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[blazon or coat of arms of the City of London

Com' Concil 'tent' in Camera Guihald 'Civitat' LONDON, die Veeris Viceſimo ſexto die Octobr ', Anno Regni Iomini & Dominae No­ſtrorum, WILLIELMI & MARIAE, nunc Regis & Reginae, Angiae, &c. Sexto: Coram Willielmo Aſhhurſt Mil' Major '; Thoma Lane Mil', Major 'Elect'; Roberto Cayton Mil ', Patienc' Ward Mil '. Thoma Stamp Mi Solathiel Lovell Mil '. Servien' ad Legem acecordat 'dictae Civitat'; Humphrido Edwyn Mil, Richardo Levit Mil ', JacoboHoublon Mil ', Thoma Abney Mil', & Willielmo Hedges Mil '& Alderman'; Necnon Major 'parte Commuiar' dictae Civitat 'in eodem Com' Concil' tunc & ibidem Aſſemblat '.An ACT for Licenſing Carts, to be uſed by the Freemen, Woodmongers or Traders in Fuel, that Inhabit within this City and Liberties thereof

WHEREAS there was formerly aſſigned, allowed and appropiated, by the Mayor and Comminalty, anCitizens of the City of LONDON, unto the Woodmongers or Traders in Fuel, inhabiting within the ſaid City and the Liberties thereof, a certain Number of2 CARTS, for carrying of Sea-coals and other Fuel 'which have been part othe Number of Four hundred and twenty CARS or CARTS allowed, marked and appointed for thGeneral Service of this CITY: But of late years the Number of Inha­bitants being greatly icreaſed, and by reaſon there­of the neceſſary uſe of Street-Cars or Carts is much increaſed alſo; and terefore all the ſaid Four hun­dred and Twenty Cars have been uſed only for Street-Cars and Carts, whereby the Woodmongers and Traders in FUEL, w••hin this City and the Liber­ties thereof, are in〈◊〉great meaſure Diſabled to Manage and Carry otheir ſaid Trade and Imploy­ments; the whichhey have Humbly repreſented unto this COURT〈◊〉Common Council, and prayed Relief therein.

And this COUT having taken the ſame into Serious Conſideratin, do find it neceſſary to In­creaſe the ſaid Numb••of Four hundred and twenty Cars and Carts, ſo allwed and appointed as afore­ſaid, ſo far forth asay be neceſſary for the ſaid Woodmongers or Deaers in Fuel, only for the Ma­nagement and Carryng on their ſaid Trades and Imployments; andſo for Enabling them to fur­niſh the Citizens and other Inhabitants of this City and Liberties withOALS and other Fuel, at as cheap and eaſie Rates and Prices, as They or any Others may or can.

Be it Enacted therfore by the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Al••rmen and Commons in Com­mon Council aſſemble, and by the Authority of the ſame, that there ſhll be allowed, marked and appointed, to and fothe ſole Vſe and Imployment of the WOODMONGERS or Traders in FUEL, (being Freemen, and Inhabiting within the City of London and the Liberties thereof, and no other) a fitting and convenient Number of CARS and3 CARTS, not exceeding Oneundred and twenty, other than and beſides the aoreſaid Number of Four hundred and twenty CARS and CARTS, now uſed as Street Cars anCarts, as afore­ſaid:

The which Cars and Carts ſo tbe allowed, marked and appointed, ſhall be appropriate unto them the ſaid Woodmongers or Traders in FUL, for the ſole Vſe, Management and Carrying on the ſaid Trade or Imployment of Woodmongerso Dealers in Fuel only; and ſhall be divided and diſtribted to and amongſt them from time to time, as may be moſt convenient for them, and leaſt to thennoyance and Ob­ſtruction of the Publick Streetsnd Paſſages of this City and the Liberties thereof;••ny Act of Common Council, or other Law, Vaor Cuſtom of this City, now in being and in force,〈◊〉the contrary thereof in any wiſe notwithſtanding.

And be it further Enacted bthe Authority afore­ſaid. That the ſaid CARS••d CARTS ſo to be allowed, marked and appoin••by virtue of this Act, ſhall not be, nor taken oeſteemed to be Ap­purtenant to the ſeveral and reſpective Wharf or Wharfs, to which the ſame orny of them are or ſhall be ſo allowed or appoin••d; nor ſhall be ſold or diſpoſed of by ſuch or ay other the Wood­mongers or Traders in FUL, in any manner howſoever.

And that the Cars and Cart ſo to be allowed and appointed to the ſaid Woodongers or Traders in Fuel, ſhall be burnt with aaggot-mark on both the outſides thereof, and ſhalhave alſo thereupon a piece of Braſs, with the true Number of ſuch Cars or Carts; and the Raves thereoſhall be higher than the Raves of the Street Cars or Carts, to keep the Fuel the ſafer from falling off and hurting the4 People in the Strets, and alſo the better to di­ſtinguiſh them from the ſaid other CARS and CARTS.

And that the ſaid Wharf-Carts nor Cars, nor any of them, ſhall Wok in the Streets in any other Work than only in Carrying of Coals and other Fuel, to and frome reſpective Wharfs, belonging to ſuch Perſons twhom the ſaid Cars or Carts ſhall be reſpectivelyllowed; upon pain, That for every time ſuch Whaf-Car or Cart ſhall Work, or be otherwiſe Imploed for Wages, Hire or Re­ward, the Owner ofhe ſaid Car or Cart ſhall Forfeit and pay for every••ch Offence the Sum of Five Pounds.

And all and ever the LICENSES that ſhall be given to any••ch Woodmonger and Trader in FUEL, whoſe Cart or Cars ſhall be ſo Hired and Imployed, contrary tthe true Intent and Meaning of this preſent Act, ſhall••om thence be ſuſpended till ſuch reſpective Penalty orenalties ſhall be paid and ſatiſ­fied: And every Pe••t ſo offending, ſhall (till the ſaid reſpective Sums beaid) be Diſabld to Work any of his ſaid Cars or Cats, notwithſtanding any Licenſe or Licenſes to ſuch Perſon or Perſons, granted by virtue of this Act.

And for the better putting this ACT in due Execution, and for the more equal and impartial Diſtribution of the ſad Wharf-Cars or Carts, to and amongſt the ſaid Woomongers or Traders in FUEL, with due reſpect to the••ſeveral and reſpective Wants and Decaſions in t••ſaid reſpective Trades: Be it further Enacted by the Authority aforeſaid, That the Right Honourableir Thomas Lane Knight, Lord Mayor Elect, Sir Thomas Stamp Knight, Sir James Houblon and Sir Francis Child, Knights and Adermeof this City; and Mr. Caddon, Mr. Deputy Eyre,5 Mr. Richier, Mr. Dorvill, M. Houlton, Mr. Harvey, Mr. Deputy Tooly and Mr. Deputy Collet, Com­moners, or any Five of them whereof an Alderman to be One, are by this COURT of Common Council made and appointea Committee, with Directions, full Power anduthority, by virtue of this ACT, to take Care ofhe Marking, Allowing and Appointing fit and convnient Wharf-Cars and Carts, and to Divide, Diſt•••ute and Appoint the ſame to and amongſt all andery the Woodmongers and Dealers in Fuel, as aforeſa••, within the City and Liberties thereof, deſiring the ſme, by them to be Im­ployed and uſed in, and for carrng out and bringing in their FUEL, according to the intent and meaning of this preſent Act: And alſoo take due Care from time to time, that the Coals••d Fuel by ſuch Wood­mongers and Dealers in Fuel,old and Delivered to all and every Perſon and Pe••ons within this City and Liberties thereof, ſhall c••tain the Full and Due Meaſure, Weight, Size andale, and that the ſame be Sold and Delivered at reaſonable Rates and Prices from time to time; And alſo to prevent all Frauds and Deceits in thSale and Delivery thereof; and all Abuſes, Nuſces and Obſtructions by ſuch Cars or Carts in thStreets and publick Paſſages, in this City and Lberties thereof; And to appoint ſuch Perſon and Perſons as to them ſhall appear neceſſary to Inſpe••and Overſee, that the ſaid Wharf-Carts be dulyarked and Imployed to the Vſes aforeſaid; and tht no Fraud or Deceit be done or committed, contrry to the true intent and meaning of this Act: Whch ſaid COMMITTEE ſhall and may continue until the 25th Day of Decem­ber now next enſuing, or unil a New Committee ſhall be Choſen; and ſo froYear to Year, and every Year afterwards.


And for the more cetain avoiding of ſuch Deceit hereafter, as divers Peſons have heretofore practiſed in the Sale and M••ſure of their COALS: Be it further Enacteby the Authority aforeſaid, That all Sea-coals herefter to be Sold and Vttered by Retail, by any perſoor perſons whatſoever, ſhall be fill'd and brought ſome to the Buyers in the Seacoal-Meeters Sacks, & ſuch other Sacks as contain the full Meaſure of t••Seacoal-Meeters Sacks; and are and ſhall be Mark••by the Keeper of the Guild-Hall for the time being, according to an ORDER of the Court of Aldermen made the 25th of October, in the time of the Majealty of Sir Thomas Cambell Knight, deceaſed.

And that all perſon and perſons Vending or Vt­tering Sea-coals by Rtail and every Carman, his Servant or Agent;hall hereafter from time to time, and at all times when they Carry or Send abroad any Coals••in this City of London or Liberties thereof, ca••along in their Carts or Cars, together with their Seacoals, a good and lawful Buſhel Sealed, according to be Buſhel in the Guild-Hall allowed for Meaſuring〈◊〉Sea-coals, which agreeth with the Fatt, anciently uſedor Meaſuring of Sea-coals.

And if any perſon & perſons ſhall bring Home in his or their Cart or C•••to any Buyer, any Coals in any other Sack or Sacks, and without ſuch Buſhel, as are before mentionednd appointed; ſuch perſons ſo Offending, ſhall foret and pay Twenty ſhillings for the firſt, and every oth••Offence reſpectively.

And that it may the better appear what Number of Wharf-Cars or Cartshall be appointed and allowed for Wharf-ſervice, asforeſaid, and to whom the ſaid Committee, now or h••eafter to be appointed, or any Five of them (whereof one to be an Alderman) ſhall Yearly, in the Month of May, preſent unto the Lord7 Mayor and Court of Aldermen of this City (if there­unto required,) a true Catalogue ad Liſt fairly written, under their Hands, expreſſing ho•• when and to whom ſuch Wharf-Carts are diſpoſed of ſom time to time.

And be it farther Enacted by the Authority aforeſaid, that if any ſuch Woodmongers oTraders in FUEL, as aforeſaid, ſhall at any time aer the Firſt Day of December next enſuing, preſume〈◊〉Work any Cart or Carts within the ſaid City and Lierties, by Himſelf or Servant, not being duly allwed, marked and appointed, as aforeſaid; ſuch pe••on or perſons, for every time ſo offending, ſha••fore and pay the Sum of Five pounds, to be recovereand obtained as is hereafter mentioned.

And that every of the ſaid Wodmongers or Traders in FUEL, keeping and working any ſuch Wharf Cart or Carts, ſo to be allowed, mark••and appointed, as aforeſaid, by virtue of this pre••t Act; ſhall from time to time duly obſerve all and very ſuch reaſonable Orders and Rules as ſhall be d••ected and appointed by this COURT, or ſuch Committee ſo choſen and appointed, as aforeſaid.

And foraſmuch as great Diſr••s and Diſturbances have hapned and ariſen amongſthe Common Carmen, who Work the aforeſaid Four hundred and twenty Street-Cars about their Turns, in Carriage of Mer­chandize and other Goods, (viz) Which of them ſhall have Priority, and take up and load the firſt and next Load of Goods after or beforeach other; whereof ſeveral Merchants and others have made Complaint to this COURT, and that thehave been Sufferers thereby: Therefore for Remedthereof for the future, Be it Enacted by the Authoritaforeſaid, That all Merchants and other Tradeſmehaving any Occaſion for any Street Cart or Cars, ſhall and may uſe and imploy which and ſuch of them as he or they ſhall think fit,6〈1 page duplicate〉7〈1 page duplicate〉8and chuſe, for carrying of every ſuch firſt, next, or other Load or Loads, as he or they ſhall from time to time upon ſuch Occaſion direct or appoint; any Law or Vſage to the contrry thereof notwithſtanding.

And, Laſtly, it ihereby Enacted and Ordained by the Authority aforeſid, That all Pains, Penalties and Forfeitures, in and bthis Act limited and appointed, ſhall and may be reovered by Action of Debt, Bill or Information, in the Name of the Chamberlain of this City, for the timeeing, in Their Majeſties Court, holden before theord Mayor and Aldermen of the ſaid City, in the Ouward Chamber of the Guild Hall; and upon Recovery of the ſame, one Moiety thereof, after all Charges exended in ſuch Recovery, ſhall by the Chamberlain beaid to the Informer or Proſecutor of ſuch Suit, and••e other Moiety to the uſe of the Mayor and Comminay, and Citizens of this City.

In all which Suitto be brought by virtue of this Act, the Chamber•••n ſhall (in caſe he do recover) be allowed his Ordinary Coſts and Charges, expended in and about the ſame. And if Judgment ſhall happen to be given againſt〈◊〉Plaintiff in any ſuch Suit, or ſuch Suits ſhall beiſcontinued, then the Defendant ſhall alſo Recover〈◊〉Coſts.


Printed by Samuel Roycroft, Printer to the Honorable City of London. 1694.

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TextCom' Concil' tent' in Camera Guihald' civitat' London, die Veneris vicesimo sexto die Octobr', anno regni Domini & Dominæ nostrorum, Willielmi & Mariæ ... an Act for licensing carts, to be used by the freemen, woodmongers or traders in fuel, that inhabit within this city and liberties thereof.
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Bibliographic informationCom' Concil' tent' in Camera Guihald' civitat' London, die Veneris vicesimo sexto die Octobr', anno regni Domini & Dominæ nostrorum, Willielmi & Mariæ ... an Act for licensing carts, to be used by the freemen, woodmongers or traders in fuel, that inhabit within this city and liberties thereof. Act of Common Council for Licensing Carts, London Corporation of London (England). 8 p. printed by Samuel Roycroft, printer to the honorable city of London,[London :1694]. (Caption title.) (Imprint from colophon.) (Place of publication from Wing (CD-ROM edition).) (Reproduction of original in the Folger Shakespeare Library.)
  • Carriages and carts -- Licenses -- England -- Early works to 1800.
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