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THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOULE: The Excellencie of CHRIST JESVS, treated on. Wherein the faithfull people of God may finde comfort for their Souls.

By T. H.

Publiſhed according to Order.

LONDON, Printed in the yeer 1645.



What will it profit a man to win the whole world and to loſe his own ſoule?Mat. 16.26. ſaith our glorious Lord and Saviour Chriſt Jeſus, the ſoule of man is a ſpirituall, immortall,Pſal. 31.8. ſubſtance which did flow from God,Eccleſ. 22.7. and cannot die with the body, but returne to God that gave it, unleſſe it rebell a­gainſt his Father and Maker, his laws and true Church, and hath no true lively faith to ſave himſelfe by applying Chriſts righteouſ­neſſe to himſelfe by a lively faith; then theſe ſouls muſt die the ever­living death of torment, but God made the ſoule of man righte­ous, but he hath ſought to himſelfe many inventions: the bodies of all men muſt turn to duſt again untill the day of the Lord come, and then ſhall the dead heare the voice of the Sonne of God,Luke 23.43. and ſhall ſtand up in more ſtrength and ſpirituall power, and meet our Lord Jeſus to be judged, every one according to our faith and workes. The body of man hath five ſenſes, ſeeing hearing, ſmel­ling, taſting and feeling; the living and immortall ſoule hath in him underſtanding and knowledge, the will and the remembrance, imaginptions, the affections and wiſdome to rule the ſenſes of the body and the evill luſts of the ſoule, which joyne with the body to ſinfull actions, but let wiſdome, and grace and knowledge look hp to God for help and ſtrength to withſtand them, and as the body hath hands and feet, ſo hath the living ſoule in him many faculties: Faith is a vertue of the ſoule, unbeliefe is a vice, humi­lity as a vertue of the ſoule, pride is a vice, the love of God and his2 Saints a vertue of the ſoule, hatred a vice, zeal for Gods glory and true worſhip a vertue of the ſoule, coldeſſe a vice,〈◊〉a vertue lying a vice there ia vertue,••nely a vice〈◊〉a ver••e of the ſoule, envie a vice, thankfulneſſe a vertue of the ſoule, un­thankfulneſſe a vice, bounty and freeneſſe of minde of the gifts which we have received of God, riches or knowledge are both of them a vertue of the ſoule, covetouſneſſe, and hiding Gods talems in the earth, avice ſpealing honourably of God, and of the word of God, a vertue of the ſoule: ſwearing curſing, blaſphemie, and mocking of the word of God, great vices of the ſoule: wit, policy, valour, ſound judgement and diſcerning of ſpirits are Gods good gifts, and ſhould be uſed well: ths the ſoule, the ſpirituall ſub­ſtance, the immortall ſoule, the holy Image of God before mans fall, which God did breath into man and made him righteous and excellent in knowledge, but now the children of wrath by Adams fall and originall ſin, but the ſoules of the faithfull are renewed by Jeſus Chriſt our glorious Lord and Saviour, and ſhall be made perfect in heaven for ever more: For the ſoules of the Saints ſhall ſodainly come from heaven again to the body in love and peace, ſaying, as it were, Ariſe, my loving friend and dear companion, the day of Chriſt our King is come, the darke winter of trouble and ſorrow perſecution, ſickneſſe, poverty and death it ſelfe is gons, come ſee thy glorious Lord and Saviour Chriſt Jeſus which redeemed thee, with all his holy companion of Saints and Angels, come lift up thy head and receive thy acquistance from all thy ſins, and live in glory for ever. But ungodly, faithleſſe men which have done ill, griefe, the worme of conſcience ſhall bite them, ſaying, who ſhall hide us from the wrath of the Judge? but the godly redeemer ſhall comfort them ſaying Come yee bleſſed of my Father, receive and eternall Kingdome, and enter into jour Maſters joy: All Glory, and thanks, and prayſe be unto God, for all his free mercie and gifts, both now and for ever more.


The excellencie of CHRIST JESVS.

THe ſoule of man is a noble ſpirituall creature, created of God to obey him, as was Adam and Evah in Paradice, but the Devill by temptations, quickly ſpoyled his innocent righteous ſoul, defaced Gods Image, and then his ſhining body became miſerable and naked, his perfect ſoul became miſerable, ſinfull and ignorant; then were their ſouls and bodies to dye the death naturall and e­ternall for ever: but then the mercy and love of God appeared and promiſed, that the ſeed of the woman ſhould breake the Serpents head; this was our glorious Lord and Saviour Chriſt Jeſus which came in due time to reſtore Gods Image, and to deſtroy the works of the Devill, to ſuffer and ſatisfie Gods juſtice for the ſins of all the believing world, which lay hold on him by a lively faith, to in graft them into himſelfe to adopt and make them his beloved children and heires of the Kingdome of heaven: for Chriſt Jeſus our glorious Lord and Saviour is the only Son of God, in whom alone he is well pleaſed; he is the naturall ſon of God begotten be­gotten before the ſtars appeared, hee is the graven form of God, the brightneſſe of the glory, the Image of the inviſible God, the firſt begotten Son of God; begotten before all worlds, God of Gods very God of very God eeuall with the Father & with the holy Ghoſt, he is the head of the Church, and in him all fulneſſe dwelleth; thy ſent, a Chriſt! endureth for ever: the ſcepter of thy Kingdome doth mayt am righteouſneſſe. The Lord ſaid unto my Lord, ſit on my right hand, untill I make thy foes a ſtool whereon thy feet may ſtand: Chriſt Jeſus is the mighty Lion of the tribe of Ju­dah, which overcame the roaring and devouring Lion the Devill; He is the Lambe of God which was ſlain for our ſins, and taketh away the ſins of the world, hee is the mighty God, the Prince of peace, which trod the winepreſſe of the wrath of God alone, and con­quered4 death, hell, and the grave, and the infernall ſpirits, and hee aroſe and ſuſtained himſelf by his own power and ſtrength, and ſits at the right hand of the glory of God for ever. Chriſt Jeſus was promiſed to Adam and Evah, to Abraham and to David, he was propheſied by Enoch Jacob, Moſes, Eſay Jeremiah, Daniell Za­chariah, by all the Prophets; and hee was typed out by Iſaak, Samſon, Salomon Jonah, and the brazen Serpent in the Wilder­neſſe, Chriſt Jeſus out Lord and Saviour was wayted and looked for of all the faithfull from the beginning of the World: and when he was come all his Apoſtles beare witneſſe of him both in life, death and writing; the Angels from Heaven bring joyfull tydings, and beare witneſſe of him: Chriſts wondrous works beare wit­neſſe of him, God the Father from Heaven beare witneſſe of him, his workes beare witneſſe of him, and ſhall judge men at the laſt day; thouſands of Martyrs have ſhed their deereſt bloud in defence of this truth, Chriſts Preachers by the holy Ghoſt preach his Word, and him the innocent bloud of the children which Herod ſlue were Martyrs for him, Chriſt and his Apoſtles and Deacons, great works and miracles beare witnes of him; Five hundred Brethren at once ſaw him riſen again, the Angels beare witneſſe of his reſurrection. Chriſts Apoſtles beare witneſſe of him, and did eat and drink with him after he was ri­ſen. Againe, before that Mary ſaw him, and cryeth out, Maſter, and Thomas felt his hands and his ſides, and cryeth out, My Lord, and God; and after hee had beene ſeene of them the ſpace of forty days, he gathered together his Apoſtles, and promiſed them to ſend the holy Ghoſt to comfort them, and then hee aſcends to Heaven before their faces, where he ſits at the right hand of God in glo­ry untill he come again, to render vengeance to his enemies, which perſecute and wrong his Saints, and will not obey the Goſpell of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt; and then will Chriſt Jeſus gather his Saints and faithfull people from the Eaſt to Weſt, and from all pla­ces, with thouſands of might, quick and ſtrong Angels, and bring to reſt in Heaven for ever: Chriſt Jeſus our Lord and Saviour was alſo ſhadowed out by thouſands of burnt offerings of Bullocks, Goats, Lambes and fruits for ſin-offerings and peace-offerings in all ages from the beginning of the World before Chriſts comming, whoſe bloud and the blould of the paſchall Lambe which were5 ſlain by hundred thouſands every yeere, was a ſhadow and a finger of the precious bloud of our glorious Lord and Saviour Jeſus Chriſt, which willingly offered up himſelf once for all, whoſe bloud is a ſufficient ſacrifice for the ſins of the whole World, if they had the grace to lay hold on him by a lively faith, but his death and merits ſhall ſave none of them but the faithfull, and condemne the wicked Rebels becauſe Chriſt was offered, and they would not regard him: Christ our High Prieſt is entred into Heaven, and maketh daily interceſſion for us: Now wee need not to offer the bloud of Buls, Goats and Lambs. Now ſince Chriſt is riſen, this is the Sacrifice God requireth at our hands to have his Laws writ­ten in our hearts, to obey him, to love him, to honour him with our ſouls and bodies, in our holy Aſſemblies, and to keep his Sab­baths, to give him prayſe for his love unto us, to truſt in him to pray unto him upon all occaſions, to love mercy and to doe right, and juſtly, and to ſpeak truth out of an honeſt heart: for the in­creaſe of Chriſts Kingdome of grace upon earth, and for the right of the innocent, poore and fatherleſſe children and widdows, and oppreſſed people, and to pray unto God for all good things, in the name of Jeſus Chriſt, and for his ſake alone to forgive us our ſins; theſe ſacrifices are more pleaſing unto God then thouſand rivers of Oile or the bloud of all the cattle on a thouſand hils. For now ſee­ing Chriſt Jeſus our High Prieſt is entred into heaven there re­mayneth no more bloud to be ſhed for ſins, for Chriſt Jeſus the e­ternall Son of God hath once ſhed his precious bloud for the ſins of all that lay hold on him by a lively faith, and maketh dayly in­terceſſion for he is the only Mediatour between God and man, for peace and ſalvation; for he loves us, and will give eternall life to all that with faith labour to keep his commandements: Chriſt Jeſus our glorious Lord and Saviour is the way to Heaven, hee is the truth and the light, No man can come to the Father but by him, he hath God the Father ſealed, and in him ſtands the covenant and the right to the faithfull which love him, even the Kingdome of Heaven, and all good things which hee ſees needfull for them by ſure promiſes of the mighty God which cannot be broken: and if God caſt gold and ſilver, corne, wine and Oile, and government, and the uſe of all the creatures, upon Turkes, Infidels and6 unfaithfull Chriſtians, becauſe hee made them reaſonable men: Yet it is not bleſt unto them without the word of God, and prayer in the name of Chriſt Jeſus, whereſoever Chriſt hath been preached unto them, for they muſt give account for government, for their riches, for their honour, for all their wrong and blaſphe­mous words, for all their abuſed knowledge of conjuring, witch­craft and for their abuſe of their knowledge of ſea and land, the Sun, Moon and Stars, and all Gods works of order and mercie, and his providence unto them and the light of their conſcience, all theſe ſhall witneſſe againſt heathen people, which will not follow the light of conſcience, which they have written in their hearts, and give honour thanks, and worſhip to the great God of heaven and earth that gave them their being but they will wor­ſhip vain Idols ſtocks ſtones, and dumb creatures kill and de­voure one another, ſuch heathen people ſhall be turned into hell with all that forget God: Such Popiſh Chriſtians as confeſſe Chriſt Jeſus our Lord and Saviour, to be the onely Sonne of God, and yet if they doe deny him to be the onely mediator between God and man, and pray to Saints departed, and truſt to their own merits, and their own righteouſneſſe and good works, and conſi­der not the Law of God to be holy and pure, ſo right and ſtrait that no mortall man can wholy keep without the help of Chriſt Jeſus who was God and man, he keepeth Law perfectly, and did good all his life, and was obedient to God his Father, unto the very death: he hath aboundance of grace and good workes, he loveth righteouſneſſe and hateth iniquity, but mortall man is weak and ſinfull. The opening of the Law by our Saviour Chriſt Ieſus in the fifth, ſixth and ſeventh chapters of Saint Matthew's Goſpell, ſhewing mans weakneſſe plainly, when we have done all the good we can, we muſt ſay we are unprofitable ſervants we muſt repent of the ill workes we have done, and deſire with teares and ſorrow Chriſt Jeſus to waſh them away with his precious bloud, and with a lively fayth, deſire him to accept of our good works, and to cover them with his good works, and then they will pleaſe God, and he will have delight in us; but if Popiſh Chriſtians hide Gods Word, the bread of life from many milli­ons of men and women, which for want of true knowledge periſh,7 and cannot come to drinke of the water of life freely the ſpirituall ſtock Chriſt Jeſus as they ſhould doe, this is an evill worke, and if they perſecute and murther harmleſſe people for their holy and ſpirituall worſhipping of God, which deny their own righteouſ­neſſe, and deſire with teares, faith and joy, to be cloathed with the righteouſneſſe of Chriſt Jeſus, then this is an evill wicked work alſo: For Chriſt Jeſus fulfilled the Law of God in everything wholy, for the faithfull men and women which love him, and obey him, for in Chriſt Jeſus the holy Trinity, and bleſſed unity of God immortall and onely wiſe is well pleaſed, and his juſtice ſatisfied for the ſins of all the faithfull which love him with an upright heart, and God will not give the glory of his ſpirituall worſhip of mankinde to Saints or Angels not yet the adoration of her bodies to dumb Images, for God is a jealous God of his glory and true worſhip, and will viſit the ſins of all idolaters without repentance, with eternall death and puniſhment in hell fire.

But O England! and all Reformed Churches which have the Word of God to read in, which have faithfull Preachers to preach Chriſt and amendment of life unto us, which have wholſome and〈◊〉Books to read in, which have the Lords day kept and mayn­tayned amongſt us, which have the Sacraments the Seals of Chriſt Jeſus love, giving unto us which have godly and needfull Prayers, Confſſions, and Thankſgivings appointed and ſet out in the name of Chriſt Jeſus for to help the weak and confirme the ſtrong, which have had the example of many Martyrs in times of perſecutions under Biſhops and learned Doctours men and women of all con­ditions and eſtates; which have had godly Kings and Queenes, which have bin nurſing Fathers and nurſng Mothers unto Chriſt Jeſus true Church mil•••nt hereupon earth and have defended the true faith with the Word of God, with the ſword of God, and mayntayned true vertue, and puniſhed vice O England! how mrcifull is God unto us? if we will embrace his mercy, and know them〈◊〉times of his viſitation and love unto us: the name of the Lord God of Heaven and earth be prayſed, honou­red, and ſanctified for evermore. Which hath ſent his mighty Word, the glad tydings of his Goſpell unto us, and cauſed it to be8 made more playnly read and preached in our own language; ſo that men and women need not ſit in darkneſſe, not walk in dark­neſſe, except they ſuffer their underſtanding to be blinded with the Devill, and ſo become wilfull ſinners, worſe than Turkes, or Po­piſh ignorant Chriſtians, and ſome wee have which are larger in their opinions then the Word of God, or the Church of God teacheth them, and ſo cauſe the Lord to chaſtize them with tempo­rall puniſhment and ſin, are too curious and nice, not contented with the wholſome and pure doctrine of Chriſt Jeſus, which is preached in moſt places; but take offence at every trifle, and ſom­time at that which is very good through their ignorance, or elſe their pride and ſelf-conceitedneſſe, and ſo make more diviſions and rents then need: theſe our brethren cauſe the Lord God to cha­ſtize them with temporall puniſhment alſo: and ſome doe what they can to ſerve the Lord God with an upright heart, and to main­tayn the true worſhip of God peaceably, and ſo of weak and ſtrong the Lord God be prayſed: we doubt not, but that wee have hun­dred thouſands of faithfull Chriſtians in theſe Northweſt parts of the World; yea, CHRIST JESUS loving­ly calleth all men to his Marriage and Noble Banquet, for ever to be betrothed to him in faith and love, here in this world militant to obey him, and to truſt unto him, and to receive all things needfull from him, who knows our wants better then we, and after this ſhort life to be ſpiritually marryed to him in heaven for ever. But alas, unbelieving, ungodly men and women, have out of their fooliſhneſſe deſired excuſes, they love this world and the vain things thereof, of ſhort continuance, better then everla­ſting Chriſt Jeſus full of all riches and glorious excellent dignity: One hath marryed a wife and cannot come, another hath bought a farme and cannot come, another hath bought oxen and cannot come, poor ſilly excuſes all theſe things they have received of God for Jeſus Chriſt his ſake and they ſhould be helps for them to truſt in Chriſt, who having received good things from him already, but blinde fooliſh worldlings content themſelves ſo they may have mammon and worldly vanities rather then they will obey Chriſt Ieſus and truſt to him for everlaſting glorious poſſeſſions and ſo ſuch fooliſh men and women ſhall never be married to Chriſt9 which will not believe his word and obey him here, but they ſhall be divorced from him for ever, and ſent to eternall miſery, but yet the name of the Lord God of heaven and earth be praiſed and glorified for his own gracious promiſe, who hath promiſed that many ſhall come from the Eaſt and from the Weſt, from the North and from the South, and ſhall ſit down in the Kingdome of heaven with Abraham, Iſaack and Iacob, yea, many thou­ſands of men and women are very joyfull, glad and willing to come and prepare themſelves with faith and amendment of life, for God hath choſen them, and thoſe whom CHRIST JESUS hath choſen, and giving a lively faith, which worketh by love in him, there ſhall neither men nor devils be ever able to pull them out of Chriſt hands for as many as believed in him to them hee gave power to be the Sonnes of God, and Chriſt Jeſus will not loſe one of them, but will glorifie them all in their tentations and infirmities, their ſlips and falls ſhall not pull them out of Chriſt Jeſus his hands, God the Father gave them to him, and he is ſtranger then all: and in this world he will make them willing to come to Chriſt Jeſus by faith and re­pentance.


Of the Joyes of HEAVEN.

GOD will give an eternall Kingdome of glory in heaven for ever, where there ſhall be reſt, love, joy, peace, riches, ho­nour, plenty and great knowledge, health, ſtrength, beauty, and fulneſſe of pleaſure for evermore; and God will wipe away all teares from their eyes, and place them in blisfull plight in heaven­ly and glorious Manſions, where we ſhall behold our glorious, ex­cellent and mighty God and Father and his eternall love in Ieſus Chriſt ſhining upon us to our everlaſting joy and comfort, and there we ſhall behold thouſand thouſand millions of men women and children changed like Angels, ſhining as bright as the Sun in their Fathers Kingdom all the good works and godly fruits all the Prayers, Humiliations Faſtings and Teares which which we have ſhed for our ſins, and for the ſins of others; and in prayers for grace for others in obedience to Chriſt Ieſus Commandements, ſhall be rewarded in Heaven with eternall crownes of glory: all the good works of almeſdeeds, charity and love, which wee have done in giving to the poore, and in giving for the increaſe of Chriſt Ieſus Kingdome of grace here upon earth by our good example ſhall be rewarded in Heaven with eternall crowns of glory, all the contending and ſtriving for Gods true worſhip and godly truth, and ſtudying forcuity mercy, true juſtice and judgment in men that are called thereto,Mal. 3.16. all the good works that men do through faith in obedience to Chriſt Ieſus, ſhall be rewarded in Heaven with eternall crowns of glory, all that have beene faithfull unto11 death will God give a crown of life for ever;Rev, 2.10. Be thou faithfull unto death, and I will give thee a crown of〈◊〉every mn accord­ing to his works; all our patient ſufferings reproofs ſlnders for Chriſt Ieſus ſake; allour godly meekneſſe and peace-making in o­bedience to Chriſt Ieſus Laws ſhall be rewarded in Heaven with glorious crowns of hap••neſſe all the little good works which we have done in obedience to Chriſt Ieſus Lawes through faith and love in Chriſt Ieſus, w•••make them all well pleaſing to God, and he will reward them with exceeding great rewards: never did man imagine, nor his tongue able ſufficiently to ſpeak of the joys which God hath prepared for them that love him; there ſhall all the godly Kings and Qeenes come which have mayntayned Gods true worſhip, and loved the right; and have peace and reſt, and ſatisfying joys with full content, in beholding the glorious vi­ſion of God Almighty for ever: there ſhall the godly Prieſts and Miniſters come which have preached Chriſt Ieſus, and his Lawes purely with an upright heart, and ſhine as bright as the Stars in Heaven: there ſhall godly Magiſtrates which have prayed to God, and ſtudied to find out the truth and ſo proceed in juſtice or mer­cy according to Gods Laws; for Chriſt Ieſus ſake finde reſt and joy for ever, there ſhall the rich, bountifull men which have clo­thed Chriſt poore, miſerable and diſtreſſed members hereupon earth; and giving meat to them that wanted for Chriſt Ieſus ſake, they ſhall receive treaſure in Heaven, plenty for ever, there ſhall the poore man which hath been patient in his poverty, and prayed to God to ſupply his wants and truſted in Gods providence, and uſed the means that God hath appointed, and ſerved God with an upright heart in Heaven, hee ſhall have rches, plenty and ho­nour enough; unto that City ſhall•…ll faithfull married people come, and chaſt vertuous ſingle people which have loved Chriſt Ieſus, and his excellent righteouſneſſe to Heaven, alſo ſhall thou­ſands of innocent children come by Gods mercy which knew not their right hand from their left, by the meritorious humble works of Chriſt Jeſus the means to be uſed, baptizing; and God re­quireh the faithfull prayers of the parents; yea, many of all Na­tions ſhall come from the Eaſt, and from the Weſt, and from the12 North and from the South; and ſhall ſit downe in the King­dome of Heaven with Abraham, Iſaac, and Jacob, and the reſt of the Saints in that great and excellent City of our God, the heavenly Jeruſalem ſo large, beautifull and great, that ſome of the Learned have ſaid, the wombe of the mother is not ſo ſtrait for the child, in reſpect of this large World, as is the Kingdome of Heaven in greatneſſe and excellency above this World: and others affirme, that ſome of the Stars are greater then all the earth, the deſcription of the heavenly Jeruſalem,Revel. 21.16. in the Revelation of Saint John ſayth that it is twelve thouſand frlongs long, and twelve thouſand furlongs broad, and twelve thouſand furlongs high; which maketh fifteen hundred miles every way: yet this place of Scripture doth not deny but that it may be infinite larger. O feare Jeruſalem, how fair and beautifull is the City of our God? heaven is his throne, and earth is his footſtool heaven is his houſe wherein are many manſions for dwelling places for the ſonnes and daughters of men in pleaſure and joy for ever more. There would be much joy among a ſhip load of men, which at ſea were almoſt drowned with ſtormes and tempeſts, in want of all good things ſhould preſently come to an Haven where they ſhould have all entertainment with joy and hearty courteſie of the King, Prin­ces and Nobles of the Country, and have gold and ſilver, and lands given them for ever: but a thouſand times more joy will it be, when the wandring ſonnes of men in the ſea of this world, have almoſt been drowned with temptations, the waves of diſ­pair, the rocks of pride, the number of vain deſires and worldly luſts, and yet though the love of God and their faith in Jeſus Chriſt ſhall not be caſt away, but ſhall come to the haven of hea­ven, where they ſhall be entertained with all joy, the Lord God himſelf will entertain them ſaying Come ye bleſſed of my Father, receive the Kingdome prepared for you, the heavenly Angels will be very joyfull to ſee heavie ſinfull fleſh and bloud to havepaſed this mortall death and trouble, and now changed ſo royally, and come to dwell with them in joy for ever, exceeding great joy will there be among the Saints when they ſhall ſee one mother there, yea, their deereſt friends and acqaintance: O the love, joy and13 hearty good will that there will be when wee ſhall ſee Abra­ham, Iſaack and Jacob, and all the Prophets and Martyrs, Adam and Evah, and all our ancient predeceſſors, and our children and ſucceſſors which have lived godly, and truſted in Jeſus Chriſt; exceeding great joy and comfort will there be when all the Saints from the beginning of the world to the ending of the ſame are all come together to this heavenly Jeruſalem which is above, to ſee their glorious, excellent, great and beautifull Lord God, and their redeemer and ſanctifier, the glorious viſion of almighty God, and his love unto them ſhall give them ſuch joy, that they ſhall praiſe him with delight for ever, and love one another moſt deerly for ever, becauſe they ſhall all be loved of God, and drinke of the full torrent and ocean of pleaſure for ever, the pure river of water of life is there ever flowing, the pleaſant tree of life is there ever growing, and yielding alwayes forth pleaſant fruit, the gate, and walls of that City of diamonds, pearles, and precious ſtones,Revel, 21. the houſes and ſtreets of that City, more pure then gold; all the cities of this heavenly Jeruſalem more glorious then Kings: but into that Citie ſhall no unclean perſon come no murderers, nor adulte­rers nor idolators nor covetous nor thieves, nor enviers of good­neſſe nor ſlanderers, nor ſuch as love lies, nor careleſſe people of Gods true worſhip, except they be waſhed clean by faith and re­pentance in the bloud of Chriſt Jeſus our Lord and Saviour. But O Lord, for Jeſus Chriſt his ſake, give us grace to love, fear and honour thy holy name, that we may enter into thy holy Kingdom there to praiſe thy holy name for ever more Amen.


The pain of loſſe and ſuffering.

BUt yet, alas, with ſorrow I am forced to mourn in this world when I ſee wicked and ungodly men to run headlong to hel, and deſtruction: for hell is prepared for wilfull rebellious ſinners; aſſure as Heaven is prepared for faithfull repenting ſinners; our Sa­viour, the Prophets and the Apoſtles, proves it plainly, the fearfull puniſhment and torment which our Lord and Saviour Chriſt Ie­ſus hath foretold ſhall come to ungodly, unfaithfull, and obſtinate ſinners, ſhould make them feare and repent, and ſeeke for mercy, while they are in this world before that fearfull day of judgement to come when there ſhall be no more mercy for them that would not ſeeke it in this life, but the fooliſh worldlings of this world will not repent, The foole hath ſaid in his heart there is no God, the fool hath ſaid that the Al-ſeeing God doth not ſee all his bad works, and the evill thoughts of his heart he will not repent; the foole hath denied in his heart Gods power, will and juſtice; hee thinks God will not rayſe up the dead bodies of mankind ſpiritu­ally reſtored in more ſtrength and nimbleneſſe, the good and faith­full to be partakers of his mercy in Heaven for ever; and the un­faithfull, the fearfull, the adulterers, the ſlanderers, the murderers, the covetous the envious the Idolaters, the unthankfull, the care­leſſe people of Gods true worſhip, and ſuch like to be puniſhed in hell torments for ever, except they repent and amend their lives, and rn to God for mercy in the name of Chriſt Ieſus his well be­loved Son and then will Chriſt Ieſus gather them as the Hen ga­thereth her chickins under her wings, and ſave them from the wrath of God and from the power and envy of the Devill: and Chriſt Ieſus will waſh away their ſins in his precious bloud, and15 make them as white as ſnow and wooll, beloved to God for ever: bet if rugodly men will not repent their ſins and returne to God for mercy and judge themſelves worthy to dye for their ſins, then thoſe wofull threatnings and curſins which are written in the word of God muſt needs fall upon them, Go you curſed into ever­laſting hell fire prepared for the Devill and his angels, and take the unprofitable ſervant, and caſt him into utter darkneſſe, where ſhall be weeping wailing and gnaſhing of teeth. And againe, take the man which had not on the wedding garment of faith and re­pentance or the righteouſneſſe of Chriſt Ieſus, binde him hand and foot and caſt him into utter darkneſſe, where ſhall be weeping and gnaſhing of teeth: It is better for thee to pull out thy right eye, and to caſt it from thee, that is thy deareſt, darling and beſt be­lovedſt ſins that will offend and diſpleaſe thee: then having thy ſins to be caſt into hell fire, where the worme dyeth not, and the fire never goethout. And again, Tophet is prepared of old for ungodly, faithleſſe men, the burning of it is great, and the wrathf the Lord like a river of brimſtone ſhall kindle it. And again Hell be­neath is moved to meet thee, and the wicked people go down to Hell: and all the people that forget God; and God will wound the hoary ſcalpof him that goeth on in his wickedneſſe, and upon the ungodly God will rain ſnares of fire and brimſtore, ſtorme and tempeſt; this is their〈◊〉to drinke, and tribulations horrour and anguiſh ſhall be upon the head of every one that doth evill: Hell is a darke pri­ſon large and great, and the wrath of the Lord doth afflict divers torments upon them, beſides the pain of loſſe, whereof commeth the w••me of conſcience, which grief is as great as the other when they ſhall remember the loſſe of Heaven that large, great and glo­rious place of pleaſure and refreſhing, which they juſtly and madly have loſt by their greedy ſins, and have ſold their birth­right to Heaven for trifles, if they world have truſted in Chriſt and have loved his laws, and now they know all is gone, becauſe they loved lying vanities and looſe behaviour: now all hope is gone for ever too late repentance will doe them no good, at this remembrance grief the worme of conſcience will byte them, and they will curſe themſelves, and curſe their wicked acquaintance16 which drew them on to ſins in this world, and wiſh that their torment might make an end of them, but that is impoſſible they muſt lye in priſon for ever: Death gnaweth upon them for ever; the ſecond death of body and ſoul: ſo ſtrait was Dives in Hell, that he asked but for a drop of water to coole his tongue, and could not have it, whoſe fare in this world was delicious, and his drinke of the beſt wine: alſo The Lord Ieſus will come from Heaven in flaming fire, rendring vengeance to them that obey not his Goſpell: and another grief followeth to the damned, God and his Angels, and his Saints ſhall laugh them to ſcorne; for in this world they grieved the good ſpirit of the holy ghoſt which put Gods thoughts in their hearts, and they gave place to the Devill and his evill mo­tions, they grieved the good Angels with their ſins in this world, and they grieved and vexed the Saints in this world, the godly Miniſters that taught them the word of God, wept and prayed for them, they vexed their godly Neighbours and godly friends, which gave them good counſell, and mourned for them in this world: but when the day of judgment came, and when the An­gell of the covenant hath ſworne that that time ſhall be no more, then the Saints and Angels ſhall all rejoyce at Gods righteous judgments: For in Heaven is no mourning, although they ſee their brothers, ſiſters, fathers, ſonnes and acquaintance ſent to hell by Gods juſtice, but they ſhall ſay; Juſt and true are thy judgments, ô Lord God, King of Saints! for their deſtruction is from them­ſelves, they have made themſelves the children of the Devill: but while time laſteth in this world, wiſdome ſtretcheth out her hand all the day long, ſaying, Turne yee from your evill ways, Why will yee die,Prov. 1.20, 21, 22, 23. ô ye ſons of men, The Lord deſires not the death of a ſinner, but that he ſhould turn from his evill ways, and lay faſt hold on the promiſes of his Son Chriſt Jeſus, and if thou wilt turn away from thy evill works, and love all Gods laws with an upright heart, thou ſhalt ſurely live, and have all thy ſins forgiven thee; for the Lord Ieſus ſuffered moſt cruell torments, and ſhed his moſt precious bloud for thoſe people which are truly humbled be­fore him, and which do ſee their ſins and confeſſe them to God, and are weary of them, and deſire God for Jeſus Chriſt ſake, his17 only ſon to forgive them all, and pray to God for help and grace, to ſtand in his feare and love to all thoſe people, the Lord Ieſus our Seviour hath made moſt great and precious promiſes, wherein ſtands our very life and comfort, and an aſſured hope of eternall life and ſalvation, if we take heed unto them, then be not fearfull to obey Chriſt Jeſus commandements, ô doubtfull ſoul, For he cal­leth all thoſe that be weary and heavy laden with their ſins, and hee will refreſh them: and again, Fear not little flock, it is your Fa­thers will to give you a Kingdome: and again, If the Son of God ſhall make you free, you ſhall be free indeed: and again, The houre commeth when all that are in the graves ſhall heare the voyce of the Son of God, and they ſhall ariſe, the good that have done good to the reſurrection of life eternall, the bad that have done evill to the re­ſurrection of condemnation: and again, I goe the Father to pre­pare a place for you, that where I am, there you may be alſo: and a­gain, I am the living bread which came down from Heaven, if any man eat of this bread with the ſpirit of faith, he ſhall live for ever: and again, I am the good ſhepherd, the good ſhepherd giveth his life for his ſheep, and I give unto them eternall life, and they ſhall never periſh, nether ſhall any man pluck them out of my hand, the Father which gave them to me is greater then all, and no man is able to pluck them out of my Fathers hand: and again, Peace I leave with you my peace I give unto you, not as the World giveth, give I unto you: Let not your hearts be troubled, neyther let them be afraid, as my Father hath loved me, ſo have I loved you, continue you in my love if you keep my commandments, yee ſhall abide in my love, theſe things I command you, that you love one another: and Saint Peter ſayth, Give all diligence to make your calling and election ſure, add to your faith vertue, and to your vertue knowledge, and to knowledge temperance, and to temperance patience, and to patience godlineſſe,2 Pet. 1.5, 6, 7. and to godlineſſe brotherly kindneſſe, and to brotherly kindneſſe cha­rity, for if theſe things be in you, and abound, they will make you that you ſhall not be barren nor unfi••full in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jeſus Chriſt. But hee that lacketh theſe things is blind and cannot ſee afar off, and hath forgotten that hee was purged from his old ſins: Wherefore, Brethren, give all diligence18 to make your calling and election ſure: for if you doe theſe things yee ſhall never fall, for ſo an entrance ſhall be miniſtred unto you abundantly into the everlaſting Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Ieſus Chriſt; and Saint Paul ſayth, That the fruits of the ſpirit is love, joy, peace, long-ſuffering, gentleneſſe, goodneſſ, faith, godly meekneſſe, temperance; againſt ſuch there is no law, the more men have of theſe graces in faith, in Chriſt Jeſus, the more the holy Ghoſt doth witneſſe unto us our aſſured hope of eternall ſalvation; God in mercy will bring alſo to Heaven many innocent children born within the covenent of grace by the vertue of Chriſt Ieſus meritorious workes; and many men and women of all Nations, whoſe graces were but few, and their faith but ſmall; If their faith were true, and if they uſed their ſmall knowledge, or two ta­lents well, Chriſt Ieſus will have them enter into their Maſters joy, yet Chriſt Ieſus ſayth. Not every one which〈◊〉, Lord, Lord, ſhall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that doth the will of my Father which is in Heaven, and many will ſay in that day unto Chriſt Ieſus, We have done great work in thy name, but he will ſay unto them,Matth. 7 21, 22. Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, your workes were vain, counterfeit and falſe; depart from me, I know you not: but, ô Lord for Ieſus Chriſt ſake grant us true humble hearts, up­right before thee, that when the Bridegroome Chriſt Ieſus ſhall come with thouſands of Angels, that wee with the reſt of his Church;Matth. 25. the Bride may enter in with him: where wee may behold his moſt glorious Majeſty,Pſal. 17. to prayſe and magnifie his holy bleſſed and name for evermore. Amen.


O Moſt high and ever-living and everlaſting God, beyond all thoughts moſt high and mighty Lord God, which dwelleſt in pure brightneſſe and excel­lent Majeſty, all glorious in thy ſelfe, and haſt no need of the glory of any of thy creatures, but they receive their glo­ry and excellent parts from thee: What then are men or women in themſelves before thee or the ſons of men, that thou ſhouldſt regard them, for they are weak and ſinfull? but thou, ô Lord! art holy and mighty, righteous, juſt and mercifull, and giving unto mankind juſt and righteous laws which are good for themſelves: and thou, ô merci­full Lord God haſt made mercifull, temporall promiſes unto the ſons of men, and keepest them ſure and conſtant, in preſerving, the whole World, in keeping it from firing and drowning in reſtraining the rage and fury of wicked men, and evill ſpirits that would deſtroy it, thy mercy is ſeen, ô Lord! alſo mightily in ſending food and raiment ſufficient for the whole World, fit for their habitation: ſo that if there be any want, it is commonly the cruelty or foo­liſhneſſe of man. In mercy, ô Lord! thou ſendest Summer and Winter, day and night, Seed-time and Harveſt, the ebbing flowing and of the Seas, the fiſh abiding and com­ming to ſeverall Countries in their ſeaſon! thy mercy is ſeen, ô Lord! in bleſsing the fowls of the aire, and the beaſts of the field unto mankind, the corn, flowers, graſſe, herbs, with the fruits of the trees: ſo in mercy, ô Lord! thou ſendest Gold, Silver, Braſſe, Iron, and all metals for the uſe and benefit of man: Silk from Wormes, Wooll from Sheep, Leather and Furs from beasts great and ſmall, Diamonds and all kind of Pearles from Sea and Land: for the ſeating of mankind in their ſeverall degrees, not to puff them up with pride, to abuſe their brethren, but rather to raiſe up their thoughts to praiſe their Creatour, and to de­ſire with humility the grace to ſerve God here in this world, that they may come to the glorious everlasting place, which God hath prepared for his people, ô Lord God! thou art our Creatour, there is no good to be had but from thee and thy providence: we were nothing, ô Lord God, and thou madeſt us men and women, we fell from thee, and became worſe then nothing: and thou ô holy and bleſſed Trinity tookſt pity on us: and thou, ô mercifull Jeſus, becammeſt a loving and mercifull Saviour unto us, thy mercy, ô glo­rious and excellent ſweet Jeſus is more greater in redee­ming mankind, then any men are Abel: to expreſſe ô glo­rious heavenly Father, thou hast made us thy children, thy holy Son Jeſus will make us holy: ô holy and bleſſed ſpirit, thou ſanctifiest thy people, and teacheſt them the way and the truth: and thou ô bleſſed ſpirit makest them ſtrong and valiant to hold out in thy feare, and ſerves to the end of our lives, ô holy, holy, holy, and bleſſed Trinity, and Lord God, high and Almighty, to thee be all glory forever. All thy works praiſe thee, ô Lord God, and magnifie thy holy name for ever: and now, ô moſt holy and everliving God and moſt mercifull Father in Jeſus Chriſt, we humbly be­ſeech thee for Jeſus Chriſt ſake to give us grace to live godly, ſoberby, lovingly, and zealous of Gods true worſhip, and glory. And grant, ô Lord! for Jeſus Chriſt ſake that wee may bring forth godly and charitable fruit in Chriſt Jeſus; to the honour and glory of thy name: and make us, ô Lord, for Jeſus Chriſt truly thankfull unto thee, for the free and true preaching of thy word in all theſe North-weſt parts of the World. And wee beſeech thee, ô Lord God, for Jeſus Chriſt ſake, in thy goodtime, to ſend againe thy true, plain and lively word to be preached, to be believed and mayntained in the other parts of the World, that they and we may at the laſt through thy exceeding great and wonderfull mercy in Jeſus Chriſt, come to thy Kingdom to praiſe thy Name with joy for evermore: Amen. All glory, praiſe and thanks be given unto thee, ô eternall, and everliving Almighty Lord God, both now and for evermore, World without end. Amen.


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TextThe immortality of the soule: the excellencie of Christ Jesus, treated on. Wherein the faithfull people of God may finde comfort for their souls. / By T.H. Published according to order.
AuthorHooker, Thomas, 1586-1647..
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Bibliographic informationThe immortality of the soule: the excellencie of Christ Jesus, treated on. Wherein the faithfull people of God may finde comfort for their souls. / By T.H. Published according to order. Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.. [2], 18, [4] p. [s.n.],London, :Printed in the yeer 1645.. (T.H. = Thomas Hooker.) ([4] pages at end: A prayer.) (Annotation on Thomason copy: "Nouemb: 17th".) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
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  • Immortality -- Early works to 1800.

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