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A New Declaration OUT OF ORIENT:Iſa. 42. Pſal. 50. 51 87. 97. OR, From the riſing up of Mount Zion, the be­lovedApoc. 21. Iſa. 52. 66. Mic. 4. City of GOD, the New Jeruſalem. Viz.

That the Mountaine where the Houſe of the LORD ſtandeth ſhall yet aſſuredly in theſe pre­ſent and laſt times, upon the ruines of the Secta­rian2 Pet. 2. Apoc. 16. Iſa. 2. 40. Luk. 3. State of Babel be made higher then all Mountains, and exalted above all the Hills.

Concerning all the Nations of whole Europe in generall, but principally the ſhepheards and Teachers, who indeed do notZac. 10. 11 Ezek. 13. 34. Rom. 16. Pſal. 14. Jer. 23. Iſa 9. 28. Epiſt. Jud Luk. 21. Mat. 24. Pſal. 2. 99. Apoc. 20. Jer. 5. 10. at all ſerve GOD and the LORD CHRIST, but onely themſelves, the world, and their own bellies, devouring the people to feed themſelves for filthy lueres ſke, teaching things that ſavour not, and by the hypocriſie of their falſe for­giving of ſinnes, drawing the grace of GOD inro laſci­viouſneſſe.

Now breaſon of the preſent miſeries and trouble of warre, whereby the Divell is let quite looſe now with rage and fury: Chiefly directed unto the Inhabitants of England, and unto the Mighty Ones, the Governurs and Officers of the ſame. Wiſd. 6.

LONDON, Printed by R. A. and A. C. 1643.

The Kingdome of God is not in word, but in power,1. Corinth. 4.

YE have not the Word of my Father abiding inJoh. 5. you, ſaid Chriſt unto the Jewes; and indeed he ſhould now amongſt the Heathens or falſeRom. 1. 11. Mat. 7. 21, 24. Iſa. 5. 55, 56. Epiſt. Jude 2 Pet. 3. John 12. Dan. 2. 1 Pet. 2. Rom. 9. Iſa. 8. 28, 66. Chriſtians finde much leſſe fruitfull in this kinde, wherefore alſo this world in their owne generation, viz. the ſcorners and deſpiſers ſhall be judged accor­ding to the power of the living Word of God, Heb. 4. which indeed will prove ſuch a ſtone, as ſhall breake and bruiſe thoſe that offend at it, not believing him in whom they are grounded, but rather in regard of the ſame, ſtriving by their practices or purpoſes againſt God, Iſa. 8. 28. and will not indure the truth; by rea­ſon whereof it is juſt, that they ſhould become aMal. 2. 3. Levit. 26. Mic. 6. curſe, and periſh in the unacknowledgment and con­tempt of God, like unto the people of the Jewes in former times; ſince they turn away their ears fromPſalm. 58. 1 Tim. 1. Tit. 1. the truth, and incline them only to the fables of their teachers, which they have heaped up unto them­ſelves, 2 Tim. 4.


Behold! The Kingdome of God is inwardly within you, faith Chriſt,Luke 17.

ACcording whereunto, I do declare by the WordEſa. 49. 55. 66. of God, as a ſervant of the Lord the ſupreme Judge, Rev. 19. that the outward Congregations in Churches and Aſſemblies, or the Temples and1 Reg. 6. 8. Church governments, ſetled for that purpoſe, were2 Paralyp. 7. inſtituted onely for this end, that people ſhould ſo be taught and built up in the ſame, 1 Pet. 2. to be eſpecial­ly according to the New Teſtament, united or rootedRom. 9. together in the Spirit by Faith, as members of the Bo­dyCol. 2. 3. of Chriſt, through the bond of peace, and of theEpheſ. 2. 4. love of God, Joh. 13. 15. in ſuch ſort as that every par­ticularIoh. 13. 1. Ioh. 3. Gal. 5. Eph. 1. 5. member ſtill of the Congregation wherof Je­ſus Chriſt is the Head, Col. 1. ſhould feel or partici­pate of the ſuffering of his neighbour or fellow­member,Rom. 12. 13 and take care for the ſame; and that the true1. Cor. 12. believers, being once delivered from the power ofCol. 1. Eph. 2. darkneſſe, tranſlated into the heavenly being, and dearly redeemed through the bloud of the Sonne of1. Pet. 1. God, 1 Cor. 6. 7. might walk circumſpectly, Eph. 4.Iſa. 28. Ier. 23. and know before all things how to frame their do­ings according to the counſell or will of God, Mat. 7.

But when the people of the Jewes did not abideHeb. 8. after this manner in their Teſtament, nor walked inDeut. 4. 5. 6 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 27. 28. 30. 32. Iſa. 1. 3. 5 9. the commandements, rites and rights of the Law of Moſes; nor held it worthy, to bring the fruits of the Kingdome of God; Chriſt did little regard theirMt. 1. 15. Sabbaths, but rather profaned them, Luk. 6 Joh: 2. 8, 9. ſeeing that thereby they fought but to palliate theirMat. 〈…〉.2 inward abominations, Ezek. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 22. ••.Ir. 6 7. 8. 9. ••. 14. 16. ••. Iſa. 48. 57. Hoſ. 4. 7. 8. 9. 12. Ioh. 1. 7. 8. 10. falſe and malicious courſes, and to lie yet hid in the ſame before the eyes of God, Iſa. 29. beſides, that by reaſon of this their blindneſſe and hard heartedneſſe they did not at all take heed of or conſider the〈◊〉of their viſitation, 1 Cor. 2. Luk. 19. 22. For God,Luk. 16. 22. whom the heaven of all heavens is not able to com­prehend,2 Paralyp. 7. Iſa. 66. 1 King 8 doth not at all dwell in outward Temples, ſuch as are only made by mens hands of ſtone, wood and earth, Acts 7. 17. but in the members1. Cor. 3. 6. 2. Cor. 6. Rom 3. 5 8. Eph. 1. 2. of his body, that are made partakers of the Spirit of grace, or adoption, Gal. 4. 5, 6. through the redempti­on of Chriſt, and live in this world, not unto them­ſelves,2. Pet 2. Ier. 5. 1. Pet 4. Rom. 14. 2 Cor. 5. or according to their own luſts and crafty devices, Epiſt. Jude. Rom. 1. Now as for the people of the ſecond or New Teſtament, that2. Tim 3. Hoſ. 1. by diſſolving the bond of the love of God, are rent a­ſunder among themſelves, walking not at all in Chriſt the light of faith, Joh. 1. 9. 12. but like unto the Jews of old, according to their Baal-courſes, Jer. 2. 11. in er­rourZephan 1. 2. Pet. 2. Eph 4. Hoſ 7. 8. 12 Ir 7. Mar. 13. l. Ioh 1. 5. Rom. 1. 16. Heb 3. 4. 10 12. Cor. 4. Col. 3. or darkneſſe of conſcience, and are in ſuch ſort in­ticed, 2 Pet. 2. taught and ſeduced, Mat. 24. that there is no communion with God at all more to be found a­mong them, according to the Goſpell of Chriſt; and they, beſides their unbelief or diſtruſt in God, wherein they ſtick, ſo poſſeſſed, defiled or polluted with all manner of works of darkneſſe; and ſo blinded there­withall, that they take no heed at all, according to the morning-ſtar of the grace of God unto the day of the2 Pet. 1. 1 Theſſ 5. Rom. 11. Pſal 14. 87,••. Lord, the decree and judgment of God, Rev. 17. 18. in regard of the help out of Zion, Iſa. 49. 52. 59. 62. or the3 deliverance of Iſrael, Pſal. 31, 73, 102, 130. Theſe, I ſay, ſhall yet leſſe be able to ſubſiſt with the Dayes, andGal. 4. Iſa. 29. Mar 13. Ier. 8. 14. Iſa. 9. 48. Moons, and Faſts, and anniverſaries of their outward Church-pomp or falſe worſhip, whereby indeed they ſerve not God, but onely ſooth and flatter themſelves; then the Jews did of old, for all they were the trueHoſ. 10. 12. people of God, and the naturall branches, and had theRom 11. promiſe, that God would dwell there for ever, where1 Reg 9. Ezek. 43. he had ſet up the memoriall of his name, Exod. 20.

But the ſhepheards, or the learned of this preſentIer 2 23. 2 Tim. 4. Babel, Rev. 16. whom the people have heaped up eve­ry one to himſelfe in his Religion, Sect or Party, 2 Pet. Zach. 10. 112. & were according to their own pleaſure ſo taught,Epiſt. Iud. Ier. 5. 6. ſeduced, Mat. 7. 24. and ſcattered from God by them, Jer. 10. 12. that none doth either feel or care any moreEzek. 34. for the ſuffering of his neighbour or fellow-member,Rom 12. 1Gal. 1. . Col 2. 3. in hearty compaſsion of the love of God, according to the Goſpell of Chriſt, 1 Cor. 12. who alſo beſides this ſeducing, do moreover excite and ſtir men up un­toPſal. 10, 68, 94. Habac. 3. Iam 3. 4. thoſe ſelf-revengefull, Heb. 10. Cainicall 1 John 3. cruell, Eph. 4. murthering and theeving wars, Rev. 16. which were begun in the world for the upholding of their outward Temple-ſervice or falſe worſhip, andIer. 7. 8. therby have drawn upon themſelves the chiefeſt guilt and cauſe of all this ruine & deſtruction of mankinde;2 Theſſ. 2. namely, that by reaſon therof one man is now become the others murder & ſpoil, nay death & devil together,Zeph. 3. according to the power and working of Satan; theſe, IApocalyp. 20. 2 Pet 2. ſay, ſhalbe brought to their end with terror, and for all this, be the foremoſt that ſhalbe thruſt into hell, or in­toEpiſt. Iud. the blackneſſe of darkneſſe for ever. For the cauſesEzk 22.4 of that body and ſoul-murthering, which hath broke in now for ſuch a while hitherto in the murdering den of this falſe Chriſtendome was openly practiced,Mat. 21. 24. Mar. 2. 11. 13. Act. 2Ioh. 1. Hoſ. 4. Amos 5. by reaſon of ſuch cruell ravening wolves and hire­lings, and abſolved or pardoned by them, Epiſt. Jude, they ſhall not only be made knowand manifeſt, but be revenged and judged likewiſe now before the end of the world, viz. before the great and terrible day ofMich. 5. Iocl. 2. Mal. 4 the Lord, upon every one, according as they ſhal have ſhare in the guilt and cauſe thereof. All ſuch nowEezk. 21. 34. therefore as being yet incorporated or inthralled in this bloud drunk Babell, are deſirous to eſchew the fierce wrath of God, or the plagues which ſhall lightApoc. 18. Ier. 23. 3. upon it, by reaſon of the ſame; they muſt even time­ly go out of it, and look well unto themſelves, thatIſa. 13. 34. 4. they be not partakers of the works that are practiſed therein, or guilty and cauſers of the bloud of theApoc. 6. 16. Deut 32 Iſa 26. Saints and the ſlain that hath been ſhed hitherto, and of the plundering, murdering and theeving which isNahum 3. Ier 7. Pſal. 12. 80. committed therein, to the ruine of the countreys and the deſtruction of the poor; which I do now declare, for to hate and forſake the evill, but to love the good, and to do according to it, before God do cauſe the Sun to go down at high noone, and the land to beAmos 5. 8. darkened in the brighteſt of the day, where indeedZach. 14. 2 Cor. 4. 1 Theſſ 5. the light never yet did ſhine before in the hearts or conſciences of men, Eph. 4. 5. For ſtrong is the Lord God, who by reaſon of ſuch perverſe purpoſes of theApoc 18. 19 children of men, will judge and exerciſe vengeance,Iſa. 63. Mich. 5.


Iſa. 41. 42.A Warriour of the Lord,Iſa. 1. 55. Rom. 1.

Serving God in the behalf of the everlaſting de­liverance of Iſrael, according to his Counſell, Jer. 23. Right, Mic. 3. 7. Judgment and Righteouſneſſe, Pſal. Dan. 7. 12.89, 97, 119. all which the Heathens or falſe ChriſtiansMat. 24. Mar 13. Iſa. 9. 30. do endeavour to overthrow, and bring to nothing, to the utter ruine of the poore, onely to maintain their own vain, worldly and divided ſectarian ReligionsRom 1. Hoſ 10. Ezek. 21. 22 Ier. 7. 173 courſes. Wherefore alſo God hath already kindled the fire upon them from heaven, that hitherto they wereEzek. 13. able to effect nothing elſe, but that over the hypocri­ſie and lies of the diviſions of their ſhepheards, theyPſal. 1. are brought to ruine and deſtruction, like as in former times it happened with the Jewes in the fearfull de­ſtructionApoc. 9. 16. of Jeruſalem.

This ſame man, by whom theſe letters are deliver­ed according to the power of the living God and hisMca. 3. 7. Heb. 4. 10. Iſa 42. 43. 48. Ier. 4 8. 11. 14. 15 16. word, hath likewiſe foretold all unto them in Germa­ny, viz. that they ſhould not be able thus to main­tain their falſe worſhip of God, but periſh about the ſame, even as in former times it hath happened to the houſe of Siloh and the Jews very frequently, when as1. Sam 4. they went about to defend or maintaine themſelves a­gainſtIſa. 1. 8 9. 30 31. 57. 65 Ier. 7. 17 21 22. 27. 28. . 34. 37. their enemies, without the ſpirit of the Lord, or, onely according to their owne counſells, and were deſtroyed upon it, Hoſ. 7. 8. 10. Chap. For which cauſe therfore, ſuch as are yet remaning, ought rightlyEzek. 21. 2. Cor. 4. 1. Cor 15. AmosIer. 7 11. 15 17. 19. to open the inward eyes of conſcience, and whereas now eſpecially the fire is likewiſe kindled here in England upon the ſame ground; it behoveth the in­habitants thereof to look very well unto themſelves6 in this regard, that they do not harden their hearts a­gainſtRom. 1. 9. 1. Mat. 13. 24 Jer. 6. Iſa. 9. 50. 59. God, with unrighteouſneſſe, crafty, falſe and wicked courſes, and be made a curſe thereby, or be conſumed in the wrath of God one among another, in the midſt of their boaſting and high-minded glo­rying of their outward Temple-religion, for theMat. 13. Jer. 7. 48. Iſa. 48. 1. Cor. 2. 1. Theſſ. 2. Mat. 24. Epiſt. Jud. Rom. 1. which the Jewes likewiſe heretofore in their unac­knowledgment have put their King to death, and cru­cified him, which ſhall alſo be judged yet in the Hea­then or falſe Chriſtians, that continue in the ſame blindneſſe and hardneſſe of heart.

But as for their ſhepheards, falſe teachers and Pro­phets,Jer. 23. Ezek. 22. that do ſtir up the people to theſe murdering courſes, and thereby are become the principall guiltApoc. 16. 2. Theſſ. 2. Zeph. 3. 2. Pet. 2. Zac. 10 11. 13. Rev. 12. 16. 19. 20. Iſa. 63. 2. Theſ. 1. 2 Pet. 3. and cauſe of the ruine and deſtruction of mankinde, they ſhalbe thruſt the foremoſt into hell, for the deli­verance of the remnant. For there is yet another com­bate at hand with the Dragon, and ſtoole of the beaſt and the falſe Prophet; by reaſon whereof alſo the day of vengeance and judgment, that ſhalbe made mani­feſt like fire, hath been already denounced and decla­red, according to the ſpirit of the former Prophets,1. Theſſ. through the Word of God, unto all the Kingdomes1. Cor. 3. and Nations of whole Europe, Amos 3. 5.

A Builder of Zion the New Jeruſalem.
Rom. 11. Zach. 12. Apoc. 21. Iſa. 49. 52. 59. 60 62. 65. 66.

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TextA new declaration out of orient: or, From the rising up of Mount Zion, the beloved city of God, the New Jerusalem. Viz. that the mountaine where the house of the Lord standeth shall yet assuredly in these present and last times, upon the ruines of the sectarian state of Babel be made higher than all mountains, and exalted above all the hills. ...
AuthorA Builder of Zion the New Jerusalem..
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Bibliographic informationA new declaration out of orient: or, From the rising up of Mount Zion, the beloved city of God, the New Jerusalem. Viz. that the mountaine where the house of the Lord standeth shall yet assuredly in these present and last times, upon the ruines of the sectarian state of Babel be made higher than all mountains, and exalted above all the hills. ... A Builder of Zion the New Jerusalem.. [2], 6 p. Printed by R.A. and A.C.,London, :1643.. (Signed at end: A builder of Zion the New Jerusalem.) (Annotation on Thomason copy: "June 8th".) (Print show-through.) (Reproduction of the original in the British Library.)
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