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A Liſt of his Majeſties Navie Royall, and Merchants Ships, Their Names, Captaines and Lievtenants, their Men and Burthens in every one, now ſetting forth for the Guard of the narrow Seas, and for IRELAND this yeare, 1642.With an Order, for the ſpeedy Rigging of the Navie for the Defence of the KINGDOME.ALGERNON PERCY, Earle of Northumberland, Lord Percy, Lucy, Poynings, &c, Knight of the moſt Noble Order of the Garter, and one of his Majeſties moſt Honourable Privy Counſell, Lord high Admirall of ENGLAND, and Lord Generall of his Majeſties Navy Royall.

The Kings Maieſties Ships: the Names of Captains, and Lievtenants, Ships, Men, and Burthens.
  • 1. IN the Iames, Robert Earle of Warwick, Vice Admi­rall, Maſter Slingsby Liev­tenant, 260. men, burthen 875. tun.
  • 2. In the Saint George William, Batten Captaine, Maſter William Smith Lievtenant, 260. men, bur­then 792. tunne.
  • 3. In the Rainebow, Sir John Menns Captaine, Maſter Lutton Lievtenant, 260. men, burthen 721. tunne.
  • 4. In the Reformation, Sir David Murrey Captaine, Maſter Stanſbuy Lievtenant, 260. men, burthen 731. tunne.
  • 5. Victory, Captaine Fogge Captaine, Maſter Fogge Lievte­nant, 240. men, burthen 742. tun.
  • 6. Henrietta Maria, Captaine Hatch Captaine, Maſter Wattes Lievetenant, 250. men, burthen 793. tunne.
  • 7. Unicorne Captaine French­field Captaine, Maſter Sommerſton Lievtenant, 250. men, burthen 767 tunne.
  • 8. Charles Swanley Captaine, Maſter Darey Lievtenant, 250. men, burthen 810. tun.
  • 9. Vantgard, Captaine Blith Captaine, Mr. Blith Lievetenant, 250. men, burthen 751. tunne.
  • 10. Entrance, Captaine Owen Captaine, Maſter Bowen Lievte­nant, 160. men, burthen 539. tun.
  • 11. Garland, Captaine Stingſ­by Captaine, Maſter Walters Lieve­tenant, 170. men, burthen 767.
  • 12. Lion, Captaine Priſſe Cap­taine, Maſter Hill Lievetenant, 170. men, 602 tunne.
  • 13. Antelope, Captaine Burley Captaine, Maſter Willeby Lievete­nant, 160. men, burthen 512. tun.
  • 14. Mary Roſe, Captaine Fox Captaine, 100. men, burthen 321. tunne.
  • 15. Expedition, Captaine Wake Captaine, 100. men, burthen 301. tunne.
  • 16. Greyhound, Captaine VVhe­ler Captaine, 50. men, burthen 126. tunne.
Merchants Ships.
  • 1. In the Martane, Captaine George Martane Captaine, Maſter Hakriger Lievtenant, 210. men b. 700. tunne.
  • 2. Samſon, Captaine Aſhly Cap­taines Maſter Andrew Lievtenant, 180. men, bound 600. tunne.
  • 3. Caeſar, Captaine Elias Iorden Captaine, Maſter Norton Lievete­nant, 180. men, b. 600. tunne.
  • 4. London, Captaine Iohn Ste­phens Captaine, Maſter Pomroy Lievetenant 180. men, b. 600. tunne.
  • 5. Unicorne, Captaine Edward Iohnſon Captaine, 143. men, b. 475. tunne.
  • 6. May Flower, Captaine Peter Andrews Captaine, 121. men, b. 450. tunne.
  • 7. Bonny Venter, Captaine George Swanly Captaine, 120. men, b. 400. tunne.
  • 8. The Proſperous, Captaine VVilliam Driver Captaine, 120. men, b 400. tunne.
  • 9. Hurclens, Captaine Mover Captaine, 150. men, b. 350. tun.
  • 10. Paragon, Captaine Leonard Harris Captaine, 105. men, b. 350 tunne.
  • 11. Hopefull Luke, Captaine Lee Captaine, 105. men, b. 350 tunne.
  • 12. Golden Angell, Captaine Walker Captaine, 105. men, b. 350. tunne.
  • 13. Exchange, Captaine Lucas Captaine, 89. men, b. 325. tunne.
  • 14. Mayden-head, Captaine Lewton Captaine, 90. men, b. 300. tunne.
  • 15. Providence, Captaine Wil­liam Swandly Captaine, 81. men, b. 271. tunne.
  • 16. Jocelyn, Captaine Partridge Captaine, 60. men, 200. tunne.
His Maieſties Ships for the Iriſh Seas.
  • 1. The Swalow, Captaine Tho: Kettley, 150. men, 160. tunne.
  • 2. Bonny Venture, Captaine Henry Stradling, 160. men, 557. tunne.
Merchants Ships.
  • 1. Diſcovery, Captaine John Brok-haver, 144. men, 380. tunne.
  • 2. Ruth, Captaine Robert Cun­ſtable, 120. men, 400. tunne.
  • 3. Employment Captaine Tho: Aſly, 132 men, 440. tunne.
  • 4. Peter, Captaine Peter Stroung 81. men, 270. tunne.
  • 5. Pennington, Captaine Ioſeph, Iordan, 360. men, 135. tunne.
  • 6. Fellowſhip, Captaine Thomas Colle, 87. men, 290. tunne.
  • 7. Mary Captaine William Capell, 30. men, 103. tunne.
  • 8. Iohn, Captaine John Thomas: 15. men. 50. tunne.

THE Lords and Commons in this preſent Parliament aſſembled, having received advertiſement of extraordinary preparations, made by the neighbouring Princes, both by Land and Sea: the Intentions whereof have beene ſo repreſented, as to raiſe an apprehenſion in both Houſes, that the publicke Honour, Peace, and Safety of his Majeſtie, and his Kingdome cannot be ſecured, unleſſe a timely courſe be taken for the putting of this Kingdome into a condition of Defence, at Sea as well as Land. It is therefore ordered by the Lords and Commons aforeſaid, that the Earle of Northumberland, Lord high Admirall of Eng­land, doe forthwith give effectuall direction, and Order, that all and every the Ships belonging to his Majeſties Navy, which are fit for ſervice, and not already abroad, nor deſigned for this Summers Fleet, be with all ſpeed rigged and put in ſuch a readineſſe, as that they may be ſoone fitted for the Sea; and that his Lord­ſhip doe alſo make knowne unto all the Maſters, and Owners of ſuch ſhips as now are in, or about any the Harbours of this Kingdome, and may be of uſe for the publicke defence thereof, that it will be an acceptable ſervice to the King, and Parliament. If they likewiſe will cauſe their Ships to be rigged, and ſo farre put in readineſſe, as they may be at a ſhort warning ſet forth to Sea, upon any immergent occaſion, which will be a meanes of great ſecurity to his Majeſty, and his Do­minions.

IT is ordered, that the Maſters of the Merchants Ships, ſhall be alowed after the rate of ten ſhillings a moneth, to every one of his men for rigging of the Ships, and 21. ſhillings a moneth for e­very one of his men when they are at Sea, and to have one third part of the mony in hand and another part at foure moneths end and the laſt payment at ſixe moneths end, being the expiration of the time, for which they are impreſt, or when they come to Black-Wall. and to have their Colours and Surgions, Cheſts furniſhed at the Kings charge, out of the Kings Store-houſe, and preſſe-mo­ny alowed them, but if any Ship chance to be caſt away in the Kings ſervice, they are to have no allowance, but the Kings pay for ſixe moneths.

Printed for John Rothwell. 1642.

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TextA list of his Majesties Navie Royall, and merchants ships their names, captaines and lievtenants, their men and burthens in every one, now setting forth for the guard of the narrow seas, and for Ireland this yeare, 1642. With an order, for the speedy rigging of the navie for the defence of the kingdome. Algernon Percy, Earle of Northumberland, Lord Percy, Lucy, Poynings, &c. Knight of the most noble order of the garter, and one of his Majesties most Honourable Privy Counsell, Lord high Admirall of England, and Lord Generall of his Majesties Navy Royall.
AuthorEngland and Wales. Parliament..
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Bibliographic informationA list of his Majesties Navie Royall, and merchants ships their names, captaines and lievtenants, their men and burthens in every one, now setting forth for the guard of the narrow seas, and for Ireland this yeare, 1642. With an order, for the speedy rigging of the navie for the defence of the kingdome. Algernon Percy, Earle of Northumberland, Lord Percy, Lucy, Poynings, &c. Knight of the most noble order of the garter, and one of his Majesties most Honourable Privy Counsell, Lord high Admirall of England, and Lord Generall of his Majesties Navy Royall. England and Wales. Parliament.. 1 sheet ([1] p.) : port. Printed for John Rothwell,[London] :1642.. (Place of publication from Wing.) (With a portrait of the Earl of Northumberland.) (The order from Parliament is dated: Die Mercurii. 2. Martii. 1641. [i.e. 1642].) (Annotation on Thomason copy: "1641".) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
  • Great Britain -- History -- Civil War, 1642-1649 -- Naval operations -- Early works to 1800.
  • Great Britain -- History, Naval -- 17th century -- Early works to 1800.

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