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A Grounded Voice, or ſome Diſcoveries offered to the view, with certain Queries propounded to the Conſideration of the whole Army in England, Scotland, and Ireland, Officers and Common-Souldiers, Horſe and Foot.

VVITH Certain Queries to the Anabaptiſts in particular that Bear any Office, either in Court or Army, under the preſent ſelf-created Politick Power.

And thou profane wicked Prince of Iſrael, whoſe day is come, when iniquity ſhall have aend. Thus ſaith the Lord God, remove the Diadem and take of the Crown: This ſhall not be the ſame: exalt him that is low, and abaſe him that is high. I will over­turn, overturn, overturn it, and it ſhall be no more.

To the Decreaſing Army of O. Cromwell.

SIR's! what are your ayms and intentions? VVhat are your perſwaſions? Are they, we ſhall live for ever inſulting and domineering over our Brethren? Think ye, that the day of your viſitation ſhall never come? Shall ye for ever plunder and none reſiſt! Shall ye alwayes hurry to Priſon and none cry out violence and ſpoile: VVill ye, who once was vali­ant againſt tyrants, now (coward-like) uphold and maintain tyrants: If you will ſo, open your deaf-ears and hear what the Angel ſaith, you ſhall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation, &c. Rev. 14.10. The night is far ſpent (haſt, haſt!) and the day's at hand! the ſhadows begin's to fly away, the mornings ready to break forth; do not you ſee how Antichriſt hath and is, and more ſhall be put to it to keep himſelf on the Stage, and tis becauſe his night of ignorant darkneſſe is al­moſt gone, wherein he wrought becauſe his works are evill, and will not abide the light of the Sun? Pray conſider what you doe! ſee ye not that the truth (which is ſtrongeſt of all) begins afreſh to juſtle Antichriſt and to check him, and (ere long) will juſtle him into the Pit of Deſtruction? Amen.


Friends, (Oh that you were the friends of Zion then would you rejoyce!) what ſee you thats beautifull in your Maſters, that you are ſo loath (or rather fearfull) to change them? Can you (without an hard and ſeared conſcience) maintain a man, who by cheating, lying, perjury, plotting, diſſimulation and hipocriſie, have gotten himſelf ſeated into the Sadle of wickedneſſe? Surely if you do, you are as much guilty as himſelf, and ſo will incur the ſame puniſhment with him and the reſt of his partakers.

Therefore remember that day which is at the doore, the day of the Lords viſitation, wherein you (as inhabiters of the old heavens and earth with your Kings, mighty-men, chief-Captains, &c.) will be forced to run to the rocks (or ſtrength) of the mountains (Mo­narch's and Monarchies) crying, fall on us, fall on us! and hide us from the face of him that ſits on the throne: It was wont to be your Maſters that ſate on the Throne; but now the caſe is altered, he (the Lamb) ſits on the Throne, oh hide us from his face; for the great day of his wrath is come, and who ſhall be able to ſtand? Rev. 6.16, 17. What will become of your Protector in this day? where will be his ſtrength? he's become helpleſſe, and all his and your cryings will be then in vain: For verily if you continue Chriſts enemies till that day, it may be ſaid of you as twas ſaid of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, and thereby Moſes, if theſe men dye the common-death of all men; or if they be viſited after the viſitation of all men; then the Lord hath not ſent me. Numb. 16.29.

Theſe Queries was writ on purpoſe for the good and benefit of your ſouls and bodies, to ſee if you would yet hearken to the voice of God and live; and therefore we humbly be­ſeech you for Chriſt Ieſus his ſake, for Zions ſake, and for your ſouls ſake, to hearken and give ear whilſt the voice of pitty cryes, come freely and buy without mony or priſe, even wine and milk, the waters of life, Iſa. 55.1. for this voice will not cry long in our ſtreets: there is another Diſpenſation at the doore, and the Doctrine is, Fear God and give glory to him, for the houre of his judgment is come, Rev. 14.7. Chriſt will no more beſeech his enemies, but if they will repent ſo; if not, the houre of his judgment is com, and every one that is found (in oppoſition to him) ſhall be thruſt thorow, and every one that is joyned to them, ſhall fall by the ſword, Iſa. 13.15. if you'l not repent, you ſhall be cut in pieces: Alas, alas! what a dreadfull ſlaughter will Chriſt make among his enemies, All his garments ſhall be dyed in blood; his vertue is dipt in blood: Iſ. 63.1, 2, 3. Rev. 19.13. He will tread his enemies in his an­ger, and trample them in his fury: A battell will the Lord fight against his enemies with burning and fuell of fire: Iſa. 9.5. Therefore come in, before this day come, for the Stone is almoſt ready to riſe, it begins to ſtruggle, and yet a little while, and it fals on the Feet of the Image, and breaks them to pieces; ſurely all that is Antichriſtian ſhall then be viſited of the Lord of hoſts with thunder and with earth-quake, and great noiſe, with ſtorm and tem­peſt, and the flame of devouring fire: Dreadfull judgments indeed! Oh that we could but expreſſe unto you the nearineſſe of the Time, and the dreadfulneſſe of the judgments, and the unheard of execution then to be done upon Chriſts enemies.



Grounds and Queries to the Army, &c.

IN the laſt (and overturning) dayes when the Kings and Rulers (thoſe Branches ſprung from the old Draggon their root) of the old Earth ſhall hear the Declaration and Procla­mation of the Decree of the Lord of hoſts, to ſet Jeſus of Nazareth hill, King upon the hill of Zion, as Judge, Ruler and Law-giver, not onely of his Church, but in and over the whole Earth, therein to raign and rule by his laws, And to break and daſh in pieces (by and in his Saints, that Stone which is not in the hands of any Power of this earth whatſoever. Dan. 2.34.45. ) the whole Roman Monarchy or Fourth Beaſt as now divided, bearing rule over the whole Earth: Either by Heatheniſh Emperors and Kings, or by refined Rulers; taking in the whol Kingdome of Antichriſt, the laws of his kingdom, the makers of his laws, the pleaders of his laws, and the executors of them high and low, under what name or title ſoever: ſo as to leave no place for them, except the lake of fire and brimſtone; the portion of the Dragon, Beaſt, and Falſe prophet, with their partakers and dependants: when (we ſay) the Beaſts, Kings and Ru­lers ſhall hear the Proclamation of this Decree; Then ſhall they ſet themſelves with all the might and power the Dragon hath given them, and take Councel, politick, cunning, and craf­ty-councel (it being the laſt game they have to play) againſt the Lord and his anointed; whom this decree proclaims King: David's now anointed, that's the reaſon Saul perſues him ſo hotly; crying, Let us! Let us! they'r all for acting their curſed deſign of breaking the bands of Chriſts Kingdome, and caſting away (as a thing deſtructive) the cords or laws thereof; all this rage and fury is but to imagine a vain thing. Pſ. 2.1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9. This alſo is the thoughts or vain imaginations of the little horn: fain would he change and put far off the times of this kingdom; theſe bands and change the laws or cords thereof, Dan. 7.2 5. He thinks alſo to change the time and laws of thoſe three Nations under his Dominion. And therefore,

Queries 1Whether or no, your Rulers and Heads (who keep dark and hidden councels of wickednes) be not thoſe very Rulers (diſtinguiſhed from the Kings of the earth by that title) that in this day take cunning and crafty councell point black againſt the Lords anointed, his bands and cords againſt the very kingdom and laws of Chriſt Jeſus, in and over the Nations; endeavouring thereby to ſet up, and firmly eſtabliſh the kingdome and laws of Antichriſt in all their uſurped dominions, in oppoſition to the Lords?

Queries 22. Whether the Lord that ſitteth in the heaven doth not laugh at them for ſuch folly and madnes, as for a few worms, to ſet themſelves againſt the great and mighty God? Hath not the Lord them in deriſion? doth not the Lord ſpeak to them in his wrath? By his judgments that meets the deſigns in their very face, doth not the late judgments of deſtruction in Hi­ſpaniola, and thereabouts ſpeak to them in wrath? Is nor the multitude, forſaken that flees before a ſmal company? doth not the Lord vex and torment them in his ſore diſpleaſure? if ſo.

Queries 3Whether or no it be not dangerous, yea and very dangerous for you to continue any obedience to them; to execute any of their laws, or to receive any hire or wages from them, becauſe 'tis the prize of blood; leaſt thereby you be found under this notion of a people imagining a vain thing (as to think the kingdom of Oliver Cromwel can ſtand againſt Chriſts) and thereby become guilty of High treaſon againſt the great king of kings; and ſo (at his ap­pearance) be daſhed to pieces (with your Rulers) like a potters veſſel by him, or in the mean time be cut off and deſtroyed as your fellows in the late expedition?

Queries 4Whether or no your head Ruler, with his government, that ſtands up over the three Kingdomes pluckt up by him, be not that ſame little horn, that ariſes after and among the ten horns or kingdoms, ſubject to Antichriſt, who is to reign for three years and a half, and there­in to perſecute the Saints; ſeeing he (above all his fellows, with more eagerneſſe, greater ſtratagems, and ſubtiller devices then any of his fellow horns) indeavours to change the times, and laws of Chriſts kingdom, now ready to break forth in power and great glory, Dan., 21.24, 25. and not only ſo, but hath changed the times of theſe Nations deliverance, anmade them the••imes of his exaltation; and hath made null and void thoſe laws, which pvided for the ſafety and welfare of England, Scotland, and Ireland.


Ground. 2When the time of Babylons deſtruction is ready to come upon her from the Lord, the Lord will cauſe his people, thoſe that ſhall not partake of her plagues (which are ſo dreadfull to make a moſt full, abſolute, and totall ſeparation from her, by coming out of her; by ſeparating from all Powers, Perſons and things, that are any ways Babylon ſh, unclean, or Antichriſtian; Gods people muſt come out of, and depart from Babylon Civill, and Babylon-Eccleſiaſtical, Rev. 14.14. Jer. 51.6.45. c. 50.8. Iſa. 52.11. 2 Cor. 6.17.

Que. 1Que. Whether or no you are not in Babylon, yea deeply in Babylon? in the very midſt of her; liſted under her banner, in oppoſition to thoſe liſted under the Banner of Jeſus Chriſt the Lamb, whileſt you daily obey the commands of her Powers, daily (almoſt) going about robbing and diſpoiling your brethren of their goods and eſtates, becauſe they will not pay taxes, nor con­tribute to the upholding of the kingdom of Antichriſt; puting the yoak of bondage upon the neck of a free people, incouraging Prieſts and Lawyers to preſſe the ſouls and bodies of the Lords people, whilſt you are ready at hand to uphold them in thoſe cruelties? If ſo,

Que. 2Whether or no you do not hereby endanger your very ſouls; ſeeing to depart out of Ba­bylon is to ſave the ſoul; then whether or not to ſtay in her, be not to deſtroy the ſoul, Jer. 51 6.45. And if ſo? 3. Whether or no it ſhould not now be your chiefeſt, greateſt, and only care, to make a ſpeedy and an effectuall ſeparation from and out of her, in obedience to that voice of the Lord, which ſounds ſo loud in your ears now, by reaſon of the deſtruction com­ming forth; and ſpeedily come forth of, and leave your curſed imployments of acting for mony in the Army, and ſo as faſt as may be ſeparate from her in all other points? Is it better (O ſouldiers! to keep the mark of this Beaſt in your foreheads openly, then to liſt your ſelves under the Banner of Jeſus Chriſt?

Ground 3When the Lord hath drawn his people out of Babylon, its not for nought, but it is that they may act for him and his kingdom againſt his enemies, and the kingdome and power of the Beaſt: they muſt then wait on the Lord in the way of his judgments, Iſa. 26. . as ſoon as the voice come out is accompliſhed, out comes the command, reward her even as ſhe rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which ſhe hath filled, fill to her double, &c. Rev. 18.6. So that as ſoon as the Sts. are come out of Babylon, they muſt begin to deſtroy her; then her plagues of death, murmuring and famine comes upon her: and ſhe ſhall be utterly burnt with fire. The everlaſting goſpel is preached, and the ſword follows, and down gos Babylon, Rev. 14 7, 8.

Quer. 1Whether or no when once theſe judgments begins (if till then you continue your ſtandings in Babylon) there will be any time of repentance either to you, or any in your dange­rous condition, ſeeing you neglect to kiſs the ſon before his anger is kindled? If ſo.

Quer. 2Whether or no you ought not with all readineſs of mind and humblenes of ſpirit, ac­knowledge and confeſſe before the Lord the evill of your way, and inſtead of following man, and doing his works and commands, follow Chriſt the Lamb whether ſo ever he goeth, doing his works and commands, though in oppoſition to the powers of the Beaſt, for ſo it muſt be?

Quer. 3Whether or no you can ſerve Chriſt the King of Zion, and men the Kings of Babylon both at a time? Can you have the mark of the Beaſt, and worſhip him and his Image; and at the time have the Fathers name written in your foreheads, ſtanding with Chriſt upon the Mount, ſinging unto him a new ſing of Zions praiſes? If not,

Quer. 4Whether or no you ought not to become an inquiſitive people, enquiring earneſtly by Faith for the true wayes and paths of the Lamb, that you might become part of his company and followers? Ought you not to run too and fro for increaſe of your knowledge, Dan. 12.4. that ſo you might have a lot in the Kingdom of Jeſus; that ſo ye may inherit all things and be the ſons of God, Rev. 21.7.

Quer. 5Whether or no (if you take not this courſe) you will not be found in that miſerable condemned number of ſlaughter, who ſhall hide themſelves in the Dens and rocks of the moun­tains, calling for the mountains to fall on them (when alas thir breaking to pieces) and hide them from the face of him that ſits on the throne? if in that number, what will become on you5 when Chriſt ſits on the throne alone, and all men thrown down and laid in the duſt? who'l hide you from the wrath of the Lamb? Rev. 6.15, 16.

Ground 4All thoſe that wilbe ſubjects of, and in the kingdom of the Beaſt, and trade within his dominins, whether they are ſmal or great, rich or poore, free or bond, muſt receive a mark in their right hands (more cloſe and private) or in their foeheads (openly and publike­ly, in the ſight of all men, as not being aſhamed of their profeſſed obedience to the Baſt;) none being ſuffered to buy or ſell, ſave thoſe that receives this mark or the number of the Beaſts name, which number is the number of a man, and is 666. Rev. 13.15, 16, 17, 18.

Quer. 1Whether or no you be prohibited trade under this Government of the Beaſt? Is there any lets or moleſtations offered unto you in your way by the Beaſt, or the Image of the Beaſt? Is there any breach of any of the Beaſts principall laws on your parts, by words or actions? If not. Quer. 2Whether or no in the very higheſt degree you have not the mark of the Beaſt in yur foreheads, in an open ſhow? Is not your obedience publike to the view of all men; ſeeing you are freemen and no ſubjects in the dominion of Antichriſt? If ſo.

Quer. 3Whether or no the Cup of the wrath of God will not be your portion? VVill not this ſcripture be fulfilled in you; If any man worſhip the Beaſt and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand, the ſame ſhall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is powred out without mixture in to the cup of his Indignation, and he ſhalbe tormented with fire and brimſtone, in the preſence of the holy Angels, and in the preſence of the Lamb, and the ſmoak of their torment aſcends for ever and ever, and they have no reſt day nor night, that received the mark of the Beaſts name? Rev. 14 9, 10, 11. chap. 19.20, 21.

Quer. 4Whether or no thoſe now impriſoned under the notion of Raylers, diſturbers, ſeducers, giddy headed, &c. who are prohibited trade with the Beaſt, both in civils and ſpirituals, becauſe conſcientious of their upholding and maintaining any power of his; be not the Saints and people of God contending for Chriſt and his kingdome, againſt the Beaſt and his king­dome? are they not in this particular part of the VVitneſſes of Jeſus Chriſt, which the beaſt hath warred againſt and killed (ſo as to liberty and a publike teſtimony) having diſabled them from proceeding in the open bearing thereof? If ſo.

Quer. 5Whether or no you will not be found at their Riſe and Aſcention (which will be in a ſhort time) among that rabble crue, upon whom great fear fals (their valour having left them) in regard of thoſe judgments that then will unavoidably come upon them; will you not be ſwallowed up in that great earthquake in and by which ſuch a perfect and compleat num­ber of the Antichriſtian party is devoured, Rev. 11.11.13.

Quer. 6VVhether or no you do not, by retaining the mark of the Beaſt in your foreheads, put a ſtop to the work of the Lord in the world, as the Deſtruction of the Kings of the Earth, that wars with the Lamb, the overthrow of the Germain Empire, the fall and final overthrow of Rome, the conſummation of the Turkiſh power, and the preparation of the way of the Iews and Iſraelites to their own land? Do not you abſolutly ſtand in the way of this work by ſit­ting down and taking up your poſſeſſions here in Babilon, on this ſide Jordon: yea far before you come to Canaan, before you have a ſight of the good land? If ſo.

Quer. 7Whether or no you ſhall not be trampled down, and run over, by the lyon of Judah's Tribe, who is comming roaring for his prey, as mountains of oppoſition, in the way to his ta­kng poſſeſſion of the throns and kingdomes of the whole world, ſeeing he ſhall be as a Roe or young Hart (n ſwift motions) upon the mountains of Bether or diviſion, Cant. 2.17. that would divide between him and hs kingdome? If ſo.

Quer. 8VVhether or no you ought not to conſult together, with the word of God, and conſider what might be the moſt ſpeedy and effectualleſt way for you to be found worthy of eſcaping ſo great puniſhments? Oght ye not to kiſſe the Son, leaſt he be angry and ye periſh and to fear God, and that becauſe thhoure of his judgment is come, giving glory to him and not to man, that ſo you might rejoyce in his Highnſſe. Pſal. 2.12. Iſa. 13.3. Rev. 14.7.

Ground 530. January 1648. The Commons aſſembled in Parliament Ordered the Printing of an Act, which accordingly was printed, wherein was Enacted and Ordained6 that no perſon or perſons whatſoever, do preſume to proclaim, declare, publiſh, or any wayes promote Charls Stuart (heretofore commonly called the Prince of VVales) or any other perſon to be King or cheif Magiſtrate of England, or of Ireland, or of any the Dominions belonging to them, or either of them without the free conſent of the People in Parliament, firſt had and ſignified, by a particular Act, or Ordinance for that purpoſe. It alſo was Enacted and Ordain­ed that whoſoever ſhould contrary to that Act, Proclaime, Declare, Publiſh, or any wayes pro­mote Charls Stuart the ſon, or any other perſon to the King, ochief Magiſtrate of England or of Ireland, &c. ſhould be deemed and adjudged a Traitor to be Common-wealth, and ſuffer pains of death and ſuch other puniſhments as belong to the crime of High-treaſon. Authority alſo was given by that Act to all Officers as well Civill as Military, ando all other well-af­fected perſons to apprehend all ſuch offenders, that they might be proceeded againſt accordingly. Now this act was never repealed, nor made null or void, but ſtill remains in full force power, or vertue.

Quer. 1VVhether or no thoſe perſons that did openly proclaim or gave adviſe or conſent to proclaim O. C. chief Magiſtrate of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and all the Dominions thereto belonging, be not guilty of high treaſon as conſpirers againſt the good of all the Peo­ple of this Nation, (except their partakers, upholders, abettors and adherents) and alſo as breakers of thoſe wholſome and good laws, made by the conſent of all the People of the three Nations met, and aſſembled together in their Repreſentatives, for their good and ſafety againſt Tyrants, Oppreſſors, proud Ʋſurpers, Crown-wearers, Parliament-breakers? &c. Quer. 2VVhether or no you (the whole Army) whom the People in Parliament raiſed for their own defence againſt the Invaders of their Liberties be not all traitors to the Nations, in regard you uphold and maintain by force and violence, thoſe that exalt themſelves in a tyrannizing way over the people, and in regard you have and do ſtill protect and defend him by the power of your ſword, thoſe that proclaimed, and thoſe that gave councel and adviſe••n the very act, and have ever ſince ſtood by them keeping them from being apprehended by the well-affected people (ſeeing none elſe hath hearts ſo to do) according to law, to the end they might ſuffer the pains of death, deſerved by them for ſuch villanies? are not you (as it were) the legs of this Lyon, upon which he runs among the people, hunting for the prey, which he devours ſo greedily, and ſo furiouſly? If ſo. Quer. 3VVhether or no it doth not behove the well-affected people of all the three Nations, or of any part thereof, to joyn and unite themſelves together, and ſo to ſtand up for their Liberties; ſeeing they are authorized, and required ſo to do by that act; ſo that they (in ſuch an enterprize) ſhall not only have the laws of God (which is ſtrongeſt of all) but alſo the laws of men on their ſide? Ought they not to appre­hend, and cauſe to be proceeded againſt, ſuch perſons as proclaimed O. Cromwel as aforeſaid, as traytors to them and the reſt of their brethren in the higheſt degree? Nay further (in caſe you the Army) ſhall yet defend thoſe known Rebels, and in caſe you yet continue as legs and ſupporters of the preſent Beaſt? Ought they not to proceed againſt youo ſuppreſſe you, ſee­ing you are turned to be their oppreſſors? Ought they not to cut off the legs of the Beaſt, and then pray what will become of the Beaſt?

Ground 6VVhen the Army that was ſent by O Cromwell came to Hiſpaniola, they landed eight thouſand men, and in marching twenty miles many of them fell down dead, and the reſt when they came to engage, fled when none purſued. The Army of eight thouſand men did ne­ver ſee one hundred Spanyards in a body, and yet ſuch a ſpirit of fear poſſeſſed your fellows that they fled, and theſe few Spanyards purſued and killed them till they were a weary; The Lord did exceedingly appear againſt them ſuitable to that in Judges the 5. and 20. For on the 24th day of April at night the Moon being four dayes old did ſhine (an impoſſible thing accor­ding to reaſon) till two of the clock in the Morning, to their great admiration; For that night the Spaniard killed diverſe of your fellows (the Moon gave them light to do it.) Theſe paſſages are verified by Letters from the Fleet.

Quer. 1Whether or no that great and unheard of ſpirit of fear among thoſe of your fel­lows, engaged in that deſigne (blaſted and curſed from heaven) which hath brought home7 (inſtead of golden-wedges, and pretious things of the Earth) ſo many and great wedges of diſgrace to every Englſh ſouldier; Whether this was not on purpoſe to forwarn you of grea­ter miſcheif and deſtruction to come upon you, for your mercenary behaviours, among your Bretheren at home? Did not the Lord give this as a warning to you, and ought it not ſo to be taken? Doth he not ſpeak to you with a••od and mighty voyce by his Judgments from hea­ven? If ſo. Quer. 2Whether or now you ought not with a willing and thankfull minde harken to his voyce, and according to the will of the Lord therein not be found acting or imployed in any ſuch, the like, or the ſame deſigne afreſh? Ought you to be hurried as a company of Dumbe, and ignorant ſheepe to the ſlaughter? Ought you not rather to be found acting in ſome more noble, and good deſigne, wherein you may finde the preſence of the Lord (as here­tofore you uſed to doe) which may make your Enemies fly and tremble before you, as you, or ſome of yours have done; Two Thouſands (or neareupon) of whome hath loſt their lives by ſword, and ſicknes as a plague? Quer. 3Whether or now O. C. bee not guilty of all this Blood of your Bretheren ſhed by his meanes beyond the ſeas in the late undertaking ſeeing hee drove them into the Net of the Fowler, and into the ſnare of the hunter? The Scribes and Phariſes was guity of all the Bloodſheed from Abell to their dayes, though not actually ſpilt by them; Is not O. C. guilty therefore of all this Bloodſhed by his means and deviſes to the diſhonor of Engliſhmen? If ſo. Quer. 4Whether or no you or any the good and well-affected people of the Nation have not ſufficient call and warranty, by the Laws of God and men to proceed againſt him as a murderer and accompt him no otherwiſe; Leaſt you partaking with him in his ſins, partake with him in his plagues, and puniſhments alſo; For it is lawfull for you to defend a Murderer? If you think it is, defend him? till you and he be ſwallowed up with Gods vengance, when you would give all the gold (if you had it) that Hiſpaniola and the Indi's afford for a little of your vain paſt-time to repent? Therefore Oh Army re­member from whence thou art faln, and repent, or I come quickly, ſaith Chriſt, the onely law­full King and Protector, Rev. 2.5. which comming will be with fire to Apoſtates.


The Dreadfull King, the mighty God of VVonder,
Againſt Apoſtates doth begin to Thunder.
He hath ſet open his great Armoury,
The hoſt of Cromwell ſhall before him fly.
Great multitudes of ſlain there will be ſound.
They'l all fall down at heavens angry found.

Some Queries offered to the view and ſerious conſideration of the ANABAPTISTS.

Ground 1The principles of Religion, and the principles of an Antichriſtian Court, are incon­ſiſtent the one with the other, for the perſons that is commonly imployed (their offices being helliſh, vain, and wicked,) in ſuch Courts are either looſe, idle and prophane, or elſe cunning and hipocriticall and full of diſſimulation, in which regard they are moſt fit for the deſignes of their Maſters: for a man that is conſcientious, that makes any conſcience of his ways wilbe checked by his conſcience, and conſcience will at one time or other utter it ſelf: Such perſons therefore are unfit for Courtiers, and tis well they are ſo: This makes the preſent Court to ſwarm ſo thick with Cavaleers, wicked, ungodly, vain, profane men, and alſo with Hypocrites, Polliticians, &c. and ſo little with honeſt, godly, conſcientious men.

Quer. 1VVhether or no it be not dishonourable, and a great deal below that great and ſtrict profeſſion, which you make of the name, way, and cauſe of Chriſt; and a diſhonour to to the name of God, for you to hold any Place, Office, or imployment in, or belonging to the preſent Court?


Quer. 2VVhether or no O. C. with the reſt of his vain & politick courtiers (according to their prin­ciples before named) doe not ayme and deſigne (when they ſhall think themſelves, more faſt and ſecure, in their ſeates) to reject and caſt you out from your preſent offices and imploy­ments of Court-honor and profit, with and among them? If ſo.

Quer. 3VVhether their maine end and Deſigne (in retaining you at preſent) be not ſelfiſh, and baſe, with you, to ſerve their owne ends and pupoſes, and then to caſt you of like fooles, thinking by their retaining you at preſent, to cloake and cover their deſignes, and to breed thereby good opinions of themſelves in the Churches, and among your other Freinds, knowing that you are a people that (if your eyes be open) will not ſuſter the wrack and loſſe of your lawful and rghtfull priviledges, had you not therefore better withdraw now with honor and ſome credit, then hereafter be turned out with diſhonor and diſgrace?

Ground 2As Principles of Religion are in conſiſtent with Principles of Court; ſo are they with tho Army, whoſe ſtanding is of, from, and by the Court: this appears 1. by that diſcourſe (if true) which O. Cromwell had with a Scotch Lord, one Twidle; where you are brought in as in-lets to the deſigns of our new Courtiers, as appeares by thoſe Queries writ by a well-wiſher to the Anabaptiſts proſperity, &c. 2. It appears by that ſpirit of inveterateneſs, and maliciouſnes in the Army againſt the Anabaptiſts, for proof whereof, take the paſſage of a Letter from Hiſpaniola. Some of theſe wretches ſaith the Author, meaning the remaining feeble men of the Army ſent thither, who ſeeing the hand of God viſibly againſt them, was thereby enraged) are extreamly mad againſt the Lord and his poore people, that they have ſworn, that if they knew there were an Anabaptiſt, they would bo the death of him, &c.

Quer. 1VVhether or no you in your preſent eſtate be not in apparent hazard of your lives and eſtates, lyable to the malice of the wicked and prophane ſouldiers of this Court, if ever you light into their Power: where hatred lodgeth, malice reſteth, and will break forth when ſhe can poſſible? If ſo.

Quer. 2VVhether or no (in the name and preſence of the Lord, we put this queſtion) you ought not to withdraw from, and have nothing to do with the preſent Court, and alſo the Army, and return and ſeek the face of the Lord, and repent, and do your firſt works, Rev. 2.5. That ſo you (returning) might diſcern between the righteous and the wicked, be­tween him that ſerveth God and him that ſerveth him not, Mal. 2.18. that ſo you might perceive their evill wayes and eſchew them?


We deſire you for Chriſts ſake to turn to theſe Scriptures, and ſeri­ouſly and ſolemnly conſider, and meditate upon them, ſeeking the face of the Lord in that work, for wiſdome and underſtanding there­in: Rev. 18.4. 2 Cor. 6.17. Jer. 51.6.45. chap. 50.8. Iſa. 52.11. Numb. 16.21. Gen. 19.15.22. Exo. 33.16. Iſa. 48.20. &c. The Lord teach you his mind in theſe, and take you up into the Mount, and there reveal unto you the Salvation and Redemption of whole Zion, and the Deſtruction and Overthrow of Babylon now near approaching, even at the doore.


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TextA Ground voice, or some discoveries offered to the view, with certain queries propounded to the consideration of the whole army in England, Scotland, and Ireland, officers and common-souldiers, horse and foot. VVith certain queries to the Anabaptists in particular that bear any office, either in court or army, under the present self-created politick power.
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Bibliographic informationA Ground voice, or some discoveries offered to the view, with certain queries propounded to the consideration of the whole army in England, Scotland, and Ireland, officers and common-souldiers, horse and foot. VVith certain queries to the Anabaptists in particular that bear any office, either in court or army, under the present self-created politick power. 8 p. s.n.,[London :1655]. (Caption title.) (Imprint from Wing.) (Annotation on Thomason copy: "Nouemb 16: 1655".) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
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