries, and inventions, which will all be to no purpoſe, that is acted by the ſpirit of deceit and miſcarrying nature; which you are in; And leaves the ſame ignorance unkilled, by your familiar, and perſonal In­ſtructions, as your forefathers have done: you being in the miſcarriages wronging men and Chriſt, and not guided by the true ſpirit, but by the falſe, as your fruits, as well as your Agreement, maketh it mani­feſt.


Concerning your warrant.

You have gathered certain verſes of the Apoſtles words, and calls them your warrant from God, when you are found our of the Apoſtles pra­ctice and order, and not at all warranted by them, to wrong men and Chriſt, as you have done, and confeſſed the ſame; you alſo are in the miſcarriages and diſobedient nature, neglecters of the great works of God, and therefore you being in that deceit, are out of the counſels of God, and liars like the falſe prophets, whoſe examples ye follow, that ſtole the true prophets words, and were ready (like you) to call them their warrant from God, or ſaying they ſpake from the Mouth of the Lord, when the Lord did not warrant them in it, no more then he doth you) but witneſſed againſt them by the true Prophet; And ſaid, he had not ſpoken to them, but they ran unſent (as you have done) and there­fore they ſhould not profit the people at all (no more then you ſhall) though they ſpoke the true Prophets words (as you may do) yet they was not guided by the true Prophets ſpirit (no more then you are.) And though they ſpake their words for their own ends (as you do) yet for all that they were without Warrant from God, (as well as you are) and al­ſo found out of his Counſel in their inventions, and ſpeaking for their own ends, and for mony, as you do, and they cauſed the people to erre by their lies, and by their leightneſſe (as you do) and the Lord by his Spi­rit in his Servants witneſſed againſt them, as he doth againſt you, ſay­ing, I ſent them not, nor commanded them, and ſo they were without warrant from God (as you are) though they could ſpeak the true Pro­phets words (as you do) yet running unſent as you have done. The Lord ſaid they ſhould not profit the people at all, (Jer., 32. Mi cah. 3.5.11.) No more do you, who are as you ſay neglecters of the works of God, and in the miſcarriages unpardoned, as well as wrongers of men and Chriſt: as you your ſelves in your Agreement have all ſo acknowledged, therefore your gathering of Pauls words, and the true Prophets words (being out of their life and ſpirit) to paint and garniſh your ſelves withal, and are found perſecuting the truth, as your forefathers the falſe Prophets, and Scribes, and Phariſees did their words gather together, with your dark minds, and no warrant to you from God ſo to do, nor to be called of men Maſters, Matth. 23.8.10. Nor to preach for tithes, or hundreds a year, Paul did not do it, but preached freely coveting no mans ſilver or gold, but hath ſhewed an ex­ample, which you refuſe to follow, Act. 20.33, 34, 35. therefore his words is no warrant for you to do as you do;As in pag: the 1. or 2. of your Agreement. neither did Paul go to take a ground from the Pope, or ſixth general Councel, held either at Trent or Trull, and ſay from thence, that they that are baptized ought to learn the Belief, and on the fifth day of the week ſay it over,3 to the Biſhops, &c. as you do, which you lay down as the ground of your Catechiſme and familiar and perſonall inſtruction, and ſo build upon the Biſhops and old popiſh root, as you have done; But Paul as he was a Miniſter of Chriſt,Act. 26.16, 17, 18. he was ſent to turn people from darkneſſe to the Light, and from the power of Satan unto God, and not to keep them in darkneſſe and ſin unturned to God, as you and your Miniſter doth; therefore you are out of this life and not guided by the Spirit of God as he was; And Paul as he was a Miniſter of Chriſt and the Goſpel, he were called of God, and appointed to preach, by the power of the holy Ghoſt,Gala. 1.1. Gala., 16. Act. 13.2, 3, &c. Act. 18.9, 10, 11, &c. Act. 16.9, 10. Colo. 1.25, 26, 27, 28. who was not made a Miniſter by the will of man (as you are) but by the Will of God, Gala. 1.1, 2. in which his Miniſtry ſtood, who had the myſtery of godlineſſe, and Chriſt the Son of God revealed with­in him, Ephe. 3.2, 3. &c. Gala. 1.15, 16. And ſo had his warant from God, and after Chriſt and the Miniſtry were ſo revealed in him, then he went forth immediately (and not before for) to preach him, as he hath certified to the brethren, Gala. 1.11, 12. And he preached the Light, 2 Cor. 4.5, 6. Law, Rom. 8.3. Hebr. 8.10, 11. And heavenly treaſure within, 2 Cor. 4.6, 7. And the word in the heart, Rom. 10.8. by which, faith is wrought, and Chriſt the Miſtery and hope of glory within them, Col. 1.25, 26, 27. And they that believed, and were baptized into him, they put him on, Gala. 3 27. As Paul the Goſpel-Miniſter hath certified, but he did not make a ground of Catechiſme and familiar perſonal inſtructions, from the Pope, or general Councels, held at Trent or Trull (as you do) for the cutting down of Ignorance, He­reſie and wickedneſſe (as you pretend you will do); but Paul was to turn people from the darkneſſe, in which errour, hereſie, and wicked­neſſe was, and ſo turning them from that, he turned them to the light, and power of the Spirit of God which was the way and means where­by Ignorance, Errour, and wickedneſſe, was to be cut down, cruci­fied and killed, which you are yet ignorant of, as your Agreement doth manifeſt as well as your fruits, who lives in ignorance, Miſcariages, Error, Hereſie, and wickedneſſe, uncrucified or killed; And was not the ſame way and meanes, which you pretend to kill it by, uſed, (by the Pope) Biſhops, Prelats &c. (or at the Councell at Trent, or Trull) and by your fore-fathers the old out-rooted Biſhops, and Epiſcopals before you, and yet it left the Ignorance, Errors, Miſcari­ages, Hereſies, and wickedneſſe, amongſt you Living, and had no power to crucifie the ſame, and you ſay your preaching this many years, hath not yet killed it; and therefore you have agreed, to uſe the ſame, (Antidote or) means for the killing of it, (as they did, and if it could not expell, and kill it, by them uſeing the ſame before you, as you alſo have done) do you think to blind people by caſting a miſt before the eyes of their underſtanding, ſeeking to in­ſinuate into them by flatteries and garniſhing your flatteries, with colourable gloſſes, to cauſe them, to think that, your reviving, that which hath been uſed amongſt them with out-ſide,Matth. 23.27, 28.30 31, &c. will now from you receive life, to do that which it could not do, neither, by the4 (Pope or) Biſhops, nor by you (their off-ſprings). And with the Light are you ſeen, (at your witts end) and troubled that you can­not have your wills fulfilled, who are the enemies of the Living truth, and wrongers both of men and God, as you alſo in your Agreement, acknowledge, and therefore all your Evaſions, and Colourable gloſſ­es muſt fall with your Image, and Imaginary worſhips, (as in your fore-fathers before you) and the Miniſtry that ſtands out of mans will, which you are yet Ignorant of, muſt through the croſſe cut down, and crucifie, and kill that which your Miniſtry doth not, nor your fore-fathers (or the Pope or Biſhops) before you, and that Miniſtry which comes forth from the Light, and power of the Spirit of God, is for the diſcovering, and killing of the Error, Hereſie and Miſcariages, (which yours hath and doth leave people in): and ſo as it kills that and the Ignorance,Gala. 3.4, 5. Eph. 2. Iohn 8.12. 1 Iohn 3.8, 9. 1. Pet. 1.18, 19, 22, 23, 1 Iohn 4.16, 17: Iohn 14.20. it quickeneth, and raiſeth the ſoul out of death, deſtroying the Ignorance, Error, Hereſie, and Miſcari­ages, and all the works of the Devill, and ſo bringeth ſoules out of death, and from under the power of darkneſſe: to live in the life of the Eternall truth, in the Injoyment of the Fathers love, and to Enjoy and walke in the liberty of the Sons of God: And ſaith John, We know that the Son of God is come and hath given us an under­ſtanding to know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jeſus Chriſt, and this is true God and life eternall, 1 John 5.20. Whoſe Miniſtry without your familiar perſonall Inſtruction, diſcovereth, and killeth, ſin, Error, and Miſcariages, which you live in unkilled, and therefore out of his Minſtiry, who killeth that, and quickeneth the other that hath ſuffered under it, raiſing that, and them together with it, ſaving them by grace, and cauſing them as they at Epheſus did, to ſit with Chriſt Jeſus in the heavenly place; Ephe. 2.1, 2, 4, 5, 6. For by grace were they ſaved, ver. 8th. Through faith, and not of themſelves, nor of works leſt any ſhould boaſt, Eph: 2.8, 9. As Paul the Goſpel-Miniſter, doth witneſſe, in his Affirmation, who did not (as you do in your confuſion) ſet up a form of words without Spirit and Life, grounded upon the Popes practice, or generall Coun­cell held at Trent or at Trull; And bid people get theſe to ſay and be catechized, &c. And ſay them over to the (Pope or) Arch-biſh­ops, Perſons, Preiſts Rectors, and Curates, upon pain of damnati­on, neither doth his words warrant you ſo to do: Therefore are they not your warrant from God for that work. Neither did Paul (go and) write out a few words, out of the 20. Chap. of Exodus. and the 6. Chap. of Matthew and ſet the people to get them upon pain of damnation and ſalvation. Which words he had before you, and witneſſed the life in the ſpirit and power of Chriſt, for the killing of Ignorannce Sin, Error and Miſcarriages:Eph. 5.13. Eph. 6.10, 11, 12, 13, 14. Gal, 2.19, 20. and to quicken the mortall body, Rom. 8.10, 11. as well for the purifying of the heart, and the ſoul: 1 Pet. 1.22, 23. Which you have ſhewed your Ignorance in, and to be out of; And therefore Pauls words, is not your warrant from God, who are out of that righteous life: And Paul ſaid they were delivered from the5 law, that being dead, wherein they had been held, their ſervice ſtood in the newnes of the Spirit, and not in the oldneſſe of the Letter; Rom. 7.6. But your ſervice ſtands in the oldneſſe of the Letter (and the old Law) and not in the Goſpel and newneſſe of ſpirit,Rom. 1.16, 16. as your fruits and Agreeement doth manifeſt: Therefore you that ſerve in your wills, and ſet people to ſerve in theirs, and in the oldneſſe of the Letter, without the [Goſpel and power of God to ſalvation, and the] newneſſe of Spirit,Clo. 2.21, 22, 23. Eph. 2.14, 15, 16. Rom. 1.26. you are not by Pauls words warranted from God to do it: who was himſelf a miniſter not of the Letter, but of the Spirit, as he hath witneſſed, 2 Co. 3.6. &c. Therefore your garniſhing your ſelves, with his words, and wanting his miniſtery and ſpirit, to guide in the miniſtration, and worſhip of God: that ſpirit John 4.23, 24. 2 Cor. 3.17, 18. you are but as founding Braſſe and tinkling Cymbals, be­ing in the envy, and out of love the of the Father, as the falſe Prophets was, therefore let Pauls words reſt where they are,1 Cor. 13. H ſ 16.9. Mic. 3.11. Iude 11. till you depart from your luſts (and go make reſtitution) for the Lord is againſt you, (and all ſuch) who are yet without warrant from God, for all your ſtealing of words to garniſh your ſelves, as your fore-fathers did. But thus ſaith the Lord, therefore behold I am againſt them that ſteal my words from his neighbour, I ſent them not, nor commanded them: There­fore they ſhall not profit the people at all, Ier. 23.30. &c.

And now that you are without warrant from the Scripture, being out of the life of truth; and reviving your fore-fathers works, taking a ground from the ſixth-Generall Councell held at Trent or at Trull, in the time of the (Pope or) Biſhopps:Matth. 7.15, 16, 17, 20, 22, 22, 26, 27. ver. 2. and are you not alſo left without warrant from them, then where are you now, and what ground do you ſtand on: are you not without ground, or bottom, and on the Sandy foundation, ready to be waſhed away when the floods come &c. Whoſe fall, as Chriſt ſaith, therefrom, is like to be great, and as may be Read, Math. 7.26, 27.

Let the Prieſts minde and ſee, If they know From whence they came.

BEhold and ſee from whence you came, and minde your return: was not your Original I head, root, and foundation the (Pope or) Arch-biſhops, and Biſhops? amongſt which was not the Biſhop of Rome, called the Pope, Chiefe Supreame head, &c. Untill the time, or raign of Henry the 8. Late King of England, as by the Lawes of this Nation may appeare, &c.

And the Called Arch-Biſhopps, and ſuch, as received Orders from them to be Prieſts, Miniſters, Deacons, and Clarks, &c. Were they not called the body Spirituall, and were and are they not called the Engliſh Church. &c.

And after the Pope was put out of Tythes (and that which he had begott) by Henry the 8; the Arch-Biſhopps (your fathers) Prieſts,6 Miniſters, Deacons, Rectors, Clarks, &c. called the body Spirituall and the Engliſh Church &c. Were they not endowed with Tythes, &c, (or the Popes honors) and ſuch Parochiall rights &c. As the Pope had begot, and were put out of, when your fore-fathers, (and you) his of-ſpring entred into his ſeat, and were they not (adorned, as well as endowed) with the Popes Bringings forth into Parochiall rights, &c. And your fore-fathers (the called Arch-Biſhopps: and Biſhopps) and (you and) ſuch as received orders from them to be Prieſts, Miniſters, Deacons, Rectors, Parſons, Vicars, Curates, and Clarks, were they not (as before is ſaid) called the Engliſh Church, as by the ſtatute of Henry the 8. may appeare: and did not the Kings and Nobles endow the ſaid Church both with honours,24 Hen. 8.12.25 Hen. 8. Cha. 20. and poſſeſſions (the Popes ornaments) viz. Tythes, Oblations, Obventi­ons, &c. to keep them from corruption and ſiniſter affection: which it hath not done (as you confeſſe that are in the miſcarriages, Neglect­ers of the work of God, and wrongers both of men and of Chriſt, as your Agreement witneſſeth Page, 3, 4, 19, &c. And the Pope and the See of Rome, had the Triall (amongſt other things) of the right of Tythes, Oblations, and Obventions &c.

And by that ſtatute,The Statute. 24 Hen. 8, Cap. 12.26 Hen. 8. Cap. 1. is it not ordained and declared that all ſpiri­tual Prelates, Paſtors, Miniſters, and Curates, &c. as they are call­ed, may Uſe, Miniſter, Execute and Do, all Sacraments, and Sacra­mentalls, and Divine ſervice unto the ſubjects of the ſame: and is not there the (ground of your ſacraments, or) proofes of calling them ſo,The Pope had the Peterpence penſions, &c. till the time Hen. the 8. who endowed the Biſhops, and Prieſts, &c. in the Popes pen­ſions, peterpence, fruits, ſutes &c. See your ſelves and read 25. Hen. 8. Cap. 21. and not the Scriptures, in which there is not one word that ſpeaks of Sacraments and Sacramentals, as they are called, and is not King Henry the 8. and his Succeſſors declared there the onely Supreame head in earth of the Church of England.

And by the Statute of the 25. Hen. 8.20. Is it not ſaid, that the Annals or firſt fruits, which were paid by the Arch-Biſhopps of England unto the Biſhop of Rome, called the Pope, &c. ſhould ceaſe and not be paid to him, &c.

And by the Statute of the 26, of Hen. 8. Chap. 3. Is not the firſt Fruits and profits of every Arch-Biſhoprick, and Biſhoprick, Par­ſonage, Vicaridge, &c. ſaid to be taken, & given to Hen: 8. and his ſuc­ceſſors, and ever and beſides a yearly Tenth of all ſpirituall livings, &c. as they are called: And did not the Biſhopps, &c. receive their pla­ces and rewards from him &c. See more at large in the 26. Hen. 8. Chap. 3.


How they did Proceed to the Election of an Arch-Biſhop.

FOr by the ſtatute of the 25, of Hen. 8. Chap. 20. Is it not ſaid, to be Ordained and Eſtabliſhed, that the King and his ſucceſſors, may grant to the Prior and Covent or the Dean or Chapter of the Cathe­dral Churches, or Monaſteries, a licence under the great ſeal, as of old time hath been accuſtomed to proceed to the election of an Arch-Biſhop at eve­ry Avoidance of any Arch-Biſhoprick or Biſhoprick, within the Realm of England with a Letter Miſlive, containing the name of the perſon, which they ſhall elect and chuſe, &c. See more at large concerning the ſame, in the 25. Hen. 8. Chap. 20. aforeſaid.

The Ordination of a Prieſt, or [pretended] Miniſter, &c.

BY a Statute made, the 13. of Eliz. Chap. 12. Is it not ſaid to be ordained that every perſon, under the degree of a Biſhop, which doth or ſhall pretend to be a Prieſt, or Miniſter of Gods holy Word and Sa­crament, &c. ſhall in the preſence of the Biſhops, declare his Aſſent, and ſubſcribe to all the articles of religion, which concern the confeſſion of the true Chriſtian faith, and the doctrine of the Sacraments, in a book imprinted, entituled Articles; And whereupon, was it not agreed, by the Arch-Biſhops, and Biſhops, and the whole Clergy in the Convocation holden at London in the year, 1562. And that none ſhould be made Miniſter, or admitted to preach, or adminſter the Sacraments in Eng­land, under the age of 24. yeares, or unleſſe he be approved by the Bi­ſhop of the Dioceſſe, being a Deacon at the leaſt, &c. And all ad­miſſions to benefices, &c. And all licences, or tolerations, made to the contrary to be meerly void in law, as if they never were, &c. Therefore minde where you are, and ſee if you know,

A Manifestation of your Down-fall, &c. or, your Foundation ſhaken and razed, &c.

FOr, is it not manifeſt, that the Foundation of (your fore-Fathers) the late Arch-Biſhops and Biſhops, &c. here in England, was man, &c. viz. Kings and Queenes of England, with the Priors and Covent of Monaſteries, and the Deans,3 Elizae Cap. 1.12. and the Chapters of the Cathedralls, And that the miniſters, Paſtors, Rectors, Parſons, Preach­ers, Vicars, Curates, and Clarks, &c. as they call them, were Members and Branches ariſing from that root, and body, viz. The Arch-Biſhops and Biſhops, of which the Biſhops of Rome called8 the Pope, was head till Henry the eight: and King Henry the eight, put him out, and let him in, &c. Which Arch-Biſhops and Biſhops, by a Late Ordinance of Parlament, were, and are taken away, and alſo rendered uſeleſſe.

And by another Ordinance, or act of Parlament, is not the Kingly Power and Goverment (by which they had been ſet up) taken away? &c.

And is it not therefore manifeſt, by the lawes, ſtatutes, and ordinan­ces afore ſaid that the called Prieſts, Miniſters, Rectors, Paſtors, Preach­ers, Vicars, Curates, and Clarks, &c. were Members and Branch­es of the late Arch-Biſhopps, and Biſhopps of this Nation: and had their riſings and ſprung from that root and body, and of that root and body were members and branches: and that the Arch-Biſhopps and Biſhopps themſelves, were made and had their Riſe from the Kings and Queens, Priors, Covents, Monaſteries, Deanes, and Chapters: Arch-Biſhops and Biſhops, Root and Branch, and their power and Authority being diſanulled, rendered and declared uſeleſſe, aboliſhed, and taken away as afore ſaid, &c.

Doth it not clearly appeare, that all the Prieſts ſo called, and is it not manifeſt, that they and the miniſters in England, with the called Rectors, Parſons, Paſtors, Preachers, Vicars, Clarks, and Curats, being branches and members of that body and root, are (or ought to be) as branches taken away, diſanulled and aboliſhed, and the Root of their root, The Kings and Queens of England, &c. And it being clearly made manifeſt and proved that their foundation (and yours) is of man, and from man, and them, and their foundation; and the root (of their root) by man razed, taken away, made null, and rendered uſe­leſſe: are not they (and you) left without foundation and bottom? &c.

Who were not one amongſt themſelves,24. H 8.12. and the 25.8.20. neither (are you) the ſame this generation, that was the laſt before, but alters and changes, with times, and men, &c. As your fore-fathers, and Prieſts of England, and their predeceſſors have done, and is it not manifeſt that in the time of Henry the Eight, the late King of England: their predeceſſors, denied the Pope for their head;2. and 3. of Ed. 6. Chp. 1. and owned Henry the Eight for their head, &c. (viz. the Prieſts) Arch-Biſhops and Biſhopps &c.

And in the time of Edward the ſixth, did not their predeceſſors (viz. the Prieſts) and your fore-fathers denie the Maſſe-Book, and inſtead thereof received the Common prayer-book; at this hand, &c, And again in Queen Marry her time, they denied the Common prayer-book, and received the Maſſe book, &c.

Seſſio ſecunda Anno Mariae primo. Chap. 2.3.

And after that in the time of Queen Elizabeth they denied the maſſe-book, and again received the common prayer-book, &c. 1 Eliz. Chap. 2.

9And in the time of the late Parliament; was not the Common Prayer Book denied, and the Directorie received (by you), rather then you would deny your worldly honours, and poſſeſſions, and what you now own is manifeſt to all the Children of light, &c. And how that you are ſetting up your fore-fathers works, and though you be made ſenſi­ble of your deceipts, and the unprofitableneſſe of your Miniſtry, yet rather then you will deny your ſelves, of what you have received by tradition, from your forefathers, and forſake your deceipts, you ra­ther would keep people ſtill, by force as it were, under your dead dark, cold, barren Miniſtrie, (and deſtroyes their ſoules) for your own ends, who are wrongers, both of them, and of Chriſt, and are made ſenſible of it, as you ſay: pag. 19. and feares leaſt God require their blood at your hands; &c.

And Richard Baxter and the other 40. and odd, who calls your ſelves Miniſters of Chriſt, and are the untaught teachers (out of the doctrine of Chriſt) and are in the miſcarriages, growing worſe as you ſay, you have, in the grounds and reaſons in your Agreement and Catechiſme, ac­knowledged the ſame, and ſo hath made your ſelves alſo manifeſt to be both the untaught teachers, and the unprofitable ſervants, and wants your pardon, (and then you muſt needs want your warrant) from God, for the ſame: therefore (as you are proved by Law and Goſpel to be with­out warrant) you are alſo proved by your own confeſſion, ſo to be, in your Agreement: for you ſay page 3, We the Miniſters of Chriſt, whoſe names are under written, &c. do humbly bewaile our too great neglect, that we have not employed our care, and time, and labour, on ſo great a work, according to the ſtrict and holy precepts and paterns in Gods word, &c. We earneſtly begg of God to pardon this our great neglect, &c. Here you have proved your ſelves to be the untaught teachers, that are neglecters of the work of God:Act. 6.4. Act. 20.20, 21, 22,, 27. for ſuch as are taught of God, and abide in his doctrine, are diligent in the work of the Lord, and do not neglect it as you do, who are the idle loyterers, and now you idle loyterers, and unprofitable ſervants, are you made ſo farr ſenſible of your idleneſſe and negligence in that work, which, as you ſay, is according to the ſtrict and holy precepts & patterns in Gods word, and yet you would ſhelter your ſelves under the name of Chriſt whilſt you are ſuch, and alſo wrongers of men, and of Chriſt, page 19. &c. And calls your ſelves the Miniſters of Chriſt, whil'ſt you are acknowledging your idleneſſe, negligence (miſcarriages, page 4. &c:) and the wrong you do to men and to Chriſt, and yet without a pardon for the ſame; Be aſhamed of your idleneſſe, and negligence in that which you have pro­feſſed and for which you have taken peoples monys; for your idleneſſe and negligence, miſcarriages, and wronging men and Chriſt (which you your ſelves alſo confeſſe) therefore be aſhamed of your deceipt, and of your miſcarriages (and the wrongs you have all this time done to men and to Chriſt (and have taken their mony for the ſame). Goe and reſtore four-fold, and ceaſe your deceivings, be aſhamed alſo of your lies,10 never call your ſelves the Miniſters of Chriſt whil'ſt you are the idle loyte­rers, wrongers of men and Him, and ſuch as neglects his work, as you do, and have all this while done, and that according to your own ſaying too? If you have all this while beene in the miſcarriages unpar­doned (as you ſay) you muſt needs be the untaught teachers (as you are) and if you have all this time beene wrongers of men, and of Chriſt (as you ſay) and unpardoned for the ſame, you muſt needs be the enemies of God and good men, and ſo no Miniſters of Chriſt, for he doth not teach his Miniſters to live in miſcarriages as you do, nor to wrong him, and men (as you do) who are not taught yet to deny and forſake the ſame: therefore you are out of his doctrine, who receive not his teachings, and ſo are ye untaught teachers, as well as the unprofitable ſervants (and curſ­ed deceivers) for if you have all this while beene in the miſcarriages; do­ing wrong to God and Men, and alſo idle, and out of the work of God, and now being ſenſible of it confeſſing the ſame, and bewailing your i­dleneſſe and negligence, and wants yet your pardon for the ſame; whoſe works have you done all this while,Mica. 3.5.11. Iſa. 56.10.11 Jer. 5.30, 31. Iſa. 55.2, 3. Ezek. 34. (the Devils or your own)? and for what have people ſpent their meanes and money on you, for your idleneſſe and negligence, keeping them in blindneſſe and ignorance, and for doing God and them wrong, who have confeſſed the ſame, and that you have beene idle and neglected to do the great work of God accor­ding to his word, therefore in neglecting that and being idle therein, and inſtead of doing the ſame,Your third An­ſwer agreeing with page 3.4.17. have beene wronging both Men and Chriſt himſelfe, you have cleared your ſelves from being his Miniſters, and proved your ſelves (to be the curſed deceivers, and are found and proved) to be the unprofitable ſervants, being idle and neglecters of the great work of God, by you left undone; and then you muſt needs have beene doing the works of your Father the Devill (John 8.44. ] and your own; who are wrongers of God, and men, and ſo hath deceived their ſoules, and taken their meanes, and mony for the ſame, and for that which is not bread, as the falſe Prophets, and idle Shepherds afore­time did, therefore you that are ſuch, your judgment and condemnati­on will be the greater, Mark. Have you both wronged men, and of them ſought your own ends and gaines, and luld them a­ſleepe in ſecurity, and taken their money and meanes for ſleeping there­in, and as you confeſſe have not awakened them out of the ſame, nor yet turn'd them from darkneſſe to light, that have them yet unturned from ſin unto God, as your Agreement doth witneſſe: therefore be not offended at others, who are ſent from the Lord, to tell you the ſame, and for that your work of deceiving, and wronging Chriſt and them, take you the ſhame and give over deceiving ſoules for your own ends, and earthly gaines; for you are thoſe that labour in vaine, being wrong­ers of God and Men, and idle and negligent (as you ſay) in the great work of God, according to his holy word; and ſo you have proved your ſelves to be none of Chriſts Miniſter, but enemies, and curſed de­ceivers, for it is written, curſed be ſuch as do the work of the Lord, deceitfully or negligently, and as you have done, therefore that11 curſe ſtands upon you and them that with you remaine under the ſame; Jer. 48.10. Jer. 11.3.

And now that you are diſcovered, witneſſed againſt, and made ma­nifeſt to be deceivers, wrongers of God, and wrongers of Men, and to be idle negligent and the unprofitable ſervants, you have alſo confeſſed (ſince you ſay you were your ſelves awakened unto the ſame) yet you make flatteries and excuſes, and falſe gloſſes to hide your de­ceipts under? Promiſing amendment, but doth not regard to forſake your falſe Miniſtry and worſhips, and turne to the truth in the life of it, being found out of the life in the luſt, and miſcarriages, wrongers of God and Men, and hath your people aſleepe in ſecurity, &c. But if any ſhould have beene ſent of the Lord, into your market places or ſteeple-houſes, where you ſell your ware, and uſe your trade of de­ceipt, to deceive ſoules, and wrong Chriſt and them, for your own ends, and if they had but told you that which you have confeſſ, you would have beene all on an uproare, and have had your diſciples, ready to fight for you with clubs and fiſts, and after have ſent the meſ­ſenger of God, to Priſon for it, as at Kidderminſter and Worceſter, were made manifeſt, when there was not ſo much ſpoken againſt you,Titus 1.16. 2 Tim. 3.8.9. and 12. as ſince, in your Agreement, you have confeſt; but yet continue in and ra­ther grow worſe and worſe, as deceivers (like you) evil men and ſedu­cers in former ages did; 2 Tim. 3.12 but your folly is made manifeſt as theirs was, who profeſſes God in words, but in works deny him as ſuch did that did ſo before you, who were reprobate concerning the true Goſ­pel purifying faith, (as you are) and to every good work abominable and reprobate: therefore behold your blindneſſe and folly made mani­feſt, and for the time to come beare your reproofes, and take ſhame to your ſelves, if any be moved againe by the Lord to come into your ſtee­ple-houſes, and tell you that you have confeſſed the ſame; and that your own mouths witneſſe againſt you and your hearers, as in your A­greement, is alſo made manifeſt.

That you are wrongers of God, and of your hearers, page 19. and in the miſcarriages liven formerly in (page 4.) unpardoned, and that you are bewailing your negligence or idleneſſe, in the great work of God ac­cording to his word, page 3. and ſaying you will amend, and begg pardon for the ſame; And if any be moved of the Lord to come amongſt you, ſeeing you ſtill continue as you was, and asks why you do not come out of your miſcarriages, and give over deceiving of ſouls, and ceaſe to wrong God and Men, for your own ends, and ſay unto you, why do you not performe your promiſe, but ſay and do not, as hypocrits and the falſe Prophets do and aforetime did, as the Scripture witneſſeth; or if there come any amongſt you, and aske you, If you have yet got a pardon, &c. granted for your former negligence, miſcarriages, and wrong done to Chriſt, and to Men, or to aske you (ſeeing you go on in the ſame) if you have any toleration or warrant from God ſo to do, &c. 12Will you not cauſe them that ſo do come to aske you or ſpeak as the Lord ſhall more them) to be haled out of your Steeple-houſes, and had to priſon for the ſame (as formerly ſome of you have done) and, If any be moved of the Lord, to come to your Steeple-houſes, and ask If your hearers be awakned, out of their ſleepineſs, and to aske alſo If you be turned out of your Miſcarriages, from preaching for hire, and being called of men maſters, and from wronging others, and al­ſo from your Idle Lazy Negligence,John 16, 2, 3. Act. 17.5.6. &c. Act. 22.27, 28, 29, 30. &c. Will you not be offended at them, for it, as Richard Baxter was with me, when I ſpake to him in the Steeple-houſe in Worceſter, who cauſed me to be haled out, (as Anti-Chriſtian-Miniſters afore time did) and afterward the ſame day, when he was ſpoken to, in the Street would not ſtand, but fled as the Hireling uſeth to do, John the 10. And ſuffered the priſon, to be a place of ſecurity to keep truth ſhutt up into thoſe bonds, rather then to be at liberty to reprove his deceipts, which is evident by his fruits, which now alſo under a cover he hath confeſſed, and is in that Agreement of his and 40. odd, Prieſts, Paſtors, Miniſters, Preachers, Rectors, and Curates and Teachers, further made manifeſt.

And, Curſed is he that doth the work of the Lord Negligently, but Richard Baxter thou haſt done it Negligently this many yeares; and above 40. Prieſts with thee, according to your Confeſſion, in your Agreement, and therefore you are under that Curſe. And now, O ye Prieſts, this Commandment is for you; If ye will not heare, to give glory to my name, ſaith the Lord of hoſts; I will even ſend a curſe upon you, and will curſe your bleſſings, yea I have curſed them already, there­fore will I make you contemptible, and baſe before the people, accor­ding as ye have not kept my wayes Mal. 2.1, 2. and ver. 9. Mal. 2.1, 2, 3, 4.8, 9.Behold ſaith the Lord I will corrupt your ſeed, and ſpread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your ſolemn feaſts; and one ſhall take you away with it, Mal. 2.3. Your agreement in which you have confeſſed your wrong to Chriſt, and to men, and your former miſcarriages then continued in, and in which you have confeſſed your negligence, &c. It was dated the 4. of May 1655. And then you wanted your pardon both for your wrong done to God and men, and your negligence in the work of God alſo: as alſo for your former miſcarriages, &c. as you have confeſſed, and therefore are guilty, and muſt come under condemnation for the ſame, but, (To flatter and diſſemble with the people) you ſay, you will reſolve for the time to come to amend, but doth not yet do it, being ſtill in the old nature and will-worſhips, perfection, miſcarriages, and doing wrong as you did, yet you ſay you and all the adjacent-churches will ſet apart a day publickly, to faſt and pray for a pardon, &c. I ſay; the church in God the Father of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt 1 Theſ. 1.1. Which is the pillar & ground of Truth 1 Tim. 3.15. doth deny you and all wrongers of God and men; and perſecuters of the Innocent, and ſuch as are called of men maſters, profeſſing them­ſelves Chriſts-Miniſters: and all ſuch as deceive ſouls for diſhoneſt gain, and lives in perfection, and ſuch, and the like miſcarriages as you13 and your generation do, and the prayers of the wicked are ſin, & ſuch as turneth their care from hearing the Law [in the heart, and of God, Jer. 31.33. ] their prayer is an abomination to the Lord God, Pro. 28. and 9. ver. And ſuch as you that neglect the work of God, and lives in perſecu­tion, (the work of the Devill) and in the miſcarriages wronging God and men, as you do, they are thoſe that turnes their care, from hearing the law, and their hearts from receiving the truth, ſtanding in oppoſition a­ganſt it (as you do); and therefore their prayers are abomination to the Lord, as yours and all that work ſuch wickedneſs, as you do, is: for thus faith the Lord unto ſuch; Iſa. 1.15. when ye ſpread forth your hands I will hde mine eyes from you; yea when you make many prayers I will not heare, your hands are full of blood and (hearts as well as) houſes are full of deceit, and over paſſeth the deeds of the wicked, Ier. 5.26, 27. and ſuch like, and they that neglect the work of the Lord are curſed children, having hearts exerciſed with covetuous practices, 2 Pet. 2.3, 13, 14. And what Churches are you, and you that are ſuch, who are in the curſed nature, and wicked practices in ſin, and unturned to God, Iſa. 59.2? What is your faſts worth that lives in ſtrife and debate, perſecution and wicked­neſſe, behold in the day of your faſts do you not find pleaſure? And are you not bringing forth perſecution, as in this Nation is manifeſt, (as well as you exact all your labours) Iſa. 58.3. behold do not ye faſt as hypo­crites and perſecuters do, that faſt for ſtrife and debate:Matth. 23.4, 5. &c. who ſmite with the fiſts of wickedneſſe, cauſing your voice to be heard on high, afflicting the ſoul for a day, and hanging down the head as a bullruſh, and, inſtead of looſing the bands of witkedneſs, you ſtrengthen the hands of evil doers; & inſtead of undoing the heavy burthens, you bind them Phariſe-like up­on mens ſhoulders and will not your ſelves touch them with one of your ſingers (ſueing ſome for Tythes and taking treble dammages &c.) And inſtead of letting the oppreſſed go free, you and your generation caſt the Innocent into priſons-holes, and dungeons, as your priſons in theſe parts againſt you may ſufficiently witneſſe: and are not theſe the fruits (of Jezabel, and) of the Hypocrites faſt, and not that which the Lord doth re­quire, Iſa. 58.3, 5, 6, 7. Wherefore be ye witneſſes againſt your ſelves that you walk in the falſe Prophets and Phariſees your fore-fathers ſteps, as your fruits make you manifeſt: and as you may read, Math. 23.31, 32, 33, 34. &c and you have under a cover confeſſed the ſame, who wants a pardon for your negligence (in the work of God) as you ſay, & for your former miſcarriages [which was before the 4. day of May, as aforeſaid] and therefore you want a pardon for your perfecting and impriſoning of Tho. Goodaire, once in Kiderminſter, & twice in Worceſter, before that time, and ſome others hath been impriſoned at Worceſter,and in Worceſt Anne Him­ing: Richard Kebey for Tyths, &c. and many at Eveſham ſince your hypocriticall falſe hearted and deceitfull confeſſion, promiſing amendement, and rather growes worſe and worſe, ſo manifeſt­ing your hypocriſie and filling up your meaſure of iniquity, as your fore­fathers did, & leaving both your words and actions to be ſtanding wit­neſſes againſt you, as they did; that it may appeare for all your Evaſions and Colourable gloſſes that you are their off-ſpring and beareth their marks by which you are known, Math. 7.20. Matth. 7.15. &c.

14And ſeeing that your miniſtry takes little place in working any good effect in your hearers, but leaves them ignorant in matters of ſalvation, page 19. of your Agreement, you are reſolving in your wills and miſcarrying wombe or nature and Spirit, from whence your continued miſcarriages proceeds, to revive your fore-Fathers worke, and ſet up a forme of words for them to get to ſay over to you, as was uſed to be done to the Biſhops at Trent or at Trull, and you promiſe ſalvation upon the performance, and threatens damnation upon the refuſall (Pope-like) ſaying that that way of uſing Cathechiſing], familiar and perſonall inſtruction, and to have the people to get the Creed, the Lords prayer and ten commande­ments or any other**And is not thoſe (which you call any other Orthodox Cate­chiſme) ſuch as were ſet out by he old Biſhops and their off-ſpring that were in the miſcarriages as you alſo are &c. And confeſſe page the 4. of your Agreement. Orthodox Catechiſme, and your expositions, to ſay over to you; and ſo that will be a meanes you ſay to kill ignorance. But the ſame meanes hath been uſed by the Biſhops and Prelates, and yet it hath not done that which you would have it to do, and do you think that if it did not do it by your fore-Fathers applying, that it receives any more vertue or power from you, to do it by your re­vieing their work, and uſeing the ſame meanes, and with the ſame miſcarrying nature, and wrongfull Spirit, which they did make uſe of it with all: but your covers are too narrow, and leaves you bare, and ignorance remaines ſtill amongſt your hearers,Math. Act 4.11.12. Heb. 7.25. and the miſcarri­ages amongſt you their untaught teachers, (as it did with your fore-Fathers.)

And you ſay the diligence of Papiſts and Sectaries will condemne you, if you will not do halfe ſo much in a right way to ſave mens ſoules,Math. 6.24. Math. 7.13.14., 28 as they will do in a wrong way to pervert them; would you not here have people to ſet you up as their ſaviour, and ſo cauſe them to neglect com­ing from you to look unto Chriſt for teaching, who is a true Saviour, and teacher of his people, and perfectly able to ſave all that come unto God by him (without you): but your deſigne is ſeeme; and all your co­vers will not hide you, who ſeeks to caſt that off from you to the Papiſt and Sectaries, which your ſelves are guilty of and found in, for if the way of neglecting the work of God, and living in miſcarriages, wrong­ing Chriſt and Men, growing worſe, and running yet further from God, as you do, and have done, be not the wrong way, and deſtructive to mens ſouls, what is? for there is but two waves the right and the wrong &c. If you walk in that wrong way, wherein you miſcarrie, and wrong God and Men, growing worſe and running further therein; do not the Papiſts the ſame, and are not you and they therein one, and ſo walk with them in that way, whoſe actions proceed from one ground and Spirit, though in ſome words and formalities you differ, but in the e­vill (and wronging God and Men, &c.) are Joyned together; and there­fore may ſtop your mouths of condemning others, for that which you are found guilty of: your words as well as your actions beare witneſſe againſt you, and your bitterneſſe and perſecuting the ſervants of Jeſus,15 as your Priſons (and barbarous or cruel uſage) at Eveſham and other places may witneſſe for the truth, and againſt your deceit, and wrong done to men and God (as you ſay in your agreement) therefore you and the Pa­piſts goes on in one nature together: the Papiſts you ſay bring allhe people to confeſſe their moſt ſecret ſins unto their Prieſts, and do not you labour to bring the people to do ſo unto you, the Pariſh Maſters, idle Shepherds, and hireling Preiſts, and then are not you and the Papiſts therein both one in nature, and property,Ezk. 3,••& though differing a little in words and colourable clauſes. And where you tell of creeping into houſes; who more then you creeps into the Popes houſes, which you (with and from them) call Churches? but let me aske you that run ſo out of them (from whence you ſprung) wherein do you and they differ in worſhips and practiſe therein? Whether in manner or matter? if in manner one­ly you differ, and not in matter, then do you not agree in the maine? if ſo, then are not you and the Papiſts in religion, and worſhips as well as nature and property one, though differing in ſome words & formalities &c. but both in the vaine traditions, and obſerving your fancies, and braine imaginations as the Serpents ſeed did in all ages.

You reſolve in your wills to ſet on a worke (in your imaginations) pro­miſing ſalvation upon the performance, and damnation upon the refu­ſall, page 30. and ſo would merit Heaven by your actings, in the nature from whence ariſeth negligence, and miſcarriages, page 3, 4. and wrong to men, and to Chriſt, page 19. and do not the Papiſts hold the ſame? thinking to merit Heaven by their own actings in that nature, and ſpi­rit of deceipt, which guides them to neglect the work of God, and alſo into miſcarriages, and to wrong men and God, (like you and perſecuters, and ſeed of evill doers.) If ſo, then are not you and the Papiſts one there­in, and why do you crie out againſt that ſo much in others; your ſelves being guilty of and found in the ſame, and doing their work; onely dif­fering here and there in words, formalities & ſome colourable gloſſes, &c.

You ſay page 23. you have all need to joyne heart and hand, to help one another ſafe to heaven, and all little enough you ſay; I anſwer, yea and too little too, for in that nature in will not be done, which teacheth you to wrong Chriſt and Men, for if in that nature you could do it; why might not the Papiſt in the like nature with you, do the ſame? and are not you therein with the Papiſts, one? or if any get out of your ignorance and come from under the wrong, and out of the miſcarriages in obedi­ence to the teachings of Chriſt the true teacher and Saviour whom you wrong, that they get into Heaven before you, or ſit with Chriſt Jeſus in heavenly places, whilſt their bodys are on the earth, as the Saints at Epheſus did, whil'ſt their bodys were there: and ſuch as are ſaved by grace having their ſouls purified in obeying the truth through the Spirit, where ſelfe is denyed, are not you (through ignorance of the way that leads out of error, hereſie, miſcarriages, Popery, and darkneſſe) rea­dy to call ſuch hereticks as are come out of that, and into the glorious light and injoyments of the ſons of God, to worſhip the Father in Spirit, I16 ſay, are you not ready to call ſuch hereticks; who are come out of it (viz) the darkneſſe,Ehe. 1.6. Co. 1.13. 1 Pet. 1.22.23, 24. Reve. Joh. 4.23.24. 2 Cor. 3.16.17. Gal. 4.4, 5, 6, 7.8. 1 Cor. 4.6.7. and hereſie which you live in, and would rank them with the Papiſts under that denomination, to cover and ſhelter your ſelves, thinking to caſt that upon them which they are freed from, and you and the Papiſts are found in union with, and guilty of, being both of you out of the right way and in the wrong, that are neglecters of the work of God and wronging God and men, and living in the miſcarriages, and ſo in the hereſies, error, and diſobedience to the truth, following your own Spirits, and obeying the imagined fancy, formed up in your own wills, and living in the vaine traditions and cuſtomes of the Heathen, as you and they do; but your miſt dazels the eye of none but the willfull blind and ſuch as are in ſleepy ſecurity, and in ſin unturned to God, who are already deceived, and the eye covered or blinded, by which they ſhould ſee both deluſion and hereſie, in which you and they therein agree, who grow worſe, and run yet further from God, &c.

For the Papiſts believe they ſhall never be free from ſin here in this life: and therein they are reprobate concerning the true Goſpel ſoul-ſaving and purifying faith: and you believe the ſame [viz] that you ſhall never be freed from ſin here in this life; and then muſt not you with the Papiſts have a purgatory? ſeeing that nothing which is uncleane ſhall in any wiſe enter into the holy City, Rev. 21.27. and the unrighteous ſhall not inherit the Kingdom of God, as it is ſaid, and by the Ambaſſadour of Chriſt declared, 1 Cor. 6.9, 10. and are not you reprobate concerning the true Goſpel,Gal. 5.20, 21. ſoul-ſaving and purifying faith who denieth the property of it in denying purity of heart; and abid­ing in darkneſſe, and the nature oppoſite to the true light believing, or ſaying you believe, you cannot or ſhall not be free from ſin here in this life, and therefore are not you and the Papiſts both one, and your faith and theirs in nature and property (being dead and corrupt) there­in agreeth together; but I deny the Papiſts and you, the wrongers of Chriſt and Men, and that faith which doth not purifie the heart, & wit­neſſeth that faith and power which doth,Act. 15.89. Hb. 2.10.11. and as the Saints did, as the Scripture witneſſeth, and God which ſearcheth the hearts beareth me witneſſe as he did them who (giveth the holy Ghoſt that) purifieth the heart by faith: and we know that we were not redeemed with corrup­tible things as ſilver and gold, from that vaine converſation which had been received by tradition from your fore Fathers, &c. Who received Silver and Gold, and did not the work which they and you pretended, who took and taketh the diſhoneſt gaine, but we were redeemed by the precious blood of Chriſt, as a lambe without blemiſh, 1 Pet. 1.18.19, 20, 21, 22, 23.

The Papiſts, they ſay they believe in one God & three perſons, & in your A­greement, in the expoſition of the Creed, you ſay the ſame: but neither you nor the Papiſts believe in that God that freeth from ſin without your tra­dition & vaine imagination; who ſay you are in miſcariages growing worſe17 and running yet further from Him: but by what part of Scripture the Pa­piſts and you prove your three perſons I know not; for the Scripture ſpeaketh not ſo, but ſaith there is three witneſſes which three agree in one, & are one,Joh. 14.20. 1 John 5.7.8. Joh. & he that abideth in the doctrine of Chriſt hath both the Father and the Son, 2 Joh. 9. and the holy Ghoſt remaineth within, Joh. 14.15, 16, 17. 1 Joh. 3.24. which you have ſhewed your ignorance of and both of that doctrine, union and faith that in the ſame power doth ſtand, where the flattering and entiſing words of mans wiſdom (like yours and the Papiſts) are judged and condemned,Statute 2. Mariae 1. Chap. 3. as well as ſhut out by that which doth the world comprehend.

The Papiſts they call Steeple-houſes Churches, and there ſell their inventions, and brain-imaginations for their own ends, deceiving ſoules with their traditions and vaine obſervations,Stat of 2. & 3. Edw: 6. Chap. 1. who wrong them and Chriſt himſelfe: and do not you the ſame, and ſuch as are in ig­norance of the foundamentals of true religion, being ignorant of, and out of the way of ſalvation, in the vaine traditions, familiar and perſo­nall inſtructions, ariſing out of the miſcarrying nature,It ſeemes that which is calld Communion or the Sacraments ſo called, were commonly called the Maſſe, as appeares by the Stat 2. & 3. Edw. 6. Chap. 1. and are in ſin and ſleepy ſecurity as you and your hearers (as you ſay) are: therefore in that are not you and the Papiſts both one?

The Papiſts they ſprinkle their Infants, and holds that infants bap­tiſme (as they call it) came in the roome of Circumciſion, and you hold the ſame; therefore in that as well as perſecution and other things, are not you and the Papiſts both one? but what Scripture proofe without your imaginations have you for the ſame, and ſeeing that in the order of Circumciſion they did but circumciſe the male Children onely, and not the female, and, if Infants baptiſme as you and the Papiſts affirme, came into the roome; why do you breake that order, &c. in baptiſing not the males onely (as you call it) but the femnles alſo; what trick hath the Pope taught you and them to make a cover for that?

And do not the Papiſts worſhip that which they have received by tra­dition from their fore-Fathers and alſo ſet up an image according to their fanſie, and imaginary worſhip in their own wills, and the miſcarrying nature contrary to God: binding all they can to ſubmit to their fanſies, and worſhip their Image, and vaine conceivings,Banbury, Briſtoll Exetor, Maid­ſtone, Colcheſter Bedford, &c, and thoſe that can­not for conſcience ſake towards God ſubmit with them to the ſame, but oppoſe their deceipt and falſe worſhip, thoſe they perſecute and impriſ­ſon; and cauſe them to ſuffer affliction, diſtreſſe, and neceſſity, &c. and did not you ſo at Kedderminſter, Worceſter, and Eveſham; as well as they in your nature do at Northampton, Oxford, and Cambridge, and o­ther places, who (do and) have done the ſame; Therefore in that are not you and the Papiſts both one, or guided by one Spirit, and in union together with the deceipt, & c? and would caſt it upon the inno­cent whom you perſecute, that denieth the Popes wayes and your falſe worſhips, and ſtands a witneſſe againſt all deceipt in Pope and Papiſts and all the falſe worſhippers, who are jarring and jangling about words and formalities, & ioyneth together to oppoſe and perſecute the life18 and power of truth, but it is in vaine for you to ſtrive againſt the ſtreame, or hard for you to kick againſt the prickes,Statute 1. Mary 1 Cap. 3. without getting an inward wound or mayme, if not broken and daſht to peeces by ſo doing.

The Papiſts have ſacraments and ſacramentalls, as they (and you) call them, which there is no Scripture for, and you have the ſame; then wherein do you and they therein differ, except in the manner, and a­gree in the matter, and ſo therein become one: and yet you cry out of thoſe, who ranking you with the Papiſts deny both you and them and your will worſhips, and the deceipt and miſcarriages which you and all ſuch live in, who are wrongers of God and Men, and worſhips their fancies formed up in the dark minde, and the imaginations of their own braine, and ſo are without Scripture proofe, and warrant from God for the ſame, as you and they therein are.

John Stelham Preacher of the Goſpel, at Ed­enborough as he ſaith in Scot­land, P. E. &c. Doth not the Papiſts hold that the bread which they receive at a Sacra­ment ſo called, that though it be bread before in the nature & ſubſtance: yet notwithſtanding, would they not have it to be Spirit and Life in the inſtitution at the receiveing, after their conſecration? and if they do ſo, there is of thoſe that call themſelves Preachers of the Goſpel, at Edenborough in Scotland, which Church you ſpeake of; that holds the ſame, as I can produce under their hands, and if you own it with them do you not go againſt the oath of Abjuration, and alſo agree and joyne with the Papiſts therein, and though you may differ in manner, yet owning that; is there not an agreeing in the matter: and if ſo, then do not you and the Papiſts agree therein? and are you not one in the maine, and yet are not aſhamed, ſome of your generation as well as you, to accuſe others for Papiſts, and Jeſuits, that deny all their wayes and falſe worſhips in manner and matter, and denies their deceipt and yours and ſtands to witneſſe againſt the ſame, turning that upon you and them againe, that you may ſee your caſting the name of Papiſts and Jeſuits upon them that denies both their deceipts and yours, neither proveth them to be as you ſay they are, nor cleares your ſelves from the old reliques of Po­pery: and if you take the oath to renounce it all? and yet live in it; are you not forſworne, and perjured perſons, or any that do ſo: conſider well of it.

And what difference is there betwixt the call of the Papiſts, Prieſts, Mimiſters, Rectors, and Curates, &c. to the Miniſtry which they live in, and the call of you the Prieſts, Miniſters, Paſtors, Teachers, and Rectors, as you call your ſelves, to the Miniſtry which you live in? Are not they called of men? And is not your calling the ſame? For had not they the rule of creating of Prieſts, Miniſters, Paſtors, Teachers and Rectors, or ordering amongſt them, &c. (untill the raigne of Henry the 8th. ) in this realme, and then did not he cut the Pope out off that which he had brought forth into Parochiall rights ſo called, as Tithes, Obventions, &c. And did not he ſet up Arch-biſhops and Biſhops, and they created or called your fore-Fathers the Prieſts, Paſtors, and Rectors, and Tea­chers, & c? And were not the Arch-Biſhops, their and your Creators or Callers, cut off by the late Parlirment, and rendered uſeleſſe; and do not you now call and create one another; and if ſo, are not you ſelfe-cal­lers to ſelfiſh Miniſtry? and how can you cleare your ſelves from being in­ſtead19 of young, Popes, or like the young Biſhops that were before you, creating or making and calling, Prieſts, Paſtors, Teachers, and Rect­ors, and ſo ſelf-callers of ſelf-ſeekers, putting out and in at your plea­ſure & diſpleaſure, & ſo are creating, & begetting, or calling one another for your own ends, & now are found (as you ſay) wrongers of Chriſt and men, and therefore may well fear that God will require their blood at your hands, and ſo you are on uncertain grounds, men alſo (as you ſay) of miſ­carriages, growing worſe, and are yet without pardon for the ſame: The papiſts ſets up a worſhip in their wills, and in that nature which teacheth them to neglect the great work of God according to his word, and do not they excommunicate ſuch as will not walk with them in their in­ventions, and worſhip their Imaginary worſhip, ſet up in that na­ture, out of which ariſeth all Miſcarriages, &c. and do not you pro­miſe the ſame? And then wherein do you and the Papiſts differ but onely in the maner? if you do ſo agree in the matter, and be all one in the main, &c.

It is not your calling others Papiſts that are not, that can cleare you from that root; neither doth your ſaying that you are the Miniſters of Chriſt prove you to be ſo: who are found out of his doctrin and not knowing his commandes, or call, his miniſtry and worſhip; that refuſe his way and walk in the practice of his miniſters, who your ſelves are Lords and Maſters, and called by man, approved, ſett up, and are re­ceiving your wages of the world, and perſecuting Chriſts meſſengers that are ſent to witneſſe againſt deceits, and deceivers, and would think to make people believe you to be that which you are not, by caſting that upon others which is yours, received from your fore-fathers, and returns upon you and Papiſts again, to remain from whence it came, and the burthen you are like to bear, and judgment from God ex­pect for the wrong againſt him and men which you do, and have done.

And now that your deceits is made manifeſt and teſtified againſt, you are ſeeking to revive your former work, & to deceive people by your flat­teries and falſe confeſſions and Colourable gloſſes: for you ſet up your will-worſhips, in the nature which is contrary to God, and hath taught you to neglect his work (as you ſay) according to his word, & in that nature by which you have been led into your miſcarriages [and promiſeth ſalvation upon the performance and damnation you threaten upon the refuſall] and ſay you ſhall proceed with thoſe that refuſe, and deal with them as the obſtinate deſpiſers of Inſtruction ought to be dealt withall (but are not you the obſtinate deſpiſers of the Inſtructions of the Lord who have neglected his work &c. and lives in the miſcarriages wronging Chriſt and men & c? then expect to be ſo dealt withall in the firſt place your ſelves) for all this you ſay you will do to others, &c. whilſt you are bewailing your own negligence in the work of God, and confeſſing your Miſcarrigaes, and wrong by you done to God and men, and telling of the little effect which your miniſtry hath wrought, and of your peoples ſleep in ſecurity, and being in ſin unturned to God: and you had then to go a begging for your pardon, May 4. 1655.

20And yet you being in the old birth and the fall, in the evil nature bringing forth ſuch evill fruits, and whilſt unpardoned, you frame your Image, reſolves to go on, and ſtates your time, layes your pe­nalty, and promiſe how you will deal with thoſe that refuſe to (wor­ſhip your Image, ſet up in your wills & the old nature) and will not ſub­mit, you threaten to deal with them as obſtinate refuſers of Inſtructions, but is but ſuch inſtructions as proceeds from your obſtinate ſpirits, which hath kept you in the Miſcarriages and neglect of the work of God,Luke 16.11, 15. Luke 12.45, 46, 27. Math. 25.41, 42. Matth. 7.21, 22, 23. &c. wronging both Men and his Son, and wants your pardon then, as you ſay, for the ſame: and I ſay you cannot tell whether the Lord in the firſt place will deal with you as obſtinate refuſers of his Inſtructions and caſt you out as unjuſt ſtewards for both your obſtinacy, neglgence, and wrong done to men and to Chriſt his Son he hath good grounds to pro­ceed againſt you on, and needs little evidence from others: for your own mouths and tongues hath confeſſed the ſame, and it had been wiſdom to had waited till the triall had been over; and to know whe­ther you ſhould have a pardon or be caſt out for what you in the rebelli­on of your hearts, (againſt the Light and Living truth of God, &c.) have already done: And to ſee how you ſhould have been dealt withall your ſelves for the ſame, before you ſhould have threatened what you would do to others,Rom. 2.5, 6, 8, 9. Rev. 14.9, 10, 11, Rev. 20.10, 13, 14, 15. that refuſeth your Inſtruction. Remem­ber, That when you ſo ſaid, you was not then in the counſel of the Liv­ing God, and therefore you ſpake it without the fear of God, raſhly, out of a reprobate ſence, preſumtuouſly ſaying ſo, before your pardon for your high contempt, that wronged Men and Chriſt, &c. and knew not but that you might be condemned at the judgment ſeat, and caſt out as reprobates and neglecters of the work of God, [and for your Miſcarrariages &c.] into perdition and receive according to your deſerts, and into the pit which for others you have digged you your ſelves to be caſt and be tormented for,Joh. 16.13. Heb. 5.8, 9. at the laſt.

In page the 4. you ſet up your will-worſhips which you call Catechiſme end perſonal familiar inſtruction not being then pardoned, nor knowing the Spirit of Chriſt to guide you [out of your Error, Hereſie, Miſcarri­ages, and Wrong by you done to men and to Chriſt, page 19. & to guide out of deceits & flatteries] into the truth, which ſpirit is for inſtruction, & to guide all that obey it you ſay that Catechiſme & perſonal Inſtruction is for the killing of Ignorance, and quickning the underſtanding, and ſo puts that inſtead of the Spirit,Eph. 2.1. Col. 3. Rom. 8.13 14. 1 Joh. 5 20, Joh. 14.26. which is to Inſtruct and kill Ignorance, and quicken the underſtanding by bringing the things of Chriſt to remembrance, as Chriſt hath ſaid, Joh. 14.26. but wanting the Spirit you ſet up your perſonal and familiar Inſtruction to do it, as it ap­peares by page 21. you Intreat them there to come for ſome familiar con­ference and perſonal inſtruction, for the leſſe they know and remember the more help they need; and you are there calling them to come to you that are untaught, to deny your Miſcarriages, &c. And com­ing from the ſprituall teaching to your perſonall Inſtruction they come from the true meanes and helps: and that is the cauſe why they do not profit, andy on ſet up your paper and perſonal Inſtruction inſtead of the21 ſpirit of truth, which is the guide into all truth; John 16.13. and the remembrancer alſo, killing Ignorance; and is the meanes that pre­vents and keeps from it, &c. but you ſay your Catechiſme and familiar and perſonall Inſtruction is ſo (becauſe you are Ignorant of the ſame) you ſay you obſerve that the younger, when they are once married, will come no more to be Catechiſed publiquely, and too many forget that which before they had learned, which this courſe you ſay may pre­vent but it hath not prevented you [the perſonall familliar ſtructers] for running into miſcarriages and doing wrong to others, neither doth it lead you out of it, who are therein, and without pardon for the ſame, &c. and is people ſo ſilly to think it will do it in them, your hearers, when it hath not yet done it in you their teachers, and wrongers, whereby you manifeſt your ſelves to be meer deluders, and alſo de­ceivers; though the blind ſee you not, yet are you ſeen and your wayes and windings with the true light are diſcovered, comprehended, and with the light, which you act contrary unto,Joh. 8, 12. ſtoh. 14.6. Joh. 15.6. Heb. 5.8, 9. Heb. 7.25. are you to be condemn­ed.

You ſay page 4. that Catechiſing and perſonall Inſtruction is the doctrin of ſalvation? You ſpeak you know not what, and without underſtand­ing of the way of ſalvation, putting that in the rome of Chriſt who is the way to ſalvation, John 14.6. he is the way to the father? Then your Catechiſme and familiar perſonall Inſtruction is not the way, for it is not Chriſt, and no man can come to the Father but by him, John 14.6. And he is perfctely able to ſave to the utmoſt all thoſe that come unto God by him,Gal. 1.9, 10. Heb. 7.25. without your Catechiſme or per­ſonall and familiar Inſtruction: which is ſet up in your old evil and miſcarrying nature,Prge, 19. and 29. who yet know not the way of ſalvation that are ſeting up a way of your own, and turning thereby people as much as in you lieth from Chriſt the true way: to walk in yours, who are curſ­ed Children, neglecters of the work of God, and in your miſcarriages, wanting your pardon for that and your wrong done to Chriſt and to men, &c. (when you ſo ſaid) and then you ſet up your Image, and ſtayed your time, ſaying, you would ſet a convenient ſtated time for that work in your Pariſhes, telling people you will grant their de­ſires, and examine ſome privatly, ſome openly, or as they pleaſe, and ſo manifeſt your ſelves to be men pleaſers, and time-ſervers, when you will, and as you will to pleaſe people for your own ends; rather then loſe your gain: and if their ſoules periſh you will take their moneyes and meanes and tell them on their death bed, when you viſit the ſick, that you dare not ſpeak a word of Comfort unto them; yet you dare take their money in their life time for your deceiving and dead dark, dry, barren and uncomfortable doctrine, and now that your preaching is found ſo uſeleſs you cry up your Catechiſme and perſonal & familiar Inſtructions at a very high rate, ſaying it is that which life or death muſt depend upon (page 10.) but what will it effect more then your preach­ing hath done? even leave people as they was: except in conceits higher, and grow into Ignorance of the power of truth and way of ſalvation22 [for all that] when they have done, as they yet are, and alſo Ignorant of what you your ſolves have many years taught them, whoſe doctrin deceives their ſoules and deprives them of underſtanding the ſame. And if they periſh in their Ignorance, are not you the cauſe of it? who ſayes (in page 11.) you find by experience that the people underſtand not your publick preaching; though you ſtudy to ſpeak as plain as you can:Iſa. 55.2. Jer. 23.30, 31, 32. &c. but do you not take their money for the ſame, and ſo for that which is not bread, neither doth it profit their ſouls, and that after many years too; many you ſay can ſcarce tell any thing you have ſaid: therefore you, and they may ſee how little they are benefited by you, and what little uſe your ſtudied ſtuffe is of, and how uſeleſſe that is which you ſtudy and invent in that old miſcarrrying nature, which doth de­prive peoples underſtandings (of knowing the truth) and ſo keeps them in blindneſſe and Ignorance of the onely true God. And therefore as you ſay in page 19. you are wrongers of Chriſt and of them, and may well fear that God will require their blood at your hands, who make it manifeſt that you have run unſent, and your miniſtry doth not profit the people at all? And how ſhould it be otherwiſe being untaught your ſelves (to come out of your ſelf-ends) but are in the negligence of the work of God, and the miſcarriages, &c. miniſtring from the ſame ſpirit your fore-fathers [time ſervers and men pleaſers] did,Jer., 21, ver. it appeares by the Statute, of 25. H. 8. Cap. 21. The Pope caſt out for his miſcarriages and uſurpation and beguiling the people, &c, that were not the ſervants of Chriſt, and now you are mainfeſt to be the unprofitable ſervants and miniſtry (for to be accounted or rendered vſeleſſe as theirs is) or be holden accurſed as it is ſaid in Gal. 1.8, 9. 2 Cor. 16.22.

The Pope that had the rule amongſt Tythes and ſuch like things &c. [till Hen. 8.] here in England, was not he put out for his miſcarri­ages, and after the Pope was put out by Hen. 8. did not then the Arch-Biſhops bear rule [in his ſtead,] and ſet up Prieſts, Rectors and Curates, and did not they as you do [and all their Branches as Pre­lates, Epiſcopals, Prieſts, Rectors, and Curates, &c.] open their mouthes wide to ſpeak firſt in their own cauſe and behalf, to cry up them­ſelves by the name of the Miniſters of Chriſt, as you do? and did not they cry up their miniſtry and meanes as Jure divino, but they were diſcovered and made manifeſt that they was not ſo. And your fore-fa­thers the Arch-biſhops, & Biſhops &c. were found in Miſcarriages, & was they not both wrongers of men and of Chriſt, and cut off, (or turned out) for their Miſcarriages, & c? And by the late Parliment they were diſ-annulled and rendered uſeleſſe, and they are cryed down and their mouthes ſtopt (viz.) the Arch-Biſhops and Biſhops, &c. who cryed themſelves up with as wide a mouth as you can do ſaying, they was the Miniſters of Chriſt, (and Jure divino &c.) and were ready to call all hereticks, and the like, that diſſented from them, and witneſſed a­gainſt their deceits: and how did they puniſh & afflict them for the ſame? And have not you learned to walk in their ſteps? And did not the Epiſco­pals, and Prelates, & thoſe that were branches of the Biſhops (as you are) o as you do? and cryed up themſelves by the name of the Miniſters23 of Chriſt, and counted others Hereticks and were ready to rank them with Papiſts as you do? But was not the Prelates, and Epiſcopals, ſound to be in the Miſcarriages, and wrongers of God and Men as you are, and was not they cut off and turned out for their Miſcarriages & c? And are not they ſilent and their mouths ſtopt and cryed down, though they were forward to cry up themſelves as you do, and to call others Sectaries and Hereticks that are not ſo as you are, but though you now open your mouthes wide to cry up your ſelves, as your fore-fathers did, (being a bough or branch from them) yet with the Light you are now ſeen: and if they was cut off (or turned out) for their miſcarri­ages and wrong done to Chriſt and to men; do you deſerve to ſtand who are found in, and confeſſing the ſame? But when you have filled up your meaſures and comes by all to be ſeen in the ſame, muſt not you then deſcend, and turn back from whence you came and be as you are, men in miſcarriages and neglecters of the great work of God, wronging men and Chriſt as you ſay, and your fruirs with your Agreement ſtands witneſſe againſt you: but in patience let all that ſee your deceits poſſeſe their ſoules and praiſe God for the riches of his love that hath led them out of your miſcarriages, and from under your miſt or popiſh darkneſſe, into the pure and glorious light, and teaching of Chriſt, wherein they are growing in grace,Col. 2.3, 4, 5, 6. Eph. 3.17.18, 19, Col 2.7, 8, 9. Col 3.12, 13, 14 15. Ephe. 5.11, Rev. 3.9. being rooted and grounded in the true Goſpel, ſoul-ſaving purifying faith, in which their ſoules are purify­ed, whoſe loves runs out unto the bretheren, from a pure heart, be­ing of the new birth, 1 Pet. 22.23. and denying your deceits and dead doctrin, who witneſſe againſt the works of darkneſſe and all that which proceeds from your Miſcarrying nature, and from the popiſh root and that ſpirit of deceit by which you wrong men and Chriſt, and are neglecters of his work, and without pardon for the ſame, &c. Rev. 14.9, 10, 11. Growing worſe and runing yet further from God, as you alſo ſay.

And you ſay page 19, It aſtoniſhed you many times, when you have occaſion to talke with your hearers,page 19. to perceive that they know very little of the doctrin which you ſay you have been preaching to them ſo many yeares there? The people may take notice of the un­profitableneſſe of your preaching and miniſtry, and that they have ſpent their money upon you for that which is no bread, and doth not after long time hearing and living under (little or) not at all profit them:Luke. 16, 15. but how ſhould it profit Them, when it hath not taught You to come out of your miſcarriages, and that curſed nature from which your wrong to Chriſt and men doth proceed, in which wrongfull and miſcarrying, nature your miniſtry ſtands, and therefore is not like to profit the peo­ple. But you ſpeak in your own behalf, as ſelf juſtifyers, Phariſies, falſe Prophets, and Hypocrits uſe to do: and you ſay you know that they muſt underſtand it or periſh; & yet though they have made uſe of you, and ſpend their time and money upon you, you have not, nor doth not bring them to underſtand it: and then with you their miſcarrying and un­taught teachers, them to underſtand it: and then with you their miſcarrying and un­taught teachers, they (accordingly as you ſay) are like to periſh, yet24 you cry up your own way at a very high rate for your own ends, and ſets the price of a periſhing condition without the underſtanding of [your brain Imaginations, which you call] your preachings [or your humane Inventions] and poor people your hearers, &c. that after they have ſpent their labour and meanes or money upon you this many years, yet want their underſtanding, and benefit from you: therefore it is high time for them to ceaſe from you and hearken to the light of Chriſt in their conſcience, that calls to repentance that it they may o­bey and thereby come into the teaching of God, Iſa. 54.13. Joh. 6.46. which cauſeth all to profit, 1 Cor. 12.7. that obey the true light and follow the ſame, Ioh. 8.11. Heb. 5.8, 9.

But people have many yeares heard you and are yet little (or nothing at all as you ſay) benefited by you, for they remain yet in Ignorance &c. you ſay, and are like to do ſo for you, I ſay: Whoſe miniſtry ſtands in your wills, and not in the will of God, and can alter and change as times and mens wills alter and change, but now that you ſee your miniſtry doth not kill Ignorance, &c. you are uſing the ſame meanes which your fore-fathers did, to do it, but left undone: and is found with you in the Error, Hereſies, and Miſcarriages, but you ſay that Catecthiſme and per­ſonall Inſtruction is a great meanes to overcome that killing Ignorance, &c. page 9. If ſo, how was it that the ſame meanes viz. per­ſonall Catechizing and familiar Inſtruction from the ſame ſpirit, that led into miſcarriages and to wrong men and Chriſt as you do, did not kill that killing Ignorance in the time of the Pope, Prelates, Epiſco­palls, and old out-caſt (or) rooted out Biſhops, whoſe branches from that body (are you)? and did not they ſet people on the ſame work, and to uſe the ſame meanes as you do? (which did not kill it, &c.) they ſet them to get the Creed as you call it, and the ſame Creed as you do, and the Lords prayer, ten Commandements, and thoſe Cate­chiſmes which they as well as you call Orthodox Catechiſmes, and their old Expoſiters as you do, and yet the killing Ignorance is unkilled amongſt you their off-ſpring, that growes a little more into ſubtilty, and gets words to talk of, and ſets people to get a few words, by you [ſummed together to talk of] but are out of the life of them: and are in pride, coveteouſneſſe, vain glory, ſelf conceitedneſſe, Error and Hereſies, perſecution and commiting abomination in as high a degree as your fore-fathers did, though under a refined ſubtilty, who pretends much in words, but brings forth the ſame evil fruits from the ſame old birth, and evil Spirit as they [and ſuch did] that drew neer to God,Iſa. 29.10.11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. Iſa. 59.23, 4. &c. with their mouthes, and lips, when their hearts were farr from him: and deviſing miſchief, and bringing forth cruelty, and wicked­neſſe like you, and your hearers that are aſleep or in the ſleepy ſecu­rity, and in Ignorance, in ſin unturned to God, and you their teachers neg­lecters of the work of God and in the miſcarriages, wrongers of them and of Chriſt, as you ſay; and yet, in your ſelf commendation, you are not aſhamed to call your ſelves the Lords labourers, when you are wrongers of him and the people; and neglecters of his work, alſo liv­ing25 in the miſcarriages: and where you tell of a land of light, and a garden; you are found to be out of both, and in darkneſſe, and the field of wickedneſſe, in whoſe hearts the miſcarriages and weeds grows: and where you ſay, The Lord hath not dealt ſo with every Nation? I ſay,Mark. 7.21.22 22. Rom. 1.28, 29 &c. not ſo much yet: as to diſcover to the inhabitants their teachers abominations and miſcarriages, and cauſe their own mouthes to utter, and their pens to write the ſame againſt themſelves, and their fruits to confirme it, as in this Nation you and yours doth, and hath done, which is but the fore-runners or firſt diſcovered, and ſo much made manifeſt before other Na­tions, who have not yet heard and ſeene what we have done. Moſt of the world you ſay, page the 17. do lie in the darkneſſe of, Heatherniſme, Idolatry, Infidelitie, and Mahometaniſme; and too much of Chriſten­dome in the darkneſſe of Popery and Hereſie. True all the world lieth in wickedneſſe I ſay, and ſo ſaith the Scriptures I Joh. 5.19. but we know that we are of God, and you (in that wickedneſſe and Popiſh dark­neſſe) that are in the miſcarriages are of the world, &c. And what can Heatheniſme, Idolatry, Infidelity, Mahometaniſme, Popery, and Here­ſie, (though by pretended Chriſtians) bring forth more againſt the ho­nour of God, &c. then to live in the miſcarriages, keep alive in killing ig­norance, wronging both men and Chriſt, and neglect the work of God, according to his word, &c. growing worſe and yet run further from God (as you do) and if Papiſts, Idolaters, Infidels, Mahometans, and Here­tiques can bring forth nothing more againſt the honour of God, (and deſtruction of ſouls) then to live in killing ignorance unkilled, and in miſcarriages unpardoned, and in ſin unturned to God, in ſleepie ſecu­rity, wronging both God and men, and neglecting the work of God ac­cording to his word, growing worſe and running yet further from God: then you and your hearers are found in the ſame, and ſo agreeing in that old nature from whence ariſeth negligence, miſcarriages, Idolatry; Po­perie, Infidelity, Heatheniſme, and Mahometaniſme, Hereſie, &c. and being out of the new birth in the old, & guided by that nature and Spirit, do you not with Heathens, Popes, Turks, Heretiques, and Infidels agree in the maine for they can but live in the miſcarriages, aſleep in ſecurity, works of darkneſſe, in ſin unturned to God, & in killing ignorance unkill­ed, neglecting the work of God according to his word, to wrong Chriſt & men, growing worſe and running futther from God, which you and your hearers are found in, and doth the ſame as your fruits and book (called Agreement) doth againſt you ſtand witneſſe, &c. and here (by your fruits ſpirits and your words) you are left amongſt your own (with infidels, idolaters, Popes, Turks, and Heretiques) that are of the old birth and wicked ſeed, out of the way of ſalvation, neglecting Gods work, and perſecuting or doing the work of the Devill, in a high mea­ſure, amounted ſo high as to turne wrongers of Chriſt and of men, and ſo are deceivers of ſouls, and therefore inſtead of a pardon, expect judg­ment & greater condemnation, like ſuch, Mark. & Math. 23.31.32, 33. &c. Behold! are you not left deſolate, being ſhut out of Chriſts Miniſtry, and from amongſt Chriſtians, and are in the nature of Popes,26 Papiſts, Idolaters, Infidels, Heretiques, and the Mahometans, &c. that are upon the ſame evill root, living on the evill tree, and bring­ing forth the evill fruit, though you differ in ſome words and Coloura­ble Gloſſes,Math. Iſa. you are of the curſed root, and beares that fruit that is a­curſed, and can deceive none but the deceived, ſuch as are of that evill ſeed, bearing evill fruit, who are ſtrangers to the new birth, and without the true knowledge of the living God, and now your vizors or covers are too narrow, and all your garniſhing and Colourable Gloſſes will not maske nor hide you,Act ver. Act 26, 26. 1 Tim. 3. Tit. 1.7. 1 Pet. 2 Cor. 6.3.4 5.6. but leaves you naked and bare; In that which you call your Warrant; you ſay, the Holy-Ghoſt made you overſeers, &c. but you have proved your ſelves liers, for the Holy-Ghoſt makes thoſe o­verſeers that do not neglect the work of God, and ſuch as are out of miſ­carriages, that ſhun not to declare the Counſel of God freely, and co­vets no mans Silver nor Gold, who are not perſecuters nor wrongers of God, but ſuch as are blameleſſe as the ſtewards of God, &c. Tit. 1.7. But you that are wrongers of men and of Chriſt, and neglecters of the work of God (according to his word) growing worſe, and running yet further from God,2 Cor. 41.2. 2 Tim. 3.10, 1 Thſ. 4.7. you never were made overſeers by the Holy-Ghoſt, & therefore you have lied of or againſt the Holy Ghoſt, & ſo are liers againſt God the Father of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt, for in page. 3.4. you tell of your unfaith­fulneſſe or negligence, and are bewaileing the ſame, as you ſay, and wanting a pardon, and yet you confute your ſelves in uttering your lies, for your own ends, where you are ſeeking your praiſe in that, called your Exhortation, &c. page 17.18.19. &c. Saying, it hath pleaſed the Lord of the Harveſt to ſend forth laborers into this part of his Harveſt, though you confeſſe too weake and imperfect, yet more numerous, and faithfull, and diligent, then moſt of his Churches elſewhere, proportionably can ſhow. That God hath ſent forth labourers into his Harveſt, is true; and they are ſtrengthened by him to labour againſt your deceipt, and they are both diligent and faithfull in his work, who neither wrong Chriſt nor men: but if you meane that you are thoſe labourers or would have people to believe that you are; your own words and fruits do witneſſe a­gainſt you, that you ave not labourers in the Lords Harveſt, nor ſent by him, that are neglecters of his worke; and in miſcarriages not pardoned for the ſame, and then not ſent: neither are you faithfull and diligent, that are in the miſcarriages, and negligent, your own words are your con­tradictions, and ſelfe confutations, and if ignorance be the cauſe that thouſands periſh; if your people periſh, are not you the cauſe of it? that hath your people in ſuch ignorance; that though they can talk under­ſtandingly about the matters of the world, yet they can ſcarce ſpeake a word of ſence about the matters of ſalvation as you ſay, (page 19.) and upon the experience of their ignorance, you have been bought to conſi­der of your negligence, and to know how you have wronged Chriſt and them, in feare leaſt God ſhould require their blood at your hands: though you would put off with flatteries and excuſes; be ſure the Lord will call you to a ſwer before his judgment ſeate for it; your triall is not yet paſt: and your pardon you have not, and where you ſay he hath27 wonderfully diſpelled (or expelled) the miſts of Popery: I anſwer yea that he hath, and therefore thoſe that dwell in his light ſees you in thoſe miſts undiſpelled, that are ſuch deceivers and wrongers of men and of Chriſt, page 18.19. and you ſay many of Gods ſervants have laid down their lives in flames in witneſſe againſt it, I anſwer ſo they have; but what is that to you that are in the miſcarriages and wronging Chriſt and men, growing worſe and running (as you ſay) yet further from God, &c. who are caſting or cauſing to be caſt into Priſon, and perſecuting the Lords faithfull witneſſes, that are ſent to witneſſe againſt your deceipts, and gaainſt all the Popiſh miſts of darkneſſe, in which miſts and dark­neſſe are ſuch as are wrongers of God and men, in the hereſis and miſ­carriages as you are, who being in that miſt of darkneſſe and the miſ­carrying nature, which hath taught you to lie againſt God and his work (page 18.) ſaying, he writes his law in the hearts of his living witneſſes imperfectly. I ſay you are ignorant of the living witneſſes; being your ſelves dead branches and perſecuters of his living witneſſes, as the filling of your Priſons & cruell uſage at worceſter, Eveſham, Banbury, Oxford, Northampton, and other places may witneſſe, which perſecution and cruelty (proceeds from that Popiſh miſt, or the miſcarring nature) being works of darkneſs and are reproved by us Epheſians, 5.11. and as you have ſhowed your ig­norance of the living witneſſes in whoſe hearts the law of God is written, ſo have you ſhowed that you are ignorant of the writeing of the law in the heart, and ignorant of the law written therein, that accounteth the work of God an imperfect worke, and accounteth God to be an im­perfect writer of the law in the heart. If he have written his law in the heart of his living witneſſes imperfectly as you ſay, who muſt perfect it? would not you be the perfecters of it? or make people beleive in you to do it, who are the tranſgreſſers of it, being in the miſcarriages grow­ing worſe, &c. And, as you ſay you are wrongers of men and of Chriſt; ſo are you wrongers of God himſelfe, that calls his work an imperfect work, and accounts God himſelfe to be an imperfect worker, and to do his work imperfectly; when he is a perfect worker and his works are perfect, and ſo doth he write his law perfectly in the hearts of his faithfull living witneſſes, as both they and the Scripture beare a true teſtimony, though yours be falſe and not true (therein). And here I charge you (42 Prieſts Teachers, Paſtours, Miniſters, Rectors,) in the preſence of the Lord to be falſe witneſſes, and lyers againſt God and his work, and his law which he writes perfectly in the hearts of his living witneſſes, as the Scrip­ture witneſſeth, Jer. 31.33. Heb. 8.10.11. The Lord is a perfect worker, and his law is perfect, ſo doth he write it perfectly, to do its work: Give eare ô ye Heavens and I will ſpeak ſaith the Lord God (whoſe words witneſſeth againſt you, and all falſe witneſſes that are knowne by your falſe teſtimony, therefore ſaith he) heare ô earth the words of my mouth. Deut. 32.1.2 my doctrine ſhall drop as the raine, my ſpeech ſhall diſtill as the dew, as the ſmal raine upon the tender hearbs, and as the ſhowers upon the graſſe, becauſe I will publiſh the name of the Lord: aſcribe ye greatneſſe unto our God, He is the Rock, his work is perfect, Deut. 2832.34. As for God, his way and work is perfect, the word of the Lord is tried, he is a buckler to all thoſe that truſt in him: for who is God ſave the Lord, or who is the Rock ſave our God? It is God that girdeth me with ſtrength, faith David, and maketh my way perfect, Pſa. 18.30, 31, 32. And this the living witneſſes, in whoſe hearts the law of God were per­fectly written, witneſſeth, againſt you 42 falſe witneſſes, that ſaith It is imperfect; but your folly is made manifeſt (as well as your falſe teſti­mony) in your Agreement.

But this is but like thy former writing, Richard Baxter (in that deceit­full booke of thine which James Nayler anſwered in print, as I did in writing, and ſent to have come to thee, before I knew of the printing of thine, or James his anſwer to that called the Quakers Catechiſme) where­in thy deceipt was (to ſome purpoſe) made manifeſt, in which thou pour­ed forth the venome and filth out of thy old bottle: And did'ſt thou not ſay that when (ſuch as you) the Miniſters were overtaken with a lazie fit they could preach without ſtudy, as well as a woman fit for the gumble ſtoole: and hath not the lazie fit overtaken thee, and you 42 Miniſters, that you have declared your lazineſſe or negligence, and preached in your Agreement (or therein declared) your ignorance of God and the truth, and of the law in the heart, perfectly written in the heart, by the true and perfect writer of the ſame, in his faithfull witneſſes, who beares teſtimony againſt your deceipts and filthineſſe, which you daylie make manifeſt, who (as you ſay) grow worſe, and are running yet further from God.

You ſay in your Agreement, page 26. that repentance is a through turning from the fleſh and the world to God, &c. then they that through­ly turne from the fleſh and the world to God, they turne out of imper­fection unto perfection: and art not thou here in words become a Prea­cher of that which thou Richard Baxter in thy book called the Quakers Catechiſme, there, called the doctrine of the Devil, for thou called the doctrine of perfection in that booke the doctrine of the Devil: and here, in thy agreement thou Acknowledged covertly that which thou therein denied openly, and ſaith in that called your Warrant that you are to preſent every man perfect, &c: And if it was the Devils doctrine to preach perfection; and the Papiſts dung to feed on, as therein (to wit the booke called the Quakers Catechiſme) thou ſaid it was: Then art not thou either denying in your agreement, what in the other thou aſſerted, and ſo art thy own confuter and ſelfe contradicter; or elſe if thou do not ſo, doſt not thou now preach that which thou therein ſaid, the Devill bred, Chriſt deteſted, and none that had any ſparke of true grace ever believed or received. And beſides, doeſt not thou indeavour to feed peo­ple with it which thou therein called the papiſts dung? Conſider well of it, and where thou ſaid in thy ſcorne, when you have rubbed your eyes give us leave to ſmell the Pope in your endeavours; but now behold thou thy folly, and that Popiſh miſt or darkneſſe, which thou art in, how it hath blinded thy mind, and led thee into ſelfe contradictions; and to manifeſt the mote thy confuſion who art ſpeaking thou knows not what,29 but by imagination that art not yet to repentance come, and therefore art very unfit to preachRepentance or Perfection either: for if repentance be (as thou ſays and the 41 more in conſent and approbation with thee) in that Agreement (viz) a through-turning from the fleſh and the world to God, page 26. then you are not yet come to repentance, that are not throughly turned from the world, & the fleſh unto God, but are in the world & the ſleſhin the miſcariages & negligence, page 3. & 4. & wrongers of men & of Chriſt, page 19. There­fore behold your folly made manifeſt, 2 Tim. 3.8.9. who ſay you grow worſe and ſo it appeares (and that you are in confuſion) and that is a cleare Character to know evil men and ſeducers by, as the Scripture ſaith; for they ſhall grow worſe and worſe, 2 Tim. 3, 13.

And remember, Richard Baxter, in thy book of ſlander called the Qua­kers Catechiſme thou didſt not onely ſlander us and all the Saints and ſervants of God and Miniſters of the Goſpel (to prove thy ſelfe to be none of them) but thou alſo ſlandered God himſelf, and Chriſt his Son: as well as in thy Agreement thou ſaies thou have wronged both Chriſt: and men, and yet continues therein (growing worſe and running on) a though thou uſe words of flatteries to make Colourable Gloſſes for thy own ends, yet art thou comprehended and ſeen, as in thy other thou was who wronged God and Chriſt, and all the Saints and Miniſters of the everlaſting truth and Goſpel of God, (ſhowing thy ſelfe to be ignorant of them, &c:) for thou ſaid the doctrine of perfection was bred by the Devill, thou believed: and here thou art reprobate concerning the faith that ſtands in the power; where thy entiſing words are ſhut out and all the deceivers: for God himſelfe bred or brought forth firſt that doctrine of perfection, and not the Devil as thou haſt ſaid. And here Richard Baxter I charge thee in the preſence of God to be a falſe witneſſe againſt the e­ternall truth, and alſo to be a ſlanderer of the truth, and art againſt God himſelfe, who firſt preached that doctrine of perfection, viz. the do­ctrine of ſinleſſe perfection, and ſaid to Abraham when he appeared to him at the age of 99. yeares, or when Abraham was 99. yeares old, and preached the doctrine of perfection unto him, when he promiſed to make a covenant with him, and multiply him exceedingly: he ſaid unto him at that appearance and in his doctrine, I am the Almighty God walke before me and be thou perfect, Gen. 17.1.

But Abraham did not croſſe the doctrine of perfection preached by the Almighty God, (at 99. yeares old) and ſay, he could not be perfect; as ma­ny of the Prieſts diſciples and ſuch in the old nature of miſcarriages (like you) do now, that ſay you cannot be perfect (though God and Chriſt com­manded it) neither did Abraham ſay that the doctrine of perfection was a doctrine of the Devill, or firſt bred by him as thou Richard Baxter hath ſaid (in the booke called the Quakers Catechiſme) but art without proof for the ſame;Genc. 17.1. Math. 5.48. and haſt thou not called the doctrine of Almighty God the doctrine of the Devil? and beſides haſt thou not called the Almigh­ty God (a Devil) as the Jewes, cheife Preiſts, and ſuch in thy nature called Chriſt a Belzebub or Prince of Devils, in that wicked ſlander of30 thine? where thou ſaid thou believed the doctrine of perfection was firſt bred by the Devill,Joh. 8.48, 49.50, 51, 52, 53. Mark 3.22. when it was firſt bred or brought forth and preached by the Almighty God himſelfe: and how wilt thou cleare thy ſelfe from the ſin againſt the Holy-Ghoſt, who art not a wronger of men only, but of God and Chriſt, alſo? and now hath in thy Agreement with the 42. Prieſts, Miniſters, Paſtors, Teachers