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A True TESTIMONY Of the zeal of OXFORD-PROFESSORS AND Univerſity-men Who for zeal perſecute the ſervants of the living GOD, following the example of their Brethren of Cambridge.

ALSO The leudneſs of thoſe two great Mothers diſcovered, who have brought forth ſo ma­ny Children, and never had a Husband.

With A few words to Magiſtrates that perſe­cute the Saints, calling them vagabonds; to ſhew them who are the vagabonds, and to take off their heat, who are ſo much troubled, that they want the honour of a hat.

Richard Hubberthorne.

London, Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black Spread-Eagle neer the Weſt-end of Pauls. 1654.


A true Teſtimony of the zeal of Oxford-profeſſors and Univerſity-men, who for zeal do perſecute the ſervants of the living GOD From OXFORD the 26 day of the fourth Moneth.

A Brief and true teſtimony to all the people, of the unjuſt and unlawful proceedings of thoſe called juſtices in Ox­ford, againſt two Nothern women who in obedience to the Lord, came to Oxford, upon the 20 of the fourth Moneth, who ſeveral daies as they were moved of the Lord, paſſed through the ſtreets, colledges and ſteeple-houſes, declaring the word of the Lord freely. And upon the 15 day being the firſt day of the week, were moved to go to a ſteeple-houſe & when the Prieſt had done, one of the women began to ſpeak in anſwer to what was delivered, and in exhortation to the people. Then two of the juſtices cried out, Take her away, carry her to priſon; and they took them away, and carried them to a priſon called Buckerdo where onely fellons and perſons are committed for murder and other hainous offences, and ſecured. And on the morrow being the ſecond day of the week, ſome of the juſtices asked the Maior, whether there was no meeting appointed; the Maior ſaid, No, he knew no buſineſs they had that there ſhould be a meeting: the juſtice anſwered, There is two Quakers committed to priſon; the Maior anſwered, Let theſe juſtices that committed them, if they have any Law againſt them; let them act it upon them, if not, ſet them free; and the ſaid Maior ſaid further. That he had nothing to ſay againſt them; but he ſaid, that if they wanted food, money or rayment, he would take care, that they ſhould be ſupplied; ſo the Maior left them and went about his publick imployment, and would have no more do in the matter,2 nor act any thing againſt them, but did rather think it convenient to leave it to them, to act according to their wills, and he free from it himſelf. But upon further conſideration, and for the more ſatisfacti­on the Maior went up where the Juſtices were to examine the women, and that their cruelty might the more be made manifeſt, the vice-chan­ſellor of the Univerſity was ſent for to come up before them, and then they proceeded to examination: and the firſt Queſtion propounded, was, What her name was and the place of her abode, and anſwer was made to both; then they asked, What their buſineſs was to Ox­ford, they anſwered, They were commanded of the Lord to come thither, they asked, What to do, they anſwered To declare againſt ſin and ungodlineſs, which they lived in as pride covetouſneſs, luſt, and all uncleanneſs, ſelf-righteouſneſs and all falſe worſhip, which both Prieſt and people lived in contrary to the commands of God; then they asked them, How they knew they were called of God, they ſaid, They knew the voice of God, and that they were called of God.

And this is to be obſerved as a true teſtimony of theſe two ſervants of the Lord, that they did neither beg nor ſteal, neither did they wrong nor violence to any man; they coveted no mans ſilver, gold nor ap­parrel; but becauſe they obeyed the word of the Lord, and did his work faithfully ſpeaking the word of the Lord in boldneſs againſt the deceits of the Prieſts and people in the ſtreets, in the market-place, in the ſynagogues, and in the colledges, clearing and diſcharging their conſciences, in the Lords work and ſervice, freely adminiſtring that which they had freely received from the Lord, of whom they do re­ceive their reward; for their reward is with them, and the preſence of the Lord God doth accompany them, and for their obedience to the Lord, they receive the ſhame of the world, as ever the ſervants of the Lord did, who were mocked, buffetted and ſhamefully uſed, being tied together at Johns Colledge and pumped, and kicked and buffet­ted, and thurſt into a pool called Gileſes pool, ſo that they went into a remote place, to waſh the dirt off their cloathes.

And here both Magiſtrates, and Schollars, and they who pretend to be Miniſters of the Goſpel, are the chiefeſt actors in this perſecution, and ſo do make themſelves manifeſt to be in the ſame generation of the Scribes, and Phariſees, and hypocrites who were ever perſecutors of the righteous ſeed, whomever it hath brought forth: and ſo they fill up the meaſure of their fathers iniquities.

3Again, as concerning the Juſtices being aſſembled, the Vice-chan­cellour being the chief actor in this perſecution, ſaid, That they blaſ­phemed the name of God and did abuſe the Spirit of God and diſ­honour the grace of Chriſt, and asked the women, Whether they did read the Scriptures, they anſwered, Yea, they did; then they asked them. Whether they were not to be obedient to the power of the Magiſtrate they anſwered, They were obedient to the power of God, and to the power as it was of God, their ſouls were ſubject unto it for conſcience ſake.

Well, ſaid the Vice-chancellor, you prophane the word of God and I fear you know not God though you ſo much ſpeak of him. And then they concluded, that there was matter enough for their commit­ment and puniſhment, and wiſhed the women to withdraw; Conſent­ing, that a paper ſhould be drawn up for their being whipped out of the City. And when the paper was drawn up, it was preſented to the Maior to ſet his hand to it; but the ſaid Maior refuſed and ſaid, He was not willing to do it; but one of the Juſtices ſaid, That it was the priviledge of the City, that if any vagrant were taken within the Franchiſes and liberties of the City, the paper muſt be drawn up, That I ſuch a one Maior, have committed ſuch and ſuch perſons, and then it is to ſealed with the office ſeal; but the Maior anſwered, That he would refuſe both; then others ſaid who were zealous & thought they had done God good ſer­vice That if he would not, it ſhould be done by them and was agreed upon that they ſhould be ſoundly whipped, and that for the preſent, becauſe of the tumult, be put into the cage. And the next morning their wills was performed, though with much unwillingneſs in the ex­ecutioner. Many other particulars might be mentioned of their ſuf­ferings, afflictions and patience under reproachings, revilings ſlanders and falſe accuſations caſt upon them, which is the portion of the righ­teous in the world, as Chriſt ſaid Bleſſed are you when men ſhall re­vile you, and perſecute and ſpeak all manner of evil againſt you falſly, for my names ſake: rejoyce and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for ſo perſecuted they the Prophets that were before you. Mat. 5. 11, 12. and ſaith Chriſt, They ſhall put you out of the ſynagogues; yea, the time cometh, that whoſo­ever killeth you, will think that he doth God ſervice, and theſe4 things will they do unto you, becauſe they know not the Father nor me. John 16. 2, 3 4.

And now both ſons and daughters of the Lord comes to witneſs theſe things fulfilled, and you Magiſtrates, Prieſts and people do fulfil the Scriptures againſt the ſervants of the living God, as you have done againſt theſe.

And herein is made manifeſt your tyranny and perſecution, the chief Prieſt, being the chief actor in it, yet there was many in the City, that have ſo much of the light of Chriſt made manifeſt in them, as to ac­knowledge them to be ſervants of the living God, and to own them in their ſufferings, and to confeſs the appearance of Chriſt in them before men, and in love did accompany them out of the City, and did own them in their perſecution.

And this teſtimony is true to teſtifie to all people and to all the world, the cruelty of unreaſonable men, and that the Maior had no hand in any of this cruel uſage and perſecution.

The names of the two women who ſuffered perſecution for righte­ouſneſs ſake, is, Elizabeth Heavens, and Elizabeth Fletcher.

Who are vagabonds diſcovered.

THis is the word of the Lord to all you Magiſtates, who calls your ſelves, who perſecutes the righteous and the juſt, which comes to declare the eternal truth among you in your ſtreets, and in your aſ­ſemblies, as vagabonds.

Cain was the vagabond and the fugative, who turned from the commands of God, and ſlew his brother, and ſo had no habitation in the Lord; ſo woe from the Lord proceeded againſt him, and doth a­gainſt you who are in Cains way, in wrath and envy; for ſaith the Lord to Cain, If thou doſt well, ſhalt not thou be accepted? if not, ſin lies at the door. So he turned from the command of God, and did not well, and ſo was the vagabond and fugative. And all you that do not well, but turnes from the light within, which lets you ſee that ſin lies at the door, are vagabonds and fugitives.

5The children of Iſrael which paſſed up and down and dwelt in their tents they were no vagabonds nor fugatives. The Prophets of the Lord which paſſed up and down, as Jeremiah who was ſent to cry out againſt them, who bear rule by their means. Jer. 5. And Iſaiah which was ſent to cry againſt them which fought for their gain from their quarter. Iſai. 56. And Ezekiel who was ſent to cry againſt them that fed themſelves with the fat, and made a prey upon the peo­ple. Ezek. 34. And Micah which was ſent to cry againſt them that preached for hire. Micha 3. And Malachy which was ſent to tell the people their bleſſing was curſed.

All theſe travelled up and down, yet were no vagabonds nor fugi­tives; but did abide in their habitations in the Lord, and cried againſt them that were out of their habitation.

And the Son of man that had nowhere to lay his head cried woe againſt them that were called of men Maſters, and that had the chief places in the aſſemblies, and went in long robes; he was no vagabond nor fugative though he gave his back to the ſiniſter, and his face to be ſtruck upon by ſuch as were vagabonds.

And he called his Diſciples from their trades and callings, and ſent them into the Townes, Cities and Villages, and ſaid, If they perſecute you in one Citie flye unto another; and told them they ſhould be brought before rulers for his names ſake, and be beat, and ſcourged, and hailed out of their ſynagogues.

Theſe were no vagabonds nor fugitives; but did keep their habi­tation.

And the Apoſtle Paul which ſaid woe to him if he did not preach the Goſpel, which went up and down into the Synagogues on the Sabbath-day, and into the Markers and Schools. He was no va­gabond and fugitive, though he ſaid, He had no certain dwelling place. And certain vagabond fellows bound themſelves under an oath to kill Paul, as Cain did Abel.

And theſe are the vagabonds, that lived in envy and wrath.

6Now all you Prieſts, Magiſtrates and People, who lives in envy and wrath, and beats, and ſtones, and hales out of your Synagogues, you fulfil their words, and are in Cains way, and murther; and not in A­bels; and you are the vagabonds, though you have great habitations in the earth.

And this I was moved of the Lord to write forth, that you might ſee your ignorance, and may know what a vagabond or fugitive is, though they may be great and have habitations in the earth. He is the vagabond and the fugitive, that hath no habitation in the Lord; but brings the curſe upon the earth, and for whoſe ſake the earth is curſed. He that ſins in envy is a murtherer, and he is of Cains gene­tion, and is the fugitive or vagabond.

Doffing hats worſe then a heatheniſh vanity.To all you that ſay the Scripture is your rule and touchſtone to try withal, and with it de­ſire to be judged, proved and tried; with it you ſhall be judged, proved and tried.

WHat example have you in the Scriptures of any Magiſtrate, King, or Ruler, or Noble, or Judge, or Officer, that e­ver commanded any people which came before them to put off their hats, and if they would not, ſet a fine upon them, and ſend them to priſon & tell them they diſturbed them as you do when men ſtood patiently by you; here you ſhew it is your pride that is diſturb­ed, and that which acts contrary to the Law of God, which ſaith, Thou ſhalt reſpect no mans perſon. Did ever Pharoah King of E­gypt, whom Moſes went before, and Aaron, command them to doff7 their hats? or did ever Pharaoh to Joſeph command him to doff his hat or fine him & impriſon him if he would not? did ever Nebuchad­nezzar or Darius command any ſuch thing to any, to doff their hats, & fine them if they would not? did ever Herod command any to doff their hats which came before him, and fine them if they would not? did ever Agrippa or Feſtus fine any that came before them that would not doff their hats, or impriſon them? or any, of the heatheniſh Kings or Rulers in the Scriptures? ſhew one example, elſe you outſtrip them all. Pharaoh who oppreſſed the children of Iſrael was deſtroyed; and Haman who made a Gallows for him that would not bow, on it himſelf was hanged. Nebuchadnezzar which made an Image and would have others to bow, loſt his kingdom. So ſhew an example among all theſe Heathens; elſe you may ſee, You exalt your ſelves far above them, and muſt have their portion. And as touching the chil­dren of God who were in the truth whom God exalted above the Hea­then. Where did ever Moſes who was a Judge over all Iſrael, or any of his Rulers, command the people which came before them to put off their hats, and if they would not fine them and priſon them?

If you cannot finde an example,

Oh bluſh, and be aſhamed all ye Rulers of the earth, whoſe minde ſtands in ſuch outward traditions, and goes from the life of God with­in, which ſhould witneſs the perfect Law of God, which reſpects no mans perſon; and the faith of our Lord Jeſus Chriſt is without reſpect of perſons. Where did ever Joſhua or Jephta, when the people came before them, command any to doff their hats, & fine them or impriſon them if they would not & told the people they diſturbed them if they did not doff their hats? Shew one proof if you can, that they acted any ſuch thing elſe be aſhamed, & let the practiſe of the Saints judge you; and mind that which is according to the law of God, & give over your trifles and traditions, which reſpects no mans perſon. Where did ever David who was a King to all the people, or any of them that he was over, command any ſuch thing as to doff their hats & ſtand bare before him, and if they would not, fine them & impriſon them, and told, them they diſturbed him? Where did ever Solomon, who was in the large wiſedom command any ſuch things to the people whom he was over, to doff their hats, and fine them and impriſon them, and told them they diſturbed them if they would not? Shew one example in all the Scripture among the holy men of God; elſe let the life of all the holy men of God judge you and confound you. Shew any example among all8 the Heatheniſh Emperours Kings, Princes Dukes, Rulers, or other Officers that the Scripture ſpeaks of, that commanded any of their people to doff their hats that came before them; and if they would not, fine them and impriſon them and ſay they diſturbed them; elſe you may ſee you are grown higher in iniquity pride and ambition, then them all. Shew me in the Scripture where ever Moſes taught the people to act any ſuch thing; or ſhew me any ſuch thing in the Scripture where ever the Prophets of God acted or taught any ſuch thing; or ſhew me in the Scripture where ever any Miniſter of God, made by the will of God, acted any ſuch thing, or taught any ſuch thing to doff their hats; elſe there was a fine or impriſonment to come upon them; elſe with the life of the Prophets, and Moſes, and all the Mi­niſters of God, and holy men of God, you are judged and condemned to be in another practice, and out of theirs, and not in theirs, nor in the life.

To the light in your conſciences I ſpeak, that with it you may ſee you deſpiſe dominion and dignity, and reſpect perſons, and would bring others to reſpect perſons, when he that reſpects perſons, is con­vinced of the Law as a tranſgreſſor. Here it is you that are not ſub­ject to the highers powers, which are ordained of God.

This is given forth for the ſakes of them that exerciſe their conſci­ences towards God and man, and cannot reſpect the perſon, nor wor­ſhip that which is to be condemned with that which exerciſeth the conſcience.


THe Word of the Lord God to you which are called the two Mothers in this Nation, with them which do come from you, whom you have made Miniſters: they have told us, Chriſt Jeſus hath ſent them: and we ſee now with the light which comes from Chriſt, that they are made Miniſters by the will of man, and Chriſt Jeſus ſent them not, but their Mo­thers, as they call them. And they told us that the letter was the light, when the letter ſaith Chriſt is the light. Here we do charge them, both they and their Mothers, to be lyers, and to be adulterated from the light, and know nothing but the outſide: ſo with the light they all lyers are to be condemned for the lake, as it is written, The lyers muſt have their portion in the lake that burns. And they and their Mothers have filled this Nation full of their lyes: but with the light that comes from Jeſus Chriſt, which never changes, they are comprehended, and condemned to the lake, lyers. And they told us, (the ſons and children that came from their mothers) That the Bible was the Word: and the Bible ſaith, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. And here again, (with this light which comes from this Word, which Word endures for ever, which was before pa­per and ink was, and the Scripture was given forth) they are ſeen, and we do charge both the mothers and their ſons to be lyers, and no Miniſters of the Word: for they which were Miniſters of the Word, and eye-witneſſes, took in hand to ſet forth a de­claration in order. So it is a declaration which the Miniſters of the Word ſet forth, which word was in the beginning, by which all things were made, and upheld by the Word and power: and the Word became fleſh, and dwelt amongst us. And here thou that firſt as a Queen, and feeſt no ſorrow, and haſt many children, thy deſola­tion is coming, and comed, and the loſs of thy children: thy skirts are ſeen, and thy nakedneſs appears; and thy leudneſs, and whoredoms, and witchcrafts, and lyes, do appear to all the children of the light, who are in the light, that comprehends all the world, and reaches over it.

10and the children that are come from their Mothers taught us and told us, That Hebrew, Greek and Latine was the original, and is the original, and ſuch learned men muſt open the Scriptures, and with the light which is eternal, which is come from the Son of God, with it we do ſee that before Babel was, all the earth was of one language, and then Nimrod the cunning hunter before the Lord which came out of Hams ſtock the father of Canaan, who was curſed, he was the beginner of the building of Babel, whom God confounded into many languages; and we do ſee that Pi­late which crucified Chriſt had his original Hebrew, Greek and La­tine, and ſet it over Chriſt, ſo with the light we may ſee them, Babylon, building up and throwing down with their many lan­guages which is confuſion, and their Mother the Mother of Har­lots, which teacheth them many languages, which ſits trimmed & deceives the Nations; but with the light which comes from Je­ſus Chriſt, ſhe and her Sons are comprehended, and they can go no further then Babel which are Babylon; for with the light you are ſeen, comprehended and judged with the word, which was before any language was, by which all things were made, as is ſaid before; and here you are hammered who are in many languages with the word, which is as an hammer to beat you in peices, and with the word you are to be cut and divided aſunder, for the word is as a two-edged Sword, & the word is as fire to burn you up, who be in the many languages, and to you all this is the word of the Lord, which doth indure for ever, and who are redeemed, are redeemed forth of the many languages, and is come before Babel was. And the children which came from the Mother told us that ſprinkling Infants was the baptiſm, and the Steeple-houſe the Church, & of a Sacrament, which there ino ſuch Scripture. And ſo again here with the light that Chriſt Jeſus Chriſt hath enlightned us withal, we ſee they taught us more lyes, and ſo with the light they are to be condemned, as I ſaid unto you be­fore; for the light that gave forth the Scriptures, ſaith the Church is in God, and with the Spirit they were baptized all into one body, and was made to drink all into one Spirit, with the light we do ſee and witneſs this praiſed be God, which hath ſeparated us from this lying generation, which holds up theſe Mothers and their Sons, which be teachers of lyes. And they did tell us theſe11 Children that come from their Mothers, that they were the Mi­niſters of God, and his Prophets, and his Meſſengers. Now with the light that comes from Chriſt, we do them all ſee to be ſuch, as be out of the truth, and ſuch as the Lord ſent Micah to cry a­gainſt, that are hirelings, & they that do not put into their mouths they prepare war againſt them; they that do, to them they preach peace, and boaſt and ſay, Is not the Lord amongst us? none e­vil can come unto us: Who be in the evil and tranſgreſſion, with the light that comes from Chriſt comprehended they are, with which light the Prophets that ſaw Chriſt witneſſed againſt ſuch with the ſame light, which lighr we witneſs made manifeſt, which never changes, with which light all deceiters & deceits are com­prehended, and with the light we do ſee them that come from their Mothers, to be ſuch as ſeek for their gain from their quar­ter, as beareth rule by their means, as ſeeketh for the fleece, which the Lord ſent his Prophets to cry againſt, which were in the light, with which light they ſaw Chriſt, which Chriſt hath enlightned us with, with which light we ſee the ſame as the Pro­phets did, which was witneſſes of Chriſt with the light. And ſo here we do ſee them to be the deceivers, who go into the world, who uſeth their tongues and ſaith the Lord ſaith, when he never ſpake to them; and ſpeaketh a divination of their own brain, and follow their own ſpirits, which are the dreamers, with the light they are all ſeen which never changes, and with it which is eter­nal, comprehended: and to you this is the eternal word of God. And thoſe Sons that came from their Mothers told us they were Chriſts Embaſſadors, with the light which comes from Chriſt which Chriſt hath enlightned us withal; we do ſee them to be holding up the figures in the firſt Covenant, & their mothers to be lyers, and they no Embaſſadors of Chriſt which takes Tythes of the people, and if they will not give it them who witneſſeth the unchangeable Prieſt Chriſt Jeſus, and deny the changeable, they ſue them at the Law, and cauſe them to be haled before Magiſtrates, Courts Seſſions, and put them in priſon becauſe they will not pay them Tythes. Here you are de­clared to the whole Nation to be lyers, and no Embaſſadours of Jeſus Chriſt; for whom he ſent forth, he ſent forth freely & de­nied all oppreſſion. Here with the Scripture it ſelf you are all judged to be out of the practice of them that he ſent forth.

12And you that take Tythes of the people, and bring the Scri­pture for your rule, as they that received Tythes in old time, which had a ſtore-houſe to put it in; and them that did not bring their Tythes, and fill it, they robbed God, as ſaid Malachi. And the Prieſts which received the Tythes, the ſtrangers, the fa­therleſs, and the widows, were to come within the Prieſts gate, and he was to miniſter forth to the ſtrangers, the fatherleſs, and the widows, that there might be no begger in Iſrael.

Now to you who receive Tythes I ſpeak, who are neither Mi­niſters of the Goſpel, nor Miniſters of the firſt Covenant, but Juglers, as you call it, you are made manifeſt to all who be in the light. Now if you ſay, Give Caeſar his due, which are hypo­crites, and bring that for your cloak, for to hold up the figure, the firſt Prieſthood; that cloak will not you cover, but your naked­neſs and whoredom from the Lord is ſeen with the light, which are all to be condemned from the firſt Covenant and the ſecond both, who are found in the truth in neither. For the firſt Prieſt­hood, who had a Store-houſe into which the Tythes were recei­ved, which the Prieſts miniſtred forth to the ſtrangers, widows, and, fatherleſs, a figure of the unchangeable Prieſt Chriſt Jeſus, who miniſters out of the everlaſting treaſure. And whiles the firſt Prieſthood was ſtanding, Store-houſe and Tythes was prea­ched up, it was before Chriſt Jeſus was preached up, and his re­ſurrection. And when Chriſt Jeſus was preached up, the un­changeable Prieſthood over the houſhold of God, then the un­changeable was confeſſed with them, and the changeable Prieſt­hood, Store-houſe, and Tythes, was denied, diſannulled, and of no effect. Which the deceivers of the world, theſe mothers and ſons, for their own ends, bring up Tythes again, and ſay they are Miniſters of Chriſt. But with the light which comes from Chriſt, we do ſee who they are, and what they are that have told us theſe lyes. So with the light they are to be condemned, and their mothers, and their children, and their proſelytes that they have begotten; to the light in all your conſciences, which ſhall wineſs me eternally, I ſpeak, and you all condemn that hate it, and hold up ſuch things. And to you this is the Word of God, that you might ſee yourſelves, what you are.

And they have told us which came from their Mothers, that13 they were in Chriſts ſtead, and he ſent them: but with the eter­nal light, which never changes, which Chriſt Jeſus hath enlight­ned us withal, we do ſee them in the ſteps of the Scribes and Phariſees, garniſhing the Sepulchres of the righteous, building the Tombs of the Prophets and Apoſtles, as whited walls, out­ſides, and ſepulchres, and graves; who bury the juſt, whoſe hands are full of blood, envie, and hatred; which be ſuch as are called of men Maſters, and have the chiefeſt places in the Aſſemblies, ſtand praying in the Synagogues, in the ſteps of the Phariſees their fathers which were enemies to Chriſt, as you may read, Matth. 23. And with the light that comes from our Lord Jeſus Chriſt you are all ſeen, and with it to be condemned: no cloak can cover you, but you are ſeen with all the children of the light. Praiſed be the Lord God.

And the Word of the Lord God to all you who ſay that you are gifted men, who ſay you are not made Miniſters by theſe two Mothers, but you are experienced men, pretending a gift, and you muſt exerciſe your gift; and you will have 40, 50, or 60, or 80 l. a year, more or leſs as you can get it, for your gift. Now I charge you, in the preſence of the living God, to be ſuch as erre from the ſpirit as your father Balaam did, and are turned from the commands of God, as Cain did: and you are the ſelf-ſeparation, whoſe fruit ſhall wither: you are the clouds without water, the wandring ſtars, who receive the wages of unrighteouſ­neſs, who ſpeak high ſwelling words through the luſts of the fleſh, which have mens perſons in admiration becauſe of advantage. You are the wells without water, which ſay you are experienced men, and gifted men, and go and ſell your gift to the world: here again I do charge you in the preſence of the living God to be lyers, diſſemblers, and deceivers of the world, and contrary to the Scripture, and never perceived the gift of God: for the elect you cannot deceive, which have received the gift of God, which is perfect, which cannot be bought and ſold for money: ſo your gifts which can be ſold for money, are not received from God, but with the light which comes from Chriſt Jeſus, which is eter­nal, you and your gifts are to be condemned, which can be bought and ſold for money. You are them that ſeparate your ſelves, ſenſual, not having the Spirit. With the light you are ſeen,14 & your fruits which withers, & with it which never changes, you and it are condemned. To that in your conſciences I ſpeak, which never changes, which ſhall witneſs me, which condemns you, to you this is the eternal word of God. And you that ſay ye are Miniſters of Chriſt, and declares againſt theſe two Mothers afore­mentioned, and her ſons and children, and you your ſelves ſuch as are called of men Maſters, have the chiefeſt places in the aſ­ſemblies, and ſtand praying in the Synagogues, which our Lord Jeſus Chriſt cried woe againſt. And you ſay the Scripture is your rule; here with Chriſts words are you judged and ſeen to be de­ceivers, that deceives the world; but they who are in Chriſt, which cried woe againſt ſuch, Woe unto you Scribes and Phariſees, as you may read Mat. 23. you cannot deceive, and your teachers that ſay the Scriptures is your rule, and are ſeparate from theſe two Mothers and children before mentioned, and which ſay you muſt obſerve the Commands of Chriſt and Ordinances, and are zealous of the outward Commands, as the Jews was, & yet ye do not believe that Jeſus Chriſt inlightens every one that comes in­to the world. Here you and your zeal is to be condemned, for it is without the knowledge of God: to it I bear record eternally, and the Commands of Chriſt you know not, and with the light that cones from Chriſt Jeſus, you and your zeal is to be con­demned, which is taken out from the letter in that minde and nature which acteth contrary to the light; ſo you are in the ſtate of the ſchiſme, whoſe mouthes muſt be ſtopped.


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TextA true testimony of the zeal of Oxford-professors and university-men who for zeal persecute the servants of the living God, following the example of their brethren of Cambridge. Also the leudness of those two great mothers discovered, who have brought forth so many children, and never had a husband. With a few words to magistrates that persecute the saints, calling them vagabonds; to shew them who are the vagabonds, and to take off their heat who are so much troubled, that they want the honour of a hat. Richard Hubberthorne.
AuthorHubberthorn, Richard, 1628-1662..
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Bibliographic informationA true testimony of the zeal of Oxford-professors and university-men who for zeal persecute the servants of the living God, following the example of their brethren of Cambridge. Also the leudness of those two great mothers discovered, who have brought forth so many children, and never had a husband. With a few words to magistrates that persecute the saints, calling them vagabonds; to shew them who are the vagabonds, and to take off their heat who are so much troubled, that they want the honour of a hat. Richard Hubberthorne. Hubberthorn, Richard, 1628-1662.. [2], 14 p. Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black Spread-Eagle neer the west-end of Pauls.,London, :1654.. (Annotation on Thomason copy: "July 31".) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
  • Persecution -- Religious aspects -- Early works to 1800.
  • Oxford (England) -- History -- Early works to 1800.

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