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Berlin. S.W[.] TeltowerStraße49 II March I, 1880.

My dear Sir!

Hoping that you are returned lucky to LondonI send you in the mean time as this letter under wrapper the number 7 of the Magazin für die Li - teratur des Auslandes 1 of February 14, which con - tains the review2 on your[]Handbook to Modern Greek[]3by Professor Sanders.

The foregoing letter, which I have received today from Alt-Strelitz, will you report on[1v] the aspects of the intended translation and I think it the best, if you write your meaning directly to Prof. Sanders.

My letter of February 15, which I have adressed to Cannes(Villa Flora) is, I hope, come in your hands and has brought to youmythesincerest thanks of mine for your short report on the Turkish Army,[?]at present in print.

Believe me Sir, I am and remain everYours most truly

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TextBrief an Edgar Vincent D'Abernon
Author Heinrich von Löbell
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Responsibility Alexander Geyken, ed.; Susanne Haaf, ed.; Bryan Jurish, ed.; Matthias Boenig, ed.; Christian Thomas, ed.; Frank Wiegand, ed.

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Bibliographic informationBrief an Edgar Vincent D'Abernon Heinrich von Löbell. . Altstrelitz1880.


British Library Add MS 48928, ff. 67

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ClassificationGebrauchsliteratur; Brief; ready; sanders-briefe

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Dieses Werk wurde in XML/TEI P5 nach DTA-Basisformat kodiert.Diesem Brief geht ein Schreiben von Daniel Sanders an Heinrich von Löbell voraus. Beide sind gemeinsam auf einem Briefbogen abgefasst.

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